Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1907
Page 6
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Bl4 !Jiu Btimber Is 9M|. aasifl. mimhtit.U three Ions axra • <-*tt,*n,--' -J i I •( til* Jtfuon boys wlio tolHiUitord. California. , t«iiil« that HarriJMJn ?«iyirootne hf a dMre to VMlett Monday to Join ijltell^ gone on before. Bd^ friendi. to irhbm. It jr^orted that she vak: im- ir«r« wholly uDprepared; for liUllKMiidinewii ot her death on i Sunday fe>^«.J^^Blllldd and wife left Monda^ '>^^ they will apeqd jMifti'tliieinilttng their dangbter. . 'Tje^favj-Tonns and wife left for their lAw. honie at.La#rence Tuesday.'. | The '.grilling rig has been moved :flr«n the Piirdom fsnn back to :the 1.'^ V TiMBclra, and a well Is being drilled ikbod t JMventy xoda directly «ast of tht hoiM.. iBi Xt.^ Ttaylor who spent the summer la Mleh^ is at preeent with bis br<>- ^'tliM-t. Jamea .'li!. I^Ior, ot this place. HMdmr .and Kemmerer will begin ; wgjk w abarn tor Mr. Barnbart this "livaiter Rnah and family, of Tola. 'Weie at R. V. Bale's Sunday. Wash Dlekey Is baullng corn from hli presMt home north ot town to tho Toong itrm, where he will move no^ latter of Judge Collins In Mon- dajr eta ting's Register was read with ,j|^enl Intei^it. and commented on as ibalni a mtai ly and courageous ex- poMtlim of taints, concerning the II- qnor tnfflc. •5 PRiUIRIB BOSB. ooUege there. Mrs. Mlnot wberJB tete|rapby on Sunday visit with heir baa gone to ChlliCo- be is studying short at the business Pbrd and Mrs. Vara Ro- Mrs. Beeson and Mrs. geni Pronk Mrs. Ruby Spafford and ctaildr^ re- tfimed «> theli^ home in Baxter Sprs.. morning, after an extended parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mn. /visit w^ •on. of Nood-add. othir. relatives. Mr. Spaf­ ford'oaise in on the early morning itrain anl retnined with ber. j. [ Mr,,! lesson and family and liri. Reaaoa-i' slstei were LaHarpe goers . aatsr^ r. Tb« x visited the smelter '^aad' oth< ir' woil s. while there. ' I tlaeleijaek Bailey of Old Elsmbre •p^t Fl Iday 1r ith his brother, Richard Bailey. ••. = i' {Boring has 'been enjoying a mother. Mrs. Robin- iJopliiiJ Mo. She returned to her: boi ^e Mm lay. Mra. Wbod -md daughter, Mrs. Rur by." Spafford, 1'ere guests of thejr daaghta' andtister, Mrs. J^el Davis, Tttiiridar. ?i Bbber . Roge « and family were en- t«rCJdne<[ at Will McFarland's Sunday. {^r.;8lltt and Clark Specker are pre- JNfiitW <D tarn Sas this winter. 'Mr|Md. Beeson entertained a tiW'fti siida am neighbors one evening l|at :WMik tdJDieet Mrs. Beeson's sls- t«ir,>'«hoJt >.Ttalting her. JMrs.' HatQa Hall and her mother-In- IfW, Mii H«ll of Missouri, visited on with the former's parents, Mr* Uiggs. Mr. Knos li building a new bam a« the tAaea 'ioeeupled by Harry Fronk. Jioaday Xr.v-aBd . i ; ymi 6r THE BITEB. j W» had al bg rain on Wednesday. Jlr. Flake Is about to trade bis Mls- '^MM tairm oi: that be bought last [orriso 1 visited his uncle John thb reek. :'«:l]aby was quite sick the afack, but Is better. J' mes and children were Ulmmrl last Friday by the her 1 nsbaad at the hospital Ma tJpdt graft Is here gaUierlng apnt. Mrs. Jones. ' and wife of Appltton ;.f:;-v; Otuki Ob Yqu^^ mimmmihi $lngJMow Fidl Blast at the NEW YORK PERFECTION tAFK ^. CONVOneiT, ECOHOMICM. ICyaartoiadai'khfMidMit.wtnito . THK STANDARD CO. COMPANY, City, Mo., are bert.- visiting his cousins, the Prestons, present. Harrison Steel started to California Tuesday.. Grandma and gmndpa Turney visit ed at C. J. Preston's Sunday. The latest news from LaHarpe was that John Preston has a cold on bis lunis. B^le Tipton ban changed her room Ing place In lola. DIAXOKD. XDfBil^ AT Women itban shilak froil tba the obooxtoos ex- leanat local trsav iphyaieteM ooosUer MB» oC diseases of can be bad. it Is lOVdaal than let . Thatron^ aBdatgoaaall for Bothlng. who hay • been \ Favutlla TNserli^ ol tba enra lailaati has the Sou latiw aow«4ays lifca tfek Mr. and Mrs. Hackett, parenU of Mrs. C. E. Spillman, ^re visiting at the home of Mr. and Urs. Spillman. Glen Thompson of Moran Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. 6. W. Smith. C. J. Sprague la erecting a new bam. Mr. Sears of LaHarpe Is doing the carpenter work. Mr. and Mrs. Glil.: parents of Mrs. J. M.'Bower, who itave beep spending a few weeks visiting their daughter, returned borne Tuesday. . Henry Cox. son of J. EI. Cox, is visiting this week with hs parenta. Mr. Cox taught'our sf^Kiol a few years agf, and gained m^ny friends here, i The gas drillers are putting down a well on the Dickens Bros.' land. It is located very near old Wise Postoffice. .The neighbors and friends of Mrs. R. Penland, gave her a pleasant surprise Thursday, November 14. the tx^ caslon being her flttyfsecond birthday. Hie surprise was -complete, but the ladies received the warmest^ of welcome, and Mrs. PenlSad in her usual manner, made them.' feel quite at hone. She received manylbfautiful presents. A bonntifbl dinner was enjoyed, and everybody had a Jcdiy good time. Married: WhUe ini Oklahoma last week, Mr. Charles - Jadcaon and Bliss Ina Bowlby, danghtieri of Mr. and Mrs. William Bowlby, of-Chattanooga. Ok. Mr. Jackson Is an .'Industrious young farmer who ihas rieslded for several years past In; this obiiunnnity with his parents..and jls an excellent and worthy^ young man, Miss Bowlby Is a beaotlfol and accodiBlIshed young, lady who formerly llT«i in this vidnlty. and has many war^ friends who wel come her back. tJT^ektend our hearty ttmgratnlatlons. \2 BBOI^H. Tbe Ej^orth h LeJMPM of the iL' B. ChnrA gave a^aoM time social^! la Goodno's Hall lierejitho ^ oC tke wade. n« Tooag; T the atfe«-:<^n«« Elliott for the past three weeks left Monda^ for Stockton, Kans., for a short Visit there with'the latter's sister, be lore returnlbg to their borne In Califorila. Mrs. Smith accompanied them ap far as Stockton, Kans. Mrs.! Roy Townsley and children spent from Friday until Monday vts- Itbig li^r. Townsley's parents at Xenla. Mrs. West and family are moving into the property of Mrs. Gibson in the north part of the city. Missi Bertha Rogers came In from' Colorado Springs last week for a visit with relatives here for several weeks. Mar} Lehman was off duty at Wright Ireland ft Co.'s Monday un account Df the death of ber little nephew at Mound Valley. Miss Myrtle Gregory filled the vacancy. Several farmers near our city have been losing some good horses lately. Phillip Moss lost one last week and Lee Smith also lo'st two recently In one day. ^t Is thought that their death were caused from eating smut In tho corn fodder. . Miss Helen Rhodes was In Kort Scott Saturday and Sunday having dental work done, and also visiting with Mr. and Mrs. George Marbie uf that city. Miss Theo Mattox entertained her pupils at ber home last Thursday night and an enjoyable' time was had. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Anderson left for the west Monday morning, where they will mkke their future home. Dronson pebple regret very much to see them l^ve. but wish them much success in their new home. Revival services will begin at the M. E. bhnrch South, Friday evening, with E3vang«jli8t Sweeten of St. Louis In chatge. Everyone Is Invited to attend. ' • oikocERr Teie |>hoD6 IS9 60LDEN TALLET. Mamie Tri)xell is woirking for Mfs. Sam Knox. { I Matthew Mitchell baa a fine field of wheat. • ! Lute Edwards called ion J. W. Gullett and George Ford last week. Tip 'Williams and Frank Myers fin- 0 (SaiiCi I ^1 W Ished husking corn for J. \f. Gullctt Saturday. A number arc doing Jail )il/#lng. The Raa well ou the Claybornefarm keeps the water bulling to a finish in tho wolls. John Siwrks and Kilgore returned from the west where they have been building'oii their farm. George Walker anil llurr Hanlln took dinner with Karl Sunday. . Frank liroolcs expects to go to Oklahoma Territory In a few days. As Xclda narrun, Agnes and -lillldfcd Alderman were coming home from Kchool Friday evening snuic one had laid a paper lu tho road and laid a clod on It and when tho pony came to the iMiper it got scared and turned, upsetting the buggy and breaking Ag> success of it. The proceeds go toward the library and decorating the school house. . Girls, come and bring your boxes. Hoys, come and buy them. Mrs. Henderson was snrpriBed by a number of the neighbors Saturday evening, the occasion being her birthday. About twenty-flve were present; Anna and Lizzie Hogan visited borne folks Sunday. Wayne Young si>ent Thursday night with his grandparents. Myhew Stewart and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brandon visited In Chanute Sunday. SAVOXBIRG. .> ^ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodin, of lola, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore of Savonburg and Mr. and Mrs. U. D. Lake visited Mr. nnd Mrs. F. N. Moore Sunday. Mpoy Walqulst has moved oa hia father's far>n and Oscar Johnson has movc<l to their now home. Mr. Kerr moved his family out from Savnnburg last week. Mr. and Mrs. IMVIIH Llbhy, Mr. and Mrs. Joe IJbby left Monday for Kansas City where they go to their new home. Miss Marie Moore visited In lola several days last week. ^ „.^_„.„ Kerr visited at Mr. n'erAidTrma~n-V^rn .~DrrL ^ngTeck^ ,,».,,' , fro. ,i ™«=oH Lot. o..m I I- N. Moorc has rented hIa farm to lly and Lee Margrave and family. ' Mr. Greeley and family and Vlrgle Cloud. John and George McClajskey visited at Mr. Hamilton's Sunday. ' Ssta Runyan, Roxle Bennett qnd Zola Cloud were the guests of Ha2ei McCul lough Sunday. The company that was drilling for gas on the Rader farm got a dry bole. They have begun another well. Miss Kathrma Sloelzing visited home folks Saturday night and Sunday. Lex Booe Is keeping bachelor's hall while his mother has gone to Bartles- vllle. Jay McGuffey and family from nell^r Savonburg visited . his sister, Mrs. Frank Booe and family Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. liloomhcart is haing his hay baled and hauled to Chanute. He g^ta about |g per ton for It. Miss Stanza Runyan visited with Mrs. Cloud and family Saturday night. Mr .and .M <^;&-.H. Kunvon called on Mr. and Mfs. I'at Reed Sunday afternoon. HEART ON RIGHT Sit start winter In a healthy condition. l>e free from. disease. Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea. the most reliable preventative. Nothing so sure to keep you well. n3 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burroll's Drug Store. LIGHT BUSINESS YESTER 6 AY tai| kMw wkat tkat acua to yaa. Daia*! yai waat to caeape thej SB ««r, the eali, tke staah- ailltlMikMMafartot aai ylaa. aaw wkere to paai tkai acaaaa ta trjtof man 9 «naMt Wr to fai| tafarantlaa akoat bter's Comiflgl to filter TaiCUirank, New Vnaa. was called and dressed her arm. She Is resting easy. Howard Moore started to town with a load of ducks, andjhe end gate came out and so did two of the ducks. >W^n be missed the end gate he looked for the ducks but they had been picked up. Mrs. C. Wood and daughter of Lyda were the guests of Mrs. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kessler and ^rs. M. L. Seymour were our callers since our last. T. Wlliams and family, W. C. Walker and family were the gtiests of W. Sears Sunday after Sunday school. J. T. Wood has been out looking after his house he is getting built on his tenant farm where Sam Baker lives. We think Mr. Kennle came nigh getting a Fare You Well. Lizzie Dugan ran a nail in her foot and it caused an abcess, so the doctor had to. lance it. She was staying at Mrs. Troxell's a few days so she could have company Roy Dugan's eye is Improving. We are glad he Is getting along. without going to Parsons. The missionary meeting or the Thanksgiving offering at -the Valley Sunday evening was a sucess. A good large crowd was in attendance and fifteeq dollars and twenty cents was taken In the collection. Dick Statler was hauling coal Saturday from Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Hays were down from Coloay on Sunday, returning Monday. She came to see her sitter that had ber arm broken Friday. - J. W. QuIIett shipped cattle from Savctnburg Monday.. Cye Kessler helped to drhre them. |ir. andfMra. George; Brooks had their baby «t Pittsburg, Kansas, where thajr took it for treatment for balrlip. The treatment was a success, and they returned home last week. The baby is doing nicely. George Myers has boaght a fann In •onthem pregon. We are glad they like their new home, bntj are aorry to thlok theihare not to retnnT to Kansas, as they have a flBe:j|tlice here. -': Fred Woodin. Mr. Modrc has not decided where to locate. HARMONY. The farmers are all busy trying to get their fall work done. A light gas well was drilled In on the sonth part of J. D. Gallagher's place. The drillers have moved their rig on the north side and- have commenced anoiner gas well. Mrs. U J. Booe and Flossie Cornell went to BartlesviUe Saturday for ia w^eek's visit with Chris Rader and tarn Only 91 ,800 Paid In at County Treai. urer'a OfHce. Despite the fact that yesterday was pay day. the receipts at the county treasurer's office were lighter than any day since the first of the month or since "tax paying time." The receipts yesterday were only $800 while the average dally receipts have beer, between one and two thousand dollars. ,The county officials are unablie to account for the light business yesterday' unless it was becanse of the bad weather and that the laboring men are saving, their money to make the full payment at.some future date. Wichita Xegro Has Perfect HeaHk-^Ji \ Physicians Cant ExpUia FfceaiHaeaa. 4^. —— ' "f -j;]; Wichita. Nov. 20.—Residing In m^:$i Ita is one whose heart bangs In his ' ~ right breast. A wonderful phyalo^. . ;^ logical fae^ \% ^^'is as unheard US' f'; as it Is unusual. No modern book of science will tell you that a human being is possible whose heart, is In ttta L: right side. Every treatise', on iaan >^ says that the heart is the'seat o( life i-^ and that it Is located on the left aide ;jf; hanging point downward.) But with ' Albqrt Thomas, 437 North Wichita, 11 is the reverse. In bis case science la .-r^ revolutionized and what would'sacoa , Impossible is so. < Thomas Is a negro, at present em* \; f' ployed as-Janitor for the hav tatfB bnllding..^ jltae southwest comar.jg| : v William MdKarket streets.' He laH;: . J years old. married and has one chlUL}>^{Vi Almost perfect health Is his, he weicha- 130 jMunds and Is rugged, seldbm biH^ ^ ing ill. flis only peculiarity. la thilit -A Is Not Debatable! T. L. Barnett, the chief stockholder in the Pear'a Soap cpncern, which ha» within the last few years spent $i5;(KM),000 in advertising, expresses his conviction that printers' ink is the best kind of commercial investment, in the following language: "I cannot understand'' how the qnea- t ion van be debated," he said. "Why the fact that, advertising pays in asTlearly demonstrated every day as that the sun rises. Select the proper medium, advertise intelligently and your fortune'is made. f'You must have new ideas for the chaitges of fashion. I spent fCKlU.OOO in advertising in one year and it paid well. ''Good goods, good advertising and plenty of it is my advice to iambitions commercial men.'! goeHJinto iunety: iper eent he Is nervoas. In fact he la ao miidt: so that it is particularly noticeable: Scores of doctors have examined J bim and no plausible explanation .haaC ever been given concerning U^a Strang^, unheard of case. Some luNsa declared that his heart Is turned over : and this explains why the palplt ^iiair Is noticed on the right Instead X >I Utt'\ side. >• A reporter examined Thomaa aa best one can; who is not a p)iysldan. It was noticed that the hearTdid not beat regularly. In fact, it SBttevad. No disturbance could be detecta* on tha left side., From all appeaxlaca t^f man was turned around as (n aa hja. breast is concerned. Thomas says that he never had any trouble with his heart and tkat evef7 doictor who has examined .-'hlai' aayja rr^ that be is physically sound. He does not Ilke^^ converse abont his piuf- ~ >!j sique. Pfact. It Is wfth diffidil^ - i r that one^Eaa get hha to speak of it ^a^ .'^1^ alL So many times has be been ezr- '^^v amined tor physicians that he has aa. abhorrence of imdergoing an examiar >^*J atlon. ; V"' ' ' He can use. one hand as well as tte Other tiein^^'Mranger In Us right arm than his left. -His movements aire i-apid and he gives one an inipresBlWiK" that be Is very easily confuseil. Ha ^,lah||| an: Industrions person, ha^ seen »^'' -"^ of \ the wofId. been with many and necessarily has developed i telligenoe of the tbinga of thelwor He says^at his lungs arjs sT and never bother him. The mOst. sible explanation of the pecn^arlt;^^ him as that when young one ofj luncs became twisted throwing hcjart to the right side, but not " tag Its pulsation. jHIs ease is indeed wonderful, ably It Is the only one of today, liar cases have been in-aaiatoicai claimed but this Is the first <Mai kiiown in Wichita or for tb . in I the west ' The drcnlatlonl [Ol blood In his body Is arranged tfja i asi with other persons and la ' Thomaa la a quadrooa, hoirn in Lonisville. Kr He Ini nearly every soutkera stata Wichita alwnt six years. \ 1\ Daat trjr Cicaltaki it Is ^BtlTBly BHi^eeeaanr i m nt wllh tUa, Uiat and tha i W !C^l!B ..lfairwa^:ttiaft ,'i

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