Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 16, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1891
Page 4
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OHN GRAY'S "CORNER" Washes to-rotiirn thanks for the best Holiday trade he ever had in his twenty three years of business experience in Log-ansport and now proposes to inaugurate a special sweeping out sale on cloaks, shawls, blankets, comfortables, and all Winter goods left, on which a liberal discount will be made. _ Sale to commence on after the publication ofthis:notic:e. P. S. Come at once. , : : FINE PERFUMES FOR THE Holidays ':-: AT :-: :-: Parvin's :-: -: 12tfi-st Drug Store. :-: Silver Legislation. A great many people have the idea, with "unlimited coinage of silver, 11 that it would be lying- around loose, and every fellow would get his share of it. The real facts are that only millions would be piled up in the vaults.—[Inter Ocean. Between judicious increase and absolute free coinage, there is a wide difference. It is one thing to provide a legitimate outlet for the silver of our own mines and quite another to convert the United States into a dumping ground for all tfte silver- of the world. — [Inter Ocean. A CHAMPIOK Jack Dempsey Forced to Give Up the Middleweight Belt, INDIANA. Doing-s of the State Los islature— Other News. Han Been There. The only possible show for some members of the present legislation to live until a loan is made by the State to pay their salaries, is to rent a room and "club" together on th'e '-cheaps,"' or have lunch sent them once a week from home and lodge^in the corridors of the State House.—Macy Monitor. - Picture*. Woolen clothing as represented by the consumption of wool In this country, lias cheapened considerably under protection since 1670. In that yttir our ner capita consumption of wool was-7.94 pounds. It, 1889 It had risen to Daily Journal. J»dt>lished every day In the week (except Monday) .. , .. byrw.ID. PHATT. i i , , : •— . _ Price p«r AJIUUIU, - - - - »8 00 Price ppr Month. - - - - - 5O -MORNING. JAN. 16. m THE Richmond Telegram, and the Item are ' indulging in a warfare wherein the facts are with the Telegram. As there is. danger of blood shed ; the' Journal interferes. The Telegram says: The Item attempts to make its readers believe that it took the editorial paragraph too whi clothe Telegram alluded on Monday * from the Logansport Journal, and it says we stated that the Journal copied it from 3_ , the Telegram. The Telegram would not intimate that the Item especially cared for so small an inducement as ten dollars, but we, have' a bright ten dollar bill for the Item whenever it will show either where the Teles-ram evez 1 said that the paragraph was copied from its columns into the Logansport Journal, or when the Item will show said paragraph in that Journal (unless as a quotation-.) Said paragraph-, was never in the Logansport Journal, as .original' matter, but of course "the local news item "on which the para- j| : ; graph was based was in that Journal. H-.The Item says it copied the paragraph as a current item of,news. It - appeared-in The Telegram-on Jan.. 5, . the Item "reproduced it on the 10th. The Journal stated some time ago that the merchants of Logansport || -were circulating a petition to the leg- p.dslature to prevent, itinerant venders IJ'./rom enjoying the-freedom of the city. IK. There was much editorial comment sgamoDg the exchanges which was |i';copied from time to .time .with,-' credit !;_given. Among others ;the Telegram |?;commended the movfe a'nd.ats remarks ^quoted with a credit to that p paper. These are all the facts. |v SENATOR INGALLS made a speech in |-_t-he United States Senate yesterday .§ that may be denominated a. stunner. §N,The Journal published an. extract morning but failed to give its plreader- the meaty part of his just;ex- tgj conation of; Republican , financial f methods. {He 1 draws a doleful picture |;of his country"^ condition and claims, $fas the Demecratie press has .long in-. * ?; "sisted, that the trusts and- eombina- ot capital are eating up the'sub- tle people.—Pharos. The peoplfc«'&re not as igho'Aa't as Iff the Pharos^ idlers. f-home, ofririis^s.-^'All of th'e Kill* them Either AVuy. Cleveland Leader: The price of blok tin has fallen 3 1-5 cents per pound since the passage of the McKinley law. This is either due to the new law or it is not. The free traders are entirely welcome to take whichever view they please of it. NO WOLVES IN SCOTLAND. He Is Badly Whipped by Bob Fitzsimmons in Thirteen Rounds at New Orleans. ' ; MKT 41 IS MASTEJJ. ' OKI.KAXS, La., Jan. 15.—In the amphitheater of tlie great Olympic Club Wednesday nig-ht assembled'4,000 leading citizens with a large sprinkling of "the finest' 1 sportsmen ever seen in New Orleans at one time to witness the great international middle-weight fight for the championship of Australia and America between Jack Dempsey, the world-wide famous -"Nonpareil," and Robert Fitzsimmons, the biggest middle-weight on record. The battle was for a purse of 812,000—$11,000 to go to the winner and Si, 000 to tl loser. The battle was fought unde the Marquis of Qneensberry rules and with gloves weighing fiv ounces and over. The polic supervision was in the hands o Captain William Barrett, ably The Last One Wan Slain by a Mackintosh Long: Ago. In Scotland the honor of slaying the last wolf is contested by Clan Cameron and Clan Mackintosh, the former attributing it to Sir Ewen Cameron, of Lochiel, who killed his wolf A. D. 1CSO, while the Mackintsh recalls how, when about that same period, the huge primevalfor- est of Duthill was destroyed by fire all the surviving wolves sought refuge' on one wooded knoll which somehow escaped the general conflagration, and were thence driven out and slain by the people—all save one. very huge, gaunt, gray wolf, which escaped and fled across the hills to the neighborhood of Moyhall. On his way thither he encountered a woman with two little chil- .dren, both of whom he killed, and the wretched mother, half dead with terror, ifled while the monster was devouring his prey. Great was the alarm throughout the district, for'the wily wolf eluded every ,attemptto circumvent him, Then Mackintosh summoned bis clansmen and vassals, to combine in hunting down this murderer; so from far and near they assembled in the gray dawn. Only one [failed to appear, but that was one on Tvhom the chief ..specially relied. This nvas Macqueen, of Polloc-haugh, a :fimall property at the Streens—a wild £len above Dulsie bridge, on the Find- 'horn river. ^ Macqueen was a powerful and gigantic man, said to have been nearly seven feet in height and possessed of amazing strength and energy. After some delay he appeared, considerably disheveled. The chief received him with words of reproach as a laggard, whereupon the stanch, rugged Highlander advanced and, throwing back his plaid, revealed the bleeding head of the grisly brute, which he laid at the feet of his chief! saying: "It would have ill become Clan Mclntosn that more than one man should be required to dispatch one wolf, and that as he had chanced to foregather with the beast on his way, he had buckled wi' him and just dirkit him, and syrw whittled his craig for fear he might come alive Temple Bar. again!"— L 'blg'fo'ur" Intrusts' in-this^eountry'are' Democratic :'and most of the smaller ones. Tht. j|j;dressed beef trust has notified the Re- ;|'publicaD party that it is against |;itspoliey. : »'Tr'h8ts are ! the'out growth no paz'tyj.-'-policy' 'any ' more than ipdisease is. The Republican party |;,passed the Anti trust bill just as it has I/met every other evil which has sprung Slip among men. Whore there is a It-gathering of men there may be trusts fTbe they underc monarchy or aRepub- |,lican form o.f, t government ; and there ^existence cannot be .ascribe^ to : .any ^policy. Senator Ingalls in his speech not arraign the Republican party |jand tha£ : st'ate'm'eht' is 1 purely a fabri- Scation. S- THE life of "the newspaper men. of |the gas belt promises to | be one ecn- ||iinuous round jof pleasure-f-Kbkomp is following Marion's ex^ with a banquet. Muncie and ^Anderson of course will not be out-' IfSone and some of the smaller towns jjjjare great imitators. ;'--•' Captain Cook's Log-Book. The original log-book of Captain Cook has been unearthed in a. most unexpected manner. A short time ago the volume was bought by a, baokseUer in Bond street. It was there found and purchased by Mr. John Corner, antiquarian, of Whitby. This geitleman, knowing that it was from 'Whitby that Cook sailed on his first voyage, was glad to ..get''.hold, of so interesting a ireMe /of the great;explorer. "-The book contains a log of the voyages of his Majesty's ship Endeavour from 1763 to 1771, and the proceedings,ar.e, : recorded in Cook's handwriting. It has been inspected by the librarian' of th'e'Admiral-' ty and other competent.' ; authorities," and pronounced jto be, genuine. .It is now being exhibited in the New. South "Wales court in the mining exhibition at the Crystal Palace.—Christian Union. TJniyer Surrenders. LLN-COLI,-, Neb., Jan. 15.—In accordance with the action of the Board oi Public Lands and B-uildings.ex-Governoi Thayer has surrendered possession oi the Executive 'apartments, but under protest, and Governor Boyd has taken possession of the rooms. • . BOB FITZSIMMOZv'S. sisted .by Captain Collier and 150 of the Crescent city's, best officers. Fitzsimmons weighed 150>£, while Jack tipped the-beam at 147)4. JDempsey's seconds were Jack McAnliffe, Gus Tuthill and Mike Conley, '-the Ithaca Giant," while Jimmy Carroll and Doc O'Conncll looked after Fitzsimmons' interest. Time was called promptly at 9:35, with Alexander Brewster, one of the ablest and most respected citizens of, New Orleans, as referee; the official time-keeper was Prof, John Duffy, and the master of ceremonies was ex- Mayor J. V. Guillotte. Thirteen rounds were fought, the battle lasting forty- nine minutes, and resulting in Dempsey's defeat. There vcas not the slightest disorder, and long- before the battle was decided the Dempsey people gave -up and demanded that their man throw up the spoiSge. Dempsey was really, never in the Sg-ht. Fitzsiramons punished him. from the start to the finish, and in' the' fourth round Dempsey began to bleed and became groggy. From that time on the battle was pure butchery. Dempsey was knocked down often and in the eleventh round he was floored no less than seven times. In the tenth round Fitzsimmons picked him up, after having knocked him down, and said: "Jack, you are whipped; I can't hit you." Dempsey "would not be downed and insisted upon fighting. The thirteenth round was horrible to* lo'ok at. There was a sigh of relief when Dempsey, after being repeatedly floored, rolled over, moaned ha -his agony and was relieved by unconsciousness. Dempsey had been sobbing during the last few rounds, and when he realized that he was no longer the "Nonpareil" he broke down and wept like a child. Tuthill and McAnliffe raised him as tenderly as a mother would lift her babe and bore him to his corner. Fitzsimmons, with scarcely a mark on his face, but his body showing ugly red blotches here and there, rushed over to where his rival sat gasping-for- breath and took the limp hands in his, leaning over and whispering words of encouragement. It was the best fight of its class and of the weight that the world has ever seen. Dempsey was attended by a physician in his dressing-room. He was a sorry spectacle as lie lay back with closed eyes. His nose is broken, and his eyes will both -be very black. The .Nonpareil is heart-broken, and would say nothing. . To Tax Furoign Capital. INDIJX,U>OT.,IS, Ind., Jan. 10.—The attu-e lias -determined to maka an onsluugfht upon the foreign capitalists who have money loaned in Indiana. A resolution introduced in the House Wednesday by Representative Kipper, of Tipton, and passed provides tluit Indiana shall cooperate with Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin. Iowa,, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania in an inquiry as to how much foreign capital is loaned in these States, with a view of taxin"- this capital. Jlr. Fipper said that tlier was $400.000.000 of foreign capita loaned in Indiana alone. The resolu tion includes the other States named for the reason that if but one State be gan^taxii-g this capital the loan com panics would withdraw from the State Mr. Fipper felt confident, however, tha. the companies could not afford to with draw from so many States. A resolution passed both House and Senate calling- upon Congress to amend the constitution of the United States so as to provide for the election of Unitet States Senator by popular ballot. A bill of considerable importance to dressed-beef companies was introduced in the House. • It provides for the inspection of dressevl beef in all cities and towns, inspectors to be appointed for that purpose by city councils and town boards. It is made unlawful to sell any dressed beef that has been slaughtered outside of the State before such inspection and a penalty of 8250 is fixed for each violation. The inspector is entitled to a fee of three cents per pound for all meat inspected in all cases where the slaughtering is done outside the State. The Senate was the theater of an exciting scene when a memorial signed by 3,500 miners was introduced, severely criticising Governor Hovey's appointment of a mine inspector. The memorial states that ' the mine inspector appointed by aovernor Hovey "has not th'e first rudiments of any knowledge oi mining, and has failed to take the necessary precautions to secure the safety of the miners," and closes with the petition that "We, there- ore, pray and request that you will ake some steps to relieve us by precluding the possibility of .the re- ppointment of the present incumbent,' This is the culmination of a bittei fight that has been made upon Thomas Tisler, the Governor's appointee, for a year past. As soon as the memorial was read 'a dozer Eeptiblicans were on their feet, each, protesting that the readingof such a document was an indignity v upon the Governor. . An attempt to refer the memorial to the Governor was lost, and it went to the committee on executive appointments. The contest for the empty honor oi the Republican nomination for United • States Senator is becoming spirited I Until a few days ago it was gen- lerally supposed that the complimentary vote of the Republican mem- bers'of the Legislature would be given to C. W. Fairbanks. There are several other prominent Be- publicans who are being earnestly sup ported for the nomination, among them Governor Hovey,. ex-Attorney-Genera] Michener, John M. Butler, Richard W. Thompson, and Judge William A. Woods. The contest is mainly between the friends of Fail-banks and Hovey, the former having the support of the younger men of the party and the latter that of the soldiers and farmers. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889. ABSOLUTEUif PURE jiiamna jtiorsemen KuorjraDlze. OLis/Ind., Jan. 16.—The Indiana Trotting and Pacing Horse Breeder's Association met Wednesday. In his annual address President Wright recommended a reorganization. After discussing the situation the association was dissolved and steps were at once taken to organize another. The new •association will have a capital stock of £100,000, the. shares being $50 each. CURRENT EVENTS. Fred Katke, of Farmington, Wis., was thrown from his wagon and instantly- killed, John Jones, county clerk of Green County, 111., is short in his accounts between $3,500 and;53,500. Fire at Montreal, Can., 'Wednesday" morning;caused losses aggregating .$100,000. The insurance is 530,000. ; By tlie explosion of a keg of powder at Pana. 111., two miners named Hill und Smith were fatally injured. The supply of natural gas at Columbus, 0., is expended, and the fixtures are being- taken from the houses. Patrick O'Hara, employed in the Iowa Central yards at M.arshaHtown. la., was cut in two by a locomotive. Mrs. Amelia T. MeTyere, widow o: Bishop MeTyere, of the Southern M. E church, died Vv'ednesday morning a Nashville. Tenn. > the postal receipts of the Mattoon (111.) office now exceed 810,000 per an num it is probable that the free-delivery system will be established. William Heering-, ag-ed 05. was found dead in bed at Grand Kapids, Mich., Wednesday morning. Heart disease is stipposed to have been the trouble. Dr. George C. Palmer, superintendent of the Michigan insane asylum at Kalamazoo, has resigned his position, and his resignation" has been accepted. Mrs. Amos Harson, while walking with her husband at Vicksburg. Mich., attempted to cross the track in front of an engine and was killed. She was GO years old. Wednesday a.t Washington Miss Florence Audenried and Count L. de la Forrest Vonne, an attache of the French 'Legation, • were married. Secretary Blaine gave away the bride. The -Michigan retail lumber-dealers .met at Kalamazoo Wednesday with a good attendance. The session was mostly occupied in formulating a lieil bill, which the Legislature will be asked to pass. The woman who was shot and killed by a man at Bakersfield, Cal., who fatally wounded himself, was the wife of J. N. Petty, of San Diego, whom she had deserted for -Lewis H. Stokes, who killed her. Wednesday afternoon George Harrison, of Jackson, Ga., was riding ..on a lumber wag'on when a plank' caught in the wheel and knocked him to the ground. The wheel passed over his neck, killing him instantly. J*KSic a-np Across tlio 1'aclflc, SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Jan. 15.—The steamship Oceanic, which arrived Wednesday from Hong Kong viai Yokohama and Honolulu, made the passage in seventeen days and. six hours, including stops, which is the fastest time on record. THE MARKETS. 'Death <>r« Portugu«weU*ro. Lox-nov, Jan. -15.—Erom Portugal comes the news of the death.-at the age. of 05, of Joaqnin Lopez, Tvhosavfid the lives of many shipwrecked persons-and: was decorated by numerous societies. A short timj ago, owing to the filling against Great Britain in Portugal, he returned three British.. medals to the- societies that presented them. i?urned to Death. CHICAGO, Jan. 15.—Afire at 114 Henry .street, between Blue Islandjavenue and Throop street, destroyed the life of a young girl named Josephine Brollott. She was smothered by smoke and fpr- gotten untiTtoo late to render her' any assistance. ' ; Death of a .Michigan Jurist. STILL WATER, Mich.," Jan. 15.—Judge EollisR. Murdock died here Wednesday aged 54 yars. He had been judge of the probate court, mayor and judge of. the First judicial district of Michigan. 'Hiarla.nooKa.'s .Mayor Dead. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 15.—John. A. Hart, mayor of Chat.tan-QojBfa, and among the wealthiest of Terirfesseans, died at 11 o'clock a m. from a second stroke of paralysis. • .. ji Formally JEleotfid. -, SA.CBA.MEXJO, Cal., Jan. 15.—'On. Wednesday the California. Legislature, in joint session, formally declared Leland Stanford re-elected to the United States Senate. (iraln. Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Jan. 15. — Quiet and lower. Spring Wheaf Patents, $4.M@4.75; Bakers', $3.25@3.50; Win ter Wheat Flour, Si60@5.00 for Patents, $4.40® 150 for Clears. ' WHEAT— Kuled weak and lower. No. 2 cash S9!i@60J4c; May, 95K@9t)Kc. COBK— Weaker. No. 3, 4Sc: February,^ 48;»c; May, SlUQ&Kc; June, 517; ; July 5°^ tJaccbsQil GI7RJE9 BRUISES, FROST-BITES, INFLAMMATIONS AND ALL HURTS AND ILLS OF MAN AND BEAST. THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDf, BEECHAM'S PILLS Tor Bilious momma Mers,. "Worth i (Juke* a Bos" but Bold for 25 Cents; BY AIX DRUGGISTS. Condensed R. R. Timetables, : fittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago..*;. St. . (CKNTBAL Toot.) Bradford Division. Kj "S"*.' pllihinking' -of His Jfeck Dislocated by a Blow, BAKERSFIKLD, Cal., Jan. 15.—Andrew McICay and a colore'l porter at the Depot Hotel quarreled over a dice game. McKay struck the porter a heavy blow on the jaw, dislocating Ms neck, and causing instant death. McKay was arrested. . ••'..- May KesigH. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15.—A report is current in this city that Judge Cooley, chairman of the Inter-State Commerce Commission, contemplates resigning his position on account of ill health. A POST-OFFICE ROBBED. Burglars Blow Open tlio Safe of the Office at Key West, Fla., Securing- a I.arj;e Snm. • JACKsojmxr.E, Fl'a,, Jan. 15.—A special from Key 'West to the Times-Union says that the safe in the po ^t-office there was blown open by thieves early Wednesday morning and §-2,300 in money, stamps, etc., stol. n, besides the contents of twenty-four registered letters. H. L. Hafer, of Bamweli, S. C., by trade a baker, has >-een arrei.ted on suspicion. His chum, John CHne )v is missing. The amount'of mon^y iu the rsgistered letters is supposed to be Brief Dispatches. , At Valparaiso, Ind., Dr. Hugh Campbell's residence burned Wednesday. Loss about Si2 000; partially insured. ' ...The boiler in EH Coperlder's sow-mill at MM- dlebury, Ind., exploded, doing about 33,000 dam. ages. No one was hurt. Tiao Hendrioks County (Ind.) Poultry and Pot Stock Association Is giving Its fourth, annual-exhibit at Plainfield. Charles Ballentrer, a 13-year-old boy at TJp. laad, Infl,, -was accidentally shot and killed while rahbit hunting Wednesday. William Russell, a well-known resident of La Gro township, Ind., has filed a'slander suit' of to,00i) against Benjamin Oliver, his father la- law, for calling him a th ef and a bankrupt dog. Mary, aged H, daughter of Solomon Seal of Columbus, Ind., was visiting, friends In the country. Wednesday morning, when she learned uf the death-of her mother. Immediately she retired to her room and swallowed an ounce of i-iirtolic (icid. ddng In great -agony a few mo- feats aff-v * ',, Two JPoys Go Under the Ice. WHITE PLAINS, N. .Y. v Jan. 15.— Hiram Gale's two ; so'ns, "Harry and' Eugene, were drowned while skating Wednesday night on the Kensico reservation lake. Fatal Termination of a Spree. OTTAWA, 111. Jan. 15.—John anl Frank Schwartz, farmers, 1. <ug near Marseilles, -were found in then.- farm hous", John dead and Frank crazy with delirium, tremens John's nsck. WTS broken, he having evidently fallen down-stairs while dr'nk. Boffi men had been on a spree for a week. Lnraour, 111., Jan. 15.—A terrific explosion of fire-damp occurred at 0 o'clock a, m. in the pit of the Citizens' Coal & Mining Company. Three men : syere rescued from their. v peril in a badly; burned .condition. Much darn-, agejwas"done to the mine, and the com- •irruinty was much excited over exaggerated reports. THOUSANDS DYING. A Terrible Epidemic Raging in Parts ol Slbcra. ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. 15.—A dispatch from Tobolsk says'that the terrible scourge known as "black death," has reached the city of Tobolsk, the capifal .of West Siberia. The whole of Asiatic Eussia, from Samarkand to the mouth of the Obi, is suffering from.the scourge. Thousands are dying at Obdorsk, near the mouth of the Obi, owing to the lack of physicians. It seems almost hopeless to try and check the spread of the . fearful disease. .ro jrroceci: oame in Morwiv- and Sweden. LONDON, Jan. 15.—The Swedish Government is considering the question of putting a stop to the wholesale slaughter of elk and other game by English tourists in Northern Sweden and Norway. ' Troops in Ireland, •; LONDON, Jan. 15.—General Wolseley, Commander-in-Chief in Ireland, is concentrating the soldiers at Dublin .and Belfast.: There are nearly 14,009- soldiers in Dublin and about 9,000 in Cork. OATS— Weaker ana lower. No. 2 easn, May, 45;»@43J£c; June, 44^. Samples, moderate supply, good demand, easier. No. 3. 42^(®43Me. No. 3 White, 4*g46o; No. 2, 43@«c; No. 2 White, 45J£@47e. EYE— Supply small and market arm. No.. 5, cash, lie. Samples of No. 2, 7l^i5,73c, and No. 3, 67a6!)e; N O . 2 January .delivery, 71c, and Mav, 75c. BARLEY— Fair sale and .steady.' No. 2 cash. 75@80c. Samples: .Common, O0®(!5c; good; to choice, 6SO72c, and extra lots, 75®70c. : MESS PORK— Market quite active and prices ruled higher. Quotations ranged at, $10.37^® 10.EO for cash; $10.45©15.00 for' Januarj', and «0.00®lI.12!4forMay. - , LAjiD— Rather active and prices ruled higher. Prices ranged at SS.SS'/SOw.SS for cash; 5.85 for January;,. $5.87.Ji®6.80 for and $8.30@G:33 for May. ' BuiTEB-Creamory, lsfeS7c Packing stock, 6@9c. : . ; , , ,.- ;. ,.., ..,. ., PoiliTBY— Live' Chlcltens, "Sjjisw'b" per Yb; Live Turkeys, 5@$o '-per lb;i Live JSudM, 7'/£@ 8«c per Ib: Live Geese, S2,50@6.00 perdoz, OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, 8c; Water White, SJic; Michigan Prime White, 9Kc; Water White, 10!£o; Indiana Prime White, 9&c; Water White, lOHo; Headlight, .175 test, 93ic; Gasoline, 87 deg's, 14c; .74 deg's, 9JJC; Naphtha, 53 deg's, 8c. • '"•' - '•'"•-' ' LIQUOHS— Distilled Spirits ruled firm at SI. 14 per gal. for. finished goods. . NEW YORK, Jan. 16. WHEAT— Dui;, -X 2 lower, -winy, on dullness In silvoi. Marcb, S1.05'4@3.0SJic; May, 81.03 13-1C <o,104=£; July, 9Si4@98,-jc; August, 95Jj®953&o'; December, 97Xgj98!^c. . . • COIIN— Dull, ( s c lower, easy. No. U, 59;j@ 605{c;-steamer-mixed, 59"i@6Dtfc. OATS— Quiet,.eiisler. Western, 5(S359c. . . . PROVISIONS— Beef dull, firm. Plate, 87.00 @7.60; family, -J9.00®9.50. Porfe quieM steady. New mess, Sll.50@12.00; old mess, $10.00@11.(K>; extra prime, $9.50®10.0 Lard quiet, steady. Steam-renderod, $6.20. ...... .• .,, • 1:15 pm*. ........ >»JtLlne...: ..... 155 nm» 4:20 p mf ..... Accommodation...... gifloji mfWii 9:45 »mr. Marlon Accommodation. 430 p ml.... Richmond Division. SflO am*.... Night Express ....... 1^5am» 11:10 a mt ..... Accommodation...-,... 6 fri a mt 1:30 p m*....T)ayExpress:.:..... 1.25pm* 1130 pmf ..... Accommodation ...... Indianapolis .Division. 2:20a m*....'NiglitESpre8s ....... 130 p m*.... Day Express ..... ...:' 1255pm* Chicago Division. 1230& m*.... Night ExpreBS......... S10 a m»' l:('5pm" ........ JFastLlne... ...... 126 p m» 1:47 P m* ............ .Fast Line............ 1*7 p n,. ll:80a mf ----- iccommcxJatlon. ..... 4:SOpm* 7i5pmt ..... Accommodation. ...... 6a6anr> • State Line Division. l:SOpmf. ...Mail and Express...... 8:30 a at • 7:45amf ......... Express ......... 735Dmt 11:16 am} ....... Local Freight ..... iuao a mj Trains marked * run dally. Tralusmarked f run daily except SvnAej. , Vitndalis Line. SOUTH KKWD. Local Freight.. — ..... -..^ ......... — SOD am Terra Haute Express..... --------- _,. 7« a m Mall Train. .................... .........•._„„ 2:40 t>m NOBTHBODITO. Local Freight ......... - ..... „... --------- 5*0 a m Mall Train..... ......... ™, .............. „ __ lu.-tSam South Bend Express — „ ______ ....._.... 8^5 D m Through Freight .................... ____ . ____ 8«pm Close connections for Indlanapolls-vla-OoBsac- QOW made by all our passenger trains.— J C. Kdgworth, agent - '• WabiuOt Railroad. - .-. .. ;> EAST .BOUND..; -vr.''^'.."-..- -.-" New York Expres, daily ................ ,,. CLEVELAND, 0., Jan. 15. Standard.white, 110 de«. test, <J;'i,c; 74srasoline, 9o; 8ii gasoline, Igc; 63 naphtha, ?c. Live Stock. CHICAGO, Jan. 15. CATTLE—Market fairly active. Quotations ranged .it 84.8OSj.40 for choice to fancy shipping . Steers; $4.00@4.SO for goofl to choice, do.; S3,15@3.85 for common to fair do.; 'Si,75®3.00 lor butchers' Steers; *2.85@2.5i) for StpcUers; $2.10@a.70for Texans; I2.70@3.25 for Feeders; Sl'.25@3.75 Jor Cows; Sl.CO@3.00 for Bulls, and S3.00@5,00 for Veal Calves. Hoes—Market active. Prices advanced 30® 15c,.ranifing at $2.75@3:« for Pigs;'|3.35®3,«0 for light; $3:40@3.50 for rough packing; $3.45® 3.60,fur Mixed, and U55®3.75 for heavy pack Ing.-und shipping lots. . .., Kan CJtyifeT.oledoEx.,exceptSunday.ll:lBam •'. Atlantic Express, dally.-.-...'...'.,..,::..;'.'.-. 406^0) Accommodation Frt., except Sundajr v 9^6 p m- ; '• ',"'••' ' 'WEST EOOND. Pacific Express. daUy...:..^..-..:::^..;-?^ 1 ^!' ! ' Accommodation Frt., except Sunday_ii;]5,p m- Kan City Ex., except Sunday. .......... -... S.-46 p m L;ifayette(Pas)Accm., except Sunday 6K)3 p m St. Louis 'Ex., dally ....... „. ............. 10S2pm Eel Ktvcr Div., liopraunport, .West Side Between iogansport and .Chili. . ' EAST BODKD'. " '• ' -'•• | -' Accommodation, ex. Sunday, LeaT6..10flO am '.'• Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 4^0pm WEST BOUSD. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive. 8:10 a m : Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive. 4M p m , WANTED. W ANTED-25 Carpenters! Works, WhltlDg, Ind. ... at Stamford Oil M EN WANTED;Gond salaries; growJne; western firms. Stat- jour qunllflciitforis to EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION. CHICAGO. • decl7dlra W ANTED a few persons In each place to do writ ng at borne. Eaelose-lOc. tor • 400 page book with particulars to J.iH. Woodburr, Station D, New York Cl y. • ^ 4 GENTS WANTED^, opportunity. Coo. A. * .. II«lil*llrTr :»rpeprofits, <,ic!c Hits SftMPvf F«t A mm 842 Snif •«,, K. V. i. Scott. W ANTED— Ac active, reliable man-salary S70 to 880 monthly, with increase, to represent in -his own section ,a responsible New Yorh House. References. Jtfanofacturer, Lock Box JB86, New York. • A.MOKTJH can be made -, working for us. Per«on» preferred who can furnish ' a horse and give their -i whols time to the business., Spare momenta ma? "•> be profitably employed also. A few vacancies In towns and cities B. F.JOHNSON & CO JOOO • Main st . RrL nmond, Ta ' fn lu

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