The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 21, 1964 · Page 10
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 10

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1964
Page 10
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T PAGE 8 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Monday, Dec. 21, 1964 Brownies of Troop 534 Has Christmas A. Christmas ,-\par.ty vf o r Brownie" troop 534 was conflicted' in the' home of 3ff.v sT and; Mrs. Joe O'Banion on" Thursday, December 17. Mrs. Max Dc.Tord assisted with the par- j Karen, 10, and Stephanie, 4. ty. BLAST CAUSES FIRE MARION, Ind. (UPI)—An explosion .of- undetermined cause ripped but the wall of a home early today, turned the interior into a raging infernp and badly injured four members of the" Herman Turner family. Turner, 29, was burned over 90 per cent of' his body when he and his wife, Cora Lee, 31, 'saved their two daughters, Hospital Notes Ford As guests arrived they joined in singing Christmas carols accompanied at the organ b y Joe O'Banion. Games were played followed by a visit froom Santa Claus and his elf "South Wind." Santa presented a gift to all. of the Brownies from thair sponsoring group Tri Chi sorority and a gift exchange was conducted. . Refreshments were served to Brownies Wilma Beard, Donna DeFord, Jaye Doss, Carol Harper. Janiee Fetters, Jill Hoke, Vickie Hungale, Melody McCarter," Kathy O'Banion, Jama Stone, Cynthia and Resuha Tishner, Lea Ellen Miller, Rinda Horton and Sue Harpe. Guests present at • the party were Mesdamss Walter Hungate, Roxie MeCarter, Wayne Luttrell, Max Fetters, M i s s es Mary Ann Francis, Denise DeFord, Linda,' Sharon, Patty and Ksvin O'Banion. Turner was hospitalized in criti cal condition. ^Marion General Hospital officials said the wife and two daughters were in.serious condition, all suffering from burns. Ofiicials said there had been numerous complaints of gas in the neighborhood before the explosion. The Turner house was reportedly not connected to the gas lines, but officials theorized gas leaked into a sewer system and then into the Turner house where it was touched off by some unknown spark. The explosion took place at 3:45 a.m. EST in the kitchen area. _ FOR REAL ESTATE & INSHRANCH CONSULT 120 South West it. CAMELOT A CLASSIC ACHIEVEMENT $Q .95 **F.T.I. jeweler HELD IN ASSAULT COLUMBUS, ind. (UPI)—Two men were scheduled to appear in a justice of the peace court today on assault and battery charges in connection with the death of a local businessman. David Adler, 23, an Indiana University senior, and Robert Bragg, '24, both of Columbus, were held on $10,000 bonds. Also 1 in custody for investigation was j a woman. They were held in the death of John L. Williams, 29, Columbus, whose body was found Thursday in a ditch near here. So far, autopsies have failed to determine cause of death. The only injury was a bruise on Williams' forehead, but authorities said it was not enough tb have caused death. Witnesses reported seeing the fourth together the night before Williams was found dead. Also arrested on charges of vehicle taking and public intoxi- catipn Saturday was the woman's estranged husband. SATURDAY ADMISSIONS: Nina Morgan, Tipton; Cora Laudig, Arcadia; Chap Sullivan, Tipton; Elizabeth Thornton, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Warren Jackson, Atlanta; Carolyn Gardner, Tipton; John Hawkins, Arcadia; Elizabeth Schmidt, Tipton; Debra Beeson, Tipton; Regina Hinds, Tipton; Helen Butler, Tipton; Bonnie Parker, Forest; Jane, Frazee, Elwood; Beverly Rush, Atlanta. ADMISSIONS: Lisa Long, Windfall;" Barbara Moore, Tipton; Carmelta and Deloris McGuire, Tipton; Diana and Bruce iParton, Tipton; Donald Hinkle Jr., Kokomo; Linda Yeary, Cicero; Beth Castor, Tipton; Charles Nelson, Kokomo; Edith McKinney, Tipton; Shirley Davis, Tipton; Gladys Martin, Windfall; Edith Lea- veil, Windfall; Carolyn Card- woll, Tipton; Wanda Dargo, Kokomo; Ralph Beck, Tipton; Cathy Atkinson, Tipton; Dora Duckworth, Forest DISMISSALS: Mary Clamor, Elwood; Ethel Meyers, Rochester; William Coe, Tipton; Joan Weber, Tipton; Rose Marie Reed, Greentown; Robert Colburn Sr., Anderson; Guy Trimble, Windfall; Helen' Planalp, Tipton; Maude Hoffman, Sharpsville; Wilbur Garhart, Tipton; Wanda Dargo, Kokomo; Gerald Rode, Tipton; Marjorie Henry, Tioton- WU1-| — « V u ard Cook, Sharpsville; Charles a new GOP image took a page (Continued from page 1) how many votes he had in the bag, To assure election, he,| would need 71 votes, although the caucus rules require only a moinritv of members'nwnt. The campaign against Halleck opened on a high-level, with Ford refusing to indulge in any criticism of the 64-year-o 1 d Hoosier who often is called the toughest "gut-fighter" in national politics. Halleck "has been accused of being too wedded to dogmatic opposition for its own sake and of refusing to consider new ideas to improve the Republican position.- Ford made indirect reference to these criticisms by saying "we must begin a new chapter with new ideas, new spirit and new leadership." "We have within our Republican ranks a great wealth of talent, energy and dedication. When properly channeled and utilized to the fullest, this talent will promote and communicate the image of a fighting, forward-looking party seeking responsible and constructive solutions to national problems," he said "By finding better ways to better utilize these impressive talents through new techniques and bold leadership, by a willingness to try new ideas, by leading rather than simply reacting, we can and must develop the respect and the support of the American people.'Ford's call for innovation and ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RI6G 2> McTaggert, Tipton; Lillian Arkenau, Tipton; Harry Long, Kokomo. BIRTHS:, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Yeary, Cicero, boy, 6:20 a. m., December 21. Want Ads Pay ELK'S CHRISTMAS STAG This Wednes.-^aft. Dec .23 Steak Supper with apple pie 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. All members _ invited to attend Opera Association, died Sunday. "This further complicates an already puzzling investigation Bartholomew County Sheriff Charles D. Nolting said. Williams was believed to have carried a sum of money, but his wallet was missing when he was found. Williams was a partner with his mother in an electronics supply firm. Millions of lights throughout Indiana glow in joyous observance of the world's most celebrated Birthday. Your-Investor-Owned Electric Company is pleased to have a hand in making your Christmas Season bright. from Halleck's own campaign against Martin, who was the party's leader for many years. At that time, Halleck's promise was of more vigorous leadership than the New Englander had provided. NEW YORK (UPI) — Jerome But v campaign oratory aside, Taishoff, 64, president of the the important bid for votes in Mycalex Corp. of America and the closed caucus will be in a director of the Metropolitan man-to-man negotiations be" ' " ' tween the contenders and the GOP members. Halleck, who has had the strongest voice in the vital job of committee assignments since 1959, will have, the natural ad j vantage of being able to cash in on political obligations. Ford's strength will come from members who feel .the party needs a better "image." Although Ford appears to have solid support among the score of avowed Republican liberals in the House, it is hard to find a difference in his and Halleck's voting records. The conservative Americans for Constitutional Action gives Halleck an 8S per cent rating and Ford 83 per cent in its index., for the 19G4 session. But Americans for Democratic Action, compiling- the "liberal quotient" of the two men in 1963, gave Halleck 8 per cent and'Ford zero. This similarity stems in part from the fact that both men have been part of the House GOP leadership since Ford bumped Rep. Charles Hoeven, Iowa, from the Republic™ con ference chairmanship in 1982. Whoever wins the Halleck•Ford contest, there will be changed in the GOP leadership. Ford - will step • down from- the conference, or caucus, chairmanship to run against Halleck and a successor must be found. The name of Rep. Melvin R. Laird, R-Wis., has come up in speculation for that job. If he beats Halleck, Ford will have the practical choice of an assistant, or party whip to replace Rep. Leslie Arends, 111. Griffin or .Rep. Charles E. Goodell, R-N.Y., both active in Ford's campaign in 1962 and again this year, are considered likely appointments TWO FINED Two persons were fined in Justice of the Peace,Court last week. Harvey E. McGuire, 2 501 E. Jefferson • Street /was fined $18.75 for false registration and Robert Gordan Rood, 31, RR 5, Kokomo, -was pena lized $22.75 for speeding. PUBLIC SERVICE INDIANA Give Gift Certificates for Knapp shoes. Phone Walter Batts, Tipton, Indiana DIA N A Ends Tonight 2 Shows at 7 & 9 P.M. - A STORY OF LOVE BEFORE '-.-TUP MIUNGIPVERS A SAMUEL G0L0WYN, Jr. Production From M-G-H . •'-..' Tues. & Wed. The true story of LUohn F. Kennedy's incredible adventure in the South Pacific W ROBERTSON tea Opens Thurs. "INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER"' - Once again Tipton's Blue Devils appeared guilty of trying to pick in advance the teams they think they're going to have to play ball against to win. When they woke up this time, Carmel had a 14 point lead and the first quarter was over . . . and as it proved out, so was the game. This was only the second time this season that the Satans have had back-to-back'games on Friday and Saturday. On 'both of them they've won the Friday game and come back to lose Saturday. That bodes no good for either the holiday tourney next Monday and Tuesday, nor the State tourney in February and March. In Defense There was one thing to be said in behalf of the Blue Devils that escaped Carmel and the Greyhound fans, although we suspect coach Bill Shepherd who earned a very fine victory for his ball club, was fully aware of it Since coach Dick Barr first came to Tipton he has 'been both a fundamentalist arid a "scrapper". Whether in an afternoon practice or in a game, -Barr's foremost instruction to each .one of his kids has been "If you lose a ball, it's your mistake, YOU get it back." Saturday night, through their own carelessness and Carmel's alertness, the Blue Devils made more than •heir own share of mistakes and lost the ball far more times than they should have. "And after that first quarter, when they made 12 errors and did nothing about them, they DID "try to get that ball back when they lost it." iBarr has chosen kids' with "bodies" to play basketball for Tipton and when they go for a loose ball which they themselves have lost, they're bound to come in t contact with some one eise going for that loose ball. Not Intentional The result was that frequently there was bumping. There was ho intention to be deliberately rough. No intention to be "dirty". But when two bodies collide going after a loose ball or <~nc boy without the ball tries to step one with the ball, and their bodies collide, something or someone is going to give. ., The Carmel fans—at least some of them—thought that Tipton was being "dirty". But such was not the case and we're quite certain coach Bill Shepherd realizes it although "at one-point, his own son, a fine little freshman gtiprd, was the one spilled on the floor. Not Tourney Officials We admire Mike Wiggins attitude in going to the defense of his young, little teammate when he thought the boy had been deliberately . spilled, but even he should have realized it wasn't intentional. Had the game been officiated the way it should have, Wiggins would probably never had the occasion to get riled. We're not saying all'the calls went against Tipton for they didn't. We saw Dan Crouch called for traveling on a call that we thought was terrible, but then wfi saw Don-Curnutt get away with traveling on one that was even more unjust to Carmel. •And completely neutral Joe Piatt, who sat just behind us while calling' the game for WIOU, Kokomo, came over the air once with "They FINALLY Called one against the it's -against Smith again!" Showed. Good Spirit Dave Edwards, who played a good game for Carmel, was the victim of a gash under his eye. A few minntes later in the game, Lex Boyd smilingly said something to Edwards, and the one official who didn't see the smile was on the verge of calling a technical on Boyd or perhaps booting him out of the game. Fortunately the other'' 'official saw the smile-and knew the circumstances. But to remove any question from anyone's mind's Boyd stepped forward and held out his hand for a "shake" that ended,any doubt of his intentions and drew a round of applause from the stands. Boyd,' incidently, in our opinion was the only boy on the floor for Tipton who played four quarters of good ball Saturday. He may only have had eight points, but never overlook those 19 rebounds, two assists, two held balls and one interception. .We were glad too, to see Bill Moore snap out of it in the second half. When Tipton was scrapping t o get back into the game, Moore played the kind of ball^that we've been looking for him to play all year and if he teams with Boyd on that kind of ball the rest of this season, local fans -won't have Jto worry about the Blue Devils. Great Future Little Bill Shepherd certainly left no question in the mind of Carmel fans as to whether he belonged in the starting lineup, even if he is only a freshman. AS we said Friday, he exer-. cises. perfect control over that ball and if his opponents sag on him just a couple of inches, that ball is swishing through the net for a two-pointer before the opponent can recover . . . and there's nothing wrong with 10 for-10 free throw, shooting. His only handicap now, tourneywise, is his lightness. But with three more years "after this to mature physically, and with coach Shepherd beefing up the Carmel schedule, the youngster has to be definitely regarded as potential Indiana All Star. Carmel Hands Tipton Year's Second Loss If Tipton Saturday night was five offensive-"and 1 14 defensive 47 Persons (Continued from paqe 1) andi.-Mrs-. Charles Baker, at­ tended''a fund-raising benefit for a family whose home was destroyed by fire last week. Four other youngsters burned to death near Aracoma, W. Va., while their parents were in town Christmas shopping. The grieving father said he and his wife could see the burning house from in town. More than a dozen additional home fires around the nation claimed the lives of other children and adults. i The worst highway accident of the weekend happened near Caushatta, La., when a butane truck smashed into an automobile, burst into flames and killed all six occupants of the car. Police could not get near the wreckage for six hours because of the intense heat. Four persons from Tennesse, including a 17-year-old girl, were killed when their car hit truck near Wilcox, Ariz. Another car-truck collision near Wheeling, W. Va., resulted in death for a vacationing California couple and two of their children, aged 10 and 5. Four oth- boy j er children of the Clair Grimes covering Smith ... OH NO! ... Jr. family were injured. the 15th best team in the state, then, heaven help the other 558. A Carmel team .' that may have been light in weight but heavy in desire, spotted Tipton' an opening basket by Donnie. Curnutt and then ran up 22 points while Tipton was getting just one more field goal and four free throws for a 22-8 first quarter lead, then fought off a last- quarter challenge to hand the Blue Devils their second loss in the last three games, 7266. " Too Mr.ny Errors At a few times in the game —never in the first quarter— did there appear any semblance of the teamwork which sparked the Satans to their overwhelming 97-70 triumph of the night before against P£ru. They committed more errors, 28, than they made baskets, 25, while the Greyhounds kept errors at a minimum in duplicating the upset their football brethren had; pulled on Titpon at the start of the school year. And most humiliating of all from a Tipton point of view, although a source of pride to Carmel, it was a 125 pound freshman, only 5'7" tall, who sparked the victory over this all senior Tipton team. Little Bill Shepherd, son of the Carmel coach, hit four first period field goals, then three more and as many free throws in the second quarter as Carmel left the floor at half time in front 41-30. Good Second Half The intermission appeared to serve its purpose and the Blue Devils returned to- the floor playing a better brand of ball. Bill Moore, who was completely flat in the first quarter, played his best ball of the season in the second half and with Lex Boyd, who was the best boy on the floor Saturday night, got the team working as a unit. Tipton held Carmel to 11 points while scoring 19 and going into the final eight minutes it was anyone's ball game with the Greyhounds in front only three at 52-49. Then in the last quarter, going after each loose ball like it was the Kohinobr diamond, the Blue Devils outscored the home team seven field goals to two," only to have the referees take over the game and nearly precipitate a riot. Won at Foul Line The Greyhounds, who had notched 14 points at the foul line in the first three periods, connected for 16 in the last quarter alone to shut off a Tipton bid which, had it been made' in the first quarter, would probably have seen a runaway ball game. In 'fact after that opening quarter, in which Carmel hit 10 fifeld goals, Tipton had the best of it in the battle for baskets,: 23 to 11. And in the fight for rebounds Titpon dominated the action al lthe way 47 to 21. In fact Lex Boyd himself, with rebounds, came within two of the entire Carmel team. Bill Moore, after his slow start, hauled in 12, six off each board, and chipped in 15 points. Offensively, Donnie_ Curnutt with 10 baskets in 20 tries, had what for anyone else would have been a great night, also hitting four in as many tries from the foul line for 24 points. Defensively, however, it was not the Curnutt his legion of backers have come to expect, with four fumbles, one bad pass and three violations (travels, etc..) In the minus department, Keith Smith was charged with two fumbles, one violation and om bad pass; Dan Crouch with one fumble three violations and one bad pass, Lex Boyd with two violations, no. bad passes but one fumble and .Moore with no violations, pne bad pass and two fumbles. • On the credit side of the ledger, Curnutt had two assists, two recoveries and a held ball; Smith had two recoveries; Crouch had two recoveries, three assists and a held ball and Boyd two assists, two held balls and a recovery. Moore had three recoveries and an assist. Balancing pluses against minuses Boyd and Moore, with plus two and plus one respectively, were the only ones on the good side of the ledger according to coach Barr's bench statistics. In rebounds, Smith had six, Curnutt' three, Crouch, Harmon and Myers each two. TIPTON Moore Hannah Smith Meyers Boyd Crouch Harmon . Curnutt TOTALS CARMEL D. Edwards Wallace J. Edwards Wiggins McKinney Shepherd TOTALS FG FT PTS 5 5 15 0 0 0 1 2 4 0 0 0 2 4 8 4 1 9 3 0 6 10 4 24 25 16 66 5 4 14 0 2 2 1 3 5 5 8 18 3 3 9 7 10 • 24 2i 30 72 Tipton Carmel 8-22-19-17—66 22-19-11-20—72 GIVEN PROBATION .« P a u .1. Jackson, 23, 117 yaaiels,-was fined $24 and given a six month suspended sentence -in . City Court Friday. Jackson was arrested for public intoxication November 22 and was told to report to the Chief of Police each week for 24 weeks during his probationary period. Last Minute Xmas special. Child's upholstered rockers, regular $H.95, Xmas special $8.88. A fine selection of boudoir chairs, regular $29.95, Xmas special $19.88. Cooper's Home Furnishings. C-68 CHRISTMAS TREES JUST ARRIVED ANOTHER LOAD O F SELECT NORTHERN SCOTCH PINES 4'TO 8'SIZES Harold and Berniece Lee VAN HUSEN SHIRTS WHITE OR COLORS . FOR THE GOLFER Golf Jackets Fara Press Slacks and Never Need £98 Ironing STYLE MART $1 ir 6 SLACKS BY HUBBARD SPORT COATS 098 - te ] 8 95 $ 24 ®\o *35 Men's Suits Sir 50 JI5 . • t - s Men's Socks Interwoven $ Esquire $450 STYLED BY HARDWICK BLAZERS 10^8 te 1798 MEN'S HARDWICK BLAZERS. :.„„.S27,S0 VAN HEUSEH ANJ^BNRO. . * v ~SPORT SHIRTS~5°« I 1 o 1 IMEN 'SHATS^ffi3 95 'i IS*' I fi i. ft I: u f I I % %

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