Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1907
Page 5
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, llytrHted-^chiiifcs .gqod boziUlbforauieats wcred promptly nifht or ezpctlence. V«erin- ,_-;»fpeci«lty. 068 RM.PhaMl39 0ltiit|^er> ibatlioitnd 1:- ! ThsBtit W«S*1I it, 4 MC 4 P; JAXESOir. Xk* Sneeemfml Aae* rttoM^, . Teterlurtftn. .Mrna^lesor PediKTeed stock. Ulc «ahde«ny«tiere. Veter-| |iaat7 t^IU aBSWcnd day or' (Bight, floScc with DoufeUiw ikio*.' fjhne 13, reaidence 400 lpi,k. KANSAS. Su BtLFlULMH/ Corblat a 8pMil•lt]^ ^ 0«M lU But Ja ^km Ai A FORCE of men are at work this vreek insUIll&e a funaee In the! basement of the United Brethern churdi. The plan of beating the nxvn by stoves has ibeen given up hjl that ohnrch. ' ) jBUt J^rgila Wcdf All Kinds of Fall (3rw«rr De^arlaeat. W« carry iBverythlngi that can b« got ^n tbe frlut line, aiso fresh veg- I. Will call your attention to ig window whichlwlll give you 14ea aa to what jire have. We miUngi big preparatlona for liiving day for Tnrkeys, Oeeae Chickens, Fresh OysterB, Veal, Mutton, Beef, Pork. Mince Obtolene, LArd, Freah Ham, Ji-|aam, Smoked Ham. Sausage, •IriHam. Bologna, Head Cheese, lUbs, Sauer Kraut and Cr&n- . giTe Free t« fbe one that ., largest bill of firMwiea 1 pig the day before TlunkB* ^ MUMMA , Prop. Ashipi :pitttbraettbtBloeoUoB ikijeplBg. £iisllBb.[Pbystul Col- tar4^ etc.. iraiortliiuid. Letter Wrttlag. 6ae tudred pooiBda tl Cry*- tal lee wUl make Vt callraa-bl Uilnf(MiStm|(Ct rlttA(aCRlOIM.8.Mcr. %.\ «|ECItVrARY TAFT IN l«ANCHURIA of an Hour in HarMn and The Train Sped!West. •Harbin. ManchurlaJ Nov. 21.—The train which is carrying Secretar]^ Talft and .the members of bis party f«Ui Vladivostok to I St. Petersbnrg, leit V-adivostok yesterday morning anid arrived here thiv afternoon. Tbe '>t«retairy spent ode ;^|flr :Whicb the Jou:' tli^aed. I t nour In Harbin 0y west was con NO CAPft AND COVINS FOR THEIM •ska UnivVt^ Co -Ede Will Dreaa in RefluMtlon Attirei Nebr, Nov. a..— Tbp dean :Nei>raifca wi^rritr of tke •rtttyda; t<^' To tM Powell, the reel eaCate man.:has.a' few tbouaand dollara to loan oni farms at a reasonable rate. Free dirt at lioeeo^li. THB lUiDOTRATKD Ulk, '^n the Land of tbcaa" that wta to h* ti'*' ea m the Baat lola MetbodUt phureli loallkt, will not be given nntll aome time next week. « '' Have you seen the elegant line of Coats that Richardson's are aellinC for |9 and |107 Regular >1B values. 26c buys a Jar of Mundls' Fragrant Cold Cream. DR. MORGAN of Fredonta. Kas.. is visiting In the city today. ' Cure your cold by using tlnndis' White Pine with Tar. "TAMBR" Gray came In today from Neodeilia, Kas., for a few daya' vi» it wltn friends. Taiper is playing football With the Neodesha team this taU. One of the finest Skin Foods ^>ade li Mundls* Cold Cream. JOHN RITTER came in froni Brie. Kas;, last evening afl^r a 'few days' visit that citjr with' friends. I See J. W. Coffey when in need of fine furniture. JUDGB SMITH yesterday issued marriage licenses to the folktwing obl- ored people: Cbas. A. JOrda^ and Cora Oliver; Ell Wilson .andVRoea Fields, and Lee Walter Johnson and Mery Buchanan. 350 Elegabt HaU for ladies, misses and children in the great reduction sale at Richardson's. S. C. Wiiloughby, an auctioneer, hap located in lola, South Jefferson ^very Saturday. Ail parties w^sbing tp sell households should see him. Also farm selling a speciajty. Residence 626 South Fourth. 200 acres, about 6 mllea trom: raU- road town, Bourlxm county, 76 -acre" In cultivation, 3 room house, etc Price $2600. All clear. Wbitaker « Oonnell. JACK HERRING expects to move his cigar store stock on East Mildiaon 'ntb his room on North Wasblogton. Vlr. Herring expects to combine the :wo stocks Into one big smoke liouae. bouse. Tbe Richardson Dry Goods ptore sre offering: ladles elegant Coats: regular 110.00 values for $6.60. BORN, to Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Cplley 126 South Vermont street, a soil. P. K. Waigh. DeathL PIMM lift iflee •veriBuTcIh ]»r «t Ham ' A SMALL, crowd witnessed the pro- liiction of "The Moonshiner's D&ugh- er" at the Grand theater Ust ni|ht. See J. W. Coffey when in need o' 5ne furniture. If you are despondent, discouragie^ or afflicted; hear Edward A. Klfabai m Christian Scienc eand catch thf jpirit of the law of Love. It healk ata( nakes free. Thursday evening- NOv H. at eight o'clock. . 200 Elegant Coats for Misse; anc* Children. Richardson's. THERE will be no admission fee charged for tbe gymnastic exhibition To be given at the V. M. C. A. this ev- •nlng under the direction Bliss. of Prof I31S Cold Cures la Masdls' wfaido* MRS. R. H. Brown who has l>een seriously 111 with pneumonia fever is /ery much improved today. Dr. •eiMUa. fkoM ML <M Wanted^Bverybody to know' tba* V. B. Kelley ft Son have moved tbeii ranafer and atorage ofBoe to lU Viuth Waahlngton. Offlce anij| Da; •hone Residence and nigbi ^koae IT. C. W. BO WAN. Ill South Sipcqnd, a ill at his home today. . . The Royal Worcester Corset, tbe •>est in the land made to flt any form Uchardson's. P. W. FITZGERALD is in lUnsaf City for a btisiness visit. Hear tbe lecture on "Christian Science" by Edward A. Kimball, at ithe Grand ' Theater Thursday evening Vov. 21. and get the rigkt thoi^t in regard to Christian Science. Madia Fraijnirt Cnui LeCtoi IF sood for chapped hafida and taof. , We have jost received «n . line iof New Tiea; Alt t^ ih^s of b owft and perple t€e "Wtten We Were! FHenda." I ed by. both press and pnblle aa being There can be no doubt as to the sue- i «>» the beat of the Miacauley ft cest of the beautiful comedy drama. Wfcea Wlo WJWB Friends," for It has! pj^y been selected for their aleritdy eatabllahed itaelf aa one of | pectal fitness for each particular char' tbe most popular plays of the entire I acter. The scenic and electrical efl season. It is the neuest play fromjfects are both brilliant and appropri- the pen of that writer of aneeeases. | ate. At the Grand Friday, Novem\\. B. Patton, and baa been pronounc- i ber 38. JU»T RIOHT FOR THE WHEAT. Pntton productions. William M^eanl- ey haa the leading role and the oonH' The Rain Should Maki Kanaaa Farmers ThankfuT, Save Cobum. • Topeka, Nov. 21.—Since early last night rain has been falling throughout Kansas. The fall was slow and ^very drop soared intoi the ground. F. D. Cobum secretary of the state board ;if agriculture, was highly elated when told that the rain covered the whole state. "The va'ue of this, s inestimable," said Mr. Coburn. "I im told it Is general over the at ate. 't Is exactly the ktnd that does the most good. Every diop sinks right nto the ground, down where. It Is tvailable to the wheat roots, and next iprlng the plants will a good root, making '^avrobale for another rain also will Increase! kin to Kansas come out with ithe conditions great crop. The the stockmen's winter wheat pasturaije. it Is a fine hing for the Kansas fanner to have ^ rain like this. It ought to put him n good humor for ijhanksgiving." RENTED QUTHRIE'8 CitY HALU. ^ Place for the Moottag of the Oklahoma LagWaturo Definitely Picked. FORTHEINGYGLOPEDMI Guthrie. Okla., Nov. 21.—Discussion ^f Where the state legislature would ueet was stopped this afternoon by >he signing (rf a contract bjr offlbials if Guthrie and representatives of the lew state govemmeiit. whereby the ?!ty haM was leased to the state for 'Xx mbntha for leglijlatlve quarters. .Secreiary Frank Wood Receives Ar< Uriea for Approval and Correctien. The following article was received by Secretary Frank Wood for correction. It is an article telling about lola which is beiilg written by tbe London Times and will go Into tbe new Issue of Encyclopaedia Britannica: lola. a city and the county seat of Allen County, Kansss, U. S. A., on Uie Neosho river, about 100 inllea south by west of Kansas City. Popu'atton, (1890)1.706; (1900) 5,791, of whom 237 were foreign-bom and >07 Were negroes; (1905. state ceneua.) 10,St7. Iclu is served by the Atchison. Tope ka-A Santa Fe, the Misaourl Pacific Slid the Missouri, Kansas ft Texas railways. It is pleasantly situated in a level valley, where Is a great abundance of natural gas and some fine building stone. The gaa la utll- Ifed more here than at any other place In the atate and tbe city baa very large cino smelters «a<l line rolling mills, also a foundry, machine shops, and manufacturers of cement, sulphuric acid and brick. A Carnegie library and an orphan asylum are among its institutkms. The mnnlcl- pality owna and operates its water works and electric Mghting plant. lola was founded In 1869 by a company whose members were disaatisCied with tbe location of the eonnty aeat at Humboldt. It was named for the wife of J.' F. Colbom, who owned a part of the site, was made the county aeat in Tlie state is to pay a rental of $1,000 o bear tbe cost of sucb remodeling 8 may be necessajj}. and to retumLjses. was chartered aa a city of the *be building to the ci Ly in ita present HHiditlon. The state will pay an aa- •ual rental of IT.OOOi for tbe use of he new Logan county court bouse for •.tate ofllcee. ' •EVE'S DIARY" FINDS FAVOR. Mark Twaln'a Bock, Barred by Ojio Town, la in Another Library. Wtorcester. Masa., JNov. 21.—Mark Twlan's "Eve's Diaryj" has come into 'ts own again in Woroester coanty, in defiance of tbe pnides tbe book baa been accepted af the Simeon Fair- neld public library ^n East Douglas, ind baa been put upon the clrculat- 'Bg abelvet. [ This book waa hatred at­ lic library in the nearby town of Chariton, because this sketches show ?d Mother Eve clad in rattier aum- mary coatumea, true to the period Charlton folk are |scrambttng for a, 'ook at the forbidd' DIED BY ASPHYXIATION. B scramblii don fruit. iPHYXIATI Maaaachuaetts Woman Killed Heraol^ and Two CMtdren . Newton. Mass.. Nov. 21.—Mrs. WIml T. Hedges killed herself and her twtj sons, WItUam, agedj 11. and Butlerj ved 6, by asphyxiation, at her home here aome time during last night All the cracks in the windows and doors :iad been plugged and the gas was 'umed on. The husband was absent ya a business trip. MRS. HAHTJE WINS. Famous Divorce Caae Decided Today •X Pennsylvania Ceurt. PhlladelpbU. Pa;. Nov. 21.—This -aoperlor coort today decided tbe Har^:Je divorce ease In fkvor of Mra. Hartje. Tlw dedakjo afllniis la its entirety the deelatafr of die Ansfbeoy oooot r eoart whldi refnsad to craat t ^s HlkltJe divareai 'PetttlMa to r« third class in 1870, and became % city of the second class In 1898. Natural ?as was discovered here in a large quantity on Chriatmas day 1893 and to Ibis is due the rapid growth of •.he city. LOOKING FOR 8T0LE1I H0S8S. Deiw«y Skertff ef LMveawertk Csn «r| Deputy Sheriff Q. M. StringfeUow. of Leavenworth county, was bare today looking for a three^year-old fllley atol en there on the 13th by Arthur Lewlil a young negro. Lewia was captnred at Cherryvale yesterday by tbe police officers but had instead (tf a nice three year-old fllley, an old ping worth about fifteen cents. He told the deputy that be bad traded for the old horae near Tola and as near a deacriptloa aa he Is able to give he must have traded with a farmer near the Tom Ander> son farm. The deputy sheriff went out th^re this afternoon. but up to pVess time had not anoceeded la finding the'animal. Mr. etrlngfellow la an old friend of Corlla Newby and enjoyed a vlaU here with him thla afternoon. Strlngfellow will leave with his prisoner for Leavenworth tonight TO TEST LAW IimDUTELT. Oklakesu Ottdab to Be BestalMd Fram Eitfsrclnr Pi»kflMtUib Oklahoma City. Okla.. Nov. 21.—Tbe law firm, Wilson, WllUama ft Wllaoo of thla city, is preparlas a reatraiS' ing order directed agalost Attomcr General West Coanty Attorney Rear, don. Sheriff Oarrlsoo and Chief o( Police Poet aa cbaaael for a nooiber i>f saloon men of tbe dty In tbe effort to at once test the validity of the pro- hlMtioa. law. Tbe arst eonvletloB for dlapOatog o( latoxiostlas. U4«en sadsr tbs' pr»> hibftlOB law was tbat of T. SmKb.oC ^ dty tbla iiMdM9ii. ^e flasial Cnlletod INen «r the NMy Olve Her • Silver Lsvbi^ New York. Nov. Sl.-«1rst, beeuMe she la % fttlMd of the saOorvbat slao becanae aba gave nearly a half afUiOB dolUrs toward the Tonag lfj|»,'s Chilis tian AsaoeistKm bomei la' BrooUyii S,000 ealUitld mea in the nsvy prt- aented Miss Hetea Goa'd with a silver kivias edp to^. Thie T. M. C. k. buIldlniB and furalahtnga cost 1900.. 000 aad 'th« fnnda were fumiabed equally by Mlaa Gould and Mrs. Rua< sell Bat*. The bluejackets cheered Miss Goald with a roar tbst could be heard blocks away when two apprentice aeamen pulled asldo tbe flags and revealed tbe cup on a baae of American Beanty rosea. I QCRMAN PIRMft BANKRUPT. Manufacturer^ FallMra! Involve Prom- Banka of England. Hamburg, Germany, Nov. 21.—Tha firm of J. P. C. Moeller. msnuAtetur- ers of shellae, ooreain wax and ctfif dies, one of tbe largeat firms of Ita ktaid la the wortd. auspended today. liablUtles are two mlllton dot the aaaets five ibnadred thoo- sand. Boueiof the most prominent Hamburg and Genaaabaaka as well aa a number ofi Bngllab firms are involved in the failure. | Following tbe failure of Moelier, thej export firm of Krosn ft Relnhdie has suspended. Captatai Wlurraa AUea of the> Til- ICIty^foothaU. ia«n this SMmlas iw- celved a telepbone message frair tbf niaaaBar of tbe Burlfngtoa fool baii team atot^ tbat if nothing b «>pc» ed to toterferis they would be here fbr a game on Tbaaksgtving day. In'mak- tag thla atatemeat be aald not to put :>ut any advertlsl&g until he heard 'rom him again. If Captaia Allen is snccessfut in arranging the game with Burlington for Thankaglvlng day it will Ukely attract one of the largeat crowds here on that day that ever witneaaed a fOot haM game in this city. Burlingtoa tiaa played a number of games this rear and has msde an excellent showing. Three yeara ago they had s tfeam that gave a fine exhibition agalnat •be fast LaHarpe ieam. LaHarpe defeated them by tbe small score of IS to 0. The lata. THKCEI WERE CREMATED. Ohio Family Waa Burned In Home Today. Marietta, Ohio.. Nov. 21.—«dgar Gnibb, bis wife and one year old baby were cremated in their home near Beverly thla miming,. It le believed that the family met with foul play. RATS BANKS ARE 80DN1). Kansas Bask Cemmlaflloaer Beperta Ceadttloaa Favenble. Topska, Nov. 21.—Joba Q. Royce, state bank oommtsakmer. returned this morning from a week's visit over Kansas, in which he made examlnar tlona o^varioua inatltutlona that bad been affacted to the point of eloaior down aa a result of the flnandal troubles "Every bank In Kaaa^ U in tiptop shape," aald Mr. Royce. "excepting three, and I think that they can be brought out all right I am going back to Kansaa City today to see what more l can do. Tbe condHlooa 1» Kaaaap are splendid, and there is not a .bit of room fbr further worry right now if everybody kecpa cool."' Topeka banks are getting currency shipments from the east The bank of Topeka got 110,000 from New York today. •UNCLE JOE" CANNON IN WBSCK. Speaker's LUe la Danger, Bat He Es- fapes lajary. . Danivlle, Ills., Nov. 21.—Bpeaker Joseph Cannoif^ waa in a railroad wreck at Bisasrck. today. He escaped injury, although bis life waa In great danger. Train No. 14 of tbe Chicago ft EUstem llllnoia railroad ran Into an open sw|tch< daralllag two care, la oae of wbieb Speaker Caaaon waa rld- I»«The speaker's car turned squarely across the track, but did not over torn. Beyond belbg badly ahaken up none of the paaaengen or trainman fwere Injured. GREEKS FINED FOR. PEONAGE. In Chi««i|o Tbree Mwi Were Convlet- ed of .Pgiwilnfl Beys to Sb^ninv •tanda. Chicago, Nov. 21.— Three Greeka. found guilty of having Imported boys tvm their native oouatry to be farmed out { to proprleton of shoe shiaing eatabllabnMats and fruit atorea, weraJAaed la'federal court to d >r The flaM war* aeflafapsaied by a threat :ot pealteat'ary aeateaoea ahould the tjnemes be repeated. The fiaea. wbk:b|raaged from |X9 to.lSOO. were baaed'oa the makiBgi >f falsa affidavits la aeenriag eatraaee off tbe boya to theiualted Statea. PLAH MBin IK BITOBGB WAB. Waal ^ac«i EfitfepallMi Shswa *• Freeport. IIL. Nor. U.- llaa mlalatofa of VUpMULars plaaalag a aew atep la tbe aattdtveraa saora- raeat Tbe;aortbera deaaery off tbf Chieago dloeeaa. in aesaioa Were yaa- terday. dedded .to aak tha legUUture Cor a law reqatrtag that eiverr sur- rlaia Ue ^af abow wbetber dtber «( tbe partiia haaibeoa divorced, aad. If 90. tor what eakae.' itta «lh eiaUa b«». • r-.\\ Measaga. ProM BurilngMn Says ttalR May.GMie Here. ROUSE TO FACE M. U. "Horrible lajary" Tee SU^t to Inea. pseiate Him . Lawrence, Kas., Nov. 21.—Carl 9ouse, captain an dleft end of the Kansas foot ball team, who waa bought to have been seriously.injured n the Kansas-St Louis gam* at St [ionU Satarday. will lead the .^yhawk m against Misaourl at St Joseph' rhaakaglving day. Rouse, BlUy Rice! and Manager Lanadon arrived from^ 3t Louis this morning. Rice, the K. (J. full back, is on crutches on account of a broken ankle, received Saturday. He will probably not be able to get to his classes at the university for a week or ten days. It Is thought .hat be can be taken to St^ JosepV to see the thanksgiving day game but' if course, he will not be in shape to play. "Im feeling as well as I ever did in my \\Sf" said Rouse this afternoon, and nn going to play Thanksgiving day." The Mlaaourt game tbia year will the laat In which Rouae will play, riila la hia fourth year of football at Kaaaas nolveraity. Rata kept the Jayhawkera in the gynnaaium thla aftemooa aad they raaslgnala aad played liaaket ball un UI almoat 7 o'oloisk. Rouae did not work out witb the men. biit he will ippjiiar I4 bis ault tomorrow. With Rodfs back In the game, Kaaaaa'a diAateB for beating Mlaaouri have Im proved a llttl*. However, w'ltb Rice vaA, Deiuila oat of tbe game, for there la poalttvaly no duwc* that either will plajv any more foot ball thla year, the fayliawken will not present their full itrength. nrBNT^-PITB TO COF^ETTILtE. bla Teaehcn WU Divide Atteatiea Betwcea Topdu aad CeffeyvUle. The Coffeyville Journal saya that 800 teacben from .over tbe state are expected to attend tbe Southeastern Teacben' association which meest in that dty on the 29th of November. The indicatifms are that about twenty or twenty-five of tbe lolq •eachera will attend tbe meeUng at Coffeyville and tbe reat|wili be prea- 3nt at the state meeting! at Topeka. In tbe musical contest' lola will eih tor but one number. Fred Steele ^ been entered In the baaa solo coa^at i .'1 SUaHTLY USEIJ j B OTHER QOOD BAROAINS Wait for n6 ooc—Thk ii tlk tiA •ad the opportnnity for tilit iB<r giver to get the faUestvslm fair tti^ moagy to be spent BssoBtotaqr your glfts^a l|tUeahead of tUnftflili seaaoo, and to make yoor cl ^jKr from this niiezam^cddiq>*ay..lM veryfiaest and highest itadool Jewelry. Silverwaire and cStt Obis Q. A. 0£Sce and Storage iWiiPe Boom aft ff# WeatSueeL Flioiie J| Grand Valued in All Wool Gooda from.25 cents to 11:45.. ardson'a. For Ttali! The pride of every housewife who la entertaiiiing friends and relatives on Thanka­ glvlng Day Is centered on her dinner table. Just now before the day of this great feast we are showing many baadaome and chaste pieces of Ubbey Cut Glass In Tumblen. Bowla and other pieces at attractive prices.

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