The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 22, 2001 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 2001
Page 14
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B6 SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2001 Almanac THE SAUNA JOURNAL Horoscopes By Joyce Jlllson Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-April 19). Acknowledge the spontaneous, s6xy side of your partner to put the sizzle back into your romantic life. New information arises, and you'll be taking back something you said. Get out and answer your heart's questions. Face reality. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your fluctuating mood swings indicate a need for adventure In new places and with unique people. Share your worries with a confident friend, and your anxieties will soon fade away. Repair broken appliances and housewares tonight. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Time-saving tip; Be sure you're dealing with professionals. You'll spark a new romantic relationship effortlessly. An impressive peer will legitimize your ideas. Savor the feeling of accomplishment tonight. It. helps your self-esteem. : • CANCER (June 22-July 22). An improvement in money matters will depend on your willingness to accept help. Warn others that you might change your mind regarding an important decision. Patience is emphasized as relationship Issues get tougher. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Its a fine day for procrastinating. Your chores can wait while you charge off to explore or visit a new amusement park. A last-minute invitation will be hard to resist. Snuggle up with your sweetie at home tonight. Share your knowledge with others. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (April 22). Charm your way into the public eye, see new places and influence the lives of new people. You will see many opportunities as a result, travel and make significant friends in May. Through August, creativity wiir motivate you. In October and November, your message will reach those who can open doors. Expect to be in demand during the fall months. Your lucky numbers are: 3, 17, 35,32 and 9. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Calls and letters are likely sources of luck or fulfillment. The classified ads will show good deals on cars, whether you're thinking of buying or selling. Love is sweeter than usual. Cook for fun, because your new recipe is a masterpiece. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You're the object of much attention, so make the most of It. Flirt with an exciting new Individual from out of town, or allow yourself to be wined and dined by a scintillating wooer You enjoy traveling because you have luck in finding deals. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Experiment with the camera or camcorder — you've got quite an eye today and plenty of beauty around you to put onto video. You must act on and meet your fitness goals. A friend would like to help you. Schedule a hike In the woods. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Explore, discover and let someone'bold lead you into uncharted waters. If you discover yourself leading the pack and being recognized for your success, carry its duties with grace. Romance with a shy one Is delightful. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Family members need plenty of attention, but even If you have to clean up after a house full of people, the fun you have playing host/hostess is worth it. Beautifying your home is a successful endeavor. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You know how to make a dream real. Spend the day researching, then muster up the energy to take that first crucial step to building a better career for yourself. Set up a new exercise program to reach your ultimate health goals. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Your friends are in need of what you can give. Accept an Invitation to lunch with those who inspire you. Exceptional effort is required to understand and address priority issues, but now is the time to meet spontaneous challenges head-on. Salina forecast Today High: 73 Low: 41 A 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Tonight, mostly cloudy. 8:14 p.m. 6:43 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Monday High: 60 Low: 37 Decreasing clouds. Partly cloudy in the evening. Kansas today Tuesday Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice High: 65 Low: 42 Partly cloudy Wednesday High: 73 Low: 43 Partly cloudy. U.S. today Thursday High: 75 Low: 48 Partly cloudy 50s 40 70s COLD WARM STATIONARY (S2001 AccuWeather, Inc. Pnssm: (H) (L) Em High Low Showers Rain T'Storms Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy • Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record / Year High 77 70 94/1989 Low 48 46 21 /1966 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Saturday (to 9 p.m.) 0.29 Friday (24 hours) 1.09 April to date 3.79 Average April 2.76 Year to date 9.44 Average year through Apr. 6.68 Average year 30.43 Kansas data U.S. forecasts HI LO PREC HI LO OTLK HI LO OTLK Chanule 72 68 T Albuquerque 55 36 CIr Miami Beach 82 72 PCidy CoHeyvllle 73 69 .01 Anchorage 51 34 PCIdy Mpls-St Paul 49 40 Rain Concordia 73 67 Atlanta 80 57 PCidy New Orleans 84 69 PCIdy Dodge City 81 40 Baltimore 83 56 CIr New York City 81 59 PCIdy Emporia 80 71 T Boston 78 53 PCIdy Oklahoma City 78 65 CIr Garden City 81 38 Charlotte.N.C. 83 54 CIr Omaha 69 53 Rain Goodland 70 34 Chicago 73 47 PCIdy Orlando 85 62 PCIdy Hill City 74 42 T Daiias-Ft Worth 76 67 Rain Philadelphia 83 58 PCidy Hutchinson 84 53 Denver 38 34 Snow Phoenix 76 52 PCidy Lawrence 79 72 .08 Honolulu 82 70 CIr St Louis 80 65 Cidy Manhattan 77 72 Houston 83 69 Cidy San Diego 65 52 CIr Russeii 75 43 .13 Kansas Clly 70 61 Cidy San Francisco 65 45 CIr Topeka 79 70 .09 Las Vegas • 71 45 CIr Seattle 56 42 Rain Wichita 79 62 Los Angeles 72 50 CIr Washlngton.D.C 83 59 CIr KANSAS ROAD CONpiTIONS HpT4i|?E 1-800-585-762^ Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol NATIpNAL VyE/STHER SERVICE WEB SITE weather warnings, forecasts, radar People By The Associated Press Stipe is losing his bump-free street ATHENS, Ga. — R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe doesn't like the new speed bumps outside his house on HUl Street. So he had a large protest sign nailed to his house. The sign says it was "idiotic, selfish and inappropriate" for the neighborhood to push the Athens- Clarke County government to install the speed bumps. Some neighbors responded by tacking on replies accusing Stipe of being indifferent to problems with speeding motorists. His reply was published in the Athens newspaper: "If speed bumps are the only available fast- track solution offered by the city to an obvious community problem, it will not be long before driving or bicycling in Athens is impossible." 'Ml STIPE CAMPBELL Campbell likes freedom to speak LOS ANGELES — Because she's in the public eye. Neve Campbell is careful about every word she speaks. She doesn't have the freedom to say what's on her mind without running it through her internal editing system, Campbell said, which is the opposite of the character she plays in the new movie "Panic." The 27-year-old actress plays Sarah, a beautiful but manic young woman who meets a hired killer played by William H. Macy. "What I love about the character is she speaks before she thinks. ... Someone in my position necessarily can't be that free," Campbell said. Movie gives l\/lanheim fresh view MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — Camryn Manheim not only stars in the ABC movie "Kiss My Act," she's also the producer. "This is the first time in my life my name is above the title," the 40-year-old actress said. "I've never been a leading anything, so the whole package — the sweet story, the producing, the starring — it all means to me the power I need in Hollywood to continue doing what I am doing." "Kiss My Act" airs Monday night. Manheim plays a bartender in a comedy club who writes material for a cute airhead rather than performing it herself. Buffy pulls up stakes to go to UPN LOS ANGELES — "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is moving to another network. The show starring Sarah Michelle Cellar is switching from WB to UPN this faU, network executives said Friday UPN aggressively pursued the series and ordered 44 episodes for about $102 . . _ million, a source said. labLLAH "Buffy," which debuted in March 1997, has earned nine Emmy nominations and was one of WB's top-rated series. T ADVICE Sexless marriage has husband going to any lengths Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from "Not OK in Oklahoma," who was extremely upset with you because you said most couples should have sex three times a week. (That's not actually what you said, but her husband misinterpreted your advice.) She asked if you'd be willing to come to her house twice a week, because once a week was enough sex for her. Her husband is in for a shock if he thinks he's going to get any more sex. He had better take it once a week and enjoy it while he can, because women are in charge of sex. After a while, it will be once a month, then twice a year. I know, because my wife did this to me. We have not had sex since June of 2000. We have been married for 32 years and ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. have two grown children. We went for counseling, but it hasn't helped. We are now seeing our fourth counselor. A year ago, we were ready to separate, but our counselor did a good job of keeping us together. I don't want a divorce, and I'm not interested in an extramarital affair I have changed a lot of my attitudes and altered my behavior to make life better for her I'm going to continue counseling to find ways to change myself further The problem is that my wife will not carry through with our counselor's suggestions. In fact, she seems to go in the opposite direction. Men have Viagra, but what do women have to help them regain their sex drive? — Deprived in Biloxi, Miss. Dear Deprived: I'm going to do something I have rarely done in the column before. Instead of responding to you, I'm going to address your wife: Dear Wife of Deprived in Biloxi: You have a most extraordinary husband. He sounds kind and considerate, and it is obvious that he loves you a lot. It appears, however, that you've lost interest in sex. Talk to your doctor about some new medications that may help. And please continue with the counseling. It is important that you try to meet the guy halfway Apparently, he's more interested in sex than you are. According to my mail, this is the way it is with many couples in their 50s and beyond. Your husband cares deeply for you. Be open to his love, and consider yourself blessed. Even if he doesn't send you to the moon every time, he doesn't have to know it. The rewards will be enormous. I guarantee it. Dear Ann Landers: I have a beautiful 10-year-old niece. She has a charming personality and gets along well with everyone. The problem is her mother My sister-in-law insists on dressing her daughter like a boy "EUie" has short, cropped hair, and she wears boys' shirts and pants. There is nothing about the child that would indicate she is a female. EUie has started to rebel against her mother, and they are constantly at odds. I believe this may be one of the reasons. Tell me, Ann, will dressing EUie like a boy make her a lesbian? Please tell me how to help. — Aunt in Florida Dear Florida Aunt: The answer is NO. Studies indicate sexual orientation is established at birth. What the chUd wears has nothing to do with it. If EUie doesn't like her boyish appearance, her mother will hear about it sooner or later This little girl is only 10 years old, for heaven's sake. Please MYOB. Gem of the Day (sent in by Rob in Seattle): There are three ways to make sure something gets done: Do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or forbid your kids from doing it. Write to Ann Landers at P.O. Box 11562. Chicago, IL 60611. TU TONIGHT 4/22/01 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 QPBS, B.H.-Hays Nature 92545 Ballyklssangel 15193 Masterpiece Theatre 76716 Crown 11464 SQTNN Outdoor World Grigsby PRCA Rodeo 744071 Bill Dance Out. Crank 863990 Car 889938 Q NBC, Wichita Movie "Godzilla" (1998) A giant, mutated lizard takes a bite out of the Big Apple. 790483 News 72984 Edition 54532 @Com. Central Movie *»"McHale's Navy" (1997) Tom Amold. 2373377 Man Show Strip Mall South 6700377 Bush 6719025 OF0X,Wic.-Sal. Simpsons Malcolm-MId, X-Flles 39377 Movie * * "Blame It on Rio" (1983) Michael Calne. 32464 fflNlclceiodeon Caltlin 510700 Spy Kids DIff. Strokes Facts of Life 3sCo 136377 38Co 395193 All In Family All in Family QWB, Wichita Foxx 24396 PJs 49193 Harvey 53156 Oblongs NIkkl 37445 Love 96261 Sports 84984 X-Team 66532 i^ESPN Major League Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros. (Live) (CC) 365445 Sport8center (CC) 228822 Q Access 6, Sal. Postcard 5280 Spirit 7377 Salina 8700 Union 3385 Salina Agio Lighthouse 62087 Smoky Hill Museum 65174 @ESPN2 Drag Racing NHRA Gatomationals. (CC) 1847396 RPM2Nlght NHL 5207532 Drag Racing: NHRA 6174532 OWGN Andromeda 780193 Earth: Final Conflict 693613 News 2938990 Instant Replay Heat of Night 789464 Family Chan. Movie "Au Pair II" (2001) Gregory Harrison. (CC) 910071 Movie **y ."A Walk In the Clouds" (1995) 125396 OPBS,Wlc.-Hut. Alaska's Gold 88071 Nature 77919 Masterpiece Theatre 47280 Wiesel 70990 ED TNT NBA Pregame NBA Basketball Playoffs: Magic at Bucks 386358 NBA 783700 753975 QABC, Kan. City Movie "Ladles-Champ" Cont'd Be a Millionaire 22025 Practice 43731 News 3313975 Seinfeld GBCart. Network Sheep-Big City Sheep-Big City Sheep-Big City Sheep-BIg City ToonHeads ToonHeads Fllntstones Scooby fig ABC. Wichita Movie "Ladles-Champ" Cont'd Be a Millionaire 13735 Practice 20071 News 1406754 Seinfeld EE SCI Fi Crossing Over 1280358 Movie "Disturbing Behavior" (1998) 1293822 Exposure 1289629 fS CBS, Wichita Touched by an Angel 22483 Movie "Murder on the Orient Express" (2001) (CO) 19919 News 28754 Sports Sunday CQAP Jeff Corwin Experience 48087 Meet the Pandas 57735 Big Adventure Shark 76445 Jeff Conwin Experience 47358 fB CBS, Topeka Touched by an Angel 51919 Movie "Murder on the Orient Express" (2001) (CO) 64483 News 8284071 Cheers GS Lifetime Movie "into the Arms" Cont'd Division 128483 Any Day Now 115919 Strong Medicine 118006 [Q Encore Movie "Down and Out In Beverly Hills" (1986) 1410700 Movie *** "Allen 3" (1992), Charles S. Dutton 99897759 GSusA Movie * * "The Jackal" (1997) Bruce Willis. (CC) Cont'd Huntress 496261 Law & Order 406648 19 Showtime Movie "Varlan's War" (2001) William Hurt. (CO) 450629 Queer as Folk 3637938 Chris isaak Soul Food 03CNBC National Geographic Explorer 1749700 Tim Russert 1570990 National Geo. 6189464 IB HBO E Street Band 133700 Sopranos 214629 Just, Melvin: Just Evil 6710613 "Romeo Must Die" 8265716 Bl Encore Plus Wind at My Back 221919 Movie'The Shaggy D.A." (1976 6350087 Movie "Call of the Wild" (1993) 72727174 fBCinemax Movie * * "A Murder of Crows" (1998) (CO) 58485174 Movie "American Psycho" (2000) 2947667 72707919 BSTLC Maternity Ward 916957 Ubor 4 Delivery 916777 Ubor &Delh/ery 757091 Maternity Ward 366498 fnistarz! Movie * * * "High Fidelity" (2000) John Cusack. 1849764 Movie "The Quest" (1996) 9592735 97602844 SFOX Sports Boxing 796754 Beyond the Glory 797483 NASCAR Victory Lane 784919 Sporte 401174 News 807754 ^Discovery Three Minutes 869193 Adventure Race: New Zealand N)856629 FBI Files 868464 @A& E Nero Wolfe 734613 Biography 873396 @CNN CNN Tonight People 894321 Larry King Weekend 498629 Perspectives 401193 Sports 114700 NBA 203648 S3 BET Haden 159174 Paid 701071 Lead Story Bobby Jones Gospel 223700 Feed 854377 Creflo 994700 Thompson @WTBS Movie *U "Judge Dredd" (1995), Diane Lane 478025 Movie **» "Judge Dredd" (1995), Diane Lane 315342 ^Univislon La Mora Pico Disenador Cero 52716 Humor Es 1 Primer impacto 40445 Fuera 60342 Noticlero Univ. Movie ** "Rounders" (1998) Matt Damon, Edward Norton. 1013551 Son of-Beach Movie "Rounders" 2828532 ESAIUIC Movie * * * * "The Conversation" (1974) (CC 292667 Screen 592919 Movie "The TV/0 Jakes" (1990) 243984 CTOdvssev Medicine Woman 8638957 Movie * * * "My Name is Bill W." (1989) 2038713 Amerlcal Sunday Dinner 09 Disney In a Heartbeat BoyWorid Movie ** "Quints" (2000) (CC) 6661613 Even Stevens Uzzle 418464 Even 321984 igMTV Undergrade Best of Fear (N) 179280 True Life Jackass Jackass WWF Heat 103174 GSEI Victoria's Swimsuit 959261 True Hollywood Story 975209 True Hollywood Story 955445 Stem 675342 Stem 757990 CHANNELS NOT LISTED: QPrevue, fQ Education Access, B3 Government Access, B ^VH-1, EBFItTVI, EE) Court TV, ^MSNBC, @Home & Garden, S) Knowledge TV, ^ Weather Channel,Q]Headline News, ^Home Shopping Network, ^QVC, ^ITCI FYI, ^CSPAN2, iSCountry Music Television, Fox News, QQThe Food Network, @ America's Jewelry Store, QJCSPAN, BI-fflPay Per View, fflPlayboy

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