Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 4
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TOE lOLA DilLT BEGISTRB, FBIDAT ETE?fING,,50TEMBEB 2»,i Tke lOU DIILT lEfilSTEli CEA&F.WOTL finterad at lola,' Kansas, Postofflce. ai SecoDd-Clasa Hatter. Adraitlsiiis Rates Mad« Known o4 Application. SCBSCBIPTION BATES. im c, rtiu In 'lolB, Gat City, Laoyraj TOle. or LaHarpe. I >ae Week 10 cents jne Month 44 cents Uat Tear »5.0» By Van. ] (hif year Inside eoDBty tSM <»mr year ontslde eenaty $4.00 TtarKe Months, In advance........$1.00 One Month, In advance ...44 9FFICIAL FAFKB, CITI OF BASi 9M. Tel^honet Baslness Office 18 Editorial Room 222 News of (he County I'ltAlKIK liOHK. is KT coughs and colds as well as for consiimptioH. It's c.-isy for Scott's Emulsion to cuifc a cold or coir^'^h and it 'does it better than anything else because it builds up and strengthens at the same time. Don't wait until you get C (;n .uiin[-tinii or ihonchi- tis! Oct Scott'D. Scn 'l t'iii fl'lvcrli^CTicn!. t '>s> Ihcr with iiaDW of parrr In wl .irh it a-;!-!-.*, -.nut AMri.:.". »n>l four .vnlji to covti p ^iM jc.-*. .itiil wt f^nd ynu a "to ni I. ;-• JJJTIV • ;)» . / the :: VOiTH iWUVNR 4 (11 l\.irl Sfrcil. Ntw York Mrs. Kiiiijip weiit-lo KaiiKus City Friday morning for <i visit wiili relatives. TliP caritRnlerK iirc mMifn;; llic kl(- dipn nearly coiiiplutrd al Will Wood's.' The drillers strii;k a li:.:lii liow of shale gas in the well ilicy wori> drill- inK on the .Miller far'ni. 'Ilie drill is l)einK taken down and moved a short distanoe where ihoy vjll iry again. .Mr. Uiggs took hW ilir.'.shing oiiKit to Lallarpe Tticsd:iy. Thf faniily e.\- l)eci to move there seine time this week. Neal Ford will orciiiiy (he plare thus niade'Vaeaiit. Clark Si'eaker received it ear load ot apples from Karl Stitt and piirtner at LaUrange. Oregon, which he is selling out. Prices ninge from .")rtc to SI.:.'."! per bushel. Watclicd Fiflppn Ye»ir.s. •For fifteen years I have wuUllid (he working of Hnckleii's Arnica Salve and it has never failed to cnre any sore, boil, nicer or bnrn to which it was applied, ft has saved iis nnc.y :i doctor bill." says'A. F. Hardy, of Kast Wilton. Maine. 2 .-.c at all drug stores. SOITH K.VlltVIKW. A. A. HiiKhby. of HronRon. was biiy- iiig hogs In our vicinity .Monday. Mrs. Roy I'errv hi:s hern on (he sick lisi. .Mr. and .Mis. .liMu' Unit ..f .Ma- Jrtla VlnKed with tlnii diii!;fi(er .\!vH. TonT .Anderson and fnnilly S.iiiirday. reiniiilDK home Hiindnv I'Vi'ijIni; Itcv. Illlihs of l..;lliii'i I' Ilin .Ml l,U rt'Bnliir lip |iolninii'i!l ;il Itn.-k Low 11(1 Siiiidiiy. : Mli.H ICihel!( I'K'II-I O(I MI Fay Noyi'H Sniidiiy Mld'Cdnod 1.. !•. l.o(n;, tif lli'ci(i>.oii, jiiiri luiHcil It tine h'll'Si' or .1. A llnotli Iniil w IM>K John Peatcod Imi ii lioi-e .'^iiiMidii.N" iilRht, caiiHiMl fiudi ihi' jiol 'iiii fiiii' th(> Hlock field MIHH .Miilit^l (iranbniu of ^^avixdnirg IK vWtlng at (hoUooHi hoidc a! (lil.s. writing. The iiiati.v friends of .Mr. H. Ilrown will he pained (o hear of his deiilli which occdrrd at hU lionie Tuesday i ve. .Mdiodph he had been hick toi itoine tnon(h:« (he (II>WH of IIIK douih •||H| a gliwKn over (ll<> ellllrt> iroinninil ily A! lil'< ileatli the wife lost ii kind lidKbiind. (he children a IOVIIIK falher and ili>' tn ighlMirhood a cltlx.en who's ;ten(le ways atdl kind deedti was .1 IKddtf exa(ii(iie for (rvery one. The funeral setvlces were coiiiincted from ihe lioine liv Iti'v. Wood.H of I'nion (own. and inlrrnieni was n(Hde In the llalch Cenielery. The bereaved family liiive (lif syniiiitfhy of nil in thoir .lad affliction. I'lLKS ri'REn IX (i T<» 14 I»AY.S. PAZO OI.\T.MB.\T is guaranteed to cure any case of itching, blind. Ideed ing or protruding pilCsJn 6 to II days or money refnnded. SOe. WK.SLKV <II.\;*K!„ There is lo be ;i box sii])|ier at Fair Uiwn. .Nov. I'Jvereti Reads visited Frank Fowler's Sunday. .Mr. -Moore's visited .Mr. Young's Sunday. .Mr. (Jraiil Shockey's visited Franklin Smith's Sunday. .Miss Mes.^io Hocriiing visiicd a( .Mr U(>ad's from Friday niiiil Sitnda.v. .Miss tiene Vanter visi(ed .Mrs. .XKa Vermillion over Stiuday. ^ .Mr. i;corg-e liiiM 'in visii«'<l at .Mr Read's' Sunday. .Mr. Orlie Chliwood's visKed friends at (Sas ("it.v Sunday. .Mr. .MoiM's and Flack's ilro\e lo lo'a Monday. Rt \. .Moulswonli Is ineaching'rciinr siilenilld seiinods every night at the I'hapel. Come out and hear ihein. .\ niiiiibor <if Ihe friends of .\lr>- lohn .Maihews tuet ;it her home 'i'liurs day III remind her i>f her lot (y-l'ourlli ••iKlidav. They foiidd Id-r washing and of coiliHe surjiilsi^d her CIMII- 'ili'(i-l\. .Ml Idiil H good lldie and IOIP II eul-TlipMi' pii'nitil wi/ie: .Mrs. Cra iiier, Mrn. I'liii/. .Mrs. .Miixen. .Mi, iind Mrs. Ilolie Wriulii iiiid jOivi'iiii of .Mii- r.'id, .MiH, I'-'riidk .lollfl j(idl .MI<K Tnr ner SiiiKh m' .Mlldird. | MIN. MOIIII IttiwniMii of l.iiiie l-;!di, .v'ti's. .M:ii.\ Sle- voil'.Miii. I'ilsli- KlUe add Roy ot t,|i II:ir(M>, ,Mr add Mrs. Wlllhiiii Rogi-rs .\lr"<. I'lfd .Muickh. .MIS I'eiersiid, .Mr mil S\VK. lleiii.i I'.'idiiiiliigrr. Rosa iijiil Waller. Mr... t'.ul Sttclii.\. Liila am ;.i'i'. .Mis. Walli;-. .\lis \.<i\i\ .\trs .Im Restored Their Health But Cost Them Nothing Thousands of stomach and bowel suticrers have found the means of permanent good health and permanent good digestion through Dr. CaldwelPs ofler to send any sufferer a free trial bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, the great herb laxative compound. He believes from watching for twenty years what it has done that it will cure any case of chronic constipation, indigestion and dyspepsia, sour stomach, torpid liver, beartbura, bilicusneiis. sick headache and similar disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels. It is pleasant to take, acts mildlf but none the less effectively, never gripes, and is in c ^ery way an ideal laxative for the family. It is wonderftd in children's stomach troubles, and tb:y like its agreeable taste. It is a vast improveihent over gripin(» salts and cathartic pills, which are simply a temporary relief, while Dr. Caldwell 's Syrup Pepsin is a permanent ctire. Its tonic properties bolld np the stomach and intestinal muscles. Thousands are buying it of their druggists at 60 cents and SI a bottle, but those who have oever used it should write the Doctor tot a free trial bottle so that they can make a test without expense. If you have a stomach, liver or bowel disorder, or any member of your family has, send your address and a free bottle will be sent to your home, fully prepaid. In this way legions have been restored to health without a cent of cost. Read these letters and writo today. FREE SAMPLES of Dr. Caldwell's ^yrap Pepain The Nation's Safeguard of Health FOR EVERYBODY For Ottmo 7c«rs I suflorcd from stomach iri>ablo ud const) patton. an tll hseensoduUdrstii wen ttie ooly relief. Tr.ei::i»ci>reva(cDt >7int >ton>swcre Iilas tiivand prexuirc airsinvt. t <ic !icart and tiic most dlsircssliur polna acrcss tbestomach. I lisd Dr..OUdwcirii Kynip Pepsin recoiomcadoO to me and cxMnmeneed nsins same. 1 (wai:}lru'>'<ladaic3boule.<,BudIcsntionestiy s»r I beUove it saved my Ufc I don't thln'icanyone suScrcd moretha.i Idld, and cot well, tor I cm not oolv rrlipvtd. Uit cured, cad can cat anrthlni; ' witiwatanrpainordistresii.—B. F.'i'bvc<|isoc. ForemanSbcaaodooti,Xowa, Brick sad TUe Works. We hsra used tbe sample bottle or Syrup Fepiic and one reffuiar SOocot botUeand are now uslne a 81.00 boii'.e. I titl ereaUybrnetiled by Itsune and •xpeet toooiuiane nsinc it until I i:m entinsly cured. I am 4$ rears old asd was afflicted witli indisrstion. lirer troablc and K-!oeral prosiratloa, but •m fsellns better sinoe I bct.^n unlnir your mcdtciue ttian 1 ttave (or yeara before.—Mrs. Brick FllDcbum. Jackaon, I^cniuclcr. I.receiTed your sample tiottle ot Syrup Peiwlo and aflrr takinr it, I iKKVkt UTcral botUes Irom my iruKefni. I Bed It a iroofi remedy ro iDdlcwUon. and also ooosUfiatiot!. I don 't rftrrct the money I ^ paid (or it.—Ida A. n>rtai>e.Ciraiid Jun-.tloc, Teoo. About (oar yean aeo I was ttkca in with IndlcrstUm and Momaeb trouble. After tryiok' MvcraJ remodlrs I was induood to try Dr. CaldweU's «yrup Pecsln. After tak- iD« pan o( s botUe I was entirely rcliern]. nsd have kept a bottle In my bouse since. I 6ou it the Cne &t stomach tooioIbaTeever used and eladly remm- meod It to all wbo bare si«macb irocblc-Q. rowtor, Carson City. Micb. I used your Syrup Pepsin ;a*t mmm'r for ia. dimtlon. conatimuon and blUousoess. •od I Hod it tbe beat medlctne I hsve ever a>Bd.-«0tth a Hatflcld, Zalma, M). MMiieal A^ifeZ UtbMtoooniiiDKsboM Tour atlBeat Uai you don'l II Hli «ll,gUiroa db* Willi •aavfir yaai rany.| ^CALDVill LOOK FOR HISnCIDItEONj THEHUXACL Rcadc, Mr. and Mrs. Will Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Clilt Idastwood, Grandpa Wright, Mr. and Mr'a. Phllliji Ens- niinger, Mnt. Franklin Smith. > PRAIBIE UALL. Mrs. Oren Long and Miss Jeanette • Scymonr apent part of Thursday with | Mrs, Frank Myers. A number from our, neighlmrhood attended Ibe box supper at Bethel on Friday night. ' Mr. WHIley Myers came out from La Ilarpc Saturday to spend Sunday with his brother. Frank. The i>arty at J. W. Seymour's Saturday night was well attended and the roiing people retiorl a Anc time. Uernicc and Opal .Moore spont Sunday with their little friends, Zora and Pearl Peterson. iMis.s Lizzie Teple c-amc home Sunday after an extended Missouri Mr. and .Mrs. Howard .Moore and lille Cecil. Mr. Cbas and .lohu ISoekcn and l.,ouise were gtiests ot .Mr. and .Mrs. Smart Sunday. Miss Maiidn Andrews canin out. from lliiml)o!dl I'riduy to sprud Suiidii> wilb homo folks. .Miss Utitli Stcwprl iifconipanled her for a hhort VIKII wKli old frlf^itds. .Mr. .Siiiurl Uuf a sick linirfi' at lliU ttrllliiu. MIH.H l-'ii.v .Mfiiiis (.iiiii- oiii fiiiiii I.a MarjM' TUI'MJII.V CVIMIIII);. Sin- will Mii} III l''riiiili .'l.^<•r^' atiil »;o iii hclninl. .Mrn. Kc.viiiiiiir iiiul ,l<)iiiii>if went lo loin Tiii'»'i|ii>. \Vi< are sorry in r<'porl ••iir (iolili'ii ViillP.v f<)rr<'h|i"tiilriit tin llif sick IIMI. LKTJKU FilO.H ,\ KOMTY.MNKII, Hero I:* n sliii|il«\ ItilcroKliiiK and .^iln•<!^^ Iftcr from u rnKucd pointer •;f 'I!!, who bravi 'd the riansors and hardships of Iho overland ir.TJl lo .'alirornla. It Fhntild appeal ii> all .-aturrh viftliiis. Saiiia Rosa, t'alif.r Ma.v :., l'.>i)i<. 'Jooth's H.vtmiel Co.. Ilnffalo. ,\. V Dear Sir.s: —I w;i }i afriiulod with < a- (arrh. pnii irioil a nnnihnr ot riMiir- iii'.'!. but rnccived no relief. I put-I •hnsed an mil fit of Il.voniPi. and in- fore I had used the bnlllc I noted ; nariied rrlii -f. 1 n.^cd ii for a iiioiitli or so. and tho:i.i;!it I was <Miri 'd. and 'loppoti iisitiK M for a .vcar or so. ThoUKht I wa.s .<;ct|jn}:'cat :irrh nsain. itul slatted nsUiK il agaUi- 1 II every moriiin!;. and keep niy :;f>ir clear nf catarrh. I ••onsidrr i' the bivst ;;.itarrh medirlne that is iis>>d. I have tftcn recommended it lo ni.v rrtond I am SI year.s oM. 1 (•••itiic tn California in I Slit, and of cmtrsi' ain nut as vlsorous as I was .'iS yearn ai;o. My iddrcss i.s SI I lib street. Yours triilv. W. Mock. Il .voniei (iirontiiinci 'd llich-o-iii<-) :;uarantced by Ch;if-\ B. Spctirfr Co. not only for catarrh. Inn -for «rlp. roiiKhs. colds. broiK-hiti.s and cixnip. romplete outfit. incliidlii(; Itihalt 4-081S only 11. nil: I'Xtni Imttlos of llvo- inel. If Afterwarils nrodi'd..tMsv l.iii rents. BELIEVES IN HIS INNOCENCE. Mrs! Mingle Returns Fron> Oklahoma City Unshaken In Husband's Story, Th<- WIflilta ICiiKh- :*a,\H; "Tlii'y'H hatiK tn<' lii'tnri' 1 I'MT .'I'l mil I'm Harry l'ttil;i'r.' Till' iiho\c U what FOIITNI Cr<| Mltiiih' mill Ills will' at til' Jail al Olihilioinii I'My Shi> ri'tiirinil huii tilulii afti-r II lour dii.\K' Htay iit that pliice. ,Mlt|i:l- l.t In Jail III OKIahiitiia City rhiirgnl with the tiiiirder of .Mrs. Hairy I'l-airon lit 0':laliniiia City .Si IIUMII lii-r HI. wlilii- nohiK iinik'i- IIK' tiaiiic of Many I'arltcr. .MIS. .Miiislc said lu.'it iiuht tliitt <• made many diseovL-rlcM In <-(>ii- nirrtinn with the miirdi-r runr whilo 11 Oklahoma City. SIK- stiys that Mar IT Pearson, the woman's husband, IK a rlKarottc fti'ld. a diunkaril and a hootlesKer and tiiat he has served a term in tin- |>enltentiar>-. .VccordiiiK to her statenienls. the line of jlcfenfio will he that MiiiKle is not the man known an ffarry Parker, and that lie was not in Oklahoma Cliy oil the day of the murder. She .says thai he will he able to prove by number of witnesses that lie was in Wichita on th»' date of the murder. Mrs. -MluRle .seems optimistic eon- eernltiK lier husband's <:hanres. Siic says that she believe.-i Us story i:-; rill! and that he will havf no trouble in cli-arini; himself. Cittlnjni & Gittinps. of .Oklahoma City, is the esal firei repri-sentinp .Mingle. Mrs. .Miir.'le has resiKiH-d her iiosi- ion she has h'dd at a local eloak e.s- ahllshnient and will live with her father and mother. .Mr. and .Mr-. Cris- niu.Houth. She has regained her health asiil the jiaKuard aiinearBiic-' cf l!er fiu-f diiriii;; the weeks lollow- ni; her husband's arrest has almoKT Hsappeaieil. Yoar Moneys Worth Those great offerings which are displayed in our show windows will convince the eye what your saving will amount to by- buying of us. Suits ^nd Overcoats Worth JIS and.$::n. the nm..,! drpeiKliihle men's :ind hoys' Clolb- iiiK-Offered lo you for prices thai will save you I'Uc to lOc on every dollar's worth >oii hiiv ot tis • * We have iiireird iiiaiiv fiiiod valiie.s In riiir paiinuK in lola, but never III the history of the "FH^UOIIS" |.;i\e we been placetl In po.sitloii lo liu,^ and Hell MI low ;i m : e the heaiitlfnl Suits we are orfcriiiH; .11 $11.'.'.'.. a I.JII in ilii- «reiii asitortiiienl wr)rlh !e./K than IL'O. 'I'lieic ilie lii.ili;. ex!iei:M' sl>|es for .\0UI1K men uiid llliliiy (if Hllll*. for till' llirll III mill ! laile. Till' .llust Talked nf lien'** Oni-cnutM and liiilti Coiilit in lulu. Tile valiiei III ilii-.e i;i ml ^ :ie I'tioriiioiMly IIIK and iiatlsfyln;; In I'vriy MMise itii !li- I'iiiiileH are all wiKil wor;,led, gray and lilui'k lllllM•l^. Van •.voiiiil Iia\e nood eaiir.e lo wonder huw. We do II. Oil i:ale . • • $9.73 r; HI; ninf.sTKO TKOISKKS. J.l>;hl aiiil 'lark paiteins. pea: stripes in Rray and brown effect; rMroiiie and eoiiservalivo sl> !<-s. (lerfectly tailored, sewed With > ilk iluiiiit'.h<iiit. If we were to nfk for $.").iiU for these trousers v.e would lift I.e jLrkin;; yon a cent more than they, are worth. For i>a> ilay .iiid Si'liirday they j;o at $3.30 .Sil .lMMll VU.IHS l> B<»YS' SlITS AM) OVEKtOATS. 'Iwij-pife .MckerlKKker Suits iiK'.dt of all wool fabrics, all;. :iave'l aiiil iriiied; hoyX extra length Overeoats. • fancy iJt" kei ;.iii! faii'.y (Mils. Tills i(i;i| Is an ideal garment for the boy ll |i 111 1 I % eai s. <Jll s.lil- S3.O0 M*K(I\I.: Twenty tic/iii hny.-i l-'leeze Lined I'nderwear. shirts .iiul drawer-;. :lzes of shirts 'Ji; to X4: drawers 2A to :!4. Regular and :;•'(• va.'ue.n. ()i> .-,'i!e toniorrnw and Saturday, per garment The Ifnine nf y\. I,. fKM(;i,\s •iii.Un Shoes. The Home of jim .N n. .STI;TSO.\ liwi .-.o IIUIN. UIWDKHHOSE. Will wear without meudlng ill Ihe heel, tor or sole lor three tiiotitli.s or we'!! replace them free. Si) darnin.i; or uncomfortable holes. Cost no more than urdiiiary. We are jesgfuslve aKents in lola. Per Ixix $1 .00 I THE BUSINESS MAN In Ordor to Goi Along i h\>S.VS .Hi;i;t IIA>T> TO VIET Choi-e lliilihlnsiin iinil Klxnl .I.IIIIMI) •.lilh If lite iMlr. Hull lllllMlll. l\!lll. . .\llV L'll IIUII'll Ili.Milt 111 li> lii^ve alinllii r Mi'. In Ini. | III .lainiiii> The KUIISMM I 1" I;II 1 .M'I | rlllllils' .\ li.M I; lii linlil III.MM ' iiiial M'^slon lieie on .iMiiiuir'. ll'i iiiid L'l I'lll^ Is l|.r|.|.'d 11. the eli;.-l ;)r lliiii .•i:-HorJalliiti. wli" held a tile"! • lii« ill I.eiiv.iiwiirili <in Siiiiiida- ''!i>ital. It K MNO nire.siiir.i tliat he hme CKenrr. (rnlll Tills is an |is>iiriil'inn rnTiniii:,i"l if* . . ... ,h. I'l'.il iiiei.iiatiis i .i .he ;.i.i- ,^ "«'i'ii"MlHM e. \ ,.u rannol cet m-dil at iiny bank uulf.s» joii Tlieie are ;. In; of iiieiiiliers mid lhe!;,|.,. ai'i|llllinti'd. inePI lim.s are nf yjii.i ill|er<•^;l In all 'if; ihi'tii. Till.' niciiiir^s wi;!i itie e.\(;(;ii-j . \> licti a UMii '.larf', -.i '>;i<jk ;•<• "ititl, hf and Ihe hunker l)ec'»nip» ar- lion of line held in Saiitia. Iij-ve hern • , . . • held In Ihe east end nf the st^ite „i„:,i j i(ii:iiiiled. He rslahlihts creiM. V I iiiik uminni in a help in more wojs imi:;";;; uie*":^!;.-!.';';!;;'- •»»«^^-^part nf Kansas as well. | (|,„( i,;^ rnsl<>in:-r> are !•<M'inni-Mlal<-(!. Sec-relary II. .\, Iln;-e, nf Li .-aven-i worth, was here a lew day.s a'.;n tak-j ins a look at Hiitrliiti.«<in. and ih-i.iil iUK this was a fjood iil;ice in hold i he nieeiiiiL'. lie wiiil honje and le-, ported his views to I*ie.s;d'''ii K. .Inlin- j son. of .\tehioOii. who waiiu-d to hold: 111!.' nieeiin}; there, and the II'J<;,;K:II I was tiiade to eonie tn IIiiK liiii..nii. • r'piiscf|iietitly Ihe f•onin."'r'j;.i <*iiii, n; : Miilcliiti.soii has lieen iiotitied that tli'^ , meetiiiK is to he here if the penpu-i want It. I To he sure they want il. Ilii!i-:iln-; son always wants tn KPI l,'ie ^".n^iw'^ CMOituf men of Ihe slate to eoiiie here M :;'! j *^ Ihe Commereial ciuh nienibers. who j have talked tilxuit. the ineeliny are eiV: ilinsiasilc for it. | .Mr. Kosf believed there weie; i: lea>-r .Imi niemli,,T.- in this iiaii o( he state who would attend ihe nieet-i iii^r. This is a i;oo(I tiiauy and Iliiioli-i iiisoii will welcome iheni. Siie waul.-;! litem to ronie here and ov ii the Invvii i for I'.vn days. WMCMT «ett De«*or.Miai COLLEGE FOR WELLINGTON. Chance to Land New School of Seven Day Adventists. Wcllin;;ton. .\'ov. '.'ti —W<dllnBton !>eo|)le will |irt)bably have an oppor- itliity shortly to seeiire the location f a lirst class eolleue. hut devoto;! lartinularly to aurlr^ullnral and man- al Irainin;:. The Sevn Day Adven tjsts consider e.slahllshltiK such a ichool somewhere in this section for ;iie convenience of pupils In Kans.i;' ind Oklahoma. Of till the Kansas eit- 'es mentioned Welliniiign is particu larly lavored by church members. Enid and Snattuck, Oklahnma. both want the school aiKi the !att<=r city i.= said to have offered a bonus of jl'i.' OiKi to secure It. The church has maintained a stnal' scliool in Wellington for some ilme and It is stinceedluB nicely throHRh the patronaice of Sumner countv n'^ herents of the sect. A fine educational institution, such as Is planned foi WelllnRton, Is already located a'f Os wego. Kas. It has been >Y*ry sncceca- ful at !d' It would he a big th;Ti^ for Wellington If a similar institution could h« Wcured for this city. There are lini'N when a man naptn credit. II is «ell f« he in a position t!» eel ereilil when y>ii want il. Start a li"ik JMjeiinl wllh ns. 6n i.> State Savings Bank fB.OOO Ma, Kunmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. tu ;?.'.t«irday.s and Pay Nights Try at Want Ad. in tho Reglsier Smoke Revival MMting. Dr. 8. 8. HUscher ia conducting revival aeryit^ In Uttle Builders' phap^l. The nieetlnira .ar« well' at- lOLR STMTE BKNK L. E. nonviLLK. president. A. W. DECK, Vice-President.- I)ir«rtorai L. E. Horville, A. W. 'Beck, J. A. Roblnsop. ;€ko. E. Nlcholrfon. ir. U Henderson, Prank Riddle, J. U. Campbell. IKTESEST PAID 05 TOT DEPOSITS ' Saf«tr DcpMtt BcxM J. H. CAMPBELL. Cashier. i„ r. nimnisoj*, Ass't Cashier. Stockbdldenk L. K. Horvlle. ~ A. W. Beck. Krank Riddle. n. L. Henderson. i. A. Robinson. l«. ij. Ponsler, Uea B.- NicljolBoii. U C. Robinmo. L. A. Robinson. H- T. Evans. Johir^t. WstkUw.

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