Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1907
Page 4
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I«II^GM CUT* I «Brra* Hnpe. r-5i^ — • .......10 eenta r. V5l*'^***f' adTance |4 .00 Ti ITM Months, in adranc* ILOO '0M|b»tli,|lii advance .......... .44 h-. ...-^ ait^atlOla .;Kiuuas. Postofflca^as - - Seoond -Glasa; Hatter. r-h- •MmtUtag Ratea Had* Known on • /y-ir ' . . . Application. fumciAi FJLe ^cnT OF BIS> MKMBSB OF ASSOCIATED PBE8S. >n* late INdIr BcsUter la^a nieaber m AsMdaM Pnst ni Kecelrea tke 117 miM*^ ttat great aews or> ilela. bettei^ were sUe yonnger and better llooklng. ; • Industrial note: Joe ^Brlstow has landed another Job. Joe is one of the finest ice hiandlera in the country and is nerer long out 'of work. I It is our notion that the waffle Is I another thing that is considerably overestimated. NOW that they are ta^ug about him again, what did Bryan rever do? Ae we understand it,.'the only thing clearly established in the PerkinB case is that Mr. Perkins isidead. • • • OV 8EC0HD THOUenT. • j r :.'XbeXeirsat81iaw. FlrnartheiBbaw, Star and Argas. . V jDada J<«itliat Blxby and Grandpa Tnkt» foogbt the battle of Lookout MoaBtalnjiTer again this morning at the drua store, driving the rebels out ot Tennmee and. capturing a lot of •ma and ttores. This is the flrst time tbe battle of Lpokout Mountain has been tooghi in this vicinity since last Friday. iThe .Widow Bi:eathitt Is. going to giv* np ber pension to marry Old Oib ^nrhitefaead.: We have known Old Oib tor-jmany years and be doesn't look Btoch likaJilS a month to us. Brle« Sijlsser is going to run for county clerk" again next year. Brice can nearly I always think-of some ex- etiae fOc biring a hand to put in and cultivate hlsiqrops. On off years he nearly alWays has lumbago and on idection yeays be nins for office. : iAsa^Pbockey claims to^have shucked 160 mispels of corn in seven hours aiod^xteeii miDates while working in I>ake]Pedd]jcord'3 cornfield last Thursday. (The crop of liars is always better than the crop of com in this vicinity. ••! - • . I X<ast wkA this paper inadvertently-stated that Hack Gibbs was going to marry iuinabel LIckliter. The as- Bomption that; dack.. personally, had ' anything t^ dd with it is a reflection oa^Urs. lickllter's ability to marry Aoiff-ber giinls lijefore they go stale on : htt , bandb \ and: we withdraw the diaite."- . K The'ICetbodlst Choir Is making ar- nttfementa to give a cantata. This paperlaa' lever bragged much on the AbUltT'of the choir to sing, but its aervs'slias'always been all right. •') The • Reyl Mr. j Hepsidam, the new Baptist -preacher, thinks we ought to send him the paper free of charge be- jcaose he is a minister. We can't see -4t that way. Lopgjtailed black ,coats ., «n now 80 oomonin Shaw that we ' ' baverXlQit payinci premiums on them. • i': Pliny Adcerman, who, when he was - here^last nuneV,:! bragged a good deal about hls.Job with a Chicago concern, - Is .traveHne through thei small towns ^of Iowa exhibiting a two-headed calf. I Ton think yon have a good deal of trouble, i Ton ought to bear the story of the Atchison ooal mine. . - i'lSiree la iUs to say for the men. ' ^Ftmr. are tierer : Interested in the |vl(rtfe%<clothes and do not bother her < iiiailyttriiBainsover to look at them :'/-\ • - r; »• • I •r \ ..miea a woniah moveairom a small town-to a I larger one j she is always I. Xraatly sulrprised to learn that her ---nlir adghborS do not know much a• ;>>ut-fllh<ir . i.Tlieraute various ways of finding ' tlroible. '<jne 'at them is to mistake - tlie'^atrol Jwagon for a hack. (Note: ( ' Thla 1^ a local }oke and ^s a chart • ilrhleh Willi be sent to any address for ;/j:;11ie'.bra]can'an is often too officions. Some men sbodte be permitted to forget their f-I TOY TO BE POLITE. BtJT I'VE QUIT LAUGHING r-POOR JOKES." —^Dodd Gaston. ~4 :4 id the situation _ Miller has decided to de- the postmarks for a re- Bradley win donbtless be ac' *rith« ishances would be still " LIKE BRipGE: IT HELPS MY APPRECIATION OF DRAW POKER" —Dodd Gaston. Sylvan Klein, ex-jointist, is wasting bis time writing a l>ook. Thbre are too many books and npt half enough cocktails now. , Still, if you were born as late as t865j General Grant's application to JeH I Davis for work ylH not. strike you-as partlcularlfy in^portant This department has always been a lll>eral imtron of the arts. It dearly loves all of the various manifestations of artistic talciit. It Is with pleasure therefore that wo call attention to the trimming administered to a; Certain Evening Paper by the Red Rag in its issue of Mondft'y. What the Red Rag did to the Bvonlnic Paper will long be a Joy in this town. For after batting It In the'eye, upilercut- ting on the Jaw. and swinging on the wind, the Rag. with on« deft sweep of the knife, removed the,; entlro epidermis of the Evening Paper and hung it on the fence to dry. It was the finest Job of skinning ever done in the town. If you haven't read Motiday Rag, look it up. It will give you;. Joy. Generally speaking, a woman reserves her meanest things until she gets a chance to talk about the perfumery the other woman uses. It was generally understood that the long kid glove had bought its ticket and sent its baggage to the station, but It seems to have m|ssedthe train: "I LIKE WHISKEt" BETTER WHEN IT IS VERY CARETOLLY DISGUISED." —t>odd Gaston. Unfortunately; however, women seT^ dom use the same care; in picking out a husband that- they do in buying a fall hat. A Western preacher says hell is not stationary and the assertion seems well founded. When we have neuralgia we think it is In the Jaw, and when we have rheumat|sm it seems to be in the foot. If it is true, as asserted, that' people will have to work after the resurrection a lot of them \Kiil prefer to stay dead. James Wbitcorob Riley says there Is music in a graphophone. . We Judge therfe is. At any rate, none ^as ever been permitted to escape. A Clew." : This department reosntly sent out a tracer for Prof. George: Barlow Pendy. The Lawrence -Gazette suggests that he may have gone back to tintie the horse he left hitched tp a poit at the station when he starte^f for ^Europe. Abbott; sueea^aor to Beeeber. aa pastor of Plyinont& diurch in Bijoklyn, editor o! Outlook." and perhapa the greatest living Americsn religious leader, has been seenred tc deliver a cobrso ot five lectures at the Univenlty jat Kansas, closing M^h 15. Dr. Lyman Abbott succeeded Henry 'Wfcrd Beecher as pastor of tie Plymontb church in 1888 and held that position uiitn he resigned in ISSS to enter a broader deld. He becime literary ed^r of "Harper's," aid editor of "The Out. look." As editor of the Outlook he is recognized ^ s a leader in thle religious and econimlcal thought pt America. I The course Of lectures delivered at the University of Kansas wi^l take place during a March tour of the Middle 'Wtest by pr. Abbott when he will visit other state universities and deliver lectures. The tour was slnggest ed by the conmittee on speakers of the University of Kitnsas. The tour has been arranged by Dr. J. EL Boodin, chairman ^f the commltt^. and will probably ')e the last tour'of the West made by Dr. Abbott^ In writing o' his object ;in making this extended tour. Dr. Abgott says "My object is ;wo-fold: first, to study the economic ind religious condition of the Middle ^est, and, secondly, to speak to. and more especially with the educators and you^ i men and yonngwomen vho are preparing to be^mie intelle !tual leaders in the future." Dr. Ahx)tt will be accompanied by his drughter and the week"! they are in Lawrence will be a gala week. His lectures will be on "The ChrisUanltv of Jesus. Chrl8l .'r 'The Message of Ju^lasm," and "The Practices of Christianity." A ministerial conference for fhe ministers of Kansas will be hel i during this wejek. Dr. I.4rnuin f bbott's lectures will be part of the plan to secure the Iftaders of thought to]speak to the students of Kansas University. Ijist year Dr. Charles Minot, and Dr. George II. Palmer, of Harvard, recognized as loaders in blologlpl and psychological thinking, addressed the students in chapel and in open lecturra in the gen oral assembly Dr. Abbott, George Burton Adamsj head of the European History deportment of Yale, and Prof. Calvin Thomas, head of the German (department of Columbia, are on the list of notable speakcra this year. Adams will speak on the ^Inglish Coni- stltution. and'kindred topics during the week ending January 18. Prof. Calvin Thomas will lecture on "Goethe's Faust." Apr* 16-17. From Lawrepce. Dr. Abbott will r<v turn to Harvard to deliver his yearly course of lecti^res. BEST OF PROOPT That Ilyomel yill Cure Ail Forms of Catarrhal Diseases. IncidentalLv. until they began to throw fits al)out it, hoV many of you knew there was a motto on I the HO gold piece? Bryan'says he is willing to be drafted. How the democrat^ have changed since the Civil War. "MY THEORY IS THAT MARRYING FOI^ MONEY IS A HARD WAY TO GET IT." ': - —Dodd Gaston. Testimonials could be printed by the thousands, ma ly of them from lola and nearby toilrns, that Hyomei is an absolute cure for all catarrhal troubles, but the best proof of its unusual curative powers is the guarantee that Chas. B. Spencer & Co. gives with every outfit thax he sells, "Money back If HyoDTel does not do all that is claim ed for it." Hyomei is n6t a secret remedy, tis formula is giv^n freely to physicians who want to kdow what they us^ when they prescribe iHyomei. It is guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drug Law by serial No. 1418. By breathing Hyomei, the healing medication goei directly to every nook and corner of ihe air passages i where the catarrhal germs may lurk, and disinfects and lieals. To l>e convinced of this you hav; only to give it a trial, remembering that if it does not cure. Chas. B. S[>encer & Co., will refund your money. J There is no dangerous stofaiach drug glng when Hy< mei is nsea. Its healing medication is breathed through a little pocket laiialer a few UmeS dally, and almost immediately a great improvement is noticed and quick recovery follows. The coipplete Hyomei outfit costs but 91.00 and in most cases is sufficient to cure the disease, making it not only a scle lUBc treatment but one that is highly economical. Get an outfit today from chas. B. Spencer & Co. if you have ai«r 8>-mptoms of catarrh and see how tjiuickly the remedy relieves and cures. GIVEN TO ITHE REPUBLICAN. 'Eczema," says one of the advertisements, "Is only skin deep," Well, Isn't that deep enough? What a lot a woman could accomplish if she didn't have, to stop and write to her relatives.. The homelier the man the imtfre he swells up when people say the baby looks like its father. . So many useless things are being done that we assume Kansas will have the usual coursing meet this Winter. • 1 - • '." • i There is talk of a football game be- twen Washburn and Nbbraslqiu And that's ail it is; Just ta|lE. j Generally speaking, an optimist Is one I who has mining stock lb. sell. A pessimist is the gent who bought it . ' I • . "1 FIND THAT Lira IS TIRB80ME BNOUt WJTHOUT • VIStriNar RELATIVES.' -*todd ^ ^ . that oUve.oIl h^ ptfypn diiap- ng, what are lt£e thin wotten to'take tb Biak«|them tat ..K ^iti Imnat: b«. iwtar m. „ however .41iat Court Gives OfRce of Treasurer In Finney County to A. C. WOieeler. Topeka. Nov. 20.—The Supreme court yesterday decided that i Finney county conteatj for the olSce of coun ty treasurer in favor of A. CWbeel- er, the Repujilican claIh^nt| Both •Wheeler and H. V. Lawrence, the Democrat whom he. defeated j at- the November eleetions In 1906 have been trying to act as treasurer of I Finney county. lAWtence lias had slightly tbe best of the controversy np| to tills time, as he lias been In possession of the books of the offlce. Lawrence was a candidate for re-electlonl Wheel er brought thje case In the ^preme court here to office. Floods the vitality, makds qnidtena vigor, makes again. Tea. 3S centsj. Thera are; how far An , bijt U4 get possesskm {of the bbdy with warm, glowbig the nenrts jstrong. restoTM natural (eel like oiie born HoIIisjter'a Rocky Mountain Burrell's Drui; Store circulation, you tariona waya «rf I Uvas from th^ snit eai«.taml4bea For Men and Youns Men. A reduction on every Suit and Overcoat in the Store. Do not fail to attend the timely sale of tlie season. Men*s Smts $10.00 Suits, now $7.50 $13.60 Suits, now, •.. ..$10.00 $15.00 Suits, . now ..$12.50 $18.00 Suits, now $15.00 122.50 SuitP, now $20.00 $25.00 Suits, now $22.50 Men's Overcoats JIO.OO Overcoats, $lo!oo $15.00 Overcoats, Jj2 g|j *'^^?w"r:. $15.00 ,22 50 Overcoats, J20.flfl $25.00 Overcoats, $22i50 A special offer in Rain Goats and Top Coat>s! All $25 Rain Coats and 0AA rjtk TopCoats will sell at OZZiUU Our $20.00 Rain Coats g|g $18,00 Rain-Coats and ajC AA' Top Coats for .|(luiU|l $15.00 Rain Coats and AlA Tk Top Ccatsat OlZlOl $12.50 Raiu Coats and ^ IA All- Top Coats at VlUlUll A large line of Boys' and Children's Suits and Over- 9oats at reduced prices during this sale. The Largest Distributors of Clothing in the State—stores at Wichita, Pittsburg, Weir City and lola, Kans. .telling pavad the AT THE SIGN OP THE ..JIANMER... (nnder this heading the Reglater will be pl«iued to print the views of its •ul>- scribcra on anyi subject concerning which they may wish to write. If yoa wish to kick about anything, or air your Tlewa on any subject, tell It throuKh the Iteffister. Contributors should give their names and addresses: they will not be printed, address all communications to the Register.) II it For a City Commission. Edi'ior:— Ever since lola became a city of the second c'ass and owned any of its public utllltiss there has been a wide spread feeling among the citizens that the present form of city piuvemment is inatlequatc; to meet conditions a\ they exist In this city. At each session of the legislature since and including 1897 efforts have been made by citizens of lola to have the legislature enact new laws to enable this city and others in like condition to pay adequate salarlss to its elective officers so as to enable them to perform the duties of their respective offices without sacrificing personal interests. Such importunings have at last b??n rewarded by the enactment of the Commission law at the last session of the legislature. ^^^lIle it is fashionable to talk about that act as the Galveston plan it is not In the strict sense an offspring of the government in vogue in the Tex as city. It is rather an application of the system of government used in povemins the counties of Kansas to; its cities. A careful examination of tbe City Commission law and of the various acts cre.iting and regulating the Board ot County Commissioners discloses that the city law is patterned after the county law in the main with such amendments and modifications as the experience of more than ha 'f a century's application of the county law has shown to be wise. There does not seem to be any valid objection to the City Commission law. no more than there is to the County Commission ars. They are both caL culated to be strictlv business organT zations. All forms of partisamism and favoritism are careffflly guarded against; the Commissioners are elected by the whole body of the people regardless of any ward, locality or interest. Their succession in ofBce Is so guarded that it is impossible for or Incompetent men to gain control and retain it to their own benefit or the benefit of tbeir henchmen, as it so often occurs under the present form of city government—In other cities. However, the only way by which, this new reform can be carried Into effect In lola is for the people to take hold of it in the manner and form provided by the act adopt the 8>-8tem at a special election and elect a Commission next spring) at the regular city election. It is not the particular duty of anv person or body to do this, but it is the duty of the whole b6dy of citizeus if they desire to carry the plan into effect. The meetings have been held recently to investigate (his new law, ^nd have reso 'ted in an organization named tbe Commission Club. Its pur tiose is to Investigate tbe system an' *nr to determine whether or not lo' City wants to adopt it. Those w" *<ave been Instrumental in call in . these meetings and organlzine the ".'nh. reoreF«"<tln<? as they do all the •different political organl %atioips in.tbe city, have carefollr reflralmHl from •^erinlttinp anything;.of a nolitleal par' *'aab. eliarseter to entar Jatd.tlie dl» oMdon. Every eitlf(tt^|a lo'a to adopt tho Commission plan or to retain the present system. The meetings and to voice his thoughts, in the Farmer's room at the Court House, where the next meeting will bo held tomorrow night at eight o" clock. Business men are urged to attend this meeting; Ia?K)ring men are especially urged to participate in this movement for what ever is to the best interest of tlio city Is directly to thsir interest as much or even more tlia nto the interest of the property owner. For it is only In cities that aro able to maintain works of a dir- ftrent ch.iracter that laboring men can permanently reside and afford to own their homes. The Richardson Millinery man on east Madison has pone through the niillihcr>- section and greatly reduced his entire line of millinery. WILL NOBLE ARRESTED. Police Fined for Drunkenness Court Today. In Two drinks of whiskey "Just .?s a bracer." before ho left home, and two ;;lass?s of bard elder after he got down town were enough to make Will Noble tipsy last night. He didn't notice that the stuff had gone to his head and that he was hanging rather 'leavlly against a telephone polo. Po- Icerann Hildreth did however, and so Noble appeared in police court this •noming. charged with drtinkenness. Judge Collins, after cxpf^aininp; the <ibso1utc uselessnesB of liquor aa a beverage and pleading with Noble to break away from the liquor habit, let him off with a fine of I .T and costs. Baptist Revival Service. The Orpheus club, a male chorus under the leadership of George Waito will furnish the special music at the Baptist revival service tonigbt. Mr. Cassidy will preach oa the subject "Ths crisis of the Soul." Last night there was an increase In the attendance over the previous night and one person accepted Clirlst as the Savior. Tonight and tomorrow night are the last nights Ifr. Cassidy win preach. It is regrsttcd that he cannot stay another week but he is pastor of a large church andrJias a magaifl- cent new building under construction, so he can not leave his own wort any lonper. Be sure and attended these final services. FOB EXCHANGE—154 acres 6 miles from Howard, Elk county, Kas. Fenced but no other improvements. 100 acres can be plowed or mowed. Balance pasture land. Price $4,000. Will trade for clear rental property in lola. Gas City or La Harpe. Quick deal. See us. lola Land Company. WILL OPEN. STORE. Henry Eyier is Now Buying Stock for Gents' Fumiahing Store. fler Henry Eyier. who was formerly a mber of-the firm of Gross tt Ey„. In lola, and who for a year or more has been employed in tbe Mumma erocery store, is Kolni; to put IiT a stcck of Kent's fumisbings in' the ^^omron Wisst Nfadistm now occupied the Herring cigar store.YSTr. Byler la at the present time 1^ Kansas Cit7 btiyins bis stock.and expects to bo aiiten tor bnsiness-in a very ahort tine. I llJr. .Eyier baa b«eb in Ibtajfar and has manjr.' frimUA aee hiaft proapc^ InfUs Christian Scienc^ Free Lecture on Christian Science hj Edward A. Kimball otCUtkgvi Ills., on Thursday evening, KOT . 2l9t, 1907, at eight o^lock, naderj tte; auspices of First Church of Christ Scientist, lola, Kansas, atlttci GRAND THEATRE Sr. Kimball is a member of the Board of .Lectureship of The Ifotlier Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, Bosfon, MIBSS. Barlug tbe last twenty years ho lu:.s scrred at dfflferent Ume8\ as Kcade^ Practitioner and Lecturer," aud for five years was Teacher »f Cbrktian Science in the Massarbusctts llctapbysical College In Boston. . . i. . ... : iiiiJtliije} The Public is Mially Invited. 1'^ 7 V" 1 -1. We have jast received a fresh supply of The N. K. Fairbank (So, The most perfect shortening ani fryinj; medium knows. Give tis your order for a pail, 'Never sold in bulk.'* And manyj Other paimil and serioni ) ailinents from which most mocliers sttffer, can be avoided bv the use of "MBttir'* Friyt" This s ^at remedy IS a God-send to women, carnrme them through their most cntidu[ ordeal (with safety and no pauLi No woman who uses •'Motlier 'S Frleod" need fear the sufferiJBg and danger incident to birth; for it ;obs the ordeal ofSts harrai and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves lusiuk a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The dull H also healthy, strong and BHI^^^^MBBH^^I good natuied. Our book •SnTUEwf' "Motherhood," is worth |Br"" itsrweight in gold to every Witpxan, and will be sent free in pi envelope by addressing a|qplicadu)n arcdHeld Regalator Co. AUanta,G^ •r 1.1 :i 4 "i Charlie Finch Is lamming football in the Lawrence Gazette. Whether you I like football or not depends a great I deal upon whether your team wins or loses. I ••Tenl years, who ^npMt Ui , OaaersHr speaking, a man; la druii|lc FOR WHAT XOU andgaak emphatically. Do'ior the iReglster'a want c^n]iipia:l|;] an employer or an can find bim in stliQrrjF^ this coarse. .The X yoo > vahta to .nf«r^ pie aa Qijdddjr .ac ^r A:

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