Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1907
Page 3
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m r Pric| giiing in your Local Cheeks i iandj Certiflcates, and we wai jlCTchaogo them for CASH and jterohandise. r omttTs BP aCCKV am( WHOAUE LlTIXG PIPE Lim HO NNMEtt MH EMNHYEI sous BE nOBK OFIi'tTTUlG U PITS WILL COMPLETED. Dr. and Mm. Swan EatiHrtaiacU Mrm iK-n of the M«thf4Ist Choir Lasi SlghL arc working wlilrh In being ttaraiigh this «ta{ about two mtleaj and will connect nuar tills iiolnt. rni|i1oyed on the lo liiivi- the worH (luK City III alKi^it ton duys Took I 'roTlafoBH to Workmen. Mr. Kd I^ck}- jresterdar took a load Mii)|ille« dowi;! to the meu who on the pliie Una laid from Oklahoma e. The lino la now Houth of Humboldt klth.tbo Blamofd line AI KJUI 20(1 men nri' line, and Ihey expect cuniiilrtcd ns far aa or two To Morlj in .Sraeitrnb Juliii iiiid M(>i<ry Cutvlino wnit liii;tlp!*vlllo ycHtJrday where lliey buvc .•((•0(>|)U'd liUXltiOnH III IllU HUlClllTB. Will 1.I TI < In JUKitourl. Miifk Ikidltie I I.-IN Kone t" fuunty Mo., wli iiiiikc his [11(111 oiliiiiiic. litiN Kunv to 'Vexati on! 1 K " will jirobabl!>-. .V. Cl4tr Entrrtalued. Tlio iiicnibi-rai of the M. K. chol wiTi' tiutRrialned ai the home of Ur Swan uu Smith jTajlor Tuesday even hiK. M a latp hour rerreshnicnts were sL-red and all rqiiurt a pleasant even Injt. TTiosf jii'eseut were: Misses GariliiGr. Ulass. Swan. Cline. Mrs. I). i:akiii. Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Swan Dr. Swan. Ilnv, Caniplwll. Mr. C. D Kakln aud Prar.j lluey. Mr. Wltti to J.hi- Here. Ur. It. T. Witty mid wife of .Missouri arrived in thW city yesterday. Dr. Willy has rented the properly at the corner of .McReii and Kliiit striH-tH and will open H deijtal luirlor In the Cront rouiii of the rddldeuce. I'eraoBals. W. H. Carter relnrne<l home thl inornlns: from jUrldley. Kansan where they have beer imreutti. (Sew. Abbott I went to iliiM iiiornlnt;. BSneS »' 5EW MONEY. liut EBirbiMrIng Co. SemUMonthiy ; . Pay Day Helped Chanate. jliocii out oil a tour tht'insi'Ivi-k llaiik- I i:-.s say tliiil not aday iiassea biit that hiiiiic of them show up In th«- mall covered wllli the i?\teht of.-thelr wan- di'ilniis. Ill thlu reKurd It would ap- pcai' thai If; Kansas City and St. Louis llviiis and banks will acrept Chanulc c;^^l^ll•rs• checks, ami ket'ii tln-iii rlvni- laiii):* iho s;init> a.-^ p^iivi>riiniejil inonoy. V . ^ ' (Clianuto Sun.l i iTJjo Hunt Enslnebrini; company .paid thoir employes today ihotr sem*- uibiithly VV^cs, partly in cash and partly InjfeiwittB ,City clearing house tiiat Chauuto people ought to fool aaiv corllflcateK 1*Be iUburBeineni anioiiiits,about. It. particularly as li la a phy- tb.«bOQt-flr» tbouM^nd doJJarP. TheSlcal ImiMisslbilliy In pay too many -object in .uatng KanBas, City clcarinj: debts with thwn. Speaking,; of the houio checks Instead of local ca.-hlors" If-hortaRO of artiial ruirency,; It is of . chtscki the company was able to ^•l•t a ""irKe. m-vrr noilccalile until pveiy- pait'ol the ainount needed In ra-jb. i I'ody wanl.s it. In normal ll^ie.'?. no! wlilch. when brouRht from^ i much numcy dianpt's hands. It Is al- Clty. means an, addition of jll^•t so ,wa.y.-.J)>aiHT. accepted wltbom (lui^tlnn inUch to the circulating racdiuni now «-s nn equivalent. Business flrm.i think Iti Ghanuto. The clearing house ccr- nothing ».f sending pi'rsonal checks tlfii^es are backed, by every bank in-everywhere on the globe and none are KailMS QtS' and secured br K :.> JM•^•,eve^ relHrncd. The fellow at ibn oiliest ot gilt edge collateral'deposited ,er end is only too ?lad to lake a «i;itht the clearing house. The cenifi- chance on ilieir being jjood. and passes cateawill h<sat%eptedby all merchants iheni on. and dealers in Chanutc and in mnil .will, be cleared through the local banks the .vainp as checks. The ciear lAg house certificates arc a new issue. I - - — . . i'pry faandsbmcly printed and re.scmli-•'•rs'and advertising managcrs.Salarics : llns real money lo some extent. In;run as high as |lfi.O««,a year. We can the regiitkr routine of buslacss. some, 'each you advertising^ In yi>ur spare : or^cm hare already visited Cbaiiute I time and at a low cost.' Ability to read r ajadgone the rounds returning to the!and write and ambition to succeed are clearloig>.^onso J in Kansas City after; all you uee<l. Writci.loday tor •Tvn acoompllEhing many pa>'ments. It Hundred Milfion Dollar AdvertiHlug BJay hot have occnrr«?d (o eevry one - Mooklet," which gT»-os full particulars. yet; but local ^cashier's checks havc[l. C. S., Ilox 7!t9, Scrantou, I?a. .\P WKITKKS VVAXTKD—There arc; many jwvsijions u'lii-ii for ;ad writ- I S, B. i SILL 3rOT£D OREUOX STAT£SMA\ RESroiiER TO £.\ST£U> TKIP. IIE.VLTII ».\ KECE.M Hon. Sliiller Herman. disUn- : "I ;wus feeling wretchedly iliat morn Culahed statesman aud legislator of ing, iand 1 made up my miiid to try Portlasd. Oregon, who was recently the medicine. I bad u^n leading phy- on an eiaetrn trip, is -among thoee slciuus without number both;east aiu) atrmsty In favor of L. T. Cooper, iniwesti They had beeii unable to help the dlacwaalon over c6o|>er aud his iiuu In the least, am* I no more belie«-e<l this Cooper medicine rpuid help me than It could bring a 4cad ro«n back; to life. 1 really don:t kJiow why I iKiiisht It. It was like a drowning man clutching at a straw. "To make a long story shot-t.'lt hav been asionishingly succossfal In my case, Today I am eajoylngia soond Ktoiipieh and perfect health for the first I time In twenty yeara. I can eat heartily without the t-Iightesti inooiire- nlen ^e afterward. 1 have fine appe^ , . ,mf, and steep well."! am io longer i4^:nmii-<:ofi^r xnd hia medl-i moody aiid depreased; and toi- nemms ^ l]fHl« moi^ac^ialkcd wlth,|ne*s| has enUrely dlanppear^ me4(n|t«e8. which has raged for the put siawriin dtles visited hjr the yuuus main :<iiii his educative cuthpalgn^, as <he eaila theip, \ Cooper -WMi explaining his now the- oriea.-*^ niedictniMi to Uoston pi-ople durlhjg the Orcgonian's vtsti to that eityjT sad in & recent interview Mr. HelrvMMi MM : "My «rli> east accum- VUAjBAjmaiit tor me than I ever be- ^fieipM'imaidble. It baa actually been '^Jthe jtnwwiaypt. reatortag i^- health. .MlKtl ltV«i|ilC I'gij^dbig Is the visiting Jlr». Carter' IJartlesvlll Ac6 Yon Lnokiug for a l>addin«<{ jare, and li'y.vna Quick only quick dessert that leliilits and sakisfies every housckcep the,entire family. Kvery pack ace.guaranteed under the I'nre l-'oiid Uaws. Try a backagc of D-Zerla I'ud illng'today frimi your grocer and yoi will tiny often and tell your fi-Iends Various Havori at all grocers, ic • enls. Order oday. :ila,kes exCelleui pies. .UIL JOIIXHOX WAM SMOOTH. (•uev Ont ScTi^ral Cbeekx in PHr$OB> That nerf Not Good. I'yrsons. Ka,'R.. .\ov. 21.—Coil.-^tdirr I. il. Case left yeslenlay afterno|on for Warreusburg. iMo.. to get Squire William Johnson, who made such a furore in flnanclal circles In Parsons ihre« munths ago. When Jdhii^Mi sous he calli>d vine .ind seiv lirsl c-jine I" ui«in the olHce of I'a a local attorney and asked for legal ad- ces In several niallers which were pending In his Iiorizon ol business. Ilej wanted to secure wmie money whicii was on deposit In a iKUik in Pittsburg. I Fa., and a draft was made for the iiuiounl, deposited lu'tht KIrst National liank of Parsons, and rr<Mllie<l. upoii a dejiosit book. Then he wished tolsell a tract of land lu the siune clt>1 and had a deed drawi up for (ho saiiie, lo be scut to a trust company which would send ou rb< niimey after the receipt of the decil. .lobn.son then started out ti^ work around the city, lie bongbtj p<X)d^ ind save checks ou his accouulj at the "lank. although it was not subliect to che:;k. He Ixiught a house and lot In the south part of the city. * j Retributiuni for Johnson began li start In three days, bnt he bad left the citf. The< draft came back withon' the funds. Tlie deed came back with 1 statement from the trust o^mpany 'hat nothing was known of such transactions. Merchants begaii to try u collect ou Johnson's checks. And the 'louse of cards came down, ^ie wat Jiranted bad. I}nt he had skipped for «eriaiR. TOM PEkOL'SQA PABOLED. Porter at Tnimont Hotel Out »a Tri notary Order. Tom Kergtlson. the colored porter at the Tremmt hotel who Was convicted seven I weeks j ago in police :ourt on the charge of vkilating the iruhibltury Uw, has been gifanted i temporary p irole and is novf ont ol iail. Kerguain'd friends when asking for the iwrcle plalmed that! he wn^ tlwa.v* engai cd in labor until iome time ago when he was Injured It one of the plants. His •phV^|ij»!«aBtbB J heard a i great dealjtitf. K'rN^lPBr Md:^told ;me th4t he ~ ' y Coaf>er.'a modi- 4ny man who haa.chfonlc dysppp- ala M -es it to his ttmOy t^ try biii ctne," . . ., m 'o??'^ '^Jfirl^V^V^4r»9ltit*» are oixer aiim'^^aV^b^ to puiv, ;ouditlon w«i such tliat It waa tiiuughl beat uot to keep him iu the!Jail any I(«ger. At he next meeting of the conncil the matter of a permanent parole will be taken np. . I phytjlc^l PBR in e«eb towii DAY—Pnid to ine lady^ cirou- lanvna t^ orders tor On^^tntcd Lafayette. Utd. N OT. 2Q.—William J. Brytn. who sp^e here at a banqnet before 2io» O^iMlll: "hald that after aerfjinjg^iv iftai(jg¥)r'»r"- he-did not feelj llk^ 'wSmnnh^ again, kitfiough he .wimldo^iSEelir ihe presldenthii nom- iufitlMi )n aM$l ir ':dnined." He aald be jwas glad that the unprecedented diadorcry oi gold hod taken the money qnektlon nut at jiaittlca. "Bjit I want yon! IO know." said the speaker, "that our arguments on the money question advnnoed in ISfHI. have been vindicated 'Hot by the republican pairty, but because dud Almighty took pity on tlie ]ioor peojilc of the world and upeuvd up to them vast sturebuuses of gold." Mr. llryuii denounced turilf revision as proposed by the republieuns and ucciiscti (lie republican party of bad tuKii ill promising nivtslon. "The delay of a single year means much to the pe<]plo of!this country and they are being defrauded out of hundreds of nilDlon.s of dullant in the meantime, The pcoiile are ready to let (be democrats refunn the tariff," asserted Mr. Bryan. "We are in tlie midst of a flnnnrlil stringency that is in same respects more acute thuir that of 1K7:i. I am not going to blame the president or republican adininislrulioii. but I know who would lie blamed. If I were presi Jeiit. If I were preMldenl, every cros:* nmds repirlillcun would be bhiiiiiiig me. The panic of ISTII came twelve years before Iliey surrendered jKiwei '.41 ilu' ileniocrnts. I'm tint going to hiauie tiie presldeiil because I do nut Ihliik blame sbouid be laid ni his door. I'm going to do biin the Justice to say I won"! -Join tin? chorus of eastern iinunclL'r.'^ who Mani lo make hlin tlie icapeguut. Those who violate the law should be blamed, not those who liavc turned' on the light recently. "There is no excuae for the peopl to be afraid that their Itunks ore not solvent. What is the cause of this panic? The i>resident is nol to blame Wlio is to-blame? The republican leaders who had control of the eoun try for forty-seven years. They have w chninoil us to Wall street that when I Wall street gambler falls, our Imsi iies»» world trembles all over the coun 'ry. "The ciniinion jivopie ami not tli< Wall street gamblers should handle this situation. The man who will draw out his money now when be does nol need ix Is in the same class as the 'iiua who would refuse lo aid his xjunlry in time of war. This Is a time *-hen grcit iiatriotlsni is needed." FROM GEOMB 8AGBS SAIji %m VUlLma ABE iBKAD. FOBMBR LA IIABPE PAJILLY IS ^0U IS WARSAW, XO. Chatk taydw Skipped Car ot Horses to Fort .Scott. Yes. ' tcrday. As all accMnbdation. the Register Dnilii o( Jtenn CUUm. U'on) haa been received from Uuu. Sears, formerly of 1 HUkull.fruit farm Harpe, now on near iWarsaw. Ma. TO CURE A COLD IX OXE D.IT rake LAXATIVE BRCMO Quinine Tablets. Dniggists refund money t falls to cure. K. W. f;nOVB'S sig lature is on each box. Kc TULLY SHORT OF CASH. State Treasurer Can't Get Enough for Pay Day. Topekn. Nov. 'Jo.—(—Stat Treasurer ilark Ttilly is still fchort >.' cash and ther»- is a lively prospect that tt hundred or so state house em pioyees will feel that they have little 'i'.nse for Thanksgiving next week uu ess the flonncial situation improves I '.atorially. For many years it has li.^en the state house custom to pay he employees for the nuinlh of October the day preceding Thanksgiving. Auditor Nation is preparing to issue the warrants Wednesday of next wwk n keeping with Ibis custom but un ,-ss tlio state (n-asuror siiccectis In making a raise live employees will not be able to got the warrants cashed as usual. Treasurer Tnlly paiti out nvfBl ot tint muuey l.v liad lust month uufl ha.s so far fallen far short of getting the $10.ufi() in cash that i.-needed to meet the monthly pay rol nt the state house. He got bold of a check for $3000 drawn on a Now York bank Ihe other day and immciUatcIy s-rnt it east with instructions to forward liim th? cash by express. Hut the check came hack stamped "accepted by the N. Y. Clearing House Association." He will make another effort to secure money for the check ill New York, but if lie is unsuccpss f«l state warrants for November pay piobably will not be cashed at the state treasurer's office next week. Cloak Values immeasurably grcatur 'lere thuji you will find in the city •iecausc we aim to sell Cloaks for adies. mi»ses aud children. Just as we sell all. Other merchandise. At the •iuvallest (lossible margin of profit. Richardson's. BURIAL COMPANY IN DIFFICULTY ^Kansaa Asjwciat.ion in Charge of the Insurance [ Superintandieint. Topeka. Nov. M^-^arlea W. Barnes, aupcriutendcnt of jiuurance, ook charge toda}- of (he North- Am- 3rican Burial Insurance company, and will endeavor to settle the affairs !f the company at once, cither LhrQUgh lite own department on through a reculver. This 'la om ot tlie companies orscanized under a law patsifA by the lost legifliature. It agtved to pay jun at the death of any txtllcy holder. The company waa drst located in Topckn., hut wan sold short time ago to E. R. Stone, of Chanute. Wltile th? transfer was in progress some death claims. caoie whk^ have not been paid. ' and(here iB soDt'e Question M Ur whttberi thi 9ld bi'^he new owners aire lUble that ilia twin.babllea bad died within ten days time of each other. Home time durhig the past week the ba^n on Mr. Scara' farm together with all (if his iiuplenicnts wan consumed by lire. Tiic many friends of Mr. Sears in this city extend their sympathy to biiu. Shipped .C«r ot Hones. Clius. Snyder shlpiictl a earload of horses lo Kurt Scott yesterday. itci. Mitebuw's .rtemoti. U<!v. Mliehum of Nevada preaclicd ti> a fair sixed audleiie« at tbe old .MItrhell hall last ccvning. Sirs. Jean Danfortti is vi.sitiMg lu .Me Pliersuu this week. Mrs. Wm. IfRgerinun of Wayland. .Mu.. Is vlsltliig relatives in the city this week. .Wet-ttnlr of O. A. K. All members'bf the G. A. R. are requested to be present nt a meeting to be held in their hall Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. iter. Uawlry Here. Ilev. T. S. Hawley who »s a.sslstnig Rev. llright In the evangelistic meetings being held at the Presbyterian church in the city until Sunday. ilcfi. .lohn IJrowu's parents arc here ri-oia California for a few days' visit. .Mbert Mrown who Is attending school at lialdwln Is home for a few days* visit with his parents. ' .Mr.s. Anna Porter a sister of Marshal Donald. Is here from Uirard for a few days' visit. Dr. C. .1. Halm who has been on the sick list fur a few days is able to be out again. .Mr. .1. W. MoKuie, of li^irilusvillu. is ill the City uu business. Roller Skating at 1-cels opera house rUui >day night. .Nov. 2lst. and Satur- 'lay nighl, Nov. 23rd. RESILTS TELL. Tbere tun He No Doubt About RcsultK fat lola. the Itesiilts tell tbe tale. .Ml duubt Is removed. The teai|niuny of an tola citizen. Can bo easily Investigated. What belter proof can be had? W. n. Kelley. of ;J(l7 North Huckeye itreel. I U I H , Kansas, says: "1 huvo been troubled with Iwckuche oil and on fur fifteen years and-attribute It to hard work I have done. Wlien stooping or Itrting it was sure to bring on a tired dead nching imin ncross my loins. Finally I came to the cuucln- siuu that my kidneys were reapunaible and I went to Chas. K. Spencer & Cn.'s drug store for a box. Tbe morning I called I liiMl been {lalutlng ami .luy back was causing me n good deaf of trouble. The odor of the turpe.ntiue was probably the cause. After dinner 1 took a dose and In a lialf,hour afterwards my back was fre^ from pain. I kept on taking the remedy uutll the trouble left iuo.\and from that time until a few days ago, i did not have ank of backache, in laying a walk I wercxerled myself and ibis brought on a return. I hare learned that Douu's Kidney Pills regulate the action of the kidney secretions. I will always have a good word to speak for this remedy." For s^Ie by all dealers. Price 50 cents. f\jslcr-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo New York, sole agents for the L'nited Slates. Remember the name—Douu's and take uo other. receire/ada for Its want columai orer Oie telephone, bat expecu the adver- tiaer to call at the office and aeUle. u soon as convenient, as the billa are too small to warrant the cxiwDse ot a collector. Telephone your want ad to either, phouc, Nu. 18 or 2'J3. and it will receive careful attention. fW Men W M M. 'iu trap minks, skunks, muskrats, raccUdU. etc. Highest prices und n square deal. H. S. liarnard. lola, ICan- sas. 33l-:i26 North iluckeye. The most reliable dealer. WAN'PED CA.WASSBR8—»Ien to represent the Prudential Insurance company.of Newark. N. J.. In lola .lood salary guaranteed./ Iniinire M I. Hurt. 1UV6 North Wnshluglun. at it a. m. WANTED—Girl for general houao- vork. imiulru 70G If:ust street. CIVIL SKUVICI-:—We waiil yimuK iicu wiio wish to enter the r. 8. Civil Service. If you are over IS, un American, und can reuil and write, wo can lUullCv you tn pass exuiulnatiuus. A'rite'tti onw for "Civil Service Hook- let." Hiatini; age. 1. ('. S., lSo.\ IH'.K ;Jcrantou. Pa. " M«cbanlral Dmftsmen Wuuted. The icmand is always in excess tf tlTc uipply. We ciuulify youug men, at 4mall ex|)eu8e lo take' well-imld positions as mechanical draftsmen and iicehuiilcal engiucers. All that Is leedud Is ability to read and write and to study. Write today for 'Mechanical Drawing Circular." L C. Uox "99. Scranton. Pa. ; WA.NTKD—Scrip or clearing house Hjrtificates, for wbicb we will give,a premium of .S i>er cent in loUi of |tl)U. Lir more. First class business prppo- Mlion. Call and investigate, 104',6 N'orih Washington avenue. Vv stairs. Room 1. Second door North of Post- jffice. Office hours 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. WAXTEIi—Four south State street. boarders It.OO. at 209 WANTED—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire MIS South Second slreL VOR SAL£—(Jood runabout Stude* naker buggy and good set of harness I'or sale cheap If taken in tho next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Horn. •1001 SAU'tm^iamifOM FOR SALE—2 work marcs, 3 fresh cows. Wi I trade for :I,.aHarpe rcntui property. G. W. .McKluder. Kincald, R. R. 1. FOR SALE—.V yining .lersej cow, fresh In -I weeks. 11. O.-Stepbensun, f^l llurpe. Kalis. "FOR • BALE -Fuiuiiur'e 5 room hou*'. Itiquin- 411 1 South ave. FOR TKADE—A well improved -SU acre farni. ;'. miles from >iailow<:il. Labette county. Kansas, to trade for residence properly iu lola. Address, L .(M -k liox IT, La ilnrpo, lOiusas. FOR SALE—IlKUO stock of groceries and store fixtnres. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE-pA driving mare and buggy. Horse liity brc-ke, safe fur lady to drive.- Inquiry 832 North street: rju: Kp_ •mta In K.P.^«1 Wadn«Miiy ^niCbta In >«ii^ W. PMtwnil;'e«n ^ tor, rocord -ItoopT. 'H. tt. Ww>C^np Ito. K. of T. H«11 vmj ~' T. Bteel*. C. C; A ViaUOrt eordUlly m« • No. 4 J bt it K. at p. JttlLr in tovlted. W.fl. fUttsr. K. oCB;ud ;eTef7 Friday MBbl IB.M^' bait. Viritinc tHtiMMJ^vtM'wT Anderw>n».V-C^ mU^Wm^ tSMrtu KOTAI. KKlOmiScrr'IoIa - " No. sn. Royal tmiBtm** IMM ond aikd foortb.. TiaMasf/k. at months Mra. P. A^'WuMt, an. tinrj Uatton, WTWmLJ Itacorller. P. ^ A.— Golden L M I O CMM II .<|fft ^ 4«2, P. A. A. me«M Bnt tti|v«;\ Woduesdar nigbta^ in web maatkBr^ K. P.- Hall. C. B. Ucay. pnMMaai; C Mlaa liable Rbortacl^ aM^i^iM«,^_^^^^^^^ ^ PK A TKBNAL ' BMonoiu^^ ; Fraternal Brotherhood tto. Wtwait/U, •econd and fourtb Ttteailaya aipb mpotl). U A.'0,mW' irpBL^Mrf '"^ in«infa«n «ar«fai1y'lafUM:' ^Uilfm'"-- i: darMtt. praaiaeBt: Ckd4ama. PMNt > taiy. ' - • • • - ekaalea—MeeU every VedifMjIIJt!^^- ^v.^:^ enine at S o'clock la SL P, Bill.; AB,.. f;ir vlalilng members I invited.,: B.: ilf, V Widiok. CQancoIor;ia B. Blad^JR^ ^ Secretary. ^ ^ • ^.-^.fii JEWXLJEB&-:- • S-.; B. F. Panooaat (MxallaUa J«aala«in,.. HO -Boat Btraet. I : ^r:' KTAJoaaL. 'I Coinplct« court ^at .<b# Aap^.aelMil for atammerera in AfmiiM».rl^JBil^i hJdX price tbiaJaU ^anttvlataau for Information;.*! OB ' for BaunmqrersL Kanaaa CttF. Mo. . ataMBaaaawK.':' - . "Vl. VOR BALE—Good mare with Call at 210 ;We8t atreeL foaL MILK FIVE CENTS A PINT. Prices Pushed Up in Chicago by Oealars' Aaaeciation. Chicago, Nov. 20.—A radical increase in the price of milk and cream was put into effect here yesterday by the big dealers. All of the thirty members of the Illinois Mfllc Daalers' association. Wi^ich comprlJ^ the big firms, raised the price of mlik to eight cents apart and ffre cents a pint, and cream to ten.cents a half pint. The Chicago SUlk: Deald's' asaociation. which Includes the smaller dealars, will meet In a i few days to consider the prop'o- sltlba of : Ibllowing the erample. jatcept.iu the poorer quartera, it Is ^peded'that tho higher pries will he generaL within tho city In a fort ^ht , .• nii^iiissioxs «r^qf^y •pel (iy fornted fruni a , i-a:jitfr«aatoiner m.akes iital^na^^atlai a'^iMdal'aalliv llvocntB j,special:'aaiea. hni nn1v erlins .kiad-that eaninot fail to a good' Jmnraaaton.. A di.<mi>. Gni.«d bnrta more In doilan< lqjtl|frnd.ffb»h If yon'had are' bard to, live, .--^fr^ spod linpre»*' /4M aanf mimmmMmm FOR RE.NT—Six room bouHC. Stable room for four burses if desired. W. A. Cowan. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. 309 South Sycamore. FOR RENT—Six room house, 3 lots, barn. Inqnlre 206 North Kentucky. TOR RE.\T—Furnished rooms at No. it North Sycamore. " Phone 1091. FOR RENT—One large room for two persons, sleeping or housekeeping. 212 West Madlsoij'. FOR RELNT—Six roomed house. good barn, other quire K8 North Kentucky. FOR RENT—.Modern dwelling of 9 rooms, 803 Soujji Waataiugtvu Ave. Fred .1. Horton. Rf^er Want ; TIIE ^1|:W llfDir BODKg. ..i^l Jaar of KoBtMky,.by BUsa:^ : UaH. The .iBMM, by Chsa. Egbert : Craddock. tlie Advcalamt^ by Curuluie Stanton. Ana Rfljd. by Will .\. ilarbia. : .Ijmlaa >lshta, by Btcwart «d^: ; ward White: BS^^i^ ^- llhc Apple ^ DJaracd. by K A.:l|*;:*"i; ' Walcott. Artha!>«, by F. Martin Crawfonrd mm by Gertrude At|ijBr-V^;0^^ •V4 Ancestors ton. AUce far .Short, by Win. DeMor- gan. ^ **AU That's Love-Ly" by Bam: Frances Woolard; v: The liCKt Mail, by Harold Ala&f 5 Grath. ' ~ T^r. B«U4tani« by WUUs G. £m*, crson. '. You can get them at the,. O^d^Hli^ Corner Book Store and as cheap ad any place, many ^r^BUMs^^K'^'^'i'i'r Iftw-as IIJU. Drop In »Bd.|oi4e»^^ijM tjien) over at improvements. In- Pay Ifaraanf la Allen Caaatj anirly everjMNljr rnda IhaKefbtci:. ^ VaiatncUn AafipiiKlMi pat ••:!) pa*» fe«*^1gw.-; -"^ ItttSoatk J^Mt 1 Its Ebodoiiii^ anl Si^.c)mdJ)f

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