Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 2
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L C VOBttBOP, tMHai r. At lOBiiiirr. ly^^fttmrn li^piM]f tetlb^OMS^^ BftaUlthed 1869 A. L UtTHBAUCB. € MU«. MMllulliAlNCi. BEAITTIFrL KINO SETTINGS. We h»ve a line of gold : RiDgB of manifold degign, beautiful plain gold, light-weight -"ound wire rings; ornanient^l gold and plain gold band, etc., set with rich white Diamonds and—but you mu8t 8oe them to appreciate their tone. Prices from flG.OO up. Also in immense variety of low priced settlngB, very suitable as gifts. J. W. COFKBV * SON. East' WE TAKE PLEASURE IN SHOWING tUTR 'GOODS. —lltifcnli, A«t« Livery. Phone. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Art Club. O AMUSEMENTS. O Mrs: Sadie Thompson, SU2 South O O Walnut street will have the Art club OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh^Monday afternoon. Miss Oham^; /uDITOmUM -Harley Moore, juv berlaln «"«»»'«'^- ^ *'"''°^,enlle 8tllt skater and trict skater, the attending members. • • * A Double Wedding? The neighborhood gossips in' one part of town are predicting that the holidays will be the signal for an un- asual event a doiAle wedding. The N. G.'s have known for a long time that one of the girls, (the brides-to- be are sisters) Is to Tie married at holiday time, *at It Is only recently that a rumor of a donl)le tfedding was llrat beard. 'I*e glr's arrf having any number of pretty clothes made and "they say" lots of them look very much like they were meant for trousseau, so perhaps It is true. • • • U. B. Aid Society. There was a very successful meet Ing of the Aid society of the United Brethren church yesterday afternoon. The/members completed some orders of needlework and discussed plans for the holiday season. ' • * • Have Stereopticon Views. Though It is yet some weeks until Cbristmis time the teachers in the Sunday schools of -the city are talk ing about the customary entertain ment tor their pupils. It is usual for the olBcers to arrange a program for the Yuletlde but this year the Pres byterian Sunday school will try a new plan niilch Is yet to be introduced in Jola. A series of stereopticon views will be given to illustrate a lecture on the life of Christ which will be given by some person yet to be chosen. The ^ifts of sweets and CbristniM souvenirs wilt bn distributed and an exercise to allow the pupils to make the offering will also tie uranged. <•<»•• Rum nags Sate The Presbyt-.Tlan Working society is today holding a rummage sale In the Acres bi-lMing on West Madisop Ftreet. Tho tables containing cloth ing and t 'je collection of furniture were put In order early today and the patr.inage has 'been quite exten- tlve. Tie Alta Seta girls are assisting the society under whose auspices the Rale is conducted. ELECTRIC THEATER—Moving pictures. MAJESTIC THEATER—Moving pictures. GRAND—Irene Duckett Stock Co. of Gorhani'SOver There is nerer a dpubt as to the good taste sfaown in giving Spoons and Forks lor gifts. They are practical, elegant and never snp rflaous. We offer you, as never before, a most beautiful di/erslt^ of patterns, alt I standard. Ojrbatn Tea Spooos, Mt of six, $4 CO and np. f $a ^BtmW» MM «, M. A T. Honor for Mrs. McCarter. Mrs. 'Margaret Hill McCarter. Topelui has been chosen to assist in arranging- the Chautauqua program for that city during the summer of 1909. Mrs. McCarter will have a very prominent part in arranging the program wWch will be given from June TJ to July 4. Inclusive. Mrs. McCarter is a very cultured woman and is one of tJbe group of writers which edits the Club Mem bi>r. the offlcial paper of the federation. • + • • • • Federation Elected Officers. The new officers of the First District Federation of Women's Clubs which has been meeting in Leaven worth and adjourned today, were chosen yesterday as follows: Mrs. W. W. Wood. Horton. president: -Mrs. Frank Lemon, Leavenworth, first vice president; rs. C. B. Friend. Soldier, second vice president: Miss Carrie Barnes, .Ixsavenworth. recording secretary; Mrs. A. J. Best. Centralia. treasurer; Mrs. H. B. Reagan, McLouth, auditor. The next convention will be held in Hiawatha. + + • For Lodge Members. R. N. A. camp 1281 gave a ban quet last night for Camp 365. Previous to the supper which was served to eighty people the visiting team nut on the initiatory work. Ttie evening was very informal and after the banquet the company enjoyed music. 4> • • Miss Rowan Here. MISB Afargaret Rowan of Chanute is expected in today to visit for a short time. She Is to lie a guest ot Miss Grace Fitzgerald. + - + For Sunday School Class. .Mr. and Mrs. James A. Richard Fon jrave a very happy party last night to entertain ttie young women •who are members of the class Mr. Richardson tcaci}es in the Christian rhurch. .Music was the 'feature of the evening and a number of guests sang or played appropriate piano selections. Unique guessing contesta and games made the occasion especially informal. Mrs. Richardson served a small luncheon and there were places for twenty-flve. + * + —Our Way Window: + • * Missionary Meeting, Mrs. Lee Massengale with the assistance of Miss Massenrale and Mra. A. A. Richards entertained the Mlas^ innanr society of the Piteffcyterlan church yesterday afternoon. iThls was the meeting wil<ft-'ls a pait of the year's program i and the oordlal hofpltalltr extended!,made It one of thi^most successful of the season. ike program which was lengthy and very Instructive opened with de? Totlons lead by Mrs. g. A. Ewlng. The first paper on the proirram irtp prepared by Mrs. A. A. Rlcharda ai4 Mrs. R. y. Boyd. Mrs. X. W. and Mrs. W. Bartlea told of the Korean women. tJbe hospitals of that u- tion and deseribail the methoda ot conducting schools and coBegea in very intereatfns way*.; The homa missions In Nev Mexico frere the itll^ Ject of the laat part of the prbcrtm. and Mrs. W. E. Ralston, Mra. A. V. femaaters and Mrs. Vfia. Davla s «vt short Ulks. The hoattsset aarrtd eoffa* ul cakes after adjournment. The decorations foi" the day were most appropriate and effective. Flags ot several natlona were hung between the 'doors and gracefully inpei about the room and tSie flowers used'were yellow chrysanthemums placed in .bo- quets on tables and other places. • + • Violet Club. A grqup of ladles spent the afternoon at the home of Mr«. J- A. Powell in Wliieelcr -Heights yesterday. The company represented the Violet club and in keeping with the club name the bouse was decorated In the colors, purple and white; Refresh ments were served after the social hour. • * + To Chanute. Mrs. S. R. Merchant is in Chanute for a few days. She is the guest of ter daughter, Mrs. Charles Meneley. + + • In Fart Scott Mrs. Mary B. Northrup is spending a week In Fort Scott with relatives. • + • May Be Home Next Week. Mrs. Frank Riddle, who hns spent the autumn in Pennsylvania is expected home next week. She will probably be hero for ThanksgivlnK. • • + Whist Party. A coterie of friends were very pret tily entertained at whist yesterday at the home of Mrs. F. J. Horton, *40Z South Blm street. Whist was pl8|-- ed at several tables and after cards there was a five o'clock supper in several courses. T^e plams, ferns and otber plants which the hostess possesses were arranged with charm ing effect over the house. The party was given a week earlier than the schedule was first made out because of Thanksgiving. .> Conundrum Social. The Junior members of the Y. P. C U. gave a social last evening in the United Brethren church. The games were played early in the cvenlnfr and when refreshments were served the eucsts were made merry because of the many surprises which the menu revealed. The name of each dish was concealed by a conundrum and a small price was charged. The guests numbered twenty-five. • + + Alta Seta Club Meeting. There was a tirief meeting of the Alta Seta club last night at the home of "Miss Belle Reid on (East Madison street. Several boxes of confections for'the booth at the rummage sale were made. + + * Missionary Meeting. Aft -B. \\111iBm Faust had as her guests yesterday the Missionary soci To yisit Friends. | Mrs. WilUam Thayer and baby, ot-; Liberal, Kans., will be here In a few days to visit Hiss Jennie NeiVman and Miss Myrtle Newman. Mrs. Thayer will be remembered by numerous friends heqr as Miss Dot Love. • + * • Cooking Not In It It is up to the girls. To be popular with at least one .of the men about town the young woman must be thoroughly accomplished in music and a, WANTPn btiirKf v talented vocalist. Not an amateur. I WAJJTED^Q^ able to amuse the family with a song ^^EueT advSrUse etc ^25 £ I or two occasianallv but a. welt ed- c^taicgues, aaveriise, eic. 9.<io.w a uLte7muS;°"The man in QuesUon --"[l, '^J^^jeS^, Sr^MaT L^i'S''wie?L'r \r ''.rne"°wo1 !,'Ir^^ "gTr'De'^pt "T'^S !'^aS Ave"; to him whether the one woman can cook or not. If she is able to dash off a varied repertoire on the piano the art of 'domestic science will be totally ignored in listing her charms. * * + Mrs. Wettingel Leaves. Mrs. Ruht Wettingel who has spent the past few days hero left today for her home in Cancy. She was a guest of her parents and also numerous girl friends. • t + W. R. C, Women Here. About Iwenty-nvc ladies, niombcrn of the Woman's Relief Corps of Yates Contor are here today as gucsta of the lola Corps. An elaborate din ner was served to the guests at noon today and the afternoon is being oc cupied with an inspection of the Corps by the department president. Mrs. Anna Heacock of Parsons. + * + \ Register want ads pay. m THEY INJI'KE fHILDUEN Chicago. WANTED—Lady bushier and presser, steady employment, good pay. Apply Milne Tailoring Co. TO LOAN—15,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—Tola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and 11. Evans Block. •., Ordinary Calbartics and Pills and Harsh Physics Cause Dtstresslofr Complaints. Yon cannot t)e over-careful ih the selection of medicine for children. Only the very gentlest bowel medicinn should ever be given. Ordinary pills, cathartics and purgatives are too apt to i<\ more harm, than good. They cause griping, nausea and other distressing after-effects that.are frequently health destroying and a life- lasting annoyance. We personally recommend and guar anlee Rexall Orderlies as the safest and mtjst dependable remedy lor constipation and associate bowel disorders. We have such absolute faith in the sujireme virtues of this remed.^- ttiat we sell it on our guarantee of money back in every instance where it fails to give entire satisfaction, and we urge all In need of such medicine to try it at our risk. Rexall Orderlies contain an entirely nev; ingredient which is odorJess. tasteless and colorless. It embraces WANTED—All kinds of second hand household turnlture.—The lola Furniture Exchange. A. W.' Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. WANTED—lola property - to . exchange for Kansas and Missouri laud. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. SALESMEN ft AQISNTS—| $ 9 $50.00 por week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties trom now until election. Bells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete Una of samples, charges prepaid for 60c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., M Wabash Ave., Chicago. • •*••• J0HNG.W00DIN ,M .1». f hyslclan and Sorgeoi.' Over Barren's. Phone Itt. * DB. MILDBSD CVBTIg • PhjsleiM u4 SatfeMk • Office over Burreira Drat Btor4 * Office Phone 664. - * Residence 214 B, Jaioksot * Phone 669. V DB. MeMIUnr, Special attention glvea to tte treatment of all Chronic DHaai' ea and Dlseasea ot Oblldraa. Telephones: Office 82, IIM.'SSS. Office over Burrell'i Drag Btei* West Madison. : • • • Phone 687. tea. ML DB. Q. L. COT, Eye, Ear, Nose and Thraat Bpectaclea Properly FKtai. Office A. O. U. W, Bids. • • • ones Tel. 10S3. Night Tel. 4M ' ety of the Reformed church. No pro-.all the best qualities of the soothing, gram was given but the afternoon was;laxative, strengthening and healing occupied wit!i needlework. The at- remedial active principles of the best tendance was quite large. + + Baptist Aid Society. known intestinal regulator tonics. Rexall Orderlies are extremely pieasant to take, are particularly To hear business reports ani spend i,ronipt and agreeable in action, mav an hour with needlework the Aid sod- !,e taken at any time, day or night; ety of the Baptist fhurch held a do not cause diarrhoea, nausea, grip- meeting at the residence of Mrs. W. ing. excessive looseness, or otber un- H. Garfield yesterday afternoon. The desirable effects. They have a very attendance was quite largo and t-ie'natural action upon the glands ^nd work progressed rapidly. iornans with which they come in con**• * * .'i.ict, atts as.a |iositive and regulative Talked About Baxaar. Arrangements for the bazaar to be given on Dcfcember fifth were given the attention of members of the Aid society of the Christian church yesterday afternoon. No place has yet been chosen but the committees on ways and means and superintendents of other departments were" appointed. + * • Surprise Party. Mesdames Fanchon P. Core. 'Ada Moore. Bettie Clayton. l>>tfle filer. Minnie Lance. Mary Stafford. Anna Huck, Bertha Folkner. Ixile Strode, and Ada V. ^Overall. were guests of Mrs. Emily Hines yesterday afternoon. The affair was a snrprlsp lb the I'ostess but the company wsn enjoyably entertained and Mrs. llinea served a spall luncheon. tonic upon the relax, dry muscular coat of the l>owel. remove irritation. (l.^vness and soreness, overcome weak ncss. and tone and strengthen the serves and muscles, and restore tbfe .>owels and associate organs to more vffornuK and healthy activity. Rexall Orderlies not oflly cure con- i ^ilpation. bnt they remove the cause of this ailment. They also overcome the necesiElty of constantly taking laxatives to keep the bowe's in normal conditldn. WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway Mali and other Government Positions. Superior Instructlbh by Mail. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools. 291 la. Ave., Cedar Rapids, I«wa. DB. B. o. CHBumir • Fhyslekn and iugeM • Rooms 7 and &, Bvana Bldg, * FOB . SALE—Good second hand sewing machines, $3.00. $4.00. $5.00. $6.00, $8.00. The lola Furniture Exchange. South" Jefferson Ave. FOR SALE^Two Biish & Gerta pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE>—A 22-acre fruit and F. HABm, , Bargery tJid DfiMiai of. — Women. •* Office and Residence Phone BTt * Office 7 North Jefferson.. ' JEWELR8. B. F. PancoBst, old reliable Jewelet. 110 Bast Street OIOHTS OF PVTitii* Lodge No. 43 tv^', ..vAr night at K. ot ' truck farm. 2 miles north of Gas City. g,VtS ?-K .''o, ^ '^^f"'"' Good bottom land. J. W. McWlillams.' — "a «»• Gas City. R. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRAl)E^-Good property, close in. Call ilO West Monroe. MmmmoMm FOR RENT OR SALE CHEAP—A three or a six roomed house; close in. Irquire Richmond, Kas. Phone 62. FOJl RENT—Four room house, quire 422 North Washington. tn- fOR MXOHAReE Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, Iola.*Kas. There is really no similar medicine OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Recorder: good as Rexall OrderUes. especial-10 Experienced Aaetloneer. O Iv for children, aged and delicate per- tO To get acquainted with the O sons. They are prei.ared In tablet form O public I will sell all public sales O ind In two Hl7 .eK of parkages; 12 tab " " ' " ~ KNIGHTS OF MAGCASBBBr- Knlghta of Maccabeea x>lfb9 WbMa meeU In K. P. Hall, second (lid Satorday nights ot eaeb noalh. r^', W. Pnstwalt commander; B. B. ter, record keeper. . W. 0. W^-Camp No. 101 meeU k K. of P. Hall every Friday night Wj T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davla, Olatm Visitors cordially Invited. M. Vr. A^The M. W. A. Lotmj, meets every Friday night In IT. WiiJt ? HaVi. Visiting brothSre.-Invited. F.-A Coffleld. V^ C. W. A. Cowan, Clwfc. BOTAL NEIGHBOBS^Iola Caaw No. 365, Royal Nelghbora. meets ond and fourth Tuesdays ot month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, ori Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Waat FBATEBKAL BBOTHXBBOOO'-' Fraternal Brotherhood No. 280 / 4 1 O free of charge listed =re J T U" O\^^S 1^^!?. Sl ^Sir ini«. inc.. and :!« tablets. 2r,c. R. R. O I. 1909. Reference furnished from O i'5 '" " ^ Sidc .O those for whom I have sold. Sat- 0,f^":^\Tl^r^VA^!*i ^ Hurrell; The Rexall Store. West Square. O Isfaction guaranteed. Suate olJjL""' ^^^4^ Oof Missouri Auction School. Oi^Ii: O TeJephone 836.. O; FREE! Tomorrow FREE! One of these silver plated gold lin d ^ BON BON DISHE5 Fhe Inches VTMf, Three Inches High. O B. E. VICKBRS. O O 409 East St. lola. Kans. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO In Humboldt Miss Grace Fitzgerald and WIss Gertrude Fitzgerald were in Humboldt yesterday afternoon for a brief visit with friends. General Contrtietafc Flagstone and Cement SIdewalka aafl Curbing a Specialty. OSce lU East Jaekaen Am Pfeaae tM. ReUll Valae 90 Cents. Will be given to every purchaser of a pound of our famoas Fenway Chccolates at Mc Only one to costomer. See north window. Burr^li's Drufi: Store TJIB BBXA|X 8T0BB Adopt Cation System. The new plan of collecting city revenue, wheerby all money will be paid directly to the city treasurer instead of to the city clerk and cashier of the water and light department will go into effect December 1. The city council last night approved the sye- 'tem which follows the recommendations made by Mr. Caton. the expert .who went over the city's books last summer. It provides for a dally report In duplicate by the treasurer toi the two clerks. From tbla report' they will post their books.—Ottawa Republic. I For Underground Wire*. | A petition signed by 78 b.usiness Real Estate, tnstinince city and Farm U MIIIB Low Rate. Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and In- ter'est ceases on amount paid. houg ar Shert Time Leias. Ctyininghani & Arnett " lie TEUPHOH^ and professional mep. to have tel?- i, constantly ringing tnese days. Se^ phone wires put umlbrgronnd In .th? teaber. you know. i. the time to have business district was readbdipre the Ui.-,Bmmer dnst cleaned Mt of wsT city council last night The territory peta. Includes Main street from »rld«e-to ,VW^ „, busy,' bat your order will Fifth street and Second and Third recelv. prompt and careful attentioa. streets from Hickory to Walnnt Phone us today. «»wo. streets. There wiut some little dis-} cusslon of the petition by the mem-! hers of the council. The Home Telep^one company's franchise runs ten years yet and It would not come nn- iler the provisions of the proposed or- lOU RUG FACTORY Alt. -1 dinance. The Bell Telephone com-j pany's franchise has raplred and It- haa not asked fbr a new one. Sonta of the city fatheiia queatloned whether the propoaed improvement couldJM ^»««Wi9fr« UM be. enforced Im ooBseqnenee. The Pfr.SoSS? vSi ^il ^LiSH ^^^af Utloa was referred to the"*.^««^f«»tt» brldsea and aUeya eoBUitttee. --<OI^'No>«a9% S OMMMa^^ WBfpui^,,,: •.: HAflAClBBaABB ,caa be J. B, who deala with the #«hBiMr« aSA

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