Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 21, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1907
Page 2
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' f •I . i.' THCMPATJtn in 4r rwc l>ilEW Y0im »T<|IIC , In full jblast. Specip-l invitation to the ladies that have! not been able attend thia great demonstration joip till now. Only two day« more, Priday ADd Saturaay^ Miss Balfout will be pleased to talk "Corsetry'.' and denioiistrate the merits of the best and most pejf.0ct fitting corset made- - Remember: 2 days mor^—Friday and Saturday at the 0 I - • i - brpTieus Club to Sing. A group 'Of yoiinft- iiK>n who ari menilierR or the musical orgauizatioiu the Orpheus club, -will sing at thrc servjca at the BapilBt church this ov' entng. This Is the first public appear ance of the club. • • * A corset that YOl" will lit. Not om- that fits you. A dlsiinctton and a dif- ifripBW. .As.surinR'everj'i woman a bcf- icr flgurc. flOSSARU <^OHSET m «ni- vBStratlon at the JfCw Vork Stor*. Alia Seta Society Meeting. A Sroup of girls, were eiitertaliieil last evening at the r.^Bhlcnce of Dr and Mrs. Hllscher. Theeveniiig was Bpent In: preparing confections to be sokl at the bazaar and rummage sale today. The booth; will be In chiarge of the young ladic^s of tl.e A'ta Seta club. • + Six O'clock Dinner. Miss Hazle Paris, of I^nied. who -Is a guest 5n thc'c'ty was entertained at dinner last evening by Mis.'Grace Fitzgerald. The guests who were hivittd to niert her were Inllm <ite friends of the hostess. The dinner tabia iv&f; beautifti'ly trimmed' and n most elaborate nieiiii se.rved to the folIowjD 'ir gtrls: '.vTiss Paris. Miss OlhTe'Tronk. MIHS. -Mice McOowan. 'Hiss Mawle -MtKlrinpy, Miss AJberta JIunsoti.-Misti Gertrudentzgeral.l. - BAfterdlnner an ftifomial hour was ni&de pleasant by games and music. • • • An opportunity to - Investigate the advantages of the beautiful nnd really remiirka1>te '^lessird Contrt" demoa- etratlbn it the New York Btorc. •5- • * A Beautiful Reception. Mrs. A. \j. Brumbaugh. Mrs. IJ. F I^obnison and Mrs. Melvln Fnmk were at Itbme to a large number of frieudt^ . froni two until sis o'cloclv yesterda> afternoon at SIrB. Brunihau?h's rosi dence on South Elm street. As the guests arrhed they were met b.v yWtni- Frances Mnneon and greeted by the hostess who stood in the beautifully decoratsij reception hall. In the re celVing line .was Mrs. BniiiAaugh whn w>re -an elaborate toilette of whit* net oyer a tonndation of soft whJtr alk. "Mrs. Robinson, who was goiirn ed In black net «ver black taffeta •Mrs. I* IT. WlBharrt attii^ In a whit* Silk tissue and Mi-s. Fronk who wor? ii handsome costume of plum colored r-reltBt *ltli garttPtures' of lace. MrB.;F. .T. Horlop and Mrs. T.#igh IfBOt assisted Jn the parlors and prt «*ted (he gu^ts to the hostesses an/' Ottiers ' In attendance. Mrs. Hortoii -wore a most becoming dress of pom piidour atlk with biinds of pink velvet aitd "Mrs. Huiit's costume was a IUE trotw' ton sirk. ' 'The decorations for the event wer< in; keeping with the Thanksgiving sea son and conslst<»d largely of chrysan- tb'aiBunJs. In the hall the mant> wa> grkoed. h.r boque's of the blossoms red .and whlte^and (n the south parlor] f^ms" vere In evidence. Tlie dinine jpO(«n iras a -study In re'Iow. tlie table bfrns particularly: ]»rettr with Jta set Libbey Cm Qlass, kooV- ' wood Fottery and Haiid Painted CUina. HM Notth Wasblngton; "iWhere are yoo gioiog;?"' j 'J I "oiin^ After a sadt of ifc' of lac. boquets • of clirysaritftemum ind yellow candles. The yoaug iatl «-s who «en'cd. Miss Blanche Goes .V.lss XotHe Brigham. Miss Hatti- '"ronk. .Mi.-s Barbara Pry and Ml8> Vanuie Schooley, wore suits of whlt< >r yolow and Miss Gladys Bmn. 'au^h. also dressed in white. gav3 fa^ r.-< of white carnations. Mrs. RalpI I'rown presided at the puBcb bowl. Despite the very Inclement wcatho the occaslonwas most enjoyable am 5ucces £fnl, tha gracious hospitality o: he receltrliig Indies being responslbl' for a ver^ pleasant afternoon. • • • lt»-iiily of fare counts Init 'liltlc i combined with an lll-proportioue*' ficure and awkward carriage. A •H>'ns.<iard fr«at lace* will do ihe work New York Store. • • Progressive Club. -Mrss F. B. McCulloch of :Gas Cit> v .-ill be hostess of the Proigressivf club tonight * * * S^le in December; TIHV Indies' Aid society of the East Ida chutrh held a business mectins yLStcrday and arranged several mat tors ralaUvo to the season's work. The rummage sale will occur on TJc ccmlier sixth and seventh in Sla.sonic hall. • • * The wnuiau who appreciates cle Tauce and lieauty, cnttivatlps grace cherishes health, understands comfon -jnd seeks contentmcut. wilj flud al' 'hose and experience the utniost satls- actlnn In her GoBsard if she but lend 'lerspir to onr persuasion that we may "ead her to those, rofy pst;hs calle<' ^>se aud.-Omteatmeut. Call at the N>w Torft 8t«re and Interrlew our MJu Balfoar. ' *** Teach in .Bualneas College. Miss Auual>ei .Crawford Vho lately returned from Ehnporfa. ha^ accept«-d a imsitlon wlUi tlie Tola Business College. Miss CravfDnl will.tench jwn- inanshtp and grammar. " * • • Sorosis Club Tod «y. .Mrs.-Aft 'ni. McCall is hostess of th« S6ro8ls club today. •»••«• Chi Omfna Program. The afternoon session ofuhc higir-' Ipjda:.- will ba fol (ov«d - by meeting bf the Chi Omega society,^! [one of the literary societies of tl school. • * * Informal Party. : JI9jK -a1llB.Mllier .waH at home ^ v:fi»ti^ JBoch of : 'Wheeler last evening during a card j -ttjtMrtsin the Snring duh . 1*1 lO?"' »w>Uenieii. f >i<ogress' rtf- IwSs played at tlie several jtaUes and prizes were .mm' by Miss Nettie Brigham and -Mr. .Max' Sterr «tt. 'iTlfe^^ two course ImNbeoa was /oilowad f>y a iunnter-«f n^aical se- ]ertiol^ eoDtrflHitad by .IflfH Nettto £iii4 (Mni jaed'. oUiers.' .Tlie ^soepHop iiall apdjiMrtonk were «n)tttfy-^aoor- Diamond Rings, from ^ITLOO to jsr.o.oo. Mrllliant Stonuss. perfect In cut and color. Slgnot Kings, all sizes. Stone-Set Rings for ladles and .^entlonieu. Most qunlity. and stylo and prices right. HcHElL BROTHERS. rffr./niiEt£ifi. c::.s!cn and the following names com-] prise the guest list: Miss Ueitba , Sickly. Miss Nettie Brigham. MIsjl Ilarbara Fry. Miss .losephine illdd't'j; .Mr. U6am Coffey, Mr. Guy Pees. Misj, Max Stcrrett, Mr. lawyer. Mr. Harvei; Howard and Mr. Howard Jliller. i.[ • * * j! New Literary Society. 1' Among the various sociftii-s and" study or.eanlzatlons' to lio latc'y udtlt e<l to the list is a club which had Itij liigUiniug In the Ibla Business Colli 1' ge. The mestlnga will he held forU' nfght'y In the college room^j. the first meeting to occur tonight. The fo'.-/ lowing program will i be a feature^' K-a-JIng. "As 'eep at the Swltch.ii Maude WIIHts. jl Story, "Jenny Butli r and the Owl.". Guy Proctor. 'j ll<tidlug. ".Mr. Browu ami His llairf Cut," Minnie Butts. n l)L-batt"—Question. Resolved tlmt Wiit Power Is the Greatest-Factor tiv-• •ward Success. Afflrmi«tivc. Ern -j I^mh, Eart Kouaitz: N.»gii-: tlve. Oscar Mcllienry. t A. Smith, IM. ::II East Irwin street. Mts. Fau- 'toadlng, -The Darker and {His ^^'*ter-' <.,.,, ,vill be remembered bv lier manv melon." Ixireno McHenr.v. sior.v. "Mr. Slocmu," lyola Brown. . "heading. "A Young IJI.IV'S Return ' v'hling was, c Icbratsd In the eariy from "Female College.'" ; fn I. . Peari Jlltchell. ... * * * Miss Lee Coming Home MISS B.VLFOUR, celebrated rors.-. MI..;S l.i U Lee is expected home iere of the Gossard froat laced cor--. r„...,,n r-.^- icU will be pleased to demonstrate ih-If""" Academ>. Kansas Clt>. Merits of this superior corset to thiv ni xt Wodneytlay. (o spend Thanks- adles of iola and vicinity. , irivlng vacation with bar mother. Mrs. „ . . . .. ^' ^"s'' I'^'c accon^ Revival at the Christian Church. In the absence of Mr. Boatright last -^"^s ^I^''-^" ^aPn-r, of Might and In the InnblUty of .Mr. E.'-j Kansas City, who is a pupil In the con- rtt to sing on account of s«'vrr<- vent, liiroat trouble. Mr. Kitchen not onlyj + + • Id Uie preaching but. led the singin-; ..n„„„,^ j„ „„, th^ man- is well, both of which h? did in a „„, R,,^ ,s„„rcdlv FIGURK nost accejitable manner, singing a ^^^^^ „„. wOMAX and the Gonsard very touching solo during the son.- rornet niakcs the figure. Now York ;.-n-ice.entItled 'Will Father B" gt„re. There?" j The sermon text was the second ans. tenth verse: * * + Cheerful Circle J*arty. Tlie ladies of the Cheerful Circle werr very prettily entertained at the r.liapti-T of • Ephesij •\Vrt are Gods Workmanship. crea»- •d In Christ Jesus unto good work^." The sermon was another treat for th-home of .Miss ilary Remsbcrg yesfer •ludieiiceiu niauner of delivery aft:'ni<x>n from two until live o'- natter of thought:; and the nudlen.-• I T,,^. ,,„„r^ ^.^^p spent witl va ^i a gr<-!il Improri-nient over th>- ,, , •liglif before. No«-) tliat the weatb.-r, """"•"^•'"•'^ and closed with a five o • s line again, the ^loiise ought to b'|clock luncheon. Miss RemsWrg's llled to Its caparjity. Th? subject' guests were: Mrs. E. \V. I^raasters. Claud.-? Steli- Mothers' jMeeting. i Mrs. .lohn D(.'ck and Miss Grace The Builders' Chppal was used for'Ne'son. the Mothers Club yesterday. The at-j •'• • tendance small because of the' Here Aft»!r Tmanhkscjiving. rain. | , Miss I.ora CnopiT who^has a elass 4> •i^ ! "f njusic pupils here will n-turn ti> Iria after the ThnnkKgl\^ng st^fon. Illed to Its capariity. Th? suDject sucsts were: Mrs. E. W. I^raa •onK-ht will be. "The Unsearchable'^,,.^ C y Wendorff. Mrs. C tllches of Chrisr -J ^ Ul.wart. Mrs. .1. Creel. .Mrs. To Visit Here. Mrs. I-^ucett's mol .Mr. and Mrs. t rank Faucclt of j Miss COOJKT has been 111 since going Kansas City, ars here for a visit with to Parsons and lier many friends will ""^r. Mrs. Ann^ Rog \ U' clad to know of her prospeclivf r j vi.sit ln -ri'. flHII ^^^H^^fl^^^^^^^^j Family Party Next Week.. .Mr. and -Mrs. R. B. Stevenson aro exp.'ctinr to entertain Mr. and Mrs. C«o:Ke Trombo'd and son. of Chan-, ute. on Thanksgiving day. It is ev liected that .Mr. Mrs. Wirt, of St, J<!i'. ,Mo.. and Mr. and Mrs. M. T. TxMit. of Wlchila. will also be here. * * * Give Slumber Party. Grace Fitzgerald will eutertalD with a lumln-r party ioulght. Dr4 mtcfeeU Bead Faper oa Medical UlMatare—Plans far State CeatMtloa. , At the regular meeting of the Allen County Medical society last night Dr. P. S. .Mitchell read a paper on Medical Literature, .which eame to: for nearly rtn hour's discussion. The paper was a review of artlc.'cs by the best an- horltli-s inilie current medical jour- nifltf tm iiiiosilons of vital interest to members of the profession. Dr. MItcli ell's paper was very comprehensive ind evidently required much time and atudy ih the preparation of It. Many :)f the different points touched upon In die jMiper were discussed at length at the close of the reading. Dr.' .Mitchell rerwrtcU that he hart been making an. effort to ascertain what uccoromodatlons could be secur- what accommodations could be secured for the delegates to tlie state mi eilng which Is to be held here next .May. ile said that he thought the 300 delegates could easily secure rooms and lodging. It was ut he ut the stale president that Dr. .Mitchell Iniudv llic Investigation. Dr. Webb of Ilnmboldl was fo have iirad u paper at this meeting but ow- iig to the bad roads was unable to be liere. His pa|>er will be read at the le.vt regular meeting. A program for tiie next muuUng was also arrancgd night. I^\DIES of the Good Time Dancing •lull are preinirlng to Issue invltatiouii .'or a dance to occur on Thursday evening. November 28, In Masonic haH. ieveral times last season the ladies!' i;ave. sliiillar affairs and the result was', .ilways most enjoyable. ' • • • ••• *l* • W. H. AV9EB80H, JlttaneT>at>I«w. NoUry and menographar la Office. Phona 466. • H.A.Ewln«. 8.A.Gard. a .R.Qard • BWUiCI^ auto * CUBBi' '* • lawyers, • • "o • PracUca In all OacMft • • *H W. Madiaon. Ftaaa M. « DS. VeMlLLEN, Special attention, given to the traatmant of all Qhronlc Diaeas- aa and I>iaeases of Children. Telephones: Offlcje 32, Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. West Biadlson. Pbona 654. _ • tola; Saaa. !Dfi.E]>ItH 8.H1KIH. Ol^cf and Baaidence of er Barroll's" Drug Store. Office Hoar%-^10 ,to 12 a. m., t to 4 p. m„ 7 to 8 eveninga. Snndaya by Appointment Phono 687. Res. 70L » • .DB. 0. L. COX, * • Bye,..Bar. Nose and ThroaL *i* •poctocles Properiy Pitted. • Offibo A. O. U. W. Bldg. • F. H. HASTDT, * PracUco Limited to BanMT- * PbonaiTS. • 16 N. Buckeye. WHO IS TIIE lOLA LADY{ I 'uiYeyville Itecord lula lias Kep, reseatuUvc In Ladles' Race. Office Phone 10S3. US. B. 0. CHBISTJAN. Physleiaa aai Bargeon. Rooma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • • • • • • • (Coffeyvillc Record, i lihe (^oilseam oi»ens io the public , Fuusday cvcuing at 8 p. m. under the | * lew management. . ' .Mr. lyowe has secured Scoville's t>and to furnish music every night iuil there will be a race between two young ladies, one holding the cham olnnship of .lola, while the other holds the saine title In Chanhte. Bach has won one race. Come and sec them. Vdmlsslou ten cents to all. Reo. Tel. 198. • Office Tel. 163. DB. J. B. PEPPER. DaaUst Is pemanently located over B. C. Mcqiain'a Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all klnda of np-to^afa dental work. ETvening work by appolntmenL BE. w. B. HEixxmr. Fhyaieiai: * Si&«eaa. Office N. E. Corner ot Sqnaro. Over K. C. FItunbing Cd.'B Store. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 602. • • • • • • • • • • • i* • !• j* • • • P. L. XiStbrop. •i Mrs. Bessie O. latbrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHJSlCUirS. Spadal attenOon gtren to Diseases of Women and lOUldren. Over East Side HaWware. Office 'Phone. Ilaia 468, • • • • • • • (.Ol^LECT TAXE .S ON TUCASrilK. This Is the Pnnwse of OOiclalif «( Benrlion Caanty. Fort Scott, Nov. 21.—Fred Zingrlch, iio eccentric German workman employed at the MLssouri F^clflc shops or about IK years, who was fatally injured montjis ago. left an estate of fG..'»17 In cash «'l »leh wa.< never taxed insofar as the records of Scott township show. The money was all hoard- id by Zingrlch'who was something of a miser, and buried in the ground, where It was found after the man's unexpected death. ' This morning -ouniy Attorney Caldwell. atatert thai he administrator of ,.., man's estate Paul Neubaner. had 'er-1» cited to appear before the count- la ^^ind show cause why his monf statefc no! be uiscssed the' same a .man's k,\ property of other people. "1 cited t\ There has always lief^i and si.~ 'oss-J si)cculatlon as to whethfa'* not V,ing-if rich's money was foum'sonal; ine of the aliorne; d up; the estate, has nlwa Jtaore or opini Ion that about |5 er all of y'lni-ic-a counted for. A she s. A. M.^oro Zing| rich met with the.who cU-cldent he was seen to have a .''n.oflii of green liacks. suirposed (ti <.-ontalir|r.,<)00. and it was believed that this was buried m Iho farm where he lived, a .short distance northwest ot town. But this ^um. If It exists at all,, has never been found. The adJHlnistrator and rela- flves believe all the man's mynty has 'jeen accounted for. /.iugrlch was ilir reincarnation of the money-making instinct. He work-! cd hanl and saved every p«>nn.v hiy hamlK and brains earned. He had no faith in the banks and buried all hW money In the gronnd. Tlie hearing fcgarding the escaping of taxation will come iip in a short time. j •jii'iuld November's frosty breezes Bring yon couglis. colds or chills. Take Rocky Mountain Tea Instead Of harmful drugs and bitter pills. BurrelPs Drug Store. TIIAY ARE FRESH. A choice assortment of thisipopu- • hr biaud at CRABB'S. When you bay l^wney's GfiOco-^" lates.iiere, our per&onal pledfge of their freshness goes tvith ~^ tbem. Get yotir next candy at Crabb's and see how weU ft pleases yucu CRABB'S DRUG Corner Washington and West Sts. Rummaner Sale Today. The boClutc building on West Madison street was the ncene of an in- duKtrlous group of women this morning when the Working Society of tin- Presbyterian. church began a sale tu dispose of a collection of clothing and lather thIiUs. There is a table of d3l- iclou^i candy .presided over by members of tlie Sunday school and the following ladjes are In charge of the deiwrtmcnts:' Mrs. L. F. Palmer, Mrs. If. G. Gates, Mrs. R. s. .^8plnaII. Mrs r. R. Sudier, Mrs. C. F. MJIdher. Mrs. EyVr, Mrs. Frank Riddle.. Mrs. H. H. Punk. Mrs. H. A. Ewing, Mrs. Sallcc, and Mrs. Hagenbach. JOHN A. Foster earned a warraiit to be issued fpr a Mr. .PatUgrew jate last night, charging tiiat he was too familiar with hteSHfe. Tlie complaliit ;iiras. Issued but the matter was later dropped as there were KMne doubts as [.to whether the charge eoald be substantiated. The |l ^9Bt'cr8 live on North )3tate street We are booking orders far Thanksgiving Turkeys. Call us up. Give us >our order for anything in the poultry line, live or drcs.scd, and we will deliver it to j-Qit on Mntiday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next'week. Wc .sell lor ca»h. Our price is right. Richardson Produce Co. TELEPIIO.Mi STC Ii. 11. UirbardsoB, Prop, i BafMsr WaM«is.«iftHr«MaHa. Tj The ^AMA FE will sril HUXESEEKEUS' llcketa Kov. l»tl^ Dee. U Mi 17Ui, IW? to poIaU la Texai ii>Ualii»aia .BB4 IndJaa Territory, ilew Xexleo aad Arkansas aft Tcry' low rates. WIFEEB T0UBI8T UekaCa oa sale danylxor. liih, 1907 to April SMki^lW, iriili flaal Ktva llaiit Jaae Isf, im, to Keanmonl, £1 Pa*, aa, PL Wartk, Cialvestoa, Texas, Carisbad Mi Bemlng, X. at law. ralca.' ' . P|^||ie see as for f^uiker parkalars. 11 4

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