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Stanberry, Missouri
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The Stanberry OwL" Vol. 3. No. 27 Stanberry, Gentry County, Missouri, Tuesday, Sept. 9, 1902.

A Sad Death. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.

Ware, a daughter about a year and a-half old, met will) a death in a peculiar and sad manner on Monday lust. The little child was misled troni the bouse and when the mother iusti-luted a search around the bouts it could not be found. The neigh McGraw Resigns. James McGraw, tbe erstwhile popular agent of the Wabash at this place, has handed in bis resignation, tbe same to take effect at once. Mr.

McGraw has been looking out for the Wabash inter-ests in Stanberry for tbe past sixteen years, and during that lime has made msoy friends who re I Owlish Truisms. We would have better singing if we did not have so many song bonks. A moderate drinker pets, to be a drunkarrt, just like a pig gets to be a hog bo grows. Sa'sn seeks to inject jealousy gret his departure. He leavfs tomorrow for his old home atEdina, where he has accepted a much better position that was tendered him some days ago by the Burlington.

J. 8. Burkhart, who will fill toe vacancy caused by the resigonlion of Mr. McGraw hniio from McFall, where he has beeu employed as operator and agent for the past into tbe hearts of Christian workers, and he generally succeeds. It is very nice to see the breth-! ren who lead in singing dwell to- j' gether in unity.

good mother is worth more one hundred school teachers, The grave yard is a quiet place so a man's life who is inactive. A man cannot boast, of being eight yen'. He was employed at very good who will take company the 'ep' Stanberry about ten years ego, and brings with linn good recommendations. We wish Mr. McGraw abundant success in his new field of labor.

a Wiley Quits Business. A. Wiley has sold his grocery to Andy Pettit who recently purchas Death of Mrs Stockton. Mrs. Mahal Pierce Stockton was born in Hendricks county, India, in 1S23, and died at her home in this city Thursday morning at 12:01 o'clock, at the advanced age of 79 years and 16 days She was married to John Stockton June 12, 1842.

To this union eleven children were born, five of whom are living, consisting of two boys and three girls. Mrs. Stockton was a profound Christian Human, professing religion at thr age of eigU'i-ti years and joined tbe Baptist church of wbi. she remaiued a devuLbd and la member until tbe time of her demise. The funeral services were conducted from the residence Friday afternoon at two o'clock by Rev.

A. R. Willett, after which the re-mains were laid to rest in Cooper cemetery. Circuit Court. Judge Gallatin Craig convened circuit court at Albany Monday.

There is a full docket this term, including nine divorce cases, twenty criminal cases and a large number of civil cases to be tried. It may be possible that it will be necessary to call a special session as it is hardly thought probable that all the work can be done during the regular session. Normal Notes. John Sherman of Whiteville came in last week to attend the normal the coming winter. Prof.

Ellis Cook has returned from Baltimore, Maryland, where he has been taking a course in ad-vanced commercial work. Miss Nora Martin, teacher of Gregg shorthand at the normal, has resumed ber work after several weeks visit with relatives at Charleston. Luia Cbilders of Berlin was visiting at the normal Tuesday last. Grover Baymau of Braddyville, Iowa, tame in last week to attend normal the coming winter. Stanton McCool of Maryville has enrolled at the.

normal. (leorgo Meek has resumed bis ed the Ileoce Bros, grocery. Wiles has not an yet closed out his meat market but intends to close that out this week. He came to Stanberry about a year ago and he Jtdolph Heyde, who is working in the car department of tbe rail, road shops at Milan, Mo la here visiting bis parents in this ci'v. Jno.

Newman of Union ar vis. ited friends In this city th fi st of this week Mrs. Ricban. White of Gallatin came in Friday join her bus. band who nas led to locate here.

Rev. II. y. T.ilory (i Ptton-hbuig fill' I bis regular ap; ointment at Alanthus Sunday T. J- Schisler returned irom Kansas City and Leavenworth Sunday night where he has barn visiting old friends and seeking medical aid.

Rev. T. D. Roberts left for hie home at Taikville yesterday. He is representing the Freshytrian congregation during the vnion meeting at this place, and will re-turn Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. 8. R. Ciuch are visiting in St.

Joseph this wek. Ed. E. Aleshire is courting at V1' any this week. A.

F. lire'" is visiting with his uuult, Malvin Gregg, for a few days. J. II. Allen went to Darlir.

gton yesterday where he is employed it a store at that place. He was formerly connected with the broom factory at this place. A. E. Allen went to Leon, Iowa, Monday on business.

"Dad" Haas Sundaysd with bin children in tbia city. He "on, Lou, have been extended tour of tbe East buying goods for the new clothing store at Mi-lan, and will be operated by the latter. Frank Cogdill teacher of Alanthus school visited Lome folks in Stanberry Saturday and Sunday. C. Gittings of Clyde was in town Saturday.

Sim Benson of Albany friends in Stanberry Saturday md Sunday. It would have been a sad thing, indeed, for tbia nation to have been called upon to mourn the death of President ll.iosevelt bad the street car wreck caused his death, and that too eo soon i.fter the death of McKinlov, one of the greatest of presidents. As it was it was a very narrow -sea and proves that dangers constantly surround us. Speakiug outside of party liues one must admit ihat Roosevelt is making a good presi-ileut. He was made president by accident and took tbe place of a great man.

His firmness and de. cision tf character are admired by home to dinner without notifying his wife. It is allright to be jovial, providing it does not exceed one's spirituality. The trouble with the skepticism and infidelity of the age is that it ia not thorough enough. It questions everything hut its own miserable foundations.

Do what you are doing while you are about it and let other things wait. Think on what you are thinking, and, until you have thought it out, or dropped the subject, bar the mind from all other subjects. It is said that the time ia coming when there will be but one job for the fellow who smokes cigar-et'es. That will be to kill potato bugs with his breath. Nobody will want him any nearer the house than the potato patch.

The Word says "Be ye not as the mule." The precept is still timely and very pertinent. Nut all the mules in the world have four legs, say nothing about the length of their ears. There are has been engaged in the grocery and meat market business here since that time. Mr Wiley has not an yet decided what he will do in in the future, but it ia to be hoped he may again engage in business in Stanberry as he makes a good citi zen. borhood, which is near the Christian college, was notified and a hurried search livery possible nook and corner wag being ttearcbed until someone thought perhaps the little one might have fallen into the water closet.

The Hret search there revealed no signs of the baby, and again it was thought by some of the searching parties that it might be in there, and another more com plete examination was made. To their horror the lifeless bniy of the little one was finally found there submerged. On account of the unusual rains the closet had filled considerably with water and furnished a drowning place for the innocent little victim who playfully climbed into it. The funeral services wore held Tuesday and attended by a large number of friends of the family. Universal sympathy is expressed for the pHrentg on account of their Bad loss.

Ledger. The Fair at Albany. Last week was a gala week for the county seat, as that city celebrated Gentry county's annual fair. This was the old fashiouod kind where fruits, vegetables, needle work and live stock, tbe products of our own raining were exhibited, and the exhibit were good, excppting the stock department, where they fell far short of all expectations this year for some unaccountable reason, but the sec retary promises a bolter showing next year. Tho amusement attractions were Rood, and larire crowds greeted the every day.

Counterfeits Some persons maintain tun since there are so many kind of religion, all claiming to be best it is impossible to determine which is the right one, an 1 therefore it if just as well to rlo without any. But these persons never refuse to negotiate business beonu-w there are no many countei lYit hills afloat but rather on this account put forth more sagacity to discern the wound one. If wicked men employ their powers to produce false coin as raoeh like the genuine in appear, ate as possible, we ought not to wonder that evil spirits should do the name in the matter of religion. No one ever doubted the existence of a pure diamond because there were many imitations. When Moses wrought miracles, the magic ians did the same in appearance, but the test of time finally settled which was genuine, as some powerful acid reveals the pure coin.

It was fortokl that false christs would arise, hut the eume test, viz: time, has put beyond doubt which is the true one. We must try tuem and know them by their fruits. Love is tbe Spirit's test. Whichever reli- The Show has Gone. Tho Margarette Kiinmel Company that bus been playing at the opera house for tbe past week, left yesterday morning for Hses, Iowa, where they are engaged this week.

This company, although good artists in their profession, played in very bard luck while in Stanberry, having only about a third of a house each night on account of the deep interest being uiauifeBted in the tent meetings that are now in progress. many people who like the mule, are belter at kicking than anything else. work in the Commercial department after a several days visit in Andrew county. Washington Center. Cattle buyers can be seen in ali pints of the country; mule buyers a l-o.

I) 1'. Mure purchased twenty- Clyde. We are enjoying line weather a1 present. l'lnlip Wulti-r Hint family visits! with (hailes Wicdeiholt ami family Sunday. Frank Wiodcrholt thrashed fur -1 -1 Thursday.

There are felly -holm's in attendance at the Smith Wild Cut school. Three load id brick and live of dtiuie were shipped into Clyde Monday In help in the construction of the Bell-edicline eon vent. Mr. and Mrs. Mathies irfas Snnilay-ed with Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Kern mid family. Mr. ami Mrs. Will Decker visited with Mr, and Itagdley and family three head nf cuttle last week of (l.

M. I'oli el. A very quiet wedding took place last week, the contracting parties being Miss Bi- I. Loyd of Liu- coin lues and I). 0.

Robertsou of the "natiou." A large number are in atieml-anee and everything is progre-sing nicely. Contract Let for New Church. The contract for the building of the new Christian church has been let to Lou Valin for the sum of excluding seating, heating apparatus, frescoeing and art windows, which will be tin additional expense of Work will begin at once. J. F.

Fry and wife who have been visiting their old bom in city for the past niounth returned to Mark Tree Arkansas yesterday. Mr. Fry is operating a Baw mill at that place and is doiug a good business. Mrs. Fry will visit her daughter and son-in-law, Mr.

and Mrs. E. liakestraw, who have sole control of a business college at El Reno, Ok. They are former Normal 6tudents. Ben Pierce aud 8.

O. Holt are courting at Albany this week. Leslie vValdrou ia ijuite sick with the fever. Cale Ayers returned home Thursday from Grant City where he has been working the past summer. Miss Laura Glenn began her school at Pleasant Valley Monday.

Laura is a mtccessful teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jordan visited George Smith's Sunday.

Jim Gibson returned from Bethany Friday, where he has been doctoring for blood poison. He is reported some better. xx Sunday. Mr. I'ox was thrown from his horse Tuesday and had his h'U broken.

Iir. Stnrkle was called to reduce the fracture. Mr. ami Mrs. C.

M. Kidd were driving through these parts Thursday. Dr. Ilolihs is much bettor at this writing. W.

('. C. II. Allen who has been employed at the broom factory iu this city for the past six weeks returned to hiBhome in Pattoneburg Sunday. Joe Stablin has resumed his labors at the Wabash after a vacation of two weeks spout at the Trenton fair and other places.

C. L. Richardson pedagogue of Island City was on our streets Saturday. all, and he is slowly but sut.dy gaining the hearts of the per pie. To this the disgrunted politicians may demur, but let them do so, truth ia truth, nevertheless, and to it we must submit.

One of the dogs from Gentry Bros, trained animal show escaped last night. An English sailor was watching a Cbinamanwho was placing a dish of rice by a grave. "When do you expect your friend to come out and eat that?" the sailor aBked. "Same time as your frien' come out to smelle flowers you fellow put," re-tortod Li. Ex.

aii procures and requires more George McCool of Pattonsburg was in town Friday, be will teach the Clyde shool this winter. live peace nod good-will and final happinett' cau nafely follow..

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