Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
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mm':.. rA« initiator Hmmthm ijwgmmt OirmMmtima In MUmm Omtmfy ^ Amy Mmwrnprngtrnf Fuibiimkmtfym Htm Omumtj^. •:kvijijia XL ITUIIBEB «. PAKT » lOLA, KAKSAg, NOYEMBEBi1M8^FBI1>AT ETEKIKC. TWELVE PAGES. FBioi TWO cnm iWNEWUNE TO lOLA •-•V-o' .,.1' ni8 M WHAT STANDARD ENOIX- Sknilfi MAN, A. J. WELLS, SAYS TEMPORARY OFFICES HERE THE 8URTET IS TO BEfilX TWO 3QLE8 XOBTH OF TOWX. Tb, WelU Sara He Don't Know Xncb . AbMt It, Bnt Wm Employed bj- H. A. Hffimeti, of Kansas ritjr. MONEY MO PROOF • OF WHETHEB BrSINESH IS HAZ AKDOrS OR XOT.—BOCKEFELLEB. Standard OU Magnate on Stand A«nibi Today—Kelloiri; QneHtloned Blm. _ - The work of surveying a route from I IWEK to-Kansas City tor an electric. '^Jlwl"win-start Monday. A. J. Wells,' E-nqprsaenitattTe of the Standard Sn- gtneeilnK ^^jtaay. of Columbus, O., is hen making preliminary prepara- New York, Nov. 20.—Rockefeller was again on the stand when the hearing was resumed to4ay. Cross examination was at once begun by Prank B. Kellogg, special assistant to tlie district attorney. In response to questions about the hazarduous nature oY the oil business owing to the possibility of the failure of supply the need, Mr. Rockefeller said the' production of cnide oil in the Pennsylvania field had steadily increased from 1862 to 1900. "You have been prosperous since the beginning?" asked Kellogg. •Yes." Do you consider the business as tkMu. for the surrey, .y^ ^ , '%r^faim but little mefre fi!!ont the, „_ - - proopaed electric road, from here to'hazarduous as that on an original in- 'KUiaaa City than you or anybody • vestment of sixty-seven million doi- ela9..'*,aald Mr. Wells today. "The on-jlars. paid dividends amounting to five ly tbiiivl 'know is that we havebeen, hundred ninety-one million dollars?" I do not consider that the amount of inoney made will determine whether the business is hazardous or not " said Mr. Rockefeller. ^^yed ty H. A. Holmes, of Kansas City, to surrey a route between here ICsasaa City," continued Mr. Walla. "No, I do not know the name of the oompaay. but I think It is the same,' one that was talked of about three' yean ago. Then, I believe, the com-.' A. Nt. Wood Takes Payments at Re- paiiy proposed to run their line paral GOOD TIMES HERE. cent Sale as Evidences of Prosperity. lei viUi, ^e£anta Fe route from tiere to; KaniuM <?lty. I think they have| that plan and the survey' wowuHw V—.. p.-.. , , The recent promises of prosperity wlir be made about four miles east are being made good in the estlma- of the Santa Fe road, running direct--tlon of A. .M. Wood, a farmer living ly Into Kansas City. It's much short- two and one half miles south of er. The aurvev will be started two, Harpe. Last Saturday -Mr. Wood miles north of lola. i conducted an auction sale at his farm "Temporary offices will be opened to dispose of various properties be- bere. While we have not definitely fore going to Baldwin to live. The decided in w^at building I rather terms were to be nine month's time think we will take rooms In the for notes with interest at eight per- lE|pMP liDUdlng on the east side. Of- cent and a discotiqt of two per cent .JMft,^«in be lopened In OtUwa and for cash. Out of sal^ of tS.OOO notes I XafeMi'City also. The Idea is to for only 1276 were given. Mr. Wood ,'ifili«1U|B-dn/t-lfi'en near the field men 's now saying to bis friends, "How \t aa'that the work can be pushed as nrosoeritv?" fast as possible. t "I am looking for another represen- tj^ye. of the Standard Engineering FT.SCOn BANKFAILS ixSTITI'TIOX OWXED BY fl. HOBX- ADAT CIAISKD DOOBS TtlDAV. HEAVY RUN MADE YESTERDAY DEPOSITORS GREW ALARMED Kt REPORTS BAXK WAS IXSECrRE. Assets WIU Exceed Liabilities by #127,000 and Depositoni Wilt Re Paid In Full. Fort Scott, Ks.. Nov. 20.—The F!:st National bank of Fort Scott, oue of the oldest banks In the state, closed^ iu doors this morning. The bank had deposits of seven {hundred and two thousand dollars. The closing follow-1 WAS SHORT SESSION rorxriL SESSIOX WAS FXLIKE MAXT IX PA.ST SEVERAL MOXTH.S. WERE NANY PETITIONS PEOPLE WANTED SIDEWALKS LAID ASD ALLEYS VACATED. The Bills Allowed lAst Xiebt Were .Hurb Le>.>i Than Usual—They Reached Only J^-'iO. One of the shortest session.s in mojiths was held by the city council last evening. However, during the time they were in session much business was transacted. The session was not only ed: a run on the bank yesterday, when ;very short but the bills allowed were the depositors witjidrew fifty-six thou- less tlian they have been at any coun- sand dollars. Grant Homady, the dl meeting in mouths. In the past president, said the bank's assets will the bills many times varied from $15,exceed the JIabilities by one hundred [000 to $20 000 but last night they and twenty-seven thousand dollars, and the two thousand depositors would be paid In .full. amounted to only $2,250. Tlie petitions were first eon.sidcred after the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. There were several petitions, principally for sidewalks or Much surprise was created here this rooming when it was learned that the'for the vacation of alleys. One was First National Bank of Ft. Scott, in j presented for a sidewalk on the south which Grant Hornady, Che well known | side of Lincoln street from Slate to Ft. Scott "politician, bad a controlling I Cottouwood street. In many places OSBORN ASKS «S00. cogopany. Work will be started in a few days, not later than Monday." •Mr.-Wells is stopping at the Port­ land'boteL Claims Damaqes From City—Says Defective Walk Csused Him to Break His Arm. MORGAN TO COME Dave Osbom presented to the coun cll last evening a claim for $500 which he alleles Is due ;hlm for a broken arm which he sustained in a fall on I the evening of October ]6th. He said jin the claim that about 7 o'clock, October IG, while enroute to his home DEPARTMENT COMMANDER OF '° East lola hP stumbled and fell at the comer of Broadway and Cotton- KAN& TO BE HERE TOMORROW, wood streets. The fall, he said,-was I due to a defective walk. I The council last nigit allowed John firegg $3 for damages to his wagon. Will Bpeak at Joint Session of G. A. R. and W. R. C—Mrs. Mor- gan With Him. W.; A. I Morgan, department cornier of the O. A. R. of Kansas, will Several days ago while driving through the streets with a load of bay tits wagon was tumed over and broken. He put in a cliam of $12. CONTEST IN MOSIC wRli] the lola Post tomorrow af-' •tenKHm isnd tomorrow night. Mr. Many Schools To Try For Honors. MoTpiii'lsl now on a trip through the, —Citizens Willing to Enter- stat4> InijpeetlnK the different posts.' tain Teachers. Mr. Mtorgan will be present at ttse' TCSnlar Aieetisg tomorrow afternoon' One of the interesting features of ieiiSi tonibnlo% Ivening will speak at the teachers' association which is to the Joint J meeting of the Post and W. be held here next .week, is the con- B. ;C.-^lfrs. Blorgan will accompany test in music which is an annual fclM'here. ) event of the convention. The old soldiers are expecting a ' The following high soboote have al- big tljne and urging a full attendance ready made entries in the music con' ott'the part of the members. Today test to be held on November 2K: the^tpDowIng notice waa handed to Montgomery County High school. Ot' TlM Beelster for publication: (tawa High school. Yates Center Higft mroMt menJbera are urged to turn '^^°°\ ""jJ, Caney High school, solo: out to the meeting tomorrow, the 21st, f^han.ite High school in chorus; Parat^l* m. • W A Morean Henarf- High school in duett or quar- SJi LlLnde'r K^!^'SCi- ^ette: Carnett will probably enter the dnaa the meeting I ehorus contest., A number of cities - =v »4 -.-A . _ ,J V are yet to be hesird from. Teacher, who have been visiting 5KSr ^5 ^^hf^wm*iS^°f/^'iJ!.«; citizens to secure places for the vis- l^iSf^nT S».MinX- w 1 l'*^'"* Those who SLJ^ ^S^kf^,^ w have vacant-rooms In t*elr homes are T- ^ ^ enteruin the teachers and iSSR^n'il'.r,^'^'' 1^^^^ '"I'^'A" the Tola teachers expect to .find rooms "S^^ll^:^ 1^^^^ »" befot. the assocUtlon begins. ^JSttSt ^pSieSl "'""""^ ^^-^ •^6t«*T ot Contwni^ CommXiU^e. yf^^^^^^^ p^^^ ,, u„t„ >. TteJRT B. €. ta meeting in the G., That Hour on Account of This ^>Ai«U this afternoon, the occas- Being Pay Day. ^litetac the Inspection by the sUte, " ^ ^ • Heacox of Parsons, a' Whitney Bros., the first attraction held at noon today for the of the Y. M. C. A. lecture course will rive their concert this evening in the First. Presbyterian church at 9 o'clock. The program feas been held until this hour la order to give the pay-day shoppers and the business men an opportunity of seeing the first part of the evenings entertainment. . The Whitney's come to this city very AXD,highly recommended and are said to ' he one.of the bei;t attractions of the entire course. HAND GAR JljiV IKTO CAB ^<^ifinO FOCB DKATH& __.»et«r«s<». «:Me *ii»«pK |0 interest, had failed and was in the hands of the state bank examiners. Whil^ a 'few Ft. Scott people In touch with the bank have been aware for sonie time that the institution was in harti straits, it was only in the last day or two b^at the depositors became alarmed. Yesterday there waa a run on the bank when between $55,000 and $60,000 was withdrawn. This morning when the citizens went down town, they saw a notice, signed by Mr. Korandy, posted on the door which stated In substance that the nm waa precipitated by the circulation nf malicious reports to the effect the bank was insecure. However, The Reg Ister was informed by telephont? that the failure was due to a depreciation in the securities of the bank. The message further stated, as does the dispatch above, that the depositors will be paid in full. .Mr. Homady ha.s been making a gallant fight in the past few weeks to keep the bank alwve water, raising on his personal credit $60,000 to tide the institution over the crisis, but in this he failed when the run was made yesterday. Today Mr. Hornady pledged his property to secure the depositors in case It was needed. Mr. Homady is one of th*- wealthiest men in Pt. Scott, being interested in a number of the largest Institutions there. He has been interested in many enterprises for the good of his town and his many friends here regret to iiear of ills misfortune. Mr. Bradley, state bank examiner, is now on his way to Ft. Scott to take charge of the bank. The failure of .the bank will no doubt excite much comment over the state as Mr. Hornady was well known not oi»ly as a banker and business man but as a politician. He was can didate for the nomination of governor last rear on the Republican ticket, wit? . ...,ing, finally, in favor of W. J. bailey. The First National Bank of Fort Scott was one of the oldest in the state \ and Mr. Homady had owned- a controlling Interest in it for the past fifteen years. It was capitalized' at 1100.000. The bank was organized in 1870. The officers at the present time are: Gmnd Homaday. presldont: F. A. H«ir naday. cashlpr; Chas. l>ove. vice president. A crowd of depositors gnfherert about the bank this morning but made no demonstrailnn. President Horn.i day is a prominent politician and Iins large huslnesa interests hero. SECRETARY STARKEY TO TALK. In there are walks on the south side of this street, but the petitioners ask ihat walks be laid where there are houe now. The petition was referred jio the street and alley committee. The council last night granted a petition ssking that the sidewalk In the nine hundred block on South Walnut street lie moved out to the curl) line to conform with the walk line. I'etiilons asking for the vacation of two alleys were also presented. They were both referred to the jMiblic Im- lirovenient committee. The first aak- eid that the alley between Chestnut atrd Washington streets near Carpe.-.ter be vacated. The petitioners say that It is too narrow and cannot be drained. The other petition asks that an alley in Ilrooklyn Park lie abandoned. The written thanks of the secretary of tlie local Y. W. C. .^. was presented to the council last evening for the free and light furnished them. Tlie street and aiiey committee reported favorably on the following petitions which were presented at the previous meeting: A sidewalk on the east side of South street from Madison to Irwin streets. A sidewalk on the east side of .North Walnut .street across Coon creek. This petition also calls for a bridge across Coon creek. K sidewalk from the east side of Xiirlli Second street from Jackson to Monroe. The question of whether or not a property owner has the right to move out his sidewalk to the curb line without securing permission from the council was discussed again last night. •'V number of proi>erty owners livln on paved streets have moved out their waiks to the curb lines while others living on the same street have not, making a "zIk zag" sidewalk line. The matter was referred to the Judiciary committee and city attorney. A remedy for the difficulty was suggested that (he street and alley committee gel a guarantee from every property owner that his walk will be moved after he has agreed to move the walks out to the curb. \V. H. Root last night presented a bill to the council for extra digging which his men had to do In making closet connections In various parts of the city. He said that the measurements given him were wrong. The que.itlon of reduclnfir the riile on electric lights on resident porclies was discussed. It was decided If t<?- ducing the rates would encourage patronage. It wou'd be well (o do so. However, the matter was referred to the publii utility eoranilttee and the city electrician. • i BOOSTERS GIVE PRIZE. To Fill Putolt at Little Builders' For Dr. Hllscher. , I For Winner of Relay Rscs—Sehlanger Rev. S. S. Hllscber, who has been" to Give Prize, Too. r/»nduc«lnie revival meetings at the' Little Builders' Chapel for the past - The Booster Club has offered a ten week, says that the meetlnes are be-'dollar chair as a prize to the local ing well attended and that the results Young Men's Christian Association so far are ver^- eneoUraeinjr.' Secre- with the provision that the boys of Ury Starkey of the Y. M. C. A. will this association win the Thanksgiv- have charge of the meeting Sunday ing relay race between Humboldt and evening while Dr. Hllscher is filling foia. Louis Sc&Ianger of the Globe the pulpit of his own churcft). The Shoe &. Clothing company, haa also meetings will continue throughout offered a prize to the lioy'making the next week. . | best time in the race. Other prizes __ {Will be offered, a of which wfll Register want adf pay. be priiited later. noooooooooooooooo ooooobooooooooooo o GOXEFOBETEB. O (Blsmore Leader.) Ten years ago an AUee roantf farmer pat his Initials on a del. larUU. The next day he went to the nearest taw> and spent it with O s amhaat. Before the yeur jrss oat lie get the <eUar back. Fenr !0,lltaes la six ynn the Mhw cuse bade te hi* far >rs4nee and ~ air« Ib:^ pedketo ef his MlfMers. ,fi< it hMA waa fir* yeeca M*. >e the* sent o o o o o .o o ooooooooooooooooo o o O ADDITIO.NAL SHOBT STOBIES O o o ooooooooooooooooo Visit Friends. Mr. Fred Rucker of l .«uiBville. Ky., will be here tomorrow to visit friends. Father Is III. Miss Emma Dunlap of the McKIn- ley school was called home yesterday on account of the serious illness of her father. To Care for Daughter. " Mrs. J. L. Brown.went to lola again Tuesday evening In order to assist in the care of her daughter, Mrs. J. O. Brown, who Is sic with typhoid fever. —Yates Center News. Try Patterson Case. District court has now been In session nearly two weeks and but very little yet to report. The case of the State of Kansas against W. A. DeField resulted in an acquittal for the defendant, several divorce cases ihave been tried, and one divorce granted. The Patterson, o.. Pa. Ry., case was commenced Monday of this weeit, and as we go to press (Thursday afternoon,) witnesses are still being examined, with the prospects that It will not reach the Jury'before tomorrow afternoon.—Yates Center News. Extending Macadamized Road. The city is extending the macadamized road froln the city limits on S. Ten htstreet to Leavenworth street. The work is being done by Street Com missioner Carpenter and his workmen and will be an improvement to the road to Bhe Monarch Cement plant. The road joins the work done by the township and comes as far north as the .sidewalks so that anyone going t6 the plant or the tank farm will be able to keep dry feet. The road Is one on which heavy traffic passes and has been needed for Eomo time.—HumboI<lt Herald. Neosho Falls Man Here. Lsaac Oiilllan of Neosho Falls was a business visitor in the city today. Insurance Man Here. W. L. Rlgney, of Paola, snecial representative of the Osage Fire Insurance company of Topeka. Is In the city today on business for the company. TO KEEP THE PEACE GEBMANS WILL HOT MEHTI09 EXPEBOB I.\ BEICHSTA6.> VON BUELOW DESPONDENT WILL TAKE EABLIEST OPPOBTUN. ITY TO RESlti> FBOX OFFICE. Emperor William Does Not Feel That lie Has Violated Oath to Protect the Con-Htitntlon. Real Estate Transfers. r>ella M. Ohifest to .\fartha A. Jackson south one-half lot D in Ohlfesfs pore lot addition to LaHarpe. Consideration $50. J. W. Napier to Clara R Cristler. lot ."5. block Martin's addition. Con sideration $2.=;00. ..Tohn W. Napier to Clara .E. Crl.stler. lot 1. block 1. Jones addition to Tola. Consideration $3,500. James Br.vsnt et al. to C. J. Peterson, lot 6. Block S. Highland place. Consideration $1COO. No Funeral Arrangements Yet. Funeral arranKements for William Vauehf. who died at his home. 216 South Second strert today, have not yet been made. Mr. Vaught was III only a a^ort time. SAWING OFF BARS Prisonw, Pitsenberger, Had His Plans Fnistraied Tbb Afteruoon. Berlin, Nov. 20.—Acting upon advices of Chancellor Von Buelow. Count Von Stolberg, the president of the Reichstag will endeavor to prevent all reference to E<mperor VHlliam for ^lie present In the Reichstag dte- cnssions. The course is decided upon to quiet the public feeling. Von Buelow Is reported; today to be nervously depressed and >lnore tli^ ever disposed to resign from office''when a good opportunity arises. He Is more easily tired now .than^bia recent illness. The Prince laments that his official duties allow him no time for indulging In personal tastes. The emperor's moods, always objects ot study from hoi^r to hour by members of his official, household, have been carefully, almost painfully v.'atched during the recent days. The prevailing feeling among the members of the emperor's suite is one of resentment at the popular outburst against him. The emperor is described as feeling that he did not, in the language of the not^ he authorized to be published in the Reichs Anzieger, go beyond his oath whOQ he.took the crown faithfully tojibserve the constiluion. He simply reaffirmed that pledge to Chan cellur Von Buelow while under criticism, which the Retchs Anzeiger defines as exaggerated and incorrect^ The emperor regards his beredit and constltittlonal relation to Pnissia and to the federated states as unchanged. When the takes up the subject. Prince Von Buelow will give the reiachtag his personal deductions on his interview of Tuesday with the euiperor. TO FREE COLLINS inWOK SAYS GOVERNOB HOCK WILL PARDO>- TOr >G CONVICT. Das Attracted Widespread At­ tention—SiNter A Ttreleits Worker ' for Pardon. llndersheriff A. L. Boatright nipped an attempt at jali breaking in the bud today. For the past ten days the sher iffs force hae been aware that some one of the prisoners was attempting to e8cai >e liy sawing the bar* of the windows. 'This afternoon Mr. lloat- rlght went down to the Jail and, putting the prisoners in another 4 >art of the jail, inspected the cell wliere the suspect was Ihousht to l>« operating. The undersheriff found that the bars were partly sawed off but he wmld not find the saw. After he made the searnh, a prisoner named Allen notified him that T. W, Plttsenberger, who is in jail awaiting trial for forging a ."heck, was dping the sawing and that he, Allen, had secureil the saw 'and thrown It out the jail v.-|ndow Into a potato patch, fearing that If Plttsen­ berger was successful the other prisoners mieht be suspected of being Implicated. A LfLL I.\ THE FEITI. Lawyer Barnes and Jadge C'ollhis to Haie Thefa- Trials »xt Week. The excitement over the Barnes- Coillns feud which broke out Tester- day is dying out today. As stated in The Register yesterday, both parties were arrested at the close of the trouble. Judge Collins charged Barnes with disturbing, bis peace by using bolsterqiis and profane language. Tbe care will bo heard •• before Judge Hough on November 25th. Barnes charged Collins with disturbing bis peace by loud and profane langifage. This case will he tried'before Judge Potter on November 25th. GAS MAIN EXPLODED. TwelTe BTcn Lest LtrAi Ja Acrldcat Topeka, Kas., Nov. 20.—John Henry Collins, the Kapsas university student who was convicted in 1899 of killing his father. James S. Collins., a prominent Topeka business man. and sentenced to death, will l>e a free man before Governor Hoch retires from office. From absolutely reliable source it was learned today that the governor had fully decided to pardon Young Collins, although the exact day has not been fixed. WHthln two years after John Collins was sent to the penitentiary, to await the signature of the governor to the death warrant, an effort was started to secure his pardon. Many prominent people of Topeka l)ecame interested In the matter. Miss Grace Collins, his sister, has dovated nearly ait ber time since then to.the canse. She has shown a devotion that has marveled tbe people of this city. Now that ber efforts are to'be crowned with success, she will perhaps be as happy as her brother himself. During John Colllns'a term in prison she and her mother have made constant trips to Lansing to visit him, encourage him anj to discuss- the matter of a pardon. WE6GEN IS CAUGHT Parsons Peike Officer Arrested Joplia (or Bobbing Dry Goods Store. Parsons, Kas., Nov. 20.—PoHceman Paul Weggen, who is charged with the sensational $5,000 burglary at Strasburger's store on Sunday night, was apprehended by the JopUn, Mo., police at noon today. He was a fu- c^tive all .day yesterday and last night pursued by scores of officers and many posses of the A. H. T. A. on foot horsebadc and in automobiles. HVVsg- gen talked with Chief «r Fiolice An- nole of Ibis city after Us arrest and said'he would return to Parsons without a requisition, If tlie offlcen w)MiM ^e after hln. He jsras aaafowd •When-

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