The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1947
Page 7
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^SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Emo n " U *** "^ ror e ° llt » co «»« t* 111 IE!mum Ob*r(« §A. 1 t!u« par UAI 11" '" T&e a tto-ej n« r llc» ME **I ™~" 12c 3 tliuea tar UDB |J«r dty Wo 8 Uluea yer Urn* p»r d*y I_ v c IS times p«r line pit day II_ 5c Month i'cr line flOc Count fire avttra|[« words to tb* lino. Ad ordered for tlireo or eli tlm«3 aud •ini-]>ed before AxiilrAtlon will ta chirx- fqvjth« Dumb«r of times the td 40- adjtistiueut of bill made jinca Advcrtisltijj copy inb- luc irsoas rcslJlu^ outside of tbe city mustTjc accouiyaMled l>y c»sli. Ratesi msy fca easily computed froto the »bOT» Ublo. AdverttslQK orrtir for IrrecoUr lni«r- tlcna taken the oni tlni* r»t«, No r^ponKlbllKy will b« Ufceo ror •era tli&n oue Incorrect ioMrtlOB et any For Sole .HI, l!l.|l- 1C. F,.r,l '1 ,1 -, ILii n, » M mnlor II. :,..,,.,1.1. ,.i,l, |,,i,,> ,„ I., ins. r-Vu or ,-:,ll William H .._.. .. I'll. SIS. i;!|0 |,|..2:| lly Owm'r: 11 r, for Sob 214 KAllou counter Ice Crtaiu frui-ier ' willi UU Kallou htor»Ka. | L-U-clrio ineul ullccr. I'Luu* 97 H I* I Kjjii;. iUnlla, Ark. 6!2-Dk-7l2 I I ft. Xur^-u r»-[ 111 :ioc s. jiivisi . Can bi, lii.-ln.-si iirio* paid lur furniture Muvei olil rlultmiK. If >i>n liave uiij [hii,g 1,1 I'o.'l'hon" 9?i'l. '" '"' '"' Al "'""" 0!l3-.k-7ilK S fi. Mi-fray im>:i< fa> l j.ii-k *urks. 0 x 7V, (I exlr:i vj- tl.-illi'il nml plain S t,/. Dm*. uf . II,.. m , In-: Tl, ki-l. p.O.'B. Minim, „ l,,jl,-s!,l. unly. UirfviuiKi's: 11. 1) ILui;i u ., (lin < <•• -my. IllUlii'villi-: .\B1l<,iiiil Hank I uf K:isi.-rn Arl.iii,*rts. Forri'M ['it Ark. forri'M City lliij; foiniially, Va'r- j . l.-fl Oily. Ark. .-»• 1.It-Ill Writ-Ill CKMKXT III.OCKS. l-:a«>- I., lay. MINI! f.,i I..,,,*..* „,. ,,: ir . iiliiuis in l:*ri-'i' Ijtiilil iui;* si/.i- I'l" X II" y IS". Coularl I'iiul Wiiin 111 2. Urn HC. nr MV. :| mll,..< „(( X. I Uv y. 111. W.-.I of I'lVMoi, lii,,,,,-y-* Slor'c. 1'j i)k.;'<i Internal ioiiiil Truck :m<l trnil or, imlividif'Ullv owned. Cheap. Call l!>2, Sleele. V. lialicy. ii 20 pk 21 Homo ;inci two lots in (.';>.- ruthersville. Corner Sixth and Highland. Sou owner. Mrs. .lames 1!. ('Murk. l>. O. liox :>77, lilylUiH'illc. C> 20 pk 7 4 7 Ft. Krijjiduire; Hotpoin! wafer heater, perfect condition. Write Mrs. James 15. Clark, 1'. O. liox .T77 Wyfhcville. I) 20 pl< 27 1M,,|> Chi-vroli-l iru.-k. 2S l.-r ir.iili-r nllii.-Ji,-,l. air hrak.-v. •I lnii'1;. "JIJ 1 ,-. r<,,,l ['aili-r triil- •I....1. air l,rnk... 1.1. < -jn .«• IMil.-ai.-,,. «'. I OKl.uril,' ,lr f.l I. li'-JI i,l ••", ls electric minipp, \vatcr softeners, kitchen , sinks. water heaters and attic f<ii'£. Available on farmers tcHris. Nothing down, with l>!ivuuents clue in one, two. or ^lirec fall payments. Planters Hardware Co. G 17 ck tr A few used sliow cases and .MKIK'IUXTS cns«^. «;ilk -In . an.i |:<.VIT:II:I> Til,- ln-sl 101.-. 1 ','. Inn I'.ir.l I UlvlEi.'vin,. Onlv 11^ noo mil, 1I.-U-, .ll.lllllli.- MIIIT. I'll •>•,'.! Inill7. IK.IISI- Iraili-i-, r.illy oqiii il Can lu- h<ju^lil ill ri'!l*.,nal,!,. l-rii-^- C\n 1,,- KFI,|I on S-..rlli r>l l,i t -l,« av ,, IN k-ri.lL-,- Trail,-r C:ini|,. t)wi,i, r S I. friiiNknn. I1V-II 7U Snaniol [miH'ii'K. lf,-a<,,il- Knlliviiti. 11.11,1,11,,. Ill'J; l'|,l; 2.S Hcfp Wanted flat top display tables and ,..„, Ti ,,, n c ;.'.i;.7^:—: ; — siielvinuf. .1. Moll ISrooks '"iniuiliy .ij-i'i:""""'.-,,,™!',;,, '^i"'' 1 '!"!' .lr., 107 Kast Main St. Phone 811. • fi 2 t-k If ^•w ]:» fool bout ftntl trailer SlOO 00. Also r«n,i Ir.iilerK. \Vailo Auto Si,!v:i^o. }hvy. HI .Vortli, IMxiiu- lITS/i. ave Foniplhinp you ilon't ni'p.ll Trnil« nr Fnll it nl Swap Sliop. 401 K Mnln. T'lionc 859. (7,id,l i-iiiulilinri. Hljllifvill,. IVistli I.ini-. 10. r > N. rraokliii. li'3-i-fe-tf Moil onlv 00:i W. Mnin. riiono . r.!23.c'K-lf T5i)liv Chirks. ITalcherv. Phone .1172. N. IIwy. 0!.' fi 11 pk .7 11 All niv antioncs, Home ner- sonal culjeclioii, also other nsed fiffiitnre. office furniture and balloon silk tent. Mrs. James B. Clark, Rly- (heville, or phone 54't. Ca- rnthcrsville. 0 M pk 2S Two-wheel trailer with farn hed. Good ruMiev, pood a!l- nroiini 1 . condition. Apply 1'Mi; West Vine. II 21 pk 25 BLYTHEVTLLB (AKK.) COURIER NKW3 Wonted to Buy Summer Officially Starts Sunday, Jus-jo 22nd! MlllKi-UMlinni In l,.».li,, t . )i. ., --Mill,- ,ir f,.,,i,,l... .l,.r : .1. |l,.,,|,i..,,. KKI.'i Klnrks 111,If., l.i.ulsxri-.. -. ,;-.-. rii'jo ;l; 11 I P H 11 L I PS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut nt Fifth—Rlythcvillfi, Ark.—Tel. 4(53—3715 FARM MECHANIC Wiinf man famiihir wi'h farm power equipment. Year fotmd job, house with electricity, must be set I led sober num. Write I!o\ '()' Courier News. 19 ok 2U For Rent icy itpnrliiiunt 2 , i-i 'i-i.k-i: : mu. (ii:j Gi!Si,k-2.. HtiilrtxlHic I'll. 952. 106A. K. Mniii. N'ii-i- lirilniom. Mm iinly Walnnl. i'lionu 21'Jli. 1'a-lnre for m»lu«. •1 room Couiili. ii.usi- ivllli li.mli. Fnrnis!i.- lily. Mrs. K. 11. l,l.,y,t. Vai-lir 17 -|ik-l .vilh ftiur luriii»lioil livins Iliulnvar 01. "!<"<• in- I 1'1,-aii H'Hi O. M. «'. looi: ivliri'1-lii' 1 l.alf !,>„ ,.i,-k ill, truck. lti,,kli-y SI,, Ii 'ii UVsl ,,f lliillanil. Mu. Heilj-iMiiii. floae ir.. 310 \V. \Vnlnnl. Knnilsl.c.ll nin I. ll!f. W. Si-rnniorf I O-i,k 2 Wanted to Rent H or 4 roiHn fnrnl.sliecl or niilurnl^li--, . .rliiiimt. Hest of rcfvro.ic-^a. Wri! W.L.I). olo Courier News. It-Sfl.f Rprtrliiicnt. Couiil,> only Help Wanted i,j.ili,,,l^,,,a, l( uitl, al.miy. l,i K i,,,!,,, After |,i,,v,-ii aliililr. 'o|., ra!,.' ' sl.arcs. tin-lit li|i|,i,niinily [,,r tig man u-illi ••iluriilSi>iinl aliility. (V. frail mak,-s .f'.lil.llli MU,ml, i-.vira .Sri,,.. 1111;.) I'n-fi-r colli-ti- man 2s lo : I'll.,. , l,.,r:.r;,T \Viil.- full ,,lil,f":l lions lt,,\ :i:tl. rarl'Tvill,-. Ill Serr/CM Call Uill Davis for paintin and dernratini;-. Scrvic uhonc '!<>9. 15 -2(\ ok 7 2 Let na slinrptli an,! rcpsir your III (!.-! yoiiTS r.-aily imw. nml nvoiil tl rusli. \Vc 1-irV nn nnil il.-livi r. Ill tlinvillc M^cliiue Shop. "II S. hccon .SI. I'll. liSL'S. | 5 room house ;tnd hath with two lots. I'rafliciilly ne\v. I'oiascssion with deed. I'ricc . S1500.00: Icjoml old%ousc well located. lr Possession in few days. A wiiT^Ti'v^.l^i^h.Tiiitritn'tii, bedrooms. Small rent house in rear. room house in Pride Addition. Small csisli payment will handle. Priced SI SMI). | I''room house. Corner lot on North llth St. Terms can he arranged. 11 room house with two lots on West Cherry. $1,000.0(1 cash will handle. [Resident grocery store for sale. Fixtures, slocli, iiuild- injt and two lots. Terms. |ISO acre farm whh Hirer houses and two barns. lias electricity and can be boujrlit for SflO.llO per acre. |Nicc Duplex Aparlment, one side vac.tiit. Two rent bouses on same lol, rent will make all payments. Terms. |lfiO acvA highly impi'ovctl farm Tvith lights, water and on K" (M ' gravel roiid. Terms. |llave Ii acre Industrial spot located hetweiMi two railroads. Has good income from rentals, kxul liusiness F.ooalion and small block for s;ile. Kent cheap with lease. §3500.00 \vill handle. |)AVI1> REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3(i;!3 fi 20 ck 2-1 For Hire ., HWIIIT Nlllall I Ol ( 5. ro '"iiMi. Well lnctili'.l A- iiuiili'in. A il.I I,,- ,,,!„,[ r,,,,,,,.,,!,!,,. All.«|.r \a III.W fi,,,, CimrliT .s,, w ,. ^ 6-10 If V <'ii'ii'' '"'' '"' v '7 ''" ""''' ''"'ill""!- 11 sl."" V 'si'iii|," n'l"" nolli'tiiii' Hl«rc. 3Hi I.. M:ilu sir.,,I _ ' eiio-iik-7|iii . v ash for wrecked or junk MiitonmhiU's. Waih. Aulo Salvage, North Hi way (il. Plume :t7Sr>. , r . ,'JO pk Ii :H) Medium si/i> or small safe in H'oml ninttilinn. Call !Mr.t \Velih :il 2(i(iS. Ii 21 -'U :i:> Lost n,-, hi.-yi-li.. ,t U.-.ilu, I. Nt'ws Want Ails. Our parts man has recently received so many new Chevrolet engines and blocks assemblies he's AZY AS A LOON! and you're crazy too if you think he isn't going to sell them all to somebody at some kind of price . . . even if he loses some money. l.ri-iikiiii: i.low, li»rr.,»-, I l.-r, .'nil coi.iliiiu-. Julin I!. »ii> i:,,n,l SI.. Tin,11'- ST;l. . ilUO .S. .SUCH l-uk-12111 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W.J. AGENCY Glencoe Ho^cl Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. REPAIR 1 ANID 'J DAY SKHVIC, : : ON ANY MAKK OR MODIM,. HK- l,IAUl,H WOHICMAMUHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAK Klcriric:tL AppHnncc Co. MiDii/.etl iMotorol.i lt;uUn Sulrs and Srrvirc Kill Smith Mrsl St. LADIES — Come to U-DQ-IT LAUNDRY anfl do your family wash on our modern IUAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . C-loso iV:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 Norlli 2nd Street FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Prootiivg Paint 12- 48 inc!) CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Csceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver IMione (i!)! Only $142 Complete Look! Here's what you get! Block, cam- shaft, crankshaft, all bearings, connecting rods, pistons, pins, rings and timing gears . . . factory assembled and fitted. We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More i MOD1NGER TIRE CO. I1C K.'Mnin I'hrmr. 2201 T NOW is rho best time for you to restore that "new cor" or "now truck" per- forn-iancc with one of those new Chevrolet engines. You don't need cash. We'll install the now engine and do any other repairs you might need and you can pay for it at your own convenience. Don't Delay — See Us Today E1CH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close 301 Walnut St. Sales Dcpf open til 8 Phono 578 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Kl/u T. L MABHY 1!!3 A1IKSOIIIU HT. TH. 'Mil MONEY TO LOAN T)o yon nftd • loan tn repntr or rtmodelT No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA *pproT«d ratr S*. Ask fo,- details. Max !x>x>n. Realtor, phone 203<. Lynch BMff.. KIyth* T HI«. 9-28-ck-W Oil 8lov*» H I'ii-k.-.l i:p All work FTunr/tnt4-c<]. no 9i I. Kxnert refrigeration .service. Call Mtirff ''< !5us's Store, ;!077. Service guaranteed. I '5 pk IT! Loans of that l« lioii.ocfi nml Fn mil lire. Al«n K.If.A. Innnq frtr n*-1 (nunrintr. rcpnlrjnc «n<1 linrlilfnc anil lonnn or> Farnv|« nt low rAto« nt tnlerpst. Si"r> • A K T»i*- Iricli. thiilr.! TniitirRiifr: Aernr.y 20^ "7 W. Main St.. over Ounrci 1 -. .Tnwt-lrv Only imnorlnnt city In the south to experience a (Increase In colored population l s Richmond, Va. MOBS AIL: HERE'S a little story ri^ht out ol tlie book: A fellow came into -,\ Ihiick dealer with a rap in his engine 1 . The dealer s-.iid it was carbon—and recommended a valve job, naming a price. The owner though! thai was too much "to get rid ol n little noise" so lie took il to ;i "friend" who "'knew :ftiotit •.uitoniobiles." The friend said all ( was needed was to set,back the ignition timing, lie did. The rap stopped. .Hill in a while il was back again. So he repeated the process—-with t lie same result. Finally, af lot several such ''cures," he woke up to the fad thai he was treating symptoms, not correcting troubles ll.v then, he really did need a valve grind jnluil I lie first cost quoted by the IJuick Dealer. I5ut in the meantime he had lost good engine performance and the pleasure of driving a well-serviced car. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 BUICK Sales & Service WATHIl AI-TKCTS KVIUIV NKI1VH, TISSHH and Aim.nv oi' 'nn: ii(n>v—CAN IT sii:A\ IIIC'I"!Hit IIKAI.'I'II I'Olt YOU! ANTI-ACSD This N:ilur:il ,Mllli>i"il WiiU'r, ilclii'iiui'i In hislc. ll'nils In— I. Sliimiliitc Idilnry ucllnn II. V:\iicl sviU^niln ^vasli- S. Ki-ihii-c I'Xfi-snivi: lirir :"-iil -I. Ucuillirr»ll7.i; tin- liiuly CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M.iln nml Dlvlsliin Hlyllif.villc, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n* ROYAL, SMITH, COUONA knd KKMINGTON PORTABLf HP N. SKCOND 8T. PRONE S383 HI (Every Tra'tiRfictlon MUSI' BE BAT18FA.OTORY> j: COHEN Contracto T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Radios and Heater* Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 VV>"»~*"**VV>"*"VVVVVVV*'VV>'VV>"*'>~ ' |; Save 50% Chopping Expense | I'lant Chemically Dclmtcrt, Fu//.-Frec COTTON SEED |. Save Money— fi to 10 per Acre. An? corn, pea or{j • !•;• bean planter will plant these .smooth, slick cotton seed. $ , Can be plowed !> to fi days after planting. HOWDEN 'till — KTONEVII.r.E 2C — T) P & L 14 I; For Sale I!y 1 6LYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-857 9'- Si- 1'iticn.i.A's POP ()i« Second Thought Gv AL VERMEE1 i SAft CAKS SAVt_ilVtS'OOOt> CAXS SKING GOOO fKICtS T £' nevt'r see/l Cat~/y/0 so excited, tie's making \ a// sorts of plans for summer /~\—, -^ vacation, y . ) M !&in ' •! m 'He Icou/d hardly eat dinner, m Sort of mzkes you yearn for the old high schoo/ days, doesn't it? Mien / think of those wonderful long vscations- it sure does!

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