Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 8
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i' ^ I«il^>ey Cut Gbu, Robk- V wood Pottery and Band Painted CUna. • SewiO, Jeweler lid OptlG^i 104 ITorth Washington. 3: OBJECT TO BIBLE IN SCHOOL In Chicago 100,000 davra 8*nd a Rro- teat to Board of Education. Chicago, Nov. 20.— The prospejcts ot Introdadng the Bible as a text book tin the Chicago public schools .hasrec^ed a double aetbacic A pro- teft agU^3t Buch action was presented at the board rooms on behalf! of 100 ,<K )0 Chicago Jews. This was filed by Sabbls Josepb Stpls and Totiias Sdiahfarber, who said thejr represent- ad 226 rabbis and their congregations, Dr. 8tols formerly: was a member of the board of education. > Later In commenting on this protest President Schneider admitted frankly that the committee on school management is not likely to consider the admission of the Bible favorably at Its next meeting. "Wis are all opposed to the Bible as a text book," he said. "There is no donbt of that The Chicago schools lack a system of ethical teaching, but what we need Is a standard of moi^ allty." . President Schneider left it to be inferred that the opposition of .the coip- .mltteeextends-to a book of Biblical i,^abmitted<by 'the Chicago aen's EUucatkmai, union. tXtSS BALFOUB, - celebrated corse- Uere of the-Gossari front laced cor set, will be pleased to demonstrate the merits, of this superior corset to the ladies of'lola and. vicinity. HEB LACE CURTAIir ROPE BROKE. r A SoBtli DakoU rnlTemlty Girl. Trapped Ihy Sophomores, Severely Injured. Vermillion, S. D.. Nov. 20.—While trying to escape by a rope made of lace' curtains from her room on the third floor of ESast hall, at the state university,-in which she had been locked by gii^l sophomores. Miss Anna Johnson, a freshman from Howard, S. D., fell thirty-nve feet to the frozen ground. • She received Injuries from which It is feared she will die. After discovering that she had been trapped by the sophomores as she was preparing to attend the Junior reception to the freshman class, Miss Johnson constructed the rope with ' which-to- lower herself to the ground. As soon as she put her whole weight nppn-'the improvised rope it broke. Her arm.was broken in two places, her hip fractured and she suffered internal injuries. 'Rothes do not make the man." Maybe not But assuredly FIGURE makes the W03CAX and the Gossard Cerset makes the figure. New York Store. : CAUSES FOR THE - STBIJiGEXCT. WaD Street, Extnvagaat LlTln;; and . WRd SpecnUttoB, Says GiUette. ' Sacramento, Calif., Nov, 20,—The special session of the legislature called by Governor Gillett convened today. The governor's message which was read in both houses, says that the session, has been convened to enact legislation, believed to be Imperative be- cau^ of unusual financial stringency brought about by conditions existing In the ;ea8t The country is prosperous and legitimate busine^ was never in better condition. The present state of affairs, the governor said, is attri- bntied to ; extravagant living, wild •pecnlatioii and bond manipulators of Wall street The banking laws need to be amend ed boas to afford better protection in depositors, the message says. Trust coa»perf »8 and corporations doing an intersta& basiness shonld be placed under Ifderal laws, and If necessary the! ooalititntiMi abonld be amended. A ooni^lttfeei should be appointed to In Tesugst^ the methods of doing bank Ingi bosipess In this state. Owing to conjUMoSsjin the east California bank era'are unable to seoire the balances due.thei^ ! This, with the withdrawal of moncpr from the banks and the hoarding ot It, has depleted the _ca8h reserve. ASSI KEEBS THE OFFICERS. .TfMt Pelal Clasi Wni Frebably Be GiUaM Five Xeatki EarUer. West Point Nov. 20.— It Is reported ' here .-tBoni^ the report lacks ofiScIal rotiflrmation. ' that the first class of cadets at the mllifair academy will be graduated in January, five I months v«arUer'than the original date; of grad oaUoB. The ;class thIS; year nnmjbers 110 men and these men are nee led. It is nnderstood, because ot the many va cantlMC In the list of comipissioned olBoers'of the army. lirMnr^^akmrfif efi Besatlfil nttfala li«toSe Jeweby. Ftae .^SQHJT JUHMBfe BIek Cat OAjgEji ^^VBlirfcl CUaa aad £fie -jOll t Stent, i Tke BdJakle Do Ymkr GhHmimmm Stk^ Only GhrMmam Is Now in ^ull Progress and Will Continue Throughout Balance of the Month With a Daily Change of We welcome you to evet Urge you to visit every section to get a share of the great things weVe gathered for you you to every part of the big store. ^ proud of thif store," said one of lo»a*g leading ladies to a hoat of lady friends who wre visiting this store for its prominence as a trading center for ev- eiybody, a place where the Vealthiest can find merchandise rich for their choosing, where those with a smaller capital can be equally at home« and incidentally; increase their savings. This store for all the people. Can't choose amiss in a store where all Is good. Buy at priee&.that stimulate the cozy corner of your pocket book. The quality of dependability is constantly striven for and maintained. lola has never seen such desirability linked with attractive goods. When York Store." The success utmost confidence and universal good will. In letter and in spirit we too follow this principle unerringly towards our clientelle. ybu see a well dressed woman on the street whose clothes you admire, it's a sttre_thlng that she got her outfit at the _*'New IS of this business is measured by the good will of its patrons. Enjoying such an immense patronage as we do must-meaii tiie Thmnkmgiviag tltaem Smte Bleached and Half Bleached Linen, 58 incjhes wide. Special per yd. 2.">^ Bleached and Half Bleached Linen 58 inches wide. Special per yd. lliif Half Bleached Linen 72 inches wide. Special per yard ,l(><ft Bleached Table Linen 68 inches wid^. Special per yard iiliik Half Bleached Table Linen 72 inches wide. Special per yard Half Bleached Tajble Linen, extra heavy ^8 ^pches wide. St.-ecial per j-ard 1 65 <S Half BledchedT^ble Linen, extra heavy i72 Inches wide. Special per yard • ! Sii^. Extra Fine Bleached Table Linen 72 Inches wide. Special per yd.. .i)He Mercerized Bleached Linen 58 Inches wide. Special per yard IU}6 Mercerized Bleached Table Linen 64 inches wide. Special per yd ...'596 Mercerized Bleached Linen 72 inches wide. Special per yard 7iiCt Bleached Stillers German Linen. Special jper yard fHi.'Zii Bleached SUllers German Linen. Special per yard SHL.'SO Napkins to match 8 |1 cloths from 98c iose^ to a doscn SQ.iiO Thanksgiving Shoe Sale 10 Pi-r ('pnt Special Discount for This Week Only. $1.00 Shoes for '• $3.G0 ?3 .r .O Shoes for JSi5.15 13.00 Shoes for $2.70 J2.50 Shoes for $3.25 $2.25 Shoes for • SR2-0O J1.G5 Shoes for SI.50 ThmukmgMag Orwm Goodm mmd Silk Smie. 15 Pieces Wool.Dress Goods in Fancy Mixtures, Stripes aJa^^d Over Plaids; regular 59c values. Special for 45e 10 Pieces Fine All Wool I)ress Goods in all the new falf shades and fancy over plaids, checks and stripes: Special in this sale 75* 15 Pieces High Grade Dress Goods, any shades wanted and new effects of plaids, checks and stripes: regular |1,25 quality. Special 98e 27 Inch Fine Chiffon Taffeta Silks in all shades and black. Yard$l^ 36 Inch Black Chiffon Finished Taffeta, well worth "gi^ic^^yr. j 36 Inch eiacii Taffeta Silk, regular $1.39 values. Special^yard.'.iB^l9 36 Inch Black Taffeta, regular $1.50 value. Special per yard... .81.39 New Fancy Silks in Pretty Plaids and Stripes for Waists At 1....... 75t. 98i», Saio of Latiies^ Long Coats 25 Black All Wool Cheviot Coats, 50 • Inches long, trlmed in velvet and braid. Tbis week 95.00 20 Ladles' Black Cc^ts. made of all- wool heavy Cheviot;: full 50 inches long; nicely trimmed in silk braid. This week iMiSM 13 Ladies' Black Coats, made of all wool, heavy Cheviot, with large storm lur collar. This week $7.50 12 Ladies' All Wool Kersey Coats, also all wool Broadcloths; full satin lined, trimmed in silk braid: full 50 Inches long. This week . .. .$lO.00 10 Ladies' Coats, made of fine Broad cloth, full satin lined; beautifully trimmed with silk braid. This week $12,981 12 Ladies' Coats, made of extra fine light weight Kersey; full rip|)le back, 60 inches long; nicely trimmed; regular 122.30 value. This week $15.00 15 Ladies'Pine Dress Coats, black, brown, tan and red; full satin lined, beaatifnily trimmed braTd; other stores sell them for $30.00,, .Our price this week $20.00 Sale oi Fine Tailor Suits ^mtevfOUIdrmWrnComim 25 Children's Coats, worth $3.50 for 20 Children's Coats, worth $3.98 for 25 Children's Coats, worth $5.00 for 16 Children's Coats, worth $6.00 for 20 Children's Cdats. worth $7.50 for 12 Children's Coats, worth $8.98 for 15 Chlldfen's Coats, worth $12.98 for .... L StitmmfSllkmmlM9iWmimim. New Models, ju^ In from NeirToHc ...• S^98. 45.98. f6.50 and ff7.98 f UMs vul Solid $45.00 Tailored Suits this week for $40.00 Tailored Suits, this week for $35.00 Tailored Suits, this week for $30.00 Tailored Suits, this week for $25.00 Tailored Suits, this week for $20.00 Tailored Suits, this week for $15.00 TaUored Suits, this week for $15.00 Tailored Suits, broken sizes. This week they go for J25 $22 JK) ....$18 . .$15 $11.95 ....$10 Sale of Ladies^ Fur Ooatm $85.00 Genuine Sable Squirrel Fur Coat. This week for $7.5 $75.00 New Seal Fur ' Coats with Skinner Satin linings. This week for $<W $65.00 Kear Seal Fur Coats, with Skinner Satin linings. This week for JiW.T $50.00 Near Seal Fur Coats. Skinner SaUn linings. This week for $40 $45^ Near Seal Fur Coats, with guaranteed Satin linings. This week for fSSTi $45.00 Brown and Black Carracul Coats, lined with Skinner Satin. This week for $JJ3 $35.00 Caracul Coats, with guaranteed lining. This week for .... $25 $18.00 Carracul Coats, satin lined. This week for $12.98 $25.00 Carracul Coats, lined with extra good satin. This week thjiy go at •«..• 920 $20.00 Carracul Coats, lined with good satin. This week they ib for ,.. $|S BIgBlmmkvtSmlmTUmWmek, J We will save you 25 per cent on your purchase of BLANKETS] ^ own them at old prices. Come this week. • Wby not buy the best in the market, the celebrated "PO! MILLS" make. We are sole agents for this section of Kansas, don't cost any more than the poor, inferior makes, if you wear once you will buy no other makes. -OUK STOCK IS COMPLETE." mnd KmnSkmwtm^^^. THE BEST.-UNB OF GLOVES <WJD KNIT ^^JfCS^f 8BqTION"OP KANSAS. . ^ .. ,i; i. 0 ' -.-^U

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