Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 12
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auM, r. SCOTT. ' \' • ^^^^ . . 7 '' •-'!'»t Into, ^Mt, POBtofflO*, M •aeoBd-CUM MH(ter. Adtjir ^Ak IUte» Made' Kiiowa OD -J..,.' • Application. ,": tinSCBIFriOlf BATES. * fifittm te GM Cit7. liMjra- H«-WeeIt.V;......i :10 «irt»i1 in* Kontb.'... 44 cenU daD 'TMr;.^.*.^.... $6.00 • - . BjMaiL e >r ;jr «w iMMeeoanty tS>M •ae^jrww «atsM« coniity $iM TbrM Alovitha, in advanc* $1.00 ; Onp .Mdpth^ Jn advanco 44 MTjn^IAL'FIFER, CITT OF BA8-! :.8ET. J Telcpbonai Soalneat Office ------ 18 Bdltorial Room - 222 T I-IE pemuauvfl. templing aromaofOLDQOlJDEN Ciffce is only a forenfflner of ill real, substantial, sustaining goodness. Ywi, never tire of its de- liRlitfuI flayor; there is none of ihc bilter taslc that you tiftcn n|>ticc in coffee. -OLD GOLOEIM -COFFEE a fjpcrior blend of "OH C'r'->p" Coffees, scientiiicaily combined and roasted to bring out their full strength and flavor. 'Try a pound; grcccrs sell Jt. DesMoin'es, la. -jllf. .ind no cnil of InterpstiiiK side- ^D^OBIAL COBHESrONnKX'K. Jli'-'ln- are !>rniii:lit oiii. Some men r-- Washington. .Ndv. It;, uwn. I have never known a V ..ishinKiou newspaper man- Habituol •^ayf)«pemannill); overcome l ^yprpjxr 'alXSi^atjs iTuly be>ic|ic\al Wo1i »c I Wjii!«()>^ Syrav oJRfe ani ltXn\r o{Snino, 'wMcn. enatleft one iof<fm vvgulor • iMy lie ^raclual(^ clif^pensc^wtth ' .i!Ai»iwumgnrneec}e<) a*«f lofiV<ue6,wKen rc ()Utned, arc to a.sfitsr iiiiltaTe anittatie tuip^ant i\\e noinr. , fj).^cti(m6,vKicK mustdepen<) uW'i- iatatcfy u|M)ipro)>ev tiouti^Ktiiotit', :CALIF 0 I?N.IA FIG Sraup Co. my , .^Win^fiita'- price 50t Bo»» »c . foiiio ill Hustled llip tiiiiinph i)t „ ^ an iiiicxiincloclly large ninjiirliy. \vlii:e atirt few olhersror I' IIIKTS jire :-Iuiine<l i>y an iinexpertcd (ief'.ii. and oafli lia.s liis nwn Iticory .••s t') whv ii liapponed—the sirijjiilar tiling aliinii all llie.';!' tlu'ories lieinR lliat the iiu'iirnr tlic candidate liad iiothiim; to do wiili the result. This is not .--riid in irciiy. for -it really seems lo lie true. .Men wlio |iave Iteen in Ihc House a Um^r time, wtio tiad Iion- nreil ilieii (Ilsl.rl.-ls .-Mid whose records v .iie eiiliicly salislactory • lo their cn'isliliiinls. w( re de-fealed on some iip<iii wlileh as wiMild liever lie lli-.l nroii to taUe any ncliini wliat- •ver. riiai liaiipiiicd es|Krlally in In diani' and ()lih> where 8iimi> phase of ihi' ii'iiiiieniii'-e ipiestlnii—wlniMv a inal'er I'nr titale iir ((iiinty le^^isl.-ttinn -vva.- .'in anile l^>iie. SIroii;; and ime- n'll men were 'defeated In elose dls- 'III IS liy iiiiiMipiilar pusiolliee uppoinl- iiients their colisllttienls fnrKeltillK that the.reciitnniondatioii of po.itmasl- pis |j< line of I lie most mlnoi' dnile.s of a r 'o'mressniHii—a duty, by the way. which otitht not lo devolve U|MIII him i't all and wlii<'li every memlirr would l:e (llllv li);i (jhld to lie rid of—and tliK! a man may occasionally piclc the •.vrnii? enndidafe and siill In- a very abit* and useful repre.-entatiVe. lint ihi> inJliiciice which in this campaiRn heryiis hardest to analyze is tlio issue :-;)i:in;only ri<fcrred to as "rannnn and faiinnnisni." This issn?/was worked iiidiisiiloiisly all over the I'lytcd State.i u-it'i lesiilts thot are very ronfiisiuB ipd ciintradi<Mor>. Two men at; wli" (ome til my mind tiow. were de- fraiid for reno>iii»Hlion lieraiise of ilieir fiiendshiri for .Mr. I'anmin. i:iit on ihu oiiii r hand it is pointed out that f-rv.-ral iitl'n who thought to save i!!eiii;^i>ves hy proniipiiiK to vote a- !; .Mr. rannnn. were defeated jiist 'li'' same, while in t-ome normally De- morraiic distii<fa tvejniblicans who openly declaird they would vole for !:iii' were elected. The Speaker him- seM was re-elected liy aliont 1000 a- 1 nve the normal Republican majority i'f his riistrirt in spite of the terri- !ir made «Kainst him.,Those who tavnr his re-election. Ilierefore. s wi-ll as those who op- pte ii. .-a:; point lo the returns as .•.;is!.!ini:iK their contention. It is only inirl|ei illiisliallon r.l the dillicnity •r (le!miiniiiK what an election really iiie.iiiR .ill as liip a this. r.JJli varied interests and with a.s iiia!iv ilitferenl "issues," as are pre- srnte I ill eviry i.amiiaij;n. • • •* * ' III.' ;;ile eleetion did drlinitely Ifit 'viiTr ene ihliif:. howrvei. ir pr'-t- if "fii-rally miaeiled by fietii'MTats uid KepulilJcNins alilte .and that is the (inyl .^liifiii'atioi) of Mr. Bryan as a r>< ini.M;tiie pi evidential randidate. HI; irn^' a.- (tins far reported shov.- Ii.'i le pr<«(i»l(lv ran behind his parly that matter;—to deliberately niisipiote a^l^ii of whom he asked an inter- vie*r;but the best of them will' sometimes, make a mistake. Tliis remark is ealled out by a Washington dis» pateh it tn-ecent tssue of the Kansas City Star, In which I am iiuotrd as saying that "Senator LOUR is not the tyiw "5f 'a man .Mr. Taft would |iur in bis Cabinet." ^\^lat I did .say. when aiirtfei)'by a group of reporters at the WhftirHouse the other day. who asked 'puielj issue n *e-?wt «ther Mr. LOUK would probably i<'oii.«nssman tUe.\ g9itllto the new Cabjui l. was this: -I dopl.l^^ngw, but I doubt It .\oi that hfrf appointment would nut be entirely sattiifactory to Kansas: but Senator LoDff Is not the typn of public man fibtfibAM to be 'tnkon care of by an appolntmjBnt when defeated at the pftflii."' It' will be Heun that thi« is a T^y.-<Ufferont statcnieni from the one attributed to me, and In Just ice to Mr Uonc aa well as to aci|uit me of ma- llgnija^ a man for whom I have the U^iest personal rcRard. I hope that tnta' iSorrectlon will be noted by atjy ^ the Register's exchnnpes which may have printed .or i:gninicnted up tho Star's dispatch. , . f « * • '•Natnraily the late canipalpn is tin first topic of conversation between the mtmbefs of Conpress when they meet here for the first time aften ibe bat- TM lOU BAILT JUBISTfeg. 'THCBSPAT ETEifiyfl, SOTEMBEB 1». nol^ lisa than 600,000'in the popular vote.; while be lost eight northern Mates'which elMted Democratic governors. 'Bx»n in hi> own state bis majority was only 3500 while .a Democrat was elected gorembr by 14,000— and this In spite of the very large complimentary vote'given him by the Republicans of Lincoln, it would certainly seem that a candidate who has been shown to be so much weaker than his party could hardly hope to get Into the running again. And why should Mr. Bryan get Into the running again? One of my callers the other day dropped a chance remark which It seems to me should answer that question once for all. He said that early in the campajgu he met Mr. Bryan and being on Intimate persona} terms with him expressed regret that be bad faken the nomination. "You" are sure to be defeated." my friend said, "you have noi Issue but thf bank guaranty and there Is nothing in that." "I think you are mistaken." Mr. Bryan replied. "There are tifleen Killion depositors in the^ rnit- rd Mates, and 1 thhik It will appeal la tnem.". .Not a word as to whether it was rl?ht or not. or whether it was practical or sfalesman'iike. No thought about it except that it would appeal to flftrcn million people. It he couldrj have found some <ithcr Issue that per-, haps would have appealed to sixteen or seventeen million people he would have "paramoiintcd" that just as llpht- iy. The people of the United States will never send to the White House . man whose first question .when a poirtical Issue is supgested Is iiow many* people will it ap|>eal to?.. The men who are made president are <be men who ask. Is is sound "and whe nod riijht. The battle is over now and I have no disiiositlon to fight it over again. HuL I should like to go on record with the prediction that the farther away we get from this campaign the less the wonder will be. remembering the l>einocratlc candidate and his issues, that it resulted us It did. • . * • f)r all the men in Washington it is safe to say that lioue is happier over the risull of the election or less Vi;rsi< to sayltip .so than President Itocsevrll. Ills affeclioii for Mr. Tuft and his {tuny spirit would of course account in large measure for this fee' Uilt of satisfaction, liut it Is probahl doing hlin no Injustice to say that h does not forget what the victory mean to hini personall.v. Nobody re alli'.es more than he does that llcpuli- llciin defeat this year would have been ronstrued as a reliukc to his adiuiti istration. even If he had taken no part in tlic cainpaipn. Hut in view of the very active part he did take such result would have been nearly as se vere a blow to his prestige as If he had himself been a candidate an^ had been defeated. As It is he Is fully v.arrantcd in regarding the result as an endorsement of himself and of his policies quite as mu^h as it is an en dorscment of .hidpe Taft and the Republican iiarty, and he cannot be blamed for commenting upon the returns with a pood deal of eiithu.slasni One of the things that' affords him especial .satisfaction isihe| way ID which he put Mr. Hryan "In the hole on the InjuiTction question. It will he remembered that when the president's letter appeared asking Mr. Br.van whether he stood for the kind of injunction legislation that .Mr Tiouipers .said he did. Mr. Bryan promptly answered that he was ••preparing an answer.'^ Rut it will lie remembered that the answer never came. This failure to reply could only mean that .Mr. Bryan was afraid to say that he was in favor of the Compers kind of Injunction and that he did not dare to say that he was not in favor of it. It was a most mortifying predicament for a candidate whiwe special boast has been that he is Ijnid and fearless and ?.Iways speaks his mind: and nobody appreciated his predicament better than-the man who put him in it. C. F. S. Who Pays for the "Free Ci^aps"?t ( Many brands of "Ten Cent" Cigars arc sold to dealers on the "Free Deal" scheme. ^ This means that with every 1000 cigars the dealer buys, he gets 100 cigars / T««. The dealer retails the whole 1100 cigars on the basis of "10 Cents Straight." Question:—Who pays for the 100 cigars? Is it not apparent that their value is taken outofthcqua /ii ^ofthelot? Think it over. MeFcantile Cigars Always Worth 100 Cents on the Dollar Even if we favored the "free nr^V'Ar.kyourCigarmanforaMcTcanfSe" scheme, we couldnt afford to nnopt it. | o«f of Rice's G 1^ S 7fhi^iiid^ Because we use the chr^icest Hsv.^ni Tobacco that money csn buy. J', rn.-^ic-. hi^h but it makes the "Mcrcrntiic" correspondingly high in quality.- Yet the price of Mercantile Ciaars -nt retail, everywhere —is the ."same r.-j tb .c brands whose quality has b-tcn cheapened by free deals. The quality has been maintained at the presentbighst£mciard for eighteenyears. "Ficf'idlassIJumidor"\^ thenri-jin.-.I i-.ndonly S11-. i ;->fiilKlasscijcitr lur. Anair tiKlitpa<k .ij.i :i;]a't tfrj-% Mrreantile C'ipa^s in exai .'Iv the :.ami- rnn- dition inTchicbtheyleavethefaitory. Neitlicral-.i- mdc nor climate affects them, bcalcrs will serve you with ".Mercantiles" out of this ie.r, if y .u 'Phi;; .<;plendid parkai;ci«availablc at de.ilcrs to smokers who buy MercantilcCigars in luisoi 50. If your dealer docs not carry Mercantile Cigars senti us his name and we will arrange to supply you. F. R. Rice Mercnnlile Cidar Ck>., St. Louis, Mo. Factory 305—First nist. of Missonri ooooooooooooooooo o - o O ADDITIONAL SHORT STOKIES. 0| O O' ocooooocoooocoooo TO r .lRK COLD IS OJfE DAT. Take T..axatlve Bmmo QuInlne'Tab- letR. nrucnists refund monrv If It fails to cure. R. W. OROVES signa Inn: ii! oil each tiox. 250. STANDS BY HUSBAND i7Vf»YpODY CAN HAVr. RF .AiiriRIL V Ci'*'ffAm NOW, •nd tll^-v il'Hi'l Ii;»vr li> %«ait WMIO and'months fnr r.tuli, ifiri-. . You will •otice •narlted impn, --ii-ni ndrr fbe very Srrt applicalion: ~. Oaaderin* n quicVIv unfi ,'•. 'tl>orM(l^ aliiorbcil by ili» o^nlp . IM hair aoon shows ih': ....eSecta of its wonderfully es- ;< iitUratifig aaj li(e.pra(lucin|! qualitias. !(» pleasant anil I; «aar aee—aimply appl H I* <calp and hair <M« S 'thy on «a the Iwir be(ti»l» grow. tfata-^wd oif rtirae (inef'ai 'we«lc till desirad rcaul's arr Grows Hair end %ve cni| PROVE ITI If llifornia writes la aiitoaneefw iollotvs: SaiXlian bMootlot rour if ondrr. fol balrioeleforV.". -ra! wonttiS .Wd»t|HtIatnDoirblecs«dwUb A 'gJIMWftil laltot mirmat mcM araa war II laeliM in lengtii: tke tftU I luebe* cr»uad. (few Jeraej-: _^«t«li boitJe I la'aajr tliai I hir* •« Blac a kaad or balr u aor-jue in Tli-« GrMt R >ir-Grow las R *m «dr can pow be ludat aUdrufciatain three sizes, aSe. SOo and 01.00 Tp»bowho »qulckljr Dandarlne • Isrce MMSlc frr* •MMtoaBroscwho traaceapooiotbe M-CUcap, leMd 'adOresi aflrcr ot stamps Mrii. Mingle Visits Forrest Mingle, Alias tHarry Purker, Charged With Murder. T»p Oklahoma f'lty f)l:!.i;:' KayH: ••With a tpar-stained fare that hf- siipaks much sadness, ypt Impllrit lonOrtPnce In the assurnnce Riven hy hor hiishand that he U wronKfully aocuKPd. Mr.s. Minnie Minslc, wife of Forrest C; MinBle. alias Harry Park er. held at the county jail, chargo with murdering Mrs. Harry Pearson S^nterober 16. is visiting the- Jail twice dally and doing: what Is In her iiower to cheer him jip and. Kosslhle. assume pari of the burden that he carries. '•I have sufficient proof to show that mv hiiftiand was In HHchlta on the day that he Is charged with shooting a Mrs. Pearson. He Is innocent and i kno* It." saM Mrs. Mingle yester day afternoon, as she left the county jail. ••! do not desir" to say anything abnut fh's affair. It Is too serious and besides, my attorneys will care of my husband, who Is guilty." Mrs. Mingle was dre.ssed becorainr. ly In black and wore a large stylish WaTk T-at. She Is a decided blonde with large blue eyes. Since arriving SundPv abe has taken itp ber abode on West Main street. and keeps in rlose touch w<tb her attorneys. Gld- d{ngs ^ Oiddlnjss. who will defend Another Cement Plant. It is reported from Indopcudpucr that a bifT I.tnrI doul is pr .-icticHlly; <'l (iK»>d tlint will assure .Montvoniery roiinty Hiiotlwr coinent jilunl. Tlic land, said to have Iieou piirrliascd for that piirposi?. Is located Just north of the i .oilunt plant. The propiiscd c<'- nicnt iiiill. like evt^ry other t;ilk (Ml of or biillt In Kansas is a •'iiiillioti dolliif plant.•' Here 's hoping tho plant nip.y come, hut yon will pardon a little Ki'eminji sijeptlclsm on the part of this paper. Cenient pltintH are KPttiiiB entirely too thirk in this Kectioii. esppclally the paper v;irioly. —Indc|)pnd<'neo Rpporler. —Tbiirsduy. Friday mid Snttirdny only. 7r.r Jind $1 caps will he snld for inc and J.'ic. DoKgett .Milliiury. Caleb 'Powers at Ottawa. Caleb Powers, the Kentiiekiiin four times tried for the murder of Governor <;oebeI. will lecture at tl'p Ottawa Chautauqua this year. It will lie remembered that petitions were circulated in this section last summer asking the present governor of Ken tucky to pardon Powers. He is loc turlnpT on "A Struggle for Life." —Dr. P. K. IVangb, Dentist. Phono 38. Do<3 Days Are Over. Mayor George .f. Barker this afternoon authorized the raising of the quarantin* against dogs, and ,-iII dogs may now'he turned free to run un­ muzzled at will over the city provided the projier tax has been paid. The dog days" are over and the animals may be released from bondage.—^Lawrence Gazette. —Onr Oysters. Way. The World's Best Piano Prices Kaage friin $500 lo $1500 J, V. Roberts, Distributor there and has appealed the case from j probate court to district court. Tho| action will be heard -when Judge- Foust convenes court. I —Fresh Oysters—Our Waj, Oyler Out of Town. F. .r. Oylor left last night for beroy and Yates Center where he will take depositions rn a land case he has pending in Western Kansas. —New Post Card Albums at Mundis'. National Annuity to Meet. A meeting of the .National Annuity lodge is to he held tonight and a full attendanee Is desired. Several ran didat'-s are to lie balloted in and a letter from the" president is In lie read. Kooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building Steam beat fa each room, ftethe free Don't Want Him to U>. Thp mother of Bddio .«h«nnon. the olo-rd lin.v. whose application hiw ipon made for admission Into the reform school, tloes not want him sent 1 lUUO. hef tusband. A "PoMum" Supper. Tbe Udles of the Secpnd Baptist cbureh are to bold an o'possiim supper at the tome of Mrs. WilHamson. at •06 South: Walnut street Prlday nicbt. Tiia pro^edi are to go to the chord). Soveral hnatera bavd been DOGTORS MISTAKES Aro saiil ollen to bo bnrlod six .feet nnd^r ground. But many times women cull on their family physicians, suffering, as they Imagine, one from dyspepsia, another frnm disease, another from liver or kidney disease, another from nervous pro.v tratlon, another with pain here and there, and In this way they present alike to themselves and thefar easy-going or over- busy doctor, separate diseases, for which he, asisumlng them to bo such, prescribes bis pills antipotlona. . In reality, they aro fell onlyaympconu caused by some nterine disease. Tha'plHCSlelan.^Qiorant of the cow»e of sufrerlngVBwps upm«^reatment until large bills are made. J<bc>i^crlng patient gets no betteAjwreSSfta ^tbe wrong treatment. Imt probably ytoi^A Plfrcfi '-iytYnriS UKf wnuIJ Frank Robinson Out. Tho many friends of Frank Rohinson will ho pleased to learn that he was able to take a ride yesterday after having, been confined to his home several months with tvphold fever. —IialBt OB having "ri. 8." Hoar. r^lsr. MinrAw in Faculty. Maudf Minrow, a former teach "r In the lola s.-hools, lias been add"d to the faculty of the Slate Normal school. She btis lu-pn taking a special conrse there this fall and her work w,iK of stirh a high firade as to iiecommend her to a place on tho far,- nit.v. PotatoPH for Sale. Will exchange small sepd pfitaif >es. Iiiishel for luijliel. for enrn. I'llr -e fur ante .'•5c at homp. 1/irge sorl '-d potatoes 70c. Also^ ttirnlpH 2nc. A. L. Tiiwnsend, HorRcshoe ftend. I'hone V.*2 —12. Prescf lotion, cHrcetcdR ,.je, thero- i.aisiressiiig'fymp- toibs,and InstltuUnff ifomfort Instead of prolonged misery, ftrhat been veil said. ibat*adl*ea !ie known Is half cured.* . Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is a To See Old Scenes. Fied Ilowden has gone lo Rirli Hill. .Mo., for a few days" visit. He lived tlure when Ttich Hill was but a village but hopes to find many of the old landmarks. Finish Macadam. The eontractor is now fini.-ihing up the work on the five lilnck« of macadam on East Lincoln. As this Is the first macadam put down in lola, it will be watched witli intorost. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Ea^tiward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., ar­ rives St. Louis 8:25 a. "in. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see ua. C. p. Hale, Agt. Monuments! It Is maSe'of "native Ameilcan m« roots and Js_perfectnr harmless ectsjji liclnal In its •jnmKiutnii.iivmnminmnrmc. AS ajpowcrfnl InTlgoratIng tonic "Fv vorlte Prescription" Imparts i A Snap. We have a 4 room house on car line, corner lot, that we can sell for Sii.'.O. %\>U cash and balance |I.". per month at 6 per cent. This house rents for $R per month. , WfffT.VKER Sr DOSSVA.U Alex Hamilton Was Here. Alexander Hamilton -was over from worked, "•worn-out,* run-down, tated teachers, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses, 'shopirirls,* house -keepers, Bursltaamotheni,and feeble women gen- erally.Dr. Pleree's Favorite Prescription is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic. ' As a soothing and strengthening nerr- Ine "Kavorita Prescription*is uneqnaled and is invalnable In allaying and sob- .duing nervous exeitabillty, irritability, ner^-oos azhaustion, nervous pToetratloii, oeuralgia, hysteria, srasns, St. Vitus's dance, and . other dMresstng, ner\-ous symMons eomstoiilr attendant upon funeOonal and drgaole disease of the- Btema. It Indneos refr «hlnc siceo and; nlleTes nentel anxiety and dMp6iiileBcr .i Dr. Pierea^ Plaasuit^Mlau favlgrafa imparts strength to ' Yates Center yesitcrday .to pay his taxes on lola property; Mr. Ham was in his usual good health and jov- the whole systein and to the organs dis- [taxes on lola property; Mr. Hamilton tlnctly feminine In particular, tor over- lal spirits. Raise Telephone Rates. The Wichita Eagle says: The Mty. council did the expected thing la^tj night. It passed an ordinance flxliigl the maximum charges for telephones,' jat |:{ per month for business phpQes.j $2 for residence phones on straight If you are contemplating the erection of a monument or tablet; call and see our new and ui>-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. We carry 'the best that can be obtained on the market. Our shop is equipped with a new compressed air lettering machine /or lettering anM tracing. Oar\prlce8 iare the very lowest for^ first class work. Call and see ns and get prices. We want your business. - XC.COFFIELD&SON •Phonell83. 220 Weat St; VislU Mrs. Learriard. ' Walter Eamea of lola, Kaa.. In the lines and $1 for residence phones on «iie8t of his sister, Mrs. O. B. Learnr party lines. The ordinance Is one ard.— itartlesville Enterprise, that i ^ovems both telephone compan- „ , Moves Ha.». - . lea and t ^ies* .«tea are made tbe max- J- F Bak«r and wife. ^ have beea imiim until a company gets more than .'residents of Ltacoto townAtu loft to- 3,600 •ubseribeni,' when-It Is agrtnjaax for'Iola, where they expee^ to pernlitted to inc/eaae the rates on a make thelr^oi|ie.V The beet v ^wMiea risln».schednle devised Jn the ordih.jOft^,tt«^^^

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