The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 4
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f FACE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLB (AUK.)' COURIER KEW1 District Fair Winners Livestock teet Cattle; Hertford Premium and championship •wards In the Hereford beef cattle Judging In the Livestock Division at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair we're all won by two farm; one in Arkansas »nd one in Missouri Th« championship awards were divided evenly between the Flat Creek Ranch of Denton, Ark., and the Green Leaf Farms of Bonne Terre, Jlo. Plat Creek Ranch entries were named champion and reserve champion bulls, while the Oreen Leaf Farms exhibited the champion and reserve champion females. The Green Leaf Farms exhibited •ntrie* that won a total of 12 first- place awards and two second-place premiums. Entries from the Fiat Creek Ranch won four first-place premiums, nine second-place awards and three third-places. The awards won by these farms In this judging follow (figure Indicates place won): Bulls Calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. II, 1947—Flat Creek Ranch. I and 2. Calved Jan. 1 — April 30. 1948— Flat Creek Ranch. 1. Calved Sept. 1-Dec. 31, IMS— Oreen Leaf Farms, 1; Flat Creek Ranch, 2. Calved Jan. I—April 30. 1948— Green Leaf Farms, l; Fiat Creek Calved May 1-Aug. 31, 1948—Flat Ranch, 2 and 3. Creek Ranch, 1. ' Calved Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 1948- Green Leaf Farms, 1; Flat Creek Ranch, 2. : Calved Jan. 1-April 30, 1949—Flat Creek Ranch, 1. .Three bulls, owned by exhibitor— Flat Creek Ranch, 1 and 2. Two, owned and bred by exhibitor —Green Leaf Farms, 1; Fiat Creek Ranch, 2. Heifers Calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. SI, 1947—Green Leaf Farms, 1; Flat Creek Ranch, 2 and 3. Calved Jan. 1-April 30, 1MB—Flat Creek Ranch, 1 and 2. Calved May l-A«g. 31, 1948— Green Leaf Farms, J. , Calved Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 1948— Green Leaf Farms, 1. Calved Jan. 1-April 30, 1949— "Green Leaf Farms, 1 and 2. Groups Get of Sire—Green Leaf Farms, l;.FIat Creek Ranch, 2. ...Two Females-moreen Leaf Farms, ''land-']; Flat Creek Ranch, 3. *>, ':; Pair Yeirltn&s —/Oreen Leaf Farms, l; Jilt Creek Ranch, 2. ,' P»ir Calves—Green Leaf Farms, 1. • ENTEK.S TRACTOR-OHIVING COXTKST-Jac* Duclos of Promised Land (right) listens to instructions given by Earl Rnmbo. engineering specialist from tile State Extension Office in Little Rock, who was In charge of conducting the tractor-driving contest held during "4- H Club Day" yesterday at the NorUicast Arkansas District Fair. —Cornier is'ews I'liolo cent, 1; O'Neal, 2; Autry, 3. O. /. C. Entries by Foxhall Farm o( Oljion, Tenn , in the O.I.C. division of the Swine Department at the Northeast Arkansas District Fail- won both the grand champion boar and grand champion sow premiums, it \vas announced yesterday. Foxhall Farm entries also were selected as the senior cliamiiioi boar and senior champion sow. The junior champion sow pre- nilum was won b.v an cntrv by a i / /-; . Robert White. No junior champion r °'°n« Ch/no boar was selected. Poland China ' Spotted Poland China Kentucky and Missouri produced the championship Spotted FoUnrl i Chlrii boars and »o'.vs entered in this year's Northeast Alkansu Dl- , strict Fair, «ccordlng to the lists ol > winners announced yesterday. • Animals entered by McOhee mid ' r.oberls Farm of lllckman, Ky., were selected by the Judges as grand champions and senior champions in bolh the boar and sow classes. Jimmy Crow of Ulbourn, Mo., exhibited bolli Ihe Junior champion and the junior char'.plan sow. H • was a close contest between these two exhibitors In other Spot- led Poland China Judging, Entries of McOhee and Roberts won flrit- Place awards and Mr. Crow exhibited five first-place winners Four second-place awards were won by McGhee and Roberts entries and four others went to animals exhibited by Mr, crow. | Results of judfiing lu the various ' classes In this division .follow Iflf- ure Indicates place won): Koars Jr. Yearling — McGhee & Ro- I berts, 1. Sr. pig — Roland R. Fry of Black ,0nk, Ark., 1. Sr. Spring — Crow, l and 3; I McOhee A: Roberts, 3 and 4. j Jr. Spring — McGhee-it Roberts,) , Sows I Jr. Yearling — McGhee & Roberts, l; Crow. 2; Fry. 3. Si-. Yearling — McGhee & Roberts, 1. Sr. Pig — Harry Mantz of Bly- thevillc. 1; Crow, 2; McQhee '<fe Roberts. 3. Jr. Spring pig — McGhee & Roberts, 1 and 2. ) Groupi ' Young Herd — Crow, 1; McGhee ' & Roberts, 'i and 3. Get of Sire — Crow, 1; McGlicc & Roberts, 2 and 3. Produce of Dam — McGhee A Roberts, 1 and 2. Breeder Litler — Crow. 1; McGhee i Roberts, 1 and 3. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, Beef Cattle; Shorthorns : Three championships in the •northern classes of the Livestock Division were won by animals entered by Ray Pebbles and Son of Smithville. Ark., it was announced yesterday. .• Entries by Bay Peebles and Son were named champion and reserve chmpion ?females and reserve champion bull. The champion bull was exhibited by M. F. Sloan and Son of Pocahonlas, Ark. - Other winning entries in the Shorthorn Judging follow (figure indicates place won): Bulls Calved between Jan. 1 and April 30, 1948—Sloan and Son, 1; Stanley Fradenbllrg, Ht. 1, Manila, 2. Calved May 1-Aug. 31. 1948— Fradenburg, 1; Peebles and Son 2. Calved Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 1948— Sloan and Son, 1. Calved Jan. 1-April 30. 1949— Peebles and Son. 1 and 2; Sloan and Son. 3; Fradenburg. 4. Three bulls, any age, owned by exhibitor—Sloan and Son, 1; Peebles •nd Son, 2; Fradenburg, 3. CHAMPION POLAND CHINA— Above is shown the Poland China entry selected as the grand champion boar in the Swine Department at tuner winning entries In the O Ihe Northeast Arkansas District Fair. It exhibited by Jones and ' r - c - J u<l '-.'"e I" the various classes Knllpr TTarmc ,-if Do i-^,. n ,,i,i \ follow (f iff llrp inrHnnfnc- .•.!„„,•. ,,.^.«\. entries also won first-place pre- Keller Farms of Paragould. Bull and Female—Sloan ami Son, 1; and 4; Peebles and Son, 2 and 3; Fradenburg, 5. only awarded. Swine Department Berkshire -. A boar entered In the Berkshire division of the Swine Department at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair by Carl Barnhlll of Panigould was selected as the grand champion, it was announced yesterday. Other Berkshire entries by Mr. Barnhill were picked as the junior champion boar and junior champion ow. John Bishop of Campbell, nto., exhibited the grand champion Berkshire sow. An entry by John W. Hess of Batesv'ille won the senior champion boar premium. i\o senior champion sow was selected. Mi-. Barnhlll exhibited a total of seven first-place winners in this division. Following are other winners in the various classes of Berkshire's (figure indicates place won): Boars Sr. Yearling—Hess, 1. Sr. Pig—Hess. 1. Sr. Spring—Barnhill, 1 and 2. StHVS Jr. Yearling—Bishop, i; Barnliill.' 2; Vance Gieenway of Paraguuld. < 3; Robert Lee of Ulbonrii, Mo., l. i Sr. Pig—V. L. Kirby of PaiasouUI. 1; Hess. 2 and 3. Sr. Spring pig—Baniliill, l and 3; Mr. Kirby. 2. Jr. Spring Pig—Barnhlll, 1. I Groups ; First-place awards in Young Herd. Get of sire. Produce of dun and Breeder Feeder Litter classes all '• fat Barrows Morris Vincent of Campbell. Mo., exhibited the champion entry in the Fat Barrow division of the Swine Department, according to results of judging announced yesterday. niiums and eight others won second-place awards. Other winning entries In the O. I follow (figure indicates place won): Boars Mature— Foxliall Farm. 1. Jr. Yearling—Dawsey L. Brown, 1. Sr. Spring—Foxhall Farm, 1 and 4: Wl-ite. 2 and 3. Jr. Spring—Foxhall Farm. 1 and 2; White, 3. Sows Mature—Foxhali Farm. 1. Sr. Yearling—White, 1; Foxhall Farm, 2. :i'daj'. Jr. Yearling—White, 1: Foxhal Other results of jlldging in classes j Fan ». 2;.'James Lynn of Campbell in this division follow (figure in- dlcntcs plac won): Fat Barrow, 180-220 Ibs—Carrol Car of Bono, Ark.. 1; Cnrl Barnhili of Paragould, 2; McOhee and Roberts Fnrni, Hickman, Ky., 3; Vincent, 4 and 5; Jimmy Crow of Lilbourn, Mo., 6. .Fat Barrow, 221-280 Ibs.—Vincent. l:?nd_4; L. H. Atilry of Burdctte. 2; King-.O'Ncal of Paragonld, 3 and 6; Tucttle and Hcnson Farm. 5. Pen of thine light barrows—Vincent, l; Robert White. 2; Barnhill. a. Pen of luce Heavy Barrows—Vin- . . topped Ihe list of winners of class premiums by winning 10 first-place awards. Jones and Keller Farms of Ps-a- sould exhibited two champion Po- China entries and Tuckle land and Hcnson Farms of DyersburB, Tenn., aUo showed a champlonslup'- winning entry. Mr. Alford exhibited the grand and senior champion sows and the Junior champion boar. Jones and Keller entries won the grand and senior champion boar awards. Tuckle and Henson exhibited the junior champion sow. Following are the winning Poland China entries in the various class- Mo.. 3. Sr. Spring Pig—White. 1 and 2- Fred Breshears, 3: Foxliall Farmjl. es (figures indicates place won): Boara Mature Boar — Jones and Keller. 4 and 5; Ezra Snow. 6. Jr. Spring Pig—White. I; Foxhall Farm, 2 and 3; Vernon McLemore, 4. Groups Young Herd—White, 1; Foxhall Farm. 2 and 3. Get of Sire--While, 1; Foxhall Farm. 2 and 3. Produce of Dam—White 1- Fox- hal Farm. 2 and 3. Sr. Yearling Boar — Tuckle & Henson. 1; Alford, 2. Jr. Yearling Boar — Jones A; Keller. 1; Tuckle & Hmson 2 Sr. Boar Pig — Eric F. Haley ol Piggott. 1; Alford. 2 and 4; Tuckle •fc Henson, 3 and 5; Jones & Keller 6 and 7. Sr. Spring Boar — Alford, 1 and 3: Haley. 2; Jones & Keller 4 and 16: Tuckle 4; Hcnson, 5 and 7 T, . - * UI;MC A: Mcnson, o and 7 *r,fkf,r i r "««-™«*. ^ *•**!«??.£ r - iA , (0 T l7 ,nd »nd Son, 2; Fradenburg, 3. Heifers Calved between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31, 1947-Fradenburg. I. Calved Jan. 1-April 30, 1948— Sloan and Son. 1. Calved May 1-Aug. 31, 1948— Peebles and Son, 1. . Calved Sept. !-Dec. 31, 1948—Peebles and Son, i and 2; Sloan and Son, 3. Calved Jan. 1-April 30 . 19411— Peebles and Son, 1; Sloa.ii and Son, a. Groups Get of Sire, four animals—Peebles and Son. 1; Sloan and Son. 2. Two Females—Peebles and Son, I and 2; Sloan and Son. 3. Pair ol Yearlings—Sk>an and Son. 1; Peebles and Son. 2. 1; Sloan and Son. 2 and 3. Pair of Calves—Peebles and Son. If Stuffy Nose Spoils Sleep Put a few Vicks Va-lro-nol Nose Drops In each ' no.s'rii. Va-tro-nol works fast right uliere trouble is! 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