Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 7
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•mm Siiftering: aind Pain Endurdd $y mriy Wdrifc T HERE are thousands of American women whose duties call them out in aU winds and weathers, many of whom sit with wet feet or stand all day, thus weakening and undermining their health. Women, however, for the most part, spend their lives at home, and these women are willing and ambitious that their homes shall be kept neat and pretty, their children well-dressed and tidy, and do their own cooking, sweeping and dusting, and often waging, ironing and sewing for the entire family. Both of these classes tidl for our sympathy. Truly the work of such a woman is "never done," and is it any wonder that she! brelaks down at the end of a few years, the back begins to ache, there is a displacement, inilammapon or ulceration of certain organs, and the struggle to continue her duties are pitiful. / y 1 • ! I tab c Lon^poimc Made fromUkthjeroots and Kei^s, is the exaS medicine a woiniffiii nftcls whose Mrs. Sadl« Abbott, «f Jeanaette. Pa^ writes: ,. '*a^*fw."«»^ham;--"I«airewd •CTerelywithpaineTery iaonth.Md»l«o»paln In my left side. My doctoir pz«acribed for xoe but did me no mod; a friend mdTiwd.Lydi* E. jPlnkham 'ij VegeUijIe Componad and I wrote you in reptrd to niy condition. I followed yoor iEY HAD NO LICENSE ladvice and am a ^ jmend yonr medicine too nell woman. The palna hare all disappeared, and I cannot nMom- M M, Lcn* Nsgel, of 117 Morgan St., Buffalo, K.Y, writes: pear ifyt. Pinkhom .•—I was completely wora <rat and on thevenre of nerrons proctratlon. My back ache^ all tie time. I had dreadful periods of pain,'waa subject to flu of crying and extreme nervona- nena,, and itu& alwaya weak and tired. Ljdia E. Piakham'a VegcUble Compound eompletely cnrMl ae." Itkeeps thefonnimesystein ina strong healthy condjtioac: Mn. PCnkfuun's Invitation to Women. Women snfferiiur from any form of feminine illness are idrtted to promptl7 conna»i^ nieata with Mxv^rinldiaxn, at Lymi, Mass. Out of her vast volome of experfencej MjM.; FlnUminjtrobabfy has the Teiy knowledge that will help yoor case. Her advice is fxfn\ and alwajrp helpfoL I.TblAI2. PnrKBAirSJYEOETABLE COMPOUKD. ^ •ifl Herbs, conitUea wltli aUreoBdl- " IXogs jMim. - j: • ... • made from Xaiirm Bot tloBs of the sew Pore Food F«dsr»I AMiiO(jtfe«. After Bob Key. |, noWs aad Wsde Clark. Unless Bob Reynolds and Wade Clsrif take out a government license, the t^TBDue officers may bring an ac- Uoniagainst them for selling liquor. ' Aeynqids and Clark were arrested aqnie time ago by both the city and coumy for Selling liquor. Both were >foui |l guilty in police court and the Icouiwr will try them later on. .Yesterday they received a noticp from the revenue officers to take out a license. The license Is secured for $2". i <i year. If the license Is taken out now it can be dated t>ack to .lui\-*flrst or before the time that the .sales are L alleged to have been made. Unless ! they, want the government to take up I the idatter the men wlll^sjiond with i the f85. XlM PrIboUi'a .Vsrvelons Millinery .... Ssle. " Commences November the 19th. This sals Includes 'our entire mllllner.v assortment. Although our prices are always lower than others, we stlU further reduce most radically for this sale. A timely sale of suits and over-< coats at The Globe. ; .. NOT INTERESTED IN CHARITY Meeting of Board Yeaterilay Waa Not Well Attended. PLENTY OF TURKEYS. That the church people of lola are showing very little interest this year, in the work of reorKanlzlng the board of associated charities Is proven by the fact that only thre^ persons attended the meeting yesterday afternoon at the Y. M. C. A. rooms, which was called for the purpose of reor- panlzlng ths associatiop. Secretary Smith has decided to make another trial at reorganizing and has called another meeting for tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock. The secretary wishes that every' reltglpus organization. Interested in looking after the welfare of lola's destitute families, will send a representative to the meet Ing and help make It a success. S ««l8ter WsathAdt. Brier RetoJUk H. A. Richardson Will' Sell Dressed Turkeys at 18 Cents Per Lb. ; r ; —• •— flOt4koitED OVER STATEHOOD. H. A. Richardson of the lola Produce company is of the opinion thai the price of turkeys in lola Thaaks- giving^time will not be as hl^ as the lolo hatchers anticipate. Mr. Rich aidson when asked this morning: in r^E.ird to the turkay market said: "I have already cqn'racted for 300 tur- ke.vs for Tr.anl^s^ving day which I win be able to put on the market at fixim 16 to l.S (ients for dressed turkeys. The Katiscs' City market in row lOH cents |i'or first live turkeys anil 9 cenu loi^ seconds. With tire City market at that price the Ida market cannot go higher than 18 cents or they will be shipped in from Kansas City. There will also be plenty of chickens St 10 cents. Hunting*Party of lolans Return From Oklahoma. County Clerk Ehnmett Culbertson, Fr^nk NMgh, Ra'ph Drake and B. F. Robinson have returned from a hunting trip in tbe new state. Oklahoma. Theyjiad a fine outing, and bagged many quails. Bigget- game was not tackled. They say that there was but little talk in regard to statehood. We have secured the agency for rOiao Laxative Fruit Syrup, the new laxative that makes the liver lively. pu.rifle<> the breath, cures headache and regulates the digestive organs. Cures chronic constipation. Ask us about it. Burrell's Drug store. WILLIAM KRUYL DEAD Child at No; 52 Basaatt Succumbs to Typhoid Fever. i ^ i •• William, jibe tour year old son of Henry Kruyl. died last night at 10 o'clock at hia home, 62 Bassett. The cause of the child's death is given ae typhoid fever, and be has hiea ill four weeks. The funeral aerylces are to be held from the Catholic church but the time has not yet been decided upon. A free lecture on Christian Science by Edward A. Kimball C. S. D. will ,be given at the Grand Theater Nov. 21, S D. m. Mr. Kimball spent many years healing the sick through hla iinder- Btandlng in ChriaUan 6cienoe. SPECIAL ELECTION FOR GA8 CITY Three Councilmen Move Out of Their Wards. Oas City is soon to have a special election to elect three eotmcHmeo. Councilmen "W&n. Davis and C. I* Jury have moved from the Flnt Ward to the Third and Councilman B. O. Van- dergrtrt of the Third ward is to go to Bartlesville to mn a store there for P. H. O'Connor. The conneil waa to have met last night and set a date for the special election but did sot get together. The matter will come up at the meeting Friday night. This Wedt Dnlf. All our finest Pattern Hats reduced to 20 per cent off tor this week. All hats ranging in prices from 93.00 to $30.00 reduced during this sale, commencing Tuesday. I^ov. 19th. At Miss PrtboUt'a. 9 East Madison. NO ClIJlilTiUiiOA Financial ConditloRS CauU Action hi Enterprise to ba P B«^ ' ' j i : /•• Last evening at a mesftiaK halA'U i the Y. M. C. A. bnildinr tbe ottolKi; ! of the lola CbantaaqOK MUdaft Mit j owing to the preset flsndU-.oMliK : UoBs they would BO« atUini« th «|T .fliH ascing of the.ChsntanvBtffiir'tlM'C ing year at tUa tUo. Bstp. Hr .t seher, president of |tae csjuihrt stated that the matter-wttaU pMb^ ably be tsken up agiia ahbatthtlimt of the year. , : • DIXIE GIRL UNDER SUSPICION.: OtUwa Woman Thought Show Girl i' Stole' GBd- Watch. (Ottawa Herald.) A gold watch valued at $10 was stolen from the rooms of Miss Howard, at.the Howard bosrdlng house. 333 South Cedar strett, some time last night Two members of the show t^npe, "My Dixie Girl," stayed at the boarding house last nig^it and Mrs.' Howard's first thon«3it was that oije or both of toem had stolen the watch. SheHff Cody was noOfled shortly be fi^re the 11 o'clock train had left— tte show went south today—and the sheriff went to the depot. One of the accused members of the company was a^ied about 16. and thje other was prob ably a year older. ' Both indignantly denied the charge and were perfectly VrtlUog. tha.t their bagguge should bie searched. In fact the entire baggage of the ctMupany was turned over to flie sheriff - for his inspection, ^odilag of tbe missingt watch could be seen In t|ie ' baggage. The two ycung men. who stayed at the Howard; boarding'house last night slept in ^he annex (to the boarding house across the alley, whilp Miss May Howard's room is In the main building on Cedir. street. No clue as to how the vraUih g9t put of the house has yet beea. obtained. of Women's Coat» and Furs Sokn^ of file greatest bargains of the year. Tiiis is tiie greatest opportunity we ever offered you of faring money on winter garnients. Women's Stylish Coats $4.95 $10.00 Long. Loose Coats., made of good quality wogl fabrics in plain and rnixtures, warm and serviceable, made to sell at lld .OO: a great opportunity to save money on a servlcable coat at this great sale. Eachi .HfS 50-inch Long Loose Ooats, ail satin: lined and JuuidBomely brakled ,on yoke ;j back apd sleeves, the greatest value 'jo' be had at the price. Ftor this special sale, worth ^15.00. at WM [ Handsome Kew Coat markablo .values at ttXfiO On sale at-j,......v^.. CreatiOBS.>i «T and;«:5.M. • •«• ^^jiJl^-; School Coats for Girls Age 6 to 14 Yean 200 New Wool Kersey Coats In red, blue, brown, velvet and braid trimmed; also Astraklan and Bear Skin Coats, worth $7.50. On sale ...SJW Children's Cloth Coats in plain and fancy styles, 6 to 14 years, nicely trim roed. worth $5.00. Special price $SilO Heatherbloom Petticoat $1.95 Heatherbloom Petticoats. deep llounce extra wide, perfectly tailored. Heatherbloom label on each skirt: $2.75 value on sale tomorrow .. Mercerized Satine Petticoats 95c I $l..'i0 Mercerized Satine Petticoats and imitatkm heatherbloom $1.50 vaXae at 85c Sale of Furs Complete line of Scarfs. Boas and Muffs at money saving prices. Special Black Dress Godi^s Sale m We have a large qiiantity of the Oner Black Dress Goods than usual at this season; to reduce it we. offer your choice of the $1.25 and $1.39 materials at. per yard SSc 50c and 75c Suitings 39c A great clearance of Handsome Dress Goods the assortment including Fancy Suitings, this season's newest weaves in stripes, checks, plaid and mixtures. A big assortment to select from; our regular 60c and 75c qualities, fOr a yard S9c _. Sale of Linens 72 Inch Bleached Damask marked to Sic 6-i Inch Bleached Damask, marked to , »5e '. 72 inch Bleached Da'mask, nice pattern, worth $1.00, at 7?e $1.25 72-lnch Ail Unen Damask beautiful patems. absolutely best value offered at i t §e Fine i*nre Linen Damasic beaotlfn! line of patterns, a $1.50 aoalitr Oa tale ........... tut $17 G0i 112.50 A splendid anregatfoh of Stylish Long Coats, liandsomely trimmed Broadcloth Coatsj lined throoghoat with elegant satuu black, brown, tan and red. eW liave beea aelliac tkese freely ever since the'seaaon opened at $17.00. For this great sale, eadi «1&5* Sltylish Caracid Coab 'Magaiflcent chances to of these very stylish Coau at a great ssviog. 24 iacb Caracal Goats, eollar- ieas.effects, neatly trlaaisd with teK vet snd braid. Haed tttmatfioat: a! very neat, stylish litUs galraMBt,-«orth flCSO. Tonorrow ^ flUt Christian Science is a sabjeet ikttell discussed but IttUe iindsrstood. < M M and bear Edward A. KlmbaU. a fl^lX, at the Grand theater Nor. U. m., a free lecture. BUYS LAND NBAW POWER H T. B. •rassfletd Ptirehi Acrts Bast of Kisetria Power House. T. B. BrsBSfleld today acres of Stoddard and land nXAdtL he purchased Uea stely east of the Tola way power house. Mr. divide the property ; into Iota them for buildlag parpaoeKl EXPECT A GbOD BUSINIB*. Financial Depression May'Net Holldsy Ssason. '' The agents for. ^e-local companies are not antlclL crease in the holid^. rush son. They are asMiig that rons send their .Christmas as early as possible; to avoiid] of many days whidt' is to come with the holiday: has been thought-that, th1»!, depression would affect ness. A res! Use iKiar kt'tM Oni BEST IdU . s^letlSf season was rMHmdii tUs. «l(ok-., the: lola pos^Ml^ «i»> fat^^$i written on a piec^^o^ scrap piii^MM was enclosed-th • a-'ha «r madk^frt':; Th#'wxRer'ad5a'C-ttttir-^'«»'^ send him an **are" gun aa OM gifts. Tbe letter did noTlMam stamp and wlUi bovMlalBodihi offlce. The letter toi MI fUta Dear ^SanU^r -PIMa^^ftgdV Barker, sa "aij^gs^Mft^iUH and;nnt« and si stN<i>feM«iJtp

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