Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 11
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Trial sobscrlptlon to Var NordanX S monUu SSc. •,inmik.9L m N. Boekaya (First Published, November I2, 190S.) PUBIICATIO' SOTICE. In the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas. In the matter of the estate of William F. Hammond', deceased; and. In the matter of the estate of Phoebia E. Hammond, deceased. To all whom It may concern, and more especially to Julia A Evans. Sarah B. Isom, David L lu-r-njond. Nora E. Slmpklns, John P.. Uauitnond, William C. Rollins. Harry ;• Rollins, Lenora E. Rollins, and Ei.le .M. M. Rollins, heirs at law and benellciarles under the will of WllUam F. Hammond, deceased: and heira at law of Phoebia E. Hammond, daceased, late of Allen County. Kanaaa. You and each of you are hereby notified that I, T. N. Funston. Administrator of the estate of each of the abovf> named decedents, did on the lltb day of November. 1908, file a petition la the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, praying that I might be authorized and empowered to sell at private sale the following .described land (or the purpose of payUiK the debts; and cost of admlnlstratjon of each of said estates above named, towtt: All of lots five (&) and six r6i. In block four (4) of Hanktn's Addition, to the City of lola, and In Allen County, Kansas, according to thp. recorded plat thereof. That said petition will be heard at the Probate Court Room In the? Court House of Allen County. Kansas. In the City ot lola. on the 28th day of i^vember. 1908. at the hour of 10 o'cI^A. M. at which time and place each of you and all other persons interested therein are notified to be present and show cause. II any there be. why an order [of sale as prayed for should not be granted. this 11th day of November. 190S. T. N. FUNSTON, 11-12-19-26 Administrator. (First Published Nov. 19, 1908.) PIBLICATIO- NOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the District Conrt for said County The Aetna Building & Loan Association, plaintiff, vs. E. E. Elliott, et al. defendant. No. 829:t. Said defeudants. B. E. Elliott and Sophia B. Elliott, wil take notice that they have been sued in the above named Court by the Aetna Building ft Loan Association, plaintiff, in civil action No. 8293. upon a promissory note made and delivered bv yon to plaintm, dated April 20th. 19'J.s. on which there Is a . balance doe u( $427.98 and interest, and for foreclosure of a mortgage mane and delivered by you to said plaintiff on said date to secure the payment of said note, conveying to plaintiff the following described real estate situated in the County of Allen. State of Kansas, to-wlt: Lot Sixteen (16t of block Nineteen n9i In Overstreefs Second Addition tQ the town ol Gas City, Kansas, and that unlesfi you answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the 30th day of December. A.D. 1908. said petition will be Uken as true, and Judgment for plaintiff in •aid action tor tfald sum. and interest, and for the foreclosure ot the said mortgage and the sale ot said property III be rendered accordingly. ' S. MARSHMX. LAMER. Attorney for PlalnUlf. Attest: C. E. ADAifS. tl-I9-.'7-3. Clerk of said Court. (Continued from page I.) ceroua. unsightly and prevent the proper working of the road near them and In places become so bad as to take uost of (be right of way and require much work to prevent further damage. We tavor a wide, nearly level bot torn water table, and except where traffic is heavy, we favor a narrow l^ade as being the easier to maintain Jand a good narrow grade well kept up ha all our fiigfa ways is preferable to a<nne wide grades poorly kept up ami Bome roads lelt to care for thenv jaelves. . Good bridges, ample for the slew, enter Into the provisions for drainage Good bridges can not be made of the lumt>er usually sent up from Arkansas. In the making of and keeping up of earth roads the plow and Klhg drag should bn given a trial as outlined by Mr. King. Our township has owned a grader about twenty years land we hear the roads must be graded l>efore the drag may be used. If we arc not ready (o use the drag at ter twenty years' use of the grader, how long will It faKe us (o get ready to drag? The great fault with Ihe 8, horse grader Is Ihe expense of going lover the road with It. only to leAve the rt>ad In such shape that the travel will not take to thr center of the road. To have good earth grades, the work that Ir. put on them should be done in such manner that the travel will take the middle of the road, and pack It To do this make (be middle Fraoctb and the teams will do (he pack inir. iind no cost. This is. we believe, eroicr and more cheaply done with the King draf; properly made and used than in any other way. , A i,ood grade mav be Sten one mile Isouth of Lone Elm: a gentle slope trom the fence out to center of water table and in grass that can be mowed with a moker A gentle curve from center water table to middle of grade. Once In this shape H would not be very expensive to keep up and where |a man tries to maintain a parking of grass along road side it should be protected from travel same as in town. • By Mrs. S W McLaughlin I Many articles would be required to cover all phases of the subject chosen, therefore I shall only attempt to touch upon a few of th° most Important connected therewith, chiefly along those lines (hat may be «ithin the reach of the average farmer as regards both labor and finance. Al! will admit without question that there is a practical side to farming. I might now propound the question. Is there an aesthetical or beautiful side In farm life? A life so fraught with ceaseless toil and drudgery? Yes there Is. or more properly speaking there might t>e. One tiays (be farmer land his family lalKtrs sixteen hours dally while (he cKyemployes hours- are limited to eight. Very well. The city laborer arisen, lonki; out upon, dingy, dirt Itpgrlmed buildiii>::s. enters it stuffy f.-ar. producPH (ho necessary money for fare, rldps to the •cene of his labors, go^s down into a dark basetnenl or takoK bl^; spade'and digs Into 'hn polsniiod i -iiiib. breathing n foKRv duKi lad<'ii, K'rni lllleil at- inospheri' (luy afier 'l.'iy; ti" roll"! from thp nionoluu). i.iklnp. Inic> bin •iystem In Iho.i" eljiht ho^ii;-; more death deallnc matTliil ilmii the f ;irni laborer would absorb In ihreo hundred and alxty-fve d .iyn. All will admit thf healthful uiilo of fnimluK and as lh«'i«> r-AW be no enjoyment or pleaw ure where h<'allh la l.irklng we have «n^wcr.ible arf ;itnient In favor nf (h'' Mcslhetlo .il or lieaullfiil side of JIf" In thr -nunlry. The farmer .irlse;* betlrafs, <;allys f 'jrth early In the morning t" do the chore:;, and they are many and varied. .\ pure air meet:; him. dew laden with prrfitmr of thousands of flowers, the Morfr" ham'p woman Mrs. S. A. Wi Maine, writes: ' K Pink- id aavea of»ermtiona. of Gardiner, A Beautiful Silk Flag. Do you wast a. Beautiful Silk Flag. 2x3 feet? Up -tCHlata; 16 atcrs; mada of line twlUed allk; beautiful color* A nice cnulatinaa present or a eoa venir tor the home. • Gand 11^ and you will receive tha Dally and Sunday Jroamal thraa iqoatha and tm* ot theae flaga. Adftreaa THB KANSAS CTTT JO0|RNAX« Kaiiaas CUr». M» Compouni in three months, after my physician declared flut an bperatlon was absolutely neceuary,** Mrs. Alvina SMrliog^ of 154 Cky- boume Av», Qucago, JUL, writes: "I anfferea from female troubles. • tumor and rnneh iaflamnutloo. Two of the best doctora in Chicago decided an oparatlon. FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thiitr Teara Lydia-B. Pinkham's Tegetaole CooipoGuid, mada from roots tod- herte; bis beealfbi standard remedy for female lUi. and has positively (nmedthooaandsoi women who hs^ been tronbled widji displa(%inenta, in flayny ^ tilceift> tion, fibroid tumors,-irxesolafitiea; periodio pains, backache, 0Mt beer- Ipff-dowiUeeliQg^flatideiicTtindiges- tlwi,digine»g,or pervooipro^apn. Why don!t joa tqr ft ? 1 ^»eeati OC Aa«. mown Jiay, ^ ^iog of p.|Towlng gralna,'ud fn^niiice, of maturing fruits, .with that IndeBcMbabie essence of sweetness arfdng from treading upon the tresh grass; the blizzlng or^iaaeets, the-'nlroninK ot beesirthe slnglnk of the jwWtrf. the caroIHiig of -the :hlrdir^' the' ceiitentM -gmiftfng of tfie':.j(winb.-the loiirtng Of the «anle, niaklMv-iniiale oidy excelled fay that angelic; chciruB when the morn Tng stMs sang' together. Could the mlnd'c<m(!etve of anything more es thetical. more satisfying to the human soul than this floWer laden, dew gltt chorus of nature? Pass further along in the season. Arise with the tirst finger of day. go forth to your manitoid duties, look about you, a beautiful rainbow mist .lB, soon dispelled by the rising orb of day. The 'groves and hedges have clothed themselves with a splendor that vies with the sun Itself. »Bril!l «nt reds, rich yellows, soft mauves. restful greens, the more 'acinnbre browns, lending a softer effect ta the magnificent picture. Ceuld (be graat- est painter the world has ever known produce any thing that could compare with nature 's colorings? My farmer friends this is yours for the looking without money, without price, and without that great .bugaboo of farm life, labor. True, tho cities have their parks and playgrounds, but you can see them when your employer permits. The scenes I have described are the farmer's daily possession, non* to question his right. Now. if a benefi- S lent creator has furnished these beau ful things for your, dally mental least, why not bend yourself to^*the oar. assisting nature in adb<^iny your possessions, making what the creator Intended .in the .beginning, a garden of Eden of every farm home. Please (lont advance the ever ready excuse of the farmer for the careless and untidy conditions of the home surround- ngs. "!a.:k ot time." Time Is an uncertain quantity. We have Just as much time (or a given task as we wll! to have. With mvself. lime Is slmplv the will to do. If I decide to do a thing, providence permitting, the time is sure to be fobnd and as we are a!! very much alike, I feel sure that time with a majority is the will to do. So having eliminated this ready excuse ^f people In general, permit a suggestion in regard to utilizing this time for the making of the faria home an Edenic bower. Very little outlay ol that usually scarce comibodity on the 'arm. money, is required. In this day of cheap fencing material, procure 2 sufficient quantity of wire to enctose a good sized plat of ground surrounding the residence for lawn'and garden. Objection, no time can't afford it. A shower has fallen too wet to get In the field Go to your own hedge or obtain permission from your neighbor, to cut some posts. Another welcome shower may keep you from the field- Instead of squandering time, utilize every moment in a short time you win have your grounds enclosed. f^n'x^ afford. it at.^U.. Now. put your machinery under*, shelter, care for it. less outlay will be required In this direction. If .vou are a victim of the tobacco habit, use a little less. Persuade your wife the next time she visits the coun<y seat to carry a lunch and Invest (he sum r9(iU\T«i tor'A hotel dinner In a half doz ^n flowering planlB. Economire la many ways and the small amount saved, invest in more ornamental shrubu and piano. Arrango your grass (ilats, nhritba and flower beds In regard to (he effcc( the one may have upon bringing «nt the grcnter beauty of (he o(her Utilize every moment and you will astonish yourself at the change a few hours of well applied labor has wrought In your surroundings. My farm sisters, do not be averse to handling the spade or hoe In ornamenting your grounds. This exercise in the form of labor to secure artistic results will give you appetite, health and strength and when wearied and worn with lab ors in the kitchen or dairy or poultry yard, what sweet rest will be yours to sit upon tbe lawn and drink in the beauties of this vine laden, flower bedecked enclosure so much tbe more prt2ed that' it represent* the little .economics practiced aa well as yonr own labor. In order that such conditions ol farm homes may become the rule and not the exception, I would suggest as a remedy for present conditions, that our agricultural colleges compile te ?t books to be placed in the rural schools treating of the adornment of the bome and adjacent grounds. 1 believe the only remedy for the careless condition prevailing among farmers lies in teaching the children along these lines, as it is very hard to change the inclination and habits of Ihe elder people, especially when many of the farmers are as strong ancestor worshippers as the Chinese and declare that what was good enough for "Dad" Is good enougn ror me I once heard a tarmer say ana he is considerably of a hustler, too. that he would like to see a man that co)ild live harder than he could, and If you know of such. I rot him out. I did not want the Job. We will leave tbe beautiful aesthetical conditions that might obtain In the farm boote and investigate thingaJ as they exist not only on the farm but^ In tba villages aa well. Injection first. Dpnt have a baci: yard. To llluatrate; I had a woman come to assist me in the housework When preparing the first m^l, she came to me with a perple;ced air and •aid'. Where is the back yard. J wta puuied, but replied by pointing to the plot of ground IB the rear of the house.; asking her meaning. Oh. she said. I mean a place to throw out paring^ and things. Weil. I bridled at once, showing her a receptacle for refuse, it being Uken away daily and fed to those animals for which it was bast- suited. Thereby making a profit of waste material. I passed .through back yard not far trom here quite recently and found heaps upon he(U>s of refuse of every knOwn substance .In all stages of putrifaction. Now to say that I got away from thaee,quickly ic puttipg it mildly. There was a snf- fident ainoaht of deadiv germ nianu- eaetarfas material on that Uttle plot of grgand'to produce, an epidenJcof apy known diaease. Apd .this, ia the epn <li(taa of quuiy. hc^naa |^>oth vil- FbrThree QuarJersof a CentAty this famous rcmetly has been stjccessfiilly employed in relieving and curing Coughs and Colds. Dr. D. Jayne's is today known, and used in alt .paj-ts of the world as a standard rrmedy for Coughs„CQlds, Bronchitis, Infiamrriation of the Lungs and Chest, Croup and Whoq?ing-Cough. Keep a bottle of this fsmous'medicine iri yottrhoroe and insure the health of your family. Sold by all druggists, in three size bottles, $1.00, 5Qc. and 25c. Dr. D. Jayne's Tcsic V«T»nifia^e is a gentlt 3sd efTecti e tonic for ell the family. ^BT .H.4J0RITY OF 2»,000. \ fteferendnm .imendntest Won Out :in Missouri. .TfrffTson City. Mo.. Nov. IS.—A rep resentative of the referendum league •*ho has tabulated .the returns on constitutional amendments declares the _ _ referendum amendment won by aboq't from the landscape ot our great j twenty thousand, but all other ameni- age and country. It is useless fo point out evils ;rithout suggesting remedies. If education is too siow Jsf the law come to tbe rescue. Estab llsh a bureau for the bettermenU.of sanitary conditions of rural and village communities. Appoint a rural health officer that would be as much feared as a bank examiner, instead of posting the; books, clean up the back yards, ttius removing a black blot commonwealth.' thereby setting an example the Influence of which will nev er cease (o be felt as convincing proof that want of time to call things by their tight name ts simply Jn/Iif- ference. carelessness or lazluess i will describe a home oxned br a blacksmith of little financial ability. was driving. In company with n brother and family,"along tUo lianU.; of the beautiful Ohio river JiVe passed many handsome villas, ."itaielv man- slens, surrounded by grounds .>- beau tiful and niagnifl'cnt an .irtlsil • ta^tp could suggest or money purcbat^o. enjoying tbe grandeur of all Dlr'-filv we came lo 11 IKtle neol of (i lim/fl", s frw hundrod dollar.^ itr. vjilun. tot In lawn of r:uch .•«|iilF .I(e l>"!ii)tv ;iri'l coloring that I 'ould tliink r.f nothlriK trnt (I Iflige diamond In a s'-'tluK of emeraldR. rubles and opair- .Sini |i|p gravel walkr. wound amonK y.'nrwU:, and flower beds, gay with many rnl- ors. w|(h here and (here ploij of vrl- vety sward nhaded by graceful elms. The walks were outlined with tbe beautiftfl comical shaped symetrical bo.v at no place being over eighteen Inches in height. 1 was so fsscinatfed that I begged leave to go to tbe house and permission to go over (be grounds.. A little gir! of twelve years answered the bell. On Inquiring tor the parenO whose permission to view the grounds I desired to obtain, she informed me that her mother died when she was eight years of age and her little brother six; that her father was unable to employ help to rear them and had worked at liis trade of blacksmith. car«d for them, paid for his home and ornamented bis grounds by close economy, purchasing a plant at a time and doing the niB .lorltr of the required workyby lantern light. No language co61d; fitly express the artistic arrangements of these grounds of less (ban one acre. 'T Ifn- .TCred long loth to leave (bis latter day Eden, evermore convinced that where th *re is-a will there is a way. and believe (he will can .be created by artisllr education and hope that our apriruKural .schools that; ar" doing so much for (he b»t(ernien( of*farm conditions may jive more time (o thp dis-. semination of ardsfio knowledge In connection with (he arrangement of house and grounds, perhaps solving- tbe much discussed problem of how to keep the boys on the farm by making the h«wne so aesthetical and charm Ing that the city will lose Us alluring power. f 3 nients were lost. -Drs. Latlirap..O«teoantliiC Phene MR. .V/ntes D.-. Christian. Dr.^ Christian, the county .^heal^ , oilicfr. has received a letter from Mr. Cruu'bine. secretary of the state board of health, asking him lo attend thf- m''''!ing of th»> county health of- fi'-ers of Kansas on December 2nd.' Topeka. when the subject of tubercju- losir, will be "discussed. Dr. CKrUtlan hopes fo attend the meeting. -rt~Our Wnv 8od« Wsi», UUti Spring Today. Tti«^ one comment heaftf'.on ptrrit today was. "This it just ! priiiK • Th" day has been an unSs- ually plpasant^ one for this late In the The Hive 3 THE LOCAL MAI«(ETS Prices Qwtbi by G«rd ,* Ta^art Prodace Coi-pany. The following local mgrkfit report Is \ fnrnlshed by Card & Taggart Produce; company and will *ie running In The Register every day Tbe prices quoted are the pricevwhich they will pay for*^ou!try, eggs and butter de- i livered here: Egg*, current receipts per c2se :;.2Se Old Hens, fat 7c Old COx 3c Spring Chickens 8c aprtng Ducks 6c Spring Turkeys. 8-tb 10c Old Hen Turkeys lOe Old Tom Turkeys ^ 10c Old'Oacks 5c Butter. less than 6 per cent salt.. .25c ^O^st^rs any styla at l>iiC'.waT., that have -been te SIX BEST SELLERS hi July, August and Septenher Mr. Crew's Career, by Winston Churchill, fhe Berrler •' ' by Kex Bestch The Lnre of the 9ask by Harrold McOrath The roast of a Chaaca by E. and L. Chamberlain. Tbe Firing Line ; bv Robert ^Chai^ers The Hnsbaods of EJtth • by Geo. B. McCatcdieon The Halfway Hoasa by Warner Hewlett . Tbe Prlmadoana by Merlan Crawfo»d The (.Ircniar Sthireasa by, Mary Rlnehart : Tbe ^ix Best Sellers .^a Oeto ^.J her were: The Firing Line " by Robert Chambers _T The .Van From Broadney , by Geo. B. McCuteheon 1. » •'Togf'thtr * by Robert Herrlcli Peter by F. Hopklnson. Smith ; Mr. Crew's Career by Winston Churchill ' Liftle Brbwc Jug of ElUdera ,. bv Merideth Nicholson - Most of these .iLBOt books, %t: lUo. All 11.50 .books atH^5J And you can get thw at

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