Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 6
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Good Ai^ionei Sdw "RcbMca'a Tri-. umph" «t Onnd Uwi Night. - I An apprccUttve jaadleDce. compoir (H1 of a luse numoer of people who bhived tl^ ratn, saw tiie play, file- becca 'B Trfuin^h" at the Grand last evening. _ 'L \ | . , T^e prodaetk >ii if«8 glreii antfer the auspteM of MiM U>ni Leach aud ker- eral attuations In! the vaiioiA acU testtfled to th«; ca)refui timlnlnr {Ud praoUce. The: th^ acts irere jfuU ot pleasant situations and the fact thai the charactera w^re all local people apeaks well for the ability ef loia jpaag woaen.; In the •eoond] act the picnic acene brought forth muok Applause and earlier In the cTeijitns the efforts of, the cookinsdub to bake alcake were most amnsInsL Ulas Mahle iFoBter as GJT>. a colored aer- vast, and Mtss K&tle Connor an Irish servant had the humorons) lines iand provoked laughter^ manr times. / The tnnsic was 1 fprniehed by Miss Rflle Stapp who preelded at the piano In her usual pleasing way,' prof. Herring who gave i a violin number, and Miss Ruby Heilen Miss Hallei^ i;ang Swif Iter 's "Dream ; of Honie." and at the clos^ of the last score the audience showed siicl^ thbi^bugh appreciation of her »oio |that ^he graciously responded with a abort selection from the same composition. It is probable; fhlat the ys will give the play again In j the near future as friend of the orS;anIzatIon are requesting the ofllcprs to arrangp a second production for a date in the near future. iiattxvgWKS'i»'my.TiT Fnenmonla Fpllown a Cold. but_ never follows I the use of Foley's Hotiey and Tari It stops the cough, heals and strenjgtbehs the lungs and prevents pneumonia. Burrell's drn^ 8tor6. ! i LUMBEB]<EK ABE XEXT. Attorney General Jackson of Kansas Aftpr ^U<^ Tmst Topeka, Nov. |;o.—Attorney General 7ackBon said toc^ay that he hae under contideratlon the bringing of a suit against tbe so-cftlled lumber trust of Kaaiaa.. It Is known that Mr. Jackson la oo>oper^tlng' with Attorney General Badley M Missouri In the Missouri case and tpat both of them bare cot»ault«d, with the attorney, general ot TaxM on the bubjact Tha theory upon which procedure is b «Ing taken by mese three officials Is thkt all of the 1 imber Interest oT the ooiuntry are in $. combination which extends through all stages of the bust- UMS, I yAJrPEBBlLT IJ6HTS DKAW PISH. jfany Attnietfd to Shallow Wafer by Lomr IH1BB<I niamlnaUons. !' i •! I New York, Noy. 20.—Idle Hour, the mansion 6t W. Kl Vanderbllt on South bay. Longf Island, has been the scene of much inirth and gayety since Saturday night, wh^ the first house party ot the season was held. A hundred rooms In the mdnslon were brilllRnt- ly Illuminated, aind large numbers of flsh and eels, atjtracted by the glare, were washed ashore after swimming Into shallow water. —. 1 FOR EXCHANGE—154 acres 6 miles trcta Howard; Elk county, Kas. Fenced but no I other improvements. 100 acres can ije plowed or mowed. Balance pasture land. Price $4,000. •Will trade tor clfear rental property in lola, Gas City or La Harpe. Quick deal. .See ua lola Land Company. TO GRADE KAl(SA8 FOOD SELLERS A Thoroagh System WHI Bo Ihit Int« OgecaU^ the Board of Health. Topeika. Nov. i20—The state board of .iiealth has ado|)ted the grade card system In pure food inspections oyer the Staite. The turds will show about tjrenty divisions^and: each division will be given a pos^ble mark of flyc. the total'possible credits being 100. The iSalaijried WLifat and Women Call Feople'§ Store ««Pnr ^enXif |«r§" The People's Store has been ai^priatcly termed the '.'burden fiftcrs*' of lob. There are hundreds of people now livii^ in thk city wijannj fashionable garmenb who will readily agree with the sentiment, thb peiiaining partieuiariy to those persons %vho work on salaries from weiek to %vcck. and month to month, and who find it hard to save sufficient money to pay cash for fllieir family clothing. To all salaried men and women this house is a boon of Hie practical character. A'gi^at majority of the people stiHhigW on the joumty of life succcttd. but fhe^ are some %vfao fail; «nd otic of the ifiost fruitful sources of failure b the lack of cd |ucBttoii akH ^^the Hrte of ieconomy or^ving. Vfhile a kving account at ihe baiiik b of towHe a necessary item. cquaUy as importaht k 4 saving by the making of wise cxpenditorcs. expenditures %i^lUch bring you the greatest vahic for the amount in- Vestid; ihvntmchtsirhitih will ahflQfi Niho qu&^^tcal sitblbctlbn. Did you'e^itdp to think that our Great Credit System IS nicely a phase of.fha savfihg acdniMt ^^My ^lttdir fhb system yOu a^ actually gcttingthe total account and the benefib which conU from it. BefdN pi» liave nuule|kMlti----|t^ thfnk of it— 4 dollar orTwo each week from youi pay Envelope will biQr a complete cbthing outfit for you and your family. iPrka tetyery fulanct an cKKtly what you would pay in slrktly cash stom «nd we do not charge you one p<^ on credit. You ^oy the M -«M•f'dl^iw>dr«MlcpayiAg for Iherh in small THIS IS POSITIVELY THE MOST UBBRAI CREDIT PibAN ON EASTH. N EVENINGS TILL 9 O'CL-OCK. M)iidltlon or the floors, counteijs, show cases, displays, boxes, basemeht, yard ventilation and many btbee tomes will be listed on the card and the liispector in making his visits will be rcQUlred to show a marking for each division. In this way the central office In Topeka can tell how thoroughly! the Inspector is doing the work abd Jua| what-part of a store needs repairs, cleaning or improvements.: The cards will apply!to groceries. cQnfe(|tIoner» drug storeh and meat marketsj. The • pure food law has ijeen In effect nearly eight months! now. More than 10,000 inspections havej made and the large towns n county have been visited. : The larger cities have had two and three tions and the Inspectors are work visiting the small towns been each inspec- !now at off the railroads. MRS. GOULD LOSES Court Holds in Favor of Hjer Husband on Point at Isatie. motl6ii Nfiw York. Nov. 20.--Thp couusel for Catherine Cleraon^ to vacate an order obtalped husband. Howard Gould, fqr th {nation of Helen Mer befc^e of Mrs. Gould's suit for a from her. husband was denieji by Justice O'Gorman. n of Gould by her exam- t^e trial setMtration today "DADDY" ROSE MAS KATIMFIKD. All Street llat.t sold this week at prices reduced to SOc, 75c and 11. 50. Got 110 for Little'Mlxup IVIth ('haan* Your choice and your price. At Miss re)^ KBRII. I Prlhnih'H. 9 ISast Madison. A dispute over a cliejk resulted In "Daddy" Rose, who runs a shooting gallery on the north side, and Chaun cey Rush indulging In a little bout in which both were more or lass bruised up. It is said that during the course of the scrap .Mr. Rose used a stick or instrument of some kind to good ad vanlage. When arraigned in luj'.ice court .Mr. Rose said he was satlafled with the results |]f the flght. lie i:n>t 110. Mr. Rush was not satisfied. Me got $5. The ftglit occurred last evetilnii short ly beforie six o'clock. Some time ag^< it seems that .Mr. Rush gav^ .Mr. Rose a check on a local bank for $1. Mf. Ruse says that the bank did pot honor the check, saying that Mr. Rush h^d no money deposited with them!. Mr. 'Rose took the matter up with Mr. Rush yesterday and the scrap was the result. KI.LKTT WATCHES POWERS I'.ASE. t Xinl»t(*r Formerly Lired Xeor Scene of SeuMtional Xarder. Rev. E'.lett. pastor of the Chrlst- !lan Church, takes a deep Interest In ! !ho trial of Caleb Powers, who Is icharged with the complicity in the murder of Gov. tjoebel In Kentucky. Rev. Rllett is a native of the Blue Grass state and lived within twenty miles of Frankfort, when Goebel met death. He Is not In sympathy with the prosecution of Powers, belleveing him to be innocent of the crime. TO HOLD HKHI'LAR SERVICES. Eplnropai Chareh Arrange.i For Sim- dsy Xeetlag!*. EX^AGEHI TO A I»I'KK{ I AMDoancfinient of Engagement uf MINH Shonta i» Dae DeChaataeii Prhited. New Yqrt NoV- 20.—The announcement of the engiigenient of Miss Theodora Shonts to Due DeChaulnes, appar ently on lauthority. was printed here today. Miss Shonts is the daughter of Theodore H. Sbonts and the Due's (aroilj- is I one atnong the famous nobility in hll Europe. EDITOR AND 1'0UTR'1A.\ DEAD. Daniel Sinelair Dknl at Home in Mia- nenota at Age of 76. Winonaj Minn.. Nov. 20.—Daniel Sinclair who hold the distinction of be ing the oldest editor In Minneaota. diad here today, aged 7(>. Sinclair contributed largely to the defeat of James G. i Blaine iuid nominated Gnr- aeld before the convention o( 1800 by reason of his persistence in keeping the name of Willlani Wlndoni before the convention. FOUR KILLED l> KXl'LDSIOX. jiscd in Millions of Homes? '50 Years the Standard. A' Pure, Cream of Tartar Pow -i der. Makes £nest cake and pistry; light, flaky bis -i cnit, delicious griddle cakes, |>alatable and ^wholesome* Npn. — Awnd haiaag^'paKdien made I ' Tbjejr look Eke pore^povdetv, knd 4 indw the <iake^ bat Uo oiie>eni m • I i I - Men Were Thawing Dynamite to Uiie la BlasUlg. Spokane. Wash.. Nov. 20.—Four for eigners were killed and three Iniured in an explosion at a construction camp near Cheny, Wash., yesterday while thawing dynamite for blasting. The members of the vestry of the E :|)i8Copat Church have arranged for reguiar' Sunday services. Dr. Krum. of Ottawa, who is engaged In the missionary department of the church In this state Is to have charge of the services, preaching every Sunday morning. He preached last Sunday, and announced that regnlar meetings will be held each Sunday. The church has been without a regular minister since Rev. .Morony went to Kansas City. See the groat bear art at the Grand $1,000.00 For Any Substance Injurious to Health j Found in Calumet Baking Powder "Best By Test" The Only High Orada Sakinfl Pawtfae Sold at a MadarataPriea. Cimpiies with ail STITE and NITIONAL Para Faad Lava. All Crocere Are .\uthorized to Guarantee This We have just received a fresh supply of TheN. K. Falrbank Co. The most perfect sborteniogani frying; medloni known. Glvd tts yonr order for a pail. "Never sold in bulk," FORAKER NOT CONVINCED YET. Te Announce Himself for 1908 Soon, Saya Hia Brother Senator. Akron, NOT. 20.—Senator Chas. Dick., grouped in the recent Republican differences as with Senator Joseph Benson Ft>raker in what wa^t termed thie "Ohio senatorial alliance" said today that ijhe probabiUty extsU that Senator Poraker would ^soon an-.' nonnce himself ab a candidate foi; the Presideney and jrould make a campaign In Ofak) with that end In view. Smiator Dick reijnsed to discuss: the mattwr further, dlamlssing the isub- Ject with the wo^: "Saaator Florakar probably . jwill make an | aanooi oement shortig' in wMch'he win jiuike bllnself deaf." SECnSTES win AM. PAT be- caoaa. ia^ AUao. qonnty nearly ev«ry- bodr Np4f -^ha Haitoter. Guaranteed ihA.laimHl dteoUtloa sf any p^r la Allen Cdulr. ^ TbefiAKTA FE wOI seU H0MESEEKEB8' Ueketa ITor. IMh, Dee. Sd aad 17th, 1807 to paiaU is Tcoua ,OkIahaM and ladiaa Terrttarr, Xew jfexlea and tery low rates. TflKTER T0CBI8T ticfceta «• sale dallf 5aT. ISth, 1M7 to Arril Satfc, INa, with fiaal retua uiilt Jwie lit, 1S88, ta ttaaaoa^ EI Pa- M, Ft Warth, GalTCftda, Teni, Carlatad aai DeHhig^ K. M. at law rates. . • • ^ Please see a^ for farther parieolaia. Christian Science Free Lectare on Christian Science liy Edward A. Kiraball of Chicago, Ills., on Thursday evening, Nov. 31st, 1907, at eight o'eloek, ander the anspices of First Chnrch of Christ ScienU»t, Iob^ Kansas, at tha GRAND THEATRE Mr. Kimball is a neBber of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Chiirh, The First Ckareh of Chrixt Scientist, Bostoii, MaaS. Daring the last twentr yean he has (lerved at different time* aa Reader, Practitioner and Lectarer, and for flte years was Teacher of (Christian Science la the Mansachniietta MeUphyslcal College la B «t« The PBUIC is Corilially inyited. We are booking orders for Thanksgivlng^nrkeys.' Call tis up. Give as yotir order for anythiiiig in. the ponltry line, live or dressei, and . i»e will, deliver it to yon on Ifonday, Taesday m Wednesday of next week. We sell for c^h^ Oar price is right. Richardson Prodiice TELEPHONE S7C if. H. RIefeardsMi, Vif.

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