Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 5
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,•1, ^V»sJ :f on6' l>|oc3c from of doinaiUcBttd . tK«ted,cluur |C8 iriiUiforMitients Bwcreid promptly mght or ience. Veterin- [•speciclty. HoWMT XllWtaat* ol Oatuto Vator.. f • /^'tofy Colltge. Prop. Hoiplidl iq68 R M. Plioaa 139 MtelB. Quather's Hoarhound Ckhdy Free dirt at ^oopditfe. SHBRlVf BOLLINaB^ yesteMar Officially notified Mrs.;Lenora Wylde that she had been eued^ftv divorce hy Chas. Wylde, at Unlo^Vlue. ilo. Desertion la charged as the grounds for ihe action. I mJk Pauline Sailor, elklnroyant. 410 South Chestnut She is [a foreig;ner and Bpealcs German and English. The B «st Made WeSellit. at SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAWESON, The Sncemsfnl Ane< tlonecri Yotorlnarlaa. K«rin Kalmor I>cU(Kirt\l Muck •aim nitdr »iiywlii-rr. Vrlcr- lunry cnlU minwrn.nt dny or' II I K I I I . Officf with D OIIK I KM Broil. Phcnc ij, rt-Mdrnce 400 ^OJ,A, .KANSAS. v. R. S. QILnLLAM, General Coitractan Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aoi Curblhg B Specialty. t(Hie* U6 East Jaeksea kn. Iowa Store Big Bargain; W(>ek on All Kinds of Fall «:«ertti*i «l«e. Grocery Department We carryi everything that can bo got in the friut line, also fresh vegetables. Will call your attention to our big window which will give you some Idea as to what we have. We are making big preparations for Thanksgiving day lor Turkeys, Geese Ducks, Chickens, Fresh Oysters, Veal, T.anih,. Mutton^- iBeef... Pork, Mince Meat, Cotolene, Lard, Fresh Ham, BpiWff'*Hamr Smoked Ham, Sausage, Pressed Ham, Hologna, Head Cheese, Sparc Ribs, Sauer Kraut and Cranberries. We win give Frp* to the one that bays the largest bill of Groceries a WHsed pig the day before Thanks inJlnR. A. G.' MUMMA, Prop. Bosiaess College I 'Penmansfalp, Arithmetl«k Elocntioai BocUceeplng. English. Physical Gal tare, etc^ Shorthand, Letter Writing. Biifillel Titer' One hundred pounds ot Crya-, tal Ice will make U gallons oC diattlled water suitable for family' use. Try It Idilce&CsUSttnfeCs FRANK RIDDIA lilNIHENTI 'J stops an epidemic of UUstbergerm, acts 4 •^ouML^lanic ^iad'tids the hogs of wcsmf and lioej UP IN THE Sheriff's office a few days ago, CpdersheriS Boatright looked proudly down on hie shepherd dog Which was snoring near the door and i-emarked, '.'There' is a canine that has a keen scent for crim^als.' The remark caused Sheriff Boflinger to enter a vlgoroHB protest against the eulogy upon "Old Shep." The sherilt says that every time he goes by Mr. Boatright's home the dog eyes him suspiciously and occasionally barks at him. 1;. Christian Science, as oxplained by Rdward A. Kimball, brings healing ATTORNEY S. A. Card went to Yaies Center this morning to attend court. and deliverance.. Don'i.' miss this opportunity to hear a splendid lecture. It's free. ^ REV. CASSIDY will preach again at tl.a Baptist church tonight at 7:30. Tbe ralu kept many awaj- last night, l.ut It is hoped that th«; remaining services, win bo well attended. Raffles Is not a thief. Ask S. R. Hurrell. . ' t. ^ • 25c buys n Jar ot Mundls' Fragrant Cold Cream. i Cure your cold by using Mundls' Wilte Pluo with Tar.:' .lACK HBNUY. fortnerly of the To- I>rka team, has been drafted from 6k- Inhoma City by Ducky Holmes, who I K now nwnnglug the Slotix City team. Arthur Griggs, a Topelta bay j*-ho played with Sat) Antonio in the Texas league last year, has 'aeen drafted by the Shreveport team in the Southern ler.gue.—State Journal. One of the finest Skin' Foods made is Mnndls' Cold Cream. '^*-!L-'f v^k-'a**- THAY ARB PRBBH. A choice a&sortmeat of this Mpa<- lir brand at CRABB'S. When you buy I/>wney's Oiooo- iKte|i here, our pttibnsl pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your n*xt candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, . Comer Washington and.West Sts. GOOD BLCn)D HKTDIiES raOTECnOH The piesenration of health and preveation against lUaease is almost entirely dependent upon pnre. healthy blood; every otxaii, tissue, nerve and sinew of the body draws on this vital fluid for nourishment and strength. Poisons, humors and germs from various sources often get^iato the Uood, and then this great life-stream becomes a source of infectipn and disease, instead of j a aonrislung', health-sustaining fluid. Heredity Is likewise an importantjfactor, regulating the quality of the blood. Some persons are bom with tainted blood from disei^ ancestry, and Scrofula in one of its nume^ua forms is snre to crop out son^e time in life. Not only poisons in the blood are responsible for disease, but when the circulation is run down and becomes poor and weak in quality, then we see the effect in s general bad condition of health, such as weakness, sallow complexions, boils, and various skin eraption8 .^All blood troubles require 9. tonic and blood purifier, and none • other equals S. S. S. It goes down to the very foundation of the trouble,*snd removes evoy paiSicle of the poison ot imparity from the blood. And not only does 8. S. S. sntidote the poisons, humors and germs, but it possesses health-giving, tonic properties, which build upand strengthen weak, impoverished blood, and fortifies the system against Ordars for Ps^lgn asrvies Rsetlvsd •y Pert Laavenwraith paniaa. LMTeawortb, > Kas..; N OT. matton waa received at Com* S0.-4n(or- yut lisav. S.^S. PURELY' VEGCTABLE diseascT 8. S. S. permanently cures Rheumatism. Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Scrofula, Eczema, Tetter, and all other skiu diseases snd disorders. Book on the blood and sny medical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO .rATLANTA, GA. See .1. W. Coffey when in need of fine furniture. ' AT THE Western Association meet Ing in Kaaua^'MtsHlest-Hv«ek'a'MBa* mlttee was appointed to look after the circuit for next season. The commit tea is composed of President Mooiv? ot the Webb City t^am. President Hos tttler of the Hutchliison team and President Shively. This committee ill look over the dubious towns and If they think a change in the circuit advisable they wi)l make it. E^ild clamoring for a team. Springfield had a disastrous Reason but they have new management: there now and all of last season's debts have been paid. They are now ready to start anew. Dudley RIsley has been en gnged as manager iind: has already added some good me(i to his tram. He has secured Nig Shiner, iHarry Cheek and Ivan Olson from the Webb-Cit>team and has alreacjy several others under contract.—State Journal. S. C. WiUoughby, an auctioneer, has located inlola. South jifferson every Saturday. All parUes wishing to sell households should scis bim. Also farm selling a specialty. Residence CS6 South Fourth. P. ZKISING, of Cleveland, Olilo, who was.formerly connected with the lola force of the United Zinc & Chemical works, came in last nlglit for a short visit with old lola friends. 200 acres, about 6 miles from railroad town. Bourbon county. 75 acres In cultivation, 3 room house, etc. Price $2500. All cU^ir. "Wtltaker & nonnell. A CAR LOAD of California oranges was received yesterday by the lola Fruit company. The oranges are of excellent quality and will retail al from thirty to siityr cents a dozen. P. E. Wascfc, OeatbL Fhsae 1» OIBee aver Bsmirs Srsg 8tanb NELLIE Deist, who has been 111 and under the care jof the county for the past sever^ days left yesterday for her home In Nowata, Okla. The county furnished transportation. Vnndis Fragraat Cream Lotiaa good lor chapped hands'and face. Is JUDGE Smith' lasj^ evening married George 'W. 'Wtettler,- of] Pueblo, Colo_ and Efla Myers, ot LaHarpe. Dr. B STM U S . nSas tu. ROBERT Thompson. I C. C. Ansher man and E. D. Sh^elda bagged over dozen' squirrels yeaterday while busting on the Thompson farm. WSnt«d->Everybodr to know that W. a Kellsy A Son hdrs moved thsir transfer and ;BtoissS Booth WaaUilgton.'i PhoiM MS. BaaUii Thooa 17. A BABT BOY wn offlcs to tu I0fficaaa4 Day and Biahl bom today, to X AL Qanate aad M at Sooth Poutth street. < a- _ j ^ • . • ^ ^^Bromo Quinine'^ Laxative Bromo Quinine MtMED mc mnujo over to otmeAcota im owe oay. Always tcmcmbcr the full name. Look lo^ this signotoro on every box. S5c. • irr II" I. - • anworth this momine that batteries A and; B, Fifth artillery, now In staUon here, are to leave Febmary 5 tor service la the Philippines. The other battery, C. ot the Fifth is to go Oct(> ber 5. This newv caused considerable, surprise, as It was expected this halt a regiment ot artillery would remain here another year. The batteries D.i S antf F, Fifth artillery, the other half of .the same regiment now in station in the Philippines. Battery D, Second Mountain artillery, now in station at Port D. A. Russell, Wyo.. la also to take station In the PhlUppihes and will sail from San ^Trancisco February S st the same time OS; batteries A and B from-tMa post The monntom battery will take its equipment along. The batteries from this post will leave their horses, cannon and artHIery equipment here for the other batteries when tkey get In. . • • I Lieutenant Colonel |orangor Xdasu, for many years in station at Ft. Riley,' I K commander of the half regiment ot the Fifth artillery now in ManUo, and he is expected to remain in the Orient two more years. He left here in October. The incoming batteries .haVa hild- mora dun two yeSTsV ssK vice in the Islands. Major K. A. Millar, conunander ot this batalllon, and Lieutenant A. H, Carter, adjutant, and tho entire line of artillery officers, are expucting to go out with the bat- torlOB. The artillery oAcers are tdeased with the prospect of foreign service, as they have not had* the opportunity to go abroad like the infantry and cavalry branches. JfO GAME SrXDAT. Plans for a Trf-CMy-Fort Scott Contest Have Not'Xatared. •EO. A. BOWLUB, Prealient TH08. H. BOWLUa, Csablsr. ALLEN COUNTY STAtE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Back; i:. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evan% 6«o. A. Bowlu% Tlioa, H. Bowlua. 3. O. ReSia'Sb we ISSUE OUR own DRAFTS ON AU eUROPCAR POIHTS BAPtTY DEPbaiT B0XE8 FOR RENT FROM 12 to |B PER YEAR. Mundls- \\Tjlto Pine with Tar cixre your cold. will iMRS. J. Wu GOUDON loaves In the morning for Hillsdale to attend tho roceting pf the Woman's Home and Foreign ^^issionary Ixiard of the Neosho Val!ey district of the colon-d Bap- women What a Stout IVeman Shonld Wear. "It Is a mistake or a fat woman to wear long, loose, sweeping lines. She should wear flttcd or seml-flttcd clothes, and chcxise dark materials, said a prurainent dressmaker, notable for making "good figures" of stout My success in making stout list church. See .T. W. Coffey when in need of flne furniture. .Mrs. A\'51Ilam Hasklns ami Miss I.oulso of Fort Scott are vlsltlug Mrs. Claude Culbertson. 1313 Cold Cures in Mundls' window. Mrs. J. Funkliouser Is home from a visit in Lawrence. Miss Alberta Kilbom Is visiting her sister, •Kilbom. of Ft Scott, Miss Maude Edward A. Kimball Ot S. D. will present Christian Science a practical religion, at the Grand theater Nor. 21. 8 p. m. All are invited. FOR A NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Association of Universities Favors One in District of Columbia. i Washington, Nov. 20-—At the second day's secret sesston. of the As- spclation :of Universities, a recommendation was adopted that a national niiiverslt}^ be established by congress In the District of Colnmbia. to be supported by the government and to Bprve as a post-graduate ischool of colleges maintained by the states. Tks National Educational Association concurs in the recommendation. fet iWeatker M i All kind of Rubbsr frot wear wd heavy leather shoies. Robber olothing of all kinds, Craviaette ^in Colits of sll kinds. TTHE atdRe THAT :8ATftPtE8 .r women appear thin, however, is due* (n reality, to the fact that I can make them thinner it they will take my advice. I advise all the stout ones to go to their druggist, get % oz. of Mar- niola (being careful to get a sealed package), % oz. of Fluid Kxtract Caicara Aromatic, and 3^ ozs. of Syrup Simplex. These Ingredients are mixed together at home and taken a teaspoonful to a dose after meals and at bedtime. ".\ll these are simple, wl^lesome remedies that cannot do harm fo anyone. They even help to improve the health, while the way they reduce fat is truly astonishing. I have known a vtoman to lose over thirty pounds'be­ tween visits to me. It takes the fat off' 8 }-mmetricaIly, too. without causing wrinkles, does not interfere with the diet in any way. and does not require a whole lot of fatiguing exercise to show results. I wonder more driess makers do not try this plan of mine,' for the ingredients are cheap, easily secured, and pleasant to take, and as I said, really improve one's health and appearance." JUDE FFPILS EAT WORMWOOD. 5«vel Method of PnalshaieBt by a School Teacher. .-Waterbury, Conn.. Nov. 20.—The school district of East Litchfield is aroused because of the dis^very that one of the country school teachers has abandoned the old methods of chastisement and has been compelling disoliedlent'pupils to eat herbs, wild turnip, boneset and wormwood. The;teacher Is a spare-the-rod advocate, and ber method, she says, was to stop the boys' plugging the chimney, releiasing mice and hard-shelled crick et^ahd throwing pepper on the stove. First she had three recesses a day Instead of two and worked other, in- n<x|nions to cement friendsl^ps. This Mling to take the children's attcn- tloB from mischief, she tried the new ited now the parrats are angry. bpikirtmilty 'to Investigata the of the beantlfni and reaHy The plans for a foot ball game here next Sunday between the Tri-Glty team and a Fort Scott team, have fallen through and there Is little chance ot a game beliig secured for next Sunday. The present indications are that a game will be matched with the Burlington City team for Thanksgiving day, but the game Has not been definitely arranged. It is expected that word will be received tonight from Burlington as to whether or not the game will be played. SMsauasBlsM iHsSHBSt S( saAcUsB Muakocee, Okls.. Nor^ SO.~Todsy's Session of the Trsas-Mlsslaalppi Gom-H merclSl Coosreos was eallad to order by John Heniy Bmlthr of fialt Lake lOty, leader ot the Mormon chnrch. A immher.. of -.-resolattons were -Hntro-, dneed '^and seat-to the cmnmlttee as Is the costom of.^the consress. Amonr the reaolatlona ^vere those recommend"! ing atatehood for New Mexico by the governor ot .that state, advising the: national congress to Issue twenty mll-r lk>n dollars la treasury notes, the some to be expended by the govern-: ment In postr^i^ds. C«»npelllng the rail; ed the car shortage and suggested the; Colonel Ike T.;l*ryor, of San Antonio,: Texas. The latter resolution explain-^j ed the car shortake and suggested the Inter railroad .ownership of cars. TOLD OF LAST TAIJu * , Clinoz of BniUey Trial Beached la Coatlaaaaee ef Wamaa's TestI* away Today. Washington," Nov. 20.—Tho , climax of the Bradley trial was reached to-, day when -Mrs, Bradley testified ia her own behalf and related particulars of her final. la .tervlew with former Senator Brown- In the Raleigh hotel in this city lost December, and gave all the details'die could remember ot the shooting which followed. She was prompt as usntil,' In entering the court room, and if anyone had believed that yesterday's ordeal would render hec unfit to proceed with her narrative it must soon have become evident to jauch person that he had not taken in-; to sulBcient aoeount the reserve powe; of the woman. She did not look very buoyant, but she never does, and it cannot be sold there was much change in her. appearance. The court room .was. agafa crowded and more ware re-f fused admission for the lack of secOm' modations, than got in. STRIKE IS BROKE.y. LonliTlIIe Street Railway Is Xe«pln (r a itehednle Today. Louisville, Nov, 20.—The street rail way company is today maintaining fair schedule on all'lines except one and it is thought that the strike U broken. Weiac^ "TkeM lUfhter" • RriMS • SUQHTLY Ui^BD The Old Way TO SAW WOOD HMMMwortt-MSM* the "«M Mr" of fly tt» N0W Warl Uss B-B-41 ^Jt sUaes itself. Is apeUed like naint. not mb, or wash, off aaa cadi Beauty of face counts but little If combined with an Ill-proportioned figure and awkward carriage, A ''OosMrd front faMe" will do the work. New York Store. ^BILL?* CROSS MAY BECOTEB^ CondKIoa «f Okbihoaia Secretary af State Shows Improremeat. Oklahoma City, Nov. 20.—The condition of Secretary of State Cross is so mueh improved today that his physicians hold out,hope that he may recover. Stimulants were administered throughout lost night as an aid to his weak heart action, and he has been conscious during the day. A sister of Mr. Cross Is on her way from New York and is expected here today. The woman who appreciates elegance and beauty, cultivates grace, cherishes health, nndsrstands comfort and seeks contentment, wi I find oil these and experience the utifaost satlfr- facUon 4a her Oessard It sh* hot land herself to our persuasion that we may lead her to those rosy paths called Ease and Contentment. Call at the .\ew York Store and interview our Miss BaUosr. 1 ; IBS. LESLIE CIBTEB BAHKBUPT. Actress' Debts Esthnated at $11,000, Her Assets $1,000. New York, Nov. 20.—An Involuntary petition in bankruptcy was filed in the United States district court today by the creditors against Mrs. Leslie Carter Payne, the acress. The claim of the creditors amounts to over |11,000, of-which Lanra-0. Cook claims 14 ,228 on notes and 16 ,891 for clothing. The other claims are small. It is alleged .that Mrs. .Carter. Payne com mitted an act of bankruptcy In paying out 11 ,700 to preferred creditors knowing herself to be insolvent Her total assets are estimated at $4 ,000. Judge Hough appointed Esra P.' Prentice a receiver of • Mrs. Carter Payne's effects. Lala Glaser's Troables.. New York, Nov. 20.—Miss Lnlu Olaser and her ^lanagers. Meters. Kiaw and Erianger, have agreed to disagree. According to a statement issued from the olOces ot that firm Miss Olaser's seawn In "Lola Frbdi Berlin^' wUl close in Washlnston. November 30, and at the same time her contract with Klaw and Erianger will terminate. SHOT HUSBAXD IX JEALOUS RAGE Then- Xew ToA Woman InQieted Wounds hi Her Own Head. New York, Nov. 20.—Half crazed by iealousy tiecause of her husband's attentions to another woman. Mrs. tle Hitchcock shot and instantly killed ber husband, Robert L. Hitchcock, a compositor, as he lay sleeping In their home in the bronz early today. Turning a revolver on herself. Mrs. Hitchcock inflicted several wounds In.the head, the result of which will probati- ly prove fatal.. "FOR GOODNESS sake, take out that want ad," said L. E. VanatU to a Register reporter. "For the last two or three days we have been bothered to death with men looking for that Job. Men have even called us up on the telephone way Into tbe nigbt to ask us about the Job. Mr. Vannatta says the men advertised, for were secured the next day after, the ad .was first run. He realizes that the Register's want ads bring results. THE FRATERNAL Union of America is to meet tomorrow night and elect olficers for the ensuing yeari. THARKSaiVUIim-GARYIMasetS I He who is selected to do the carving of tbe turkey on Thsnkagiving day will find ao chance to grumble of lay tbe blame to a tongh bird if th? carving is done with the aid of one of onr carving sets. Our csiviog sets sis not mere toys, the blades are of good steel and made ^by a leading manufacturer. Stag . and o^er handles of late design. OTHER QOOD BARGAINS Robertis Piano House OPPORTUNIT Wait for no oiie-^Th£i is tb/i tiaws snd 1 the opportunity for the gift' giver to get tta« fullest tidne for t]fe~ money to be spent. Be sure to bay r yotuj gifts a little ahead oftimethhi season, and toi make yoor choide fromj,this. nne^iampled display.' l^e veryj finest and highest grade ^dif Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Gli^ .1. ...-.. JilWELBB. M Ik Sen';! \v W&i(n!s Comiagl Tea kaow wlat that yea. i>e^ yea waat ta the sBow, jUip eellr.tke.BhuliT^ aU the dlseppfortsr l. tThy not- ptsh aow when ta- pass that Maaait so ti^lBf t»: •any persofst. _ . Write for iidSraatita abeal Willed Tins ; To Callfa^; IdMsa^ Hem Xezlw^ JkSiks^ Tesas; / \ Favanble Ttiii. Ung Xhau; ui lAaj ^oTeis. -I li m Mr. aad ]

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