Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 4
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CHABLBS F. SGOn CTBCDIA-nOW 4W.! Raporterf lloom .i28 ^ BosiaeH^ Opce- i... IS SCBSCRIPnOS BATES. Rj Carrier la iola, €hu CItr, Jjoiyu- . • . Tllle or La Harpe. a e Week i 10 cents e Montb 44 oants One Tear ....> 16.00 BjMan. One Tear, In advance HOC Three Montha, in advance 11.00 One Month. In advance .44 Entered at Tola. Kansas. Postofflee.^ aa Second-class Matter. AdrertlsinK Rates Made Known on Application. Ol^nCUL PAPER, CITY OP BASSET. KEHBEB OP ASSOmTED PRESS. The loto Dallr Regtoter is a aeaber ' «r the Assoebted Press and Rceetves the iar report It that great news or! iuhatioB for ElcIaslTe Afteraeon ) PabUeaUoB la lola. MRS. BERT MORRISON IS BETTER WAinan Who Attempted Suicide is Re. covering; •W. P. Powell was called to Tola yesterday on account of^the illness of bis <daiiejiter. M^ajlBtidie Mbrrison. Mrs. Mjorrlson ^tfad much better when be got there an#«he came to this citj today. Mt. Powell returned this morning.—Garnett News. . .Mrs. Morrison is the wife of Bert Morrison and 5s the woman who attempted suicide at the Salvation Army hall Sunday evening by taking morphine. Cored of Brlftfat's DlsMse. Mr. Robert O. Burne, Elnora, N. Y., ; writes: "Before I started to use Fol ley'siKidney Cure I had to get up from i I twelv^e to twenty times a night, and I f v^as all bloated up with dropsy and : my eyesight was so ampalred I could , : aoarcely see one of my family across ' \ the ro6m. I had given up hope of Hv- i Jng,. when a friend recommended Fo; les's Kidney Cure. One 50 cent bottle worked wonders and before I had taken the third bottle the dropsy had gone, as well as all other symptoms of Bright's disease." Burrell's drug store. Energy for breakfast to start the day. Sustenance for lunch to carry you through. . Rest and renewed strength at close of day. The food ideal for every iheal. Uneeda Biscuit More nutritious than any other wheat food. k JH moistun and \ dust proof faekagu. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY OUR WAY ENTERED LAST NIGHT. Fixtures sn<f Stock Not Disturbed by the Visitor. Guy Pees, receiver of:thc Our Wi»y, when he came down town this morning, found that the padlock which he had placed on the front- door of the Our \Vby restaurant, liad been broken off during the u-Rht> and the door '.eft wide open. A close Invet'tigallon. showed that nothing was missinR. The sllverwar?.' linen and fiiinitnic wer>> undisturbed. Mr. i^oes Is at a loss to know what purpose anyone hpt\ in view in entering the place and not appropriat­ ing anything. The front door is near next Sunday as some of the players aa electric arc light and it possible' could not get off, but expressed that some one had broken off the desire that a game for some future lock with the Intention of looting date might be arranged. Manager the place, but was driven away by Jones immediately got phone connec some one passing by. i Uott with the Tri-City team and If Ft Scott does not come to lola Sunday QHALLENGE TRI-CITY TEAM. Chanute Go-Devils Want Game Next Sunday. (Chanute Tribune.) Manager Jones, of the Chanute Oo- Ucvlls, received a card from the manager of the Neodesha football team this morning stating it would he im- pcRsibIa for them to come here on the Tri-Clty bunch will come here. DANCING PROTES FATAL Many men and women catch colds at dances which terminate in pneumonia and consumption. After exposure if Foley's Honey and Tar is taken It will break np.a cold and no serious resalts need be feared. Refuse any hiot^the genuine In a yellow package. DnrreH's drug store. % * Register Waat Ada., le a War!. STORE Two Thiogs tbat Count-QQality and Price The quaUly of our gopds is of a high standard, while our price is lower thaa is chiurged Blsewh^^ for goods of equal quality. NOTICE THESE PRICES 1. Children's Caps Cloth 2»e Braided «e Corduroy ; 49e Camel's Hair «»e Bear Skin ......... 89c China SettofDuhcs 42-piece set gold decoration .. C3 pieces English ware 100 piece Dresden decoration ..IllK School Boole Exchange We are the agents for the Kao Book-company and handle a full Hine of school books and supplies. Ladies Underskirts Black Satteen tl.25 Black iSatteen %\M Heatherbloora t&SS Heatherbloom 1X00 Glassware Tumblejrs - 90e dot. Tumblers ; SOe dos. ' 3-band : tumblers 81c doi; Bell tumblers 84e doiu Sherbeta ! tl^ d<^ Toys Our line of .Toys Is the most complete ia town. • i Come earljr aad get joar ehekf. Hose Children's lOe Children's Fleeced 15e Children's Famous Rawhide 19e I^ier lOr, 15e and S5e Men's Sox .... 8 l-Se, lOe, JSc aB4 35e Gas Light Supplies Burners 15, 2«, 4& aad SOe Mantles 10, IS, 8Se Globes 10, liM, Ift, S3e Inverted light, complete We 36-Inch oxidised pendant Me 1 swing bracket fiOe 2 swing brackets 75e Dress Findings Wc have the most saUsfactory and money saving line of Dress Findings. ttVE ODiBEIT OR nAKSBvif BAND WILL GITE OPEN AIR R8< CITAL ON NOTBUEB SSL ' •' •::ir C t, Lacceek Has Caatnct ta SeTe Tfcne Hsjases-l. Beatty Wffl Xavc ta BaHlesTaie. Hewry Griaiai lalaxad. While at work in one of the smelters In this -city yesterday morning, Henry Grimm of La Harpe was severely Injured by a blow out cart tall ing across his body. His right Ilmh was broken Just above the knee^and the bone was badly splintered. He was severely bruised about the body, CeaJeert aa Thaaks^vlaf. ' On Thanksgiving day there will be an open air concert given by- the Gas City band. Wni Xove to BarUesTflle. James Beatty has returned from ilartlesville where he went to look ap a loactlon for his shoe shop. He will move to that city In the near future. WOl Move UoBses. C. C. Luccock of lola has the con tract for moving three houses from South Gas tO'North Gas. * Perseaals. Miss Grace Alistott has returned from a two weeks visit with relatives in Topeka. Mr. T. M. Eakin, of Kansas City, visiting hia son In Gas City for a few days. A. R. Temple has gone to California where he will probably make his fU' ture home. Harvey Stokerbcrry has bcen'called home from Bartlesvllle on account of the serious illness of his wife. Joe Hyatt has returned from Bartles ville. Mr. W. D. Freeman of Bronson was In the city yesterday. He Is having residence property which he owns in Sohth Gas, moved to Concrete. And>-i Morris is In Pittsburg this week. Virgil OriscoII and John McCracken went to IJartlesvilte yesterday where they will work In the new smel ter. Mrs. Elmer Scott has gone to Dunlap, Kansas, caKed by the •serious III ness of her mother. E. R. Furthey has moved to Pitts- tvuller Skating at Feet's opera house Thursday night, Nov. Slst, and Satur- daj- night. Nov. 23rd. Make the stomach happy with a Mio-na tablet before meals, A guarantee Is given by Charles B. Si>encer to return your .=;0c If Mi-o-na falls to cure any form of stomach trouble. AMCSEMENTS. •The Moonshiner's Daughter,' jrhlch plays at the Grand tonight has a new player this season, and thus 'ar he has carried off all the hoifors He is a brown Cinnamon bear and hails from Montana, his name Teddy' 'and he claims to be the original 'Teddy Bear." He has a history inch as falls to the lot of Hut few of his class. When President Roosevelt first con celved the idea of a hunting trip year or so ago, Teddy" waf.a pramr Islng-cnb of one week, tbe mother, aad the envy of twojfttla bear brothers of the sanM age. nie aaaal life of bears was all thatrtTeddj' looked forward to, until one day WfeUe ,the mother bear was ont foraging ^e president's young son liappened aeapes the cosy home in the rocks wtere Teddy" and his brothers' lay 'flat asleep. A couple of casting nets soon made 'Teddy" and his brothers prisoners, and they were carried to camp fed on milk from a bottle, and eventu ally shipped to\a soologlcal jgarden In the east. "Teddy's" cue tricks and brigfatneas soon won him a host of friends among the visitors at the Zoo, among thun the manager of "The Moonshiner's Daughter," who, after much dickering succeeded In purchasing him { from the authorities, and under his patient teaching "Teddy" has become i very clever actor Indeed. i REXEDT FOR NEURALOIil OB PAIN IN THE NERTES.! For neuralgia and sciatica Sloan's Liniment has no equal. It has powerfully sedative effect on the nerves—penetrates without rubbing and gives immediate relief froiQ pain —<iulckens the circulation of the blood with and gives a pleasant sensatipn of comfort and warmth. "For three years I suSerSTi neuralgia In the; b«ad - aad jaws.' writes J. P. Hubbard, of MarieUa. S C. "and had almost daeldad t9| have three of my teeth palled, whea friend recommended me to buy a! twen ty-nve-cent bottle of Sldan's Unlinent. t did so and ezperlaaced Immediate relief, and I kept on using It until the neuralgia wits entirely cured. I will neevr be without a bottle of Sloan's Liniment In my house again. I use It also for I Insect bites aad sore throat, and I can cheertalty' r60ommeBd''lt to any one who suffers from any. of the Ills which I have menttoned.' TklsjlJi Waitii B« Aa no oiia ia louaaaa. every AoaM rjBaombar tl^at Faiay% '•of. - - t Cara wUI care any Madder I troable that •atom. r _,4- 1 . - » _ I la of •edleUML^.BiihrM' TOOK WAKT AB& TO KMUIBB OFFICE. Aa' aa aeoonodatlon, tba Register receives ada tor ita want colnmas over the telephone, hat expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle aa soon as conTenient. aa the bills are too srikall to warrant the cztiense of a collector. Telephone yoar want ad to either phone,-Na 18 or 222, and It win receive earefOl atteatlon. 100 Xca Waaler. To trap minks, skunks, muskrats, raccoon, etc. Highest prices and a square deal. B. S. Barnard. lola. Kansas. 324-326 North Buckeye. The most reliable dealer.* WANTED CANVASSERS—Men to represent the Prudential Insurance company of Newark. N. J., In lola. Good salary guaranteed. Inquire M. L Burt. 10% North Washington, at 9 8. m. WANTED—Girl for general housework. Inquire 706 East street CIVIL SBRVICE^-We want young men who wish to enter the U. S. Civil Service. If you are over 18, an Amer- KBlghts of meeta bt K.P.Hall. Wednesdajr nUhta la W. Postwalt. aommandar; ter. record keeper. •XOCiBIBS^ or dU World . aidftNtfth / PM^ W. 0. W..-Camp No, IM rndbf li i. K. lot P. BaU everr.Fiiday nUbt. Y. T.; Steele. C. C; A.H.Davia, Claife. Vialton cordially havltad. ^11 J KNIGHTS OF PTTHUa. ywabo U>dge N0..4S meets every' MoDdiiy alsbc at K. oC P. HaU. '^ttac ^ > thers Invited. W.a.Thompaoa.''aa:'' Chrts Rltter. K. of R. and & —r : W. l^The M. W. A. Lodgo m «Bta every Friday night in H. W. A. halL Visiting bTOthers Invited. W. H. Andaraon, y.C; W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOTAL HXIGHBOB&r-Iola Cam^ No. 3S6. Royal Neighbors, meets see> ond and ftmrtli Tuesdays of each month. Mra; F. A; Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hotton^ 413 West Street, Recorder. F.A.A.M3oIden Leal Conncfl Na 462. F. A. A. meeU first and third lean and can read and write, we can. Wednesday nights in each month In auallfy you to pass examinations.' K. P. Hall. C. B, Lacey, presldent; quallfy you to pass Write,at once for "Civil Service Booklet," stoUng age. 1. C. S., Box 799, Scranton, Pa. Mechanical Draftsmen Wanted. The demand Is always-In excess of the supply. We qualify yoong men, at small expense to take well-paid positions as mechanical draftsmen and mechanical engineers. All that is needed is ability to read and write and wlitlngnesa to study. Write today for -'Mechanical Drawing Circular." I. C. S., Box 799. Scranton, Fa. WANTED—Scrip or clearing house certificates, for which we will give a premium of 8 per cent in lots of $100 or more. First clasr business propo- siUon. Call and Investigate, 104% North Washington avenue. Up stairs. Room 1. Second.door North of Post- olBce. Office hours 9 a. m. ^o 9 p. m at 209 WANTED—Four Sonth State street boarders 14.00. WANTED—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inqnire 105 South Second stret FOR SALE—Good runaboat Stade- baker boggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Bam. FOR SALE—2 wort mares, 3 fresh cows. W51 trade for LaHarpe rental property. G. W. McKlnder. Kincaid, R. R. 1. FOR SALE—A young Jersey cow, fresh in 4 weeks, k. O. Stephenson. La Harpe, Kans. FOR SALE—Fumlcnre 5 room house. Inquire 404 South Wash, ave FOR TRADE—A well Improved 80 acre farm, S miles from Hallowell, Labette county, Kansas, to trade for residence property In lola. Address, Lock Box 17, La Harpe. Kansas. FOR SALE—nno stock of grocar- ofWaJta,^^ Stan flgt«r«a. 402 Soath ~ Kagftocky straat- / - Jtm «AI£—A driving Bare aad bnnyi Qpraa dty broke, sate for lady to drtva.^ llnqnlre 832 North street. FOR ftjOiB-Good mara with foaL Call at li'West street. FOR: iaa>IT—Furnished rooms at No. 6 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. FOR RENT—One large room for two persons, sleeping or housekeeping. 212 West Madison. Miss Mable Rhorfcack, sacretary. FRATERNAL BROTHEBHOOll^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 ihaeta second and fonrth Tuesdaya of each month hi A.O.U.W. HalL Vlstting members; cordlaly Invited. W.H.A»* deraon. president; Golda Elam. secra* tary. , ' 1 ^ Jaaior Order Catted Amerleaa cbanics.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A* Widick. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Rea Secretary. BUSmeSS OBJEOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jewalar. 110 East street STAMMER. Complete conrt at the best school for stammerers in: America at on»half price this fall and wlkteft'^llliite for Information at cHiefc McKle School for Stammerers. 2706 East 12th Streak Kansaa City. Ma POLAR BE4R Has Stood ibe Test Bccatfse Its t!ie Best Acce|>t No Other Wfl}. bbetdoff, Agt THE NEW 1907 BOOKS. Aaat Jane of Kenfacky, by Eliza HalL The Amalet, by Chas. Egbert. Craddock. The Adreatarest, by Caroline' Stanton. * Ana Boyd, by Will N. Harbin. : Aroshw Nights; by Stewart Edward .White. The Apple of Dbeord. by E. A; Walcott Arthasa, by F. Martin Crawford; Ancestors, by. Qertrude Athei^^ 'i ton. : Alice for SharVby WnC IMior- - gan.' • ' ' J >AH Tkat^ l««i-Ly* by-Sam France^ Woolard. The Beat Xaa, by Harold MacGrath. , : The BaUders, by Willis G. Eni- erson. You can get them at the Old Corner Book Store and as cheap as apy place, many of them as low as $1.10. Drop in and look them over at Evans Bro9. FOR RENT—Six roomed house. goo4 barn, other improvements. Inquire 023^ North Kentucky. FOR RENT—Modern dwellfng of 9 rooms. 803 South Washington Ave. Fred J. Horton. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets aad S tigs cleaned by neiolaRoflwiory Office and Ston^ Ware Room al PlioiieJMW CHRISTMAS PRSSBKTS ' Nothings better than a magaslne for a friend. For y<»c imagaslnea see J. E. inmiElsON. Phone 96. • |M IT. Baekeye. tivingfttop £• Co Caatradan aai I All Unds at work a apetiblty • Savtk BycaaMNb Pkaaa Itif EmUB^milii'dwmirm •i %.i ft;,:)---, AaiaiBaltlaB Vrt ap la eaaiply wHk tka para fend law. IM Saath Xe^«k^. Phaae m. \T. Be Siiomum - The Allen* counly' Hardware «ikd ,Implement mat n. ^orth Side Square bla. Kan. 4.-

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