Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 20, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1907
Page 3
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... ^ -, VAGGETTi Sciodi BOARD. HAS BCfflCiKEP. NO ^mipEliT TO I^^fFFCI riTT OFFICIALS rXSECIDED AS XBTHOD Of* FILLING TAf AXCV. to Ladles' AM (Society Preparlnir for • i I I II Choos?your wanm \|(^ter Ciothing n^w! Tt^ handscHnelatcf MW stj^li Garimnts direct lr<^CI«v^i|^^ Sclijool TrnxBrpr Rettlgns. L. H. iDaKgett, treasurer of (he Bohool IxUrii, bas resigned uu accuuui of having 16 be out of the city (he greater t>art of hia tfm^. The city offltiers lave been undecided as to the legal procedure in Ailing the vacancy. C. L. ETina/icity attorney, asked Attorney G meral Jackson for an opinion on the I ubj^t. Mr. Jackuon replied unotticla y that in his opinion an tip- polntmeitt by the mayor to be confirmed by the'council woulU be legn!. In the ^nt that the appointment is not legal, a special election will have to be called by the mayor. No official action has as yet been taken in regard^ to (he rncancy. 6«org« Sum Called In. ' George Smith! traveling salesnh:.'^ for the International Drug company of this city, has jbeen called In for the balance of this season owing to ^he j)re.sent financial conditions. Mr. Sniith •will spend bis time fori the preweut In visiting with his customers in tbi.x section of the state. \ •' ——•• Oct Ready for Baiaar. The Ladles* Aid society will nipot t'omorix>w afternoon In the M. K. church. The time will be apeut iii making saleable articles for the bazaar to be given by the society, ibi' date of which will be given Jaler. «6rtpe*i of Gold" Pleased. Considering the inclement weather last evening, the lecture of H. V. Adams at the M. E. church was wp;i attended. Mr. Adams' subject •;Oraiies of Gold," Is an excellent one. and his discourse was listened to with rapt' auentlon. Those who heard Mr. Ad- Ictcure iio|>e to hear hfni asaiu f^(Hbe near future. New (lub Ursaalied. Last evening at the home of .Mi:$s Gertrude Martin a club to lie known as the "Double Four" club was or- ganlcetl. The object of the club is a social good time. The members of the cliA are as follows: Misses .\llct» Uarker. Elsie Stephenson, Clara Wilson. Rilla Sgie. >lattie Ferrfs. Eva and QBsle L^vl^BbaiSitl Gertrude Martin. Snciter Under Dead Fb-r. ' Blocks numbers Ave and six of the East 6in «Uers are under dead fire today on acount ' of a shortage of ore. The men expect to return to work Thursday,; a ear load of Ore havln.? been billed to arrive at that time. Serlea.el ReYhal!). (jfrs. May D6ii|tierty is in Kansas City thin week aaaJsting Rev. Kady in a series ol revival meetings which ho is holding at that piece. Injured Wblle PUylag. The small son of Mr. Wtai. Griffl.i. wblle playing yasterday accidentally pushed a tKban into one of his nos- f rflis. The boy was taken to Dr. Trow bridge where, the l»ean was removed without serious Injury to the child. f Chapel Ctir Here, The evangelist diapel car arrived in this city yesterday from Parsons In charge of Rev. J. S. Thomas and wife wbo have had charge of the car ever since It was commissioner eight yeara ago. The car wlH probably remain in this city for two weeks. Personals. Mrs. Maggie'Meyers visited with her sister, Mrs. E. Vandergrlft, In Gas City yetterdaiy. Roy Sleeper Of lola was a business I Visitor In this city yesterday. A COMPLETE Stock of hi^h standard in every ready-to-wear branch has been assembled with the utmost care .by this store. Each line has been marked at a price that will assure you the grati^ing pleasure of practicing economy while choosing. We urge you to choose no*^/ whefi ail lines are complete and you'il be sure to find your size. We invite you to share in the benefits of our undisputable unequalled facilities for underselling, in our Great Redjiction Sale. 875 Stylixb Hats EIrssatly Trimmed In o«r own work .room. In our gn>at rrdnrtloB sale tlJM to $SM 3»M) Pairs nf Warm niaakebi from 30f to ifT.TS per pair " In onr «r*-»l Kedndtoti Salr. , :^ 9i Plrrr9 Tenuis orDaOng Flaniit'b from* * lo iilie ya«d • Warm I'nderwcar for ladies. ml».vr!i and rhlldrea. Separate garmrnts for chlldrra from 13 to SOr; anion salts fnim lo £Sr; ladles separate garments from t> to the all wool $I.S3rnn<on snRs from'SOr to the all wool 13.33. Irn's .nnderwear, Ibe at»e (jnaltty far t'iit» Everything new and pwtty for the Fall and Winter Gown Trimmings. You vyill find the correct things in our Great Reduction sale '•'it M III 1§3 Eamt mmtUmon RICHARDSON'S 2 gfoorm Wemi Ttnmp" njan of Tola were here yesterday visit- .ing with Mrs. L. P. Malcom. Claude Freeman and Wendell Phillips spent yesterday In the rural districts hunting .ouail. Mr. and Mrs; K: Kluber have return-d from their trip with a repertoire company and ^ill remain in La Hariie the rest of the: winter. There will be work in the third degree at the Masonic ball tonight. Mrs: Hattie Ross and son of Pueblo Colorado, are visiting at the home of .Tndge -Meyers. They will,remain for two weeks and possibly longer. Holler Skating at Peet'a opera house Thursday niglrt. Mov. 2Uti |nd Satiir- Mrs. D. Sarrer and Miss Pearl Brldg day night. Nov. 23rd. IVs the good in a man—not his looks—that counts. Your "goodness" may be hidden beneath a poorly - made suit of clothes. Better look as good as you arc. You're at your best whenever you're dressed in P M»d« as clothes should be made by Igeojjold, Solomon i:E»endt»th,Chtca(:o. .Ask jfour dsder to show yon Sophomore Ctethts. TE¥ER>» OROCCRY Good Things to Eat Tetebhooe I5» \ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COMPLETE PIPE UHE RAIN O'ONT STOP CROWD. iBIg Attendance at Christian Church Revival. In Thirty Days Cherokee Smelter Will be Running Again. The pipe line which Is being built cy th.' Cockerill aud Nicholson Interests from the gas field In the southeastern parr of the county to the Union Bi c|{ iJi.nt. Kansas Portland Ce- r':?nt Hr.f' the Cherokee SmcIttT at Oas City, will be completed within. ti>? next thirty I'.ays If the *enther - to continues good. cure any case oT Itching. Blind. Uleed- _ ,, , ing or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days ""^ """" or money refunded. 50c. j l .«-Bnim ami at the present time the i y.w^ is working a mile no^h of Le- CAMPBELL CASE TO TRIAL, i anna." .\ f"'-ce of 300 men are now j ut work on the lIno and the work is Rt^lng luishnd as rapidly as iwsslble. Th." Chi'-xikee Smelter at Gas City is now on dead Are waiting for gas from the Lt-onna fle'd. , PILES CUBBD in S TO 14 DAYS. POZO lONTMKNT Is guaranteed Demurrer to Petition Was Overruled in Neosho County Court. The >10.000 damage suit brought by .Mrs. Ully Campbell of Leanua, against Onase Brown, of Chanutp must come to trial. The case was tiled In the Neoshj county court. Tho defense filed a demurrer to the pet'.-; •j-'fmpjv" Sale ton but It was overruled. an<I the.> ' were given ninety days to answ?r. L'ave Campbell, husband of Mr:. Campttell, died from the effects of drinking wood alcohol, which it is al >ged was sold to bim in an unlabeled bottle by Brown. .\ reduction on every Top Coat and Kuin Coat In the house during our The Globe.' A«ed (-atbolle Priest Dead. St.".To»ph. Mo.. Nov. 20.—Father Fruncls W. Graham, pastor.of St. Patricks Roman Catholic church, aged seventy, is dead. He came to Missouri In sixty six. Mate a p«,.U« d^fei^^^ a order 5^ch has Y^^^ib^ backache, aervtwa ^pent, diaoli ^palM!. bnffitr fmtkMa etc, Ii far 12 years; Wed 4 [jgpuOfnltbntd aai am Tho preacher and chorus Jast night nt the Christian church had to meut the effects of the weathei' both on tha outside of the house and within: I'lit they faced the sltuafon bravely; and gave the people a stirring and profitable service. The sermon treated the theme "The Lcifdshlp of Jesus," tn the same in- snirini? and happy manner as the Mon j • day night address. The supremacy of j* Christ in the life was shown to con- * si!tut« the greatest need and the highest privilege, both of the Individ- j ual Christian and the church. The I speaker thought that this- was getting to bo. inore and more the fact, especially in the churches; and that this will result In no great time tn I the practical union of all Christ's fol- U.'wers under the iiowpr of his su t>reme lordship. The sermon closed with a" strong], , atipeal to make the principle of 'ove the highest motive In Christian lif^: rather than a sense of duly. He made an effective point on this head by:^ saying that It would not do for a"" man whose business had called him away from home, to tell his wMe on returning, that he came home because he felt it was bis duty to come. Tbis would be dishonoring to the relations between them. So, when we serve Christ only ftom a sense of-duty, we s • • • W. H. AITDKISOH. Attoniey<«t*Iiaw< NoUry! and Btenotraphar la Offlct. Phoaa 4SS. « • •••aV • • • ^. • fI.A.Ewlns. S.A.Qard. Q.fLjam»*h^ KWINU, UAJID * Hi • i • Lawyen. Practice ID all W. Madlaun. PbMe^ iRt|RRtt«#a*S| DB. MeXlLLIlf, SpecUl attaatton given to ta« * treatment of all Chronic Dlaoas-' * •a and Dtaaaaaa ot Childron. * Telephonaa: Office B2, Res. tSl. * Offloa In Mrs. Tumer'a Bldg..'' * Weat Madteon. • • • Pbona 687. Raa. .UU. 0. L. COX, Eya. Kar. Nose and Tbrast BpecUclas Properly FIttML oac» A. o. u. w. sidr 701. • • •. dishonor Him. The get* upon the plane truthfnllr say. "The constrains me.'' Christian must where he ckir love of Christ The 5ew Pnre Paad and Brag tj»w. - - W* mw {rtceaed to aanonaee tbaf Foley 's Honey and Tar for cou «hs. colds an dinng trbubles is not affected by-tl* KiBJonai Pure Food nm! Brag Lav as it eontains no opiates nr other harmfkil drugs, and we ree- omnend it as a safe reihedv for chiM- reijt and adults^ Bnrrell's Drug istore.' i^^^i;^.... > jM|l*r Vaat Je » Word. ; DiHco Phone I0S3. PE. K. O. CDIUSTIJlli. i'kysirfan and •argeon. . ibioma 7 and S. Bvana BMs. *. Phone 664. fola. ID ra. BDITII 8. BAIGU? • Offlco.apA Realdanee av»r Bnr- -? • mll'a Dms Storai > • Offlco Hourv-IO tt> It k. «i, i • • to 4 p. iDti.. 7 to 8 evanlnn. • ftindays hf Appolntnane • • • Practtce Limlta« to ICN.Bockeyei PkoaeBTC •o « 4 it • • •. • R.«.TeL 1*8. Omce Tel. 1«. • DR.J. R. rSPPIB. Dajrtlft • fa permadlnUy'loeaited prtr *. • a C; MoClalu'a Oatatag Woi^ • h • and U prepared to -do eO kinds . * • ut op-io-dsta dea^ work, i • • Kvening wtirk Jbj a^tjottttmeiil. ' • ' ; . . ••••• -'• :. •. Office M. JB. Ooraer of Soom JT . . . o • • • o • • • • , . , , , .V^ I

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