Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 7
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••i—f~rf—nir' nm ii unimMj n n. j. HMAN' MR. AMD MAS. HARLBM BRINQ AfCTIONi AOAINtT lOtA CLEjCTRIC, Atk for $10,000 DaiMOit^-««y Kill ing Wail Out to Caralmnnt on Part of tha, Read. ^ibc brtss (ioods In t>la{A cdott tad (tax- cy stripes and plaids, cnoicc, per yard, 29c 69 G Table bimask Splenr*iil patterns, 60 and 66 in. wide, per yard, $5.00 Silk Petticoats Heavy quality bla6k Taffeta iilk, rich hts- tre, choice $3.48 Apron Ginghams Fast colors, in bine and also brown checks special at % 5c l2yacheavy ^irtings Full 30 inches wide, all fast colors, 12|c grade at lOC iSc Suitings AU double width i;ood8 in this lot, actual valne np tn iSc, on lale I2C Ladies' $1 Comts Diacontlitned models, in Corsets that formerly sold at $1.00, at 25c 50c Underwear JUdiea' 60c and 65c extra size vesta and pants special at 35c Comnleiicins: Friday Qrand Clean-up Sale of Coats and Suits Those who have waited for the final lowering- of prices for the present season nn ladies' Coats aod tailored Suits may now reap the benefit of the radical price redactions we will make, commencing Friday morning. Every garment will he inclnded in this clean sweep in our readj'-to-wear section—three hundred elegant garments to choose from. Look for the Special Pric^ THEY'LL SAVn YOU AUHOSt HALF. SPECIAL COAT SALE! Udtcs' 17.60 Coats at i0*ft8 Ladles' I8.S0 CoaU at 96.00 Ladles' $9.60 Coals at 97.00 Coats worth $10.00 at ST.t.'S Coal* worth »12.M at 90.85 $15.00 and $16.50 Coats at ...912JS0 Coats worth $20.00 at 914.50 $22.50 and $25.00 CoaU at... 917.50 Coats worth $28.00 at 919.50 SPECIAL SUIT SALE! Ladles $15.00 Suits at 910.50 todies' $17.50 Suits at 912.50 $1S.50 and $20.00 Suits at... 913.05 Suits worth $25.00 at 910»50 $30.00 and $36.00 Suits 922.50 H.OO Children's Coats at 92.50 $6.00 Children's Coats at 94.95 $7JiO Chlldrpn's Coats at 95.50 $.0.00 Children's Coals at 96.75 $1.25 black Taffeta FuUyardwide haa. uplendid finish, special at 85c $1.50 Fur Scarfs Brown, black. Coney scarfs, worth $1.60, choice 75c Ladies' Street skirts A $5.00 quality in black only, on sale for S3,50 $5 Child's Coats Light or dark colors, plain and fancies on sale at S2'95 Cbargins that H was tfaroush nc- KlMt and oaralaaaneaa of tb« road that th«lr daughter. Alma Harieaa, Sf«d 6 7«an, met her death at Coa- creto, on the ISlh of Bcptember-last; OliTar and Floraiwfl Harleaa ^ today brouaht; suit la th« district court thrMlffh ! agaJmit tbelr attorney. W.^. Cope. lint to SHSBITAK AKD WARD AT HOf THEY OiSCUSSED P0UTIC8 SLATED BOOT Tft SUCCEXD ^IT -CAKKOX THE j9PEAKEft. Pi«sMeBt.*leet Taft 8a^' Boot HM Ftea to CMMat FrieidnUf Wltk' Soath Aaerka. ' ! < •1 • i i the lola Blaetric im to re. covier $10,000 daxoages. j The eircumataneea aurroundlag the .death of the child are probably fragfh in the minds of Reglater readers. The Harle^a home Is near tiie ear traeka In Concreto. On the afternoon at September 15 last. Alma ;HarIe88 waa playhig between her home and the tracks. In an effort to cross the traeks she was run over by a . car, meeting almost Instant death. In the'petition filed today, kr. andlference wishes to be Quoted' pn'the Mrs. Rarlosa lay the blame JOT the aeath of the little girl on the road, , claiming that it was through carlesS' jness and neglect. They charge that j while (Operating a car In ia careless. , recktess and negligent manner and ) without exercise of care and attention, and without sounding an alarm or giving a aignal, the car ran orerj the Httle girt wliHe rte was lawfully crossing the tracks. It Is hlso alleged that the road was operating the car without a motorman and that U was not In control of a motorman or any other person: that the car had no fonder that might have picked up the child and lifted her from the tracks: that the road knew children were acfinstomed to playing near the point where the accident occurred: that it was its duty to keep a vigilant look-out for the place s^d that it had permitted weeds and gran to grow along the tracks to such helgfit as to prevent one from seeing th«i approach of tte cars. The oar which ran over the little I «irl was In charge of Chester Klrhy. Mr. and Mrs. Barless think, they are entitled to damages In the sum of $10,000 and hence bring anlt to recover Judgment for that amonnt BRICK PUNT BURNS 'jHarpe Plant Goes Up In Flames. —Loss estimated at $8,000. !=*t-!!» FRlSHriAN'S lola, Kansas gDNVICTS M'GIUW Doctor Is Pound Guilty of MalnUln- Ing a Nuisance^—Will Appeal the Case. - Dr. HcGnrw was found gnilty In policy court this ,moming on the charge of j matetalnloe a nuisance and wss fined $100 and sentenced to 30 days i&ilall. Se was found not guUty of a^ng Intoxicating liquors, the first charge made against falm. •Halaea, oolo^. the complaining -wlnteas, testified that he ted par- (diaaed whiskey of Lawrmce Brooka. colored, in MJcG-raw's room. He also said that he had purchaaed whiskey ft*m Brooks for himself and Henry Gamer and that the delivery was made la Dr. McGraw's room. , Brooka is tn the employ of Dr. McCraw. Ac- eordlng to the testimony, Garner, also a witness for the city, said on the stand Uttt he never had been in Dr. MeOntir'a room and never had taken any whiskey away from there, or aever drank whiskey there. Dr. MeOraw says that the .whiskey found .1>y the otBcers when they searched his room was his but that he was not selllog It, simply nsiog It for personal use. Dr. McGraw will appeal the ease. Gamer said on the witness ^tand that Haines tried to bribe him to say that he had purchased whiskey of Dr. UcQraw. WENT TO SHERIFF Trial Teday Featued by Stary of Be- covery ef Bodiea nd Jewelry From Balls. La Porte. Ind., Xov. 19.—Slierift Smutzer who was on the atand nearly all morning told ot finding ten bodies is Mrs. Gunness' graveyard and of sifting ashes from the rains resulting in the finding ot watches. Jewelry, ; bracelets, etc. On cross examination it was brought out that Mrs. Gunness had visited the sheriff's office three times with reference to the effect that Lamphere was annoying her. nry OVEB BT MILE WAROX. A WELCOME AT EVERY TOWN. The Santhlne Seattcrars Had a Good Time the FIrat Day Out. , St Marys. Kas.. Xov. 19.—"We're all from Kansas, coming to invite you home." was sung today by the Her- eantOe dub's snnsblne seatterert at every stopping place of the Snaihfne soeeIal>long the Union Pa^e ia the Raw vaUey. At Bonner Springs, the first atop out of Kansas City. Kas.. Mayor P. M. Clark and nearly everybody is tiie city was at the station. Seven httndred school children aane a. welcome and waved baanen and flags it thr* party. Baalneas waa Ms- pesded and Glen Shej^ard. seeratary of the 'pmimerdal club, took a. hhws band and 'the people of towa dhd cottatitt to the atatloa to nteet tte tKUbn:, At Topeka. Boaavme 8t MaiTf large, erowda of boctaeM iika met tSf trade winaeca from tU^utu Mr. RA«eaberg Braised Baf >'«t Str. leisly Hart. Mr. Uosenberg, an aged man living south of Gas City, was ran over by a Smith dairy wagon at the comer of South and Madhion streets lbl.>i afternoon and considerably braised up. ft seems he was crossing the street and being a Httle deaf didn't hear the hp- proaeh of the wagon. The driver tbongbt Mr. Rosenberg saw him coming and would step oat of the way. The horses were trotting and could not he stopped in time. Rosenberg was knocked down by the horses hut was not (rampied upon. SALT MINf 8 ON FtRE. Loss to Kingman Company Is |dS<000 —No MHners Injurad. i "Wlcblta, Kaa.. Nov. 19.—The IDng- man Salt Mining Works waa deatroy- «d by fire today., The loss was alzty- five thousand dollars. The miners escaped before the fitoies reacfced • die elevator ^aft The orittn Of the Arc Is unknown. Try a Want Ad. Just at press b<)urs last evening The Register learned that the plant of the LaHarpe Shale and Brick company was on fire. As the fire fighters did not have access to water the plant burned to the ground. A part of the machinery was not rendered entirely useless, hence the loss is not a total one. The officers of the. company plade their loss at $8,000. It is not likely that the owners wlll.attmpt to build at this time. A meeting of the stockholders will be held later when the matter will be considered. The plant hag not been running for some time. The flames are thon^t to have originated from a fire set out hy the company to bum off the grass surrounding the plant. It is the belief that a stick ot wood waa left smould­ ering, causing the blaze. . Waa In lola. J. M. McCowan of ^Ehnporia. one ol the leading real esute dealers and a prominent Democrat ot that city, waa In Ottawa today on his way home from lola.— Ottawa Repabllc. Hot Springs, Va.. Nov.,19.-rl was a conference at the laft here yeserday afternoon oa New politics, general political affairs aad especially regarding ptofita, ajtd measures pertaining to the fiett ad- ndaistration. _ The conferees; were President-elect Titl. Vice Prealdebt- elect Sherman and William WaM. ai- Uonal Republican commiteema^i^tto^ New York. While no one toll BQbJect, it may be stated as ijie opUi* ion ot all that Secretary Boot jit|U the successor in the United States idn ate to T. C. PlatL This, of oetiril^ ij* based upon the understanding: IhiU Root wishes the place. Jndck Tift haa had no hesitation from the first in ' giving positive ezpresatoD JUL . hila-d(>- * sire to*makfl Root the premier, 6l idd-'. cabhiet. He haa also stated- nat it bis persuasion could prevaH, th^ pttf - ent secretaary of state would MtAla : that portfolio, despite.bis ^ l|enato |ii) ambitions. : i' • '..v' Mr. Root Is pre-eminently it. statM man,^ said Judge Taft toSiy.ln i*^ \ ferring to his terdlal leeUng ahd adr miration for the secretary' of atate. "He has 'the most wdsderfnl ^eulty ' for planning for the future,.botti Wit> respect to domeatie affairs kad.^tet- national relations ot any ohe. I bavil, known. He has such a pla&,;fi)r'th« . development of our relatloha i^lth th^^ South and Central American cdHiatiaC Such plans imist, as Indeed mitat t&asd ot true statesmanship in aa)rvdl/M^ tlon. be worked out step by tOsp itith It is understood that Mr. Bh/»fiBtan ^ve it as his opinion to JudjCe .Tift at the conference that Speaker Cdn« non would continue to hold that otttee in the Sixty-first eongreas. FM^ther ' details were unobtdnable. . T» Go Swimmin' Today. "Whew! I believe I will go sWllb- mln," said Albert Allen, the We«tern D'nion'a-energetic messenger bof^ as he came into the Reglsteir oBee tills afteraooii. coatless and alflibiii sweating. "Looks to me like Sfdjr and November have tot rhang^, around, for It's just like spring to- dajr." iie continued. Dr. P. H. Martin went to Cfaaaute today on professional busiaets: FRISCO IS 'm Police Goanl less Btgld-PibUd io Attead Trial Bat Fe #.Al« Then. San Frandaco, Nov. 19.—Witji ff^A-'lice precautionary measures lesa f^idt..:; than, any day since the aaootbill Francis J. Heney by Morris Ha^ tltt trial ot Abraham Rnef proeiedid 1)1^ fore Judge Lawler to^ay wltll M-Sdi^ ervisor James I; Gallagher sttll1Md «f, cross examination. So md^ ha« ih* excitement caused by the shoetla^ ^Pr Heney abated, that fliere.wero r — fewer spectators today tbaa-tea(ei and the public waa allowed .tO |eiUKa< and go more freely. • " ' j GEBMANS NOT SUREi Are inelinttf to Batiave Their Sevi. creian'a Prwniaaa to VM Butlow GlerUn. Kor. Vt.-Jthm Is today thronghont the coantry aa alnoat nal- versa] tendency to donbt the alaeer-' ity ot Bknueror-^WUIiam'a pronlaes re-' gatdlag the future policy as made to Yon melow. The matter wm aot be allQved to rett hy the Balehatag U to- da»%JUkatiMaaiw MfilM., ii/;iss: - %^V-'»*- For Pay Day aod Saturday Our showing of Suits and OvercoaU for Friday and Saturday, Nov. 20-21, will be a surprise to all Ben 's Salts, good all wool cloth, well made and trimmed, in black and fancy patterns, these suits sold at $12.50 and $15.00. and they are splendid values. Sale price '. fllUW .Yea's SuHn In all the up to date styles, patterns and colors, sizes .1.1 to 41. Want you lo see these Suits at $154)0 MeaN OTereoats in good black Kersey Cloth in all sizes at.. .f».00 Men's Ovrrroats in black, grays and fancy patterns at I10.W Men's Craviaettes at 97M to Boy's Overcoat all colors, age 9lo 17 years at $S,SO t« #IS,fiO ChBdrea's Orercoata, fancy styles, novelty paiteras, age 3 to 9 years at ....... UpMtol&W We phow you a house full of good dependable clothing, furniuh- lags and shoes. Every article guaranteed to gtve perfect satisfaction. ^•E HOirss .OF ^irAltTr'' ^^^^^^^^^^

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