The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 22, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1963
Page 7
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Hints From Heloise Put Nylon Net Cover Sponge By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: I made my own scouring sponge! It is extremely simple to make. I wrapped several thicknesses of nylon net — cut about two inches wider than the length of the sponge itself — around a sponge and then turned under the edges. Sew the folded edges down securely. This is good for dishwashing as well as scouring! Marian You could just u s e a safety pin on e a c h edge to hold the net instead of sewing. This way the n e 1 could be removed for easy washing of the sponge. Heloise Dear Heloise: When making any kind of salad that calls for pickles, hard boiled eggs, celery, onions, green peppers and so forth, I use the coarse side of my grater. This Helois* is the side with the big holes. I find it much faster and easier and it makes a very neat salad. Mrs. George Lando Dear Heloise: When we started to remove the white enamel from our kitchen cabinet doors, we found that they were masonite. We could not afford to buy all new cabinet doors made to order, so we covered them with a knotty pine design of adhesive plastic paper and then varnished them with clear varnish. Everyone thinks they are natural wood! On the wooden part of the cabinets we removed all of the paint and finished it with clear varnish. They are perfectly beautiful. The varnish gives a shine and when I wax them, they are so easy to wipe off and to keep clean. We also covered an old card table that was watermarked from glasses and so forth. The table is now as good as new, for the rest of it was in good shape. Marcan Prinz Letter of Laughter: Dear Heloise: I love your column. Keep up the good work. Even if I don't use all of the suggestions you print, it comforts me to read that other harried housewives have problems, too! C.J. Dear Heloise: If the hem of your dress is accidentally pulled loose at the office, or you happen to be in a hurry, just use a piece of tape and stick it back. This works so well that at times I have forgotten to put the hem in properly when I get home! Mrs. Marshall F. Bevins Dear Heloise: Ann Landers Some Men Listen For Siren's Call Program Theme Is Scholarships Here's a hint pers. There is ing the hem for hemmer-up- a secret to tak- out of "store- MARCH VOWS - Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Higbie, RFD 1, announce the engagement of their daughter, Jacquelyn, to James Earnest Holloa, son of Mrs. Betty Hollon, Pomona; and Mr. Earnest Hollon, Ottawa. The wedding is planned for March 8. (Beller Photo). Dear Ann Landers: I'm raged with that secretary who was ready to flip because her "bright, attractive, cated" boss closed well - edu- his business en-14,000 pounds per square inch every time she takes a step. A 224- pound man wearing the conven- secre- life To Increase New Pledges Richter WSCS voted yesterday to accept pledge increases for the next year. Mrs. Chesteh Burgess gave devotions. Giving the lesson topic, "Race Problems in the Church Today," presented by Mrs. Roger Monfort. Mrs. J. C. Briles was hostess assisted by Mrs. Kenneth Gentry. Reports of committees and officers were given. It was announced the annual state conference will be in Emporia March 28 and 29, and World Day of Prayer service of Richter Church will be March 1. A study course, "Today's Children for Tomorrow's World," will begin March 10. Attending were Iff members, three guests and seven children. The Baby Has Been Named The daughter bom Feb. 18 at Stormont-Vail Hospital, Topeka, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Anderson, Topeka, has been named Rebecca Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have a son, William son is the former Sharon Miller, Harrison, three. Mrs. Ander- Pomona. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller, Pomona; and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Anderson, Topeka. At Ransom Memorial Hospital The daughter born Feb. 19 to Mr. and Mrs. William Vincent McGrath, 10% E. 15th, has been named Michelle Lynn She weighed 7 lb., 14& oz. The son born Feb. 19 to Mr, and Mrs. Charles Gordon Millar, 622 S. Locust St., has been named Derek Jay. He weighed 10 lb. Our Own Special Frosty Molts SELECT DAIRY 1020 N. Main CH 2-1607 First Methodist WSCS Circles leld study meetings Wednesday, using the 105th Psalm for devotions. Program topic for all was 'Crusade Scholarships." Deborah circle hostess was Mrs. V. A. Schnoke with Mrs. J. Calvin and Mrs. Glenn Fitch assisting. Mrs. J. W. loberts gave devotions and Mrs. fenry A. Parker presetned the program. A white elephant sale netted $14. Eightee nwere present. Dorcas circle devotions and esson were given by Mrs. R. A. [oilier. Mrs. Charles P. Knight was hostess assisted by Mrs. Raymond Lucas, Mrs. Gene Mavity and Mrs. Ellis Madden. Among he 15 attending was a new mem- >er, Mrs. John Patrick. Esther circle was hosted by Mrs. R. D. Spears with Mrs. 0. 0. Wolf and Mrs. R. C. Supplee assisting. Mrs J L Rokes gave devotions and the lesson Thirteen attended, including a new member, Mrs. Alfred Harrison. Martha lesson leader, Mrs. W. P. McCracken, also told the history of the hymn, "Are You Able?" Assisting the hostess, Mrs. J. P. Waring, were Mrs. Claude Payne, Mrs. C. S. Lunger and Mrs. Ray Howell. Mrs. E. H. Harris gave devotions Twenty- two members and a visitor, Mrs. W. M. McDffl, Mound City, were present. Ruth circle hostesses for the meeting at the church were Mrs. George McDowell, Mrs. J. H. McGee and Mrs. Robert Kile. Mrs. J. M. Kilgore gave devotions and Mrs. C. E. Buckner presented the lesson to the 15 attending. Rebekah circle was hosted by Miss Ethel Wheeler assisted by Miss Ethyle Welton. Mrs. H. F. Duvall gave debotions and Mrs. Charles Mavity Jr., the lesson. Mrs. William Bender, visitor, and 18 members were present. bought" clothes. With the hemlines changing this is a real time- saver. Most store - bought clothes are hemmed with a machine. The secret is to catch the top thread on the hem and pull. . . Your hem is out in a jiffy and you can save all the thread. Mrs. K.S.W. Dear Folks: If you are one to use "iron-on" tape to mend clothing with, but always forget it and don't want to stop and go to your sewing box to find it in the middle of your ironing job. . . take a safety phi and pin a piece of tape to the end of your mining board along with a small pair of scissors. This way, as you come along a rip or a tear, just whack a piece off and iron it on. Mending done the lazy, easy way not only saves steps but a few words in mis house. . . Heloise Dear Heloise: I keep a kettle of water over my pilot light on our gas stove and always have hot water ready without turning the hot water faucet on. By doing this, it only takes a few minutes to get the water completely boiling for coffee, or anything else that might require boiled water. Member Host For Class Helpful Service class meeting yesterday at Mrs. Fred Shoemaker's home was conducted by Mrs. J. H. Kirkwood who gave an opening prayer. Mrs. Carl Moore was co-hostess. Mrs. Floyd Perkins, devotional leader, read from the 16th chapter of I Samuel. Mrs. Kirkwood gave a brief outline on the life of each of the United States presidents. Mrs. Shoemaker read a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cole, missionaries in Thailand. Members reported 20 calls and observed the birthdays of Mrs. Ervin Mock, Mrs. Kirkwood, Mrs. Dama Lohman and Mrs. G. H. Pratt. The Lord's prayer was the closing number. Mr. Floyd Perkins and Mr. Shoemaker were visitors. Entertain Music Club Craig Campbell and Brad Reynolds entertained the Boys Music Club Wednesday evening at the home of Brad's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reynolds. Members played piano solos and duets. Brad was awarded the prize for practice hours by the club sponsor, Mrs. R. L. Stevens. Mrs. Delbert Campbell and Craig and Mrs. Reynolds and Brad served refreshments. Eight members and eight guests were present. Socialettes Lowell Scott will club March 20. entertain the The Herald pays SS every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Entertains Baxter Club Baxter Social Hour club was entertained by Mrs. James Allen yesterday. Mrs. Max Shoemaker presided. Following group singing, devotions by Mrs. James DeVore, and the Lord's prayer, members gave facts about Washington for roll call. Mrs. John Sink received a gift. Winning prizes in bingo games directed by Mrs. Don Martin were Mrs. L. E. Allen, Mrs. Ernest Sink, Mrs. J. W. England HI, Mrs. Don Waymire, Mrs. Shoemaker, Mrs. DeVore and Mrs. William Bishop. Refreshments were served to the 14 members and seven children. HB Club members went to Colbern's for a luncheon Wednesday before going to the Mrs. William Latz's home for an informal afternoon of visiting. A dessert was served late in the afternoon to the eight attending. Mrs. Emmett Taylor will host the March 20 meeting. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stevens left last night for Galveston, Tex., for a short visit with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stevens and Billy A. Mrs. W. C. Harding left today for Topeka to attend the Democratic party activities which start with a reception tonight. Mrs. Harding is chairman of the decorating committee for the Woodrow Wilson Luncheon Club luncheon tomorrow at Hotel Jayhawk. Paula Perkins, sophomore at Emporia State Teachers College, has been initiated" into Alpha Sigma Alpha, national sorority. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Perkins, 525 S. Elm. conversations on the telephone with "bye bye." It's sickening the way taries move in on a man's and take him over. She starts by % . reminding Mr. Worthington of his luncheon appointment. Then she reminds Mr. Worthington of his barbershop appointment. Next she tactfully suggests that he Ana buy Mrs. Worthington something special for her birthday. (He had forgotten, so of course he's grateful.) The next thing you know she goes along with him to select the wife's gift. After shopping they stop for a few martinis. Suddenly, Mr. Worthington becomes "Hal." The rest is easy. Hal can't seem to get his work done during office hours — so he must work evenings. The night work doesn't sit very well at home and his wife begins to complain. This, of course, makes her a nag. So after 20 years and three kids, Mr. Worthington decides his wife doesn't understand him. They have nothing in common. She is a bore. Don't tell me my imagination has run wild, Miss Landers, because it just happened to me.— Mrs. WORTHINGTON Dear Mrs. Worthington (which as everybody knows is a made up name): The secretary has an inside track but so does the nurse or the dental assistant— any female whose activities bring her into close contact with a male. Familiarity does not always breed contempt. Sometimes it tional shoe exerts 28 pounds per square inch. So please urge women to demand saner heels, Ann.— A.P. Dear A.P.: I'm torn, my friend. I like the stiletto heels and I also like vinyl floors. Incidentally, I have both and they seem fairly compatible. Dear Ann: Help! I have a chance to attend the Baptist Youth Conference next July in Palestine. I went to the Toronto Conference in 1958 and it was the most inspiring experience of my life. But my husband says he will divorce me if I go. I would be attending as a representative of my parents' evangelistic organization and they would pay my expense. Glenn and my parents do not get along. He says this trip offer is an effort on their part to cause trouble between us. Please, Ann, tell ma what to do?— REBA CHE OTTAWA HERALD Friday, February 22, tffti Dear Reba: It would be nice if somehow you could get Glenn's blessings, because if you can't I say don't go. He resents your parents' part in this, and he may have a valid point. Either persuade him or stay home and save your marriage. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teenage Drinking," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send ftem to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. RECEIVES HONOR - Carolyn K. Christensen, Ottawa High School senior, has been chosen DAR Good Citizen and will receive certificate and pin from General Edward Hand Chapter, DAR, at high school awards chapel in spring. Recipient is chosen by faculty on basis of outstanding dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Hints For Pie Take special care to roll pe pastry (for the bottom crust of a fruit pie) evenly and not overly thin when the filling is to be fruit It's usually a good idea, too, to bake a fruit pie on a low shelf ol the oven. Princeton WSCS Meets Mrs. Byron Robison conducted the meeting of the Princeton Methodist WSCS at the church Thursday afternoon. The thirteen members present reported they had sent US cards and made 46 calls since the November meeting. . ... Mrs. Otto Seigele talked on the World Federation of Methodist Women who convened at the Sixth Quadrennial Congress in Mexico City. Mrs. Robison was elected to serve as the delegate to the an* nual Kansas Conference at Emporia March 28 and 29. Mrs. Ralph Hobbs, assisted by Mrs. Hugh Rodgers, was in charge of the worship and pro* gram, "Home Missions." It was announced the Study Course group will meet at the home of Mrs. Seigele at 1:30 on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Hostesses were Mrs. Robison, Mrs. Roy Schaub and Mrs. K. G. Harms. DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pits and all other bakery products breeds other things. I've said it before and I'll say it again—no man ever listened to the siren's call unless he was ready to hear it. Dear Ann Landers: You were right when you told "Irate Reader" that floors were made to walk on and she should not ask guests to remove their shoes even though the spike heels were ruining her vinyl entrance-way. This is what the floor covering industry has to say: "Spiked heels are causing the biggest headache in years. They not only leave noticeable identations in hard-surface floors, they also cut the pile and puncture the backings of carpets. What can be done? Nothing. We can only hope for fickle fashion to dictate a change. The woman who is considering a new floor should be told that there is no way to protect that floor against spike heels. Even asphalt and hardwood floors can be damaged. A 112-pound girl wearing stiletto heels exerts static pressure of New Officer Installed Mrs. Sidney Morris was installed as assistant marshall at Social Order of Beauceant meeting in Masonic temple last evening. Mrs. Clarence W. Keefer was installing officer assisted by Mrs. Louis Dengel, marshall; Mrs. John H. Bellinger, assistant mar- shall; Mrs. Fred Gardner, director of music; and Mrs. Jack B. Stephenson, chaplain. Mrs. Keefer presided at the business session. After the meeting members were invited to the installation of 1963-'64 officers of Tancred Commandry No. 11. Mrs. Lee Finch and Mrs. Fred Gardner served refreshments HOOVER Clearance Sale HOOVER CONSTELLATION The canister that offers more of what you want in a cleaner. 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