The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 26, 1986 · Page 54
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 54

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1986
Page 54
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 26,1986 Page 18 MORNING 5:00 Q| News Q| Topper (C) Movie *** "Benji" (1974) Peter Breck, Patsy Garrett. 'G' Q700 Club (D) Donald Duck Presents (HBO) Movie ** "The Mysterious Stranger" (1982) Christopher Makepeace, Fred Gwynne. IN) Dangermouse (U) Night Flight 5:30 (9) Superman 01 Cisco Kid (D) Mousercise (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (S) Joshua's Confusion An Amish boy tries to bridge the gap between his family's simple lifestyle and his schoolmates' luxurious world. (U) Night Flight 5:35 Q Between The Lines 6<tt> QfO Dukes Of Hazzard (9) Cartoons Q) My Favorite Martian Q| Speak Out Q Superbook (D) Contraption (N) Powerhouse (S) Robin Hood Robin (Jason Connery) and his Merry Men help Lord Agrivaine protect King Arthur's Round Table hidden In his castle. Cyril Cusack costars. (U) Jimmy Swaggart 6:05 (Q Saturday Funnies 4:15 (9) Buyers Forum 6:30Q Romper Room QDOOCQQS) 13 U-S. Farm Report Q(10) Kidsworld (T) At Issue (9) Issues Unlimited Q) Munsters Q| Mighty Mouse (C) Movie *** '.'Country" (1984) Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard. 'PG' Q Catch The Spirit (D) Welcome To Pooh Corner (E)SportsCenter (HBO) Movie **" "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) Mark Ham», III, Harrison Ford.'PG'(CO (N) Kids Writes 6:35 Q Get Smart 7:OOQOOSJ Snorks SKDSJ Market To Market QDCBOIDGS 13 Scooby's Mystery Funhouse QOO(To)(10)(30J Berenstain Bears QQ Transformers (9) U.S. Farm Report 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO g New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers SI Woody Woodpecker Q) Popeye Q Robert Schuller (D) Good Morning Mickey I (E) Skate America (N) Out Of Control (S) Movie *" "Never So Few" (1960) Frank Sinatra, Gina Lol- lobriglda. (U) Alive & Well 7:05 |D Cimarron Strip 7:30 OQQCDGD Adventures Of The Gummi Bears (CO QDCSB) Outdoor Nebraska SKBBIBSD 13 B "9 S Bunny Looney Tunes Comedy Hour /. OOO(S)(10)(BGJWuzzles(CC) Q MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour (9) Wild Kingdom ID New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers SI Super Saturday Q| Woody Woodpecker (D) Dumbo's Circus (N) Belle And Sebastian 8:OOBBOGDS) Smurfs (SCBS) Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins OOOQ®( 10 'l0d Jim Henson's Muppets, Babies & Monsters (9) Garner Ted Armstrong 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO 0 Photo Vision S) Hello Mrs. Phipps 01 Tom And Jerry Q James Robison (D) Adventures Of Ozziea Harriet (E) World Class Women (N) Star Trek (U) Cash Flo Expo 8:30 (TJCBS) A House For All Seasons CBCSBfB© 13 Ewoks And Droids Adventure Hour Q Washington Week In Review (CO (9) Minority Business Report ID Photo Vision SI Space Complex 24 Q| Pink Panther (C) Movie *** "The Muppets Take Manhattan" (1984) Voices of Jim Henson, Frank Oz. 'G' (CC) g Zola Levitt (D) Donald Duck Presents (E) Horse Racing Weekly (N) Mr. Wizard's World 8:35 IQ Wrestling 9:00 CECES) Square Foot Gardening BBBd)no)(B(E) Hulk Hogan's Rock'N'Wrestling Q Wall Street Week "Gimme Shelter" Guest: Robert Stanger, president of Robert Stanger and Co. (9) Charlando 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO ID Sneak Previews SI Movie *** "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer" (1938) Tommy Kelly, Jackie Moran. Based on the story by Mark Twain. A mischievous Missouri boy has a series of exciting adventures. Q| Puttin' On The Hits Q Cisco Kid (D) You And Me, Kid (E) Roller Derby (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) Lassie (U) Japan Today 9:05 (S) Movie *** "Until They Sail" (1957) Jean Simmons, Paul Newman. 9:30OBOdDB) Punky Brewster (DCDQ) Frugal Gourmet ©SOGQQD 13 Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians Q McLaughlin Group (9) People To People QI This Old House OIFTV Q Movie ** "Count The Clues" (1956) Clayton Moore, Jay Sil- verheels. The Lone Ranger and Tonto find mystery and adventure as they unravel a murder with a child's wooden rifle as a starting clue. (D) Movie ** "Dusty" (1981) Bill Kerr, Noel Trevathen. An aging sheepherder must choose between loyalty to his employer and love for his champion sheepdog. (N) Dennis The Menace (U) Credit Card Millionaire 9:35 QB Movie *** "Away All Boats" (1956) Jeff Chandler, George Nader. A transport crew proves Its worth while under attack during World War 11. 10:00 BBOCDB) Alvin And The Chipmunks (DCEED Business Of Management (DCSOID® 13 13 Ghosts Of Seooby-Doo BQO(D<10)|B(D Richie Rich Q Firing Line "What's Wrong with the Political Parties?" Guests: Michael Kingsley, editor of New Republic and Charles Peters, editor of the Washington Monthly. (9) World Tomorrow 9 Mister Rogers (R) IDWoodwright'sShop Q| Start Of Something Big (E) Inside The PGA Tour (HBO) Movie " "The Champ" (1979) Jon Volght, Faye Dunaway. •PG' (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (U) Hollywood Insider 10:05 (C) Movie *" "Man In The Wilderness" (1971) Richard Harris, John Huston.'PG' 10:30 BBS) Kidsworld (SdDS) Business Of Management OS) Kidd Video (2E)OQ3)13 Littles OOOSD< 10 'IB Dungeons & Dragons (9) Star Games 9 Polka Dot Door |Q Kids Incorporated ID Here's To Your Health |Q Whizzo's Saturday Circus (E) Tennis Magazine Reports (U) Beat The Pros 11:00 BBS) Main Street (DOB) New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers OCHMr.T ®(£UD(H)13 Weekend Special "A Different Twist" A 12-year-old girl auditions for a part In a play that calls for boys only. (R) (CC) QQO(DUO)|BQD Pole Position Q House For All Seasons Q Nicky And The Nerd 9 Painting With Elke Sommer ID Magic Of Painting Keepsakes QI Telephone Auction 01 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Q Laredo (D) Edison Twins (E)Rodeo (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Movie ** "The Flamingo Kid" (1984) Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna. 'PG-13' (U) Movie * "Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell" (1974) Peter Cushlng, Shane Brlant. The infamous doctor continues his ex- perimentsatan Insaneasylum. 11:30 GDGDEB New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers O® Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends C5C3OQS13 American Bandstand Q Video Games BBG9(1<»IBIEI Get Along Gang Q This Old House (9) Movie ** "The World Of Abbott And Costello" (1965) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. The best scenes from 18 of the duo's movies are highlighted. 9 Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins |Q America's Top Ten ID Victory Garden (D) New! Animal World (N) Little Prince AFTERNOON 12:00 BBS) Jimmy Houston Outdoors CDGQS) Business File O® College Basketball St. John's at Syracuse Q Comedy Classics Q(IO) To Be Announced OQBfB Jeffersons •" O Funny Business: The Art Of Cartooning 9 Madeleine Cooks |Q College Basketball Bradley at Tulsa ID Sesame Street (R) (CO |Q News And Weather IB Movie ** "Lone Star" (1952) Clark Gable, Ava Gardner. A pair of arch-enemies fight over the annexation of Texas and the woman they both love. S) Movie ** "Death Moon" (1978) Robert Foxworth, Barbara Trentham. An executive vacationing In Hawaii believes that he is the victim of a native curse placed on his family generations earlier. Q| Lost In Space (C) Movie *" "Camelot" (1967) Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave. 'G' Q Cimarron Strip (D) Movie **** "The Lady Vanishes" (1938) Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave. An elderly Englishwoman disappears from a European express train. (E) Bodybuilding (HBO) Movie ** "Dreamscape" (1984) Dennis Quald, Max Von Sydow.'PG-13' (N) Belle And Sebastian 12:15{B Your Question Please 12:30 BO Wichita Wings Coaches Show GDGSEB Business File 3X6)01)13 America's Top Ten B Norm Stewart Q Championship Fishing OEOO Virgil Ward B Sneak Previews In stereo. B Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing 9 House For All Seasons |Q Kansas Issues HJ Two Wheels Alive (N) Lassie 1:00 BBQ("»CS College Basketball Kansas at Kansas State GDIDCB Vietnam: A Television History -America steps In to halt the spread of communism In Southeast Asia until President Ngo Dlnh Dlem's own generals turn against him. (CC) (T|(6jGD13 Championship Fishing BOOQSIBfD NBA Basketball Houston Rockets at Chicago Bulls B Victory Garden (9) College Basketball DePaul at Dayton 9 Mechanical Universe ID Write Course Q| Greatest American Hero (E) LPGA Golf Elizabeth Arden Classic, third round (N) Snowbound A mismatched teen-age boy and girl are stranded In a blizzard and forced to withstand days of hunger, freezing temperatures and a pack of predatory dogs. (S) Movie ** "Nate And Hayes" (1983) Tommy Lee Jones, Michael O'Keefe. 'PG' (U) Movie * "Psychophobia" (1983) Mary Saint Peter. A supernatural force Is linked to a series of bizarre crimes. 1:30 (T)(6jGD13 National Match Bass Fishing B Magic Of Oil Painting 9 Mechanical Universe Q) Write Course Q Branded 1:40(D)DTV 2:00 (T)(T)03 Programming For Microcomputers QQQ College Basketball Regional coverage of Maryland at Vlllanova or UCLA at Louisville. (3) (I) 03(31)13 PBA Bowling $150,000 Quaker State Open. BID Personal Finance 9 Congress: We The People SI Movie ** "Ordeal" (1973) Arthur Hill, Diana Muldaur. A man is left to die In the desert by his wife and her lover. Q| Incredible Hulk Q Wild Bill Hickock (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (HBO) Remember When: It'll Never Fly Dick Cavett reviews the Inventions which changed the American way of life, including those of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Robert Fulton and Alexander Graham Bell. (N) Mr. Gimme A young boy can't afford to buy the drums he wants so badly. 2:05 |B Auto Racing 24 Hours of Daytona, pre-race activities and the start of the race. 2:30GDGDES Computer Chronicles BO Personal Finance 9 Congress: We The People g Rifleman (N) Just Another Stupid Kid The teachers and parents of a fourth- grader with learning disabilities discover that the child suffers from dyslexia. 3:00 BB College Basketball Missouri at Oklahoma CSCDS) Victory Garden B Mechanical Universe BB) College Basketball Missouri at Oklahoma (9) Soul Train 9 Personal Finance And Money Management (10) College Basketball Nebraska at Colorado (Live) Q) Humanities Through The Arts QBattlestarGalactica (C) Movie " "The Karate Kid" (1984) Ralph Macchlo, Norlyukl "Pat"Morlta.'PG'(CO g Rifleman (D) This Is Your Life Donald Duck (E) College Basketball Clemson at North Carolina (HBO) Movie *** "The Dresser" (1983) Albert Flnney, Tom Courtenay. 'PG' (CC) (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (S) Waylon Jennings: A Cowboy In London In this London concert, Waylon Jennings sings "Lucille," "Just to Satisfy You," "The Dukes of Hazzard" theme song and tunes from the album "Never Toe the Mark." (U) Dick Cavett Guests: James Garner. 3:20 Q Fishin'With Orlando Wilson 3:30 (DBGQG) Motorweek (DCB|D(®13 Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: Iron Man Triathlon World Championship BOOdKBQ PGA Golf Pebble Beach National Pro-Am third round. Q) Humanities Through The Arts g Wagon Train 3:55 O Roland Martin 4:00 (DOS) Great Chefs Of New Orleans O Hard Road To Glory: The Black Athlete In America CD Elvis: The Echo Will Never Die B Newton's Apple (9) Know Your Heritage 9 Motorweek Q) Faces Of Culture B) Wrestling Q| Buck Rogers (D) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) Bill Blxby, Susan Clark. In the 1870s, a cardsharp agrees to take possession of some valuable property for a friend, learning to his surprise that three orphans are included In the deal.'G' (N) Livewire (S) Movie ** "Running Brave" (1963) Robby Benson, Pat Hlngle. 'PG' (U) Cartoons 4:25 O Motorweek Illustrated 4:30 GDCDED Madeleine Cooks B Blake's 7 (9) Puttin'On The Hits 9 Last Chance Garage g Faces Of Culture 4:55 Q Wrestling 5:00BBGHIigan's Island (MSB) Movie *** "I'm No Angel" (1933) Mae West, Cary Grant. A sexy circus dancer with a rowdy past becomes infatuated with the charms of a handsome playboy. QNews (DBUDBtEDQlQD" Music City U.S.A. B Wild Kingdom (T) This Week In Country Music Scheduled: interviews with Roy Clark, Johnny Rodriguez and Dan Seals; performances by Dan Seals and Juice Newton. B "The Ropers (9) Fame 9 Matinee At The Bijou Featured:"Gung Ho!" (1943) starring Randolph Scott and Noah Beery Jr.; a 1939 short, "Jimmy Dorsey"; and Chapter 2 of "Don Winslow of the Navy."(R) |Q To Be Announced (10) FTV g Mechanical Universe |Q National Songwriter Awards From the Performing Arts Center In Nashville, Term., the 6th annual presentation of awards honoring country music songwriters In the categories of contemporary and traditional ballad, contemporary and traditional upbeat, country rock, comedy - novelty and song of the year. Winners are chosen by readers of Music City News magazine. Hosts: Roy Clark, Barbara Eden. SI Animal Express S) Wheel Of Fortune Q| Black Sheep Squadron g Gunsmoke (E)SpeedWeek (HBO) Movie *" "The Main Event" (1979) Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal.'PG' (N) Out Of Control 5:30 BB Diff'rent Strokes BODS) NBC News (TKSQBaaSU ABC News (CO BBBQlD(io)IE) CBS News B The Tripods g Newton's Apple Q) Dance Fever (C) Movie ** "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" (1981) Narrated by Orson Welles.'PG' (E)SportsCenter (N) Star Trek 5:40 (D) Legend Of Johnny Appleseed EVENING 6:ooBBBB09(i<» News OBBODOBi Hee Haw Guests: Hank Williams Jr., Sylvia, Charlie Walker, David Holt. (2(5)05)13 Greatest American Hero (S Street Hawk B Outer Limits (9) It's A Living g Wonderworks Q) Wrestling SI Fame 01 Solid Gold Guests: Christopher Cross, Stevle Wonder, Thompson Twins, Sheena Easton, Paul Young, John Schneider, Kenny Logglns (interview). In stereo. g Campbells (D) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" (1979)

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