The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3«, I960 COURIER nrw» Old Glamors Gone for Test Pilots As 'Slipsticks' Assist Joysticks By FRED ZAVATTERO M'A Staff Correspondent SEATTLE, Wasli. — <NEA1 — old- time test pilots, like the planes they flew, have been scrapped. Highly trained men who can handle an engineer's "sllpstlck" as well as a "Joystick" have taken their place. Aviation's pioneer claim the newcomers don't even look like flyers, it to' mention test pilots. The ., fee shop office Is eone. Today's est engfrieers have offices and wear company Identification buttons. One veterans of 30 years test flying reports' with horror: "They even punch a time clock." Elliot Merrill, one of the few surviving 25-year veterans and acting chief test pilot at the Boeing plant In Seattle, explains the change. "Most early test pilots had no training. Their stock in trade was courage and nerve," he says. "That's not enough today." Aircraft design and production have reached a stage where aeronautical engineers and designers niust have exact, scientific reports of performance. To answer the question of en- AIRBORNE ENGINEERS: Heady to fake off in the first flight of a new plane, these test exjwrts are all business. Virgil Kelly, Bert Binegar and pilot Jim Fraser (left to riglil), ,il us 10 others In the test crew, began their test job two years ago when the plane was still on the drawing board. AW aii3i>ci m*; uutai.uu ui ell- u r *u i gineers, the test pilots muse jc : ?,. 9,™ , plane ls rcad >' for a I A career as test pilot engineer engineers. Most all-plane manutac- , ' ut the crew ltn ? ws now "quires a college degree, prc- Council Head Of Hungary Has Resigned BUDAPEST, Hungary, April 20. W)— Budapest papers today reported the resignation of Arpad S/ak- aslls. chairman of Hungary's Presidential Council. Szakaslts, who mentioned "health reasons" in his one-sentence letter of resignation, was president of the Communist - dominated Hungarian Republic from Aug. 3, 1948, until the post was supplanted n year later by the Presidential Council. He had headed the council since then. Published reports said the Hungarian People's Front of Independence would propose that parliament elect Shandor Ronai as Sznk- aslts 1 successor. Hona! Is minister of foreign trade and a member of the Politburo of the Hungarian Workers (Communist) Party. Both Szakaslts and Ronai were members of the Social Democratic mm Explorers Begin New Expedition To Vast Unknown Copper Canyon merged with the form the workers Party until it Communists to party. SzakasiUs' letter of resignation dated April 24, was addressed to the speaker of the Hungarian parlia- icnt. turers now 'require test pilots to have special training. The new test pilot spends long hours at his desk compiling reports, statistics and other data necessary to the production of foolproof airplanes. ' Under this new night testing system,, the test pilot ind crew are assigned to the plane while it's still on the drawing board. When the plane Is past the design stage, the test crew follows the construction In detail. They ask questions and are questioned. Every part is analyzed. . every nut anil bolt In it. Thirty years ago, the test pilot usually saw an experimental plane for the first time when he flew it. The first flight too often proved to be the last—for plane and pilot. With all precautions, test flying Is still a hazardous occupation. The proof of the plani is still in the flying. However, wives and children of test crews no longer border the runways with mourning clothes close at hand when daddy goes out to test the new ABC-3CBA. Daddy's driving a bus may be two years or more as far as they're concerned. forcibly in aviation: thousands of hours as a four-engine pilot; jet plane experience, and an enthusiastic interest in the engineering aspects of aviation. Sometimes Merrill winces when he interviews an applicant and comes to the college degree requirement. It reminds him of the time he was putting an early B-n througB a dive test, and the tail came off. The crc-.v took to their parachutes. When he hit the ground, Merrill announced to a bewildered audience: "And for this I need a college education!" )ot and Dash Family DANVILLE, 111. — OT _ Here's oine dot and dash stuff on the iclitcr family. Walter rttchtcr I telegrapher. His wife and their vc grown children arc telegraph- rs, too. All or them, Incidentally p ork for railroads. EDSON .Continued from Page 8 tp modify its recommendations — on a wage increase, for Instance— In' order to make It fit a general wage policy for the entire country. If the Foundation approves recommendations from an Industrial Council, it is passed on to a Board of Government Conciliators. The Netherlands government still regulates wages — which the United States government abandoned after the war. 4 Tills Is an important distinction which might make the Dutch Foundation of Labor plan unworkable in this country. Neither employers nor unions here would willingly 1 submit to. government wage regulation In peacetime. ,Work Hand-in-GIovc WHh Government .The Dutch Foundation of Labor, howevar, has been given advisory •prius .to the Board of Government Conciliators. Because of this close relationship, nearly all of th« recommendations which have been unanimously adopted by the Foundation are accepted by the Government Conciliators without question. It Is only when the Foundation Is iplit, and its labor and management groups submit conflicting recommendations, that the Government .Conciliators act <u arbitrators. Dec- . Islong o( the Board of Conciliators are binding on both parties. Its decisions are Issued as government regulations which have the effect of , law. ; At the present time, the Board of Conciliators has a case which may test the soundness of this whole system. Late In 1949, labor representatives on the Foundation proposed general wage Increases to meet Increases In the cost of living. Management representatives held trate. It decreed that wages could out for making the increases effective only on an Industry-wide • basis, for t!'.os<: industries that could afford to pay them. With split recommendations' from the two sides of the Foundation, tlie Board of Conciliators had to arbi- be raised five per cent, effective last Jan. 1, About 80 per cent of the Industries have put such wage increases into effect. The holdouts are faced with strikes. If they come, the usefulness of the Foundation plan may T/ie Best . By Every Comparison JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of Boston, Massachusetts 1. Fourth largest life insurance Company. 2. Over 10 billion dollars of insurance. 3. Dividends increased 15 to 30%—over 40 million dollars to be distributed in 1950. 4. Lowest premiums and lowest net costs. 5. A Massachusetts mutual legal reserve life insurance Company—all profits going to its 8 VI million policyholders. ' S?. er ? tes !n Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi Tri-state territory. General Agents Robert M. Gamble and Associates 108 Commerce Title Building, Memphis, Tennessee Phones 8-4116, 48-3576 Let Me Help You Plan Your Life Insurance Estate It's time for Phillips 66 Double Check Service LOS ANGELES, April 26. (A*) — Only BOO miles below the U.S.-Mex- co border Is a great crack In the arth known as Barranca de Cobre Copper Canyon). Although never explored, It is bc- leved to be deeper and wider than he Grand Canyon in Arizona. Vague reports from the area, one of the wildest and most Isolated on .he North American continent, say :hat here live real "cliff dwellers," last remnants of an ancient race of men. An expedition leaves Los Angeles today to explore this canyon of mystery. The Los Angeles County Museum and William J, Sheffler, ornithologist, are sponsoring the trip. It Is hoped new species of tropical and semi-tropical birds will be found. The great canyon, formed by the Urlque Ftlver, has been reported to be 20 miles wide and some 7,000 feet deep. The point where the expcdl- makes a// your coo/e//ra .'on hopes to enter It Is near where :he three Mexican states of Chihuahua, Slnaloa and Sonera come together. The route of the truck-borne expedition win be by way of Nogales, Ariz., Guaymns, Kavajoa and Alamos In Sonera. Near Alamos, on the rancho Gulrocoba, the eight-man party will transfer to horses and mules for the last 90 miles ot the Journey through the wilderness. Sheffler hopes to return to Los Angeles In about nine weeks. Sheffler, who said he and his brother, B. N. Sheffler, own the 1100- b!rd aviary at Salome, Ariz., has been trying for years to get to the canyon. Each lime, disease, accidents or other misfortunes have kept him from reaching the goal. Nine years ago he had an expedition organized and ready to set out from the Gulr- acoba ranch. 90 miles from the canyon. The day he was to start was Dec. 7, 1941. The t r ip WM cancelled. The Cape Hatters* lighthouse warns mariners of Diamond Shoals, With the Courts Chai Elnora Austin n. E»rlU K. Auitin, petition for separate maintenance. Harvey Bunn n. Oladyi Hal* Bunn, suit (or divorce. M. O. Robertson vs. EsUr Robertson, suit for divorce. Luther F. Credllle vs. Dorothy M. Credlile, suit for divorce. Mary Lynn Bean NlchoUon w. ftFf 41 *» .1 —' "itujr u/llll x?cnll nl -L _ th c " r °""a- coast. , John Joseph' NlchoUon. 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Al., CS.T. ?REmiuni JlQIOROll Ufcrmrto for safety every WOO Mfcs Beautyrest—a dream of a mattress — gives you that luxuriating sleep, that healthful, wholesome rest you can't afford to he with- oul. For a better night's rest, for a belter day's work —better ljuy Heaulyrest! BUY ON OUR EASY BUDGET TERMS Buy From Your Favorite Salesman — Help Him to Win The Prize for Sales During Navional Beautyrest Week HUBBARD & SON tff Be Thankful For Health Most of us who enjoy good health accept It u a matter of court*. It Is only when we have experienced the pains and sufierln* that accompany severe Illness that we can Jully estimate and ftlue the state of being well. Tor more than fifty-four years Chiropractic has been dellverlna an ever Increasing health service to sick and itiBertng humanity. Chiropractic Is a separate and distinct health science. The Chiropractor does not treat, heal or cure. He uses no drugs, and be docs not practice medicine, surgery, or osteopathy. HU objectir* Is to restore the normal transmission of nerve force from brain to the various organs, muscles and tissues of the body, by adjusting the vertebral sublimation that is creating Interference t* such normal transmission and causing disease In the body Ha- newcd health Is tho natural result. Lindquist Chiropractic Clinic Phone 3170 615 Chickosawba Strwt Ulytheville, Arkansas Arkot 2-1 Cotton Seed Produced by University of Arkansas Experiment Stn. BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansat Growers Extremely enrly in fruiting and matures quick. Harvest b'5 to 80 per cent of crop at first picking. High gin turn out. Staple: 1-1/.H2 to 1-5/32 inches. Three-year average at Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per neve. Other production records in 1949: At Mariiuihii — 8!I2 pounds per acre; At Hope — 628 pounds per acre; In Craighead County—722 pound* per acre. Jiig boll. Predominately five-locked. Easy picked by hand or machine. Seed are of high germination. S«e Your Giprer or RAY F. 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