The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1952
Page 6
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PAOE SIX BI.YTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRTI- -If), 1952 ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate yer line for consecutive Insertion: Minimum chir** We 1 time pet line ... • •• '^ c 2 times per line per d.\y * «* f 3 limes |ier line pet day =J f 6 limes iier !U« yer Jay '<• 1? tlmos pet line per rtay 3£ Month per line •• •• MU / Count five avenue words (o U« It"*Ad on)vrori for thre.' or six Hm« and stopped hi'frtrp rsplrailon will HP chatROd for the number of limes (He ad anpp.ireri ami adJtiMmrnt of hill ma-lr. All HasilHrii .irtvcrMsinc ropy iiin- mltirA by persons reslrtinc nntsidi' of Ihf fUy mil?: he arromp*nlrd by raMi. Ralrs tiny r.i'ily tie rompiK** liom th^ abuvo tablo. . AdvrrtMnt ordered Mr Irrreulai Insertions lake the nnr lime lalilr. No rospoiKlbUify "ill he taken for mnre th^n one Inrorrprt Insertion ft »nv rla^sUicd ad. Ml ads arr ifsir'rtfd tn (hflr prnf«T rlaKlMrarlmi. style snrt tvpe. Thr Courier News r^rtves the rlfilil to edit or reject any ad. TELEVISION REPAIR All inn Ret «fc mod ME, at rensonable prices. Day Amusement Co. Ph. -HTO. Hlghwnj 61 Norlli 8 21 cX 4 21 Curtains Inundirect, ReaKonihle. 1405 \V. Ash. 325 pit 425 for Rent for So/«, Misc. Slorktln? bfiby brd A: waterproof nift'-tr^K. Price $3300. Ph. 4253 419 pfc 21 Cor] to sawmill, 2 saws. Quirk *»!<* 1150. O,S. RoIHson, ph, 3303 45 1'Jc 23 Good mill *'<wrt »l it 11 times Soul h end 21SI St. 4 9 pit ^ ~GOSrj"NfiS~KOR"~SALK tl 50 carh In lot* fit SO nr mire, *1-<V) rarli, lew (linn 5" IMMEDIATE DKMVER7 HUGH W. AUJCN P £ c «?•&*« 42rk52 Domostlc rnnwtJ. Fryers. <"""'' reftdy to oook. A!'n hrrfrtlnK stnrlc J h Jim Roleson. 2(564 320 ck 4J" < row John PPTJ> pluntrr with >n*rkrrs: 4 rn'A' John ftfftf rotnry hoe nvl«l Jolin Oefrp disc hsrro-A-. llrtLi 1 S 11 " 1 ' 1 K«rniR. Blirdftlf. Ph. 4702. 37 rH t< 3 rm. r.rn. apt : 3 rm. vmf.lrr, jri>. Close In. rh- SS1B 4 15 pH Ja 5 rm. 'inf. "Pt., bmh hot walcr, Burden. P.OI N. Fr.iiikltn. ph ,HM 3 rm. unlnr. apt I'll 2350 3 room fe 4 room apts tor rent Cnll PSI2. C. Abrnhntn. 6 ctv u "Modern opt.. 3 roorr.B nnd bath, newly ilpcor.itcd. pond Mmluire. «" 'I 1 ' 1 ": Sictrt. Ph. M71. F. SUnolv 9£l_ck '.r Sninfl Apnrtnicnts. furnished. §8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8--1 ck tf UnMr. apt., pvt. bath. IM Chrrrr. Pll. 3:119 or 2787. *_ 17 P 1 =•'_ ~~3 room rurnlfhed opt. for rpnt. 7i3 Aufo Supp'ics ond Services Don't cndancpr your (amlly vllh faulty llrcs—BUY l.EE TinKS. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mnln and Division Ftione 2561 1213 ok tt Snve Money When Vou Buy — Sell — Tiwle Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUKNITUKK CO. 517 SV. Ash I'll. 2552 8-2 oK tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 \V, Walnut , Phnn" ^3^2 Plenty of Parking Space TELEVISION RCA VICTOR Expert InstnllMloii Rorvlrr. Day Amusement Po. Til 4470, HlcliM-ny 61 North Scrv/ces LAWNMOWKRS We sharpen and repnlr nil type mowers. Also new & used pou'er mowers- All kinds mower par"' Also power mowers for rent. Wcstbrook Machine Shop Across trom Kroscr Store Need your radio rppnlred? Call Hrd Wallon Dl?!\hletl veteran TcpMra ia- dlo at home. Hcnsonablo prlrts Ph. 1318. n P* 5 :' For moving and local htuillnB, CJiH 8928. \V. \V. neckham. 117 Rose. 3,29 pk \ 29 CuvtMTis laundered and fittfitchrd Mrs. J. E. Lawrence, Ph. 6259. 3^25 pk V3i 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIC SERVICE O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 W. MAIN. 124 ck II Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service on Jewelry—.") dnya on watche-i and clocks. C.xinranteed work done by expert repair men. Lowest P PAT O'BRYANT Jlain & Second 10"3 rfc tl For paintlnc nn<l p^porln^. cull Hurry Wheat and Roy Freeman. We spcc- iRllze In elieetrnci: [Lnlihlng. Ph. f,9G5 or 3835. 3126 pit 4 26 Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For CRterul, thorouch m^ cloantnt; service, call on Blythcvlllt- I,3!]ntlry'E 37 years of experience In this specialized flpld. Free plrkup Rnd delivery icrrlcc—Just call «1B. Ki.YTHEVILLE LAUNDRY CI.EANKRS 4'16 ck 5,16 I ropnlr any mnXe or mortel u-nshlnz rnchlnc 2 blocks west of Dixie Plft on 3th St.. by ne-A- firhool. Herbrrt Gru- 3am. Ph. 6733. 3 7 pte 5 7 , nlanis- I5c do Blonil corker xr^ntf] pllp*. I'h 3250. ,!rs. DavlK. 501 Parlc .St. 4'19 pK 2f> On Birch St new 2 hrtltoom. b^ih. inrl hnrdwood (IfMir, 1 ;. plnnty rah'n**'-* ind rlosets. Price XT,.150.00. Cnsh II.- 00.00 7 room anrt 2 halbs on Dfwl* St [•rice S7.500rx>. C^«h JI.50000. Lewis Rraltv Co 111 E. nnvls, Ph. flJ!ft5 3050 Cnshman molor scooter. Gno contlltlon. See nt 113t> WBlnut. 4 18 pK DIRT FOR SALE T. Phonff «228-&927. <il5 22 Soybeans. Red Tag norlchsoy No. 2 — 80^. Blue TRK Ouclen fi5^ gcrmlnd- lion M. J. Osbome, ph. 2656 t\\\ p* 2S Come to 300 Broadway for Good 1949 CMC $895 An extra clojin Vj-Ton I'ickup, (his (i.MC Ims nearly now tires. Cattle rack, loo. (lood lionlur. Only §895. 1947 Ford . . . $645 This Korcl I'ickup runs perfect! With new paint, Knod tires ami healer, it's a wonderful buy for someone! 1940 Chev. $195 An older model '/j-'J'on Pickup thai runs like a 2-year old! Very K 1 ""' tires, too. A real buy at $195! 1949 Mercury $1295 I.ouk a t this: Kadio, liontcr, overdrive, turn- iiuliciitor.s, winilshield washers, seat covers. 2- drior Sedan. 1951 Ford . $1595 Whiil a car! Only 12,000 miles! Brilliant Carnival Red Tudor Sedan. Heater, seat covers. Powerful V-8 engine! 1910 Chev. $195 You'll K C ' lo's (if service for ?1i)5! Master deluxe 2-door Sedan with radio and heater. A GOOD Car. i|MrtirtgiiipQiiii 300 Broadway Phone 4453 DON'T FAIL TO ' Realize More Farmers Are Going FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co, BlylheYiHe, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Wanted to Buy B hlrycU'. 26". Used twin b*"ls 4,16 pit IE Cloofl n Mo,, brio plnno. Call 3274. . 4 15 pit WANT7.U: W* p3V top yrlci'i t O r Eoyrji'ims soybean apUts, shfllfrt coin, tm%. wheat barley Gc-t n\\i price hf-lnre ymi tell K -\ R M K H S BOY H EA N C OH P. S Broad way. Blyihevtlle. I'll. 8191. 320 ck *20 V.'e will pnv CASH for your Olrt K"STUDIO, 115 Lost and Found $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3262, 3423 or 4-IG4, Glencoc Hotel. 11 ck tf O'STEKN' D. & P.L No. 15 10 Ions, rt^llnled, tt rated. iar* rrmlnAllon 84 to 83 r n r rrnt fta I roni f (CO ton, J "R. OATHINCiS. LHXOTH. 3'L9 pic 4 li) no Htlp Wanted Roybean Rccrt. Kvjnk'A Hyl Corn. Sovhean Itiocnlftl Mlireri Hertllli-frr. Now lilKl U^eO H FARMERS SOVI1KAN CORP iromlwai-. Blychevllle. I'll H 3 2» ck soyhnnns, Ilortchsoy No. 2. Only I your from Breeder's slock. Subject to! Anibilious young man who wauls to learn General Motors automotive parts. Experience will help luit not necessary. Apply in person at JIov- ncr-\\'il.son Jlotor Co., ;!I7 K. .Main SI.. 17 ck 24 TKACIIKR WASTED — Kxpr nmli' Bund nirc: tor lor l.iru'e (!:ilra Rrluml .Svstein In .Southea ri. with flpprrnlmruels' 1.000 HIGHEST PRICES PAID .scr;t|) nu-tal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdw.-v & :\!onltne Drive Phone 8002 4'15 ck tf NOTICK ! Notice Is hereby Riven that the uncJersU'iied has filed with th& De- pai'tjiifiit of Alcoholic Be\'eraKC Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell nntl ciisptMKP bc(T nt retnil on the premises de- scTllictl n.s: 103 Kast Main, Blythe- \illp, Mississippi County. The umlerslfrneri states that he is a cttly.Pii cl Arkausi\s, ol good inrral chnracLer. that he hns npv- „ , . . , ., i • ,1 ^p rr !;; v ru rnnvirtert of a felonv or IMH- f.Ti. wire and nil kinds of or ,,,, rri]ije lnvolvinK niora , lni .., i _ hi rip; thnt no luT'ivso U> -^cll beer by tlie uiulei'sifined has been re- vn^p<l within five years last past; and that the mic^rrsienrd has nrv- r-r been convlcfod of violathip (ho tows of this - c t?ite, or any othrr sr :51 p, rola I i \ - e to the side of a!co- jiolic liquors, Application I.s for permit to be issued for opera I ion bee;inn(ng on the day of July, 1052, and to rx"ire on the 30th day of June 1953. ' Minnie J. ThraMkill Applicant Subpcrjbert a nit sworn tn before me this 18 day of April. 19J2. Osrar Alexander. Notary Public My Commission expires: 9-12-53 For Rent [^riT TTrom irinipn* P 4 13 fit : to thf 11 on t 418 pk 5 IS ? rm ph. 5 n 2<>. 4 IB pV: ( • r- ,• yv 'i 'i- -. i j fnroUuirnt, KNC«|]CIH consldpratlnn for ccrtificnlion. Only a limited ntiniifir<i pcts« n . i.ymftn i,. Dnihin. mmnlv I*}! 9119 ft! Ininln Supt •• ^'""'loll r*>nr.r.!l(lf\t?(l School Euippi\. t n. ^i-i^. hi impio-: Dlstrlct No 3 WRr , lHlt Mo 4 iQ ck ?2 ment Co. 3'3I ck tf I I Vlklnz vr^Ptnblp bos 1 > , IIP Insurance H-( f)l .ssois 2 ^; HP rornpt 1 B-foot 11)11 tclf-Eprvl 2 inrnt blorks 1 Mohftrt sUrcr 1 nxpni grinder ,1 Irf-Krlsp vcRPtnhle 1 a*S walk-In conlpr t ID.Sft moficJ 11 Conlari Mclvln White Furniture Co . Io OMC truck rll ftt Hr\l.=r-ll Ar Phonp 6000. ,1 22 If Showcase. Ph. .1202. «'19 cK 23 If H'JI cfttflsh you nre looklnR for, come to Bet is Fish Market. 1 b.ivo plenty Rt nil tlmcB. Car\ ItlJ nny fl7-> ordot 2010 Hose St. half block PUJI: of PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson Implement Co. 4'17 ck 24 CERTIFIED nORTCH No. 2 nine Ta; grade *eed benns. rlRlit Board Approved. C. L. \VYLIE , Promlsrrt Ijnnd Fftrm Or Phone 2625 niyiht-vUlp '51 Les: '51 '•19 '50 MS Mfi M7 Slnde. Commander, :s than S.OOn miles! Slude. Ch. 5-Pas. Sludc. Ch. 5-l';is. 1'ontiac I-tlr. . .. Ford Y-S 1-dr. . Chevrolet 2-dr. . Plymouth 1-dr. Chevrolet 2-dr. Ford 2-door ... Hudson I-tlr. . . HOW SOME PEOPLE BUY A USED CAR Don'f YOU liny a car blindfolded. Protect yourself by choosing ;i car dial's lieen lhonnip;h- \\ 1'i'voivdUioiH'd at Chambiiu Sales Ci>. Thai way you KNOW \vhal you're Iniyiii); every time. Now . . . check I his list of cars and I rucks: <J 'SO Slmlc. ' 2 -T. I'kp. . 9<)S f 'I<1 Slude. Vi-T. I'kp. . S!)5 MB Chev. '/2-T. Pkn. . 695 llflo '17 Chev. ] ',,-Ton . . . 6!>5 1305 M7 Dnd.uc 2-Ton 7!)5 11fl5 MS GMC l"'.-Ton f.flo 11 15 '17 Chev. 2-T. Stk. .. tjflo 1315 Mfi Dd K . 1'i-T. Stk. . 535 !M!5 '19 SI vide. J i-T. I'kp. . 805 005 Mfi Kord V-S Station 3il5 \Vngon, one-owner . . Sflo HE'KcrAI, TAINT BALE 400 pftllons. n5stinpd pnrlni; color;. fHounf f.; Gnrflrn Colors fnr 1!I511 wa- IPT iblnnfrt. Interior tl^t \wlnt. Zf, color*. 50r ppr riunrt. 12 per Knllon. An lone RS present fiiipply l^^U. MARTIN TRBNKLE. Inc.. Mr II"". lelcphonr ,1B,W. nlytrievllc. Ark. 4> CX -•< 5 SEFD DKANS—Dortrtl Nn. 2. 07% Kcrmlnattou $4 hu^hrl O,'']cn>. 9B" fl crmlnntton. (3.75 hnshpl- US. Blank- nshlp. Ileli. ph. 2492. 3;27 pk 4.27 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. j. Pollard Aocncy Planned Protection 124 W. A«h Kt GLKNCOE HOTEL BUILDING Job Wanted Truck driving or com IF no? on farm. 51S I.nke St. ?ns. >n labor h'lt W'. D nick- 4 15 pk 22 Scr/tsman rm. \lnf house. Ph R213. S>r-room hoiup 2^01 Tlirrc-'onm nil 2111. Dell Tho GuU of Mexico Is nfipir inrurly inchp.s hishr-i- than the ^^01 car^ivn ST I 3p\'^l of tbp Atlruitic Ocenn off tlip IS rk 21 i fast const of Florid!!. BEST BUYS IN TOWN! 1951 CHEVROLET Slylemasfer i-Door Sedan. Fresh air heater, plaslic seat covers. A beautiful car driven only 12,000 miles, it's priced right at Sullivan-Nelson. 19IS CHEVROLET Kleetline 2-door Sedan. Large radio, heater, defroster, seat covers, while tires 19 IS KOKD V-8 5-Passenger Coupe. Radio, spot light, seat covers, heater and clef. Onlv. .'995 '795 19'Ifl OLDSAIOiilf,I'M-door Sedan. Motor in A-l %l com), tires like new, good radio. Good cheap car 1919 CHKVROUCT >/ 2 -Ton I'ickup Truck. A dandy truck at Sullivan-Nelson it's $QQC priced at only 09 tf 1919 FOIiI) V-8 '/i-Ton Pickup Truck. Here's $OQC an excellent buy in a good used pickup. Now only Ifl.17 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -T. I'ickup Truck. This city-driven (rk will give you lots of good service fn ll'Sh-Ml fl. prLv •f pir>nt !1". hatli •Ml pk 21 H-nt n Ph OIIP, two home. Call rite Paul Rvri- rlnnrt nonv for >-^"V: nr ninnth Tour rootn -1.17 ntc 2 2 room honso. electric kitchen, youn | locntioil. Ph. 2933 or 9071. < 18 ck 5,1 For Trade Will trade — H. FarmuH equipment in good shape lor house, truck or soybeans. RARER THAN YOU THINK Jack Robinson Implement Co. 4 17 ck 20 Country Clnb Rhnros. Ph. 3651. G.E rofrteeraLor, eKCPllonl conrUUon 25 S. lake. G^il 27.GO nllcr J p n-.. 4 15 pk Tl Tlic eipportiin1 first yr;ir nnd u oiul, ,\l,-inv tncn ItiE RhllJiv urvr h(iv«> that ^iiitl with cll y lo m^V*- J7 5^0 thr- to SlO.OnO your *er- with ^xrrpTtonal scll- t;ot the rhi\nrc. V.'e f nn oiiportimlly for ct s M I N N 0 W S — Roaches.; Fishing canes lOc urt. Ph. nite j .1335), day, 9015!). 328 K. Main] St. G. C.'Hawks. '1 17 pk r>;i7 Our ninlntenanco product sltlcs, yr-t RO dUffl/ent froin nth.^ in,\li\1cnjiiir*' run trrl nls Hint our mp tiavfl no rompntltton. No short acc.>, von nrr bnlw^i-n ^0 nntl CO, haw c.i\ can start work ImmrrtlrUHy. wi'l Colonial Rc-flnhiK ,t Chemical Cn.. N'l tlonnl 14. Ohio. 4 10 pV; 2! Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Fanners terms 'A; down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold &. Gnines. Ph. fi3o7. 4117 ck tf Opportunity for full or purl »iriic hiiNlnrss In pt- Hlvthcvlllp supply tn : rnnsimirrs with KnwInliEli ProtJurt-s. N'n rniiitfll niTilcil Also other. J.orai:'k s nvnllftlile. U'rlto MnwlelKli's Di-pt. AKD- 210-216, Memphis. 1'cnn. ^ l& ck 421 Prortitce Fnlrsman is' ipntUnir wholesa rstHnhlc rompnnlc.^. lint nnt for le fr K<cpr cr\r Work JJIytli ^nrro'HKllnE territory. Con tart Mr. Ma«r!\Tl nt Hotel Notalr. Montlny, April 21. Room 232 after 9 30 a.m. 4 19 pk 11 For Sole, Real Estate Private Rooms Rptlroom, privnti! cntranre. Vi block ot Kroner's, Ph. -i66f>. 307 N- First. 4;17 pk 21 R< ! droorrK convenlenr. to bath, stca-n tii-nt. 611 W. Main. Ph. 3325. -1,10 cV: 5;10 nod room with pilvnts bf\th. Ph. 9671 or 2!>3fl. 4|1 pX 5-1 For Sale Cars & Trucks lf'3n 4-tloiir ClirvruUH. 1250 Sr<* nt 1321 W. Ash. pli. 2S63. 4Jlfi pV. 20 SPECIAL SERVICE 1950 STl! DEBAR EH J /i-T I'ickup Truck! Driv- S en only 8,000 miles! It's clean as a pin and only 1950 CMC I'.-T. I'ickup Truck. Come to the big $ft|JC used car lot on Walnut St. It's yours for just . . . 99 V Many More to Choose From Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, you can always get a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 For all Motorists N*o matter what kind of car or truck you own, T. T. Sp.iy .Motor Co. can offer you the specialized service, of speedometer repair. To be s:\fe V l<> get better service from yonr car ... be sure you r speedometer is correct. l-I)ay Service. T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Memorial Day The date for Memorial or Decoration Day was set n.side In the Southern states for the purpose of decorating the arsives of Civil War veterans. On May 3, 18G8. Gen. John Logan, then commander-hi-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, ordered Grand Artny services OH May 30. Read Courier i^ews Calcified Ada, Foods that are Different at the RAZORBACK Cherry Cobbler Blackberry Hot Biscuits , Cobbler Baked Beans Barbecue Ribs Choice Chicken Home Made Vegetable Soup Home Made Hot Rolls "Eat Out More Often" ^n Chevrolet Cfmvertlhle. cK id'tirm. Lnatlcil wlch cx'.rns. Price 5 C(f. .107 E. Vina. OS pk 25 Most of thr>c r-ars have a radio ami healer. Many other nvtkrs anrl miMlrls avallablr. Authorized il^E Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. •A" Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer if Railroad & Ash Call fiSSS Notice •.ivlTic for thrrr pn 1 nra «l)l. Female Help Wanted Settled lady experienced as Modern 4-nmm IIOHSO and liookkceper and typist. Short- hath. Hardwood floors, :ij llalui not . "ccossary Please lai-Be closets, screened i n ! wr.te K mng npe, references, backporch. Good condition! c ! c - lo Box D ' G ' c ,° Co " ncr . inside and outside. K x t r a ' Ne "' s - 4 lo ck tt lot with fenced in play yard. <)!;'. JIardin St. ?1,000 cash, ^l-;7.17 total monthly payments. .Modern 4-rooin house with | .'. bath. equipiH'd with nice clcc-'m trie raniro and refrigerator. \'e : 'Ctian Idinds and drapes. Lots of storage space. iliKli and dry corner lot at 2300 Kenwood Drive. ?1,(10(1 cash, ?1S.21 per month. It's nice— you'll like it. Vacant — move in tomorrow. \\'e have other houses for sale. See or call tp^vt April 2H . ran . J. M. Ooolrv. r fl •I 18 pX 22 NOTK'K OF P1I.IXG OF Al'VI.H'ATlOX FOH LIQUOR PERMIT Noiicc is hereby fiiven that the nnripr.siKned ba.s lilecl with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkamiv for a prrmit Ui sell and dispense vninus or spirituous liquors for beverage ;u rerjul on thp premises defriibrcl: Arruorel Drug Co., No. 3 Miiin St.. Armorel, Arkansas. Applirntinn is for a permit, lo be. issued tor operation beginning on the 1 day of July 10M, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1953. Armorel Drug Co Bv E. M. Rejenold Hoolh CTop-.kno t^xl now U opcr;U- st from plionf PS>31. -MG p:< 2^ ""T'KI.K\'ISION RKPAIR Day Amusement Co. Ph. 4470. HlBlnvar 61 North. 321 i-k (21 Lost & Found JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone -II11 Residence Phone 2505 419 ck tf Mixed breed dojr — lilack with white chest. Short wilh IUIIK body and crooked left leit. Hliiirt bnirod, lonjr tail. Last sfrn near Varbro. Name 1 of DiK'K. v - No collar. Liberal reward. Mliis Wheeler, ph. Or»:!2 or .'i80(>. .1 1!) pk 2(i A Lesson In Saving •--121 W. MfllM ST. Real ESTATE Farms— City Property LOANS [r r » Mprt In Bnjlnn ;Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Bid;?. Ph. 6868 Q 3t> ck \t 2 lio:i"^. 2-brdrrwnn, ^-li«<1ronni^, m^prn If you c. 1 only small amount cash. O. S. BoHUon, ph. J3G3. 4,9 p* 21 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant— Promised Land Chrysler- Ply inoti 111 Dealer 121 E. M;iln Phone 212 NEXT WEEK GMC TRUCKS gj: Phone 2056 g 301 East Wain

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