The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 26, 1986 · Page 52
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 52

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1986
Page 52
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Thursday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 26,1986 Page 16 EVENING 6:oooOOO(DDOO 0309(10)03038) News C8GQ9BEB MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour , S)(6)(j5)13ABCNews(CC) 6 Newsroom 6 Q Doctor Who "The Time Warrior" The Doctor Investigates the disappearance of 20th-century scientists and equipment, captured by a Sontaran Captain whose starshlp Is grounded in medieval times. (Parti) (9) Barney Miller Q) Bosom Buddies tO Mork And Mindy Q Alias Smith And Jones ID) Movie ** "Dusty" (1981) Bill Kerr, Noel Trevathen. An aging sheepherder must choose between loyalty to his employer and love for his champion sheepdog. „ (E) College Basketball Alabama- Birmingham atOld Dominion (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales And Legends "Johnny Appleseed" Martin Short portrays the legendary wanderer who left a comfortable life In New England and created a legacy of apple orchards. (CO (U) Wild, Wild World Of Animals 6:05 Q Mary Tyler Moore 6:30QOM.A.S.H Q03 Entertainment Tonight Interview with actress Justine Bateman ("Family Ties"). (THSQ3)13 Price Is Right Q Missouri Lottery Jackpot ®Taxi QOOGSinoiQICD Wheel Of Fortune Q Business Report (9) Bob Newhart 03 P.M. Magazine Sky divers discuss the thrills of risky jumps; Ronald Reagan talks about his college football coach Ralph "Mac"McKlnzle. —'O $100,000 Pyramid Q Gimme A Break! (N) Dangermouse (U) Radio 1990 4:35 OSanford And Son 7:00 aOO(DE& Cosby Show Theo and his friend Cockroach (Carl Payne) are ill-prepared for an upcoming test on "Macbeth." In stereo. (CO (DCSffl Big Sing University Chorale and Varsity Glee Club perform a variety of old standards, Broadway tunes and contemporary songs in this concert given at Nebraska-Lincoln's Klmbal Recital Hall. G£(DOBQi)13 Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Segments Include a visit to a tarantula ranch, a street that goes nowhere and a look at the strange creatures that live beneath the sea. (CO O OH OH do) BID Magnum, P.I. Magnum's assignment to guard a valuable artifact on board an Inter-island cruise ship takes a turn toward the deadly. O MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour , 4iS9) Movie *• "Ice Station Zebra" (1948) Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine. A submarine- crew bound for the North Pole wages a desperate struggle against time In order to find a precious piece of Russian satellite film. 90 Heritage: Civilization And The Jews The Influence of the ancient Persian, Greek and Roman cultures, from the sixth to the second century B.C., on the shaping of the Jewish identity In sacred writings, laws and traditions. (Part2of 9) (R) (CO B Trapper John, M.D. B Start Of Something Big Profiles of Tammy Wynette, Emma Samms, Richard Crenna, Rofcert Urlch and Burns and Allen; the origins of fairy tales and umbrellas. (R) (C) Movie *'•• "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)" (1972) Woody Allen, Gene Wilder. 'R' •Wackiest Ship In The Army (HBO) Barbra Streisand In "Put- ting It Together": The Making Of The Broadway Album An Inside look at the making of the versatile performer's latest album that features Broadway songs Including "Putting It Together" from "Sunday in the Park with George" and "Somewhere" from "West Side Story." (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie ** "Conan The Destroyer" (1984) Arnold Schwar- zenegger, Grace Jones.'PG' (CO (U) College Basketball Georgia at Tennessee (Live) 7:05 Q Movie **** "The African Queen" (1951) Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn. A captain operating in the Congo during World War I Is persuaded by a lady missionary to destroy a German gunboat. 7:30 BBOdDGD Family Ties Alex faces off against a Russian opponent In a college chess tournament. In stereo. (CO (D) Mouseterpiece Theater (N) Donna Reed 8:OOQQO(T)CB Cheers Cliff is in his glory when both Carla and Diane accept a date with him for the Postman's Ball. In stereo. GDCSG) American Playhouse "The Roommate" Lance Guest and Barry Miller portray two college freshmen with nothing In common who learn to respect one another In this adaptation based on John Updike's short story, "The Christian Roommates." An Interview with the author follows the film. (CO 03(1)00301)13 The Colbys Miles accuses Pal Ion of being unable to choose between him and Jeff; Sable tries to reconcile with Jason. (CO BOO(Dno)03Q3 Simon & Simon The Simons help out a guileless American family who become embroiled in a gangster's vendetta against a photographer. O Nature Farmers In East Africa blame the red-billed quelea for massive crop loss In spite of scientific evidence downplaying the species' destructlveness. In stereo. (CO 9O Mystery I B Movie **" "The French Connection" (1971) Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey. Two tough narcotics Investigators foil a huge heroin deal. CD Movie ** "Blood Alley" (1955) John Wayne, Lauren Bacall. An American merchant marine helps an entire village of Chinese peasants escape from pursuing communists. Q700 Club (D) Movie " "The Wonder Of It All" (1974) Footage of animals from all over the globe Is featured in this look at the variety of wildlife on earth.'G' (E) College Basketball North Carolina at Virginia (HBO) Movie** "Starman" (1984) Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen. 'PG' (CO (N) Movie *•" "A Star Is Born" (1937) Janet Gaynor, Fredrlc March. Feeling his own popularity slipping as his young wife's career is on the rise, a big-name star turns to the bottle for comfort. 8:30 BOQCDB Night Court As a result of throwing a surprise birthday party for Dan, Harry may have to give up guardianship of Leon. In stereo. (C) Cinemax Comedy Experiment Eugene Levy, Lorne Greene, Howie Mandel, Margot Kldder and Martin Short are among the celebrities scheduled to appear In this bizarre spoof based on the premise that Canada Is taking over the United States. >:°o BBfttDB Hill Street Blues Buntz sets up a pair of drug dealers; a no-smoking ordinance upsets members of the precinct. QXDMMBU » • » Scheduled: John Stossel reports on people who suffer bouts of depression during the winter months. (CO BBB<B)<">BB "nets Landing Karen find* a suspicious key In Mack's pocket; Val tries to stop Singer Marie Osmond is the co-host of "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" at 7 p.m. on ABC. Cathy before she relates her story to Sonny Harklns, a muckraking reporter. (CO O Elizabeth R "Sweet England's Pride" After romancing the aging queen, the young Earl of Essex plans to remove her from the throne but Is executed. 9 Back In The U.S.S.R. Mikhail Baryshnlkov and Gregory Hlnes discuss their roles In the film "White Nights," their dance styles and their development as artists; includes dance sequences choreographed by Twyla Tharp. B House For All Seasons (C) Movie *•* "The Falcon And The Snowman" (1984) Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn. 'R' (CO QNews (S) Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph play dual roles as themselves and as the Kramdens and Mortons when Raccoon Lodge members seek celebrities to appear at their annual dance. (CO (U) Petrocelli 9:15 B Movie •** "The Green Berets" (1968) John Wayne, David Janssen. A cynical, anti-Vietnam newsman travels on assignment to the front lines with a bold team of American commandos. 9:30* Innovation B Sneak Previews Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved host an Informative look at whaf s new at the movies. _J Can You Be Thinner? 9:40(D)DTV 10:001 ateiine Nebraska t Report •World Of Cartooning •That's Incredible • Man From U.N.C.L.E. (D) Dr. Joyce Brothers (E) Colleoe Basketball Arizona State at Washington (HBO) Movie "Murrow" (1985) Daniel J. Travantl, Dabney Coleman. (N) Route46 (S) Movie ** "King David" (1985) Richard Gere, Edward Woodward.'PG-13'(CO (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour 10:15CD Benny Hill 10:30 OQOGDCB Tonight Guest host: Joan Rivers. Scheduled: actress Joan Collins. In stereo. CODED Wild, Wild World Of Animals QD(T)CS)13 News Q Trapper John, M.D. OOQJD03 WKRP In Cincinnati O Inupiat Healing QM.A.S.H 9 Mechanical Universe 03 Entertainment Tonight Interview with actress Justine Bateman ("Family Ties"). (10)03 Barney Miller • Business Report Q) Hawaii Five-0 CD Matt Houston 11:00(SCSEBSCTV d)®03(E)13 ABC News Nightline OB(OD(10)Q Night Heat Q Yours For The Revolution, Jack London Chuck Portz portrays writer Jack London In this one- man teleplay that explores three Important periods in the author's life - his early struggles, success following "Call of the Wild" and his tragic last year. QTaxi (9) WKRP In Cincinnati • Mystery! 03 T.J. Hooker QBestOf Groucho (D) Mark Twain's America: Thomas Edison The early life of Thomas Edison is dramatized. (N) Turkey Television (U) Edge Of Night 11:15 (C) Movie ** "The Sensuous Nurse" (1979) Ursula Andress, Duillo Del Prete. 'R' 11:30BB(£B Late Night With David Letterman O Newlywed Game gXS®13Man From U.N.C.L.E. • All In The Family (9) Movie " "One More Train To Rob" (1971) George Peppard, John Vernon. A released prisoner saves a gold fortune, then shoots the man who double-crossed him. 9 Congress: We The People Q3 Mission: Impossible S Bizarre Get Smart Q Bill Cosby (U) Edge Of Night 11:35BRockford Files 12:00 O Late Night With David Letterman. Q ABC News Nightline Q Star Games • Andy Griffith BDobieGillis (E)Fishin'Hole (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie " "The Naked Face" (1984) Roger Moore, Rod Stelger. 'R' (U) That Girl 12:10 ••QS)(10)B Movie ** "Mr. Sycamore" (1974) Jason Robards, Jean Simmons. A middle-aged mailman fantasizes about becoming a tree to escape the drudgery of his life. • Movie ** "Running Scared" (I960) Ken Wahl, John Saxon. Two former GIs fall under suspicion of conspiring to Invade a Caribbean country. 12:15 • Movie " "Once You Kiss A Stranger" (1949) Paul Burke, Carol Lynley. A psychotic tries to get a golfer to kill her psychiatrist. 12:30BBB Gone Scott B Left Make A Deal BNews B Three Stooges B Father Knows Best (N) Donna Reed (U)MotoworU 12:3S (C) Movie ** "Moscow On The Hudson" (1984) Robin Williams, Maria Conchlta Alonso. 'R' (CO 12:40 B Movie *" "Arsenic And Old Lace" (1944) Cary Grant, Josephine Hull. Two old ladles poison unsuspecting gentlemen with el- derberry wine and bury them In their basement complete with funeral services. 1:00 OB News £3 Gong Show , CD FM TV 1985: A Year To Remember Music and f 11 m are the focus of this review of 1985's entertainment news hosted by The Thompson Twins. Included: segments on rock philanthropy, new recording artists, and music In movies and sports; also, videos by Mick Jagger, Survivor, Cyndl Lauper, Mr. Mister and a-ha, and an Interview with Pete Townshend. Q700 Club (E) SportsLook (HBO) Movie *"'D.C. Cab" (1983) Mr. T, Adam Baldwin. 'R' (CO (N) Movie **** "A Star Is Born" (1937) Janet Gaynor, Fredric March. Feeling his own popularity slipping as his young wife's career Is on the rise, a big-name star turns to the bottle for comfort. 1:30(10)03 News Q) Dating Game (E) SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 1:55 (S) Movie " "The Rosebud Beach Hotel" (1984) Colleen Camp, Peter Scolari.'R' 2:00 (9) Comedy Break QCBSNewsNightwatch £Q Rawhide B Movie " "The Big Frame" (1953) Mark Stevens, Jean Kent. A squadron reunion sparks a man to begin Investigating an old murder case. (E) Horse Racing Weekly 2:25 B Movie *** "None But The Lonely Heart" (1944) Cary Grant, Ethel Barrymore. Accompanied by his understanding mother, a wandering Englishman searches for spiritual fulfillment. 2:30 (9) Independent News (E) Arm Wrestling (U) Room222 2:35 (C) Movie ** "F.I.S.T." (1978) Sylvester Stallone, Peter Boyle. 'PG' 2:458 CBS News Nightwatch (HBO) Movie " "The Champ" (1979) Jon Volght, Faye Dunaway. 'PG' 3:00 (9) Movie *** "Caged" (1950) Eleanor Parker, Agnes Moorehead. A young girl falsely Imprisoned for theft becomes a bitter, hostile woman. • Wild, Wild West B Movie *" "The Love Boat" (1976) Karen Valentine, Clorls Leachman. The passengers and crew aboard a luxury liner have romantic misadventures. (E) College Basketball Arizona State at Washington (R) (N) Route66 (U) Movie * "Thieves" (1977) Mario Thomas, Charles Grodln. Based on Herb Gardner's play. A daffy couple tries to recapture their Innocence amid the corruption of Manhattan. 3:25 (S) Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph play dual roles as themselves and as the Kramdens and Nortons when Raccoon Lodge members seek celebrities to appear at their annual dance. (CO 3:30 B Movie " "Shamrock Hill" (1949) Peggy Ryan, Ray McDonald. A woman claims squatters' rights when a small-town financier attempts to take over the hill where she entertains children with fairytales. 4:HB Dukes Of Hazzard B Emergency (N) Turkey Television 4:10 (S) The Sky Is Gray In the segregated South of the 1940s, a black farm boy learns an Important lesson In bigotry and racial pride while on a rare trip to the city. Stars Olivia Cole, Clea von Little. 4:45 B News 4:50 B World At Large Networks and stations reserve the right to change programming withoutnotice,

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