Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 5
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The Place to Trade. The Place to Save, hotto: We Sell for Less. Satisfaction or Money Back. MEK'S PASTS. Men's Dress Pants, worth $4.00, going at «2.75 Men's $4.50 Dress Pants, at W.25 MiJK '8 WORK I'AMS. Men's $1.50 Pants. Rolng at tlM Men's $X.7S PaniK, KOIHK at |1A> Men's PiintH, KOIHK at 7oc MEX'S .Srsi»EM»KR». Men's Sus'peiidnrs, worth up to ^uv. at UN; H pBir Men's fiUc Suspenders at Stic MEN'S HATS. Men's la .OO Hats golns at $2.00 Men's $3.50 Hats golnR at Men's 12.00 Hals Kolag at $1.00 MEiVS SHIRTS. Men's Work Shirts, worth .">0c going at 40c Men's Dress Shirts ... .S9c, i5c, $1.00 MEVS HASDKEHCHIEFS. Men's Handkerchiefs cheap at 8c Men's lOc Handkerchiefs 5r Men's 16c Handkerchiefs lOe BABGAISS IN BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. At prices that have no equal. See these. MEN'S UNDERWEAR, Men's Heavy Fleeced Underwear, worth nOc, going at JSc MEN'S HOSE. Men's Work Hose at ir. Men's Dress Hose, worth 2r.c. going at Vte Men's 50c Hose at 39c MEN'S NECKTIES. Men's noc Neckties in latest shades at Men's 2oc Ties at l.'jc MEN'S FANCY VESTS. Men's Vests at $1.00 Men's J2.00 Vests at *l -'»0 Men's I3.U0 Vests at '. $2.3o MEN'S I>rCK TESTS. Men's Duck Vests, worth 75c, going at , SOe MEN'S MUFFLERS. Men's Mufflers, worth |I.5u, at..11.00 Men's Mufflers, worth 4100 at ...7 .'>c Men's "6c Mufflers, at SOc MEN'S OVEKCOA'rs. Don't buy an Overcoat elsewhere till you see our line and prices. ..ew goods and patterns arriving daily. See us Buy OvfrcoatN at Factory I'r/ccs. MEN'S DICK COA'f.S. .Men's Duck Coats, worth $l..'>o. all sIzcK. while Ihey laKl $1.00 RUBBERS AND OTEBSHOES. New Rubbers at prices that are right. MEN'S COLLARS. Men's ICc Linen Collars at lOe MEN'S SHOES. The best for the least money. Men 's Shoes $1.40 to 13.05, worth from $1.75 to f &.OO. Every pair guaranteed. BOYS' SUSPENDERS. Boys' Su8pendera« MortV h^to'tfaj BOYS' LONG PANTS. Boys' Long Pants, worth 7Sc. going at 4»e . Slightly soiled. CHILDREN'S HATS AND CAPS. CBlidren's Fur Tam-o-Shantas, worth 75c, going at 60c Children's Gear Skin Caps, worth from 75c to $1.50, at . .50e, 75c, $1.00 CHILDREN'S SHOES. Children's $1.00 Shoes at 8»c Children's $1.25 Shoes at $1.00 Children's $1.50 Shoes at $1J .S Children's $2.00 Shoes at $1.59 CHILDREN'S COATS. Children's $1.50 Handsome Dressy Coats, going at $5JI0 Children's $6.00 Coats going at. ..$lwO Children's $5.<m Coats going at . .$I.7 .'i Children's $4.00 Coats at $2.00 These bargains speak for themseltes. CITF BUTTONS. Cuff Buttons worth 50c. going at.. 20c CHILDREN'S HOSE. l.'.c Hose at ..lOc 25c Hose at 17Hc CHILDREN'S HOSE SUPPORTER^ 15c Hose Supporters at 5c THREAD. roats' Thread at 4e CALICOES. At 5c a yard NEEDLES. Sharp's best Needles, worth 5c, going two packages for 6e DRESS GOODS. Herf IM H Grud Chpaee to Save MOB> fy OB Dms Goods. $1.00 All AVooI brown, blue and green Dress Goods, 42 inches wide going at 79c $1.25 All Wool Dress Goods. 52 Inches wide, in brown and blue, at... 95c $1.25 Black Panama, going at 95e 50c Novelties 36 inches wide. at ...S5c EXTRA SPECIAL. Ladies' 25c Embroidered and Lace Handkerchiefs, going at lOc EXTRA SPECIAL. To create fast selUn?, Ladles* Collars in all Uie latest styles. Ladies' F'ancy Collars, worth 35c to 50c, going at 25e Ladles' 25c Fancy Collars, going at 15o Ladies' 15c Fancy Collars going at 10c Ladles' 10c Linen Collars going at two for 5c GROCERY ITEMS. S bars of any kind of Laundry Soap for 25c 20 pounds of sugar for $1.00 with every $2.00 order. Standard Tomatoes worth 12c at.. 10c 20c Coffee at 15c 15c Ground Coffee going at 11c Dried Peaches at. pound 10c Sopo Lye at per can ..5c CHILDREN'S SCHOOL HANDKER. CHIEFS. Worth 5c. going at Ic each MEN'S GLOVES. Men's Gauntlet Gloves, worth T.'.c at Wc Men's 50c Gloves at 25c Men's Flannel Mitts at 6c mm ,DESICM9>'TC MEN'S SUITS. ' ' Any Snlt bought of BRIGHT & CO. pressed free of charge. Men's $25.00 Suits made and tailored in the very latest styles and in all the latest shades, going at ...'$17.M Men's $20.00 Suits in London Smokes, browns and blacks, going at I14.7S Men's $15.00 Suit.s going $10 JOO One lot of good Suits at $7.50 One lot of good S'llts at $MM One lot of good Suits at $1.85 We have inNtallcd a rumplcle tailorinir department and bare a fall and complete line of the latest wimples for Snils and Orcrcoals. Don't fail to see them at prices that are right Any suit liongbt of Briirlit ii Co. will lie kept in repair and prensed free of charge whether yon pay $5 .00 or $25JN>. Mr. DeClnte has hud a wide experience in the Ulloring Ihie and will guarantee a perfect fit Come to Bright ii t '«.'s for your Suit or Orercoat The above are only a few of tke tkoasaads of bargains we iftti offer for the next ten days. TUa store will be ablase witb bargains, tbit wUI create Fast Selling and Great Savings to AIL Special Notice to Farmers! Bring yonr Butter, Eggs, Cklckens and Turkeys to us; they are the same as cask in all departments of our Big Stores. The place to save, and the place to trade is here. EVEBY DAT WE SELL IT FOB LESS. AI Phone Orders will Receive Our Prompt Attention H. A. JONES, Manager Phone 481 METHODIST REVIVAL R «v^ Hamilton Spoke to the Newly Convfrtsd.—He Urged Them to Keep Good Company. Another good crowd met Rev. Hamilton at the First M. E. cliurch last night. The song service was led by A. L. Boatright and a special song was enng by a mixed quartette after which Rev. Hamilton preached a splendid sermon from tho first Psalm. He. gave the description of a good man as God sees him. , He connsclH not with the ungodly which are the moralists. These arc not Able to ri^tly direct because tbey do not know the secret of a good man's strength. Never having been converted thoy arc not In a position to give the right kind of advice. Then a good man walks not in the way of sinners. That is to nay a man con- trerted seeks to avoid tho ways in which liiDners go. A young man that keeps the company of sinners wilt hardly be able to atand and. it is very dangerous for a young convert to begin such company. There are evidences all around us of the truth of this statement. Our yottpg people need to look well to the company they keep if they hope to maintain their Christian experience .and develope as one should in fhe .Oirlstian life. Then too, a good man vlU not sit in the esat of the scornful. Notice the claims of the unsaved.'or the man who once enjoyed sal- >»aiion and then begins to lose favor S^ God. First, he begins to heed 'twl/adirice of the unirodly. Next he valkB In the war of .sinners and la a i^tojUtiiaM lie aita dOwn In the seat -«^'fh«f 'Mpm (UI. gets to the place r^^MlMlIr- ciB.jaake ftin of [ifODh meditate day and nigbt and keeps himself so that the food-provided for his maturing the life b6gun shall be properly used that God may be glorified and the object of qur Salvation be accomplished. Fine reports are comin<^ in from the prayer meetings and there are fond hopes of a great .Ingathering Oi sou's y<'t before the meetings shall close. Rev. Mason siwko of the possibilities of a sweeping revival here in lola and suggested that .he expected to rantinuc this meeting indefinitely if health was given. Both the preacher BABY'S ITCH EASILY ( (RED Infantile Ecxeroa Quirkly RelieiH hy Eslemai Use of Oil of ninler- green Compouud. Infantile eczema, which has baffled the skill of the best physkiaas for m many .vcars at least seems to be curable—and curable with greaJ eas*". Results of the last two ycar.s Indicate conclusively that baby's Itch. Infantile ectema and other skin diseases of children can bo very simply cured by the apiiiication of a compound com ixised of oll^ of wlntergreen, thymol and gl.vcerlne, as In D. D. D. Prescription. The Rev. Lewis ^teeley, of Weatherly. Pa., writes: "Oar baby boy's little face was so dreadfully covered with eczema that blood and water ran from the sores nearly all the time. After using ZM bottles of D. D. D. Prescription we are so happy to tell you he is entirely cured and the disease, has never broken out again. If this letter is In any way a help to other sufferers, you may publish it." If you bav^ a child which Is suffering with thla terrible itch, we are sure yon will aofe ne^tect one! hour to give banfs Mi^t^t^^^a iM* qnidtly ^a , . and the pastor find encouragement In the fact that conviction is "In the city and so many people are organizing with God for victory. Let everyl)ody help. Invite the sinner to come.' Let parents help with all the influence poselble to set tho children and soung j)eopIe out to the meetings so that they may have a chance to be under the Influence of the Gospel. Sunday is hoped to be a great day for God and the church. There is to be a sunrise prayeVnioetiug led by Rev. Hamilton. Then ho Is to speak to the Simday School. Bishop Thobum Is to preach at 11 a. m. A mass meeting for the Sunday school scholarr. will he held at 3 p. m., to be addressed by Rev. Hamilton, the Bishop being present. In the evening the Bishop is to preach again followed with an after service. We urge all members to pray a great deal for this day's work that it may be a memor- able'one. It is not by might nor by power hut b.r my spirit, eaith the Lord God of Hosts. Unless the I»rd glvea the victory there is none to come. According to thy faith so he it un to you. May tho I/jrd Increase our faith, J. M. M. .STONE WON BY PLURALITT. Folk Ran Ahead In the Country, Irat Lost In the ClUes. JOHN D. STILL TALKS THIS ROMANCE CAME TRUE. Rich American to Marry English Beauty. After All. Lenox, Mass., Nov. 19.—^Mr. and Mrs. George Westinghouse announced at Ersklne Park today that the wed- dine of their only son, George Westinghouse, Jr.. and Miss Evelyn Vloret Brocklebank of Liverpool. England, would take place at the country house of Miss Broeklebank's parenta. Sir Thomaa and Lady Brocklebank, Irton hail. Conberland, England, Saturday, Deo^lter 19. Owing to the iraport- «»en of ba<iiflsa affairs. Mr. Weatlng Jhoua now 1 »B on.luuid. be may not »»,^:t »r ««aai4ka AUan(fe.for tba .lefferson City, Nov. 19.—Governor Folk was beaten by William J. Stone for United States senator by a plurality of 14.802. The total vote was Stone. I.=i9,512: Folk. 144,710. Stone had twice as much plurality in the cities as his total in the state. The machine Democrats charged Folk with all sorts of things In connection with the election in St. Louis. If he had been trying to do anything except obtain a fair election ho would have protected himself or at least tried to do so. As the result shows he went to St.i I/ouls with a plurality and was beaten^ (here, it may be hard for the old niaohlne to see how that was done when he had his own police and election commissioners, but the fig' ures show that was what happened. After Cross Examination John O. Archibald, Preaident of Company, Wil» Testify. Real Estatr Transfers Alice and G. W. BIbens of Wielda, to W. G. MCbol of Welda. lot i In block 2. Doxsee'a addition to Gaa City. Consideration $900. U. A. Chltwood and O. A. Chltwood to John Clopine, lot 4. block 2, Reno's addition to lola. Consideration 1600. S. E. Ledford and Joseph ^dford, to C. B. Osbom, west one-iiSlt of lot 8 and a strip 17 feet in width off east side of lot 7. all block 24. of Rhode's addition to tola. Consideration 11600. New York, Nov. 19.—John D. Rockefeller went on the witness stand when the Standard Oil hearing was resumed this, morning. His counsel I said Rockefeller will probably be on the stand all day. It is announced Just after the nockefeller cross examination by the government's counsel. John D. Archibald, vice president of the Standard Oil company, will take the witness stand. The direct testimony of Rockefeller continued untii the noon adjournment. He told of the early dlffioul- U*> in the oil business due to an irregular aupply of crude oil and the as- •oclatlon of refiners and producers to secure as high price for crude oil as possible. But, he said, agreement did not last long, lie later told of the pnr ohase of other oil firms by the Standard, among thetn the Porter. Morelsnd and company of Titusville.'with whom John D. Archibald was Identified and the firm of Charles Pratt and company. ' of Brooklyn, of which H. H. Rogers was a member. Council to Maat The city council will meet in regular semi-monthly session thla evening. Acooniing to City Clerk C. B Wen- dnrf, there will -be nothing but routine work to consider. There are only two petitions and they are for aide- walks. Booms for man. T. M. a A. building. Staui teat In aid foaou •Baths trML Talk About Repeat " -The story In the Kansaa titty BtV last night to the effect that t)^ 'la to be a fight made in the leffb1«tnre this winter to repeal the primary Isw has excited considerable talk liareu.. It' was one of the principal aubjeot^iof conversation at the court bousa to- 'day. , . . 'Looks Like Summer. The court house park Is b( to look like it did in the . months. Janitor McPhee la ^.^^^ •the leaves raked off and burned.-and^ the grass is yet quitei green.- ! A Baby Giri. Word was received here today that a daughter was born NoTember'dtli, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack BrenMQ, iow of Westphalia, KaS^., but''fon|«rlr*or., this city. Mr- Brennan waa tfitrnKflf one of the owners of the par IW^w^^. . MR. JOHN^ KINNfir A Promineut India»ip«}i» Jjmmc, wjt, "After Grippe Take fbuitk POUND POOLS OF BLOOD. East lolana Thought Thsy Saw Kvl. dances of a Tragedy Ljist Night 'Considerable excitement waa created in Bast jola last night about 11 o'clock when several poola of blood were found a^t : the Junction of the Katy and theilbU Electric roads. It ^8 believed ioijpme time that there might hare been :a lliAt or atraggle tekro. but there were no Indteatlona oilifhe.giDand. It'la nippoa9d:^tl|Kt blood was ttettf an built me up an^'Made m* fwl Strong." 'The grippe left me in a n^rrooa, weakened, run-down condition. Nothing seemed to "restore nay strfagtb- At last I tried Vinol witi^ the T»ry best of result*. It built m.lopi^ind made me feel like a different nUHRtiid I. am now better and strengarTtkan I have been for years.'! Jotan Klaaay.- I Indianapolis, Ind. This la because Vinol is a •aanlno tonic and body builder wkl^-etm- tains peptonate of iron togftMr 'vttb {every one of the body-buildii^ medicinal .elements of cod liver- oR' }mt, without one drop of oil to upsat-the stomach and reUrd ita work. Vliral acta "iirectty on the stomacb, cna^ » baatthy appetite, and enaMofliiai*' AgMtlvc^ organs to obtain " aanr; elempint% from the *^ \-3

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