Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 4
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Jt loiABiiLTMcnanoi. wEPmaro ^T gvEgyg. ITOTEIIBB H la^im Wa§ liike a Boiiib§hell Thrown into the Enemy 's Camp • As soon as the Big Railroad Wreck Sale was announced our would be competitors, who for lack In intellect and reasoning power, got busy and like the traveling Pirates, gatherf d their clan together and endeavored to force the llon- orable City Council to oust us out of lola. WHY DID THEY DO SO? Because they were afraid of our low prices and they had every reason to be so, for since our opening they have been <'tting on the edge of a damp cloud singing a song with a tuneless harp. WHAT BECAJVIB OF OUR BUSINESS? To show you our appreciation for the big business we have done with the good people of Jola and surrounding country wc have decided to make a still greater cut for the benefit of those who could not avail themselves o: our bargains until PAY DAY. PAY DAY. It Is too late now for our would be competitors to come in at this late hour and make a plea for fow prices, for the people have seen the hand writing on the wall JUDQE YOU HIiVl BY THE PAST; BEHOLD OUR LOW PRICfcS, THEY ARE THE EMBLEMS OF JUSTICE. Extra Specials for Payc Days and Saturdays Railroad Wreck Store lis West Madison Street lola, Kan§a§ M. R. G0LD3EI<G. Manager for the Railroad Company 2 Doors East o Gas Office f One Price to All and Square to a Cent MEN'S St ITS. Mt-n's fill Suits. Saip price Mens SIL' Suits. Sale price Mi^n'y Jl .'f Suits. Sale [dice .Men's $IS Suits. Snie ijficf' Kailioad -Wreck S4.-18 Railroad Wreck Si?5.f>5 U:iilioail Wreck aariAi; Wreck .Men's (III anil T.ii Suits, llail- rfi ;.d Wrork Sale !..ii<-.> iS 10.28 sii(H:s I'lnt .'.jK\. S.Men's Hieli I Ml slioe.s. . .ji;2.-J8 • •.^•iMO 4 c i\' He j:: M.i ,\! I! : She.-; ;'r.n- li.r y. •.^ iiO.Si:. • • Tn" I ih:- J ID; 1- ill M.MS.' I I'l.'MSIIINCiS. .'.Iin's llainlkiM .hiil'.^ :•• ;• M> •: \ ilaiiilki I 'iiiils .'.I- »'i •.'• SI: •pi .'iuli-r^ '.'.ii'- \.'. .Siiiiiiiiijc! ; .'..ii- Mill' W i.rl-: Sliirt:; T. ; ! 1)11 \|. .1 :i I lit- ;; Sliii IS .... .'Hi- .M .'.i'.; Wiiiii-r l'iiil «T \vi-ar. . .JiSf* ••ii tV.- Sliiriri ami hrawi-r;., All ;.l/.>-:; ;iliii .oln,-:; '.i*JC .«i:\'s i »r {Kss sjiiKTs. V.nrili fii .iii ;.".(• to Jl.'.ii. Our ;{;ic .>M:\'S (ii.ovKS. .^':^•l^s SI-..'.ii lUn'Uskin (Iluve:-.. . . -Men's Hiii-kskin <!:iiV "S .. Men';; JMMI Huek.-iiill CloVe:;... .MFN'S OVKKCOVTS. Men's Kilie 4l-.'>') Overcuats, riMiil Wreck Sale i.rice uuv. . . Vl.-n's !''iiie Sl.'.'ii) Overcoats. Uail••«.ad Wre;-k Sale price iiow...S7.47 .Men's $17..'lit to Overcoats. Rail- iT .ail Wrwk Sale price :S8.-18 HKJfK Y(H AKE .MK\'S II VIS. .M.ii'r-. JL'no Hats, now Hiilt .\!-!ls iL'.i.n Hats, iio.i ^l.^^'t .M.ii'r. .t:!ijit Hats, n.iu MUX'S I'.VM.S. •vl.-n's $i;.Oii I'aiitv:. lu.w HHi' .Men's I'aiils. ni,\v Ai.'^ii .'.leti's ^-'..liii rants now Men's $l .tii) I'anis iiuw M?ri.(M> .M.-n'.; i:i>ii Pants now ii?'^..!!) BKM.S* TIES .Men's .'.lie Ties .Aailroad Wjeck Sale Crice Kit- Kail- 1 >'£08HU VALLEY. Peter Young, who moved to I«iw- rence about a year ago is buildinK a large house near Ihe University building. The English drilling riK has been removed from ibis place to the C 'ar- lyle neighborhood. A pie supper, itreceded b.v a short program by the scholars will be ^ivea at Unioa school house on Tuesday evening, Nov. 24th. Miss Effie Holtsclaw dismissed her school at Neosho Valley Tuesday afternoon, so the scholars coiiM attend the Maxwell sale. Clin Wiilliams, Orbe. Cay and Roy Hankins are back in the Neii^hbor- hood. , Jacob Heath was down from .N 'eoshu Falls the first pai;t of the week. Almost everybody in thl.s neighlK .r- hood turned out to J. I'. Maxwells sale Tuesday. Besides there were many liberal bidders froni lolu and. other surrounding points, whose presence greatly stimulated prices. Mr. Mack, of Moran, was the auctioneer, and .1. H. Canipbell of the lola State Hauk. was clerk at the sale. The chinch ladles' lunch counter was crowded with eaters for several hours, thus indicating a nice income for church imr- poses. M. P. Jacoby and wife went to Fi. Scott Friday and have not leiitrned at this writing. Jeff Maxwell came over from Ihit- ier County Sunday, and remained with his brother, .1. I', until after the sale. .Mrs. W. Dickey's neice of lola has been with her for several days. I GilfiKan Says It's Wise. Contractor R. S. Uilfillan who holds a contract for the jiaving of .Second street, a contract over which there has been a stir in otncial circles, wa.s asked this morning by the Tribune -Monitor if he regarded it Ihe wi*- thing to iK -gin work of paving tlie street at this time. He saiil that he did not; that perlia|)s the mayor 'B contention in this particular was well taken. .Mr. GiinHan says that it migjjt be that a freeze Would impair the <!oii- Crete and that the city 'was takln.!: a wise step in bavins; the work done Ir the sprinK. Of course, like all other contractors. .Mr. Oiinilaii is anxious to have all his contracts completed, but he isn't at all in a hurry about rushing along on a job when it might b<- that cold weather would injure the work—FT. Scott Tribune. INACTIVE IKIDNEYS FOR HEALTH BUREAU (•.VISE OF IIHEr .1I.VTlS.M .VMI THIS ' ALLEN CO. METDICAL SOC. TO ASK WILL riMlVE IT. •! REPS. T-O SUPPORT MEASURE. Lawrence is Surprise. When tl.o nrw Polk directory ynvf I>awrence a population of over iti .'Miii. the citizens were siirpri.sed. The r;a- zette says: Hut the fact about the directory that is iiio.^t striking to the !.awten<f clllzens is the population sliowiiig inaile. There are SJUS names in the book, which. niuUiplled by "Vl- to represi'iit. the names of married women and cWldren, whose namef are not inclmlei]. tl ese flgiire.s sh'jw a population of 2ii.l 'Jii lor l -awrenci.' (ilvc 'i lliis Simple l'i(scri)ili«n and Suys .iujone Cua Easily .Mi\ It at Home at Yery Nominal Cosl. THE BUSiNESS MAN In Order to 0etAiojnff 44 ITost Hare Capital. Ii IK alxo nerj -sMary that lie- luiro ('RKIUT. f'redit roiDM from acqiiainlanre. You raunot ftft rmllt at un.v liinik uulexs yon are acqaabited. YYbeii a maa starto a bank aeronut, be and the hanker Itocomrs uc <|Balate4. He e «fabllsbe8 credit. A bank arcount is a help In more ways than one. The banker takeK an inter :>st >u you: he ituik<^ i( u point io Nee that hiK CBstoniers are aeeouimodaled. There ^re tinier when a man wanU rredit. It Is well to be lu a poNillon te get credit when you want It. Start a bank account with us. 11 • U f :' .- !! 1 , ( " Recent hospital reports show that the dread iliFca .'^e. rlieiiniatisiii. is steadily ln:-reasiniv tliroii>;hoiil the country. All known nieaiis of relict are being siigKc^led to save the great amount of suffering this winter, especially among ihost- v. bo are not in i pos!li<iii to pack up and visit tlie noted lieailh resorts lo be treated. Ite- .•eiil tests pi <!Ve rlieiiniulistn not exactly a di>ea.-e in itself. Inil a sevi -rc .symptom of kidui-y trouble, a comli- lioli caused by ci<igKeil ti|i [Hires of the ellininatlve tissues in the kiiliieys which fail lo filter ilie poisonous waste ii!ait;'r .•iiei uric acid froiii lie .ilooil. perlliittiim tliesi- !;ttlistances to reiiiaiti in the veins anil deconipose. iiHiially sett tin;; aluiiit the j..iti's .•iiul muscles, cuii.-in'-'; the intense pain, swellins and iitirfnis.i of liieiiinatisni. The fnilowlni; siinpie Inini,- ireat- tient will I 'liie I lieninalisin and I?' larin'ess. and ine.vpeiisiv e. i.iiil so i-iiii lie that a'n>bi>ily c:in !iii.>; it :ii home. The in;;reilients ate: Miiid Extr;!c! landelioii. <,iie-liall' ounce: ('onipoiind \arKoii. one oiin.'e: l 'i „-np;>iinil S> nip 'ars.ipaiiila. three <iiitices. Co to any :oijil iiiv>cri|ilIon |i|;ariiiacy and t^i-i •licse three harilile.-:s iai;redieiit:: and nix tlieiir by ^llakln•4 in a liottle. tak- as a ilose a teaspoonfiil after each meal and ai:aiu at Ijed'ime. There is nothing better in the worM for backache, kidney anil bladder troii ble. too. Such symptoms as freipiesit •ind painful urination, weak irs.s, general and nervous debility are •niised l>y certain acids and poisotioii;: A 'aste matter, decayed tissue, etc.. in the blood, which the kidneys will cVar iiid purify after a few doses of ibis prescription. Principal Object to Protect the Pulj- lic From Tuberculosis.—Doctors To Have Banquet. The Allen County Medical society •belij its regular meeting last evening in the Farmer's room at the court bouse. The principal subject for dis- Iciission was a communication to the 1 society from the Americsm .Medical {.Association asking that the local so- icieiy iir^e tlioir representatives in Iceniiress to support a measure estab- |liMi :ing a bureau of health. President i Roo.sevelt has already expressed lilm- jseif heartily in favor of such a me:is- iiiie. The principal object of this bu- 1 reail will be to further Ihe tni >thods 'now ill use for \ho protection of the };enetal public from tnlierctilosi.-*. A committee was appointed to draft res- jolilllous to be sent lo t 'le ivpn 'sentii- jti\es from this ili .itrict and to be pule li.hseil in the local paiicrs. These res- 'oliirioMS will apiiear in « siiort time. The next meeting of the socK 'ty •.vill be hel.l the tlilr.l Weilne::ilay in neceiiilii-r at wliicli time the annual • •lectio^i of officers will lie held. The society ileciileil last evening to have a liaiKiuet at the next n>eetii;j; an. I a cotiiiniltee wys ai>|iointei| to iil:iUf th<; iieces.-iarv arraiii;emeiit;i. TO LIGHT PORCHES This I? Next Matter to be Taken up by Council.—Extend the White Way. State Savings Bank Om§Mmi$»3 .000 Mm, Kmtimmm * • , Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Ni^ht« From Coffeyville, Too. The fily schools will next Wednesday afternoon for the Thanksgiving holidays. Quite a buncl- of the teachers will go to lola to attend the iiieetiiiv:r of the Southeastern Kansas Taechers" Association. Tlie sessions' of this organization were held here last year. Miss Prederlca Cox, of the i fiarfleld school is on the sick list to-; day and .Miss Bessie Hand is teaching In her place. The teachers of the second., fifth and sixth grades have completed arrangements for the good grading contest which will be held at the next regtilar teachers" nieetini?, Noveint*r 2t. —ColTevvill« Journal. Fred Ballr of Toronto was in the cltr <jfl«t «rd«y^ OB basiBeaa. The Great White Way which has been in use now for the past week seems to have met with the ai>proval of the citizens in general and bids fair to spread thiaiughout the cjty. The coun'cilmen are a'l well pleaseed with the result and an effort will be made to have the county comissioners place Incandescent lights over the four entrance.^ to the court house. .\ member of tlie council says that he Is willing to outdo Wichita and Emporia in the spreading of the" Wiiite Way. Besiiles lighting Ihe public buildings he suv,a;e ;it3 that the citizens he given .special low rate for incandescent 'ight^ to be placed up on froi^t porches of residence properties, and in cpso not enough of the citizens take advantage of a low rate he sutrresLs that the citv donate the electricity. The proposition will be presented to the council this evening for geasral diacoHlon. To Hunt at Humboldt. The Tulsa World tells this one: !>. V. Regan has gone to linmboldt, Ks.. i lor a two weeks' hunt. He will par-' ticlpate ill a big jacU rabbit hunt to' he pnllerl off tli .-re in charge of Elbert Ball and Scout Burns. Ut'gaii knows a thiii:^ or two about jack rabbits, he Ileitis the innn who went to Oregon a year or two ago and hired out as a herder. He told 'em he didn't want a horse or do^x, and went out witli a bunch of sheep and didn't get Into camp until !• o'clock that;! night. Re.tian tolil 'em he mana.ged; the sheep all right, but h.iil some trou-j ble with .the l.iinbs. 'I.ambsl" ejac- illatPil the owner of the herd, "We haven't any lamb.':.'" "Oli. yes. yon have." replied Ri -Kaii. and thereupon he led the oiitlit to the corral where he had put up not only the sheep but had run down and brought in somi> twenty jack- rabbits. "1 saw right there that the sheep business would; not do for me." declares Regan, "and 1 resigned and came back to the oil biisiiiess. with just now and tlu-n a| rabbit, html to keep my Iminl It, so to speak." Breery Baseball Story. A .Milsko;;e.t liaselitill writer pttt;: out the following breezy ilojic on Old -Mtiii Halryinple. who was Tamer fJray's chum on the Springfield W. .•\. team last season, but who will iiianage the Muskogee ti-ani. if It lands in ihi- Western Association, next season: G. E. r >alrymple, who hits the ball harder than Ulllie at <-ollege hits his papa for money, was chosen yesterday to do the wise whispers on the coaching line and to lierform as manager in all other ways. Dal has siiii.;,' the lullaby in tb« spotlight before the liur .i !;s of Spriux- tield, V.Vtib ('ity. Guthrie. Tacoma, Santa Barbara and other S. R. O. towns on tiie baseball circuit. Muskogee's chances of gathering in that win flac will be about as thin next year a.^ Bill Tafr after a Sunday dlB- ncr and about as iioor as John D. Ilockefeller on pay day. I>al is all to the joy-talk' on the jirospect. He says ho knows a short stop that is faster than the color at his a first baseman that baa- dies hintself in such form that Anna Held would shed tears of jealousy U she but saw him; thaf he has iilSi- lamps trimmed on a i-atcher wJff^-"' could even slop Bryan talkin.g; a * biinc'i of nobler:; that are regular fly paper and some, pitchers of the class that can throw anything from an out- drop to a county election. His wholo team is going to be faster than New York's swell society. , Gates at Ft. Scott. H. (i. (;al(?s. of lola. was in the city yesterday on his regular business trip. Ho left for lola on the afternoon train F"t. Scott R«-puli!ican. 4 . When You Buy Oysters Don't Pay For Water Why should you pit a pint ofw.i 'rr .i'h every tjuait of tlVMtcis' Water is iiuap—bloat.-; Mraihc. IJie o^^l .-I - -•l.iiils its natural il .i \.>r. S'ou U.ive nc-vtrr luiu-.vii how Jjviod oybters tun be uul. .-;s yoa l -.ivc hj.l Tliev are shuclced into air-tight steel cni-.s ami sbippc*! d'.tccl fr<mi the l>s»ij— piL-kcil with ice arntt«i/-lhe container, not in cu:;lact with the oyster-.. You get i.ll solid meats. .And how fn-sb. wholesome, upj/etiziug auu delicionsly ditfereut they arc! .•\.sk lor "Sealsliipt Sense," a Itooklet containing new and attracti\i ways of preparing ousters. If your dealer doesn't sell "Sealshipt," btre ar* some who do: FUEVER BROS; OTTO HINZE; 911R WAY 't be f?.!niii;ie '•£u'.;.;h:;;t" Oyste-i are always cold from a U hiie I'orotl^iin I<i=p)ay {"j c UraJring the "Sealshipt" trade n:.:ri; in tla=. ihic i.i for your protecupn—-look for it. The "Sc-aiihipt" f>iritr Sy:.lom i3 .patented. Infringe- i .teT .ti V. ill be proseculsvl lo the full extent of the law. NATiOlsAL OVS'iT.R CARRIER COMPANY

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