Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 11
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u WttL 03HTE FOR AT MESlYTERIAN CHURCH <»TaHDR 18 HOME FROM 'irO BARTLEStlLLE. iftoa Clt^ Wu BefMiM in tiame WlUi Pttker BaakH Ball Teaai. CaioB ThanlufiTlnK SerTlcp. Tb«re will be a unlcwi meeting of all itb* churcb«s ot this city at the United Presbyt ^rlaD cburcb oti Thanksgiving 4ayj ReT. Campbell will have charge ot tbc services. , I»r. Hedler Will Lertare. Dr. James Hedley will deliver a lecture at tbe Uetbodlat cbur(^ Wednes- itay evuiliiK, November SO. This is the thira number on the lecture course abd is considered oiie ot the best. >r is vlsitioK friends in Mayor O'Conser B<Nue. Mayor P. H. O'Connor lias returned from Bartlesvllle where he has se- curM a location for a branch store trUcb he Intends to open lu about ten jlays. The new store win be located !at Fly Point, near the new smelter irblcb Is being buljt at that place. " Gas Ctif Defeated. Tb.e basket ball game at Parker Saturday resulted In defeat for the Oas City team by the score of 33 to 16. The Parker court Is small and the oelllBg and goals are mucli lower than the bne here. This the Iniys say Is th* cause ot their defeat. The lineup .for das City was as foUo«'s: Oscar Htuer. Frank Bpllng, Everett Medllu and Edwin Hunter. • - • from ^ . Mra.]tadFall Jame^Beattie iL In BartlesVllle o^ busiotsif ;. I 1 . ' tiviliMi Dr. and Mrs. Swan will entertain the M. E. choit- this evening ait their hoide oik South{ Taylor. Joseph Comah Is home from Bartles vlUe for a few days visit witb bis family. ! !' I , John Rail Is vlsitng with bis mother at Harttord. Kansas. J. H. Parkhiirs^ Is confined to his home with a severe cold. Mr. and MrsJ ^^'{m. Carter are visiting in the northei^n part of the state. Dont Try I'Blpertaia Recipes. It Is entirely unnecessary to experiment with this, that and the other recipe. Why waste lime, money and patience when ycH |can get from your grocer, for 10 cents, a package of •OUR-PIE" Preparation — L«mon, Chocolate or Ci stard—for making pies that are so ^ood that when you eat one piece you: will want another? The way to pleas^ the men-folks Is tu give them good; pie. HAIXING GAS PIPE FOR lOLA LINE I- J-1 • iMaar Can of Pipe I'niMded at Ham- l/ldt (or loU PIpeltae. (Humboldt Herald.) Every team around here that can be spared Is belnglused to haul pipe from the Katy and Sinta F(> to the pipe line east of town which tire lola factories are having laid lor the purpose of bringing gas froiii the Indian Territory. The pipe 14 sixteen inch pipe Personals. Mr. E. P. Starr has moved to Stlg- nan. Ma Alum Lelter, of Mlddletown, Md., is visiting at the hom«i of John D. Remaberg. Miss Maude Jones Is visiting her sister at Mrs. Gllkerson's on North Taylor. Jess Gaily has moved to Bartles­ vllle where he will open a boarding house, Roy Roberts of Colony, was a visitor In this city yesterday. W. H. Smith and family have moved to La Harpe. Mrs. jQ. R. Hlnkle and daughter. and was bought east where It hiad some whei'e ' in the been used before. It will bring a lafge supply of gas from the territory and! will keep Ibla factories supplied^for yeai^. There are two hundred men working on the line! and one hundred and fifty more are! ejtpected. The work is being pushed so as to get through before cold weather. They are' In five camps from Ralsfaj's to the county line and are being ted' from Humboldt It takes a wagon load of groceries every dan ..lAi* Rpjrtster Waiit Ad«n Ic a Word. I I iNdtlce. There will be i meeting of the A. H.- T. A. at the bfllces of J. n. Atchison at eight o'clock! tonight. Members are requested to be jpresent. Important business on band: J. T. WOOD. President MACK ELUOT who has been confined In the hospital at lola for some time with a broken leg Is getting along all rlghi tint is still confined to his bed. expects to be able to sit up In a we^Tc-j-Humboldt Herald TlilfFi^tTHalif In thetworld There are; hundreds of hair foods on the market, but not one of them has accomplished the results attained by this scientific remedy— and not one' of them is backed up by such a positive guarantee. " "93*» Hair Tohlo positively cures dandruff, stops falling [hair, pevents ^baldness. It's the only real ha^r rest m the world. and I ass. iL » mc wiiJy real nair restorer : III iiic wuiiu. Its success has! been remarkable. I Other so-called hair tonics may have failed you, bur^is will ftotJ It is clean, pleasant—not sticky or gummy, ot^pf disagreeable odor. ; Its Use absolutely insures a healthy, abundant, beautiful head of hair that will last for life. 60 Ceiits Per pottle THE "REXAU." aUiMlAN |rEE If 7M c «f aMtfai of flu* iMir te«ic a »d fwi it a««^ Mt .cw «yMi ,bd^^ «mptjlw*»l« to us. My jroii are dtisMliMa ^reH Mtani yetf \moamy ' W« make WWV glM :ifc« mnOrm formula «f this' teaie to S. R. BMRREUW, Diiulsgist Big ThaUksa^g Linen Sale Begins Saturday, Nov. 23 Ladies' Patent Colt Bluch'er Shoes, heavy or light sole, college cut, also vesting top with plain toe. button. Special price while the lot lasts ^HJiO Indies* Gun Metal College Boot, heavy sole, large eyelets, swell last. Special price S2..'>0 Ladle.s' Dull Top Button or Lace Shoes, all slses and widths. Exceptional values, pair 1i2.00 Misses' and Children's School Shoes, good wearing qualltlee and :i neat fitting shoe. Price *t .2.'5 Women's Warm House Slippers, felt soles and uppers. Sue cial for tomorrow, pair 50* Children's Slocking Caps In all colors and sites, a value you will appreciate. Special price JJ.!* Uidies' Fine Linen Handkerchiefs, embroidered and hemmed. Price SiS* Ladles' Plain Hemmed Handkerchief in fine quality cambric. Special for tomorrow, 6 for ftwy Stockings, light or heavy ribbed, just the proper thing for growing bo.vs and girls, all sizes. Price "i^t Women's Knit ITnderwear. sep arate garments or union suits, all sizes. Price 2 .'i«k Children's Black Cotton Stock Ings In all sizes, very fine ribbed, a value you cannot possibly duplicate for less than 2 .^>c. On sale tomorrow for Chtldreu's Kiilt Union Suits in all sizes, fleece lined, drop seat, the greatest value on the market for the money. Special price unit Infant's Cashmere Htkse In all sizes, white or black. Special price, ittilr l.l* Children's Munslng Underwear In all sizes, a separate style jgar- ment for boys and girls. The boys' are made open all the way down and made with or without drop seat, collar band neck. Price, garment, .50* and Q5t I.Adies' Munslng Union Suits lu cream or grey, light or heavy weight. If you have never worn Munslng Underwear try it now. It's sure to satisfy you. Price, garment Sl .OO Other values up to ^1.00 Good Quality Window Shades, either light or dark green, 6 feet by 3»; Inches. Special for tomorrow 25* Hxl2 Ingrain Rugs In new fall designs, tan, blue and greeu. Spe clal price for tomorrow $7.85 T,\i>\ Tapestry Itugs iu tans, red and green; values up to $l.r >0. On sale tomorrow. Choice #1.1.') Children's Sleepy _Doll8 with imifation kid bodies; dolls are 14 inches tall. Special price 25e tomorrow Extra Quality Unbleached, hemmed Turkish Towels. Special price 10* Children's Bear Skin Tarn Oshanter Caps, well made and lined with extra quality drill, made with ear tabs. Price. 05* Ladles' Long Loose FltUnf Black Coats, velvet and braid triinmed. Special value at $7.50 Ladles' Ught Colored Plaid Loose Fitting Coats In all sizes; coats In the lot that have sold as high as $10.00. On sale tomorrow at S5.T5 The DayiigM Stan The DaiyUghi Siere NOTES FROM LA HARPE REUTRN OF SANITY J. A. BKOWX ATTACHED HOUSE. HOLD fiOODS OF KD LIX.\. F'.R PAYMENT OF GROCERY BILL A>DEH80> WILL ORQANIZE J. 0. r. A. W. I> KAXS. AXD 310. Dr. I'. J. Halm III—Personals and tHher News Notes. Altnched HouftrhoUl Qood*. The hoiiHchold goods of Kd Linn WIT.' uilached yeHterday by J. A. llrowii for the payment of a grocery ,1.1 lunountliiK 10 in. The case has iici-ii wt for November 26. In Justice .MerciT 'K court. nr. Halm III. Dr. .1. c lialm has been confined .'(> Iiix bunie for the past three days Willi un attack of kidtiey trouble. To Superhiiend Lodge Work. Frank Anderson has been appointed nrg.inlzer for .Missouri, Kansas and Illinois, for the Jr. O. \f. A. M. . The nuiny frien>Is of Mr. Anderson will be !;l:iU to learn of his new promotion. Rer. Sfitcham Here. Rev. .MItchum of Nevada, Mo., will jireach in the Christian church Wednesday evening. November 20. , Penoaals. V. .\. Quintard and G. O. Cox are in we.stern Kansas on real estate busl 11 ess this week. Miss Stella Miller came down from Kansas City Sunday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller. Miss Dena McCoy of Moran la visiting relatives in this city. D. Brewer went to Humboldt yes terdny on business. Wm. Turner. W. O. Lenhart and Peter Schoenarts went to Leavenworth yesterday to attend a meeting of the Shrinera. Ctaas. Snyder went to Fort Scott yesterday on business. The questfon of repairing the dam for-the water works will come liefore the!council at the regiilar meeting Wednesday night. Chas, Agner and R. N. Smodc were business visitors from Moran yesterday. J. T. Colglazter of Vamon, Kanaaa, was In the city yesterday on real estate business. a 8. HeUn of Brooaon visited bia br<^ber here yeaUtdjiir. I lira. liVaaeia AolMrn la eoaflnad to bar boaa with rImjMMHm- \ /_ Reason at Last Succeeding Financial Delirium. W]ft.thlngton. Nov. 18.—President Roosevelt has been commended and congratulated throughout the day on the wisdom and success of the financial relief measures launched yesterday by the administration. Many tel egrams from all parts of the country, Including New York, Chicago, and other large cities, have been arriving all the day at the White House and after being read by the President have been referred to Secretary Cortelyou at the treasury department. The callers at the White house who have been numerous, have each added an opinion on the optimistic side of the situation. The president was Informed from Buffalo, that his letter expreMing oonfldence lu the flsegl aoundneaa of the country had been printed In several langtiages In Buffalo and distributed among depositors who were making a run on a bank there, with the effect of checking the run. , Before the business day of the treasury had ended many applications arrived for the new certificates of indebtedness. Will In Demand. The fiscal uses to which thess certificates may be put will make the demand for them very general, accord ing to the opinion of experts In the department. They may be registered Ip the treasury and partake of the nature of a government bond, and as such be dep&Ited on security for national bank circulation or deposits. When not registered, it Is predicted they will' circulate freely as currency. The Interest on a (50 certificate will amount to 12^ cents a month, and a holder may easily obtain credit for the amount of Interest he Is entitled to at the bank. Assurance was given today that the ^old reserve of the government was behind these certificates and this fact, added to their interest-bearing feature will make them eagerly sought. The hint contained In the president's letter that financial re'ief leg- •slatlon waa assured, resulted In many Inquiries during the day to devetop the exact situation. It is admitted the president has consulted freely with the leaders of Iwth houses of congress by mall and In person, but Just what is the present status of the legislative plans is withheld. One point of unanimity Is certain. £:very senator ajid member of the house of repreaen- Utlves who has called at the White House during the financial distress has been free to «ay that financial legislation would be the first bust- neas of the next session of congress. Bftyonil this point the unanimity baa c»msed. and many men have proposed pUns. (Humboldt Herald.) There was a- mad conductor on the Katy passenger train going south on Thursday afternoon. The train stopped at Hartford and the conductor got off as usual. When the train started he was not missed until the train stopped at the next station eight miles down the road. The engineer backed the train eight miles to get him and the air was so lurid on the way to Parsons that ihe heat was turned off. LEFT CONDUCTOR STRANDED. Katy Train Goes Off Without Conductor and Backs Eight Miles. GYM. EXERCISES AT Y. M. C. A. Exhibition Will Take Place of Lecture Thursday Evening. '. There will be a gymnastic exhibition given at the T. M. C: A. next Thnrsday evening under the direction of C. J. Bliss, director of the Y. M. C. A. gym. This exhiblUoa will t«Ka place of the regular Thursday evening lecture. Following Is the program tor the evening: 1.— Duni bell drill. 2.— Maijchlng.- 3.— Horpo Vaulting, *• 4.— Torch club work. G.— Pyramids. !».—Barrel fight 7. —Tumbling. We have luat received « large ahlpment of FU PNITURE lot our Christma.s trade, and as our store is now devoted entirely to this particular line, we feel that we are in a position to make special prices in Rugs, Carpets and House Furnishings. J. W. Coffey & Son, HOUSE FrRNISHERS. EAST SIDE SQUABE. BEGmmtg RfffMVir WttC A4a. Paj kwaaae tar AOn Caoqf MMlf tvgrjrMr fMii tktlgglip^. Is aa er^al which tM women approach wtih _ . iodMcribabls fear, fo* A • HtOTHH^g • of the suffering and danger in stora for her, robs the expectant mottat of all pleasant anticipatia>n« of the ctNniag aTant, and casta^ayar har • •hadow of bloom which canppt ba ^kan joff. Thouaanida of woipan have founi^that the use of HatbR** Mml dunng pregnaaey roba confinement of all {>ain and danger.^andioMlraf aafcty to lueof motbar and child, lliis scientific liniment ia a go4-«Bod to all woman at Oa time of their most critical Xxial. Not osir daaa MnflMf'g FMMi carry wooaen safely throMgb Uia pariU «f chUd-birtb, but iU ai» gently prepares the system for tha cooUag traatr pcaiant* •ickneas," and oilier dia* ^ .;.I .u, , ./ ^j. , comforts of this, period^ Sold by all druggist* at |i.oo |>er bottle. Bobk Ti--.' ig valiiabb JafajrmatiiMi triia^

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