The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 22, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Friday, February 22, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Pigt Pour From Our Readers Thursday, Feb. 21, 1963 Horrible Stuff The "Book of Knowledge" says alcohol destroys brain cells that can never be repaired. No power on earth can repair this damage once done. No' new brain cells can be made beyond those with which we are born. People who drink alcohol lose the sense of right and wrong. You never know when they are speaking the truth. It deadens all higher thought and kills the desire to become neat, clean and healthful. Users lose their caution and judgment. It is reported that three-fourths of the suicides are committed under the influence of alcohol which also helps spread tuberculosis. The Yale school of alcohol studies tells that drinking is the cause of 20 per cent of all divorces, 25 per cent of insanity, 37 per cent of poverty and 47 per cent of child misery along with 50 per cent of the crime and half of all traffic deaths on holiday weekends. Industry claims it causes the loss of 60 million man hours and a billion dollars a year in wages due to absenteeism. J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI claims that $5 billion annually is spent to combat crime due to liquor drinking. This is a billion more than is received annually by our government for liquor sold. Is the selling of liquor good business management? — Cecil Keiuiey, RFD 1, Lane. Television tog Channel 4, NBC Channels 5-18, CBS Channel 9, ABC Friday VIA VENETO — When the sun shines in February. This And That by jph A Stroll On The Via Veneto ROME — God bless Pan American Airways. Thirty-six hours after I reached Rome, my missing overcoat was delivered to me at my hotel there. Not only was it unharmed, but the pair of gray gloves was still in the lefthand pocket. It was a feat of which Sherlock Holmes could have been proud, but dear old Pan-Am's Lost and Found seemed to do it in stride. Where had the coat been? San Juan? London? Had someone returned it to the Clipper Club in New York minutes after my take- iff, apologetic for his mistake? I'll never know. Pan-Am has made no report. Lake Jimmy Hoffa, overcoats ain't talking. Wherever it had been, the overcoat was welcome. It hasn't been snowing in Rome, as it did two weeks ago for the fist time in some years. Just raining. Not all the time. Once or twice it has stopped almost long enough for the sidewalks to dry. Then a clap of thunder signals the start of another downpour. In such weather a plastic raincoat does shed the water, but it offers little protection against temperatures in the lower 40s. Even so, I took a moist stroll on the Via Veneto my first morning. It is Rome's Champs Elysees, although the comparison is not too exact. It is the street where people promenade or sit at cafe tables for long periods, not doing much of anything except watching people promenade. In the summer it is gay, crowded, vibrant. It swarms with the indolent, tourists, dogs exercising people, beatniks, simple Italins who find it the shortest route to walk to wherever they are going, and persons on the make in all manner of overt or devious ways. The Via Veneto is diverting, relaxing, and in certain ways more than a little depraved. In the winter, on a chilly, rainy February day, however, it is a different street. It is like a divorcee who, at two in the afternoon, still finds herself wandering around the empty house in sloppy slippers, a soiled robe, and with the ash trays still unemptied. It, like she, is careless of appearances. One is aware, as he strides slong with rain Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS Published daily except Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor and Publisher Subscription rates to trade area — By mail, one month, $1.00; three months, $3.00; six months, 15.00; one year, $9.00. Subscription rates outside trade area—By mail, one month, $1.50; three months, $4.25, six months, $8.00; one year, $15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in the newspaper as well as all AP news dinaichisV ^^^^•^•fw^^s^^s^i beating on his shoulders, that several of its shops have been vacated, that barrels of trash have not been collected, that letters have blanked out in electric signs, that window displays have just been flung together, that the man who picks up scraps of paper from the sidewalk lias not been around. It is all dispiriting that one is glad to be back in his hotel where the temperature is a stifling 63 degrees. But such is the world, the morning after I had the reunion with my overcoat, I found that I didn't need it. The sky was blue. The sun was bright. The grass in the strips along the Via Veneto were as green as in May. The covers were back on the rows of cafe tables along the sidewalks. The thermometer must have climbed almost to 60. People were basking in the sun, sipping expres- soes or camparis. Others were making leisurely promenades. It wasn't spring, but everyone for the moment was enjoying the illusion of spring. It was well everyone made the most of that morning. By noon the clouds had regathered, the temperature had fallen, it was raining steadily, and my overcoat felt most comfortable. In Rome in winter the weather is as capricious as a 17- year-old girl. Auld Lang Syne US YEARS AGO William Sullivan, 80, of Peoria, fell on an icy surface near the Peoria Store and suffered a cut on his head. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson, 824 S. Willow. A daughter was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Glen King, 120 S. Maple. 50 YEARS AGO Rain, sleet, snow and ice caused much damage to telephone and electric wires in Ottawa. Western Union messages were delayed and many Ot- tawans were without power. One bad break in city electric lines was at 7th and Cedar. C. E. Warner secured a patent on a device for saving automobile tires. His device was installed on the floor of the home garage and when the car was driven in the device would catch the front axle and a rocker motion would lift the car off the floor, thus taking the car weight off the wheels and relieving the pressure on the air in the tires. A lever would trip the device, letting the rear wheels back onto the floor when the motorist desired to drive out. Prayer For Today Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there, be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. (I Corinthians 13:8. ASV.) PRAYER: 0 God, we love Thee because Thou hast first loved us; and we adore and praise Thee for the gift of Christ, whose love passeth knowledge. Keep us in Thy love: through Christ, who taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven ... Amen." S:OU 4 —Sea Hunt 13— Huckleberry Hound 9—Torcy and Friends 5: If, 5— Whirlyblrds 4:30 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—Forbes Air Base Report 8:45 S—Walter Cronklt* 13—Sports 13—Weather 6:00 4-5-13—News 9—News H:HI 4—Sports 5-9—Weathet 4—News, Huntlcy-Brtnkley 5—Sports 9—News 13—News 5—Speak-Up 8::t(> 4—International Showtime 6-13—Rawhide 9—Five Fingers I:»() 4—World of Chevalier 6—Flintstones 5-13—Route 66 i:HO 9—I'm Dickens . . He's Fluster 4—Death Valley Days 5—Alfred Hitchcock 9—77 Sunset Strip 13—Story of a Carrier Pilot D:im 4—Jack Paar 13—G. E. True 11:80 5-13—Eye Witness 9—M Squad 111-.' !-!>.»• 1:1—News 's-9-Weather 10:13 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Mogambo" 3—Stove AllKn 13—Weather 10:211 4-13—Sports 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—Alfred Hltchock 11:35 13—Movie, "Sing Your Way Home" 11:1,-) 9—Man From Chochlse 12:00 Midnight 4—News 12: (15 4—Unity Dally Word 12:20 5—Speak Up 13:25 5—Movie. "You Can't Cheat Au Honest Man" 13:30 9—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 1:05 9—Faith For Our Time* Saturday «:55 5—Moment ol Meditation 7: (10 5—Farm Seminar 7:30 4—Town and Country 5—Postmark Mid-America 7:45 5—One-way to Safety 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—News 8:UO 4—Bleep and Sam 6-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Farm Hour 8:30 4—Junior Auction 9—Felix The Cat 9:00 4—Sharl Lewis 6-13—Alvin 9—Bugs Bunny 9:30 4—King Leonardo 5-13—Mighty Mous* 9—Supercar 10:0(1 4—Fury I 5—Rin Tin Tin 13—Rin Tin Tin 9—Torey and Friends 10:30 4—Men Into Space 5—Roy Rogers 13—Junior Auction 11:00 4—Jeff's Collie 5-13—Sky King 9—Top Cat tl :30 4—Exploring 5-13—Reading Room 9—Beany and Cecil 12:00 5—Cartoons 9—Movie, ''Here Come the Marines 13—News 12:15 . 5—Movie. "Mongobo" 12:30 4—Categories 13—Farm Seminar 1:00 4—Movie, "Tarzan Escpacs" 13—Big Picture 1:15 13—Commercial Film 1:30 9-13—Challenge Golf 2:30 4—Sports International 5—Championship Bowling 9—Wide World of Sports 13—Pro Bowlers' Tour 3:30 5—Sports Spectacular 4:00 4—Bowling 9—Phil Silvers 13—Week in Review 4:15 13—Kansas Afield 4:30 4—Bullwinkle 9—Aquanuuts 13—Amateur Hour KOFO SCHEDULE SATURDAY KOFO AM AND FM «:00 FM Sign on 6:00 Top of the Morning 6:15 Outdoor Sports for Kansas 6:30 News and Weather 6:35 Top of the Morning 6:45 Weather Round up 6:50 Top of the Morning 7:00 Agricultural Markets 7:05 Top of the Morning 7:15 AM Sign on 7:15 Top of the Morning 7:30 News 7:40 Top of the Morning 7:45 Weather Forecasts 7:50 Top of the Morning 8:00 Sports Round Up 8:10 Top of the Morning S:30 News and Weather 8:40 Top of the Morning 9:00 Morning Devotions 9:15 KOFO Serenade 9:30 News and Weather 9:35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Church Notes Id:II) KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather 10:35 Lyndon Show 11:UO Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 11:35 KOFO Sereande 12:00 People's Exchange 12:05 Noon Tune 12:15 Farm Show 12:25 Noon Tune Tim« 12:30 News 12:40 The Daily Record 12:45 Noontime Wuathervan* 12:50 Country Kara van 1:00 U. S. Marine Program 1:05 Country Karavan 1:30 News and Weather 1:35 Country Karavan 2:110 Calling All Drivers a:05 Country Karavan 2:30 News and Weather 2:35 Country Karavan 3:00 Great Moments In Sports 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:15 Service Program 3:30 News and Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavan 4:00 Senator Frank Carlson 4:15 KOFO Karavan 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavan 4:45 KOFO Karavan 5:00 Senator Bowers Reports 5:lo KOFO Karavan 5:15 KOFO Karavan 5:30 A.M. Sign Off 5:30 News ans Weather 5:40 KOFO Karavan 6:00 AM Sign off 6:00 Triad Business World 6:10 Eventide Music 6:30 News and Weather 6:40 Eventide Music 7:00 Triad Sports Round up 7:10 Eventide Music 7:30 Ottawa University Basketball B:3l> News and Weather 9:40 Evening Prayers »:U FM Sign oil 8:00 4— McKeever ft Colonel 6— Password 13— Serenaders :30 4— Two Faces West 5— Bowling •—Checkmate 13— Your Question puaia 13— News 4_News 5—News, Weather 13—Sportsman Friend >:*» 4__Comment S—Speak Op 4—Sam Benedict •—Gallant Men 8-13—Jackie Oleaion 7:80 4__Joey Bishop 5-13—Defenders t—Mr. Smith 8:00 4—Movie, "Presldent'i Lady" t—Lawrence Wels »:30 5-13—Hate Qua, Will Travel i:00 5-13—Gunsmoke 9—Boxing 0:00 4—Movie, "Kiss Before Dying" 5-9—News, Weather 13—News. Weather. Sports LO:1S 5—Movie, "Member of Wedding" 9—Movie, "Big Knife" 10:30 13—Naked City 11:30 13—Movie, "Castle Story" II :45 9—Movie, "K C Confidential" 2:OU 4—Wrestling 12:25 5—Movie, "Dangerous Blondes" 12:30 9—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 B—Faith of Our Times. Sunday 7:50 V—Call to Worship 7:51 t—Almanac Newsre*) 5—Light Time 9—Gosepl Favorites 13—Oral Roberts 8:3(1 4—Sacred Heart 5—Christophers 13—Gospel Favorites 8:45 4—Chrostophers 5—Ask a Priest • :00 4—industry on Parnd* 5—Lamp Onto My Feet 9—Silent Service 0:19 4—Americans at Work 9:30 4—Faith For Today 5.13—Look Dp and Llvt 9— Alakazara 10:00 4—Frontiers of Faith 5-13—Camera Three 9—My Friend Fllcka 10:30 4—Bible Answers 5—Inquiry 9— Wonderama 13—This Is The Lift 10:15 5—April 15—Tas Tip II :00 4—This Is the Lite 5—Profile 13—Discovering America 11:30 4—Insight 5-13—Washington Report 9— Movie, "Paris Holiday" 12:00 Noun 4—Ail-Star Golf 5—Championship Bridge 13—Film Feature 12:30 5—Lone Ranger 13—United Dry Force* 1:00 4—To Be Announced 5—Movie, Members of Wedding 9—Open End 13—Championship bridge 1:30 13—Sports Spectacular 2:00 4—Political Talk 2:30 4—Wild Kingdom 3:00 4—Movie, "Kiss Before Dying" 5—Political Talk 9—Candidates and Issues 13—Great Challenge) 3:30 5—April 15 9—Alumni fun 3:45 5—Political Talk 4:00 5—Amateur Hour 9—Major Adams 13—Biography 4:30 5-13 — G-E College Bowl 5:00 4—Meet the Press 9—Wyatt Earp 5-13—Twentieth Century 5:30 4—Shannon a—News, Weather 9—Rlverboat 13—Password 5:45 5—Hot Stove League 5:55 5—Speak Dp •:0tt 4—News, weather, sporU 5-13—Lassie 1:25 «:3U 4—Walt Disney 5-13—Dennis The Menace 9—Jetsons (Cartoons) 1:00 5-13—Ed Sllivan 9—Movie, 'Trapeze" I ::so 4— Car M 8:00 4-13—Bonanza 5—Real McCoy* S—Q. B. True »:os 4—News Special 5-13—Carol and Company B—Vole* of Firestone 5-13—What's ftty Line 8—Movie, "Stage Fright" 10:00 4-5-13—New* lt.ll 4—Movie, "Circle of Danger" S—Third MM 13—News, Weather 10:3* 13—Changing Time* 10:45 5—Movie, ''Men With Wings" 13—All Star Wrestlini 11:30 t—Movie, "Bells of St. Mary's 1 ' 11:45 13—Movie, "Wildcat Bus" 1:00 •-New* 1:10 9—Almanac Newsreel 1:15 t—Faith for Our Time* Dr. Holnet By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: Please explain botulism. Wilt my certain processes used in home canning pre- ent tt?-Mrs. P.H. Botulism is an acute and dangerous kind of food xnsoning caused by one particular germ called 2olstridium botulinum. Unlike most germs, this is one which does not require air or oxygen for growth — quite the reverse. Hence if it happens to >e trapped in an enclosed food container it can continue to multiply. Proper canning will destroy he germ, and not since the early 920's has commercially canned bod been involved in a case of totulism. It occasionally still occurs from home canned bod, not often perhaps, but it is such a savage ype of poisoning that one case is too many. Usually there are no signs for 18 to 24 hours after eating food contaminated with Colstridium whilinum. Then the sky seems to cave in on the sufferer — first a feeling of extreme tiredness after which the serious symptoms appear: poor eye reflexes, double vision, diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing. Usually more than one person has eaten the contaminated food, so the illness of several at he same time gives a quick and powerful clue. The best treatment is probably a specific serum to combat the poison, plus other incidental medication aimed at the particular symptoms. As I said, it's a dangerous disease, and the mortality rate can be as high as 65 per cent, which is frighteningly high. To Your Goo'd Health" Botulism Is Dangerous Prevention can be sure, however. Cooking food for 30 minutes at 176 degrees will kill the toxin and germ. . ; • Dear Dr. Molner: ,How harmful can paregoric be to a person who takes about two ounces • day?-K.T. Paregoric is an old but still useful preparation derived from opium. Why two ounces a day? This might be justified in certain bowel disorders, but paregoric is still i narcotic and can cause drug addiction. Dear Dr. Molner: Is cholesterol caused by the fat in food; does it have some thing to do with burning up energy by an active person?—Y.W. Animal fats are the richest source of cholesterol, but the body manufactures cholesterol from other foods, too, if necessary. And cholesterol, you un» derstand, is a necessity in the body. It becomes a problem only when, for whatever reason, it i* deposited excessively in the walls of the arteries* Regular exercise, it has been shown in tests, reduces the amount of cholesterol circulating in the blood. Note to K.M.R.: Tests in advance determine whether the various types of hearing loss can or can't be corrected surgically. There is little if anything to be done once the nerve has lost its sensitivity, but many other causes can be corrected. Thus you can have at least a reasonably good forecast as to whether surgery is likely to succeed. Headaches! You can beat them. Write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., for a copy of the booklet, "How To Tame Headaches." Please en* close a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover cost of handling. 'My Three Sons' To Get New Dad By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Danny Thomas has had a couple of television wives, "Lassie" has had two mistresses. Now it looks as though "My Three Sons" may soon get a new father. The ABC comedy series has been renewed for another season starting next fall—but without Fred MacMurray, the busy film That Reaper Had A Ride To Wichita V. B. Johnson, 1203 N. Cherry, was quite interested in an item in The Herald's 25-Year- Ago column of Monday, Feb. 18. The item stated that the first Baldwin Rotary Reaper to be assembled at the Warner Steel Pro- dues plant here was driven to Wichita under its own power. "It just ain't true," Johnson said, adding, "I was there." He explained that the reaper began its journey to Wichita and got as far as Rattlesnake Hill, near where the West 7th Street Road (Highway K-68) crosses 110-Mile Creek, west of Pomona There it went over an embankment. It was brought back to Ottawa and loaded on two trucks and taken to Wichita where it was reassembled. Johnson was one of the truck drivers for the trip. "I remember," he continued, "that we got to Wichita in the night and went towork setting up he reaper. We had to borrow a bol from another farm implement to get the reaper set up and ready for operation." REGISTER NOW! for $169.95 Motorola Console STEREO Given Thurs., Feb. 28 No obligation — Register Now! 1 MID-AMERICA PREMIERE NOW PLAYING The Golden-Haired Rebel Of World War 1 _- Led The Arab Revolt Against The Turks! LfflVKENC ALEC GUINNESS JACK HAWKINS ANTHONY QUINN PETER OTOOLE-iAWRENcp • SUPER PANAVISION 70* star who has been playing the widower father of three boys. This case of the missing star will differ somewhat from the Danny Thomas or Lassie situation. MacMurray is the big name of the show, so substitution may not be the ideal solution—at least from the viewers' side. One alternative is that which is sometimes used in the daytime serials when a member of the cast departs. The writer sends the character on a long journey. And when he returns weeks, sometimes months, later, he has changed. MacMurray's character, Steve Douglas, is an ideal candidate for the long journey treatment. He's an engineer, so an assignment of long duration—perhaps building a dam in one of the remote emerging nations—would be logical. The series is comedy, so that favorite device of soap operas to dispatch an irreplaceable character is obviously out. They positively cannot kill him off. MacMurray's association with the show has presented production problems because he contracted to work only for a few months each year in view of his busy motion picture schedule. The sequences in which he appears in each episode are shot during his TV working periods and then fitted into the programs as required by the various plots. Tonight's TV Highlights A special this evening will touch on "The World of Maurice Chevalier." It'll be on Channel 4 at 7:30. Alexander Scourby will n a r- rate the show in which stills and films of the actor's early years will be shown, and there'll be film clips from some of his great Hollywood triumphs. "Mitch" won't sing tonight. At 6:30 on Channel 4, Don Ameche's "International Show- time" will present circus and ict skating acts from Europe. At 7:30 on Channel 9, Fred Flintstone decides to hold a dress rehearsal in anticipation of the blessed event after the doctor informs Fred and Wilma that the baby could arrive just any time. Late movies include an oldie, "You Can't Cheat An Honest Man." This is a 1939 W. C. Fields film, and Edgar Bergen is also in the cast. The Herald pays $5 every weeli for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Ottawa RoUer Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9701 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under ^^•t ^ NOW SHOWING A^E^B B °x Office opens 6:45 p.m. • ^^ B • Matinee Sat. 1:30 p.m. Shown 8:25 Only — Shown 7:00 - 9:55 >• EDGAR ALLAN POE'S TeRRPR (n COLOR Cl I Kin AY 3UNUAT BOX OFFICE OPENS 1:15 P.M. Shown 2 :00— 4 :20— 6 :35— 8 :55 WHO COULO ASK FOR ANVTHIliilP guns Gnus 12 othtr Urrlfic in RCA'i album!

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