The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1947
Page 6
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PACE tiX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 21. Students' Milk Contains Bottle Clops, Manure ATLANTA, an., June 21. <ur>>— StJdents werc'.'servcd milk containing! cigarette butts, and botlle fotts and stable manure, the Atln'nfi Pafent-TeitclieVs 1 Association .poim- cll 'disclosed today. Xi a result, Ira Jarrell, city school sutferintehdent, announced Iliac mik had been removed as a coni- pufeory item on school lunches. Dr. James F. Hackney, Cits Heilth Department Director, in- forined . of .the disclosures of foreign matter- in school milk, announced reinstatement of the pic- war practice of publishing monthlj bacteria counts of jiillk samples Mrs. Berma J. Abercrombit 1 . supervisor of the city's 50 school cafeterias where children ure served lunches, charged that the quail!} of milk had been poor for sonic months. "We have complained a num'-'C of times," she said. "I have i>ono io the schools and picked up bottler. for! examination. We have foun'l foreign matter in some of them including bottle tops, cigarette stubs and stable manure." Romania's Children Are Hunger Victims General Joins Magy in Fight fro 'free' Hungary BE'RNE Switzerland, June 21. (UP) — Gen. Ladislns Jekcly, general secretary of the Hungarian Smallholders Party, and minister to "While Communists jammed, fi sia. Some the i lo t-ilse ever th--u- country's government, these children ot Houiama lie IITII-I -i Bnl-i'cl hii-.»iliil—victims o£ famine in provinces bordering Soviet Rus- V) ! C'ic,'.- • i'l las reached the hur.fci- nrens. but current world attention is focused on _ ' ",oiii'ic,il ti-oviblc= nf Kon-.aniB, where Communist coup threatens.. two countries, suit! lotiiiy he hiid severed conned ions wit'' the nntia- pest Boverjimi'iil and would !'':»«' for the United Ktnlos I" Join fortner Prime Minislor Forcnc Nngy. "! am golnu lo join Nagy in his fight for a free Hnnsavy," Jekcly said. He .said he had wired I't-osidrnl ZoUiin Tildy on Thursday resiKnin;: his official duties and Ihn; h« would not return to Hungry. inulersicned fixed i:v la Notice is NOTICE hereby given tlKlt til within tlif time 1 )!y to the Cam- if Revenues of the State of Arkmsas for t\ permit to sell beer ill retail at IX-nnan. 1U'13 J, Blythcvillr, Arkansas, Mississippi County. Tin- unclerslRncd states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good i I moral character, tliat lie has novel- been corn-inert of a felony or other crime involvine moral uirpi'.'.idc: that no license to sell beer by the undersiiTiied hu s been revoked within five years lust past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of vifilaliiiK this stilt: 1 , '"' :ln y o^h huliiB lo Ihn sale of :ilcol:oi!c V. . Bob Hardin Subscribed and .sworn lo bcfor me tins 12 day of June, ISM7. Mrs. Marshall Blackard (SHAW Notiu-y Puhli My Coinmlssion expires March 1940. . -. j 0BY MMECL HOWt fMlM D!STR!5V1CO BY NEA SERVICE. I By MATEEL HOWE FARKHAM XXV I MET •Annabellc 'on the street in the-late, afternoon of the day before the bride and groom were expected'back. I had not-seen her since that dreadful evening when •we broke the news of (lie unexpected marriage. Annabelle now greeted me pleasantly. She was carrying n great sheaf of hothouse spring flowers, daffodils, tulips freesias. '"How lovely," I said. "Who arc they, for?" •• "Oh, we want to make Hie lions gay"for Amy and Nelson, natui edl> Afrij' is so fond ot tulips, and had such n hunt for them. Ma turned the town upside down in search tof'A turkey, and she fmall found one. Mania wants you an your father to come lo dinner ti morrow night. Perhaps she's a re£dy asked you. Sara and Flo are coming, no one else. You a practically members of the family." I did'not much like to be thought ot as pa'rt of the Tolliver lamily, crld I was certain Mrs. Tolliver did not mean to invite us, but I itimped at lhat dinner invitation. Falher pretended he did nol want to" go. He said lie didn't want to h4 in on the 'death, that Annabellc as like as not would put arsenic in the soup, that he hated scenes ttiat he was fed 1o the hilt will the ToHivers. Nothing, of course short of a broken leg would liav kept him away. much Ihcr's waists. There was issing and handshaking. Nelson beamed on everyone Irs. Tolliver had slieil her I'lonm am was Kay and positively pa- enuil toward Iho bride and yroom \nnnbclle was sparlilini! and willy Flora laughed and cxclaimc nd applauded evcrylhiiif; th; vas said. Amy said little, lint sh vas gracious and titti'rly at he- case. I had never seen her look f M-elly. Her hair was dnuo a ne\ way, curled and piled high 01 head. Her dress was an uxquisil shade of lightish sapphire till eliilton, made over gold sal in. Hi slippers were Rolil, and she ricd a golil mesh baa with pliires in tile clasp. "Doesn't Amy look like n mi lion dollars?" Flora cried raplu ously. Amy did. If there was anyone i" lh group who was the least ill :it ease embarrassed it wns I. Father k it all in his slrlrlc. 1 kept ikiuK for darl; liuderamvnts, t apparently all was for^nUen d forgiven. Amy, after a slight d bccomiiu; hcsilation, look her ace at the head of the table. ouds sru'ldiiw acrwK a bluf, blue . y. Alter about a mile Floia said e was chilled to the bone, and a turned back. , i "Is Annabelle going lo keep on orking'.'"-1 asked as we walked omeward, Flora dragging on my rm. "I'm afraid so. Poor Sister! I in very unhappy about her. Nolon did tell her thai she could givs p her job any lime she wished. Ic persuaded Sam to join him in nakini; Mama an allowance of S50 month, not very much, certainly, mt onoiiKh for tlieir clothes and •pcndinq money. Oi course Nelson las taken over all the household •xppnses. Nelson is far more gen- ei'ous than Sam." Sam iiavo your mother and sisters a home rent free for years." : "/es-s, I suppose he did. But lie really didn't want to. You know thai." ! did not want lo discuss Sam with Flora. 1 was shocked by her utter lack of loyally. So I brought the conversation back to Anna- bcllr. I s;:id I thought it wns.flp.a of Annabcilo to go on working, that I admired her independence. PRESCHIPTIQMS Fresh Stock Guaranleed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores Club 61 Blytlicvllle, Arkansas Highway 01 Norlii Couples and Parties Only Dine and Dance w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned Ily A. (Red) Blckerstafr and George For Ilcscrvatlons Telephone 911 P>rd • o««oo o »ue«»* • GATEWOOD GROCERVI Phsne 9151 &M£m%Sl -:/®'V • •' ^^f^^^^.^&lff^ - cortTi">»7T!V HE* srxvicc, me. T. M. tiffin: 5. 6--Z1 "Now don't say you really should be going home before »ou mean it—last time we were here we got rushed out •" without a lunch!"_ . FRECKLES HIS FRIENDS A Revolt in] By TtlERRILL BLOS3EK : Idea Free Del/Very Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20.13 1044 Chickasawba elson "itfHEN .we went over there nex " 'evening, 1 the Tolliver hous wis a blaze of lights. Wcyma opened the front door, agrin froi car to car. ."Mr. and Sirs. Nelson Forbes in the front parlor," he said vine tuously. "Mr. Sam and the miasi Ss just this minute walking in II side door." We all met in the wide fro ' hall. Nelson came 1 out with M Tolliver on his arm, Amy a Florabellc with arms around ca sat at Hie foot and carved. ....m had provided the champagne e had promised l-'lorr. at the first ic-cial occasion. As might have been expected, it as a rich and sumptuous dinner —oysters on the half shell, clear rcen turtle SOLJP reekini? with icrry, the turkey stnlTe<l with licstmits, endive salad, a sauee of slack cherries r.wioiniii]^ in liurnecl iraiuly lo pour over our ice cream. Jcsidcs the ehampaiinc we had hcrrv, Saulerne. Hencdictine. :mt ; hi brandy, rather and I all but loated home. Well, they all seem as liapp> is larks." Fathor ;aid. "I have seen Annabelle so Bay in years.' 1 flt f '4 pUT Annnljclle was not Ray im '-* derneath. A wcol; m- so later "It isn't," 'Flora tnld me. "Sister dnc^n't want io be indc- pemlent in that way. She hat^s working downtown. She just does it as a slan at Nelson. She even insists on paying her board— Ihough Nelson turns it over to Mama. She goes straight lo her room every ovc-iling after dinner. She usually makes Mama go loo. She keeps U'llin:; Mama that they arc in tiio way, a burden to Nelson nil Amy, that a bride and groom vant to be left alone. You know Mama is a Im! eater, for all she's thiu. But now Sister tells her she mustn't take second helpings Hid run up the bills. Poor Mama loesn'l kiiosv what fo think." I went home seriously disiurbcd about tiie -situation at the Tol- livers. When I lold fallicr lie said Annabelle had lo put up wilh a good deal, that it was no fun to Vie the Cinderella of the family, lliat Amy was now in a position lo crack the whip . . . t was so surprised I said nothing And thai, as I found out ell. Be Sure! 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CME liE'li BEFORE IMWC MISS SUCUW 8E IDESl As THE eeoiw- UP Knee Day at Rimrock KY l<;i»TAK , Flora invited me lo go for a waik. | later, was just as w H was a windv day with llcecy I C'o He Contauccl) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SREAT DESPOTIC. CSUD6& R6NCHV HKO DOOMED M6 TO A 3Wl_ TERM. MS CftSE EVEN! CON\EG - ESf\D.' TWE MWJ IS I'M AFRAID VOLUME (?OT * ^OUR 60ATEE CAUGHT IM N'OOG BEST BET is TO ^ HOUSE VVARDEKS 90 ME ASSIGN! You TO ROAD G .-S Our Our Way By J. R. Williams SORE TWO \ FEET. \ I / I CAM'T BEAR 1 ' TO SEE HIM / A '^l SDF_FCR— ,^_ ^-','~~ ; | DO!S)' DP ) 1 J ,. ^ THERE ?y f t vv? ' ,- ,>~, --/ --± - >.':• >\ OH, HE LOOK& 1.1 tit N ME'5 FEELIM' AWFUL SORRV FOR VOL) MOW.' PAW? BE At "ME O'\\\--R OF WE" v TKAC<-' AM.F.Y OOP Vorv Inlcvcs'.inir II AMU N 0",P5ATITI_IDC VIC FLINT Nifty Meets Kockcr I3Y M1CHAE1, O'MALUCY and LANK /'n'S YOUR WORD AGAINST ^ HIS. IF THEY SAY YOU TOID HIM 1 TO THRO'« THE FIGHT, JUST SAY HE'S CRA1Y. te FOR ME. I DON'F KNOW A THIN6. SEE YOU IATER. us, two frustrated people were snapping at each otheT. NOW WHAT, YOU X QUIET WHIIE I N 6KS 5TUTO.' tEAVINS) THINK.' lET'S 5€£-WOR HAT BEHIND /BMU PXOB&BLY YOU CtRTAINLY \ 5PIIL EVERY- I AND YOUXl ESQUES- TKWED. DENY EVERY- TKlNS—HEftR? /HEUO. NIFTY. I iUJlBT H1PPENEB 10 BE WiIH!tl6. '""V ABOUT DRINH9 CQPR, i?<7 OY tit* srtmce. r {.he district attarnev's olftco... SS A3CUT C.~ ACTION RESTLESS.' GOT TO = VCJRE I ALCM3 ; Ifiir •OU'VE GOT TO SLOW DCWN A\D TAKE IT E\5V OKC=. IX A \\HiLE... OCN'T BE.AI -toy '.-, AND HKR on iliiiiili Uy KRIOI) HARM AN & Or Pi \.V&VVT HfVOWT V\FVO O TVWIOG'i ^.INC > owots vAft*^ ebv^ow^} ^o. S^t.^.DS tN5t'S. v ^THVNiG tsit.N'l "5UVMAtR, fOO! Bf.OlDr.'p/ coVi\ne> UP '. ' ettw ft vonc>,t\oT DP.V VG<£6tT Tk\t &liDOtT 1 5 VtT'S UftMt

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