Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 3
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If you are after a pretty Hat, one that is chic and up to the minute with style, you should visit 113 East riadison RICHARDSON'S 113 JBast Madison NEWS OF LA HARPE THE FOOT n .\LL C.VME YESTER- nil RESri .TED IN A TIE. NEWS OF GAS CITY BIS. .MTRORVS EErTHlE L.IST EVE. n\S VERY l.XTERESTrNG EACH SIDE ;ONE TOUCHDOWN BO.IBDOF EnrCAT10.\ WILL HOLD SPECIAL SES.SIOV SATIRDAY. Till- Iji llarpo .SbJilr k Brick Co. Wa« DrKtmyeH hj- Kin- Vc'^lcrdnj Af- t<>ruoon—IVrsonaU. To Mold .Spwlal Session. Toe board of cducatloa of iho city pohools win meet in speoi .Tl si'sslon .S.itur ^y nlghl. There are ;i rmmbor r.f fmporUint business mailers 10 he .•on.''laered and ii Is Imped lull m- i.->ndPiice will tie prf .-eu; l:ie f!r«'>. A oonipiete ptbr> will he |f<iiind in nilifi iKiriij of ilin p-ippr. Mn« a Cireal (>'«inp. The f.ioi hall ?.inie beiwenn the l .n iliarpe hisli MIIO'J! (eahl am) .'i fe;ir.i •rrdiijHisod iif lola hiali 'sehool playrr- v .lii <-li w:is plavi'd ni! tho MacDonald ui'iiiiiil.^ ntirih of the <-ity ye-terd;iy ;if.f!::'iri w;;s otif c.f the fastest of the '.<.ir.:iii. U re.-ii'if-(| in :» lio tedri'. oaeli te-ini itiakinu six |>oini>. The Imnna'.'''!' of ;he fola ifam has .iskej ;for ;t r. iiirn cimc si>]i.o limo In ihf iii\ir f iiiii'^. The lineup: Issued a License. r \ license was issued yesterday by ; I 'rDbatA .Judge .i. l\. Smii . to Chas. ; DaiilieiiherKer and Mi.«!s KatheMno /.(lekharr, botli m' HuiiihcMt. Minn UtUM Entertained. .Mil's Oraeo Hanna enieruiined a number of her friends Tue.<;dny niphi. Tlie evening was an enJoyaii:»' oui- «> all present. The jfuesrs were: sjfsy- I '.e Mice Barker, Hazel fnrrol. Edna Walker. Gertrude Martin. .Millie Ward, ilvuey Jury, Helen .loneif. U'-.Wn. K-'!>'. ^#.-1 and Bess I .,a»fenri'. Kdyih llar- ,'ei'. Kiva Teague. ICIsa Ti -apiir. i:i !4ic SteveUDon. MeBsrB. .Itihn .Vuhlny, .fas. Holt, Romuey Ketiertnan. \\ fllie Kon. Walter .Mean.';. Krvjn fl .Tir. iC^r! hry. j»pte .liiry, W<«ndall F'hilliiir. Claude Freeman. Will Cwllllnm. .-^ntn Ifari. Hrifk PLnnt Barned. The I/i Ilarpe Shale /t iiiirk coip- pany plant jn=t east of the ciiy wns rte?froyed yeslerday afiernoou liv [Itf Ihe plant wa.=. a total los-. Thn fire ii said 10 have hern ean'ed l>y a prai- The Bigjcest Isn't Always The Best The biffpe*! store fn the v«rU ml9ht not luie JaKt Mlmt jou lire loukiiiir tor for tbnt CbrUtnum pres. uA ilie rhaaees are lliat r«o wRI tind it rlL'kt In •nr store. We bare made a earefnl seleetion and be- ilere tbat we ran sappiy the wanlx of the nio^t fas' tldions. Come In and Ulk the matter orer iW(b us. Tatk% eheap.i Leffler, I will visit Old Home. ' Mrs. C. P. Schell l-^fi thi^ moriiiiic for Uivcri-Ide, la.. ln''r old home. , wfior.' she Will lie the £:ne.«f of r<>':i- I i\ I's. For Jones's Health. CKiudo Jones and his mother. Mrs. W. W. Jones, will Inave totuorrow for Corpu-s Chrlstl, Texa.s, where they will spend the winter. It i.s hoped that Claiiilo'rt liealth will he h<>tler by ;-l>'ii!:4. A LARGE AUDIENCE 'fbsENT THE .'i..>IO>TnS.OLD CHILD OF .HR. AND yms. HACKLET DIED. nUhre <i \'irdii.-c Rpink . lUti/r . . •""uffiiinn ."^ . Pr>:K . . Sawypr Nich . V,r<V I ..111 :'y 1'osiilon. n>hf h.*«!C . . left half .. (inurierhaek . . 1 iRbi end ... . . I i;:hf faekle rlsiit ?iiar <l . . ... punier .. i«>fi pnard . !.-ff l.iek?r> left on'l . '"ill hark I.:; Ilarpe .. '\\crc(-r . IVuTsnii ... F<^I);ev Har.illinn .. Ciiix^n Sffveufjon . . Daylo.i .... itifk .Mnrri-on . Crovi' lury O.STEflPATnr- DR. W .11. .MRRIfiHT. RoplPiered f) ipop.itiiir I'hyslelan. Siaie, i!.iiil. iJ .ittf. Ph'ine Only iMleopatU in \A Harpe. rer >on »i». \V. il. liiekefii-- i.-i rcporied on the -id; .\'i}:()ii:;li hi.- roiiriition ye.* 'crday nioinii'-.; v.a.-* cDnsldtTrd qiilie .-eiion.-. hi- Jhoiiuh; to hi- n!i:rh he(- tiM tinlay. .S. .MaicoJm !oit last ovr»r:Ins ^ir I'l. .Sro t hi- "ill a;:end a niceiin;,- ihf- .•^coltish Him Masons. Itr^'. I'utuart .McFarlaii'I. pa.stor of Chri.--t!aii church at iliinihoidi. Ka>.. wt'f here yesterday i -allin-; on friond.*. Ilf w.-i -i fiiriiiprly |ias'i)r of the lor-al •'hriKfian c-innli. .Mr. aiH .Ml.-. i.- Miiiholl of l.oili-tiiiVr.'. Ka~.. Ui >re ihi- «iif'-t;: c.f retativr .T here yp.;nrday. ^! T. Mayoti. of narile^viili-, Oi;!a.. was ii.-i(> vi '-terday on a liiij^ii.cvi.-It. EIMVI\ M. MHIT.VEY A STtR. lniper .»onal «»r Who Is Here Friday .Vitrlit Is It Find. The Y. M. C. .\. leetnre course lom- miite«» In KecurinK 'he Whitney Hroth- rrs lias "made a find' in Kdwin M. Whimoy who is a reader and an Im- P^r.-foriator of oyr<viiiiinal ahitiiy. Ills readings >hovv him ramlliar with all diaieci. the I'jench. the neKro and the juveniie. His faclnl expressions are sitnply wonderful all of which is rendered wiilioui r«>stnine or makeup. Mr. VMiitiicy ha.s a ple .T .sins; voioo and man ner and a .sluipl <i way of lelJInR hl.s >!ory that aiippaU to ilip listener. He display.- Kreai versatfliiy iu his im- (jerfona.'ions .snd lends to lli^ nork an aelni.ii'ioii and a synipaihy wliieli inike ;i il at all tirne>; hirhlv inierlain- In.--. , fie/'iire your lirkof .s of \,. V .St.irkey or .1. K. Hender .-ou for %\'t> Sinrle ndinl'^sinn .".rt ronis. . See Many Changes. ^?. .1. I">afnl. of l^al^rop. Mo., ip h(>ri'. ilie sn«--^t of FlTt Potii-r, on S. OHK -siPTt. Mr. Waful has not vi.-it• •.1 \\i-.<- for nflc'Mi ji -ars ami lie .sav.-J that i>-t-;. many chancfis Married Yesterday. Ix)uls J. Hottewltz. Katy apeni at Lailarii«>. aiid Mis.s JeF<.ie B. Bothwell, of Roekwoll, Mo., irero married yesterday afternoon by JudRe J. B. Smith, Several friend* wiineascd the ceremony. 1 To and From Independence. 11. It. bittman, th" eommis.sion merchant, went, iiortli on .a business trip to CUannte, lola and i'arsonn. * * • ... it. Kirl; wa.s down from lola ye.s- terday afternoon transaetintf in s.-. « - e Mrs. Oeo. Sliyrock went to loin loiiay to visit hpr liusband for a f.-u'- (lay.s.— IiulMp ,.nd*»nce Re- porti r. The ^Vomf1l^ Christian Temperanee Inloii Will .Heet Friday With Tlrs, Kauffmnn—(lu.s to Hare a Band. Sometimes wc see lltai a dra.stic measure i.s n j^ood tlHri ;.j—that a cut is neces.sary—when we do we make Itiat cut. TOMORROW AND SATURDAY will be a day to remember if you call at our store an«l look over our .stock of rugs aid carpets, and ?c*} the amount that you can .save by buying here. tapeetry Brus.sels. 0x12 w:)nh $15.00, sale pnVe $9.85 Tape.slry Brns.sel.c. 0x1.' worth <1S.OO, sale fHce $J3,50 These rugs ate in floral and oriental patterns in the latest coloring of tan and green.s. TapcstryBrn.'scl.'?, ;'xl2, worth |22.00. sale P 'Hc ... $15.75 These rugs are ."Seamless. The value of which cannot 1»e disputed. Patterns in oriental and floral. Wilton Velvet, '^y.Vl worth |2i.50, sale price $16.75 This is the greatest value that we have e\er offered, as these rogs have the patterns and colorings of any $S (i 00 rug. Axmin.ster Velvet, *.t.\'l.! \ioriU |:U).00, safe price $21.75 These rrgs are seamless. The pattern oriental and floral. 1 P xrainister 0x12 worth |27.'>0 ,pale price$|9.50 Haxony Ingrain Rugs 0x12 worth |l'i.5l) sal«. price $8.75 \Vc will al-so include in this .sale seven patterns of Ax minster carpm patterns in green aud tjiu. Each patterii has from 12 to 20 yards and .sold for f 1.35 per yd. Sale price per yd. 85C Ji yoo are a true ceonnmist and know real values, thi* «?• your npportnnUy. L. SLEEPER & SON Pumltiir*, Pesioffic* Blocic < Leelure Wa.-* Well Attended. Tiie teotnie last nlRhi in the Cbris- ti.-in ehureh wa.s well attended. It waa iiiip of the hcsr. pver delivered in. this Iir. Met'rory i.^ everythinB thai hi. advance notices elalm for him, tinniaked a Band. lias fity is to have a Irand. It was d'^niniieiy decided to crRaiiUo at the meetliiK of ihoso Interested Wedne.'?- day n /L 'ht. fbeater Skinner of this city h.ts been made le.vrer and director. M. (. r. C. io Meet. The \Voii.ei)-.s ("hrlstian Temperance I'nion of this ci;y will meet Friday af- lernoon at o'clock at the home of .Mr.-. .1. I.. Kaiifnian, .101 We.*t •Mcf>i. .Mr.-i. K .-.'is will put on the liatiil'iook drill. Ilarktey ( hiid I.s I>ead.' 1 he elsht-raonth.s-old child of Mr. and .Mrs. Haekley of this city who haa hecn very ill tor the past several days died yesterday mornlnjr about 6:.10 oe /iick. The remain.! will be taken to (Walnui. Kas.. for burial. mil lioMShoot. Tlie turkey .shoot will be held on the 20th of :hi^< month Instead of the 2riih. as was stated in last .niplit's issue of The Reci -icr. The shoot wll! be held near thr> Katy depot. Perii*nals. T. E. Wilson, of Humboldt. wa.<i In ilif 'cily ye.-iterday on a business visit. Robert Tain who underwent an operation Rome time apo for apnendieitli? \A reported a? helpK much better lo- William Konne.dy left last eveninfc for Tuis.n, Okla.. where he lia .s a srood position. John .\. r.rifflih. who has been work inc for Contractor rhas. 13. Winsett. hp .s sor.e to his homo in Ois rity for a Fhort visit with bi.'! mother and oih- er relalive:; and friends. H« will return to his position with Mr. Wtncett. —nurllnRton Republican. BOUGHT IT OF CHAMOTE WEN. Claim of Farmer in Police Court for Drunkennesi. irS EAST TO TALK ' on good Jewelry. Dut not evcfry stock can prove its value so well as onr.^. Because we buy wiih \n years cA experience, an eye to up-to-dateness and for spot cash. This way of supplyin,? our customers with (JE\ri>E JEWELRY fixes that fact in every bill.- Just now our .stock is full of suggesttonft for bridal, jinnlversary. and birthday gifts. Otiiuine Jewelry is the Bafest Invesl- fjiont. Guaranteed. McNIELBROS. lb* Jewdtrs KEEI^ THESE 1 >0&TAGE STAMPS. Through an Error an Itaue • Witiiout an Arabic Numeral ia Out. Wasblogton, Nov. X^.rrll you tiave a new 2-ccn^ «:amp with a sew wreath x>n it and the words "two cents" underneath the oval head of Washington do not part with It. Il' will be worth" money. The PostotRce department forgot one of Hi own regolations In .getting out the stamp, a. regolation, tbat re- (piires that the unit of value Btaall be indicated on the stamp by an Arabic numf'ral, .so that it may be understood by persons speaking any language. The Postmaster Ceneral has not been acquainted with the fact that the new stamp docs not conform to the international agreement, but that the stamp is wrong from the international -Standpoint is freely admitted by a number of department officials. WHAT TAirSE.S DY.WEPSJAI W. liardy was arraigned in police court this mSrninsr on the rharffe of heinc: intoxicated.-As this waa> tbe Kfcond time be had been in court in. I he paat two months hla fine waa made $7 and costs Instead of the usual tJne for plain jlruoks, |r> and costs. In entcrlns hi« plea of KuHty he said that while enmute iq lola from hia farm f;ouihw««;t of ih<» city he met a narty of m-n from f ^lMinute who Mid Mm the "l>n «we." And laeldeataHy r«natlpatl«*. Coated TABKoe, XerToaniMfli, HMdMke, and Other $rli |itom Did you eter Imow that the stomach is a churn? That Just as 809n aa you are done eating, the healthy stomach commences, xp roll the food around, and mixes it thoroughly with .tbe Juices of the stomach? • And did you know, dear reUer. that if the stomach is run down or flabby, so that it cannot do the chnmine. that dyspepsia is the result? If the food is not churned. It lays heavilr on your stomach, turna soar, and causes all kinds of distressinR symptom:!, such as headache, coated tonsne. constipation, etc. .\nd ha, us every physician will tell you, the Way to cure dyiq>e|Ma ia to fix the obarn. nr In other words, build up tb^ stomach so that it willproper- ,!y mix the food. . *• , ' If yoij have dyspepsia ind waul t« get rid;of it l>eforc It gets rlA of you. gn to Chaa..B. Spencer £ Co.s, the druggist, asd g«t Arl*<»'t hox of Mi-o- no tablets, the ecMf liiii»ily 5« cents, {and every reader of the ReBl.<tter la 'Welcome to his or her inoney back'lf 3II>o>Ba does not cor*. —Prank 8. BMttla, T. 1. Ruuu Uf

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