The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 26, 1986 · Page 48
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 48

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1986
Page 48
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Daytime this week The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 26,1986 Page 12 MORNING 5:30 Q Jim And Tammy (9) Faith 20 O Jimmy Swaggart IB Pastor's Study IB News (B Runtime St Leave It To Beaver (Tue-Fri) QI Cisco Kid (Tue-Fri) 6:00OOB) NBC News 3D(6]O03Q3)13 ABC's World News This Morning (CO O Jimmy Swaggart (Mon-Wed, Fri) (T) Jim And Tammy Q Congress: We The People (Mon, Wed) Q Mechanical Universe (Tue, Thu) O Teaching Students With Special Needs (Fri) - O(ED(Q Morning Stretch (9) Muppets (10) CBS Morning News ID Algebra (Mon, Wed) Q) Jimmy Swaggart QI 20 Minute Workout (U) Cartoons 6:15 |Q Wake Up Wichita 6:30 BBS) News O NBC News QIB CBS Early Morning News Q Farm News OQBB KBS Farm News (9) Bugs Bunny OD ABC's World News This Morning (CO 81 He-Man And Masters Of The Universe B Woody Woodpecker 6:35|BFIintstones 6:45 Q Good Morning 7:00 QQOIDE8 Today GDGDOG3GD13 Good Morning America (CO QQOQSHBiB CBS Morning News (9) Bozo Show ID Today's Special SI She-Ra: Princess Of Power Q) Flintstones 7:05 B I Dream Of Jeannie 7:30 Q Farm Day ID Mister Rogers (R) QUO Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors 7:35 O Bewitched 7:45 QA.M. Weather 8:00HO Sesame Street (R) (CO (10) Morning Bj Jetsons B Bugs Bunny (U) Calliope 8:05 Q Hazel 8:30 (9) Beverly Hillbillies 9 Farm Day SI Fat Albert Q| Leave It To Beaver (C) Cinema* Comedy Experiment (Thu) Q Hazel 8:35 Q I Love Lucy 8:45 9 A.M. Weather 9:00 QQO(T)(T)(u)138) Hour Magazine OGJ $25,000 Pyramid O Family Ties (R) QOOdilB Donahue Q Modern Maturity (Mon) Q Joy Of Painting (Tue) Q Sedgwick County Commission ' Meeting (Wed) Q Tony Brown's Journal (Thu) Q People, Pets And Dr. Marc (Fri) (9)Waltons IQ All My Children (10) Romper Room CD Sesame Street (R) (CO BIB 700 club CD Family Ties 9:05 O Movie 9:30 B Headli ne Chasers 2) Sale Of The Century ~1 Creative Living (Mon) ) Frugal Gourmet (Tue) j Van Can Cook (Thu) _| Victory Garden (Fri) (10)0 Card Sharks CD One Day At A Time (U) Gong Show 10:00BBB Family Ties (R) OS) Wheel Of Fortune (T)CBIB(S)13 Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak |Q£)(10)fHB Price Is Right O Butterflies (Mon) § Nature (Tue) Nova(Thu) W|M America (Fri) Rigl Q Sally Jessy Raphael (9) Big Valley ID Body Electric CD Laverne & Shirley (U) That Girl 10:30 QBCKDQ) Scrabble GD(SOD®13 New Love American Style Q Only When I Laugh (Mon) Q Profiles Of Nature (Fri) 8 Divorce Court Algebra (Mon, Wed) ID Kansas Ecology (Tue, Thu) CO Photo Vision (Fri) SI Richard Roberts (U) Mr. Merlin (Mon) (U) Second Hundred Years (Tue) (U) Temperatures Rising (Wed) (U) Girl With Something Extra (Thu) (U) He And She (Fri) 10:45 CD Mary Tyler Moore 11:00 QOO (SB) Super Password (T)C6)QD13 All My Children QOOO)(10)(B(B Young And The Restless Q Great Performances (Mon) Q Mystery! (Tue) Q Masterpiece Theatre (Thu) Q All Creatures Great And Small II (Fri) Q Ryan's Hope (9) Little House On The Prairie 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO (Q Love Connection O Write Course (Mon, Wed) Q Humanities Through The Arts (Tue, Thu) CD Photovision (Fri) 11:05 C9 Perry Mason 11:20 CD Bewitched 11:30 BOB) Wheel Of Fortune QNews GO Search For Tomorrow Q Loving Qj) Sally Jessy Raphael CD New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers (Mon, Wed) CO Faces Of Culture (Tue, Thu) CO Mechanical Universe (Fri) SI IN DAY News Q Doris Day (E)WinterWorld(Mon) (E) College Basketball (Tue,Thu) IE) Fishing (Wed) (E) World Cup Skiing (Fri) AFTERNOON 12:00 QOtDOCDOCEO E)(io)(B®i3HJNews O Days Of Our Lives OCQ Sesame Street (R) (CO Q All My Children (9) Midday News 9 Polka Dot Door 03 Kaleidoscope IB Midday SI Credit Card Millionaire (Mon) SI All About Us (Tue-Fri) CD Dick Van Dyke Q Farmer's Daughter 12:05 C9 Movie 12:30 BfNDS) Days Of Our Lives GDG0GS13 Loving QOOQ9no)|BfB As The World Turns 9 Educational Programming (Mon-Thu) 9 Joy Of Painting (Fri) St It's A Great Life (Tue-Fri) CD My Three Sons (C) MaxTrax (Wed) (C) Movie (Fri) Q Patty Duke (HBO) Movie (Mon, Fri) 1:00 CSCBS) Educational Programming Q Another World (T)(BOnD®13 One Life To Live (9)St What's Hot) What's Not? 9 Creative Woman (Fri) CD Nature (Mon) CD Ultimate Field Trip (Tue) CD Nova (Wed) B American Playhouse (Thu) B Mystery I (Fri) BI Love Lucy (C) Movie (Mon, Wed) (C) Phil Collins (Tue) B Father Knows Best (E) College Basketball (Fri) (HBO) The Gift Of Life (Tue) (HBO) Movie (Wed, Thu) (N) Today's Special (S) Movie (Mon, Wed-Fri) (S) You Can't Take It With You (Tue) (U) Alive* Well 1:30 BBCDQ Another World BOBOS)U<»BB Capitol (9) Carol Burnett And Friends 9 Kathy's Kitchen (Fri) St Rawhide Q Andy Griffith (C) Movie (Tue, Thu) B Courtship Of Eddie's Father (D) Scheme Of Things (Mon) (D) Danger Bay (Wed) (E) College Basketball (Tue, Thu) (N) Belle And Sebastian l:35BWomanWatch(Fri) (D) Edison Twins (Tue) l:45(D)DTV(Thu) 2:OOO Santa Barbara (TKBO03(3)13 General Hospital BBOG9(10)QB Guiding Light (9) Andy Griffith 9 Sneak Previews (Fri) B Audubon Wildlife Theater (Mon) B Where We've Been, Where We're Going, Why? (Tue) B American Interests (Wed) B Aloha China (Fri) B Gomer Pyle B 700 Club (D) Dumbo's Circus (E) College Basketball (Mon) (E) Top Rank Boxing (Wed) (HBO) Movie (Tue) (N) Adventures Of Black Beauty (U) Joker's Wild 2:05 Q Bugs Bunny And Friends 2:30BBUIS) Santa Barbara (9)Scooby Doo 9 We're Cooking Now B McLaughlin Group (Mon) B Bridge Basics (Wed) B Here's To Your Health (Fri) SIB Leave It To Beaver (C) (HBO) Movie (Fri) (D) Welcome To Pooh Corner (HBO) Elvis: One Night With You (Mon) (N) Lassie (U) Bullseye 2:45 B All About The Statue Of Liberty (Tue) 3:00 (TK5JS) Dimensions In Science (Tue) (SOS) Educational Computing (Wed) OOED Fast Forward (Thu) Q Jeffersons (Mon, Wed-Fri) O Main Street (Tue) CDISBGS)" Dallas QQuincy (Mon-Thu) Q Schoolbreak Special (Fri) QBQSNB Press Your Luck Q9 Sesame Street (R) (CO Q Love Connection (9) Heathcliff (0 Divorce Court (10) Donahue B We're Cooking Now SI He-Man And Masters Of The Universe B Scooby Doo (C) Movie (Mon-Wed) B Pace The Music (D) Mickey Mouse Club (E) Wrestling (Fri) (HBO) Movie (Wed) (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales And Legends (Mon) (S) White Lies (Tue) (S) Home From Far (Wed) (S) Movie (Thu) (S) Animal Talk (Fri) (U) Chain Reaction (Mon-Thu) (U) PGA Golf (Fri) 3:05|B Flintstones 3:30 BOS) GilHgan's Island GOCBSD Mister Rogers (R) O Jeffersons (Mon, Wed-Fri) S) Wheelie And The Chopper Bunch (Mon) S) Inch High Private Eye (Tue- Fri) BOQ9B Perfect Match (Mon, Wed-Fri) OBQSQ Schoolbreak Special (Tue) B Too Close For Comfort (9) M.A.S.K. (CO B *1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime B Hooked On Aerobics BThunderCats(CC) B Challenge Of The GoBots (C) Movie (Thu) B *ioo,000 Name That Tune (D) Donald Duck Presents (E)Fishin' Hole (Tue) (E) Roller Derby (Thu) (HBO) Welcome Home, Jellybean (Mon) (HBO) Last Of The Red Hot Dragons(Tue) (HBO) King Of The Beasts (Thu) (N) Turkey Television (S) Movie (Tue) (S) Valley Of Fear (Wed) (U) Jackpot (Mon-Thu) 3:35 B Brady Bunch 4:00 BOB) Happy Days Again SKBEB Sesame Street (R) (CO Oflj) Newlywed Game SHS® 13 Let's Make A Deal Q $100,000 Pyramid (T) Scooby Doo (Mon, Wed-Fri) © Main Street (Tue) OdfDQ Headline Chasers (Mon, Wed-Fri) Q9B Mister Rogers (R) B Three's Company (9)S) Transformers (10) Three's Company (Mon, Wed- Fri) (10) Schoolbreak Special (Tue) B Donahue (Mon,Tue, Thu, Fri) IB Schoolbreak Special (Wed) B Superf riends (C) A Rock-A-Billy Session: Carl Perkins And Friends (Fri) B Tic Tac Dough (D) New! Animal World (E) Arm Wrestling (Mon) (HBO) Noah's Animals (Tue) (HBO) Movie (Thu) (HBO) Inside The NFL (Fri) (S) Bobby And Sarah (Mon) (S) Faerie Tale Theatre (Fri) (U) Make Me Laugh (Mon-Thu) 4:05 B Leave It To Beaver 4:30BBS) Diff'rent Strokes B Benson EKBOODE113 People's Court QOOQDfB Jeopardy (][) ThunderCats (CO (Mon, Wed- Fri) 090)3-2-1 contact (CO (9)BIG.I.Joe (10) M.A.S.H (Mon, Wed-Fri) B Jetsons B Go) (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (E) World Class Women (Tue) (E) Horse Racing Weekly (Wed) (E) Skiing Magazine (Thu) (E) Tennis Magazine Reports (Fri) (HBO) Movie (Mon) (HBO) Life On Earth (Tue) (N) Dennis The Menace (S) Starfleet: The Thalian Wars (Wed) (U) Gong Show (Mon-Thu) 4:35 B Rocky Road (Mon) B Beverly Hillbillies (Tue-Fri) TV Log Key 5:00 BOO) Three's Company SKS60 3-2-1 Contact (CO OCBOOtSOOCD (ui)(B(B(S)'3 News © Challenge Of The Go Bots 6 Make Me Laugh (Mon) 6 Cover Story (Tue) 6 Seeing Stars (Wed) 6 American Catholic (Thu) iHeartlight City (Fri) Q9 Secret City (9) Good Times (10) Jeopardy B Sesame Street (R) (CO . S) Star Trek CD Diff'rent Strokes (C) Movie (Mon-Wed, Fri) B Green Acres (E)SportsLook (HBO) Movie (Wed) (HBO) Not Necessarily The News (Fri) (N) Mr. Wizard's World (Mon- Wed, Fri) (N) Out Of Control (Thu) (S) Movie (Mon, Tue, Fri) (S) Bobby And Sarah (Thu) (U) Cartoons 5:05 B Down To Earth (Mon) B Andy Griffith (Tue-Fri) 5:30BOOGDS) NBC News (T)®EB Doctor Who EKSGD13 News OOO(D(10)|Hia CBS News 6 Radio 1990 (Mon-Wed) 6 Glory to God (Thu) Q Doctor Who (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) B Blake's 7 (Wed) BID ABC News (CO (9) Jeffersons 9 Colorsounds CD Good Times B Rifleman (D) Adventures Of Ozzie& Harriet (E) College Basketball Report (Mon) (E) SportsCenter (Tue,Thu) (E) Inside The PGA Tour (Wed) (E) Mark Sosin's Salt Water Journal (Fri) (HBO) Movie (Tue, Fri) (N) NICK Rocks: VideoToGo Networks and stations reserve the right to change programing without notice. Station KSNC *KSNW KLNE *WDAF KSNB *KCMO KHAS *Cable6 KTVC KWNB KAYS •KPTS •KMBC KPNE •WON *KOOD •KAKE KLOE KOLN KTWU •KWCH WIBW KHGI KHOL *WTBS KSAS KSNT KXNE *KSHB •C-SPAN •USA •Disney •ESPN •Clnemax •CNN •CBN •Nickelodeon •HBO •Showtime Location Great Bend Wichita Lexington, Neb. XansasClty,Mo. Superior, Neb. Kansas City, Mo. Hastings, Neb. Salina Ensign Hayes Center, Neb. Hays Hutchinson Kansas City, Mo. North Platte, Neb. Chicago Bunker Hill Wichita Goodland Lincoln, Neb. Topeka Wichita Topeka Hastings, Neb. Kearney, Neb. Atlanta, Ga. Wichita Topeka Norfolk, Neb. Kansas City, Mo. New York New York Hollywood , New York New York Atlanta, Ga. Portsmouth, Va. New York New York New York Network NBC NBC PBS NBC ABC CBS NBC IND CBS ABC CBS/ABC PBS ABC PBS IND PBS ABC CBS/ABC CBS PBS CBS CBS ABC ABC IND IND NBC PBS IND — — IND — — — — — — — Channel a o CD O CD a CD 6 o (B B O a (S (9) 9 03 (SD (10) B IB B m 13 B SI S) ED B (U) (D) (E) (C) a (N) (HBO) (S) Salina Cable •3- •4- -5- -6- -8-9- •11•2- -10- -12- •13- •7•6- -6-15- -16-17- •18-19- -20•21- -22•Indicates a channel seen on Salina Cable TV. MODERATING GUIDE •Poor "AFair "NotBad "'AGood VeryGood "*'AExcellent ""Outstanding

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