Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 8
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Salaried Men and Women Call People's Store <'BurdenXifters" The People's Store has htk ihb city wearing fashionable _ Work On salaries from week to ^family clotiUn^ To all salari starting out on the journey of I Appropriately termed the "burden lifters" of lola. There are hundrieds of people now living in itats who will readily agree with the sentiment, this pertaining particularly to those persons who tK and month to month, and who find it hard to save suffident money to pay cash for their nien and women this house is a. boon of the practical character. A j^reait majority of the people ..^ ^ t succeed, but there arc some who fail; and one of the most fruitful sources of failure is the lack of education along the line of economy or, saving. iVhile a saving account at the bank is of course a necessary item, equally as important b a saving by the making of %rise expenditures, expenditures which bring you the greatest value for the' amount invested, investments which will ijlways be the cause of real satisfaction. - Did you ever stop to think that our Great Credit Sysitm is merely a phase of the saving account—only under this system you are actually getting the total account and the benefits which come from it Before you hav^ made the deposits—just think of it—a dollar or Ufo each week from your pay envelope will buy a complete clothing outfit for you and your famity. Week Will Bo. Complete line pf Ladfes' end Misses^ Cleaks, Skints, SllkWalsts^FurSf Leng KUOIoves, Hosiery^ Underwear, Shees; Men's, Boys% Children's Sul^s, Overceats, Qravanetties^ Hats, Qleves, Shoes, Underwear, Furnlshhij^m Prices in every instance are exactly what you would pay in strictly cash stores and we do not charge you one penny more because you purchase on credit You enjoy th^ hill use of the goods while paying for them In small amounts from week to week as you eafn the money. THIS IS POSITIVELY THE MOST LIBERAL CREDIT PUN ON EART^I. STORE OPEN EVENINGS TILL- 9 6'CL-OCK. _L_L ON SECOND THOUGHT. Movements of Tcssels. The three-masted schooner, Jersey Marrs, Is reported to have passed guar antine early yesterday morning, but up to a late hour last night had not dropped anchor. The Marrs hailed from Colorado Springs, touching at Hutchinson en route. a Nebraska man, went crazy in an attempt to live on peanuts. We claim a man who will attempt to live on ireanuts is crazy to begin with. "This hat suits me," said Jab Swisegood yesterday, "but you wouldn't wear it to .a snakefight." Actor Hitchcock was given an ovation by«a New York audience. Which calls attention to the fact that New York is about the only place in this country where that sort of thing Is popular. Incidentally, it is four years or more since' Sousa gave his last medal exhibition in Topeka. A North Carolina young man ,has just killed another young man over a girl. I Not having seen the girl, this department declines to venture any opinion as to whether she was worth it. 'jfeAlJEKflM The other end of the Topeka excitement is that thf young woman threw the young man dowu last spring and that he was only playing eVen, We occasionally abuse it, still, If It hadn't j been for the Assiciat^d Press we never should have kndwn that^or- dlca has a bad cold, and was unable to singi last mght . ... llAMilli Genelrally speaking, something very dreadful has to happen to a girl before it is fpund out that she is beautiful, accomplished, refined and an heiress. The trial of the Bradley case began yesterday. The Bradley case is another one of those Incidents wherein the woman loved the man so much that tHe shot him full of holes. Go out and see Falrmount play Saturday. Also, note the whiskers of Bime oif the "students' who are playing on! that team. - i . The telegraph says Archie Venuto, •HE.WEK WILL SUIT ME ALL RIGHT IF THI5Y-LL LET ME TRADE MY HARP FOR A TROMBONE." —DODD GASTON. Any woman can fool a man Into be- lieving'jthat she is good-looking. ' The evening puper printed Commissioner Ryan's picture again yesterday. This Is^ thjB first time Ryan has had his picture:in the evening paper since last week. , '.^A't A Miss Boswell is quoted as saying any woman can get married in Panama. Fdr that matter, any woman can get married in Kansas if she will take what she can get f "WHE>J PEOPLE ASK ME WHAT WANT I r SAY,: • • -.-»— GIVE JIE} A LICENSE TO KILL THE PROOFREADER!" —DODD GASTON. The only difference is that "affinity seems lo be a more polite and less offensive word than "paramour." Occasionally there is a boy who Is too lazy to «et into mischief. We" gather from his recent photographs-that "Fighting Bob" Evans Is Pure Wholesome \Tho8e in ^o bdieve in qualily^ POWIER . • ••- I • • . • i. " • 26 Oimoea for 2d Cenis Made from'pare; ca^e^u^jr matexiah. Get a i canjoh taiiiL You never saw a^fcakcii and jbiscuiL TbeyHv open J *• it. PISO'S CURE Hacking Coutfhs tew tiM loaci ud etpw tbemtotlwMtTiblenTaaao MMaiaptioa. Dontwaltoi til Tonr ranch has tecooM: I to your health ani }n Ptto** Cure ani im naiBops <rf»»aerer» coughs and colds doriog yuidranistj.i COUGHS.- COLDS ais<^ trying to conceal his bald spot by combing his hair over it. ;A8 we understand it from reading the ^venlng paper, the sprain of Glenn Haiighey's ankle, while a bad one, is n6t ponsidered serious. jThey say Fullback Williams will not be in the game Saturday. Still, we a (ivi |se the people who are trying to k^ep him out to see to It that ithie chain they tie him with is £ood and strobg. ^ ^ _ , CongresBman Hull says that Roosevelt will be forced to run again. "The troubfe with Congressman Hull is that tliau brand of personal advertising had alrefidy been used by fifty other men. Topeka druggist has been arrested for selling cocaine. - It's getting so the Topeka drug^sts have either to be yery careful or make the customers sign up lot it. Bitter look it up. Between now and February at least five hundred wo n ^eE will ask you why they cull It a ben^h show. You can nearly always get the men by jetting the women in free. Chicago reports the finding of a lot- tern Chicago seems to have tumbled to the truth about matrimony at last. THIS JOKE WAS NOT FUNNY. OVERRULED MOTION. Judge Pollock Decides Against Putting Aside Restraining Order. Judge Pollock yesterday overruled the motion which was filed in • the United States district court by the attorneys for A. L. Brumbaiigh and F. J. Horton, to dissolve the restraining order whlchi the receiver for the Our WViy a.ecured In t:ie Federal court Brumbaueh and Horton sued the receiver of the Our Way restaur ratn but the received secured a restraining order In ihe Federal court staying proceeding^. The attorneys for Messrs. Horton and Brumbaugh took the case <o the United States district court where it was argued yesterday. Christian Science will' bear Investigation and you are cordially invited to attend a free lecture) on the subject at the Grand TheiUer Thursday evening, Nov. 21. at eight o'clock. MAY NOT STRIKE SECOND VEIN. I Albert Young's Frlenda Caused Horse to Unseat Him. Albert Young was the victim of a Joke today which might have resulted seriously to him. This morning he skddled his riding horse and rode froiji his home After reaching the comer of Jefferson and Madl- sjin avenuia he engaged in conversation with two draymen who had hktcied their horses at the couft hbu!« fence. DuriniT the conversation one of the men slipped the girth of the saddle back onto^ the flanks of tie horse. When ICr. Yonrg started to ride awar the pony began to leap and bud. 'mth 'the s^otad plunge.Tonus Was thrown violently to the ground, a|igrting on Ms ]eft shoulder. The hprs 9 continued bnokfaia- desilns thef Dark fence twice In an effort to re^ Icks^ the saddle girth? Th« aqimal tned raa east on i ICadlaon a ' block, vjhe^ it fell; and ym ^ngbt. Result of Drilling In Deep Now Uncertain. Well is! A driller at the deep well is quot ed as saying that if gas was not struck within the next one hundred feet he thought the chances of strik* Ing the second vein or pas were not the best; He draws this conclusion from the depth of the wells in the surrounding country where, the second vein of oil or gas was struck. In neai^ ly every well where the second vein of gas ban been • tapped It has not been nqpessary to drill farther than 2,000 feet. However, the driller figures that they will not have to go that far here from between one to four hundred feet The well Is now 2,480 feet deep. More casing has been ordered as has 3,600 feet of wire cable. Cloak values Immeasurably greater here than yon will find In the dty, because we aim to sell Cloaks for ladles, misses and children Just as we sell all other merc^ndlse—at the smallest possible margin of pVoflt Richardson's. CRESCENT TO RUN SUNDAY. ilf<itber. the bpfse nor; rider was bnt tb^; ndOle waa broken in Mistake as to Announcement About Moving Picture Show. The Crescent moving pictnre ishov on West Madison avenue Is not to be closed, but~>rill mn from now onj on Sundays' as well as week iays. Saturday Mr. -Redfleld. the masager was of the oplnkm .that the pleti|re show would not mn the foBowliie Sunday or on Sondays until the i Harris case was settTed in comrt, IfL r»: porter wrotei a story to that effect^ By mistake the story was not nta Saturday but appeared in last ievan- lug's Register. TBe result was; that ibe public got the idei thit Ihe Itihea- ire would not run week days» whieb entirely erroni . Fsr : Fanning Islids'^ for. fkm I«M4„.or£ We havfe jbst received a fresh supply of The TSi: Ki ^aiOaat^ ^ The most perfect shortening ani frying medium known. .Give/ tis yoar order for a pail. ; "Never sold in bulk." Christian Sci^ie^ Free Leetnre on Christian Science by Edward A.KInball of Cklovai His., on Tbnrsday evening, XOT . Stst, 1M7, at eight o'eloek, nier tt* ansplces of First Church of Christ Scientist, lols, Kaasat, at GRAND THEATRE / Vr. Kimball is » meaber ef the B«wd of Leetueskip: •! HM Mother Cbsn!h,.The First Cbnreh of Christ Seleatfot, BwiipB. XHS. Daring' the last twenty years he has serred at dlfforeat ^tliiiei as Reader; FractitioBer and Lcctarer, and for ire years was l^eaeher af^ Christian Science in the XassaehnsetU Metaphysical Coliege la B «a^^ tea. • ..L.'i'.iijjattiiilfJl' The PoMic is CordiaUy hvitei We are booking orders for Thank^vlng Tnrkeys^ Call OS vp. Give us yonr o ^er for anjrthiiif in' the pdtdtry line, livi or dressed, and we -will de> i liver it to you on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We jsell lor cash. Onr price ii right.' . . ; • ; j-; "'•^•1

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