The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1949
Page 3
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, SEPTEMBER 23, 1949 Five Cotton Belt Officials VisitCity Attorney for System Addresses Rotations At Club Luncheon A healthy railroad *yst«m is one ot the first essential* ot a healthy America. Tlmt'i what Judge Becryman Henwood, Jefferson city, Mo., special counsel for the cotton Belt Railroad and former trustee of the road, told members of the Blytheville Rotary Club meeting yesterday in Hotel Noble. Tracing the development of railroads in this country, Judge Henwood pointed out that although the story of railroading has been touched with .scandal, mismanagement and romance, our present rail network stands as a tribute to ^•rican genius." me stated that much o( the success of the United States, from the earliest days, stems from the developments of railroading. "During the late war," Judge Kenwood continued, "railroads moved practically all ot the supplies and personnel. One of America's greatest contributions to the war effort was its contribution of supplies. This would not have been possible had not our farms, mines, wells, industries and seaports been tied together by thousands of miles of steel rails." Turning from tile subject of railroading. Judge Henwood pointed out that even with the billions of dollars the united States has spent abroad "the greatest gift we've given our foreign neighbors has been the example of a democratic, peacful way of life. Our country wai, not m^ide great by chance or accident. We owe our greatness to the basic freedoms we have maintained." Jucijte Henwood was introduced by c.W. Baker, Cotton Belt's gen^ ersl agent for the Blytheville ter ritory, a.nd was accompanied hen, by H.H. Spraggins, industrial commissioner f o r the Cotton Belt P. M. Bunting, Cotton Belt director of public relations; H. Clarke Roberts, general freight agent; and W. E. Thompson, general freight •gent. Among pue.sts at the meeting t re B. D. Cornett, San Diego, lit.. Ray Miller, St. Louis. Mo.; and Tony Birmingham, Blytheville High School student who is Junior Rotarian of the month. BLYi'HEVlLLB (ASK.y COCKIER Wednesday Night Bible SJudy 1:30 pm. ASSEMBLE Or GOD Cnarle* O. Recce, puur Sunday School, 9:45 ajn. Morning Worship, 11 ajo. Evenmg Service, 8 pjn. Prayer Meeting. Wednesday 7 pjn. Christ Ambassador Services, 6:30 pjn. Children's Church, «:30 pjn Evangelistic Service-. 7:30 pjn. FIRS1 BAPTIST E. O. Brown pastor Sunday School, 9:40 a.m. Sunday School, 9:45 ajn. Morning Worship Service, 10:55 a.m Training Union, 6:30 pjn. Evening Worship Services, 1:30 Wednesday Sunday School Cabinet Meeting, 6:45 pjn Prayer Service, 1:45 p.m. Oflicers and Teachers meeting 7:00 p.m. CALVARY BAPTIST 161h and Chickasairiu P. H. Jernlgao patter Sunday School, 9:45 ajn Morning Worship 11:1)0 ajn. Intermediate G A'$ 5:30 pjn B. T U. 7:00 p.m Wednesday choii rehearsal fivenln? Worship. 8:00 p.m officers and teachers meeting at the same hour, 7:00 p.m Wednesday Prayei Meeting. 8:00 Friday. Men's Brotherhood and Young People's NtgM. FIRST Harvey T. Kldd, Pastor 9:45 Sunday School. 11:00 "Our Sunday School". 7:30 pjn. "The church at Antl- och" 6:45 Wednesday; Covered Dish Supper. 1:30 Prayer Meeting. 8:15 Choir Rehearsal. CHURCH Of THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Re*. B, Francis McDeTttt, pastor Sunday Masses. 1:30 and 10:00 a.m. FIRST LUTHERAN 517 W. Walnut Rev. G. Mleuler. paitor 10 a.m.. Sunday School and Bible Class 11 a.m Divine Worship, HKSI BAPTIS1 CHAPEI MISSION Rev. K. O Broim pastor Worship Service 9-30 a.m Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Training Union 6:15 pjn TEMPLE ISRAEL Dr. Alfred Vice, rabbi Netv Year Holiday Services. Friday 8 p.m. Sermcm; "Remember and Return." Saturday 10:30 a.m. Sermon: "Exodus, the Shofar's Tone In 194D." Friday Sept. 30 8 p.m. Sabbath of Repentance Services. FIRST CHRISTIAN' ClIUHCH tester D. Striibhar, pastor 9:30 Choir Practice. 9:4F> Sunday School. 10:50 "Rules For Christian Liv- f'lRSI MF.TIKHHSl Roy 1. Bagley, pastor Church achooi 9:4!> ajn Morning Worship u ajn youth Choii Rehearsal. 5:45 p.m 6:30 p.m Jurnoi Fellowship; Intermediate M. Y P.: Senior-Young 'copies M,VJ Evening Service, 7:30 p.m After church fellowship 8'30pm ' '"" Jj "-'" J "s ot.-rv;<:fs. ^necinj Wednesday, choh rehearsal 7:3ol Mllslc miui - "P ° r the Male Chorus p.m Bible Studv. 8:30 om a:11 ' Quartette. Also orchestra sc- ing.' 6:15 Chi Rho Junior and Senior C.Y.P. lunch. 6:M Chi Rho Junior and Senior C.Y.P. I.CS50I1. 7:30 Evening- Services. Kansas Doctor Arrested for PeddliriQ Drugs JUNCTION CITY. Kas., Sept. 23. f j 'i — A Kansas Board of- Health ivcinber has been accused of sn'p- pivine narcotics smuggled into the OMrado State Penitentiary. Tlie board of health member Is D r . Hueh A. Hooc. Federal agents prre.ncd him Wednesday at his dr^ 1 " store in Hunter. Kas. Thr physician has been active in Kansas Republican circle for many years. He was a delegate to the GOP national convention last year and was featured on a radio network as a typical American delegate. Hope was charge specifically rith selling narcotics to two agenls posing as underworld men. iast week Roy Best, Colprado M|on warden, reported a ring supplying convict."; with narcotics, money and benzedrine had been broken up. Two prisoners were placed in solitary confinement and a guard was charged with smuggling drugs Into the penitentiary. Terry A. Talent, supervisor of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics office lit Denver, said Hope admitted orally he ™ld the drugs to the two undercover agent.s. T. J. Walker, agent in charge of the Kansas City narcotics office. said the arrest "cleans up a very important source of mrcotics golnz to the undenrorld." Hope waived preliminary hearing | at his arraignment here and was I bound to the next federal grand Jury. CHURCH NEWS Blytheville LAKK STRI-K1 LilU3 Harrison, pastor Sur.ila.y Scnuoi 9:4b a.m Preaching Service 10:55 ajn W s CS Monday 2:30 p.-n Wednesday Mid-Week Sei vices ':30 p.m FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Lilly and Vine E. T. Kcllcy. I'nslnr 9:45 Sunday School, Fay Austin, superintendent. 11:00 Morning Worship. 6:45 P.Y.P.A. meets with Mrs. Oll:e Gonclson ' - charge. 7. 45 Evangelistic Service with choir and Orchestra participating. Tuesday and Friday nights services at 7:15. Tuesday night is lection, study wiiV"bc"taken flic ICLh chnoter of Acts. Monrtav 2;30 p.m. Business meeting or Women: Council at the home of Mrs. A. R. \Velenknmn with Mrs. Snnforri Slielton co-'insless. Mrs. J. C. Ellis, Sr.. will offer the devotional and World Call program. 7:00 Bny Scout Meeting. 7:00 Junior choir Practice. 1:00 Orrhestra Practice. Wednesday 7:00 .Senior Choir 8:00 Explorer Unit of Boy Scouts meet. Thursday 6:3(1 Monthly potHick fellowship supper. Trinity. 83 «;30 a.m. Church School. n p.m. Morning Prayer. Monday 10 a.m. Service of Intercession and Prayer for General Convention and Triennial. 7:30 p.m. Men'« Club MeetiM Hotel Noble. '' Thursday, St. Michael and All Angela. 10 a.m. Holy Communion. 1:30 p.m. Choir "ractice. PAGE THKOE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICE 1211 W. Main Sunday 11 p.m. Wednesday » p.m. "Reality" Is the subject of (he Lesson-Sermon which will be read In all Churches and Societies of thc Church of Christ Scientist on Sunday, September 25, 1949. WEST BLVTHFV'n.l K METHODIST PARISH William B .Vount. past or LONE OAK-Worshlp services at II a.m. on the first and third Sundays conducted oj oastoi On other Sundays by laymen from ptrsi Methodist church. Blytheville Church School-Jo a.m every Sunday. MJ SS Marjort Robertson superintendent HALF MOON Worship services »' 11 a.m on second and fourth Sundays by pastor on othei Sundays by laymen from First Method- 1st Church Blvthevllle Church School —10 a.m every Sunday Earl Baker superintendent Rural Churches BURDETTF CHURCH Of GOD R E. Shaw, pastor Sunday School. 9:45 a.m Morning Worship, n am Young People 7:00 p.m Evening Worship g-nn om IMMAVtff-L BAPTIST A. M. Houston, pastor Sunday School. 10 ajn Morn Ins Worship 1] am Training. Union. ^ p.m Evening Service. 7:30 p.m Wednesday night prayer service 7 p.m ST. STF.I'HF.N'S KPtSCOPAL William .7. Fflzhuch, vicar Sept. 25 Fifteenth Sunday after OOSNEl.t BAPTIST Carl Caslleman, pastor Sunday school, 10:00 ajn Morning Worship. 11:00 ajn Training Union, 7:3fl p.m Evening Worship. 8;00 pjn Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Prayer Service AKMOREL H'. O Autcn pastor Sunday School. 10:00 ajn Preaching 11 00 a.m Training Union, 7:00 pjn Evenin? Worship, 8:00 p.m. Famous and Traditional H(W m ROGERS*SILVERPLATE 52 pieces FIRST CHURCR OK THE XAZARF.NE Royal G. SctiuUz, PasUr Sunday School 9:15 a m. Sermon by Pastor 11:00 a.m. .Nazcrene Training Union 6:45 p.m. Sermon by Pastor 7:45 p.m. Wednesday Night Prayft Meeting 7:« p.m. W- F. M. S. Wednesday Afternoon 5 p.m. Sunday School Visitation Friday T:oo p.m. T-i?" 1 Preachers Service Satur"•» P.m. F CHRIST day School 9:50 a.m. M", " h * Service 10:50 a.m. •.We Study s:« p.m. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. CUMIBKB ICOSWBf SERVICE FOR 8 16 Teaspoons 8 Knives 8 Forks 8 Soup Spoonj 8 Salad Forks 2 Tablespoons 1 Butter Knife 1 Sugar Shell $OO75 29 Chest Included PATTERM $ 3 DOWN $1 A WEEK Interest, No Carrying Charge, No Fed. Tax This certifiei rhat the merchandise you purchaw ii tht celebrated tradi- ticnof Rogen Silv»rplo(«. Ever/ pi«e it yuorontetd ogoinif original defettt in workmanship ond material and i« certified lo conform to th» Jtondords of craftsmanship which hove mod* tfm brand fomoui for generations* DREIFLS llrfiFus . HI. \mi \im M tear Diamonds *TOW» m KTtHIVIUf. I COCMZLL METHODIST Ve* AMlenwa, pwUr Church School 10 a.m. Wor»hip Sen'lce u a.m. HALT MOON *HSaaB.T OP GOD NEW UHEETS HAPTU1 fit* mat* Soih Hlfhwcj a IMfer, *Mlar School, J0:00 tja Mortilnj Worship. il:oo *jn. Training Union, 7 pjn Evening Worship Serrtc*. 1:M p.m. NITMKEH MNe BAPTIST Gene Shulti, putor Sunday School 9:i5 t m Morning Worship, 11:00 »Jn Sunaar 3:1$ p . m . uiiUoc Ana Sunday School and churcb at Var- bro School auditorium Training Union, 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship. 8 pm GATEWAI TABERNACLE L. G Borah, putat Church Service, 9 « ajn Bvemng Worship, 7:30 pjn. HALF MOON ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev MartlD Reagan p»«U» Church Seruice Wednesday and Friday. '1:30 pjn Sunday School IC:00 am Morning Worship 11:00 ajn O A Service 1:00 p.m Evening Worship. 8:00 pjn Wednesday prayer service ci o.m WOODLANU CORNEB BAK1IS1 Sunday Schuol, 10:00 ajn Worship Service. 11:00 ajn B. r U. 7:00 p.m Evening Worship 8:00 pjn Wednesday Prayer Service 7:00 HUFFMAN CHURCH t» GOD •ucday aehooL »:« ajn. Morning Worship, n M UB. Evening Servic*. 7:30 pjn, Y-P-E., Saturday. 7-JO PJU. HUTFMAJ* SACT18T Darid Mcreak& putor > 10:00 a.m., Sunday ^yy>j. 11:90 a.m. Morning Servic*. 8 Pm. Evening Service 7:30 pm. B.T.U. Meeting Friday. 1 pjn. choii practice and Prayer meeting. FLA1 LAKE METHODIST LeKoy Henry, mIntaUf Morning Worslilp. every Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday School, every Sunday 10:30 a.m PROMISE!* LAND ME! HOD LSI LcRo; Henry, mlnlstet Church School each Sunday 10:00 a.m Worship Sei-vlcea, llrst and Uiira Sundays, 11:00 a.m.; second and fourth Sundays ''•30 p.m. M.Y.P.-wdnesday. 7:30 p.m. Wcslcynn Guild, second and fourth Thursdays. ROUNO LAKK ClIUKCil Or CHRIST Thomas I.. Conner, Minister Sunday School 10 a.m. Worship Service n a.m. Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:30 ]>.in. VAKKKO MISSIONARY BAPTIST Rev. I'arkrr Hay, minister Sunday School 10 a.m. Prcnihing Servile 11 am. B.T.U. 6:30 p.m. Prcarhlng 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Friday night. School, each Sunday ana first Churcb 10:00 a.m. Worship Services, second fourth Sundays, 11:00 ajn.; and third Sundays, 7:« p m Wesleyan Guild, first and third Mondays. CUtAJt LAKE BAP1IST J. e. cox, puiui Sunday School 8:45 ajn Worship Service 11:00 a.m/ Training union. 7 p.m Worship Service. 8 p.m Mid-Week Service. 7:30 pjn Wednesday. ' Luxoro Churches or non J. C. Dickinson, pastor 10:00 a.m Sundn.v School 11:00 a.m Worship Service 6:00 pjn c. A Service 7:30 p m Snlnrriny Service. 1:30 p.m Wednesday Prayer sei vice CHURCH Of CH.'tlST Owai L Hays flimsier Bible Study 10 a.m. Preaching u a.m. 1 30 pm (Irst and third Sundays flRS'l BAP'I'IS'I A B. Hill pastor 10:00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 am Worship Services 6:00 [>.m B T D 7'IJtt -im Worship -Service 7:00 D.m .Vednesoay Prayej vice MKTIIOIIIS'I II. I* Xn s isftn iM.tfor Church School 10 a rr Morning Worship u a.m. Mclhodlsi Youth Followshii :rmips K . Worship Rrrvlre 7 D m Osceolo Churchts FIRST CHRISTIAN U 8. SOU Jr., BMtv Mornlnr Worship, 10:60 am. Evening Services 7:00 pjn. Midweek Servtoe, 7:30 pj». FIRST PRESBYTHIAN L. T. Lawrence, putt* Sunday School, 9:44 « n Morning Worship. 11 ajn. You ne People, 8 :00 pJB. Wednesday evening eervie*, 1M FlttS'i BAPTIST Ruuei) j. Clubb, BMte* Sunday School, 9:45 an Morning Worship 11:00 tun. B I Onion 8:30 pm Evening Strptce 7:30 pro Midweek Service. 7:30 pm ClUJ'fCH OF CHRIST Morning Worship 10:45 ajn. Evening Service 7:30 pjn Smtlny School, 9:48 *.m Bible Kiurly TuesriHv nnd Friday ST. MATTHEWS Rev B. Francis MeDeTttt 1st. 3rd and 5th Sunday! Mass. 8:00 a.m PKNTKCOFTAI Norman Kent, pastor Event/is Service 7:30 om. FlltS'l MKTHODISI II. J. Courhraan, paster Sunday School J:45 a.m Worship service I 1 n.m. Method!.*' Youth FeUim ship «:I8 Wnrshtp service. 1 p.m Wednrsdny- Vouth Oholi practice. ii:3i pm. Senlni Choir 1:30 p.m CAl.VARV EPISCOPAL William J. Htzhufh, Tiear Sept. 25 Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. 9:-15 n.m. Church School. 7::H) p.m. Evening Prayer. .OWES ICES Smart New Coats For Fall Coverts • Tweeds • Gabardines Fitted and Swing Back All New Fall Colors All Sizes 100% Virgin Wool 19 95 to36 95 Yes, It's Hard to Believe Those Prices .. . But It's True! And the Quality Is There Too! Us* Our Uy-Away |>| ;in —A Small Deposit Holds Your Sel NYLONS $ 57 Go. - 15 Denier Now, Per Pair Dress Values Smort Foil Dresses in Satin Crepes, Wools and Brocadei ... All lovely styles, latest Fall colors—priced from It's the VOGUE SHOP for Belter Values The VOGUE SHOP 210 E. Mom Phone 2906

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