The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 19, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1964
Page 2
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PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Saturday. Dec. 19, 1964 TRIBUNE FARM & HOME PAGE— COUNTY AND FARM > HOME • CITY SUN. & MON. AT DIANA Sharon Hugueny and Peter Fonda play twd college students who fall desperately in love, with near tragic consequences, in Mefro-Goldwyn-Mayer's frank and moving drama, "The Young Lovers'." Touching on the problem of pre-marital relations, prevelant today in universities throughout America., the timely drama was produced and directed by SamuelGoIdwyn, Jr. Give Gift Certificates for Kiiapp shoes. Phone Walter Batts, Tipton, Indiana ATTENTION FARMERS ASK FOK FREE CATTLE FEEDERS FEEDING GUIDE AT YOUR CO-OP ELEVATOR 0 ^ TIPTON -2- &EMPTON SHARPSVILLE CHRISTMAS FOR BLIND NEW YORK (UPI) — The Associated Blind, whose policy is "let the blind lead the blind," threw a unique Christmas party today for blind children who have been writing their Christmas wishes to a blind Santa Cluas in Braille. The sightless Santa is Irving M. Selis, the organization's executive director, who gave the youngsters what they asked for on their lists — Braille watches, Braille interlocking dominoes and other gifts, each inscribed with the child's name in Braille. On (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI). — The government's investment in price-supported commodities as of. Oct. 31 totaled $6,998,032,523. This was $423 million less than a year earlier; but $74 million more than the previous month. The Agriculture Department said the current investment was made up of $4,918,709,464 in commodities owned outright by the Commodity Credit Corp. and $2,079,323,059 in outstanding loans on commodities still held by producers. The investment in feed grains - both loans and inventory — totaled almost $2.4 billion. The feed grains included corn, barley, grain sorghum, oats, and rye.. The wheat investment of 955 million bushels was valued at $1.8 billion.. The cotton investment of slightly more than 10 million bales was valued at $1.6 billion. The tobacco investment of more than 1 billion pounds was valued at some $773 million. The dairy investment was valued at $147.8 million, less than half the investment a year earlier. The Italian government has agreed to permit imports of poultry parts from the United States for the first time. Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman said this action opened up the Italian market for a complete line of U.S poultry products. , The poultry parts include |~breasts, drumsticks, and thighs for direct consumption and backs and wings for the production of poultry extracts. CHRISTMAS TREES JUST ARRIVED ANOTHER LOAD O F SELECT NORTHERN, SCOTCH PINES 4' TO 8' SIZES Harold and Berniece Lee Purdue Host To Junior Leaders TELL Mi WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Agriculture Department estimates the farm debt on Jan. 1 will total $36.6 billion, up $3.4 billion, or 10.2 per cent, from Jan. 1, 1964. The total debt will include real estate debt of $18.6 billion, up $2 billion, and non-real estate debt of $17.6 billion, up $1.4 billion, from Jan. 1, 1964. The real estate debt hopped up 11.5 per cent while the hike in non-real estate debt was 8.9 per cent. The department said this was the first time since 1361 that real estate secured debt rose considerably faster than non-real estate debt. The department said the rapid rise in the real estate debt to a large extent reflected lower prices for feeder cattle and less costly feeding operations, and smaller incomes of cattle producers and feeders. But it also may have reflected a desire of borrowers to place more of their financing on a longer term basis and a desire of lenders to have greater security behind their loans, the department said. In a review of .agricultural finance, the department said taxes levied on farm real estate in 1963 increased by $70 million, or 5 per cent, above the amount levied in 1962, Preliminary reports indicate 1964 levies will be up another 5 per cent. Government purchases of dairy products in November included: Butter, 316,000 pounds; cheese, 4.8 million pounds; and non-fat dry milk, 13.8 million pounds. This compares with 1963 purchases of butter, 1.8 million pounds; cheese 12.4 poufids; and non-fat dry milk, 3.8{million pounds. . Ilmcommitted stocks ori-hand as,'of-Nov. 30 included: Butter, 27!4 million pounds; cheese, 25.1 million pounds; and non-fat dry milk, 114.3 million pounds. WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Agriculture Department said today food stocks in cold storage on Dec. 1 totaled 7.8 billion pounds. This was equal to ref WHAT IS A5BESTOS < AND r> VWERE DOES YT COME£ROM\ Pom© m iftfc #>Rto .M .vff/egs &cnm. BSDS OF <srt*& , Bseesips MORT-tiMgHPvE' 'fW/ EFFECT! Vo THE LIQUID'INSIDE A A coecMurcJ. COCONUT MILK ? Tipton County 4-H Junior Leaders Achievement Trip was held Sunday with a trip to the Purdue University Christmas Convocation. Sponsors of the trip were Walter Pring Implement Company and the Citizens. National Bank. Fifty-one Junior Leaders who completed their 1964 project were eligible to attend the" convocation and a smorgasbord at Morris Bryant Inn Annually the Christmas Convocation is produced by the Purdue Glee Club, Purduettes and University Choir in the Elliott Hall of Music. The production is presented t o approximately 22,000 people in four performan' ces Junior Leaders attending the trip included: Ellen Atkisson, Sharon Bronson, Janet Clark, Beth Doversberger, Steve Eltzroth, Pam Grim me, Maria Henderson, Cathy, Lam on a and Len na Hoover Pam and Shirley Jordan, Lou Ann Kendall, Nancy Murphy, £—1-— ^1 * Beth-Rockwell, Donna and Larry TcIISC VlallllS Rump, Bill and Cynthia Sals- - _ , _ _ bery, Ellen and Roberta Schweit- MaHA Eni* Xa lAC zer* Sharlyri Shockney and Suz- "'™C WW tJCIlO Glenda Ticen, Ellen Weismill- Tax Exemptions er, Jean Ann Wisman, Eldon and r , • Duane Wittkamper, Linda Wy- Indiana Department of Reve- rick, Rachel Salsbery, Linda nue reports many service or- Atchley, Sue Cauble, Katie Cox, ganizations, non-profit groups, Linda Fennell, Sandy Harlow, businesses, farmers and in- Marsha Hinkle, Candy Kelley, dividuals not qualified for sales Jack Lee, Gail and Gloria Lein- tax exemptions are either being inger, Jane Longfellow, Kristi given such exemptions or mak- Moeller, Tom Newsom, Oren ing claims for them. Rector, Jr., Connie Stewart, Circular sl-14, defines nqn- Jewe* and Mina K. Tyner, and profit and wholy exempt organi Sidney Williams. . zations, and unless organizations are listed in the circular they CAN A PERSON EXPIRE FROM EXCESSIVE LAUGHTER?! ZFOX/S.-OHE PAIUTER.DI© FROM LAUGHING AT A PICTURE HE DREW! NOI ITISW&TERrra/tf- CRN BE USED FOR DRINKING! COCONUT MILK rS OBTAINED FROM THH CRUSHED. PULP 1 . ARE WOODEN SHOES MANUFACTURED IN " TF4E UNITED STATES ? ySS.FROM iTO 3 MILLION PfilRS SRCH YgRR'.lH^ RRg WOfcN CWeRM & AGRICULTURAL PND CftNN^RY W0gK#d W> SlfcNP OS VJfrf (3ROUNP AND pQO^ rigerated holdings of a year must Pay sales tax., earlier but 13 per cent more A number of Utilities, such: as than the Dec. i, 1958-62, aver- REMCls, are receivipg from age farmers,, service stations, used Cooler-held stocks totaled 4 car lo X 4 f ver ° s and oth , er busi- billion pounds, following heavy nesses sates tax exemptions on withdrawals of fres'h .fruit* thacj ^rty bills.• Freezer stocks were down to , farmers are .subject to sales 1.8 billion pounds, the result ot A«r .utilitybills as de- • ••• - •-• -* J „; fined in circular St-30, unless Money is only the half of it.. WE DEAL IN REAL ESTATE TOO BEST .RAtElW THE AREA.... : TIPTON* 113 COURT -STREET You.could evpn say that wo deal in DREAMS! You furnish £he dream . . . we furnish the .financial means to help you have the home you're dreaming of. With the help of a Loan at our low rates, you can buy or build now, then repay in convenient installments. Come in and talk it over with us and get the full details, soon.. EAST SIDE OF; SQUARE TIPTON, INDIANA On The Lighter Side seasonal net withdrawals of dai- ocular St-30 ry products, eggs, poultry, have seperate meters for fruits, vegetables, and juices. the equipment used in direct ag- „ , , ,. .... ncultural production. All others Fresh apple supplies totaled flre subject |o saIes tax 49 million bushels the same as other t of DUsinesses must a year earher Holdings of fresh oye a predom i na t e use a s de- pears totaled 2.a million boxes, {ined in circular SW6 to m 8 per cent larger than a year for exemption . ago. Frozen fruit m storage on Anyone claiming exemption Dec. 1 amounted to 580, million from ^ sales tax must pounds, 2D per cent more than tQ ^ Department of ftev enue, a year earlier and 10 per cent t to th utiUty ^ exemption more than average. Fresh vege- status tables totaled 1.3 billion pounds. Anyoim claiming to ^ exernpt Orange concentrate stocks to- w j, 0 does not qualify for exemp- taled 14 million gallons, down tion) must not ify their utility 26 per cent from a year earlier, company in writing to cancel Butter m storage Dec. 1 to- further use of this exemption taled 94 million pounds, 41 per certificate, cent below average for the date, Any deviation must be by 61 per cent less than a year written authority of the Commis earlier, and the lowest Dec. 1 s5oner of state Revenue. Fur- inventory since 1960. Govern- tner information may be ob ment-owned butter in storage tained at the Indiana Depart was 58-million pounds. A year ment of Revenue Field Office, ago government stocks totaled 412 s . Adams Street, Marion 203 million pounds. American -. cheese holdings were 296 million REBELS KILLED pounds, 9 per cent less than a year earlier. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Frozen poultry stocks on Dec. (UPI)—British soldiers killed 1 were 418 million pounds, 2 per at least three Indonesian gueri cent less than a year earlier rilIas • in southern Sarawak, it but 7 per cent more than aver- was r e P ort ed here Friday, age. Turkey stocks were 272 Military officials said several million pounds. otner Indonesians and-two Bnt- at stocks on ons were wounded in the fight_ 685 million in£ pounds. Of this, beef stocks to- T „ „,,„ _ taled 301 million pounds. T0 . BU,LD REFINERY ~ NICOSIA, Cyprus ,(UPiy — Tipton County Library Sne W and Mobil Oil, cqmpanies „„, xyr j , TT T have reached agreement with open Monday-Wednesday- the Cyprus government, tp "e's- Friday till 8:00 p.m. tablish an.oil refinery, tiere fat an estimated cost of $8,4-mil- C-tf iion. ' By DICK WEST i United Press Infernational I WASHINGTON (UPI) — The advertising game, which for many years was the most dogmatic of all professions, give or' take baseball umpiring, • ap- P"!>rs to • have entered an era of creeping uncertainly. Copywriters no longer seem as sure of themselves as they once were, particularly on television. Judging from some of the commercials currently [being aired, a sizable part of Madison Avenue is beset by nagging little doubts. I haven't done any research on this, but I believe the record will show that the decline of sponsor omniscience began about the time that one of the home. permanent advertisers began asking. "Which twin has the Toni?" . Doubt Enters Scene It is true that in these commercials the tonied twin was eventually identified. But an element of doubt had been injected. For a brief moment, viewers were left hanging on a [question mark. Which was a new experience for most of us. We couldn't tell 'which twin had the toni and we weren't sure that the sponsor knew either. Even after he pointed her out, some doubt persisted. We still were not entirely' convinced that he had pointed to For "On the Farm Service}; the right one. That tiny crack in sponsor self assurance opened a gap -o a flood of other questions. It wasn't long, for instance, before a hair coloring advertiser began asking, "Does she or doesn't she?" This time, .the sponsor admitted that he was as much in the dark as the viewers. He told us we would have to get this information from her hairdresser. His belwiderment was nothing, however, compared to that of a cigar advertiser who has been agonizing for months over whether a gentleman should offer a tiparillo to a. lady. Seldom have I seen, anyone so torn.'by-indecision. : ,. i . No D<Kision : Readied i. i.At ,tirnef, the. sponsor...seems almost on--the brink of forming an opinion. But when the-moment of truth arrives, he backs away and evades the issue. Obviously, he has lost all confidence in his ability to think things through to a proper conclusion. I fear that by the time this series ends he will be a complete neurotic. By all odds, however, the most striking example of a sponsor not knowing what to believe is provided by another hair- coloring advertiser. This one has his models say, "If I have but one life, let me live it as a blonde." !! END OF YEAR SPECIALS !! 10% OFF THE FOLLOWING THRU DEC, 31 1944 1-606 Utility w/314 mtd. plow,.51 hrs: 1964 F-706D w/wide front end, 295 hrs.. .. --. 1963 I-460D Utility, 800 hrs., like new „-,.-.— 1959 F"560D, very good ...— '— 1956 F-400D w/P.S., F.H., wide front, real nice ..1——1~ 1953 SUMTA w/PJ5* fire craters, real clean .....ii—^ 1947 Farmall M w/fire craters, excellent tires . ^ 1943 Farmall M w/P.S. and loader, real good outfit -1. 1961 I.H. No. 101 11' combine, A-l —L...'--„. r J„J- - - ', 1961 I.H. No. 151 12' combine, w/pickup reel, cab, P.S., hyd. prop., chopper, 2 row corn head, looks like new 1959 XD. No. 55 12' combine w/chopper and 1962 No. 310 corn head, very clean , —1 1956 M.H. No. 60 10' combine "?5.i00.00 7 ,600.00 4,395.00 4,050.00 2,150.00 1,850.00 1.195.00 1,175.00 4,050.00 THIS INCLUDES FREE LOANER TIRES' While We Repair the Old Ones! C & W FIRESTONE STORE ARMSTRONG FARM JBQUIBMENXi Arcadia, Ind. New 2 MH corn picker . — New Int. Cub Lo-Boy tractor w/hyd. bucket loader and rotary mower ~ — '.-'i New I.H. No. 21 40' elevator w/rec. conveyor iJW I.H. No. 24 F.H. mower—:..—— '.'^ 1964 N.I. 10' fert. dlsf. W/grass seed—like new—— 1964 Bolens roto-tiller—like new . — irr-h-,."' Portable elevator drag w/englne —— , 1959 2 MH.picker—very, very nice —... ' JO'V' wheel disc --- ( - : ' 40*. elevator w/PTO drive, very nice ——'-455 cultifof H or M .——- -— i•> 455 eiim'M F-560 W/2V4" dbl. acHng cyl. and F.H. rear UfWftr Like n€wt:4. . 7r v V 7,500.00 4,800.00 1,550.00 20% OFF THE FOLLOWING THRU DEC. 31 • 3,229.00 2,787.00 1,195.00 • 295.00 : 240.00 135.00 ,175.00 : 1,450.00 ' 375.00 '\,f 35M ." 500.00 it- 675.00 ,4^8 t0 ^4 r i Hor "--H^- 1 314 ni«,*;C-H. plow 414 No. 412 seml-mtd. plow——-514 No. 512 semi-mtd. plow...,'.:. L ..,.„L—L J -' 1U "385 .00 „ i-A-Lr'-t.' 375.00 L_.—:~i—' «5.00 850.00

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