Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 2
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w» . . . RlXe SETTINGS. We have a llae of gold Rings of manifold design, beautiful plain gold, light-weight 'ound wire rings: oroamental gold and plain gold band. etc.. set with rich white Dlamonda and—but yqu must see them to appreciate their tone. Prices from $15.00 up. Also an immense variety of low priced settings, very uiiitahle as gifts. J. W, COFFET * 80S. Exrlnshe Jewslen East Side- WE TAME PLEASrBE IX SHOWIXG OIR GOODS. —mgfnli, Aito ^LlTerr. Pkiiae. To Entertain Class. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Rlcliardsou will give an Informal party tonight for a number of young ladies. The! Soests will be members of the class which Mr. Richan^n instructs in the Christian Sunday school. • - + In Toronto. Mrs. W. .O. L^nhart is a guest of friends In Toronto. • • • There is no^Soap to equal Jap Rose for washing the hair. Lathers freely, rinses easily, leaves no sediment. Kirk makes it. AU ^^i* Afti\rtwon Paryt Miss Beulah MoCaacs gave a party yesterdajr afternoon for a few girl frieiuls, nembers of her Sewing clQh. Dinner was served at five o'clock at tables prettily trimmed with flowers.; Tb« dub'a guests were Miss GAortwtte Kehey and liliss Minna Bartvli. • • + MIM Atceck Here. Miss Gertrude Ateock of Chanute. was a gtiest of friends here yesterday. • • + W. R. C. Reception. Tbla week Is an eventful one for the Woman's Relief Corps. In addl- tim to Uie inspection and entertain- OMat for the Yates Center Corps on mday, there win be s reception on Sctnraay. The affair is to be a greet- llfg for Commander and Mrs. W. A. Vorgwi. who are coming here for an iB^iction of the G. A. R. on tbe day naMd. The reception is to be quite an elaborate event with the memtters of MeOook post and the Relief Corps as fnests. • * • Cofflmittee Meetlnq. The committee on decorations for the fcooth to be erected for the Alta Seta girls at tbe Presbyterian rum- mace sale is having a meeting today. • * * WANTED—Ten young ladies to solicit subacriptlOBB for good, reliable newspaper in Diamond Ring contest. Contest will be short, ending the day bafOre.Christsoas. Diamond ring to cost I50HK) cash. Write giving name and address. "R. C", care lola Daily Register. • + • ^ Mothers' Club. • There was an especially pleasant meeting at .Builders' chapel yesterday afternoon for the Mothers' club. The honor gnest was Mrs. Mary Worley who baa lately returned from a charge in Japan. Mrs. Worley Is visiting relatives In LaHarpe and appeared AUDITORIUM DaU raeorded at local fOOce. U. S. Waatber Boraao. yestarday, today and a year ago. IfeveBber 18. Yesterday. Yr. Ago 2 p. m 78 49 4 p. m 49 6 p. m. 62 43 8 p. m 67 39 10 p. m. 51 38 13 i4idl |lSbt 60 39 MaximnB temperature ..78 49 Walmam-temperature ..39 30 Predpltatton 7 p. m. ... 0 0 Novenber 19. Today. Yr. Ago 2 a. m. 61 36 4 a. m 60 35 6 a. m. 50 38 8a. m 51 38 10 a. m 64 44 « noon 70 46 Precipitation 7 a. m o 0 AuditeriuM Team Won by Clese Score of 2* to A Oeod Oame. WtANTED—Lady bushier and pres- pay. MADE IT A LIFE STUDY. Lydia Largent; Messrs Ortba Ensmin ger, James HoweH, Harry Heath. J. Snavely, Ed. Howell, Robert Saavely. R- Tiny Rlghthouse, Mr. Whitman. Al•in Harden. Messrs. and Mesdames Bryant, Urich and Cain. • > * Guild Meetli^ Wlomen of the Guild of St Timothys Episcopal church attended a meeting at the home of Mrs. Frank L. Travis yesterday. Tbe afternoon was occupied wltb bnslness. • • + To Independence. Merlin Boyd has gone to Independence tor a two weeks' visit • • • Mrs. Munger Coming. Mrs. B. E. Munger of Yates Center will spend Saturday and SXinday here with Mrs. L. C. Munger. • • • Childran'e Party. Several small boys are planning a party to bo given daring the holiday.O"* RMaon Why "Fighting Bob's — • ' «on Was Reprimanded. A very enthusiastic .crowd attend" ed the bartet baU game at the Andi- torium last night and everr good play called for dieers. Tbe "rooters" for tbe high s«bool team and the rtnk team were, about evenly divided and tbe game was so ck>se that ^ . there was considerable doing in the ««• "twidy ^^V^y^^nt good noise line all tbe time. At tbe end Apply Milne Tailoring Co. of the first half tbe score stood 12 to i LOAN-|6,000 private money on 12, and it was a foregone conclusion , , . ,, . , , . . that the last ^lalf would be boUy con-:"™ • ^' cent-Iola Land Co. tested. Tbe rink team scored 17 polnU in this half while tbe high school only managed to annex 8. Tbe members of both teams played good ?'?f ''Si 'h "iib *'^^c?o <!f i;^, "^Sil klndsof second hand some exceptionally clever throws household furniture.—The lola FumK while Ellis. Roberts and Allen did tare Exchange. A. W. Beck. Prop, tbe same for the rink team. Blair, the Phone 25. tall center, plays a good game, and Is —— somewhat of a comedian along with WANTED-^To buy a good secom WANTED—Two yonng ladles tc solicit C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and- 11, Evans Block. band buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Dr. J. 8. Leeahardt Foand the Canse Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa and Care ef Pfles. Store, lola. Kas. Dr. J. S. Leonhardt the celebrated | SALESMEN * AGENTS—| S $ $60.00 specialist of Lincoln, Neb., proved, af- per week and over can bemads lellicg ter yvars of study, that tbe cause of New Campaign Novelties from now piles is internal—bad circulation, ontll eleetlon. Soils to..Btores. Coun- Tben be perfected Hem-Rold. an In- ty IWra. Ffcnlca and Private nunlUes. temaV remedy, and In 1000 different Gomplete'Une of samples, charges pre- cases It cured 98 per cent By. Dr. paid- for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO Leonbardt's order. Hem-Roid Is sold NOVELTY CO, 60 Wabash Ave., under an iron-clad guarantee. If It Chicago, fails, the money Is paid ba(;k. $1 at Chas. B. Spencer ft Co.'s. or mailed by Dr. Leonhardt Co., Station B. Buffalo, N. Y. Write for booklet DRANK WITH ENLISTED MEN. TOKIGHT AUDITORIUn season for tbeir friends. Tbe party will be in Missonic halt * ** Miss Gardner Here. Washington. Nov. 19.—^LJeutenant w.r.. Frank T. Bvans, United States navy. Miss MTI ^ GarSerof 'HumboIdtrecenUy was reduced 150 num- in thrcity yesterday to visit,for condurt friends. * + + Choir Rehearsal. ' WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway Mall and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by Mall. Established 14 years. Thoutonds of suc- cesslal' students. Sample questions and "How Gov't /Positions are Secured" sent free. 'Inter-State Schools, 291 la. Ave Cedar Hapids. Iowa. FOR SJUS' JOHKG. WOODHr.M^S. Physlcbin and JSugees. ilTer Borrell's. Phone lO. • DB. MILDRED GUBTII * PhyskiM aad Swg«M. . • Office over Bn'reU's Drag ttora Office Phone 654. * Residence 214 B. Jackson • Phone 569. *• DB. MeMOUnr, Special attention given to tt* treatment of all Chronic Dlsaa»*. es and Diseases-of Chlldros.. Telephones: Office 82. Rek'tU. Office over Burrell'j Omg fltocil West Madison. ' '£. y-y< *'***"** *»: Phone 687. Bad. ItL V DB. 0. L. COI, • Eye, Ear. Nose and Thfoat ' Spectacles Properly Ftttad. * OlJBce A. O. U. W. Bids. • • • Office Tel. 1083. Might Tel. m ; ^R SAU^-Good second, hand sewing machines. $3.00. $4.00. $5.00. $6.00, $8.00. The lola Furniture Ex-j* an officer and prejudicial to tbe service, was today reprimanded by'Act- «..w.r SecreUry Newberry, in accord, The Presbyterian choir will have a with findings of the court-mar- ^^Z'^T'-^^.y^^^^AZl'""''^^ j rebei^ toni^t at tho church. There i , change- South Jefferson Ave. wU be special music on the approadi-1 ^^^'Dai^SperiT:^ commander-ln-chler | SALE-Two Bush & Gerts lag Sunday in celebration of Thanks'' giving and tbe- time of the rehearsal is changed because of the concert tomorrow ntgbt + 4 • Art Club. DB. B. 0. tmasms Pbysicfaui aad iaige— Rooms 7 and 8. Evana Bldfr Of tbtf AUantIc fleet of battleships. Ip'pjanos slightly used. left with me for aDProvIng- tbe findings, said that he gale by Chanute parties. These are "did BO in order that Ueutenant Bv- var^lns. John V. Roberts Music Store, ans shall not entirely escape pnnlsb-' ment" but made • known his belief FOR SALE—A 22-acre fruit and There wU. be a meeting of the Art,a-^a-at^^^^^^^^^ that the young, officer tad not been truck farm. 2 miles north of Gas City. The court-martial found Lieutenant Good bottom land. J. W. McWIIllams, • • • Home From Chanute. Miss Pearl Fuller is at home after a few days' sUy with friends in Chair nnte. •f 4> •> Sewing Club. fore being adequately relieved, of dls- ^ respectful language to his superior SALE OR TRADE^-Good prop- ofllcer and of inviting two enlisted erty. close in. Call 110 West Monroe. men to have a bottle of beer In bi« —' ~ F. H, MABIDf, * Surgery and Dlisaiss of ' Women. Office and Residence Phona ilt * Office 7 North JeSarson. - • JEWBLR8. B. F. Pancoast, old rellahto 110 East Street Lodge Difcctoff' room. ELKIN8 WANTS TO KNOW W«Y. ;F0R RENT—TWO 3-room houses In ______ East lola; $3.00 per month. Fred Miss Edna McClaln was hostess of p«,««#iw., OM< J .I. Brenner. Gas City: 134 South Osbom „ R «win<F rinh vMterdav afternoon. ^alls Postomee Omcials for Giving Publicity to Ring Incident .•ireei. her Sewing club yesterday afternooo for tbeIr party which- is given each week. The five o'clock luncheon followed the informal hour with needlework. • • • Violet Chib. Mrs. J. A. Powell of FOR RENT—Pour room house. In- members something of conditions in Japan and the mission work in progress thera Her talk was very inter-1 etsing and the audience was thor-' . ^. . . , oughly appreciative. After the lec- Hell*ts Is giving a party today for ture Mrs. Worley met the ladles in- the Violet club. ^ formally and five o'cloci tea - was • •• • served. I Oyster Supper. One of the social events Pittsburg. Pa. Nov. 19.-U was said quire 422 North Washington, here today that Senator Clkins of West Virglnis. yesterday called tho loacl post office and custom officials -wihsoior on the telephone, from EHfclns. W. Va.. woeeier wanted to know why publicity romMXOHMUms Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 . and $3000. Cash for merchandise or , was given to the fact that the ring farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola, Kas. sent from Rome to Miss Elklns »»«i - + + + Mrs. Brumbaugh Hohie. J Largent. Anna Saavely. Ruth Bryant belm the dub yesterday to tell the Sylvia UrIch, Bessie Melsenheimer, of the ever, and were non-committal regard- ... .'^eek ««» lodge olrdea was an oyster the whereabouts of the alleged Mrs. A. U Brumbaugh has return- supper wbld, the Piateraal Aid gave rtog. ed from a visit with her mother in '"tl «>W>t. The regular session of Maltland,' Mo. the lodge was closed at an early hour 4 and; after that a -vary elaborate sap- Miss McNalty to teave. P?''»erved. The membership of,Now Can Vote at SUte and Common- WOMEN VriN IN AUSTRALIA. Miss Lois McNally who has spent the todgo was largely represented and the past few months In lola, expects the evening waa specially pleasant, to leave oh Thursday for her home In, • • • No Card Club Meeting. wealth Electlona. O To get acquainted with the O O public I will sell all public sales O O free of charge listed before Jan. O O 1. 1909. Reference furnished from O O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O O isfaction guaranteed: Graduate O Q of Missouri Auction School. O O Telephone 835. O O . E. E. VICKERS. O Melbourne. 'Australia. Nov. 19.— ^„„ , » Chllllcotbe. Mo. No Card Club Meeting. |The Victoria legislative council tas -2 ^ J ^^t St. ^ola. Kans. O * + + Tbe Wednesday lEucbre aub will i»ssed a bill empowering women xai^^^^^^^^^OOOOOOOO For Girl Friends. not have a party next week. The. vote at the state elections. This bill Miss Edna McClaln las asked a convention of teachers will conflict,'previously liad been rejected aeveral fpw girl friends for a party tomorrow with possible arrangements for the j times. Women thrpughout Australia night at her home. 208 South Cotton wobd street. • + + For Miss McNally. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Bryant 714 party, and there will also be events at the Tfasnksgiving seaaon. * * * Postpone Exchange. Tbe W. C. T. U. hM announced Hammered Brass We reneiyed today a line of Hani- meted Brass. It consists oi Candle Btioks, Trays. Vases, Jardi- neers and mah^ other pieces, both nseftil and ornfllmeqj^. Many are inexpensiver-tibe t^pg for prizes. South street, gave a very enjoyable that the exchange wfaicta tbey had Ptuty last night for a number of paHially arranged for Saturday will tbeir friends. The guest of honor not be. held for two weeks. The of- was Miss Lois McNally. A small sup-, fleers are arranging for a mass temper was served after the evening's perance meetinx to occur on the Sun- diversions. Among those present day following Thanksgiving and tbe were: Misses Lois McNally. Kate program for that day is occupying Smith. Alice Baker. Ethel Curtla. Ida',their attentton. • + • Royal Club. A meeting of members of the R. N. A. has been called for tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. H. Slack. 418 North First street A larg« attendance is desired so that tbe or­ ganisation of the club may be perfected. • • • MIsa ClatfMUr Coming. ' Miss Carrie Flotfelter of Cherry- valt will be here next week to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. W. E. Ralston. Mtsa Clotfelter formerly lived In lola and waa a teacfter In one of the grade schools.. She will attend the teachers' meeting while here. Mrs. QllfUlan Heme. *Sfrs. M. J. Oilflllan returned Ust nliht from a visit with friends in n. Scott have now won the | right of suffrage In both commonwealth and state elections. DONT WAIT. eiTBH ttMM A TBAB. Jbu. ••wart fleaid Is Granted All. bf the CmirL New York. Nov. 19.— Mrs. Howard qeald was allowed t85 .eM a year alt- OKWy by JMtlee Bisehoff In the sn- pr««i coaH today. This alimony la aim*reC pswdlHg the dedston of Mrs. qawWs salt tor dtTotea> ' •mm. Take Advaatage of aa Io|a Cltlsea 's Experleaee Before I ^s Too Late. . AViien the back begins to ache. Don't wait until backache becomes chronic; Till serious kidney troubles develop; Till urinary troubles destroy night's rest. Profit by an lola citlsen's experience. Mrs. Nettle Morrison, of 510 North Jefferson avenue, lola. Kas., says: "I wss atUcked very suddenly with kidney trouble several years aga There was no warning and In a short tine my condition became very serious. The pbysldan who treated me said that be bad only bad one worse case in all his practice. Although he ra- lleved me to the extent that I was able to get around my back waa stilly weak and there was a pain across my kidneys that caused me to suffer a good deal especially when I overexerted itty. self In any way. The contraction m a cold always lacressed nay suffering and a difflcalty wltb tbe Mdney secretions existed. I tried several remedies but never found anything that brought such positive ralJM as Doan's Kidney Pills, which nqr dkghter pro- enred at Spencer * Ca*s drag store. I noticed a change tor the better in the first dose aad after aaing 'two boxes the synpttnaa oC Inflammatioii disappeared. The action of the kidney aaerotlons beeaaw eorraetadt t oeold rest -betUr at alghto aad ny hack waa streagUwiad. Mr azpatlMfla irlth Ooan'b JOdB^lFllla waa Jaioad a moat gnttlfyiag ;<jiwu^- ;.>--.^-^-V ' > KHIQBTS OF PTTBUg-rjiabAp Lodge No. 43 W"*- "^•r- MhnM0r night at K. of P <':«.-Mn» h»*= thera Invited. W. a. (iluiuv«ua, it IV Chris Bitter. K. of R. and a OI6HT8 OF JUOOimM KnlghU of Maccabees meeU in K. P. Hall, aaeoad^fi^'" Saturday nigbta of sack.wid|>>^ ||:' W. Postwalt connuudor: B.-B.'-Mn; ter. record keeper. . . IL; Vf. 0. ir.-Canp No. 101 maats H K. of P. Hall every Friday at^ T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Darla, OMK Visitors cordially Invited. M. .W. A*-The M. meets every Friday ..night: Hall. VisIUng brothers Cofflel^ V. C. W. A. Coiiras; XOTAL NEIflllB0B8r-.^ioi^:i: No. 365, Royal Net^bora. aa ' ond and fourth Tnesdaya a month. Mrs. F. A. Wagan.ji tin. Blary Button. 418 Weat •fMrf ^ Recorder. ; ^ 't'r^ff^^Arl.^^.r-Mi- FBlTEBHil. BF'*'*™'*-***^^*^'^Fraternal Brotherhood Vm^ second and fourth Thnmuqr^ month In A. Q. U. W. BalV], member^ cordially Ini^tad. w ^i derson. prealdent: Golda Oai^ tarr. I ••••-H (First Published Nov. 18, 1908.) • PUBLICATION NOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In'tbe District Court for said County. Sara T. Rowe. Plaintiff, vs. Frank S. Rowe, Defendant. Said defendant, Frank S. Rowe, will take notice that he has been sued In tbe above named Court by said plaintiff for divorce, said plalnUff alleging in her petition, as grounds therefor,] that defendant has been guilty of extreme crueUy,-gross neglect of duty, and abandonment for more.than oqe year prior to the filing of said petition,, and must answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the 30tta day of December, A. D. 1908, or sai^ petlUon will be taken as trae, and Judgment for plaintiff In said action for divorce will be rendered accordingly. BWma. GARD ft GARD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Attest: C. E. AOAM8. 11-18-85-2. Clerk of Said Court. ^_ * Hcaeral CaallidtiB Flagstone and Cement Bldai^UlS X;. : Rieal Estate, Ini City and Parnk Low Rate. Annoal lataniill Payments reeeWad at aay thne without notlea. aad U> terest ceases on amonnt pdlf. LoB» er 8k«ri Ttaa v-*-^- - (Flrst Published Nov. 7. 1908.) NOTICE OF FDTAL SETTLEXENT. The state of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the probate court in and tor, tembar. yog'know, litha 4BlSi„. •aid county. In tbe matter of tha'*!i? dust claghad «rt af peta.. .»• eaute of Orville Williams. Deceased. our TEUPNoiir' i f i?? li constantly ringing tSaaa -'l^.' W« pn bnsy. but your e'riSer Creditors and all other persons itt-'reoeiv^'~prompt and careful terested in. tbe afqresald esUte are, Fhraa as today. • ! . hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for said County, aitting at tbe Court House, in \ tola.'County of Allen, State of Kansas, j •gpBBHl on the Itb day of December. A. D.,|«ii.i n.'i i.n> i 1908. tnr a full and final settlement of, Tho eoaitant IQU m •j'^'^Jk;;.^^^ said estite. ' raocA WILLIAMS. A3|i^lM•trator,otUw aaMita .oC 6rvU^ illltlgim PspSMiC / U -M4.hi4t m ma awhy tha Tha eoutaaC' oatiM tha <har<('~ SMwrj

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