Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 7
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fin I* r. Bdrt ^iOar bird illM. Ji to be out t<tli« ordlnar/iblAa this lant .of file bat- mora ttmn iBd fho r^alt will be . in loU wlfl Mil tor a l^vUbt thu la tbe ktOMU City Who has ,b«en looUhg .til^«r Bitiutioii 'ud who bM ior.inUeB «rquiid. uys he lOf but tbrae four' anuJ) •ythidx the tarae^ will put on this rear.: He belieTes Ma market will readi 20 , ^ i| «aifl« k '-pOBBd for dretaed turicera and vi 16 feMtti toe Ure blrda. The ^pr^t I Kuii ^'Cltjr market for Uve turkeys ' V is l ^.li tmata a poutid. ' .tlfiill^'riibeat Turry ^ moMy mat- ternboimd to cot down r^the de- ttaAl^'tor turkeys and therefbre I be- iMItf^ <><>t«>thstaiidln« the short- iips^ fll^ local market, thwe will be •iinil|h" lO atapply the, demand." said s ' iai li^ Hatcher. qjiiMtMa have within the past few -l^ecji^ taken a dToi» and -are now ' »H«fd tover than they bare been for : ireitfii a£ Ibis time. The aupply about - lOtaf 'V alBp plentifuUand the Indica- lu* ttat the qiajorliy of lola will enjoy stewed fjhlcken In ot, the roast {urtrey. Six or eentk for IiTexU<Aens and 12% KtoH dressed chickens:js the pres- jmt^^rice.; IC is thoui^t' that the prtin, will remain the'»ame for thanks- viQIiits are scarce:this r year and t &el^r^ the price is about the same , 'VX-MA yea^ 12% cents. . grMtest- problem which faces ,tt«Ssbi^>mlc h^^ is bow to get tt'oHeM'aity reasonable <^st. Apples ii litgh as a cat's back." without eveii' >^ bppe of them going lower. The <9H^i^t apples on the [^market are iioir-. talljac at |3.0(^ per bushel. The ItttliK.rM Baldwin apples can be se- eiiretf at t&at price; T6e big fine Waiklngton and Orejgon boxed apples •^:^J6 A bushel. C ^b«rrieB are to berhed at last yciiir'a. price, two Qaarts for twenty flin|,«eats. The craberry supply Is ni|pinit and will supply the local de^ jaJtBTjit' the above named prices. i so or ^ cJsiirts keir tuoe; a dosen. I arv TCIT p|entlhd this time of tbe year abd i ^jui i ell at low prices. bn r the best grade le isme of the very se< uredi at 16 oents Twenty cents will of this fritlt, whi ripe onee can be per dosen. Sweet potatoes! wijl be one of the popular vegetables. potatoes are now| wholesale men lUO a bushel, many other fresh ^ the n /arket at rMsoi Some fine sweet hand by the lola are retailing at celery and ties are on ible prices. Rabbit will probab|y be a very popular meat for many JSunllies. Rabbits are being bron^jt into town In small quantities and cin be secured at 15 cents each, dressed. OI'R WAT TO BE SOLD JAK. 4, Many Rntaaraai s!eB WniBId for the Mb Ptare. The Our Way restaurant which is to be soljl on the ^th of December seems to be in demUnd. It is said that many out of tow^ restaurant men are manning to be hiere on that date and bid on the property. It Is also probable that some of the creditors will bid. ! Baatist Revival Service. Tonight Mr. Cassidy will preach at the Baptist church on the subject. "Ufe Now." There will be some special music. Mr. Cassidy is a strong preacher, and ie. glrlng (ine addresses every night and those attending are enjoy- 'ng his sermons very much. I ..a8t night a large crowd attended the •(prvlce and it is hoped : that the church will be crowded the remaining nights of the services. A MASS MEETING TOMORROW. Citizens Will - M^et to Discuss City Chautauqua. The Register has been asked to announce a meeting of all those interested In^a city Chautauqua to be present at 8 meeting to be held tonight at the Y. M. C. A. inuditorium. It is hoped to get all 6f the business and professional mtJn In the city interested In the movement to attend this meeting. Somej time ago a meeting was held and offlcers were elected. Since the recent stringency In the noney conditions it is tho'igbt that mother meeting should be held to ascertain whethef or not the citizens ire still in favor of carrj'ing out the plan. We ^eet the Needs IPf the Peo|>le ^^^^^^^^ with the exact CLOTH- IKO qualities and valaea that satisfy them—that's the simple secret of our •ttccess, and that's why mfi have; acqaired the warm sttpport of your friendship. TH« ROUSE OF ttttppolieimer I MmtrmS F9r *moKt CloUies Vaken. Test this store'with fair fttage of personal satisfaction. By no other meanf can you arrive at its value to you. Get yoor F «U Suit or Over- GMthere this week and life xis' th'e chance to prbVe every claim that wc aiake. ^ ^e spread &e world's best clothes before yon at 7S. $12.50. S14.75. aiiea«o Notice! We will accept all jlocal Clearing House Certificates and Checks in pay ment for goods purchased and on accounts. They're as ^ as CASH! A. We have juajt received a big ahipment of Ladles Dress Shoes that we will sell at $2.00 and $2.50. They carry' all the style that can be put in Dresi or Street Footwear. Think of it, a nice up-to-date shoe at $Z and $2.50 They come in Vici Kid and Patent Kid only, and they carry the new military heel with swing lasts and short vamp. Shields' Shoe Company ITbe $tore that carry ihe o|]i-to-date footwear HAVE VARIETY OF NAMES. Numerous Appellations Bestowed on Race of Gipsies. TO tLSrr lOLA FACTORIES. The gipsies. Interest in whom Is re. vived by the appearance of the nrst ts- sue of the revived Gipsy Lore society, lias passed under a variety of names, arising either from their supposed original country or the calling and characteristic of the race. The Old English Egyptian, the Spanish Qitana and the Slagyar Pbaraa nepek (Pharaoh's people) all point to an Egyptian origin; the Scandinavian Tatare identifies them with the Mongolian hordes which terrorized early Europe, whila the French Bohemian suggesu yet another country as tbs. ^ cradle, ^.s to the names bestowed by their supposed character, the Arab boldly calla them Haraml (a villain), the Dutchman Heydens, or heathens, and the Persian takes his name from their complexion, and dubs them Karachi, or swarthy. A charter of Wlllfam the Lion, as eariy as the twelfth cen-. tury, mentions their Scotch name of Tinklers, which is commonly supposed to be a corruption of tinker, although possibly the substitution, of "c" for "x" has produced this form of the Italian Zingaro. one of the most wide- apread ot gipsy appellations. K. L*. Professors and Stadeots OB Tear of Ipspection. Profe8 .sors P. F. Walker and C. 1. Curp of the Engineering School of the Slate university and a number of the senior class in that school, arrived in lola yesterday and spent the afternoon .looking through the cement plants; smelters and other industries. The men will go on from here to Petrolia. Chanute, Joplln 'and Kansas City to look at the industries In those towns. BEST OF PROOF. That Hyomei Will Cnre AH Forms of Catarrhal Diseases. Testimonials could be printed by the thousands, many ot them from lola and nearby towns, that Hyomei is an absolute cure for all catarrhal troubles, but the best proof of its unusual curative powers is the guarantee that Chas. B. Spencer & Co. gives with evtry outfit that he sells, "Money back If Hyomei does not do all that is claimed for it." j Hyomei is not a secret remedy. Its formiita is given freely to physicl EXPERIMENT WAS A FAILURE. And Now Uncle Hexeklah Is Down on Washington Officials. "By gosh, but Uncle Heseklah is down on them Washington officials," said the old farmer with the big scythe. "What Is the trouble?" inquired the windmill repairer. "Why, you see, them Washington folks sent out a circular saying that 'skeeters' could be killed with kerosene." "What happened thent' "'Most everything happened, stranger; 'nraat everything. You see, Uncle ^eseklah tried the experiment. He hunted around half the morning and broke his suspenders before he could ketch a live 'skeeter. Then when he did ketch one he took him out in the yard and ducked his bead down in a big can of kerosene. While Uncle Hezekiah waa bending over the sun reflected through the comer of his spectacles and set fire to the oil. Before Uncle Heseklah could get sway Is burned oB tialf his whiskers and exploded his eel Inllod collar. And worst of all. Uncle Heseklah isn't sure whether tbr 'skeeter was killed or not" Effect of Sun Baths. "The taking of sun baths is one of the most healthful things In* the world." said Evan T. Roberts, of Cincinnati. "Several years ago I visited Germany, and while there was taken down with nervous- prostration. I called in the best specialists of Her lln. They told me I needed more exercise, more fresh air and more sunlight. The first thing they made me do was to take sun b^tbs. 1 stripped and would go out In the yard every inoming and lay for 4A minutes In the broiling sun. It was. not so hot. but lelt so to me. as I was unprotected. Well. air. in a few daya I began to feel better. In three weeks I was pronounced a well man. The sun baths certainly did the trick for me." Use of Ad/eetives. Certain adjectlvea are reserved for men and others for women. A man Is never called "beautiful" Along with ^pretty" and "lovely" that adJeeUve has beeone the property ot women •Bd ^Idren alone. "Handsome" and the weak "good-looking" are the ooly two adjectlvea of the Uad common to eitber aex. Even 'lijeUe'' has no rnl masculine correlaUve In Rngliab. •iMO "bmn" came' to atgiittjr aomja- thlag other; than personal looks. It is alaialsr tbat "hasdsome" aboi^ ksv* tecowB t^ word for a atrtUasly sood- IOQUBC peraoa. alnce tts Utanl aas» lac Is hsady. dezterou. B «i "pntty* Bkewla* oones from tte ' ' wort aNMuilBc "sty." who w:ant to know what th^y use when they prescribe HyomeL It Is guaranteed under;the Pure Pood and Drug Law by serial No. 1418. By breathing Hyomei, the, healing medication goes ditectly to every nook and corner of the air passages where the catarrhal germs may lurk, aiid disinfects and heals. To be convinced of this you have only to give it a trial, remembering that If It does not cure. Chas. B. Spencer & Co. will refund your money. There is no dangerous stomach drugging when Hyomei Is used. lu healing medication is breathed through a little pocket Inhaler a few times dally, and almost Immediately a great improvement is noticed and quick recovery follows. The complete Hyomei outfit costs but 11 .00. and in most cases is sufficient .to cure the disease, making it not only a scientific treatment, but one that it highly economical. Get an outfit today from Chas. B.) Spencer & Co., if you have any symptoms of catarrh, and see how quickly the remedy relieves and cures. Lost a Good Thing. Formerly a telephone had stood on the'bracket la the comer. The bracket bad been made expressly for the 'phone. It had been so exceedingly convenient to call ap her friar ds that the woman Immediately no4Ued ,,the change; for on the bracket In place of the telephone stood a statuette that ahe didn't mnch care for. "Wbat have you done with It?" she asked of them. "The company tried to cOUect the bUI," they said. "T am sorry.'" the woman sighed, because at tbat moment she thought of about a dozen to whom she would have liked to telephone. "So are all our friends," said they pointedly. Vr. H. ANDSSSOH. Atteraey-«t*L«w. Notary and Stenographer In oace. Phone 466. • - e • H.A.Bwing. B.A.Oard. a .R.aard • • ; • SWIKCI, CIABD * ttABDb • * •!• Lawyers. • • i" PraeUcs In aU Omm. * •• 1% W.Madison- Phtmm. • • DR. HeXILLIN,. • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- • es and DIaeaaea ot Children. • Telephones: Office 32. -Res. 232. • Office in Mrs. Tamer's BIdg.. • West Hadlson. !!! Phone 887. Rea. 70L • .DS.O. L.COX. ' * Eys^ Ear. Noas and Throat * SpecUcaes Properly FIttfed. * Office A. O. U. W. Bids. * • • • * Office Phone 108S. DR. R. 0. CHRISTUIf. * Pkysielsi ami Ssrgesa. * Rooma 7 and I. Brans Bids. House Fly a Common Enemy. Although the mosquito specializes on ydiow fever and malaria and is universally recognised as an enemy to be fought outright scientists have come to rec^ the commm bouse fly aa the more dangerous. The mosquito wlU spread only one or two diseases, but the house fly's only specialty Is fllth. Typhoid genns, tuberculosis germs and a hundred other germs that drops iu toad ot refuse In the butter or milk. •eth Old-Fssbionsd. An old pbysidu of lbs last teasr*' tlon was noted for Us broaqno maa- aer and oM-faaUooed methoda. One tlBM a lady calM U» la to treat bsr baby who was UsiUlr aUlac Tksdoe- tcr prescribed eastorolL '^Bat. doo> tor." pratestsd the yonag asothsr. "eaator oU Is saA aa old-Cas!doao« "iiadaB," lepUsd tha do» tor. 'llaUaa kn old4taUaiM4 lUask" *o cun A coi» nr on BIT Tatex LAXATIVa BROSIO Qvlalne TakMk Drasslsta retnad ssoaey it It Ctfis to dira; BL W. OROWS siv- Batnra Is M •aak'^bas. ttei Ros. TeL 198. Office Tel. 163. OR. J. R. PSPPER. Deatlst. Is permanently located over * E. C. KcClaln'a Clothing Store, snd Is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. * Evening work by appointment • ••••••••• •.• •••••• Phone 6^. lola. Kaaa. • DR. EDITH 8. HAICffl. * Office and RMdenca orar Ba»> * rsU's Dmg Btorti • Office Hoiirs--lff to U'a. t *^ to 4 p. at. 7 to 8 maUisg. - • Snndaya by Appolntm ^at * F. H. HABTIli • PracUce Limited to Swa«y> * PllOD«l71 • • I< N. Buckeye. • • • DR. W. R. HKILMini. * • Physlckii A Saffcaa. • • Office N. B. Cornsr a( Bqaarsi * • Over K. G. Plumbtns Co.*! Star* * • Res. Tel 38. Offlos TeL SOS. • • . • i ' • . • e . • a • • P. L. Lathrop. > UraJ Resale O. Lathrm. • • 08TX0P>TH1C PHTHraAII. • • Spedlal attention gLvwm to.Ola- * • eases oCWamea aad OUMraa, * • Over East Side Hardwara. * • Office 'Phone. Main 468. • . . • • . .j. ••••••••• • sae The SAUTA FE wm seU HOXESEEKERS^ tkkeU 5er. IMk, 9M. M. sad ITth, 1M7 to pelaU la Tens .OUaksan aad ladiaa TeRtttr7> Kew Xcxies aad Axftaaias at very inr fates. WIKTER TOURIST tiekets ea sale dally Kev. 16tk; 1M7 ts AprD MHk, IM^ witk 8aal retara Umit Jaae Ist, IM^ to Bcaamoat, SI M> so, Ft, Wertk, Calrestea, Texas, Carlsbad aad DemMffi V. M. at tolT rates. Please see as for fartker parlcaUrs. ] V it'. W.E. RAtSrOM, AgjBui OBOCCBY GMdTlila^bEiL LOffic» and Stongi Waff looa )«l fifff West Street . Noah Gibson watpraaiMll I CiCDilODa 139 I ^«Mi <Hi tor a parole toi.tta _r ^- ' B^Board oo tlie'i4th day «if It* 1M7. CaonnunfeaUona tit^pprtii kia^^«roi «>4rftalB #f stderedLby ^KerBfiivSi^ " •

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