Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 5
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that;In o«r wksUng we nae' wvUir. nagiiuri in temperature from ool4 Ton i could! not' poaslbly use'this liiitfeb It explains one o( the reasons why our {horOng^, more sanitary than kome work tOLM LAmo /n\ to bolUag hdt? w^ter at liome, and {washlnir lii more can be. VMMM^, HompUml West Street, tola, one block from square. Diseased of. domesticated •aimob stxccessfolly treated ,cliaxges moderate,good box stalls f or ^tients Grils answered promptly night or day, 20 years iexpetience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. tloaM" Ondnate of Oatario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital PliOBd 1068 Res. Phone 139 Qufither's Hoflirhoiund Candy \ cm BORN, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe "W^jlf. a girl.: jesterday. November 18th. See J. wJ Coffey when In need of fine furnltui'e. The Best Mad* We Sell It at SPENCER'S DB. J. F. iJLXESOTfi The Saecessfal A «e< tlonew, Teterlnarlam. Farm satnor Pedigreed stick sales made anywhere. Veterinary calls fBswered day or ntKht' Ofllce with OoaK!a«i MMM r*pi»e *4. »sidence'4oo OeaaJal Ce^traeter. nacstone andlCemeiit Sidewalk! an« Curbing a Specialty. , paea m East Jaekaea Am Iowa BlgJBargaln Ueek on' All Kinds of Fall Xerchaedlse. Croeery Denartment. We carry everj-thing that can be got in the (rlut line;, also fresh vegetables. Wni call jour attention to our big window whiich will Rive .vou some Idea as to what we have. Wo are making tilg tirepo rations for Tbanksglvt.nR day for THrkeya. Geese Ducks, Chickens, Fruah Oysters, Veal, Lamb, Mutton. ne#f, I'ork, Mlnco Meat. Cotolcbo. I,<a!.'d, Kresh Ha^. liolled Ham. Smoked Ham, Sausage. Pressed Ham. Dologna, Head Cbecao. Spare Ribs, Saucr Kraut and Crau- bcrrtes, We will irire Frtvj to the one that ItnyK tbr larffest blil of Grorcries a drmsed pig the day bo/oro Thankst jrlrlag. .,. A. G. MUM.VIA. Prop. DEI^IAR: Keath and Miss Ida Stainbrook, Ibotb of this city, were married In tola Saturday by Rev, Mason, pastor of the Methodist church. The wedding was a surprise to even their most Intimate friends.; The only ones whom]they toolc into^he sscret were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thompson, who accompanied them to Tola ond witnessed the ceremony. The brifio and proom went to ; Independence jesteifday to visit the lattcr's p.-ironts. and Mrs. J. jD. Koath relmar is ^ brakcmah for 'tho Santa Kc railroad; His bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stain brook. The newjly married couple will make their honie In this city.—Chaa utc Tribune. S. C. Willoulhby, an auctioneer, has located In lola. South Jefferson every Saturda.v. All parties wishtns to sell hnn.soholds shonld sec him. Also farm selling a |spccialty. Residence 326 South Fourth, A. J. DeARCEY. colored, has open eil up a short order house in the build inn back of the Shannon hardware store. 2no acres, abont 6 milw from railroad town, nourbon county. T.'i acres In cultivation. 3 room bouse, etc. Price 12500. All clear, ^^litaker & Donneli. MR. PRICE, who has born in,th< RTOcery business on Spruce Street, between Cotton woo<l and Buckeye ba^ so 'd odit to' Missouri parties and wi'l retire from the grocorj- bu^-Iness. Jl'DGE Smith is-iued a marriage 11- ccn.«ic Saturday evening to J. C. .Vyers and Miss Emma E^lbtt. of Cbanute. Miss Pauline Sallbr. clalr>-oyant. 410 South Chestnut. She is a foreigner and speaks Germah and English. E. O. BRUXER, of the Neosho Val ley Land eompaiiy Saturday closed n deal whereby ha transfers l^Harpt and Gias City property for a 160 acre farm Jn Howell county. Mo. P. K. iraorh, Peatbt Ekeae IK Office MiTer Burrell^ Drag Stere. COUNTY Treasurer M. F. Sickly has taken In ^32,500 in taxes thife fall. The tax rolls were opened on the first of this month showing an average of better than 12000 a day. This amount I? almo^ twice what it was last year at this time which might indicate general prosperity over the country. lola Blismess College Penmanship, Aritlimetic, EHocntlon, Bookkeeping. BnglijOi. Physical Cul. tnre. etc Shorthands Letter Writing. MKflbi filer On* handrad poonds ci Crystal lee vffl mate U gsllons ol "AMIUed -waller:^ aoitabla tOr CmSy asa. Sry tt UilceCCillStmteCi PRANK RlDOLEi Mgr. i ••• , Saikdsgtf Salfc- The ladles of the Presbyterian lAiircb «U1 hoUia ^niBunase sale on "orealwr 21 aad 2t in the OeClnte iunar on Wertiisdlaoa Hnndis Fragrant Crram I Lotion is good for chapped hands and,' face. E^IANUSL Johnson of Savonburg was up today on business in connection with itbe estate of M,iss Esther Holmes who died some time ago. Mr. Johnson Jfited an account of the estate as administrator. Several other par- tics came up with him. Miss Holmes left an interest in a quarter section of land. See J. W. Coffey when In need of fine furniture. THE REGULAR meeting of the A. H. T. A. was |ie!d Saturday evening in J. n, Atchison's office. Several new applications wore voted upon.! 1313 Cold Cures in Mundis' window. STREET Commissioner J. B- 'V^'hl I<er was not umiblfl to bf at hla office yesterday on account of Illness. Just rewired another bl» lot of PJt. rut at Bnrrell'8 drag store. A. F. FLORENCE went to Yates Center this morning on a business visit. Dr. BcTnoMi. fkena Nl. Icfc Hi. A DEATH trpm scarlet fever In Humboldt was reported to County Health Officer R. O. Christian yesterday. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kelley transfer and South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Phone 17. and Mrs. H. Street ft Son have moved their storage office to 211 Residence and night A SON was bom Sunday to Mr. Stone, 416 South Fourth Mundis';W^Ite Pine with Tar will cure your cold. IN JUS^Itj^B B. G. Hough's court Monday mominf; Lawson Lowe plead guilty to a Charge of gambling. He was gfvenj a fine of $15 and the customary "trlnimln's." I I One of the jflnest Skin Foods made is Mandis* Cold Cream. J. CILtE^SEN visited "relatives" in Earlton Sunday. Cure rpni cold by using Mnndls' WUt* Plae vitb Tar. i • OUam Bilbee. son of Gran^ np.beie. returned lai t trpek from the. Indian [tory sn Kerikg froai aii attack of ||gg.Ve>;«<dle Ul;a» pr«^ Cluldran> SuHi ahd Ovcrcods^ Ages 3 to iO Sailor Blonse Snits Junior Snlts .|3JMtoK5« Knickerbocker Snits .-..12.00 to 16.00 Rnssian Overcoat...... J. .13.00^ to $9.00 Fancy Reefer Orerooat. 12:00 to S4 .P0 Double Breast Overcoat. 12.50 to $5.00 Boysv- Combiiuitioa? Suit rj Boys SuHs, Age 7 to 16 Combination Snits, » pair pants $5M Two piece, donble brea&t snit $3.00 to 7.00 Single breast Norfolk snits. $2.50 to 6.60 Knickerbocker snits .$3.50 te 6.50 Boys Overcoats, Ages 10 to IS Double or single breasted, long or medium Iengths,black and all the new colors »3 JO to 10.00 KficePuib All styles and colors 50c 75c and $1.00 Boys' and Children's Stocking Caps 25c and 50c Children's £ancy caps and Tamoshanters in red, bine white and colors 75c md $L0O Boy's and Children's gloves and mittens 25c 35c and 50c Barc^y-ShieMs CIo. Co. Have you sa wthe Elegant Line of Coats that Richardson's are selling for 19 and $10.00. Regular $15.00 values. •Attend the free lecture on Christian Science at the Grand Theater Thursday evening. Nov. 2:1. and hear the subject explained by an able exponent. A. W. BECK returned this morning from Kansas City, where he has b?en jn a short business visit. The Royal Worcester Corset, the jest in the land, made to lit any form. Richardson's. .MR. AND JIRS. G. W. Smith left fro Westphalia this morning ajter a few days with Mrs. Smith's sister!, .Mrs. Anna Kinne of this city. "! Learn Christian Science really is, by attending the free lecture Thurs Jay evening, -Nov. 21. at eight o'clock. THE MEETING of the committee from the Ear association which was to meet for the purpose of adopting rulss for the proce.lure in the court was postponed imtll next Friday ev ening. The business men's K >-mna8lum class mets tonight at eight o'clock. Any man needing exercise better get into the class. There is a great deal of indfvidual work going on in the gmy these days. If you see Mr. Bliss you can arrange for an hour. Eh-angellst Hawley is the speaker for the men's meeting next Sunday at three thirty. He is doing a great work in I.a Harpe. Come out - and hear him. The Fraternal Aid team will give a ball Wednesday evening in M. W. A. liall, .Vov. 20. .Music by Shields orchestra. Honent of Fraternal Aid team. Ml members urged to be present. EI V- The boy's Hibie class will meet on Saturday afternon in the future. This will give a large number the «dvant- age of this study. We hope that every meml>er of the association will get a season ticket for the lecture course. The first lecture will be given at the Presbyterian church on Friday night of this wcefr. The lecturer is Earnest Wray'Oneal who comes very highly recommended. Instead of the usual Thursday even- nlg educational talk there will be a gymnasium exhibition this week on Thursday. Parents and friends of the boys and young men should come out and see what they are doing. No admission will be charged. Seats in the gallery. _ Mr. Carl Roberts was elected captain of the first basket ball team at a meeting of the basket ball boys held In the eyva last night. WILL USE NEW BUILDIN& 1^ Vav. Mi Priees ........... S5.-S5. fi«e SLIGHTLY USED OTHER GOOD BARGAINS A. W. Beck Says New Room Will Be Used for His Stock. A. W. Beck announced this morning that the building which he is erecting on South Jefferson avenue will be used for his furniture business. The second floor will be used as a sales room and the basement for storage purposes. For a time Mr. Beck ccntcmnlated starting a picture bouse but has sino.e given it up.^ The erection of this building is the result of the increase in business of the lola Furniture Store, of which Mr. Beck is proprietor. This firm'has done more or less wholesale business in connection with the retail sales for the past severtil years. Tha erec tion of this building makes it possible to do a great deal more !n the fu|jure. The brick layers are now workini: on the second story of the walls. It will be several weeks before the building will be completed. This Week Only. -All our finest Pattern Hats reduced to 20 per cent off for this week: • All hats ranging in prices from J3.0O to 130.00 reduced during this sale, commencing Tuesday, Nov. 19th. At Miss Priljoth's, 9 E:ast ifadison. JOHNSON SAYS NOT GUILTY. Ida Colored Minister Saya He Didn't Steal Purse at. Ottawa. Tickets for the lecture course may .be secured from the following people: rybod.«- cordiiiUy invited. By order of: Call on them for your tickets: Conniiltiee. .MRS. E. W. MYLEIl who was employed by ihe school board, to fill the acuncy in the eighth grade at the leffersdu school building which was auscd by the rcslgnntion of Hallie Irving. bcKnn her work Monday morn Ing. Miss Irving has not decided Just hnt she will do In the future. Christian Science, as explained by •:dwiird A. Kimball, brings healing and dellvrrunce. Don't miss this op- tiorliinity to lienr a si)loiidld lecture. It's free. THAT Ql'AlL hunting Is becoming popular pastime with the sports is shown by the fact that on Friday and Saturday over twenty-five licenses ere secured from the county clerk's ofllce. The office ran out of licenses and sent in for more Saturday. Grand values In All Wool Dress Goods from 2oc to |1.45. Richardson's. BORN, to Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Cunningham, 003 East Madison street, son. . •, Free dirt at Luccock'o. ROBERT Thompson, L. L. Ponsler, C. C. Aushermaa and E. D. Shields comopse a party of nimrods who are dhaslng rabbits and shooting quails on Mr. Thompson's farm. Dr. wmey, Oeallst SHERIFF C. O. Bollinger and Hoover Kerr spent yesterday hunting quaiie near. Horse Shoe Bend, without violating that provision of the game law which limits the niun- ber of quails killed In one day to twenty. After a tramp of from early morning to sunset they coont^ the trophies of the hunt to find that It reached a total of 0. W, L. Crabb 10 W. H. Anderson 25 Evans Bros 10 Ewing & Burdick 10 h. V. Starkey 25 Schell A McCall 5 Zoe Atchison 10 Frank Tanner « 10 Wm, Donneli 10 0, .1. DoxHce 8 E. W. Myler i... 10 Frank Riddle 5 .1. E. Henderson 2.'i A. V. Ix>masters 10 Ballou Helgele 10 Dwight Mccarty 10 Mabel Brewer ... R Theta Brewer !> R. S. Aspinall .U. m J. A. Devlin . 23 J. H. Henderson !•'> Chas. May 5 C. J. Bliss 5 C. V. Dennis .. 10 Grant Bilbce 10 J. F. Parks 10 W. R. McAlister 10 Harvey Heller 10 Geo. McClenathan 10 K. L. Smith 5 G. P. Barth 5 H. H. Mnehlke 10 W. C, Foust ......T- 10 Thos. Bowlus 5 Dr. H. A. Brown 5 E. S. Eakln 10 Miss Prtbotli's Varrelois XflllBery .... Sale. Commences November the 19th.' This sale includes our entire millinery aai sortment Althongh our prices are always, lower than others, we still further reduce most radically for this sale. NEW CLUE TCMORAN ROBBERS. The RIcharMoo Mllllnerr Han on East Madison htu jcona tbfooi^ tlia Wiiiittmry Mctloa and't^oittly radbi*jl' East Ida Lady Said te Have Valuable Ihftarmatlon. tr was teamed this morning that a lady in East Tola had a due to the Identity or whereabonts of the rol>- beni who entered Adams Bros„.store of Koran r^ently.' The offieeik win be glrea the facts and IMU faresUca- tkm made at once, if' Rev. Johnson, the lola colored man wtto was arrested at Ott&w^ a. few days ago on the charge of steallpg ^ purse from a lady on a train, has returned to Tola, having glven<b0ud for his appearance at the next term off court- Rev. Johnson says that the story printed in tho Ottawa pftpeni to the effect that he had confessed was entirely erroneops. He says he was the victim of circumstances', He was reluctant to talk on tho ihstter, however, but profocsed his innocence. Durfns his stay in Tola Rev. Johnson Is said to lia.v\' won and held theicon- fldence of his^cpople. His family iJi still in the'city. He has the pastqfaC-; of the church at White Cloud. The Richardson Dry Goods atorp is offering Ladies' Elegant Coats, regular 110.00 values for |6:50. CITY aerk Wehdorf wishes that all owners of automobiles would; ton at his office at once and secure their numbers and f^gister their machines. Begister Want Ads., le a Ward, Roberts Piano House OPPORTUNITY Wait for no one—ThiS^is the time and the opportunity - for the gift giver to get the fullest value for the money to be spent. Be sure to buy your gifts a little ahead of tiipe this season, and to make your i.hoice from this unexampled display. The' very finest and highest gritde o( Jewelry, Silverware and Cut Glass G A. LEFFLER, -njnmT-asn ' J£W£L£S. PERFECTION WICK Fuuie OIL STOVE 4 MFi coNvrainrr- irroardaaUfdoB 'tkMAatt^lnllal* THE STANOARb -oa. COM^ANVj ASK FOB WHAT TOp WAITT and ask emphatically. Do so tbroogh the Register's want colonuu. If yoa want an employer or on employee ypa can find him in a taorQr If yon take this course. The Reglitec will tell your wants to many thooaanda of peo* pie as quickly as yoot can teU then personally to a dozen gleople. Ton can't afford the slow way. Per Best and Qafadtett Besalts Use the Begister Waat .Cotaaua. OUmOHDS yUtm%g9 Because they do dot-Involve any risk of d^redating in ^ * value and can always be cashed at actual -v4b «e. Pto^ perty valuies fluctnate. Diamond yalnes steadily increase and afe cannot effect their qnaltty, hence, unquestionably a gilt edge fnweUineiiL Onr display this season is the larg^ and most beautiful we ^luve ever shown—every stone guaranteed to be the best money can bvjr. None dispute the worth of onr guatantel. mmn I--;-

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