Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 7
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m lOLJiiiLT Ei«STB». iripkEgPAt rmccfl. yoTEifaiiR is, im NEWS OF GAS GITY THE FIRST LECTCBE ATTBACTIOX OF THE TEAR IS TOMOUT. DOCTOR MXRORY TO SPEAK Judgiug from tho advance Bale of tlckuls ilie utloudiinci- ill bt very scod. X. A. XILLER Sl'STALNED INJIIU 1£S AT FBLIIE IVESTEBX. There Was no y 'HTi'iiu Because there was no 4... u jrcs- imt at the mct'tliig of the cii> tuuncil last evening nothing vas dune. A iilieciul nieethig will be called bowc time in the nwir future. OB OMCinl>cr 15th the (hurul (luh . Wm Present Thvir Xuiikal Entcrtslnment—Penoualti. Old Time Turkey Shoot. Cb8& Foliog of this cit.v will hold an old time turkey shoot on the afternoon of November -5th, the day before Thanksgiving. The shoot will be h«Id near fhc Katy depot in this city. Derembi-r 15tfa. ib«- Diitv. It hub been decided by the Choral club to jiretent their concert vn ihe e\enini; of December loth. The enter tainnient will conio as the bccond /iiinilHT on tho lecture courtie. Tlie ilub will Uo'd reiicarsalH risulajly preiiaring for the entertainment. M. \. -Miller llnrt. While workin;? at the Prime W'OBI- ••lu Speiier conu>auy smeller In tlli^ <itv M. .V. Miller of (his city siiHiained a Hevere wound on the head. He wus uccideJitully struck l>y a lu-avj iro:i visiting frieudt". He w;is fornieriy tittanl Ivaty a^ent iicre. II. A. Kodgers rdnrni-d to Clierry- vaif, K :i!>., today af(<T stx-ndinir ;i fi-w days here on I IJ. Mooniey left ye.sienl;i> for lt;uc j.Monud, Kas.. on a Iju.siii'.-ss v:.<lt. • j I Jlrs. II. A. TiiyU)!'. of l-'i'ii S'oit,' Kas., is here vi.iilini,' n-lativot. Frank UeunU loil last i -veuirij; fDr .Seorieshu. Ka.s.. where hi- has a j:ood i position with the Indian I'oril,i:.wl r.- nient company of that city. Mr.' and Mrs. John 15tti-s aip e.\- pcctcd to return today fro'ii Klilnradii. Kas., where Ui"y Imv.- lin-n for the past ticveral wieks for the iictiflit of .Mr. Kates hcalili. .lohn Griffith rciurnrd 10 Uniliii^- ton. Kas., today after a short bu^lncs!' visit. METHODIST REVIVAL ThaBkbgiTlng Wedding. On Thanksgiving the marriage of MiES G&lena Lcnbart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lenhart of this city, to" Mr. H. F. Grove, of Hilda. Mo., will be solemnized. The wedding will occur at tho homo of the bride's parents. FIn>t Lectarc Tonight. Tho first number on the lecture course will occur tonight when Dr. SleCrory. of Philadelphia, delivers his famous lecture on "How Four Young Fellows "Won Out.*' The lecture will be gfren In the cairiatlaa^ chnrcfa. Frn>on«l>. U'. .\. Thomi'Mjii of Channir. v.ii<- 111 the city yesterday on Iiusiner.s. Mr. and Mri. J. E. Hunter are tlie ;?Hesis of relatives in Lone Elm today. W. Kennedy left today for Tulsa. Okla.. where he has a good position. Mrs. A. V. Larson returned to her home in Elbmore. Kas.. today after spending a tew days here tho »?n':t of relatives. .Mr. ;ind Mrs. Tiiisiti of fli-rryviile. are the guestb of iripnU» hvr«! this week. Mr. and .Mr.-;. Uooue of M*-'^ Ju. Kas. are visiting at th« Iionie of .11 r. anW Mrs. F. M. Thompson ibis weak. ' Hoy Strlmple is here from Channit BISHOP THOBURN TO BE HERE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. Next Sabbath Will be a Notable Day Here.—^Thirty Saved During the Meetings. If Vou Don 't KniiH •*Seul>hipf Vou Don't Know Oysters. ••Sealthipf Oysters are the most delicious and wholesome of sea fooils. If you do not like oysters it is t)e- rau >ii,' yon have never had oyt-tms with tin; actual oyster flavor. You an- accustomed to tub oysters, packed in iv.-ater and ice; Water bloat-: and bleaches oysler.s. "Seaishlpt" Oysters are shucked Into steel containers, then seuli-d a.nd packed with ice around the containers. They keep fresh and firm as the day they were tonged. You get the unii |tie flavor llmt nutzi^'i^ti^ tlx- s< a ill "Sfalsiiriir" Oystt-r-s —and in "Sta'-;iii,t>; • (.tiiy. fe'oiid uiv.its Ico— no nit .'tr:! ice ' r dniiblfni water for your inouey. OruiT "ivMlsIiif-' for dhiti -r today. You can sec t.'ictn at. out -»ore In the Pure White Porcelain Cases which bear the Bine •Sealshipf Trade Mark. Tliey are dec-ljcioi.s. Fryer UrctlierH, Otto .'I.'.-isr. •'Our Waj." Oudni is a purely vegetable extrnct, a si tuple, BCKD -lntoxicatiiig remedy, recommended to girls and womai, of all ages, lor'womanly pains, irregularity, ftlHng feelings, nervousness, ^^-eakDess, aud any Other form of ackneai, peculiar to females. It wm Help Ton - Mrs. 2 L. C Beaver, of tjnicoi, Boute No. 1[ Mar- bletoa, TeML, writes: "I suffered with boftfing. down pains, feet swelled, pain in^htaide, headache, i^ins in shoulders, nervous palpitation, and^othelr troubles I cannot mention, biit I took WgM of OanlQl tSad have found it the best medidno I ever used, At the First Methodist church revival last ni-.;ht, there was a great crowd. It has been growing rapidly thi.s week. The lecture room curtains will be opened tonight aud we ic .\)i <'ct a fine attendance. ! There are great things in store for us and we are trying to get ready for them. Last night Rev. Mason an- notineid his successful efforts in ?et, ting to come to us one of the great- Mst' lii^liops in the Methodist church. I >i£lio;> Tiiobum is the Missionary Bishop of India and it wa.s through Ills great work that tho^rcmarkable .revival that has been the attraction of the entire world begun in India and is still on. Bishop Trobnm will be with US Saturday and remain over Sunday and as long as we can hold him. Dr. Trimble writing about his com- ;lng nays It will be the treat of the conference year to your people. ROT. Mason wrote for a blffbop at tho meeting held in Topeka, and asked for one who would be a help in our Thi» month's postal guide contain^'revival and the result is that onr be- «j article calling attention of i »o .?lnl loved Thobuni will be here. Ixt Melh employiyi.s to a ;M)stal>ordcr sriven odlsla bestir themselves as this In to April II. VMr.. r<-Iati\e to tul)ercu !o -,ge a great time, sis in gourntntnt offices nnd work profession. It is the hope that the unsaved will take advantage lof these meetings and come. Business men are Invited and the young people are especially asked to come. T>ct tho membership take notice that this is a golden opportunity that Is rapidly passing to give especial effort for the unsa\;ed of their honie.s and of their friends. About 30 people have professed conversion though none came forward last ni.?ht. We believe that greater results arc to follow. Give us a "boost." Mrts. Bolton sang a solo" at the. opening which was enjoyed by ail. A. L. Boatright leads the singing for the middle of the Week nights and it Is fine. Additions are to be made to the music from night to night and a good time is to be had. Let everybody come and help In the splendid' work of sou'-saving. We are trying to persuade men to get right with Go<l. We arc insisting on them seeking and finding the Lord and are not worrying over numbers, but are praying for results that will abide. Everybody Invited. J. M. M. WAS IT A PLOT? Foreign Legations at Pekin Do Not Encourage Rumors of Poison' ing of Rulers. DON'T SPIT IN P. 0. If You (<o Your Arrest May Follow.— An Order from Department. is to The Sabbath be a notable day. shops. Among the more Important • Further announcements will ap- regulations of the order Is a rule pos-.pear from day to day. Itlvi'Iy forbidding any emplo.vp inj Last ni^ht ttic preacher. Rev. Ham- the roveromeni sr .rvlce spitting up- 'itoij. took for Ills text, "God Is love" on the floor. This order also incl'ides and for about thirty minutes the con- the lobby of the poslofflee and ap- gr'egatlon listened attentively to what plies to all patrons of the office. The he had to say on the above subject order states ttaf plainly printed signs.R«v. Hamilton is a peculiarly fitted t>earinK the motto: "Do not splton nian to apeak upou such subjects and the floor: to do so may spread dJrf- Jie makes his bearers ft^el that be is ease," and shall be placed in the lob- speaking from a store house of ex- by and corridors. The iiostuia-stcrs P^rlenccs. Having traveled over most are instructed to call on the Joi-al of the world he is abundantly siippU- authorities If necessary to .enforce ""Hh Information to Illustrate tbe tbe order which forbids BplttU^ up- sreat truths of the Bible and make 00 the floor of the postotfice lobby, them effective. Verily we are getting Postmaster Spencer says tliat some a treat on the line of Gospel pr^ach- ot the patrons of the local ottlce take Tou should hear him. Jie Wlxa- %n especial • delight in painting tte tratotl God's lore In many wa.v» and Door of thfe lobby with tobacco juice fmplored all to give Cod a chance to antf that unless tfio practice 1* aban- show his lovo. doaed tome arrests iHll probably be! B«T. Mason followed mth au^wpeal audft. .... Itof the unsare<i to come aad ceelc the -I " - \ ' „ Lor* but there were Hw in tbe great' Tiy tlw Register Want Ad, «icna[*5ba did Bot abeadZBata k TALKED TO POPfLS. Rev. Mason and Rfev. Hamilton Visit ed Washington School. Rev. Mason and Rev. Hauiltlon visited the Seventh grade of the W«di- inglon school this morning. Iter. Mason, after a few remarks to the pupils lead the devotional e» erelses. He then introduced Rev. Hamilton, who mado a very interesting and instructive talk to the pupils. He drew pictures for them from his great store of experienc^c, that were both entertaining and iuspiriug. Tt was a talk that should encourage ev- erj' boy and girl to,put forth hla.lwst efforts to prepare himself for ttie competitive struggle In life. He made it plianto the boys and girls that it is the hard working, honeut, clean student that has the beet chances in life. C. V. DEKMS. » 1 — Savina up For Triplets. It is not tikely that the Jap Warriors will play football hero Sunday. The boys have a big gamo on forj Thursday of next week—the 'KankS' giving game with the Tola,! Oas City, and LaHarpc combination—and tbefrl don't want to to battered up by going against some heavy eleven Sunday, and then haylnff to face the Trtiv lets Thursday. Tharsday's game is the one the Chanute fans vant to see their favorites -win. There is a chance however, that the Japa will eo to Par ions Simday for a retom . game. t)M l^trsons team is light, .hot £B«t and the locale think there «wil <ri «t be.- MBch- JHrelft—d .,M ^ wmag .-My. SBt* TribtiBew y Pekin. China. Xov. 17.—Nothing has ' developed today to substantiate the ; reports that the Emperor of China or the dowager empress wais poisoned. All the foreign legations here 'agree that the emperor died a natural death. Opinion varies, however, regarding the death of the dowager empress.' Ill view of the suspiciona entertained abroad in this connection, asd these rumors have heen oahtod to ^c- kin for confirmation ot denial, tbe foreign o^ce today explained freely the circumstances attending tAe dectli 'of the emperor and the empress and** >its exposition has been satisfactory '. to the powers friendly to China. Disquieting nmors are still ear- rent today' regarding the fntnre r «lar tions between Prince Chm', president of the empire, and Prince Chfng.ftfes- Ident of the hoard ot foreign at!Urs, and Yuan Shi Kan, a member of the grand conndl, who as bead «f the'^xe- formers enjoys tbe paseive si^poTt of tho United States, Great BriUiii and other powers that command tes- of ke has alarmed Manehn orga;nlzi0ens and Manchu influence and powefrire believed to be In jeopardy. Dtejii^b- cs received here by the goronaieat from the provinces set forth that the regency has everywhere bee"n received with traaqunity. • - ' » POSTPONE BONI'8 SUIT. pect at courL The victory of ibe reform elen^dt -tearing for Custody of Children to Occur November^ 28tfi. Paris, Nov. 18.-^A he*ring of the suit brought by Conlit: BonI de'^tiaa- tellane against ^rinoem Helle'Jde Sagan for the custody of his tlvee children was today postponed oatQ November 25th. • • ; 6e Over fke Beatcw i H. O. Holmes and a party of'capi- talhits Interested in the pfopfosed Electric line from Kansas ibity to Pittsburg were driven over ihe roote between here and Ottawa yesterday: In automobiles.' They go from Ottawa to Ktuisas City and Will retarn Jiere the later part of tbe week. ' , .CkwUe ywHiilayfW Oklabeau wk«t »lfe la iatarMted la the ^ aad gu laftia-

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