The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 21, 1963 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 13

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1963
Page 13
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<* n Would Provide Sales For Poor X TOPEKA (AP) - A bill to give low income families relief from the sales ttt was among 27 introduced Wednesday in the Senate. Wednesday was the cutoff day for submission of individual measures. The Senate passed and sent to the House seven measures includ-. ing one to set a minimum price on cigarettes. Two others were designed to discourage under-age persons from trying,to buy beer or liquor. Seventeen bills, most of a local nature, were approved by the committee of the whole. The sales tax bill, by Sen. Wade Myers, D-Emporia, would raise the state sales tax to 3 per cent on all items now subject to the tax except food and prescription drugs, which would be exempt. "The sales tax tends to work against low income families, as they spend a larger share of their income for food proportionately,' Myers said, "the same is true o hiedicine." A bill introduced by the Water Resources Committee would abolish the division of water resources of the State Board of Ag riculture. Its functions would be transferred to a division of water management in the State Board o Water Resources. Sen. Paul Wunsch, R-Kingman introduced a resolution calling for a study of the uniform com mercial code which has been adopted by 18 states. Plan More Polaris Sub Bases WASHINGTON (AP)— The Navy is enlarging its fleet of tender ships and floating drydocks to provide more floating overseas bases for its Polaris submarines. Included in the new shipbuild ing program submitted to Con gross in the defense budget is a request for funds to construct a fifth tender and to convert another floating drydock capable of servicing the larger, 425-foot long Polaris submarines. Details were disclosed in testimony Wednesday before the House Armed Services Committee by Vice Adm. Charles D. Griffin, deputy chief of naval operations for fleet readiness. For the planned fleet of 41 Polaris submarines, the Navy estimates it will need six tender ships with accompanying craft. Two tender ships are now in commission. A third was launched last month and a fourth is under construction. In his testimony, Griffin explained the Navy's need for a fifth ship and the conversion of another drydock. When the concept of the Polaris submarine-missile system was first presented, it was argued that such a system would not need foreign bases. This view still is expressed. But the original thought has been modified to the program of floating bases which can provide routine supply and minor repair needs, and a change in crews without a submarine having to make the long cruise to the United States and then back to its station at sea. More Killed In Accidents CHICAGO (AP) - The National Safety Council has tallied up the nation's toll for accidents in 1962 and found: Killed-96,500, a 5 per cent increase over 1961 and the highest toll since 1948 when the toll was 98,001. Disabling injuries—9.7 million, of which 360,000 resulted in some degree of permanent impairment. Economic cost to the nation— $15.3 billion, a 5 per cent increase over 1961. Accidents were exceeded as a cause of death only by heart disease, cancer and stroke. Father Of 9 Gets A Degree WASHINGTON (AP) — Robert R. Fontaine, 34, father of nine who found time to attend nigh' classes over a 12% year period receives a degree hi electrical engineering tonight from George Washington University. How does a man with nine chil dren concentrate on his homework? "It's realy no problem," Fontaine said. "You merely study in the daytime on weekends' after sending them all out to play, or after 9 o'clock at night when they're all in bed." State C Of C Supports Water Plan TOPEKA (AP) - Directors of the Kansas Chamber of Com merce have voted to endorse ree ommendations of the governor's economic development commit tee and to endorse the intent and principles of the proposed Kansas water plan act. The action was taken at the close of a two-day meeting Tuesday. Sixty members of the board heard E. R. Zook, of Lawrence, chairman of the Governor's Economic Development Committee, report on that group's work. Specifically endorsed from the committee study were establishment of an Office for Economic Analysis, establishment of a Department of Economic Development, a constitutional amendment to permit the state Economic Finance Authority to help development in Kansas and development of a more adeuqate vocational education program for persons who have been displaced or who need additional training to get jobs. In another action the directors endorsed legislation to license and regulate livestock feed lots and to encourage the development of the livestock industry. Kansans Store More Wheat WASHINGTON (AP) - Kansas : armers stored more wheat from the 1962 crop than in any other state—86 million bushels—the Agriculture Department reported Wednesday. The nation's farmers stored 273 million bushels of wheat from the L962 crop, sightly more than the 266 million from the 1961 crop. Public Auction I will sell the following at Public Auction located at 523 N. Hickory St., Ottawa, Kansas, on Saturday. Feb. 23, 1963 Starting at 1 P.M. Hotpoint refrigerator; gas range; Speed Queen washer; dish cabinet; combination desk and bookcase; utility cabinets; chest of drawers; dresser; wardrobe; round oak table; chair and divan; radio; lamps; stand tables; 2 buffets; roll tubs; old trunk; bedding; dishes; what-nots; fruit jars; elec. fan; 22" power mower, like new; 4 metal lawn chairs; 12-ft. ladder; step ladders; wheel barrow; grinder; vise; house jacks; trash burners; garden tools; and many items too numerous to mention. H. F. MORRIS OWNER Auctioneers: Ben Printy and Son. Clerk: Jean Printy, The Kansas Legislative Council would study what effect the enactment of •the code Would have on existing Kansas law. An advisory committee would be formed of business, trade and professional representatives who would be affected by the enactment of the code. Other bills were introduced which would: Refund sales tax paid by state agencies, educational, religious, and charitable institutions on materials used by contractors. Authorize the Kansas Corporation Commission to establish* well spacing units and povide for unitization of pools as a method of conserving oil and gas in Kansas. A similar bill now is in a House committee. Increase payments in case of death or disability to . persons covered by the workmen's compensation act. Pony With A Peg Leg KANSAS CTTY (AP) - Peggy tested the new leg tentatively. Obviously it would take time. "Once she knows it isn't going to hurt her, I believe she will be able to walk almost normally," said Charles L. Brazelton, nearest of kin. Peggy lost five inches of her leg in a fence when she was five months old. That was five months ago. "I called around to some of the artificial limb places," Brazelton said. "Mr. Harris here was the only- one who didn't think I was stark, raving mad." "He explained where the amputation was, and I thought it was possible," said Harry Harris. "When I saw Peggy, I knew it would work." Harris made the five-inch, peg of plastic and fiberglass instead of wood so Peggy wouldn't knaw on it. It has a rubber tip. While he was fitting it Wednesday, Peggy nosed into his pocket and copped his cigarettes. She is a dwarf, tobacco-chewing Shetland pony. Wellsville News Couple Is Buying 357-Acre Farm By BERNICE HOLDEN Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Price are buying the Howard Simcox farm of 357 acres southwest of Wellsville. As soon as they sell their home at 4th and Hunt in Wellsville, the Prices will move to the farm. Price has been engaged in farming 156 acres he owns half a mile west of Wellsville. Mrs. Nora Moore attended funeral services at Paola for Mrs. Clara Sybrant, Paola, sister of her late husband. Mrs. Sybrant's death occurred Jan. 26. On Feb. 12 she attended funeral services at Paola for Will Sybrant who died Feb. 10. Mrs. Moore attended funeral services for her aunt, Mrs. Julia Croghan, LaCygne, on Feb. 14. She was in Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 18 to attend services for a friend, W. D. English, whose death occurred Feb. 15. Ross Gault, delegate to the annual conference, and Rev. Jim Nabors, minister of the Wellsville Methodist Church, will attend a convocation of boards and committees at Ottawa First Methodist Church Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 25-26. Race Relaions Sunday was observed Feb. 17 at Wellsville Methodist Church. A special offering was received for Negro Methodist colleges. Avcrill Produce was host to a ham and bean supper at Kerr's Cafe, attended by 38 farmers. Jim Mitchusson, district supervisor with Ralston-Purina, was speaker on "New Trends in the Hog Industry." Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Averill were guests of Dean Howater Feed and Farm Supply Co., Ralston-Purina dealer at Kincaid at a similar meeting recently and of the Olin Mathieson Chemical Co. at a dinner at the North American Hotel in Ottawa. Mr and Mrs. Averill attended a Purina dealer meeting at the Hotel Coffee Shop in Osawatomie. Mrs. Ernest Harris spent from Sunday until Thursday at Hutchinson with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Young and son, Kirk. She was joined by Mr. Harris Wednesday, and they returned home the following day. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Averill spent Saturday night and Sunday at Springfield, Mo., visiting her brother, L. C. Schellack, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reeves, Beattie, are the parents of a son, James Nathaniel, Jr., born Feb. 14 at the Marysville Hospital. The infant weighed 6 Ibs., 6V6 oz. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. August Hrabe and Mr. and Mrs. Emery Reeves, Wellsville. Mrs Annie Murray, Goodland, is the great grandmother. Mrs. Charles Pierce attended funeral services for a cousin, Ralph Kraus, at the Topeka Wall-Diffenderfer Mortuary Monday afternoon, Feb. 18. Patricia Kay, on6-J daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O'Dea, entered Ransom Memorial Hospital at Ottawa Thursday morning, Feb. 14, suffering from ' bronchial pneumonia. She was released Monday morning, Feb. 18, improved. The commission on membership and evangelism met in Hay» Hall of the Wellsville Methodist Church Monday, Feb. 18, at 7:9H p.m. Chairman is W. D. Farney. THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, Feb. 21, 1963 REGISTER NOW! for $169.95 Motorola Console STEREO Given Thurs., Feb. 28 No obligation — Register Now! «o FRY »to BROIL Mo STEW • to BAKE • to FRICASSEE • for CACCIATORE • for A LA KING Free Recipes! Chicken takes deliriously to unices, vegetables . and intriguing seasonings. It's ideal for hearty one-dub meals...equally appealing in more elegant fate. Thi« week, we're featuring our famous top-quality frying and stewing chickens •tmonvMving prices. 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