Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 6
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For a Warm Bath Room A bath in a cold room is a "shivery''operation and is exiremcly liable to cause colds. The bathroom above all should be kept warm. This is easy and the bath is a comfort if you have a ERFECnON Oil Heater GAS IN A DEEP WELL (Evnlpped with Smokdess Devlee) It may be carried h'om any olher room to the bath room, which it wiii h^t while you are prcpnrirg for the halh. Impossible to turn it too high or too low. The most ecenomical heater you cfti buy—intense heat lor 9 hours with one 01ing. hold purposrs. Gives a clear, sleadv light. Made ol brass throughout and nickel puled. Equipped with the latest improved central ot^l burner, t^andsome—simple—satislaclory. Every laibp guaranteed. . II you cannot get heater or bmp a I your dealer's. vfHte our nearest agency lor descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY ' ' <Incorporaledl I Much fnterett in tiie Well Drilled by Stock Company at Caney. ^ The Independence Reporter says: There was a Turry of. interest I among among oil men thi» morning jby a report Irom Caney to the effect that the deep well at Caney in which Iworl: was recently resumed had developed into a his gafiaer. There is some foundation for tbe reiKirt. Ii will be rcmemlMired that this well WB:; started about two and a half years i ago and waa drilled-to a depth of i about 3000 feet. Then, drilling' was (Stopped because of difficulty with tlK- I water and lack of funds. ; It was claimed there was a heavy iflow of gas in the hole but that the [water held this down. Oil men were isl-ppticaU About $20,000 was spent in I the holo. Several futile attempts jwerc madp to shut the water off and jns riany llm<>» Ihff company ran out ,of fwi']g. lint the men back of the I enterprise were contfnt and have |iii'ViT given up hope. 1 .\bout three weeks ago another at- Iteinpt was made to malie a well of 'the hole. The following casing was 'put in: 1.000 feet of ten Inch. l .ROO !fect of 8 1-3. 2.800 feet of C 1-4. Tliere jls now a strong flow of gas and It Is i !is .«!erted-at Caney by .impartial ones flat th)' proposition looks favoralile. lAn attemiif i.<5 being, ra.ide to di.s- jloi'ge the packer, it Is believed the (Caney deep well-Tias indeed made an iimportnnt discovery. If there • Is a '"iiiiii feot pns sand In Kansas it is ihttrlilv important. The gas is com- '\vr thmiiL 'Ii till- 1-1 Inch easing and J is from the Ixillom of the hole. Worl: ii.i prosrcsshig. DO NtlT HESITATE IX FIVE MIXUTES YOU ABE BID OF STOMACH MSEBY. Voar Drnggbt lias a Pleasant Tast Ing Prei>ara(Ion Called Diapepshi M hicli Cures Before Yon Keaiize It. LABELS ARE MISLEADING. PITTSBIffiG IS NEXT WANT MORE MONEY The Athlete* Team Will Play Trip lets Here Next Sunday Afternoon. The Tripletrt and \)\'- i'iitBliur;; Aih letes foot ball teams, will Icck luinr at the Electric I'ail< n<'xt t'nmlav ;ir temoon at ^::!n o'c'oct:. As ilie l'i;i:; *burg team outwelc'is tiie looal <in ;"• avarajB of 10 pounds to the man nn'' ii^U&|Jia^mi ^^-(;..J(iund Ave funn(' cdMei^e players, Inrludlng one C" le-i.-:' university man. one of tli" hanl.-' fought games of fie stis>ii Is aiitle pated. The Athletes. altlioni;;i the' have played but one Kani<- thi.s y<>a- have a reputat'on as being one o' tty^ptrc>g;pest teaips in the state, l.a.-v year tliey played the brst teams lr Kansas and Sonf < rn Missouri an<' were never scored on. The new jeisoys for the Triple'r arrived to-'ay and will be worn ir the game next Suiiday. The te;i*^ will prqetiee every afternoon l!etw<T- now and Sunday. The SI'm "o:M:in Is ^Vinnin-r. The f!av <.;' s'ini v.oi'i.-i-i 's i umph h-*' rMT ''\l "''"li'^ ''i^; ?s the mere s ">'iHb.'" h :iy ihi- rlrf-;-! w^^KPTP- ; JBhis T\-ni,;.l i-.'vp l-Pen ^i/i n^vrs fori the, fot .vimri'i fi Yi'rT.i^^o. Sb" wn:i!d i S.^",^ '? ''L'^''",',"' f^n'Vv,'„''-f 1">1P- "--I .toyMd in the produc Nowad.''y<:. however, the woman who ... » . is too for tbe Ffy 'es roes to •> •! .\'.-ricultaral IlepaitiuenI mil Ask C<Migre«i«i for Itli; .\ppr«prLillons Till- Srs.ston, •ri :c Kansiir. City Jouriia; .-.i^.;: Washiiiiilon. Nm. !•:.- .Veiwiilislainl irit: 111!' intir.iillions yivi -n lhai. «w of lie tasks ml oni for lilniM. f diirin;; jii; winter li.v i'ri '<ident KMI..-.I vi -It wi!! (• ifi lield diiwn tlie apjirnpi !;ilii>n!; on icdun; (if I ill' e\'^r ;Hivi! di'iiarl- '0!ii>;, tbeii- are ii '.tirnjiiiiins ili;it See- clary WilBon'.-^ d« parlinenl of ai:rl- 'iltnrp v .lll Iv knocklii;; at tbe door f ((tnsre.-s fur Knl )htuntial inrreas- 10 carry on llic wors of tliat do KUinuni. Cliaile.s I'. Scdit. cf Kansas, chair- cf ibe cnninii !iee on a .nricnlinrc. iT;.-; brL '.n in eeniference witb tlie aj;ri- •ii;'iral officials but the plans liav •t yet l )een onlliued for tbe apprr •> ;;i !:on bill to be pre.-enled at tb ; -eniliev spssicn. 1 ,t -.vli:.! lines of n ^ricu 'lunil wor ; i f \iii i-ii'!ent;uion will come in foi in. >•,•.-• e."! in ibe iipjiropriation !(;r il"- \'i;!-> r .-re net disclosed. V:i jler .ih' urnis i.f ;!i • l .ist appropria I 'inn liil! ihiee iniMon.iii! experin-.ent -.i j:;'!::.-; wt:e ;'nllr;r!.rr.!. !i) bi" condur! i ... :i-.e (!pp :irinH -ni experis. The.- j !•> ilie invosii ^ation oC fiber Ii- r iban wond.= for the niamifacturc Government Not Always Responsible for "Pure Food" Decfarations. Washinston, Xov. is.—.\e"ordinc to a sweeping decision iiy the com- niission 'T of patents any label bear ing the inseriplion "Ouaranteed under tbe i)un? food ami dm:: uels of June "f^. lonti, where'sneli inscription is intended to Imply that the governnietit is respopsilile for tlie pnrily of f' eoorls, will be vefiiKivl re";istratlon. It is el:linied that buiidreds «»r tb' !>aei 'ers and others tliroimiimit tb'- CDUiitry are so printing thj'ir label a:: to pive this inipressloii, wherea it Is belli by the otlicials that tb' irovernnienl simply accepts'the a;-ser t 'on of tVe uiaiinfactnrer that tbi «roeJs are pure and then investigate; bis inisiness. I 'piMi proof tiiat tbi iiuro food and drug-act is lieinu violaf ed the goods are cenlis'-atcd and tb> niannfactiirer punished. Snuu) people think they have indi ^estlon, others catarrh of the stomach, others nervousness, cancer or lyspopsia, etc. Call it this it you will, but the real uamcy for your trouble is food foruicntatiou. with only partial digestion. Kvcrjthlng you eat turns o eiiber acid, stomach gas or siom- .ich poison, which weaken' the diges- 'ivo origans, causing a lack of .gastric inicr. Your food sours, is onl.v half JigesK.'d, and you become affected with of apjictite, jn-essuro ai'd ailiness after, biirnint: sens:'.- lion, a feeling of vomiting, lieartbnrn, .vater brash and tenderness in the :dt of tbe stomach, slimy tongue, bad i .aste in the mouth, constipation, nausea. belcbiiiK of gas, dizziness, sick •icadaclies, mental depressi'm "and iiany other enmmon syniptoni ••. Yon cau cure all this l)y not eaiin:; >y not pnting any fcjod in ycmr stoni- ich to ferment; but how alifiut. tlie lOuriKhraent needed to sustain your ;i(:di!y strength? If yim are a stoni.-ieli •infferer, cither man or •vonian. yonn,:; •r old. whetlier von call it indigestion •r any other name, go innv to yimr Iinggist and givi- 50 tent.-; for a casi' f I'ape's Diaiippsiii. Every jKissible bind i .f sit .iinich : rouble i.-i readily cure i i-; l>iypep.-in. \hh-i' takes rij;lit li 'ild "i the food in anr stomach and di:;'^ts it .-ilone. %viili ()iii tbe help (if the sliaiia:Ii, .i'ls* • s if your siouiach wjisn'i ilit -i--. After a tew da\^• u .se of Diap-psin Miiir slemacli will a ^Min lie i :i i-w' -.viirkin'.; order, your meals will tbi>r- .iiiilily div:esi anil your intestini.'s wii: •.(• (•Ii 'an .•mil fn^b. .-nid yvn will ii> iiM- fur l :i \.;t ;M-.; or livi i i "-;;u- ..itul •• The World's Best Piano Prices Range fr«ai $500 lo $1580 J. V. Roberts, Distributor GOV. HOCH'S CALL Inbcrriilar riniu -rcNS Viill licit in Tnpeka. PeceHibi r :>. at Kcpr*. •>enlaliw JLiII. KANSAS TAXES NOT HIGHER. In Some Ca<:e<: the School Districts Levied at Too High a Rate. Toi'tka. Nov. IS.—Tie; stale audi iinr and (i:; la.x CDnimi ^sion have sent oiil blanks lo eyeh count}" clerk and assessor a=kii:g for tiie amount of taxis It vieii for each fund in each foiiiily am! tnxiii.g district. About onc- tliird of th'.se bianks have been returned. Till- iv-iiort .5 show tli.-'.t tbe state u:\v.ii will- reduced in every roiiiuv .•iiiil in .-'liunt half the counlie.^ Tcpeka. >;,,%. The official call for llie i:ie.;ii !'4 i >1' a Kr:iir Iiil)"r>iilii.-;is congress on Dictiubcr at Ti .peka ivas it.-^iicd .Monday ;,\ (l .iv .rmpi- K. \\. roeli. Tiie m.-..ti:i;,- will li- li.-bJ al repres'iil.ii i\e liali. ;inil \>ill be-ji;i -.i'. l ^.r"l..--.-n--,- J. 1... .1 iri.miiine^!'^'^ ^-'^'^ increased sllght- r tbe I.i.,nl -A !e-.!:i, wil. ji :^-n... .chuol district., over the state ,1 e„:.!,..n-.- l::- ..-„,„y I .^^.j,, ^ . thcy know : -r.s .J., v.. .. II.. . ... b'a.d;^^.;^_.,^ ,^ s ^, crummcr. 1 iii:ilil:. n.: -.v.i aii;'ii :t', .-ifiaii. ;nii ii i . I 'M ;i' '-iMin! •...:s :i::- il.iy ii l!:-- tlllii-rrii- NEW STAMP DESIGN .TV' ni.= f - .IT '-"r:- • seripfivP. tpke.- nf.'ev - ni !> :\Jl<' <^n ri <)''• r- quickly. •Tho-!;-;:iii:et.t. ".i nni'e i"' rief^rd ::Ucr- yv'iih ihe f "Tiifi ;is > ri"--''r:ii"inp. r^re nerfert!y b-<rni '»s3. ^'iiU iliev riNo • „ ,„ ,,, the most {.ronI,r„ir,I ,.re,.ar... ie-, p-l "-'«^"'C «s In lb. P'^rson 'tiiy. l>r 'bov (•<•.<< oi-Iv T."> n of jirint I'nper. liniinrlant result „ f,., ,„ jjivpi-liijatie : • .. 1..- ; -< : eri • -Ip:.^ fnr made I • s-'M'-- i.x. the tise of corn in ni:iniif:ietiire of paper. )ih<- iir-joriaiit ee;iis a .i.r:: ri*-ni '.o .'iV% «••• lo. losi 'if r.'' fiiinec-.; a .1.; drtig^'ii-t )•.••• bt !L sllO !ri"i .• I ••"asiy <ll,!;i'.i; ; n.n'fit rr. ibe iri-'ir Mlf-h I -l.^e •li-.h ' I :ij \I;.| : whi i)pr'"in . • V- II .1^.1 Adamr .-it ChaeutP. I.' r.nil .".i's <; \.. Vi.aiiiF r.r l<'j';i Wi.Vi-' '::v i:.;-s .TT 'errieen on i:-,.-:;r w.'.-.- Knrlf n to visit 'he fur- nu-r 'R hrrithc ^ro':^ t'.iere VT. Ad- ntns -^111 Ro to Thaver to visit tbe Woodmen camp. U" is district deim- ty for the Modern Woodmen.—Chanute Tribune. investigations in 0 V. tbe niilizatiii:! of discarded farn prodiirtion of alcoho iie:ia!iiririi,- aii'l ii =e in the mechan .•;:t;--. Tbe .opinion is expresso ilK .ff who hiive been active in thi:; V n rot only wIl it IH.- i>ossibIf . . •! K' nkoliol from waste farhi i'.: -i: :!ffi >ctive will this b< ilie utill ^aiieii of wash- cor: e'ic. ted to be possible to pri! :he price ef corn in any .vear ' '.' '-eUrw .'ill ((••Its a bnsiie!. •..•:!ii-.- uc'"-ifnl expcriiiiciitatlor. '.i' • :!( nio:is!r..t!(in farming;." which !, I 'Ct .-i co .'iJiicied tlironglKiiii man> lit hern and ."onthwi stern .-iiates. , i! Will Jones at Ilospltnl. Will Jones, of 19 North Third hireet ~2 r. ~. TTT was taken to St, ,I(ihn 's ho.'splial last One Snrt Spol 1 rt. , , , ! vVt iMst. one srr- cnm re^„„i„r.'^ve-ning and ojieruted upon for stom- from The elen-,-. 'lot hei'e'I cvr ^teli tronbie. .\Jr. .lones has bee' y«>t, Thi« n "<'r>:'n'r vnnfia iii.-m Buffering for some time and, ii wa? addrr^red n mrk -rl'-'.e-' Demc -rni .IS uecidcd last evening that an opeiatlon "Mr. Brvar" r:r '1 'be r'j"ew-er of .Icf-i ,, , , , r f»rscn wsnte-! to "eVm him un " l^-''^ "ccessar.v. Althon;;!i n..i ye, our . i of danger the physicians er.tertaii Register Want Ads.'Bring Results, evcrj- hope of recovery. .THEBEMEDY FOR SOilES^ULGE] ^ • • • ' • .• , . • The combiaatioa of healUiful vegetable ingredients of whicb S. S. S. ia eomposed, makes it an especially desirable and effective remedy in the treatment of sores and ulcers of every kind. Since, an impnre condition of the Uood is xesponsit)le for tbe trouble, a medicine tliat can purify the blood is tlw oal^ hope of A succ^sful cure; and it should be a medicine that not only <3 «^nBt» tbe cinmlation^ imt one that at the same time restores the blood to tft Bohsal, rich, nutritive ccmditipn. 8. S. S. is Itist such a remedy. It is quite Mtindy of biding, deanstng vegetable properties, extract<id from na- tytn. t «x^ lierbs and barks of the forest and fields. It has long been lysogptyiri a*, the.greatest of all blood purifiers, possessing^ the qnalities ac $C |H »iy,to tttnove everv impurity in the olood. When S. S. S. has purified fi|e fvcv^i&m, »nd strengthened and enriched it, sores and ulcers heal read- dt^'taS. sorely, becaiise they are no longer fed and kept open by a continual ^im ^ffcfaitathan of imtatiti^ disease-laden matter from the blood. S. S. S. *" labirot a healthy'eonditioB of the flesh by supplying It with rich,, ili&i^fildddaild.makesBpeiinaaent.and lasting Vure. Book on Sores jA -fHete itiul any. medkal ad\nc^nuile4 free to : • THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLAHTA. Gl. VWSK FOK .VL.VKM. t -oss of .\pp «-(i |c or Plslrcs.s Aftti Kilting a Synijilum That Should -Not Be Disregarded. Appetite is jnst a natural de.=:ir .iir food. Loss of appetite or sioir. • b distress :if;er eating iudieaie in .;.'.'esti():i or dyspt-psi.-i. Over-eatiii;; i ".habit very dangerous to a person -nod ^;encral bealJb. and insatiab !i '..petite is a sure symptom of dialie:^- It is not what yon ea! bul wh:. • in dites-t and as.<iniilale 'tliat doe. .I 'U good. .Sotye of the strongcsi f:oaviest .and bealihiesi pcr .Kons ar .uoderate caters. There is nothing tiiaf will crent. : i :'.:cEs or cause more tronhlc- th.^ > disordered stomach, and many pp •• e dai y contraci serious maiadi' 'niply thro'.u'h disregard or atiuse • he stomach. .We ur;;e everyone in lola whc •s suffering from any sioniacb Ar- .'(Ugement, indigestion or dyspepsiii vhether acnto or chronic, to try Itex il Dyspepsia Tablets with the dis •net understanding that we will re . ind their money without iinestion oi '•.rinality, if after reasonalilc use r his nit Jieine. ibey are lU't perfectl' .-.•'itfied with the resulls. We recon 'iiend them lo onr ciiktcmers ever.' i :iy. and have yet to hear of anyone Alio has not been benefited by them >''e honestly believe ihetn to bi; with It. ecinil. They are made friiin tb-. •reseripiion of a physician who d( r^te'l all his time to the study am,' ••eatiiient of sloniaeh troubles. Tln';- -ive very prompt relief, neutralize lb. .'•istrlc juices, stri-ngthen the diges Ive organs, create good digestion -ant! isflmi'atifin, nalni-all.v resulate the ii '.wels, pr(nnote perfect nutrition, and "rcate a pernianeul cure of ail un ealthy symptoms. We urge you to try a' L',".c lio.>t of •Jexall Dyspepsia Tablets, which give 15 days treatment. .\t the eAd of thi imo. yon,r money will be ret timed to vou If you are not satisfied: Of conrsi n chronic cases lelf-th of treainien; ".•aricp. for such cafes, we have iwe arcer sizes, which .sell f(;r 4uc and ^tc. t?. U. nurrell. Tlie Uexal! Store. West Side Stjnare. Were Rc.idy For Shipment Mond.iy —Expected Here Any Time Now. The new (lp.-.ignK of postagi- :;i.ani)- .vere coniplclcil and n.^ady lor .diii 'lent ti) all oiriees In tie irniied "•tales .Monday of tliis wcik. Al •hough none of the ne wdesiiiiis bav •int in Hii appearance at the lo:'al of ''ce thev are expected al any time 'ipqiii.sitioiis f (ir stamps from loca ostmasters will be filled with tin- ol i:;s!:i' unless tiie ord '-r stales that !!••. u'w issue is preferred. The new d'.' :i^ns are made in denominations o ' 2, :i. I, u. -s. 10, i:!, I.-.. .->u ci;nt •nd $1. .-Xftcr Ibe present supply of •2 and ?'> stamps is exhausted these denominations will be di.seoiitimicd. The subject of the design of tli»^ •;ew one-cent stamp is the bead of Itenjamln Franklin in jiroflle from 'Toudon's bust. The color will con- inuo to be given. .Ml the other d :nminat:ons bear the head of Ceorgc Washin.gton in profile from Hondon's •1st. The iiorder designs of all de lorainatlons are identical, the hear' ".'•"ing an ellipse on end with laureT 'oaves on either side of llie ellipse \bove the heail are tlio words "i;. S. 'osta.i-'e;" below it. the denomination. i"ho size and shape of the stamps are ho same as the series of lonc. LOOK FOR SHEEP THIEVES. Sheriff Notified to Keep Eye Out for 125 Sheep. The sheriffs office has received no- icc to watch all shipjiing polnla In this section for 125 head of sheep stolen from the farm of A, C. James, living two miles east of Baldwin. The sl'eep have been missing since November Sth. 150 reward Is offered for an arrest and conviction or for inforiration leading, to an arrest or conviction. Sheriff Woodard of Douglas couhtf Is sending out the notices to all of the officers in this part of the state. .V Snap. We have a 1 room bouse (m car 'ie, corner 'ot, that we e:in sell fov ••ririd. f .'.O cash and baliiiiee $1."; JK r .iinilh at C per cent. This honsr i^nts for $S Iter month, WHITAKEH & D0.NNF:LU KANSAS'BROOM CORN TO AFRICA Cape Town Factory Owner Ship' ped Two Cars from Wichita. Wichita, Kaa., Nov, IS.—Two car.-* nf broom corn were shipped from Wichita to Capo Town, Africa, today. J'. Eng'e of Cape Town, has betjn In Wichita this week personally slipcr- intending the buying of tho broom •nrn. H<! has been buying the jnod- :ct here for the last five years. A iirotini factory started In Caiie' Town Ive years ago. by Mr. lugle wa'^ the first in that country. HOIST U. S. FLAG. Citizens of [French Colony Demand Free Schools. Paris. Nov. IS.—Tho Teijips tliia afternoou iiublishes a dispatch from St. Fierre-.Miquclott, tlie French Island off the coast of Newfoundland, saying that there has been a big manifestation in St. Pierre In favor bt free schools. The movement yas created by the clerical party. The pe,opl(j got out of hand and made their way to the house of the governor, where they raised aloft the Amerl-| cau flag. The police are insufficient j and tro'ihle is feared. I>i:Klt C liKIh. O - - O Mi-.. I 'e;:. : \Vi, ;..:i ^ •! I...rii..- •'oiks .-vii111il;i> ;ii .i| jMiinbiy I!ii-. II 'l -vaid ::iiil lun-ily \:.-;..| .Mr. ':i!;itr.''. ii'-ar ''n'l-ny I'lliki;.. .Miss l-Jilii'i t.!:iliir c-ii.!!- IKUIII' !r.ii:ii- •l.iy IV. iiiir:^ ."-'!•, ii-Mi.i.. .1 It. Il r •••(11'-: ill I(il;i .\!iiiiil.i.. Mr. and .Mrs. , .uid Ills.- s-ieiii Sjilnnlay ni '-'li; !:i I'l •-n'-.^i •r lir. .1 I!. Il 'uvi i; .Mr. :I.'MI STi:^ .V '.•^IHII.T :'I.II K:!idi f.tve Tnesda*' f«.i . l.mi',' I":'-!', Ciwi' •I) .--pi-ad th;' win:--: a ir.emb' r of tiio tax commission, today. "They did noi think of the value nf Ic:-• litan a mill wr.en they made' lii'ir !• ' ;.-s and find that the levies v.-.-ri- toil I.-irge, as they could have .111 ti:-- h'.i.'s il.nvii and still raised r .iiiji (-itiii iiiijiiey tor all purpoaci." tljvlcrji Uilb .Macaroni. Ou>'-i;ii.irii.r priekagi,' macaroni, boil.••I 111! j^oft. p'll in a greased dish al- I'l Haling wiili ".Si :iVIiiiil" Oysteis. iCiivcr iT.cli h'.yir willi s .nnce luade of :' laMesiionniiils of liiilier. saiiK* of ilni.i :.!ii! I cupfiil iiiilk and water. S:.ii ;i!,il pi pp.-r III taste. Cover_willi birtf -re 'I criiiiibs. .Make brown. This is line of thf iiew oyster re- jcipes found in "Sealshipt Sense." a >Ir. Ceo. Hates is UnrldrT lln- i-mib, I'""•'^ ••^^•""^"'il'f Oysters which 1,1 tlu' vi-iniiy 1 .1 f ;.'.-.k and this.. i for lliri--iii!.i; I il. iiesidps the many new recipes by ( runioiis cixik.--. Ibis bonk dcserilie* the r.ieiliod of packing—the on:;- correct way ro ship oysters. Yoii L-.'t, yijiir money's wortb when Sniilli and ri .!rp!;ii;i '.ir llie nci'r^iiboiiioiiil. Mr. Ciifley .if lla-.ri :iinvi:!e. .Mo,! .. , . vil n^'i'licw from r.v.iv L:i Miirpi- vis-j •~"'"s .Ui. fed ni Kii Chirks Sunday. Mis. iMi'.rk : n:i(lr b-T lionie witli tli. ;:i wiicii she! , j i „ I you . buy "riealsliipt' aud. you_know vein ii're .getting clean, pure, palatable, iiert'eet (ivsiers—tlie finest produced. .Money ean'l buy better. They are guaianteed. We liave fbem. I'ryer Brothers, Otto liiuze. "Onr Way." w:ts ir Iti-v ':;v i: led ;• i -liikl. liinvaid d"li'.ert'il Imu-s H-ilaril am! Ilulieiis al .r:l. .Mnn- BRYAN TO RUN AGAIN V Texas .Message Says the Neliraskaii ICxprt-oed Williiiirness lo Help Oiit liie I'artj-. !•'.)« V.'iirth. Tex.. Nov. !S.—.\ dis- atcli fmiii San .Xntoniau -;i;=;: "II" tiie jiaity .-o deinan-i'^ and cfiiu'.:- ions ari^e lo v\-:'.rr;tn' i' I w'll be a andidate fm- liie iiicsidi iicy Ifinir ears hen--." said \Viiii;:i;! .!. r .r IS he si:>.rl"d on a duck iiii;it tiuUi.r. Ramsey's Brot.her Elected. Superintendent H. D. Ramsey is in re .-.-iiit nf a letter from his brother, .1. W. Ramsey, of Sand Point, Idal^o. stating that tlie latter was elected CDUiity superintendent at the recent election there by a big plurality. Mr. Hairspy was formerly a Kansas boy. bavip:; -jrown up iii Bourbon county. —Clierryvale Republican. ..The Ke ^l.iler want colnmn can sell it rent il cr trei if I ho riulckest. Friddi|9 November 2O9 'Oft •Doors open 8:1 Sm 8:45m Quartette Male Quartette Male Quartette Friday eve, Nov. 20. Mdle Quartette, Presbyterian Church, Whitney Brothers Quartette should be heard by all lover> of vocal music. Whitney Male Quartette has no superior on America's musical platform. Sci-tin TIckcLs .•>l..Vt .*»iugle Adniis<<ion oOc Secure tickct.s oi .1. E. Henderson cr L. V. SlarkcT. Cornet Tniitnirtions. Chas. Lourr was dowi] from lola, Harrr Kvans of Ft. Scott is in ik.^^!^ ^"•' ^"^ city today on business. met Instructions from Prof. \rcCr,-«y.- i Indppendeace Reporter. ..J I I THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capita! $30,000.00 UIRLCTORS A..W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evans. J. O. ROdgart^ Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlus. W. L. WE ISSUE OUR OWK DRAFTS OH AU EUROPEAM POUm SAFETY £>EPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROIM «2 TO |S PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME OEPOSiTS. .-

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