The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 26, 1986 · Page 41
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 41

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1986
Page 41
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The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 26,1986 Page 5 Soap opera summaries for Jan. 20-24 Tune in tomorrow By JON-MICHAEL REED United Features ALL MY CHILDREN: Natalie wasn't pleased when her mother, Wilma, arrived in town. Jeremy and Erica were reunited at her hospital bedside. Larry warned Natalie not to try to take Jeremy away from Erica. Angle talked to Joe about Dr. Voight's behavior and Voight later wrote Angle's letter of recommendation. Tad and Hillary made wedding plans. Tad noted Dr. Voight's interest in Angie. Donna was upset to find Benny out on the town with Nina. Tom admitted to Brooke that he'd been in Gilles' hotel room but Gilles was so drunk that Tom left. Bank boss, Bruce Emory, doesn't think much of Tad. Solange learned that Brooke had searched Gilles' hotel room for clues to his murder. Lucy and Ross kept mum about their takeover talks. Jeremy asked Natalie not to tell anyone about the night he drunkenly shared a bed with her. ANOTHER WORLD: Rachel was hospitalized in a bed next to Mac after she sniffed the dust in the amphora and then collapsed. Marley was crestfallen to learn that Ralph wasn't really her father, Michael Marley contacted a Bamesville businessman named Michael, who later remembered his youth and times spent with Donna. Chris flew to London to consult with a doctor who's working on an antidote for the poison dust. Cass pressured Kathleen to return home with him and insisted that he loves her. Jake became suspicious of Tele-puzzle Victoria after watching a video tape made at the art gallery before the Egyptian treasure was stolen. Before Marley learned Ralph was an impostor, he conned her into giving him thousands of dollars. Donna decided to go to Switzerland to try and regain the Love fortune that Carl had stolen from her. Zane and Felicia made wedding plans. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Doug, who is Kim's secret admirer, wrote her a note stating that he never intended to harm her. John blurted out to Sierra that she's Lucinda's daughter and that Craig has known about Sierra's parentage all along. Lily can't rid her mind of thoughts about Holden's hunky body. Doug insisted to Marsha that he's going to marry Frannie so that he can become a part of Kim's family. Shannon was shocked to meet Earl Mitchell at the airport. Doug conned Ken into returning to town and Ken was arrested for killing Cal and Marie. Shannon returned the diamonds to Earl, who said he still loves her. Steve comforted Iva after a phone call from Tad. Iva told Tad their romance is over. Frannie accepted Doug's marriage proposal. Emma is worried that she doesn't get along well with Meg. Sierra was shocked to learn that John loves her. CAPITOL: Julie was aghast that Sloane thinks Julie shot Mark. Tyler found Sherry's diary, which details Josh's organized crime connection. Tyler realized Josh was behind Len's jail cell "suicide." Victor's long-time pal, Caleb, kept mum that Zed and Jenny are hiding out at Victor's country home. Jordy promised Leanne they will have a life together. Myrna was in shock after realizing that Jarrett is really Baxter. Clarissa decided that she wants to take care of Mark when he's released from the hospital. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo and Hope located Cameron Davis, Shane's former I.S.A. partner. Bo remembered being arrested by Cameron when he was in Stockholm. Shane tailed Alex and Victor, who held a meeting with organized crime leaders. Mike saved Robin from the hospital rapist. Pete and Melissa and Mickey and Maggie decided on a Valentine's Day double wedding. Anna was shocked to realize that she's smitten with Brother Francis. Due to a lack of evidence, the I.S.A. dropped the espionage charges against Shane. Bo was badly beaten up by Victor's thugs when he tried to turn the dock workers against Victor. The Pawn removed his bandages and assumed a fake name. Tod tried to help Jennifer deal with the hostility she has toward her family. Liz lamented that she'll never be a singing star. Pete borrowed money from a shady source. Ex-con, Jake, began working for Ian. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Terry admitted that she had won the title of Miss Purity, which was sponsored by the Purity Water Company. Terry later lost the title because of a drunken incident in Laurelton and she was later banished from the town. On orders from Jimmy Lee, Celia started working as Sean's assistant. Rick worried that he'll eventually be cut out of Mike's life. Frisco and Sam (Samantha) went undercover in Laurelton to look for Russell. Anna later found Russell, who was killed after he pulled a gun on her. Monica worried that Celia will find out Monica's romantically involved with Sean. Mike accused Ginny of being a bad mother to Rick Jr., who had nearly ACROSS 1,5,57 Shown, she's Mary Brenner 10 Ross on "Happy Days" 12 "T.J. —" 14 She's Florida: init. 15 Big-leaguer 16 A Rand 17 Compass point 18 "Green Acres" costar 20 Yaphet — 22 Furious 23 Metal 24 #s 25 "— a Living" 26 Grandmother 29 Turner or Louise 31 "The Two of —" 32 Ralph's pal 33 — Lisa 35 Llewellyn on "The People's Court" 38 "Blacke's Magic" star 39 76ers, Lakers, et al 42 Buntline or Beatty 44 "The — of Innocence" 45 "Amadeus" star 47 Nabokov palindrome 48 Desk box label 49 Distant 50 Kind of cycle 52 ID for Letterman 53 Played Willona 55 Tony Randall role 57 See 1 Across 58 Max Smart's foe DOWN 1 A Kaplan 2 ID for Rooney 3 Actor Torn 4 New — 5 "— Amore" 6 Toy 7 Actor Chaney 8 Sign-off for Kitt 9 Singer Tebaldi 10 Encounter 11 Midday 13 Cincinnati team 19 She's Melissa 21 As far as 22 "— and Bill" 27 Sister 28 "Not Stranger" 29 Spread for drying 30 Altar phrase 33 Selleck role 34 Spanish cheer 36 Miss Merkel 37 Barbara Bel — 38 He's Renko 39 Michael Learned series 40 "Elmer Gantry" star: init. 41 Performs 43 Tyne — 45 Long-run musical 46 He's Ponch 49 Egg — yong 51 Mrs. Cantor 54 Hopkins or Derek 56 Bond's nemesis Puzzle solution on Page 9 choked to death. Anna began doubting whether or not she's suited for the job of police chief. Lorena tried to get chummy with Mike and put the make on Derek. Jade resisted Yank's kisses. GUIDING LIGHT: Rick procured more pills from his friend Peter. Reva tried to remember the person who had helped save her life after her attempted suicide. The mystery man kept tabs on Reva. India freaked out to catch Simon and Jessie sharing a tender moment. Beth and Jackson came up with the idea for a Sampson Girl beauty contest to promote Sampson-Lewis Industries. Kyle insisted to Maeve that his romance with Reva is a thing of the past. Kyle paid Hawk to keep an eye on Reva, who called off the police investigation into her jump from the bridge. Jessie saw India kissing Simon. Reva got a job as a nurse's aide. Fletcher interviewed Reva for a story on her near suicide. Simon moved into Alex's mansion despite Calla's attempt to stop him. Claire was miffed to learn that Ed and Maureen have reconciled. Calla avoided being alone with Ross. LOVING: Rebeka learned from a doctor that Zona isn't pregnant. Keith proposed marriage to Dolly. Cabot and Shana vowed to wrest control of Alden Enterprises from Dane. Doug printed his expose on Dane. Ava wangled a marriage proposal from Curtis, then set her wedding date for Feb. 14, the same day that Stacey and Jack want to get married. Steve dreamed of escaping from jail and spending time with Trisha. Mr. Thompson hired Spider. Dane realized Harry stole a ledger that could ruin Dane. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: After Ramona was found dead, Tracy insisted that Ivan had murdered Ramona. Asa grieved over Pamela, who "died" in his arms after he legally married her. Later, Asa fainted when he thought he saw Pamela's ghost standing on his doorstep. Sherry vowed to find a way to keep Peter from testifying against Mr. Hanover and Andre. Bo and Did! left on their honeymoon. Mimi is suspicious of Tracy. Dorian tried to comfort Asa. Rate realized that Tracy is very jealous of Mimi. Niki (Viki) remembered that when she was in the sanitarium she had heard someone playing the song that's on the tape found in Laurel's car. Fear ing that her Viki personality is return ing, Niki skipped town. Sherry realized that Chip is the one who ratted on Andre and Mr. Hanover. Josh wants Bobby out of Lisa's life. Bobby's former girl, Stella, wants him back. RYAN'S HOPE: Dakota took Maggie's advice and played up to the Ryans in an effort to win Jill away from Frank. Melinda told Ryan that she's not romantically interested in Rick. Dakota must still face charges that he stole a treasure that's buried at sea. Devlin and Jack sparred every time they confronted each other. Dakota is upset that Johnny never saw Meg again after she became pregnant with Dakota. Rick said he loves Ryan but he won't date her until she graduates from school Ryan later dated Treat SANTA BARBARA: A recovered C.C. held court with his family members, throwing Gina out on her ear and disinheriting Mason. Sophia went on a cruise with Lionel after C.C. told her that she can never see her children again because of the past she shares with Lionel. Santana hoped to get Brandon back since the child isn't really C.C.'s grandson. Crux sifted through evidence that could lead to C.C.'s would-be murderer. Kelly's attempt to reconcile Nick and Dylan was a Hinmni failure. Santana and Cruz romped in the sack even though she's aware that his heart is still with Eden. C.C. praised Kirk for capably running Capwell Industries while C.C. was in a coma. C.C. refused to tell Cruz whether or not he knows who pulled the plug on his-respirator. Augusta looked for a job. Brick insisted he doesn't want any of Lionel's money. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Sunny and Hogan suspect that Sarah's killer plans to murder all the winners of Henderson's Women to Watch contest. Patti remembered seeing Lloyd exiting from the hotel where Bankston was found murdered. Liza was angry that Hogan, who thinks Lloyd murdered Bankston, wants her to dump Lloyd. Cagney braved a snowstorm to get Suzi to a hospital after she was nearly strangled by the. Caldwell mansion killer. Suzi's tormentor escaped from Cagney. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack rescued Nikki, who tried to drown her sorrows in booze after she verified that Victor's having an affair with Ashley. Lauren was curious that Shawn won't talk about his deceased mother. Faren told Andy, who was released from the hospital, that she doesn't want a romantic commitment. Jazz suspects that Andy took a bullet meant for someone else. Shawn told Lauren that Turk is still stalking Paul. A disguised Esther grabbed Kay's money at the drop sight, but forgot to leave the blackmail photos in exchange for the dough. Shawn worried about Lauren who had dizzy spells. Brad ignored Jack's order to stay away from Traci. Michael insisted to a seductive Jill that he never gets romantically involved with a client. Traci refused to listen to Jack, who said Brad is only interested inner money. Amy noticed that Paul is smitten with Faren. Latest Qavell work bought by publisher NEW YORK (AP) - The latest work by James Clavell, who has had a string of best-selling books including "Shogun," will be published by William Morrow & Co. "Whirlwind," Clavell's fifth novel, had been in an auction with eight publishers. Morrow aquired it for an undisclosed price which industry sources have placed as high as $4 million. "Nobel House," Clavell's last book (published in 1981), remained on the New York Times best-seller list for a year and was No. 1 for 15 weeks. The paperback sold more than 2% million copies, according to Morrow. Most of the action in "Whirlwind" takes place in Iran. The book is planned at 1,100 pages — the same length as "Shogun" and "Noble House" - and is scheduled to be released in the fall. Classified ads get results. •REATMNG MOflUMST OXYGEN Equipmtnt & Sirvicts: Ask about our "NO COST TO YOU" CAU TOIL HIE 1-800-362-2385 •EGMNAL IESPIIATOIY INVENTORY/SERVICES IN YOUR AREA

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