Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 3
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m m\ iyptn^ warm Ifl^iiai a now! Thif handsome lot of iiew styliA Cannente dired A COMPLETE Stock of hi^h standard in every ready-to-wear branch has been as- sennbled with the utmost care by this store. Each line has been marked at a price that Will assure you the ^ratifyinj^ p'easure of practicing economy whik cho05^ in^. We urge you to choose no y when all lines are complete ajid you'll be sure to find your size. We invite you to share in the benefits of ouf undisputable, unequalled facilities for undersellihg, In our Great {^eduction Sale. .175 SfrlNh Hnl<i Klnran^i}- TrimnH'iI In our own work .room. IDI pnr (rn-at rrdUrtlnn !iale i^lJiU to iWa Vttlis of Warm BlnnkitN from oOr to 91. pi>r pair lu «nr Mrrat KcdnrHoit 'Stfre. 9.'> Vines Tponi.s or Uiilliiic FiaDUi'lti from :> lo l^'^r yaril ^Varm llndprwear for ladies, mlss«s and rhildren. Srp- nrat« ^rmen<s for childrrn* froni 15' to Mcx nalon salts from to 50c; ladies Separate (rnrments from S5c to tbe all n -ool 91.33: anion Kultn from Mr to the all wool 9«S». Jirn'K nndrmear, tbe S»e qnality for Sliie. Everything new an J pretty for the Fail and Winter Gown with the new Trimmings. Vou will find the correct things in our Great Reduction sale 2 4foorm mom Hmimtm KX^ S X S SLAtER PAilD(»\' cpted hy negroes here in llheir Satiir L. J. Preston of Ottawa Killed Hte Wife In: 1891. Bka. Nov. 19j— Governor Hoch {dty night "moonlights." Two Infi .s full of beer were confisca,ied by th«» poKce in a building at Second street and Minnasota avenue. Four men and !tv .i> women, negroes, were arrested. wilgiear the application tWs^ ^ ••moonlighf in nooSJlof L. J. Preston, of .Ottawa for a {^^. ^^^^ ^^^^ ,«rson trom the ,tenltent.arv.. Preston, ^ . ^^^^^ MAXAGER I.S MISSINR. Owner of Roll-Away Skating Rink In- veatigating Apparent Dis- crepancie*. "tj The farmers throMshciit "the ianrf' may't well follow with profit to themselves Barytone Had Caught the Muaic, But and to the country. This nut-pianting Not the Worda. estry scrrfce In the acTerli ^ulh African prorinces. Tbe course coTers tramp recall, another member of the! \ TH """Vf^ 1!*^*'""' i wandering tribes. He was known j^/'?^!""!?.! ":?J?'!.«^^ A certain young Unitarian minlater I throughout the country as Apple Tree waa^ convicted of the murder of his wifeBunday morning. August 16v 1891 ;I *re9t .6b owned a lumberyard .and was worjiting in it that morning.' People Kolntf to church heard three shot fired MrSj 'Preston had lieen shot twice. Pri^jton shot himself once. -He was seni^ced to life imprisonment. Preston intends that when rhe^shot his wife faei^'wa'a ten^porarlly fnsane. THEIR BMR IN WA8HTUB8. Kaii^a City, Kan^ Police Find a New ' Schenn? to Evade the Law. ^ns^ City. Kan.. Nov. 19.—Beer In Vaahiaba |3 the newest feature ad r, negroes T ^ere taken. ! At midnight twenty-two |arrests had b<en made by police. 0|fficers said this was a greater nurobej- of arrests tlian had been recorded on any Sat urday night for two months. OFFICER Todd last evening picked nr Chas. Ford lying asleep on Brc»ad ; way street. He was hn^tled off'to jiii'. He paid a fine'of %S this morn ing for driinkenness. 1 Reffhter Want Ada. Payj Ixfranaevla Allen ronntf nearly ererybody rrad-i the Rpgltter.; I . Rc^btrr Want Ada., Ic Mr. Wunderlich. one of ths proprl eors of the Roll Away Skating Rink oi". the north side, came in today from, Sprfngfledl. Mo., to Investigate some alleged discrepancies In the some alleged discrepancies in the '•• accounts of the yoims; man who until recently was In charge of the place. The .voiinu man, !eft the city a week ago Saturday and has not since been heard of. .Mr. \\>inder!ich sa.vs that tb.» yoini}: man hfis disposed of a aiimber of skates a^d has also gotten away with sr.m^ of the firm"."? money The manager left a number of unpaid blll.s which resulted In an atturhment being levied on the place. -Mr. W'^nder li?h is planning to straighten out these matters and o'^n the rink again. ts visiting a friend and classmate who lives in Roxbury. aaya the Boston Her- ild. and while the two were sitting a'-ound a flre and apinoing yaraa the mfnister who is Tisiting and who -Tomes from the west told thia: "Wb^n 1 went west first I was in a stitll ti>v.-n called L c, and in the choir Johnny from his habit of planting apple seeds in fence corners and other nooks.' Many a wayside fruit tree is said to owe Its existence to .Apple Tree Johnny. of my church the Tillsfge blacksmith did the noble work of barytone. He had a voice that could shake moun- . tains, and whatever It lacked In any ) ^^"T^ O"^ "ay as his einployer other feature U made up In rolome. > '^'"'^^ the field where he was A Vain Boaster. A farmer In central New Tork state has In his employ a man named George, whose understanding is not ntlBsJ^ KathBrlne Hm^loy, Will give private I.a«ons to pnpils in lola, Gas Cityland LaHarpe iu sHOftntJluto Miss, a Gradiiate of Oxford College, Oxford, Ohio, ahd has had many years experietirc afl a teacher. She has been associated with the La Harpe sujiools for the past four years or since her resid|enc« in that city. Miss Hartley was for nn'ny years employed in the citv fchools in Toledo, O ./aiidwaiH "a fWch««r in the commercial depaxtm tne Oxford College for yeap.i She rail es-a specialty of the eme atNq/gdKvl^tH ^fpcuorleaiM'iii^ &le and I will call. ^ . He couldn't read music any more than he could Bnglish. but he learned a tune very readily. One Sanday we were to be favored with a new anthem because it was a special ocasion, and the barytone had one . nortlon all to himself. Unfortunately hte had missed many of the practices. The anthem went along escellcntly until It came to a beautiful part which read: 'And, dying, bids ns all aspire.' Here tlie rest of tite singers stopped short. In tliat quick, sudden vray that choirs have, and in the ensuing stillness ^ sounded the ponderous tunes of thi>'; hlacksiulih: 'And dying brides ftr« UUed with fire.'" at the For^try school at To^ on a long-estabiiahed estate, where ^ tberv, are eztensiire forest landa and a Stmt variety of trees in^ all velopment atagaa of d» working. George hailed him: "Say, i>os8, who do you like host, Mr, Gorman or Mr. Carney." naming two ministers whose churches are in the neighborhood. "Well." said the farmer. "I couldn't sav. 1 never heard Mr. Gor-! man preach." "I don't like that man I Carney," said George; "he brags too much. I went to his church laat Sunday and he didn't talk about anything but hia father's mansions and brae about huw much finer they were than any ono tlse's."—Upplncoifs Magalino. TRAMPS WHO DO 0000. Apple Tree Johnny Has Suecestor in Nut Planting Hobo. > The story is told of a Pennsylvania tramp who In his wanderings up and down on the earth carrioK bis pocketa full of nuts.' which he planU as hq soes. For tlirce years he has followed '.his. practice, says the Virginia Pilot, and during that Eime| U said to have planti.>d thousand^ ai^d thousands of nuts, alwa;-s seeking the out -of -tbe-way spots— rocky hlllsldea and abandoned landa at the edges of creeks aiid streams—so that the chances of the trees being destroxed befoijs tbej grow up and nuitura 'wilt be minimis­ ed. This old tritaip U' doing aoinetbing ;^ore than gtuuantejelnc tta«[ fntur* ^uth of' PeaniylTania; agal^t tbe Bomoitim J«r of aaitlB» H* la wt. Watching the "Klda." A sign disphtyed In front of a NMT Tork department atore la th* daUakt of mothers, and iBcideatally the .laao- yation has Increaaed the nA a^ tto store's bargain caunten. TJlie ato^ employs a fatherly ^Uoc 'ma|i to. stand outidde and watch tlie yowf. bopef ula while the notheTs bafti-. tie with each other In front <» tili counters. Tbe scheme has prorad "p great success. ' Nothing Liking. ' When Helen KeUw. th«j brUllutl blind and deaf girl, met Dr.i ForaoM, the Shakeapeareaa achotar, be iritni^l her not to let college profkaaorjii tiiii her too niany auiuned tacts kboK the Uf9 of Shakeapeata: all «t« bov, ho said, is: that Bbakaspaare waijlbap- Uxed. msrtidd and died. "Well," ah* rapUal. "fee SMI baye dos*; all tbe aa^Ual Ham Was Hard to Find. Mr.1, M. O. Quackenbos, whom At torney Ocneral Konaparle has made UKGINTliK WABTT ADS. .PA ono of his special aaslalants In the cause In Allen County nearly campaign aralnsi the tnista. Is a Ni»w;lKHly reads *tae Register. Quarai York luwyer. .Shu tells this story of a i »r»^a» rlrciilallon of any pa railway ham sandwich: "A man pauH. Allen County. ed bittorly In the consumption of a] i'-,!* .» it..|»iiii. ni^... very hard, dry railway ham sandwicb < - y>n;«l ef BrlgM -s DbMlC and tx)unt?r •You _ maid with a smile. A minute or two was ^11 hiloated up- frith "dfln^i^'aiid passed. The man's jawj Worked gloom- iny cycsigtit was so ainiiajlr«i^ ' ily.-Then they stopped Sgsln. and he fscarcely see'On« of-Ar'tiiBUy said: -I. don't see no ham yeuVounft the rown. 1 bad glvefi up hope i woman.' *0h' she rfeplleci, 'you've gone' ^'J^" » and bit oveMtnow^ |!.^'h5";o'^S ;i':„*^tomt_^ "~ ' j en the third bottler ;tS*:aiApy|) « A Forestry School. jgone. as'well as all-other aymiil The opening of » forostry schoolln f ^''K**^'? BafAlPa lliWli Spath Africa a year ago iiaarked aaath-. Id er adVaace in thejpropagatioaid^tie Don't wait for «(-.ao6d ,9 «^at: fbnatry IdevH* -efcool wa. eatat^ KSTlt St'of Ihe

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