Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 19, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1907
Page 2
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and wik ilAitT ngcMCTB. Tr>gpj» >famyfl, ypTMiiiai m im, IfMiiikiiilliiCt. Thcladies of tola will welcome %^th pleasure the announcement that Miss Bilfour, Concticrc, of the Gossard Conct Co.. of CKicago, will take charjcj of a demonstration and special fitting of the celebrated "Front Laced Corset*' for all of this week.; To' much cannot be sat'd in favor of tKese most excellent creations, designed for style ultra fashionable and comlor^ in the true significance of tlie word. Tjic woman who does not know the Qossard Corset misses the at; tainmentjj q( modern corselrjf in Its every detail. We wish that every lady in lola wi>uld consider this |a|personal invita:ion to visit our corset section on the inainlfloor, next week ai^d become acquainted with the many admirable features of the Gossard Cofsct^—the Front Laced Corset. A few minutes spent in this section will amply repay you for^no other reason than to see what a vdlution has taken place in the making of corsets. Remember this special demonstration and fitting of the Gossard Corset wijl be under the personal sugervBtbn of f\hsi Balfoufr, of Ci\icago. NEW rom STORE Gossip of Sodety l;i)oIliS Hill • • •> J will !>>• Informal Afternoon. | <h,i!no < r tli. Airs. A. P. Harris is hostess' ol Uor nuuts «>i <-.i' S^'ttiag club this afternoon. >oivt-iI. • * • 1 ; To Entertain Orphans. • Cluh Dance Ac :l luo.-titig <if tlui. Utllt' (lean Tt? • N"''« l-.i:!!*-""' <'!'i'' « H tis' Club SuiintUi.v tlK' monibiMs ,(i-,!;ivi' -x .liiin-.- un Tim!> lay niulii in cUh>il \a ontiMiaIn th«» chililroii of ci.-' -\"~u-tMi r Orphan.s" Home wifhlii a fow ««•>•;. si <• •> •> TH« i|iirly will rrol)alil> occui a.; ]R|SS IIAI .Klin:. r.!,-l)iaf.Ml ...:|.- ThaukBglvins Uuio. MiiVo ••r tin- Wossaril I'nnil Ucril ««r. •fr •:• • >rl. wl'l ill- ii'.casril ti> tlfiiioii'^iraii' (h<- Woman's GuiIrt to Mccl. . i -.U 'iU.-^ nf ll '.i, Miin 'iinr coiHrt u> The Wonmn'.s Ciiilil of St.- Tiiio- ' lalio-; of I«'la and viciiili.v. thy"s cluirrh will hold a uipdiut ilii-' •:• •> •:• iiftcnioon at ihc homo of .Mis. .lohii- Ciub Meeting Thursd.ny. ^on, .•?!!> .South AValuut street. • Tiir Alia Seia club will h:.v.- a OFnCERS AT.OUTS. Look at Our Libbcy Cut Glass. Rookwood Pottery and liaiui Painted Cliina. Sewal), Je wder and Cptic!aii ID.} North \Vasbiii(;t(.>ii. * *• •* Beauty ot face counts but lit lie if siiv<-ial uiet'llnK on Thursday afM i ti'jon at Ih:' lioiue of .Mrs;. S. S. Hi! combined with an "iii-irnV|)ortioiieiI' '•'•"^ S""tl> \N':>s!iin.:;inii avi ir.;.' flRure antl awkward carriage. A * * *'• 'HtoHMird fr«iit lare*'will do the work. ' ; Ai-H Society to Meet. Xew York Store. ' 'r}n- Christian Aid society will iniii * •> * I i„ ,1,,, cliiirch narlors »>n Thur^ilay Cheerful Circle to Meet. altiriioon. Mics. Mary Uenisbupi.- will lie l;cs ' ... ... .j. tVKs of the Cheerful Cir<Ie on Wed- ..* * J , . , nesuay afte..oou.^_^ K ,!;r ;r T."^tT[S.^ • .T Rnuai riiih M^,t M'-rtlso" stit>il>. j;avi- a Atl«. iS ^rl?"?^:!'' Nonn , ,u.U^-^'^ ^^^^^^^'f^'^^'r^'l ^Tr^T I •Tnnillniciit to .Mis.-; I'\(iUfIla 1 rlmld < •it Kansas; Tity. I'rtl ^;^•K •^^v<' eiiehn' vi\i\«vl at ^'••vcral taldi-s a'ld j-Miss Un.sjilin ('liarli"< >\>ii- lln- lirst Rummage Sale. 'priz.-. Thi- I M«I1H \>ry.r was Ki\< ii I.. The lmli.'.s of the rre.sI.Morlan ( 5,,-s. I\ ll-uji-ffrSmllh. A;ih-<-l,r.- church wl'l have a niininHKi> «at.- 111,,,, „ ,„i ,si .-njovabl.- Iifiiir .Mr.-; .M.- Tliursday and Friday i„ the D'-Clut-.;-;.,•„, ^,.,,,.,| ;.] ,i;,.,.a,.. „ H-..II t.. ilw building on \\«'st .Madiwin ktreff. 0 ;i f„[-,„vi„i: ^ur-t.-^: .Miss Triiirl.'.-. .\'i each day a group ol ladltw will haveit-iara Howlus. Miss Uo^alla C::..-: street will be hostass of the Royali' club OH Friday aftemooif. • • •> Hay There f "Wberc arc you going?" "Coiag after a sack of f/« Sm Piaimmt Flour. M V wi (e won't tisc anything else." ihwiMB HUfm H cry. Oo. •. c aMMMs. a*(> ert the followiiif; pui>sls: l)ra U >rU wood. l)o:a Kocliwoud. Kay anil Hlaii«;;i' SntKl-.;ras8. l.^Oa .ITS. Ma-.nir .Maby. (;rari> Hards. i^ii'Ia Han'.s, Util)yCha .si'. J-Mii-I Uivis. h.t Van .Mrti-r. Alia Harris, llertl.;; It.ui- ;nan. .Anna C-ranl. Kloyii Walton U.iiy VVallon. Wnison, llowunl l>it- vis. flii'ster llenn. Harry Ili-niiiii. l'ur;on Thayer. Vir;;;i Itarri:-. i:;! • Hartis. Arthtir Metcalf. .Milton Har ii>- !:nil Lester Ollniore. + * • Receotion Tomorrow. Ms. .Melvln KionU and Mn'. U K. lioldnson will be at home willi .Mi<. .\. I,. Drnntliaush fmni two en;i! six o 'clock tomorrow attertioiitt. X * • • A (orsei thai YOl' will tit Xot our that nts you. A dh<tlnrtlon and a dlf- fiTence. . AssniiiiK every woman a liet- i< r ll^'urc. (iOSSAKI) COK.SKT Den- iinMraliun at the New York tStore. * • Line Party Tonight .Miss Cracf Kit/.K-rad will j-iM- .1 r -ne parly at the Y play. •Ki'l- iia".- Tiiiiiii|>I'."» lonlHliI for h -T .•-:ii"~l. .Miss Hazc -1 I'ails. • • • Dykr Builderx' Meeting. Tin- J.iltli' Iluihlers' Chaiii-i wa.* ii<;'il for the uie.>tiu;; of the l)yUi> .Miss ICdna MeC'ain. .Miss Hazel How- j P.nilders last, evrniiij; thni- of Ih • ' nii 'inluTs. Fred and lli-u Hirsli an-! h;s. .Miss Hess Jl.df., .Xtiss III::ne!ii- I 'orsliT. Miss BiMilah .MeCane."'. Wi^f i:iizalii>:li (Jauit. Mi-s flara roust.'! .Miss .S.'lta .Mrs. I..;iiji Iliini. Mrs F. Uctnmti.- Sinilli. .Mrs. I). W. H«''d...Mrs. Mil. Fron!;. .Mr-. A M. Tir- rl I. Mrs. (>. U. JlushlUM. Mrs. r C ^l. Ciilf and .Mrs. Sarah llowc. • * + Birthtlav Partv. Mi— Viola C.llmore. Kast l,hi coin, was |.'iiest of honor at it vi'ry jslrasaiii party ye'-t.-rijay aftenioon to celebrate UV-r twelfth hlrthdny. Mrs. "Iliuore ami Miss Kdna Keith sirved u live'o'cluck luncheon and eun'riaiu-, ilr ouK snme WM9 TWICE \ AS lAtOE ' And our. s-tock corrcspoud- itigly increased, we wouldij't ' he uiore belpfol to} on tbi-n . we now are. We carry all, the lines that rightly telong | , to a jewelry store. Onr se- ' lections are complete, and j the large city slores cannot brat our prices. So we ask for yotiT bosi- i se.-s with perfect confidence. 1 : We rttioest yon lo be' criti- ir-cal and. to judge us by the liest yoa know, sn3rwhere. ffre .iexpect }roor trade only I ^M^^^on^ecide that we de- Wr:3jeit .fb^t do us tlieihonar ia|,^;rirl^ us a chance to please'yon. no matter what >ou fcqnire io jewelry. ..•••5;r-- .\re: !i' Hall servi-d n-freshincnts. •;• •> •> Ha'4 Dreas Rehearsal. Til'" cast. «if. ehametfrs In llii>' V society play, '•Hebccea's Trinnipli.' had tiie tir-t dji -ss ndirarsal la ;i ov- (•nine I" urrauKc for (ln-Ir appearune- ii >nl!;hl. The woninu who appreciates cle- caiiei- and ln -auly. eulllvati 's uiai -e cherishes heullli, iinderslaudH comfort and neeks i'on(euttiiei \t. will tlnd H I these and experience tlip utmost satls- faeihm In hiM- (lUMNard If she hut lend herse 'f (o onr persuasion that we may lead Iter to those rosy paths calleJ Kuseand ronimninmit. fall at the >"pn York Sloir and Inlervlew our llalfour. : Entertaininr. Picnic Club. Mrs. S. M. .TonuluKK Is at home to a proup; of frlPtlils today who are en loyiuR a reuulon of the picnic club. The KtH -sts are all residents of lola • • • Soroais Club Program. The Sorosis club will nu-et on Thur.sdav artenio(U) at the hoine of Mrs C. \V. McCall. The prosrani will be featured by a discussion of "WTiat to Serve on Thajik«Bivin?." <' « « Hinh Five Club Meetinq. MIss-TIara Foiist will have the Hiiih Five Club on Thursday aftem<Hin to entertain her jpiesf. Mtss Fontella Trimble, of aub-as City. • • * • 'TloUjeK do not make the man.' MavUe not. But assuredly FIGrEE makes* the WO .f ,\X and the dOMwird f'wwt makes the figure. New York Store. *.*•*• 500 Club Party. Mr. and M TB. |C; H. Shie'ds save a D>ost enjofjable party last pveiiinir. for ibe r.(i« cliiti.- The diven»<on yet* fnr- nVlie^ by egrd (t-inies. The guest list taciuricd the club members only. • * •* T. C. CJlub TonlflM. .MiEB Mary fi ^emabers wni T>e at borne to niemMra of the T. C. dab toniiilit at Ui>r liome, Jie S<hiilb Tblrd j Eastern Star Seasion. i The local Kasteru Star fhapti r wa. • in session in .Masouie hall last uifjht ! Tlti-re was no businesa ot luipor.- : aaee btit ai the session to occur la jttto wecKs tlu' annual election of of I linr.- will 1M > an important teatur.* f • •:• •:• An iiptiorlunlty to luvestlj;afe the jadvaniaKcs of the beautiful and re.illy i:emarkable •MJossanJ Corset" demon- ;-fr;i(lijn at tin- .New York Store. ; • • • I Personals. .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. K. I'ow.ll spent S;tinday In Kausa .s City. .Mraud .Mrs. I.. II. Kinnc and ilatlRii ri 1% of .Moran havi- uone to Rnyarnp. WashiuKtou. where they are !o ns !de.. ; .Mi-s. H. .M. Cullison of Uiiliuit las 1 .1 11 called to lola by the serioas il' nrss of her daushter. Miss Ktlul Culi;son. wlHj Is spendiuK the winit r with .Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Cu'.li'-on. .Ml-, and .Mrs. Ciias. Kanuor of Wat!•! villi'.Wavh.. havf come to visit .Mr. anil Mrs. .1. K. .loui 's. S<mth S .ve 1 "ilore strei't. .Miss Haze' Furls, of lArm -il. is hrr.- fo" a wi>eK's visit wllh Mis.-s tjraec Fii /.fiMalil. L 'llt South Chi'stniit >irerl. Mrs. \V. H. Forli-r and .Misv Vera I'orttT arc lioui" from a visit with|r' r liitive .s in Mississippi. .Ml. :uiil .Mrs. Kdwaiil Aspln.ill an I ;laiiKLli-rs who have npi'iit t;i.' past few days with Mr. nn>: Mrs. \\. S. litiiall, left today for their honic in s:< ln:a. California. .Mr. Fred Asptn->I) ri'tnriied to Law II nci- today after a brief visit with his pan-iits. Mr. and .Mrs. K. S. .\sp!naM .Miss I);iisy Crooni Is e .'C |)fctfii to ••rrlv.' soim from WnsiilnKion \vln-r-. sin- has been siii 'iullnjr srvi'Tj :i nwiiiilis with relative!!. .Mrs. .\. nines of Denver. Is lur f|^r an exlende<l vis!t with her ilaiii:!i u r. .Mrs. C. F. Newtim. .Mi->. .Maiiil • Lelillorr and son Ceor.;. have reHirned from a visit In Clia m;le. .Ml .ss Maijiaret Heljf'e returned to ' er scho<il In Die-- Creek district o;! Monday after a \isit with lier pareni.<?. .Mr. and .Mrs. Phil Heiple. H 'V. Hilton, of Hanlln. Kansas. \f I ;;nest of .Mr. and Sirs. i;. \V. Ad uins. Mrs. Howanl .Miller is hoin«» fnun a visit with her iiarenfs. .Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Fletcher, of Corfeyville. .Mifin Carri« Reimert was a Ruesl of JfLss .\ddie Kdsar. of Carlyle last evenlns:. .^liss tedcar enttrtaiued a Lumber of friemh- infonnally. is here for a visit with friendfl. Gey. Cooke and[ Colonel Hunt at Sol. diers' Home Dttagree About fit'fiimlly cuiminiit«d- al iuveatigatioii.,.- Uorernor Baiith was transferred to the Facififc hoie. ; Leavenworth. Nov. !!».—it was ascertained here yesterday afternixm that differences have arisen l^lwecn NOT RECOUNT ^ rVi^S. Court Aooeala Decide Against Aot Constituted by 'W..R, Hearst. • ! Colonel Sidney C. Cook«>. governor of j A'bany. N. Y.." NOV . tS.-^^fe C OBM the Soldiers- Home, and Cohmel it. H. u,,,,..ais today deddctj that the'fC;} Hunt.. «iuarterniaster of the iiistitu- ,,;,ssed at the last session of th.- l«r- tion. They have prefern-d charges is ;;,t„re i.mvldlni; for a recount %t against each other. It, is said that i„ „„. p.,^.. „^ {^^ mttforiA Colonel (-.Hike has ctiarged Colonel , ^.|j.p,j„„ j,, y^^.^. ^j,,. 1905]^ i unc«inslitntional. The contest ia^titul<!d in hehair ofVV. R. Heu^. Hunt Willi nof;;;ec (in-.; meddling in affairs with which.he i.> nut concerned. Insntifu-dlnatiini is 'al- 30 charged, il Is said. It is reported thai Colonel Hunt charges CoJonel CiM <ke with tyranny and I^arshness and tha: it is hard for the veterans fo live, up to ilip "red tape" rules now In voj;ue. Colonel Hunt la away and will not 1,,. hack until Friday. Colonel Cooke refuseil to make any statement aliont the Iron- ble last nluhi. allhongh In- ilid Hot f.j unseaf .Mayor .McClellan on ground.-' of frand in counting votes. The di cisiim wiis unanimous deny ilial ehaines liad hern pief.ii-eil h^ldriieil di.sciissioii at; the Cur , . .. .... ll.-.- ..I..l'.-.. ...~»ll.,.. .-..^.tn ...1 ..t- Coliiiie' Hunt was appointed ipiarter nuister in .liiae. He is a elose friend <ir Senator Karner of .Missonri. who is a lueinher of the national soldiers" home board of managers. Colonel Hunf was widely known in .Missonri IKilitics and was unce the repu III lean nomtnee for mayor .of Kansas City. f:oIt»nel Cooke, frtrnierly a inetii- bcr of the national soldiers' home Deliafr »f Club Meefliig. The subject of connnission KOverll7 liienl in cities, which is witlely discussed in matiy localities at' the pres^ J, ent lime, furnished material for a ^iCfJf rt?nj Fveiit einli's meeling yesterda.v. tTbe roll «all was answered Iiy inleresi- in-A topics aliont civic atTairs and tjheu Mrs. Su.cher and .Mrs. S. JI. Stoddard dei)aiRd the i|nostion aliotit city erniuent. .Mrs Siulier took the'al^m alive and .Mrs. Stoddard- the ncagtil^ The systems u.<e(I in Calveslon othT cijie.^ were pre .sented for it&fi benefit of the ladles and; ar the c^oiW board of managers ami resi;;ned llielof Ihe afternoon a vote of the club IKisithui to accept the ;:oviriiiirship of revealed tliar with (w<i e.vceptfons the this lioiiie (III tiK' tieaili of Covernor nieuiliers were in favor of the coni- Rnwlaiid. mission system. Three new mepi >ers This is the .>--econd troiilile of this were>-reeted during tiie social Jour nature at the Soldiers' home. .\ lack yesterday. Mrs. W. U. Cranglt of harmony existed several years he-J K, H. Keys and .Mrs. K.:P. I.ogan twceu Colonel A. J. Siultb. tJie tlie hostess. Mrs. Kyler. enter a in gtivernor. and the oilier ollklals and . Informally at Ihe blo«Mj of Jhe prt R • THE LANDS OF PROMISE .\nd iif fiilllllinent. wheie eliiii;ite is altio an as.^ct. arealmig llic Stillta'K«. and ea.-!; to-readi. There ,irc| irrigated tlfMUtii, seelioi|d where dry farndiirr is'practieed. and places where ra!iffaTMC°de|iend(iU| upon. In some localities all those inelliods may he followed. Ilead about the various .ser.'i'Jiis. Then visit them. Honjcseekersl Excursion tickets are sold semi -Mioiuhly to Tevas. Fecos Valley and certain imrtlons of Colorado and .Vri/.iuia, limit twenty-one. or thirty days, dependent <ui destination. Tin ir use will s.kve you something. The I'ecos Valley. The San Joaqnfn Valley. New .Mexico and A()sona, Texas, t'idnrado. ALL, FR^^i^" W. K. IC.M.STON, .\iteiil, lulu, kanjiUM. Larger Ttraii ^vr! T R bai* .sb«w.liig «f' BeaatJiraJ TblftiM In AlltMle Jnr^H, Fioi) raaskrJlMd raMeil^Chtai ni t <im Staee, The Jteli^likf Store. IHiflElL BROTHER^ Lowney's CKdcolotes THAY AUK FRli^H. A cho'ce assortment ol this popu- , hr brand Bt CRABB'S. When yon buy Lo»vney's Chocolates here, our perfonal pledge hf their freshness goes with them. Get 5our utxt candy at Crabb's and .'ce how well It pk'a .se8 you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE. Corner Washington and West St^. Winter's Comngl Y'ou know what (hat mranN tu yon. I»ont yoB want to ewapo the liiton, the roW, the ^axb— all tlie dtronforts; tVhj aot plan now Hberr to IWHM that Mea.<'Mii. so trying to juan^ per!»on${ Write far juformatiou alioal our Wif ter T«iirs T« Califanila, - Arlapna. >eiv Xeclea, ]|extcb, Tt't'aK. FavoraMe Katip. L**r Xinlt aad Steporen. liha ' Y. M. C. A. LECTURE 90 7 ABfJ}^ 1 908 Xaraest W. O'aell. '., Xor. 22 "Popular Fallacies." Jndge Willis Browo Dec. 1» ApoUo <QniBtetir and Bcil , BIngvrs. Jaa.-Sl Dr. John X. Jhrire^ ^>b. 4 "America Facing the Far East" Vanbar Male Qoart<4te Xar. IS geaM> Tickets, Adaita 914^^^ I^h 8cho «l TSel,

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