Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 4
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Clx WVrU." i: :: SCOrrs «0WNT„ <«» I'^wlStrc^ Ntw York ' r liiilii-r llinii loivi-r tha:itlio pn -ii- rnt ralvrt. A tnoim-nt'a n-f't'cdoii, lioftcvor. should iiiakiJ il cl '.ar thnt nun tleallni? in anick -H which un; I now proti'Ptoil t-ould hardly hr r\. jinicti'd to conn- bi 'forc tho Coiiiniittoi! ;aiirt a»k for t'.M protection, to be low- icrod. I iMfSiinK- alnio^sl without ex ri-jHion I 'vrj' ni.nn who upcalis foro llio Coiuir.itlt-o will, represent some industry which h<' thinks needs NEWS OF U HARPE THE SECOXD lECTUKE COURSE ATTBACTIOX IS TOSIGIiT. DOCTOR CATHELL WILL SPEAK KEPOKT OF STATE t0>VL.NTI0.\ WAS IIEAHD AT W. C. T. V. MEET. Unlj KVDUUI - Uai»Im<«)!> tVlll itc Trniis. urtH »l Ibf Mittin !r of tin- (II) Cotincll TliN Eteniuir. EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. "M'flsblngton, D. C, Nov. '14. lyoS. Tinjc was when a ninmber of Con- gross could give all o( his vaciUlon | to recreation or to his private l»usi-: ness without in any way laiMug In j protection and if he argues for a low his public duties, when nothing nioreer duty on any |)roauct it will bo on was expected of him than that! he |SOIlltthin.^ that is his raw material, should be in Washington when Con- ,The shoe uianufacturor.=i. for txauiple, ;wi'l doubtless ask for free hldea. gress was in session. But the growt;: of the public busineps of America lias fully kept pace with the tremendous expansion of lis private trade and commerce, and membership in Cougress now to a man who really tries to scnc his coustltuenu is an all-the-year-round job. It is true :i Member Is not expected lo spend all his time In Washington: but even during the vacations, if he has the good fortune to rei)n .seiif an active, wide-awake District, he will And' '.is days so fully occupied with offlclal business as to leave him practically no time to devote to his private affairs. And he will find also tliat in the course of three or four months spent as the time between sessions? ought to be in "visiting around" in the District, he ha.s ac."umulatt >d enouEh matters wMch can only be attended to in Washinpiou to keep his hands full a good, while after he gets there. And that is why, although it is still nearly a mouth until Tanprcus is to meet, a goodly number of Members are' already in the Capitol, clearing their desks of Department business so as to be ready to '•btart even" when the rush of the short session begins. •i V Tlie only Con^irossional Commit fee already at work is the House Committee on Ways and Cleans which on Tuesday of this week began its hearings preliminary to the ])rc\i- aratloii of the new tariff bill. Hy resolution of tlie House at the Inst session this Commute'• wui, authoriz •id to emi)loy exix -rtw dttrinu liic vnca^ tlon to compile sucli inforiuatlon a< was deaired an.i a'.<o anrfori /ed th« Committee itself to hold s .•.^^ioI;:•. In compliance with this resolution sov eral officials in tiio Treasury Department have been enpapd a!l .-iimm«r in gathering facts relatinir to our ex ports and imports showing the prices of goods here and abroad, the wage standards in this and other eouii '.ries and other information oi s-lruilar character. Tiie heariiiss i!|ioii w.^ich the Committee is row < iisiagiil are intended to afford an opiiortunity to those who will be directly affected by tariff legislation to jtifsent their arguments for wliaii 'ver rate of ilsity they may tliink sbon 'd be levicjl uron any given commodiiy. Tiius far men representing '"chemicals, oils ai ;d paints," have been, givf-n two day.-". Those sjKiaking |or '".-pirit-s. wines and other l»e\ erages" diii.- day. and those representing ""tobacco and the manufacture thereof another day. The spokesmen of thesi- various interests appear before t 'le Committee utii] present whatever stateuieiit ihey have have prei)artd. tluMi suinnii to anj- questions t!ie Ciiinniittei' wish to ask. A \eil ):iiiin. r .|inn of everj-thin? that is !-ai.l is tiKin and it is all printed for the Uof of -tli.- Members or Congres;-. As may naturally i'e e .\j »c "nd. ii-e parties who have apiK-ari .il tliii.-^ r;ir tavc prepared, ili'ii hiilmilr t<; made in the prvsent .-chcduli:- or that the rate of duty be increased. Thi.s fact has led certain newspiipcts to Jump to the ccr.rl'SEion ttiat no r<'.i^ revision of the tariff is int. luied bn! toat there , will he only a ""reailjiist- ment" with the new s'ch .'del .-s iiigh- THEiinsSniis ^ CAimoii ouaa Full flavor end :trc-n;Mh utt > A.M- lial virtues in pcppit: 'Atecl t>;:n (orboth, rore ' laiiiy ("•p- jwri-you buy n.' r. i offcn-ive odor »vh ;a .-'.aldtJ; tli;it of 'I"<;i:c pepper i$ pui .f;:nt and inviiiiiir. Tone ilr.j-;. Si'Ic.-?—: :1 V.'.njf— IKjiiOsS tU '^sv finv «t .-.;s jr.!rr» propertiii uhirh ere foui:J o ^ly in spites of !;i;;'i cjualify. Scaled air-tight. VNIIII liu urakeiiiiii;. no exposure tj i .Tipiirilief, l.o lo&i of Nature" 2 rjaodntas. ^ • P .-r-t:.-.w »r Ccrfa Tliara nro two kinds cf ;;;lccc- IJ::'3 anU "c;fce»«.»* th. zinc manufacturers will ask -for free ore, and so on down the line. Tire real argument for reduced rates of tariff, therefo^-o. must be made by th Committee itself, by way of questions addressed to Uiose testifying befo'e it. the answers to which must develop facts which ought to ;mide the Com- niUtee in it.s aciioiu Here again cer- t.iln i:ewsi)aper3 junMi to false conclusion.'!. It .swms to be taken for granted, especially by the very hnv tariff journals that Mr. Pavnie. the clialrman of the Coraiuiitee. is a : ope. le«-s standpatter and any revision which hrf supervises must be a sham. The truth of tiie matter is that Mr. Payae is very far from being a standpatter. When the President called a council of liie leaders of both House and Senate two year.} ago to consider when tp.rltf re%i.,ion .should be taken US). -Mr. Payne was In favor of im- nmdlate action. It was i :is opinion (in December If'iiO.) that a special Session of Contnss should be called immediately after the 4th of .March. li»07, to revise the tariff. And there is no ouc-stion now that he believes that there should he an absolute revision in good faith in Hie-al fulfillment of the pledge in the Uepub'ican plaiforiu. There ij; no doubt elrter thiit a majcirlly of the Ways and •Means Committee an- of the same oidnloii. Indeed It Is foolish to a8.<ert that atiy intelligent Keijublican really wiwhes to irake a farce of tariff revision or really wishes the Ipriff scbediilHS to he so framed as to jiro- mot.. monoiKily or make it pnxsiblc for any iiit .jresi .s to extort unfair profits. The very ground upon which the Uepubiicsn Party based it« urgu- nient lur itroteetlon is that it promotes comiieiition ln.stead of fouer- liig ironopoly amf .by means of this conM'eti'ion among i.oiae . nianufaC' tiirers brings down to a reasonab'c (Ignre th>> average profit UJKJII the capital invested Wiiat folly it would lie tiien, from a Kepublican standpoint, to c ()nst "uci a tariff law which would negative ihc.-e ai"?uments. Xo- boily is so much interi:-ted. from a purely political standpoint, in a tariff which does not fester monopoly or render extortion possib'c as tl|e •!'ein :)ers of liie ivcjiuhilcan PartJ. This is the senlinKiil I have teard from Home of the luoot iofluenlial men upon tlie Coniinitiv.- oi Ways and -Means and I heii.'vej it is a KUffic- Icurguaranty tiiat iln,- iilst Congress -it til'.' s;ieci.Tl .'-'•i^siei) wlilch ir, to iK called next -March may he trusted to •Jive the country geniiin.' tariff re visioii. (ullu'll (v Li-cturc. lUi J. K. Cathell will leciuic ,ii lh< Mei.hodlMi KpUeopal chttreh ilils CN i'lllug. Th'; hilbjeci of IIIH lecliiie wll, lie ".\braliiiMi Lincoln." Thl^ l>. tin ."econd attracii!>ii of the •it-.ii'on h .c- lure (iiiirHc. I)r. Cathell r(iiin« ti La llaije highly reconuiicnued :i5 i man iind jmblk' rpeaher. George R. .Maol-eaii. pi ."-ideiii .-(a( uiiivei -Miy lit hiwa.—In tlr.- liiKliP.-% scm;e in which it is true of tli-? poe. .t is al.-'o true that the orator li •"bern. not made.'" The Hev. .1. Kver- ist Cathell Is of the liigbesi type o; orators. S<>ul. voice, eye. and persona presence fit once iiroclaim the oratoi in him. To the advantages of nature he aiids those of acquirrment and art By scho.astic training in the" "r|ueei. cf sciences.•• a.s Bacon called iiieolog> •.ind by experience in the first and ureaiesl prcfession. that of the niin- .£lry. Dr. Cathell is prepared to illum- inaie the lecture platform. Those Who Have Used Pe-ru-na 4 Are the Only Ones Who Really Know 1 Uitny A matron haa lengthened the days of her comely appearance by tftking Pertuia. To be beautiful, the body most be kept clean internally as well as externally. Feruna produces clean mocoos membranes, the basis of facial symmetry, and a clear, healthy complexion. An- riaying Toda.v. .\ foot ball game is being played this aftcrnoeii on the MacDoualii grounds north of this ciiy between ;he local high school team and a team i'omposed of lola higii schtad bJiidents The visiting te.'iii is coiiiposed tif .some of tlie best idayers in this, p.lri of the sta:". Heard Kcporl. At the 'nesting of the loeai Wo- nitns Christian Temperance L'nion ilii' report of the siaie coiivemioii was heard. The delegates who were sent to tiie convention Croni h..'re made a very interefcling rci>ori of its :;essions. .Mi". '.eave Kas. of l!i Oferlaud Trip. and -Mrs. W. S. Grig^ijy will lodav overland fo." Waverl.v. Tliry wil return the la!ti.r part • week. A Short Ses^loll. Only a short sesiion of IIIL - ciiy council will be held this i-viiiiiig be- Causi' many of the couucllnien wlli *"Hni to aitend the lecture at ih< .Methodist Kpiscopal church. There Is but Very little buslnef* to cuii djer Hsides the routine work. Internal Catarrh, Mr-:, ucorue C. W..rstell, 11 River Iload. Cliu-k-liurg, W. Va,, writes: •T truBt that noone will think from this that 1 want my name in public for an.v caure onlj* to let sufferers know whci.> tley may find relief from nian.\ ailniciiis. '•1 can trnlj- r^a.v I have been much henelitcd by the u.-ii of Peruna. I feel in-tter than I hnve for two years. Iti.-; the IH'SI medieine that I know for internal catarrh. '•1 have tak.'n inedieioe from the «Ioclor='and found no relief; butwhen I began takin;.; Peruna I eould see that b<-fore I had llui^iied taking the lirsi bottle it was doing me good." Pe-ru-na Tablets. For two years Ur. Ilartmanand his assistant.- havi; iiiee.isantlj-laliored fo create Peruna in tablet form, and their strenuous labors have lieoii crowned with SUCCCT-S. People who oli.ieci f> liipiid medicine- can now ."(•.•iire Peruna tablet-. Kacii (ahbn My Sister Advised Me to Try Peruna. I Took Your Treatment and My Appetite Returned'Speedily. I Gained Strengtli and FIcsli and Am in Perfect Healtlu I So Thanl^ful Your Medicine Has Done Me So Miitjli Good. \ '-So Says Miss Julia Butler, Of Appleton, Wis. sick Headache. Misa Nettle K. UogBrdun, U. >'. D. SI, Waatflold, X. Y., wrllo.^: •'I have been a great fulferer from «lck hcadaclicH, but am now entirely froo from that trouble. T have not felt ao well in ten yeari< as I do now, "I MoulU recommend Peruna and Manalin to all sufferers, I will say, Oofl bless Dr. Uartmnn and hi» wonderful remedies." Weak, No Appetite. Mr:!, Buth B. Brent, Uolmeg, lU., writes: "I was in" poor health three years ago. I kept getting worse, and I flnaUy w «a so weak that I could not sit np all day. My feet and hands were always cold. I had no appetite. "I consulted one of the best doctors, who said I could not be' cured. I was nervons, my heart would flutter, and I had a pain in my left side and also hai] chronic constipation. "I got a, bottle of Peruuti and one of Manaliu and wrote to you for advice. While under your treatment I gained three pounils a month. "I took several more bottles of Pertina aad BOW I am welJ. I am able to do ali my house work—eookinJT, washingjiroa- ing, baking .^ud mending. "Every bod.v compliments me on looking so much better than 1 useU to, and now I liave a girl baby six montha old, r a- fat .a.* .-he can Ix-. *^M.RS.0.D.RQBINSON i^.-rj"""' ^ ^^'^^ ' =^ —«t , 1 r-L.iiua. jlknowifit badnotiK 'cnforPonmash* Prolonged Her Life. Marshitll rnitlier Is Hi -i;.!. Mar^llall Prather. one of I he csMcv; .-illzellH of tills cliy. died at his lioiue .'ol .Vorili T;i.\ lor slice!. Hi.-; de.iih Is iald to be due to old a-'e. Hi- in 71 >"ears o'-d ai'd has lived here (w the •la.-t hCVHial years. Before coiiiiiig In '^i Harp.- .Mr. Pralher lived In Blue Mound. Kas. .\s .\(t no riiiicial ar- -ani,'cu:eiils liavi- benii made. •STEOPATHT— DR. \\ .II. ALDBIGIIT. Registered Osteopathic Phy.-lcian. State Bank Dldg." Phone 145. Only Osteopath in La llarpe. : Des Moines, torn*. The- nturiis tndlcat.' thaf the ''epubiicaii majority in tiie House of HeprescT.tatives in i. i- next Congress w'll bi; J7 wliie'i Is only 1i' 1K1O«" that of the preteiit House. Wliile thi.i i rch!arkuble siiouing. reiiiembering "liat the I<epiilei<-aii Party have, been in po>v< r continuously for 12 years there are among these I"j men i^omc on.-^picuou- leaders whose defeat h gc<;e.-ally r.-;;ri-tted on Itoth sides of tlo chamber. (Jne of i.<-se l.s Mr P.dlard of .N'ebiaska who made' HO numy friends during t!i<. week he spent 111 the Second District. H< ••c)in'i:eiiis .Mr. Bryan 's h'utie District WiiiU- I: Is iiormallj K.-piiblican. th<! heavy complimentary vote in Lincoln for Mr. Uryun ovi-icame this martin ami .Mr. PoIIurd was def'-nted. He Is u strong and u.'><-fiil n^aii and ought to have bt-eii k'-pt li«-re. The Indiana de'egatioii Miffered more heavily llian aiiv other. .Mr. Criimpitcker being the 'II.iy old Menilx-r among the Heimiill can;". to be returned. .Ie.,se Over utreei and Cimrile Ijindis. thu lat i» r of whom .Is known lo tola people through his lecture at the Chautauqua last year, are ainon? those left at homo. Both of tiiera will be greatly mibseil for t;:<y were able men and of great personal iwpu'arity and of the higliest character. But in-rhaps th<' man who will be mi .-Kod moat of any is Colonel W. P. Hepburn, of lowo." The ablest debater on the Re- nublican side without doubt, tlie chairman of the great Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, and a Jfcjsber of the House for twenty vears. he has indeed be<?n an import ant factor rere and It is hard at this distance to understand by what argument his coustituente per>>uaded them selves that they would he better represented by a new and untried inan. In practically ah of these cases, however, it was merely some local condition ihat hrought the result and (not aiiT real dissatisfaction with tbe and honorable men who went down -fit' f the wreck. €. P. S I'l rsoi'al--. Mrs. -MatUe Brenniiii hui retiiiiied from a visit with i»-iativc:> in l-"i. Scott. .Cans. Itev. .1. H. Bri'-ln retiirmd .Miiei- lay from Chuiuiie in- has been >u it but;ine.';.-; visit lor the past few iayt. Mit. B. Wailis was the guest of her iraudson. Cl.vde Morrison, in Moraii •c^ierdny. -Mrs. .lane Caiiady who has been Jr.e -iirst of relatives in .Muii.sey. lud., is .-xiieeted III arrive home lonlghl. J. \V. tirei n cf Pawnee IMty. .Nebv.. Aas giied of iK-r liiotli.r in ilii- 'i:.v Mniiday jiighi. -Mrs. W. J. Ihrig. of lola. was ihe •;iic.-.i of .Mrs. \V. H. Rirk»;!i and oilr-r llar.'e friends .'iesterdir.. Mrs. O. U. Kol.inSon.l! Si. y-lix Street, Brooklyn, .\. Y.. writ.,--: ''I have taken Feruna and it did me more good than all my two years' treatment by special physicians. I can really say tliat I feel like -.mother person. No more swollen feet and limbs. No more bloating of the abdomen- No more shortness of breath. No more .stiff and sore joints. You have no idea whttt your treatment ha^ uuae for me. It certainly has prolonged my life and made a new woman of me. "0, such a blessing I have received through your kindness, doctor, and the assistance of the medicine whicJi you liavs so kindly prescribed. I am able to work since I began your treatment, but before I was not able to help myself, muL-h less work for anyone else. All proise is due to Sr. Hartman and his treatment." I know if it had not i)ecn for Penma shi» would not b'i b.-re." Tor Suffering Women. Mi-.=- 3:.-^tiicr Leo, SufZ Madison Street, 1 "opeka, Kar., ."yi -'crctary Triple Tio .Social t'iiiti, wi i'.f-s : •'l-'ouricLn ."liontii.- aj^o I began to be troiibk-d with iiilorral catarrh, which led me pale, weak and nervous. I de« oided to give Perunaa trial. "To ray great relief I found that m.v general health improved. 1 kept growing strougcr, and within three month.< I was in my usual normal condition. I cannot rec-ominehcl Peruna loohijjLly io nuftcrlni; woim-u." A ( OMMHM .M S<»l lAI liiiiiui y.Mlti I'litnired U\ llii- Brelhn-ii < jiiin-h. ( .lilc Till- .liiMior V 1'. ('. I . oi I 11. B,e:!i.':' .iiinih '.ill held n drum i'.cial ;M lie- clinieh TIiiirs'ia.N «•'. iiiiri--'. Xo\ eii'1,11 i cr\ body (-OI i!;: j!;. inv:ieil. Bill of lar. : Th" -salt .-.f I!.V ji ki will! !"!•.•; l.-.Ki- ••Iiiiimi-d.. \nr^:lii r i:;:uie Iwi- a ;,iial Shaviii.:s fi-.Uii a Miiaiiiei- revolt. . Whai lovers iike A cinr for lovi- .V .-on in .Xeali on an i.sle Vo Uir.;i'ii!.^ lor coinplaiiu .\ fireek letie;- Siirite;s otfeiia-' Wlia' dtK'strt like in !iis wife .\ girl's name u l!h "A'l" '"hies fi-'lP_ '1-e tri'l I !(:-k Twenfleih letter of the alphabet.. MiiJ. 1st;.'.. Bins Iiiii-id c-.iiiiin- |i;irlors I'lli. I-;.- . le "c . _'(,- .I'c . Ic . Ic . .•><• . ::<• .."•c .!c .tv . L'c . le .2c .:;c GOOD GAME TONIGHTi LEOALS. Hiali Scbool .nnd Rink Team Will \ Cciit*-:! for Honors at Basket Ball. lali!. lola Cil|.' ii: i.'ie st ;'r< U)iii','!i a' Ti:e IBgIt School Basket Bull ol tile lifst (Ij L .-ini/.at joi!:; - wiii pl.-iy ih.' rinl; team '.II-- rinl: <-oi;!ii:i-i!<-il!.;^ Hiuh Sclioo] I' am iue; Ji-"ii-ri I 'iil .li.-ln-d Nov. IS, 1H08.1 riHI.H VTIUN .\OTI«;E. Siate of Kaiisa-. .MU-ii County .ss. la till- Di-u'ci Ccmt lor .lald Count;-. Saia T. lli>-,Nc. i'iaiii-ifi. vr.. Fratik P. Uowe. ijet ,-i;d;iill. .Said d('!\ iiilaiii. Kraiik .S. Kowc. will Lake- ii'.ii (-e rlia- lie has been sued in ;,i Itliir above iiaaied Court by .-aid plain- LETTEK FKUM A KOKTV.-M.NFK. H"i"e is a sijiiple. |i,ie.-c.-llnj; and jlncere leter from a iii«i,'i-d poiiieer jf 'i;*. why biaved ih" il;.ii:;ern hardship.s of ilii> oveiiaiid n.ill California. Ii sboiilij ai-ietil lo cuiiirrh \ii:iiiiiK. SaMa llosa. <";ilif.. .Ma; I!"'-. Hoolli's I'.voiiiel Cv, Biirralii. .N' V Dear Sir.-::—I w::h afflit ted villi <.i- larrh. and tried a loiniinr oi' leni'- lie-. bii; r'-cel\cd no n-ii'-l". I jpiir- •••haied an imilli of il.Miinel. and in- fore I Iri'l I'M-d ilii- botil.' I iioie'I a .iriik..'d ri-li.-f. i ll^ed ii for a iiioiiili or h>t al;il liioiiglii I was c-uri-d. alio sioiM.ed Ubiii--' il lor a > <»r f.o. Thought I was gelliiijf caiarrli ovaiii. and ftutted using it again. I ii-" i' pvorv morning, and keen iii>si;lf clear of catarrh. I !o»:-iee; b th- he: I catarrh inedUim- ilu-u is useii. I have often rei-oiiiiiieiijed k to inv friend.-.. an; M \ears (Ml. I can.*- lo C.iii- fornla in liilft. aiid of eourte am not as vigorous as I was ."iS veai:; tigo. .M} address is S41 llh street. Yei'rs tn :;v. W. ilock. Hyouiei fiironouueed High-o-mei i.- siiaiauieed by Clia?. B. Speuci r iV Co. lot only for eaiarrli. bui fo.- ;n-ip, ?ouglis. colds, bnmeb-.tls and cvonp. A ou.iiiete oiitfi'. including ialia'.i-r. •'osts only Sl.OU; extra liottl.-s of Hyo- •Ufl. if afttrv.ards needed, coct Inii o'J •!ent». I 'll IS rr leFD IN B TO II I^AYS. PAXO OI-NT.\Ii-:.\T is guarantied to cure Jiiiy case of Itcbinir, blind, bleed ng or pv'j'.riiiiinir piles in <; to I 1 days >r money rel'iiiuled. .Oilc. HOME FOR JACOBS GIRL. ."'.lid J dayi- lo ail Wronged Step-Daunhter of Henry Jacob-; to be Looked After. I'earl Jaeohs. the Ji(lo|ited adiigli- ler of Henry Jacobs, tiie fortner Oa^ City lean w!io was laki-ii lo the p.-ii- iKiiiiary from .\eo:-lio (-oenty a fi-'.v j!i;o fur nil •.ir-iii-^ liu- CMI. will ill- (.iviii a lioiue. Tin- ;-'irl will be arrai^i'i-d ai Krh- ainl ^:onle aeitoii l.lkell ii.V 111.' iiMinal'- .illiltle re;j ;i ill in;; lii-r tiiiure (-nre. .I'liiler tin- statute hli" can be s.'M' to Ihe ijiilii.'^nia' Hchoo' ar Beloil. or '-an be boiind out lo so-iii' pri\uli- family In ilie county. Till- cijiiiiiy .•itlon.y i.; Im-liiied to i<(-.)uiini-iiil ilie laiier coiirhi-, and it III.- hiiggehlloii nieei.s' Willi Hie approval of I he iii-oliHf Jlldile Ih'- hiUer will pande III.. j;lrl. snbj.-ct <o fninieni niipearaiice In court, and place her in toiiM- tiaal home In ih.. comrlv. already playtd ivo ^am-.i an. I is in •-'ood shaiie. The rinl; team lia.; bei-ii liraeticing faiilifiilly and exjiict to will til'.- ;;aiiii-. In ill'- Ii".!e.ii|i of iho rink tiatn is Blair, t:<• tall l>c.y froiii the short grass eoiii:tr.\. wiio ".ill play at center. Tiie .same w-ill siart ;)rompt Iy a! S:::i' and will be ftnisiied shortly after !• so as not to jiiuerfere with I lie bkattrs to any great exD-nt. The lineui follows: lligli School Wheeler Oslioni B. Nelson - . I.. Ni'lson ., Boot • The raci of tlK- two t'.-ani.i is as at Korwanl Koi-ivard .. C'ijler .. Ciiard Ciiard . liu- rink -Vmlitorium ... Roberts KUis Blair Blah \Ih n iasf iii.ulit was won iiy I)ii.!;.:;an. Bird iieiiig unable to ,!<'-]) away frin.i t: •• side.s on ticcoiiiit i.r !a<:lc of pra<-iiee. Bird Iia.-: a lot of sjieeil and a little piaclicc on the ccr- iiers will i>ut him anion}; ih-- to|i liii- eis. nrol«' "Huyncr" I.CKITS. JiidKi- .vlanrord Scliooiio\'r of uelt one of the ties; known lav.j.-is niid ).io!-f |iroiiiiii(-iit • Democrats in was in '>tluw,i o,i l) today. .Iiidge Schi-o!iovr>r is Ilie uinhor of the famous "Havnei'" !..iiei-.-. iian- dreds of thousands of copl.-s it wliiib have li.en circiiiat.-d l«v the r;iiiio-id eking houses and oiher leg itai'iti- iries anioi.if their eiiiii'i'ves iri the i:'- ler.'i; of it.'u ;|ic .rai:e-.—t)t!awa ItejUil)- laVKS IT n> TIMPl.KT.S. Unrlimrlou Kepwbili-uii I'raiso >*Oui" Foot Kali Team. 'Ihi- Biirljimioii Keiiiililuiii .'•.i>.-: 'riieii- were •"'- liikelh sold for Ilie ii:.cail liaip wliiili iilii ow: the !\al> III loja for lb- fool; vame ihi r..' .Siiiidiiy beiw.ii, ili.- lola 'rrip- 1(1.. i'liid the Biirlllii'.'oii I'M.H Tiie I iiiiii- wa.'- a fasi one ami \.|!i!e ilu- scoi.- re.-iilli-d .'I'J Id o in fivor of loUi i; does not lndi<-ate that ilie iota li-aiii wa.-N not kejii Imsv .-ti .-I'l juakes of Ih'- «anie. Tin- lola U-ain Is one of llie of liK (-la.s.s in lln- :lai'j a.:'l ihi- bo.vK did not iijii<-li ix-ieit to will I he Kiime. init afi.:- pl:iv v.a.s over i|ie members of thi- fainous "i"ii|ilct li-aiii confessed thai tluy knew they iiad lieeii i!i a .i;ame a' eve.-v :ria«e of liie The exeiirsioii trnin retiin.- inu iiir.ved in Biti-iiii^iin about 10 lilt for ui \orce. .sj iiiaintitf aliegllig ill her pei:tio:i. as icrouiids therefor, that defendant has been guilty of extreme crae^t.v. I^IO.'-B neglect of duty, and abandoiimeni for more than one >ear prior to the filing of said pe- tiiioii. and must a!i> ilie petitiou filed lhei"L:n by said iiiaintiff on or before the "'.Uh day of December. A. D. I!HI!>. or said'petition will be taken as true, and judgun-ui for plaintiff in said ae'i-jii for divori.\; will be rendered aceordinsly. EWI.N'G. OAUI) & GAUD. Attoriie.vs for Plaintiff. Am .-I : C. I-:. ADA.MS. li-is-L':.-i'. Cieil: .jf Said Court. PROSPERITY FOR STANDARD'blL. - Were in Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ariieii and . r. and Mrs. C- .1. Balliett of lola. vialt- sd with Mr. and Mrs. FrPd -Gerbitj! of the Morrill hotel Sunday. They jBiMe th6 nM9id <trip In an auto.—Cta- '|n«tc Tribune; The Regular Quarterly Dividend of $10 a Share is Announced. New Yo;k. Xov. 17.—Director.; of th- Staiular.l Oil company of -\'e-.v Do }ou want a Beautiful Silk FIa>r.i J«;rse.v. which Is the parent or hold- A Beautiful Silk FMa. 2x3 fefcf* I'pto -<laie: 4fi stars; made of fine twilled si'k* beautiful coIori« A nice Christinas pieseut or a sou venir for the home. Siend $1.60 and you will receive tha Dallv and SnndHv j<-iimal three montlis atid one of tli<^se flags. A:ddres8 THB KANSAS CITY .lOCRVAL, Kansas CItr. ing company of the oil combine, declared today a niijirierly dividend of $10 a s. are. Thl.s was unchanged from th *i dividend paid in the corresponding quarter of laat year and ii'ake .4 a total of i(40 in divideni.i to he paid tliij year. This ha .4 tieen tli.i late-.eLiice 1904. The company haa i's;:.S33 shares outstandluij. ' • Tflke our No. 410 whea Traveling Eastward J..faves lola 7:19 p. m., ar- rlvea St, Louis S:l.'5 a. m. Through Bleeping curs. This train connects with the east lK )und trains at St. Louis. For further parlicuiara call and see us. G.P.HaIe,Agt. \

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