Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1907
Page 6
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1- • 'w*; pe^e;, drink' Arinicld^^, Ari- lARIOSA is cheapeitt goSi Scpffee in the world. I ARBUCKLB BROa. N»ir To* aty. Mrs. Bradley Surrounded by: Friends at Trial Today. Washington. Nov. 18.—Mrs, Bradley found herself surrounded by friends when she went into court today to begin the second week of her trial on the charge of murdering former Senator Arthur Brown, of Utah. The court room was full of witnesses for the defense. The first witnesses in trodmced in Mrff.i Bradley's behalf were Washlnglonians. mostly newspaper men and policemen wno saw the woman after the tragedy end who were questioned wiin Uie nope of creating the impression that she \fras not responsible for her actions. , Start winter in a healthy couditlon, be free from disease. Hoi lister's Rocky Mountain Tea, tfte most reliable preventative. Nothing so sure to keep you well. 3.5 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. PEOPLE iX THREE CLASSES. Dr. Htlseher Ssys People Who Arc Slares to Society in Middle Class. _ In the course of his sermon! yesterday morning Rev. Hilscher of tke Presbyterian church, divided human* Ity into three distinct classes. The people who have no conce])tlon of spiritual life he described as living In the ellar ;Of their being. It Is the set whomj he.describes as living in the middle class who belong to soclet}*. He says that a continuous round of social pleasure and business activity is necessary for their happiness, and that a ceaseless round of social functions Is detrimental to health and morality. Ur. Hllschbr says that people are so anxious to find novel things with which to while away time that a i>er- sou may at any ttmo start a now re- llKlous sect and if ho be enterprising enough, make a new church successful lit-yond measure. The third or highest clnss of people he says are those who believe in Chris tiaulty tts told by thw sorlptures and not depicted by scteutlsts or others -and who prove tlieif faith by attending to religious duties and living mortal lives. IfoUee. There will be a meeting of the A. H. t. A. at the offices of J. B. Atchison at eight o'clock tonight Members are requested to be present. Important business on hand. , J. T. "WOOD, President THEY SLEPT ON BENCHES. Young Men Arrested for Immoral Conduct Didnt Go to Jail. Officers Jack Creed, Sim Hildreth, iftiid Roy Phillips raided a disreput- ' able house in East lola last evening, rcunding np three women and two well known young men. The men passed the night on the benches in the police coudk room. They .pleaded guilty tUs morning, it costing them $7 'each.' He women are to appear this afternoon. The bouse has been under the surveilance of the police for some time. H. DENNING went to Nevada, Mo., thla momingi on basiness. CHILD MAY RECOVER. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bergtelne, of Savonburg, Wat Accidentally Slioti Roy E. Cox, of': Savonburg, who la in the city today on business reports that the five year5old son of'Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bergseine, who was accidentally shot Thursday by a playmate to be much l»ttef and that there I? hope of his recovery. The boy was shot last Thui^da^ -afternoon by the seven year iald srti of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Larson, with a repeating 22 calibre rifle, i . . Mrs. Bergseine Invited several of {"her neighbors to l;er home in the afternoon to help '^er do some quilting. The ladles were working in two double rooms up stairs and the child ren were given a Targe bed room, occupied by the hlreid man, as a place (o play. Mr. Beqgselne had hidden his rifTe in this' room, knowing that the children were \xot in the habit of going there. The tadies did tot know that the gun was there when they told the children to go there and play. The children faa4 been there but a short time when the ladies heard the report of a gun. They ran in and found the little (ray :lylng on the floor with a bullef hole through his head«^ The bullet. entered his forehead Just above tho right eye. Wben a physician arrived tliey found his entire left side paralyzed, which Indicates that the bu'let had entered hU brain. i • f MOTISfl PICTURE- SHOWS OPEX. Offim Did Xot Iii(4>rmpt Perform- aneei TMtrrtfay. Both the Cresoenfnnd Rose thenlora ran yestyrday wltho}it being Internipt- wl by the officers. The Crosccnt obeyed the n»n»iest of the county attorney to close jlast Sunda);. but the Rose remained open resulting In the nrrc.^l of Mr. Harris, the proprietor. A hung jury reaiilled In.thei trial of Mr. Harris and the second trial Is set for November S6th. WAMS A GRETHOUND. * Lewis Worst Instltated Replerla Pro. ceedingrs A«»iitst John Deo. Lewis Worst of La Harpe, has instituted replevin ploceedings against one John Doe, colDred, of this city, for the recovery of -a greyhound, said to have been stolen on November 14. The case has been set for trial November 21, in Judge Mercer's court at La Harpe. ; FORNEY McKISStCK INJURED. BrickFell on Foot While He Was at Work on Residence. A brick falling from the top of the new Champion residence on East Jack son street and lighting on the foot of Forney McKissick, » laborer, who was at work below, resulted in the breaking of two of his toes. Mr. McKessick was down od-the ground doing some work when one of the brick masons accidentally knocked one of the brick off the ; scaffolding. The injury while a very painful one is not serious and Mr. Mckessick expects to be able to go back 'to work In a very short time. , ^. w • We Have just Teceived a large shipment of FU RNITUPE fot fyax ChriddBis trade, and. as otir store is n]bw devoted entirely to this particalar Une, We feel that; we are in a position to make special prices in Rdgs, Carpets and Hqase furnishings. : . J.W. 1IOIJ8E.FIIB1I8BSB8. & Son, BAST 8|PS SQtlSE. be ^SSiwd^ print OM %«B ctttBrnOt' thtqr iaMur vrtw to writ*. U jnm wMh to ktot waat mStbiag; or air your Tlaws M Tht! Old Soldier Law. Editor Register:— I see it Is claimed that the soldief preference law, as amended, is less effective than the old one and does not cure the defects nor remove the obsUcIes placed. In the way of the BoTdler in appointment to office, and cites the recent opinion of our Supreme Court to Justify such statement. It Is difficult to see how any p€^ son who has read the law as amended and the opinion of the Court, could arrive ^t any such conclusloat It is also somewhat difficult to understand why such statements aro made at this t!ma unless It bo for the supposed effect It will produce. The recent doclsion of our Supreme Court held that the law as amended was constitutional; that the investigation as to qualification and fitness of iho applicant by the appointing power, must be made in good faith and that any findings or conclusions that may be made must be made in good faith. W!hen such investigation and finding Is challenged for want of good faith it then becomes necessary to show what If any investigation was made and it Is for the Court to decide whether such investigation was made in good faith or not and before the finding can be considered to be made in good faith, such finding must be true. The legislature did not constitute the appointing power an autocrat to decide whether any ex-Unlon soldier or sailor should ever be op- pointed to office In Kansas nor will our courts permit them, from motives or malice, enmity or cfprico. to make false, scurrilous and slanderous findings and then run away from th^m by^ simply claiming that they were made in good faith. The law does not limit the time in which the appointing ' power shall make these investigations, but implies that he shall take all the time that Is necessary to make a full^fair and thorough examination so that no injiistlca may be done either to the «x-Unlon soldier or the public pervlce. It only follows as a matter of right that when any such alleged Inveatl- Ration is challenged for want of good fattii that he be required to show v.hqt. if anythliig. was don? l>y way of investigation and to what extent they were made in arriving nt his a'leged nr.dincB and concluplons. It Is a well ^nown principle of law tltnt whera thttrcls a right ther.> Is remedy and | the remedy is in the Court where the ojleged Investigation pnd findings are filed as n defense. That the apitllc.tnt for appointment be of good reputation and qualified for the position ha seeks are but rtasonable anci proper requirements and It is the I duty of the applicant Ip furnish to the appointing ix)wer or the court his qual'ficatlon for the duties of the office ha seeks, but the reputation of j thd ex-Union soldier, like the reputjation of every person else, is presumed to be good—good for every requirement of the law. The common law land statute law alike imposes the burden of proof upon every person jwh owould attack the reputation of another. Before a court cculd hold otherwise it would have tn ignore 'thei law, and reverse the rules of evidence for no other reason than the applicant for office was an ex-Unlon soldier or sailor In the War of the Rebellion. Wliat a [ legacy that would be to the few surviving soldiers and sailors of our army and navy, or an epi taph to. Inscribe upon the monuments of oor dead heroes whose lifeblood has consecreated every battlefield from Gettysburg to Appomattox. To hold: that the reputation of an ox-Unlon soldier Is presumed to be bad for no other reason than he was ex-Unlon soldier, would be an outrage too monstrous to contemplate, and that Is exactly how a court wpuld have to hold to require an ejc-uAion soldier to prove his good reputation in his application for appointment to office. It win be a long time before the leglslatnre or courts of Kansas will so banntcdi the pnblie leeocds or brand xirit^ atigma,. calumny and reproach the' few trnkm sarrlTors of the longest and btobdiest irar la tlte aanala oC Ci^ristian ciTillzatlon. The foi-Union aoldlen and sailors may care little for public office but they do care for their good reputation.' In all that pertains to reputation, character and good citizenship, they are th^ peers of any other perspna living and will compare very favorably with the best people of our conn- try in every walk of life. They need nd certificate of character from the dispensers of petty offices in Kansas or no one else. —J. B. GOSHORN. 6-5-4.Sweeps Away Floods the body with warm, glowing vlUllty, makes the nerves strong, qnlckens circulation, restores natural vigor, makes yon feel like one born again. Hoi lister's Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents. Burrell's Drug Store. RUSH OF BUSINESS. Railroads Are Looking For a Heavy Demand for Cars. Chicago, Nov. Ijl.—While there aro no longer coniplalnls of a car shortage the officials of western lines do not think the danger of one Is past It Is their opinion that when confidence is restored business will be resumed on a much larger scale and the rpads will bo unable to meet) the demands which will be made upon them. ' To prepare for this the shops are overloaded with repair work. Thousands of cars, -which heretofore were In such demand that they coi^ld not be sent to the shops, until the great fall rush was over, are now being overhauled and put' in storage. Moreover, sj far as known, no orders for new equipment have been canceled. There is still a strong demand for coal cars and vasi quantities of fuel are pouring Into the northwest. The railroad men hope the bulk of the business will be disposed of before the general call for cars to move the crops Is made. There Is the wheat crop of the northwest and the com crop of the southwest to he reckoned with. As yet little of this has been moved and the longer It is held In the countrj- the more urgent will be the demand for cars. 50 Fathoms Deep U/AY down on the bottom of the Ka under three hundred feet of %va(er b the bvorite home of the codfish. The keloid water of Norway end the North Atluitk b hb foy. He has the power to jrow lit under severe surroundbi js. Ihs same natural power b in Scott's Emulsion ofCedUvcrOfl. Naturehcr- self put it there. Thbpowcr pnxfaKcs new flesh and new life bi those who suffer from wasting diseases. AnDraniits: SOe. and $ixa Tuesday morning, at 8:30, we place on sale a most beautifnl collection of pictures. The range of snb- j eots is broad. An opportunity te buy M%ti grade pictures at a trivial cost. Our eastern:. buyJB^ saw a chance to buy this lot of pictures at hi^ own price and now its your chance. SiBethem in the north window. Not a one in the lot but what is worth 60c, on sale in the moming,buy allyou Wan1,?choice "SLOW POKE" MADE GOOD AGAIN W. B. Patten Still Popular WHh lola Theatre Goers. A good Saturday night house saw W. B. Patton In the "Slow Poke ^\'hile Mr. Patton has appeared In the Grand mahy times and has put on the "Slow Poke" on several occasions, yet he is still very popular htre. His drall ways and pecu'lar style aro very attractive. He was supported ably by an excellent com pany of players. FOR M. W. A. SANITARIUM. A General Assessment of 10 Cents Member is Ordered. Tfie local members of the M. W. A have been notlfled of an order from the head officials for an assessment of 10 cents per member for the pur- Iiose of erecting a large sanitarium at a point forty miles norihwest of Colo rado Springs. This assessment will raise something like |90,000. The sanitarium is'for consumptives In the M. W. A. order. NO THANKSGIVING DONATIONS. ARGUE MOTION OUR WAY CASE Cieditors Ask That the Restraining Order be Dissolved. S. A. Card and Baxter D. McClaIn went to Topeka this morning where before Judge Pollock they will argue a motion to dissolve the restraining order Which was granted by the Fed eral court in the case of Guy Pees, receiver for the Our Way, vs. A. IJ. Brumbaugh and F. J. Horion. F. J. Horton and A. L. Brumbaugh filed 'R suit to recover the claims against the Our Way. The receiver secured an injunction in the federal court restraining the proceedings. Now the attroneys for Messrs Horton and Brumbaugh have filed a motion to dissolve the restraining order and it^is being argued before Judge Pollock In the United States district court today. Mr. Card represents the Our Way and Mr. McCIaln represents Messrs. Brumbaugh and Horton. JOHN SCilRAXT A CORONER. Well Known Ball Player WHI Re Appointed 'n Lane Connty. (State Journal.) Governor Hoch today received the resignation of Dr. J. H. Morgan from the office of coroner of Lane county. Mr, Morgan has moved outside of the state. A petition accompanies the resignation asking for the appointment of Dr. J. H. Schrant as coroner to succeed Dr. Morgan, and Governor Hoch win probably appoint' Dr. Schrant^ ; Dr. Schrant was formerly a catcher and manager for the Topeka base ball team and one season he led the Missouri Valley league batters. He retired from base ball two years ago. THE OLD AKD.NEW WAY. GREATER THAN MONEY TROUBLE Dr. Krum Tells of The Calamity of Wickedness. Dr. Krum, of Ottawa, yesterday preahoed a very strong sermon In St. Timothy's Episcopal church. He made a strong plea for the obaerv' apce of God's laws. In the course of bis remarks be alluded to the present financial troubles, saying that "greater than the calamity of an earthquake.'..tornado, cyclone or Hn' anclal depresston Is the cislamity fol lowing the violation of the laws of the Creator." Dr. Krum'B semum was Tery In terestinir and effecttve. One dosen BeanUful New Imported Dresa HaU on sale at Mrs. Tcner'a MoBday, the 18th, Salvation Army Will Help Poor at Chriatmaa Time. The lola Salvatton Army will not take up a collection of food and pro visions this year at ThnnksglvlnR time. At Christmas time, however. Iho officers will take up sucTi a collection and dlstrlbu^o It to (ho needy of the town. In recent years through tho efforts of Iho Salvation Army, many dozens of poor families have b<«n enabled to enjoy a good dinner on Christmas day wncn they would otherwise have had but very litt'e to enjoy. Some Important Facts Which Kay Prove HelpfnL Thirty years ago old-fashioned cod liver oil bad to be forced down a patient's throat. Invalids couldn't take and, and children wouldn't. But the doctors prescribed it, and it had to be taken by force. Yet it cured people where enough could be taken Into the system, for it has ever been the greatest of all tissue builders and general reconstructors known to medicine. We are now anxious to have every one know that Vlnol Is a new form of this very old and valuable remedy, containing in a concentrated form all tho medicinal elements of cod liver oil, actually taken from fresh cods' livers, but hy-ka extracative and concentrating procesis It is made without oil or grease, and it is as delicious to the taste a> a fresh orange. Vinol doea not upset the stomach Iikeold4fashloned cod liver oil and emulslonk: its strengthening and heaUng properties are remarkable, and both doctors and patients are delighted with its acUon. , Many wonderful cures right here in lola hav4i been etfected by its use. and we ask all our customers to try Vinol on oar guarantee to return money, every timci it fails to make rich, red Mood, lacreaae. the appeUte, cure ' ttoibies. give strength and renewedj vitality to the aged, mn- down. tired and debilitated, or cure <Ardole colds, hacking congha. or a., 8. R. Barren. Dmgglst Christian Science Free Lecture on rhrisilan Science by Edward A.Kiml»ali 6f rhirago, UK. on Thursday erenlnc, >'or. 21st, 1^17, at eight o'riock, ander the auspices of First Church of Christ Sr$«'niist, lola, Kansas, at the s • GRAND THEATRE Mr. Kimball is a member of tiie Board of Lectore.ship of The Mother Charcli, The First Chnrrh of Christ Scientist, Boston, Mass. Boring the last twenty years be hr .H iirrrrd at different times as Header, Prartitiooer and Lerturcr, and for five years was Teacher of Christian Science In the Xassaehnseiis Metaphysical College hi Bos* ton. J . u-'_.x-. .iilL:*! The Pobh'c is Corliallj^ Idvited. BLOOD POISON HUMIUATING-VILE-OESniUCnyi The first symptom of Contagions Blood Poison is nsnally a llttlaaore or alcei>, which is quick\^ followed by a i«d rash on the akin, svrollen glands in tl^' groin, falling; hair, alccrated month and throat,! and ottes'copper colored splotches on different parts of the body. 'As the blood becomes more fitlly contaminated with the poison, pustular eruptions and sores break ont 6a the flesh, and in extreme cases the nerves and bones are attacked and the fiuger nails drop off. Then.the sufferers find themselves diseased from head to foot with this humiliating, vile and destructive poison. No other disease is so.highly contagions; many an innocent person has been inoculated by handling the clothing or using the toilet articles of an infected persqip. There is but one certain, reliable cure for Contagiloiu Bl^pd.Poison,^and t^t is S. S. S. It attacks the disease in the nght way by going down into tiie circnlationi and neutralizing^ and forcing cut every partible of the poison^ It makes tfie blood ptire and rich, tonea tip the sya and completely and perniaairntly. cnrea disease. S. S. cniejd tJibasaBds of cases *«•>«*-• « ;^,%w^m ni f> °^ Contagioos Blood Poisoa. If yon are snf- PURELY VEGETABLE fenng with this {debasing and destructive disease begin the use of S. S. S. and get the poison ont ot your blood before it permanentlyj wieckis ybnr health. We have a home treatment book on the disease which we will send free to all who wish it. and in addition onr physici^s wiljl give without charge any medical advice needed; jmf SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLUStJ^'QAm S.S.& We have just received *^sh ^pply of Tihe N. K. Fairbank Co. The most perfect shorteningani frying raedinml known. Give us yoQT order for a pail. , "Never sold-injbtak.'^ We are bcokliiif orders for Thanks^^ivlti; Turkeys. Call us up. Give ns your' order for auylhing in the poultry line, live or drpssed, and we will deliver it to you oo Vonday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We sell lor cash. Our pqce is right. ' Richardson Produce Co./ TELEPHONE s:C H. H. Rkkarista, frep.

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