Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1907
Page 5
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that Id obr wasbinc we uu eight to tveWe ctaaoKM ot water, ranging In temperature {rom cold to boiling )Mt? Ton could not poinibjy um thta much water at home, and it explaliu one of Uie reaaon'i why our waatiias 1< more thorough,! more t^lUrj than home work can be. Wcat Street, tokj one block from square. Dtease^of domesticated animals snccessfoily treated .charges moderate.goodbakitallsfMpatieDts Calls answer^ld promptly night or day, ao years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a S|«dBlty. Frmmk9.BkmWm, V.A HoMT QrMlaata •! {Ontario Veter tnary CoMga; Prop. HoBpital Phone 1068 Raa. Phone 139 cm XXW& . Christian Science, explained by an able the Orand Theater Thursday evening Nov. Slat, at eight o'clock. See .i; \\\ Coffey wlieu Jn need of flue furniture. AT THE morning aervlceii at-th .! i;. B. church yesterday six persons were baptlied and two taken Into full membership. The accessions were the result of the recent revival services Spencer's Tar and Wild Cherry S. C. Wlllonghby. an auctioneer, bar {located in lola. South Jefferson every Saturday. All parties wishing to sell households should see htm. Also farm 'selling a specialty. Residence B26 South Fourth. Is an Excellent C6,ugh Remedy Get it at SPENCER'S BB. J. F. JAXESOX. Tke' Saecesital Aae* tloacer, TcterinArlaB. rnm italvKor P«di|nT(d (tbck^ utrt made «rywheT*. Veter' in»ry cmlU cnvwcred day or' niKhl. Office with DoukUss Broa Phcac 13. reaidcoce 400 .or.A. K^s^^^ GcMcal CaatncCaR F)a«*tona and Camaat Stdawalks aai Cnrbtas a ft^MlaltT. oaea m Kast JaAsM Am Iowa Store Special Line of Sample Hosiery All Colors, All Kinds. We will pnt a poor Sample Hosiery with anything in town for dnrability and beauty. You can get any kind ol a Stripe, Mixed Colors or anything you want. Don't forifct the Iowa Store A. G. MUMM A . Prop. .lUEKlE .!. B. Smith today Issued . '"••rrlage. Mrense to .T. D. Keath an id.i htambrook. of Chnnute. We expect our Texaa. Panhandle man, to be with us on Friday, November IMh. to look at our. list of ex changes. Any one wanting to exchange farm lands or- city propertx for Panhandle lands, should see hltr while here, at our office. Wbltaker i. Donnell. 2»K) acres, about 6 miles from railroad town. Kourbon county. 75 acre in cultivation. 3 room house, etc Price 12500.. All clear. ^Vhltaker i. Ponnell. r. B. WiBfk, BMillflt. Pkana IK UOca afer BamlTs Drag gtarik MRS. A. H. Campbell and Mrs. H lirown arrievd from lola yesterday afternoon to visit the former's daughter .Mrs: E. \V. Staneld.—Chanute Tribune CMIdnii*s Sulb ahd OvcrcMts. Ages 3 to tO Sailor Blooie Suits .:.)2^toSS.M Junior Salts. |3.M to |4.M Knickerbooker Suits |LM to 16.00 Rnniaa Orcrosat to $9.00 Fancy Heeler Omcoat... |2 .ffto$4.00 Double Breast Overcoat... •••..ll.SOtoUef Boys Combijution Suit IteMoMT, Stria ft Cb,>^ Boys Suits, Age 7 to 16 Combination Satta, a pair pants .$SM Two pieces doable breast suit |>.tO to 7.M Single breast Norfolk salts I2.S0 to 6 00 Knickerbocker inita. U .50 to 6,SO Boys Overcoats. Ages 10 to 15 Double or^single breasted, long or medium and all tbe new colors .$3 .50 to 10.00 Knee Pants AH styles and colors SOc. 75c iiid |l .00 Biys' and Children's Stocking Caps 2Sc and SOc C iilc'ren's fancy caps acd Tamoshanters in red, bine w:iite and colors 7Sc and $1.00 Boy's and Children's gloves and mittens 15c 3Sc and 50c Barday-ShieMs CIo. Co* Cure your cold by .Vblie Pine with Tar. using Mnndla' SHICRIFP C. O. BoriiiKer. Jallei loov«»r Kerr ami Roy Kelspy arc to lay hnntlnfC ilucks on tbe rivt-r to the Iclnlty of Horseshoe Bond. Raffles parties are the latest, loulars at Rurrell's dnig store. Par- Mandis Fragraat freaai LetJon good for chapped hands and face. i; THB OFFICE31S of, the V. B church are considering the advlslbll ity of Installing a furnace at th( church. The building Is now heate<l with gas »tove» but they are imrct Isfactorj'. See J. W. Coffey flne furniture. when in ne«>d of 1313 Cold Cures In Maad^,wlndow INVITATIONS have been issued by Mr. and Mra. Henry Srretton to th« marriage of their daughter Blanche, f< Mr. William Stucker. oT lola. Kansas The wedding will occuf Thanksglvlnf at seven thirty in the evening. Tb< Rev. Z. E. Bates will officiate. Tbe attendants will be Miss tbrene Stretton sister of the bride-eJe^t, and .Mr. E HoIllnKSworth.—Atchlsrtn Champion. Jast reveWed aaotker bic lot af Pit. Pat at Birrrirs drag atare. H. H. MURLIN of Petrolia vislt?d with lola friends yesterday. A dark .fersey cow with a halter on left 217 West Madison street and information as to her whereabouts will be tbankfuKy received. H. D. Duggan lola Biisifless Cdllese maMofmmy g—low Penmanship. Arithmetic Elocuttoiv Bookkee'plng. English. Physical Cul- tute, «tc.. Shorthand. L«tter Writing. MitilM Water Oda kaatfrM poimda at Crya* tal lea wUIimaka U gallQua of tflatlUM water salUbla tor ChbOt asK Try tt PRANK RIODLB. MCT' # Dr. BeyaaMs. fkaat tSS.Bcs.Cii. JESS JOHNSON; the colored second hand dealer, has returned from a visit at Fort Madison and Keokuk Iowa, ^liiie away Mr.. Johnson visited his wife who left her bu.<iband several months ago. Wanted—Everybody ,to know that W. B. Keliey a Son have morad their transter and atoraga office to 111 South Waahlngton. OSes and Da} Phone SM. Kastdenci and ntght Pbone 17. , ATTORNEY B. K. C IfforU return e«! yisierxl.ty frvuu a hu»«lnt»»s trip tc t.lnooluvllle. Ukla. Hear the Free Lectiir«» on Christian Science, at the Cirand Theater Thursday evnlng. November 81. It promises to be very enierftatnlng and inatruc- tive. Free dirt at Liiccock'B. THE WILL of the late .Mrs. .N'ancy Anderson who died in the south part of tbe county a few days ago was offered to probate court Saturday morning. .John A. Anderson, a son living at Chanute, is to be made executor. No action was taken toward probating the will toady as the witnesses could not be located. Mrs. Anderson left a farm located northwest of Humboldt. Otie of the finest Skin Foods mode is Wuiidis' Cold Cream. Y )iinK mfin waijied who dosire to aril better salaries and do more con- FILLHA.\ SUCCEEDS ABMT. Well Knawa Short Stop te Manage Joplia Team. (Joplin Herald.) Johnny Fillman. one of the known ball players In the Western association, was Saturday morning chosen as manager ot the Jopiln Miners by A. J. Baker, president ot tbe JopIiD Base Ball association. Fillman, being a resident of Joplin, will be able to work In co-operation with President Baker throughout the winter and the two can make plana concerning the line-up of the team fOr 1908. the team, incidentally, which is ;eiilal work. If able t.. read and to cipture the pennant and bring the vrlte. and ambitious to succeed, we honors back onto tbe Missouri side for -an ((ualify you for a position as me- , change •hanlcal. electrical, steam, civil, or as an Inaelder Fillman made an mining engineer, architect etc., etc. p„viai,ie reputation for himself In this A rite at onc.>. stating position wanted. ;<.,rc„i,. Last year, however, be was I. C. S.. Rox <»9. Scranton. Pa. I removed to tbe outfield and in right Mundls- White Ptne with Tar rure your cold. rlll garden he proved himself to be one of the best in the league. Betides being a player of ability Fillman commands the respect and friendship of his fellow iilayers and la one of tbe most popular pill pounders la tbe bus! ness in this or any other league. As a result of Fillman being appointed manager. Lew Armstrong:: smiling physiognomy will probably not appear in the line-up of tbe locals next year. The Fraternal Aid team will give a ball Wednesday evening in M. W. A. hall, .Nov. 20. Music by Shields orches tra. Benefit of Fraternal Aid team All memliers urged to be present. Bv- rIkPRKSBNTATIVK Parks Helmick las' recelvctl from Col. Sam Woolard, )f Wichita, literature concerning the -novement which tlie latter has start••1 to repair and preserve the build- ng which was the first Capitol of vansas. The bui'ding Is near Fort ?ilpy. the government's largest mlli- ar^- post. His plan Is that the patri- lic people of Kansas shall send mon- y to George W. Martin, secretary of he Stale Historical society. In imounts of from ten cents to $10, andjerybody cordially invited. 'By order ot ft-at the next legislature make up'^"""™'"**- ' vhatever may be lacking of the neces ary amount. It Is his hope that the •ulldlng. including the furniture, be -estored as it was when the first \ansas legislature convened ehere oh 'uly 2. .1854. The ground upon which he bui*ding stands now belongs to ha federal government, but it is un 'erstood that if Kansas will under ake to restore and preserve the build ng the government will cede it to Lhe state.—Chanute Tribune. . . -aay tfent you kava baaa la tlM HMtniitt boalaasa fbr oreK flmrty yaan pad tbat year aatpat ot liqoor to anor- itMa. Then yon are reipnnslkto tor a iwftloa or tkk aril nmoaag tnm tie uw of alfloM dnrias tfeafc .Ions period oC tlBM. Wirald tt sot be well to atop'and take aa laveatory. and aee wliat your dtridead la to be at tbe close ot Ulm. L*t ua put la one plate ot tbe balaaca all the money ttwt you have BM4a and all the pleaaara tkat yon kare •njoysd and on tbe other side place tk« Instl- tutiona that yonr whiskey baa poUat- •d. the abame K baa broa ^t. tbe| peace It has killed, the feUd^ U has polaoaed. themorala It has nilaed, tbe confldcnce It baa bUgktcd, tkelrepnta- tiooa tt baa slain, the ainla It baa Bordered and yonr own proapecta for a bright Immortality beyond the grave, and see which way the beam will Ult I will close =hy aaying tbat I bope the contenU of this letter wiU not de­ moralise yonr children, aboold It fall Into their banda. Yoara respectfully, J. M. COUSINS. W «rLD P.tROtE FERcrso .'y. ('•lored PriMaer 1 h III at the Ceanty JalL PIPE LL>E IS t;OBlN«. Christian Sdente. as explained by •:klward A. Kimball brines healing <nd deliverance. Oon't^hniss this.op­ portunity to hear a splendid lecture, 'fs free. COMPANY ONLY "BLUFFING." Unsuccessful Bidder for Bridge Contract Will Not Sue. That the Southwestern Bridge Co., of Jopllii. wa.H 'Jhlufflng" In their rhr«>at to ^ue the county for not let- Ini; iliem have the contract for build* 'ng seven brldg.»« In the cottuty. The contiuiny's representative. Mr. Sahl- mans, clalmtvl that his bid was the 'owest of those submitted. The cont- mksalonera claimed that tbe bid waa not the highest. The representati«<e threatened suit. Today the county clerk received a letter from the company asking for their check, which WBD required to be submitted with every bid. showing that It has given up the fight. Three Handred Xea la Camp West of Savenbarg. (Savonburg Record.) About 300 Greek and Italians are employed on tbe excavation work for tbe big pipe line. At least this many lat>orers are camped on the HUbter farm, nine miles west of Savonburg. The men occupy thirteen tents. The pipe line Is a gigantic project and i> building for the purpose ot carrying gas to the smelter direct of Alien ctmi. ty. The main line wlH be of .sixteer inch pipe and will extend from Bartles ville. I. T.. to Gas City. It will croa the county at a point eleven miles dne west of Savonburg.. A feeder line of eight-inch pipe ia being built. This will extend from the main line east to Odense school house, six miles wes of town, then south to the Garfletd school house, a mile over In Neoshc county. The feeder line passea through and Into a lot of good gas territory. As fast a* the field Is develoi>ed ex tensions will be added to the line. Tbe Kansas Portland Pipe Mne corapan of lola, Is financing the project. The comiMtny need* men with teams w haul pipe and we understand are offering four dollars per day for luch help. All Street Hats sold this week a' prices reduced to r.i>c. 7r.c and Sl.r.O Y'our choice at your price. At Mis; Prtmoth'B. 9 East .Madiaoo. UICK SIMPSON was fined SIO and costs in police court Saturday afterj- noon for disturbance of the peace, tli was an unwelcome visitor at a lady 's house In East lola and it Is charged disturbed her peace during an altercation. Dr. Wmey.^'Oeallst CITY ATTORNEY F. J. Oyler is in Kansas City and St. Joe this week on legal business. ': 25c buys a Jar of Mundls' Fragrant Cold Cream. Bauafa Sato, •^Tht ladies of tba Preabytertan iHIoff on West Madlww. ^ power boiiae. THB U)AY. Maccabees will moet at Mrs. Blaaehe Craig'a. Tbnrsday af- temooB. Not. Slat. Ladles Uke the Don't handicap yourself at the start by feeling that you haven't as good a chance as the other fellow. The added amount of self confidence that our clothes give you make them well worth while. tfadeby LmmU . Solonw * fkmrlntfc B ChkaMTToU by oaa good hveawci • youf city. It will pay you to ioofc aw Tom Ferguson who was recenti: convicted of violating the city ordln ance pn>hibiting the sale of liquoi will probably be released from iai! some time today under a parole. Fer ^son was a porter at the Tremon< hotel. The detectives hired by the xiunty and city to gather evidence igalnst boot leggers secured tbe information that led to his conviction. Ferguson It seems had never been ronnected witb tbe liquor business '>efore. Until seriously hurt while vorking in the quarries of one of the ;ement plants he is said to have been in industrions fellow. His Injuries rere such that he has never been able Ince to do hard work. He now has in unhealing wound due to his in- 'nries. Today parties went to the may- <r to secure his release from Jail lending an action by the council toward a parole which will be applied or at the next meeting. This Week Only. Ail our finest Pattern Hats reduced o 20 per cent off for this week. All lata ranging in prices from $3.00 to ;30.00 reduced during this sale com- uenrinK Tuosday. Nov. 19th, at MISS PRIBOTHS, 9 East Madison. MRS. REIMAN DEAD. lola Woman Succumbs to an Attack of Typhoid Fever. Mrs. Snpbia .M. Relman. of SI South First street, died yesterday nomlng at three o'clock at St. John'* lospital. The cause of her death waa yphold fever. The funeral services «ere held this afternoon at two o'clock from the residence and inter itent took place In the old Tola eeaie ery. The pastor of the Hurobo!dt •erman Lutheran church had charge if hte services. Mrs. Hoiman la aur vived by a husband and four 'childr<>n. Mlaa Pauline Sailor, clalrtoyant. 410 South Chestnut. She is a foreigner tnd speaks German and English. Report of Treasurer of Carlyle rownablp for year ending Octolrtr 1907: , ! Expradltarm. To labo* $923.40 To stone culverts and wing walls on Grieve bridge ... To material and repairing To ^ing a Card, lawyer fees. To services of Township board and miscellaneous as shown by bills on file 5T3.Ki 140.35 75.00 76.00 Total $1788.30 Received from County Trean- urer $1772.91 Received from tax receipU.. 54.01 Received from treas. D. C. township 259.18 Total 42086.10 C. E. SAWYER. Min XlUtoery Pribetb'a Jrarreiaas Sato Conunences November the 19th. Tliia sale inclndea oar entire milUaery assortment. AlthooBh our'pricea ar* al- waara lower tkan others. «• atill farther Vednce aMst radically for this Bsffhter Waal iis. Pay ADMCms^ neatly mnni^^ HIS BODY BACK TO ALBANY. Friends of TfeeMU Took Charge TkisMenilaff. (Kansas City SUr.) Dr. F. P. Stapleton ot La Harpe. Kansas, a son-tn-law of J. B. Thomas, the banker ot Albany, Ma. who committed aiiicide at the Midland hotel cysterday, came to Kansas City last night and met H. L. Grakam of Al- May,' Mo., a friend of the Tbomaa fRmily. They left for Albany witb he body at 7:35 o'clock this morning. Dr. George B. ITbompson. county ieor onpr, decided no Inquest was necessary. ; ".>Iy Investigation of the case con- rlnced me that Mr. Thomas came to Kansas City with tbe deliberate ^Intention of suicide," said Dr. Thomp- Mn. "He had no tetters or -papers of any kind and no luggage, not even .a <iand satchel." A telephone message from Albany this morning reiterated the statement that the Bank of Albany, of which Mr. rhcmas was cashier. Is sound. It was •said that worry over private inveat- ments probably caused the suicide. One assortment of Wimmed Hats at reduced prices; $1.00 and $1.50. Come In and select yonr hat At Miss Prl- both 's. South Side Square. "Tie loniliien Prices 85, K, 6*! Russell SUQHTLY USED OTHER GOOD BARGAINS .10BA5. L. B. Kinne has sold his stock of groceries to Adams Bros. A Co. and will leave witb bia family for Puyall- «p. Wash., this morning. The Moran and Bronson high school foot ball teams played a game .here Friday afternoon which resulted in a score ot 28 to 0 in favor of Moran. The Epworth League ot the Methodist Episcopal church held their regular monthly social at the home op J. D. Moore Friday night H. V. Adama gave a lecture in .Mendell's ball Saturday under tbe auspices of the lyceiim bureau, this being the second number on the lecture course. A number of young people .gave a surprise to Miss Verle Kinne Friday night Several of them declared that they could distinguish the odor of escaping gas. About 10:50 there were two explosions and the north end of the house burst into flames. The gas was quickly turned off outside and after about fifteen minutes hard fighting the fire was gotten under control. Tba' exploeiona forced the side off the house in several places, and lifted (me pordi aerersl inches. Miss Zella Willett returned Wednesday from a visit to Baldwin, Lawrence and Ottawa. Richard Hnrloek returned Monday from la visit to Baldwin. S. F. Wbitlow baa moved to Tola. G. L. MerrUI baa bad the front of his Jiimber yard given several cOats of paintJ November Sale prices on all Cap*. Hoodk and Children's Hats. 20 per cent ptr all this week. At Miss Pri- both's. XOTHING TO rr. SAYS WHEELER. Ramar That CMBcat Plant Wosld Shst Dawa Erroaeaas. Roberts Piano House OPPORTUNITY Wait for ii6 one-t-ThJs is the time and the opporttttilty for the gift giver to get the fullest valtie for the money to be spent Besnre to bnj your gifts a little ahead of time this season, and to make yonr choice from this nnexampled disp'ay. The very finest and highest grade of Jewelry, Silverware and Cnt Glass a. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. PERFECrriON WICKi ^aV PIJL STOVE 4 I mi tare cottifFaiaiT THE STANDAWiO OK. COMPAHh^ J. A. Wheeler, secretary of the lola Portland Cement company, ihlii morning emphatically dented the report which gained circulation that he cement plant was to cloae down the Arat of January. In a converwatltm his. morning Mr. Wlteeler said tbat hert> was positively nothing to the re;>ort. Some of the employees wert»- •onslderably concerned Saturday night when the report gained circulation. Register Want XiMn Ira ITard. 1^ srayx^ EOixT. I MrH. Itui^e llrouebtoh la sultertnK with neuraittiii In htfr side. .Mrs. Ull|e rillery antlsun. Roy. I«ft Tuvuday ninriiluK > for their bona la lleuu roufify, KanHa*. after a nontb'a vli>lttng relntlM'si 4nd friends here. - The ct>ntrai-t»r and'hhi fOre« has cttnnnenc«>d ^«<>rl< on the-brldgt aeroaa -)he .Mariuiiitoii «m th<.' township < Una b«>iwevn KU-uiiorc and Marmatoa tows* ?hlp. Tlie.v «ill Uwrd with Cbarlla ileckeuUable .tndlM. F. BraildaatAirff. CHRISTMAS! 1907 Christmas is some little distance away as yet. ibut for a long time we. b-tve been making preparations for it and in k casual way. Now w« want to remind yoa that everything in onr itore ia 6f a gilt gifing character—articles of the most apprbpriate sort for tisefol and onia* menUl porposes in Jewelry. Cot Glass and Silver of every description'

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